Valhalla no Bangohan

Valhalla no Bangohan (ヴァルハラの晩ご飯)

Author: Kazutoshi Mikagami (三鏡一敏)

Illustrator: Maro Fal


Story Synopsis

The God Community Kitchen “Vahalla Kitchen” is always busy during dinner hour. My name is Sei, as a pig that has the ability to talk, I was ordered by Odin to help out as a “MEAL” ! I know that I have the mystery ability to revive once per day but isn’t it horrible for me to be a meal everyday? The reason why I still staying here is because of the goddess Brynhildr who is not bad. Ee… why is the number 2 of the god community , Loki, here ? The god community is in trouble and wants my help ? But I’m just a boar~~


Characters introduction


Volume 1: The Boar and the Dragon Project (PDF)



Chapter 1 – Color of The Smoked Boar

Chapter 2 – Color of The Maiden Lunch Party

Chapter 3 – Color of The Final Footstep

Chapter 4 – Color of The Dark Boar’s Origin

Chapter 5 – Color of The Mysterious Gullveig

Chapter 6 – Color of The Heroic Side-kick


Volume 2: The Wolf and the Berserker Ratatouille (PDF)



Chapter 1 – Color of the Men Lunch Party

Chapter 2 – Color of Kornmöhme’s Fresh Blood

Chapter 3 – The Color of the Moody King of Open Sea

Chapter 4 – Color of The Trusted Bond

Chapter 5: Color of the Secret Shady Deals

Chapter 6: Color of the Sinful Berserker



Volume 3: The Golden Crested Myna and The Baby Deer Grilling



Chapter 1 – The color of the Green Horn Regret

Chapter 2 – The color of the surprise lunch party

Chapter 3- Color of the Defeated Dinner

Chapter 4 – The Color of the Gourmet Chicken

Chapter 5 – The color of the Restructured Ingredient

Chapter 6 – The color of the Affection Main Dish


Volume 4: The Boar and the Imitation Boar En Papillote


Interlude 1 – The boar and the starting hors d’oeuvre​


Chapter 1 – The Color of the Invisible Heart

Chapter 2 – The Colour of the legendary Siegfried

 Chapter 3 – The Color of the Ominous Gravestone

Chapter 4 – The Color of the decisive Brynhildr

Interlude 2 – The Boar and the Charming Brunch

Chapter 5 – The Colour of the Good and Evil Position

Chapter 6 – The Color of the Curse that Murders its Owner


Volume 5: The Dragon and the God Slayer Main Dish




Chapter 1 – The colour of the daily harvest tour

Chapter 2 – The colour of the Golden Gullveig

Chapter 3 – The colour of the counterfeit concert

Chapter 4 – The Colour of the Rainbow Pursuer

Chapter 5 – The color of the lonely Saehrimnir

Chapter 6 – The color of the assassin dagger strategy

Chapter 7 – The colour of the treasonous god killer



23 Responses to Valhalla no Bangohan

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  2. lnwnepubs says:

    EPUB and Dark PDF

    The translator and had been properly credited in the post and page of the site. They were also properly credited inside and outside the epub/pdf and links to their respective site has been added.. Kudos to the translator ..


  3. Laga says:

    finishing vol 2 will make you up to date with this project 😀 great start mofumofu ❤


  4. Kazuto12 says:

    PDF – Valhalla no Ban Gohan – Volume 1 – The Boar and the Dragon Project

    Click to access Valhalla_no_Ban_Gohan_-_Volume_1_-_The_Boar_and_the_Dragon_Project.pdf

    Thanks for the translation


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  6. bypasser says:

    thank you for the translations 🙂


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  8. DistantDream says:

    Pdf for volume 2??


  9. deadzky says:

    The links from Baka Tsuki can’t be accessed, thank goodness there’s still links from NU~. Thanks for translating this series~


  10. Sherak94 says:

    Did you find the illustrations of the volume 4? Can you share it? c:


  11. BJM says:

    Chapter one still links to the old site. Thanks for the hard work!


  12. mimmel123 says:

    I really surprised that the norse and old german Mythology so populare in Light Novel and Mangas/Anime. The only thing was they never get right is that the Name of the Walküren/Valkyries like schwertleite or Waldtraud is coming from Richard Wagners Opera The Ring of the Nibelungen. As i know only Brynhild is also Name in the norse mythology


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  14. Zero1412 says:

    anybody has any idea where to get PDF for 3 4 and soon 5 if the far future?


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  16. SwGgerGuru says:

    Is there an error with the link to valhall ban gohan 5? I can’t seem to access it on my phone.


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