Risou no Musume nara Sekai Saikyou demo Kawaigatte kuremasuka? Volume 1 Prologue

Prologue: The Moment Being A Father

On the little tilted skyscraper. A man wearing a bone cuirass was standing on the rubble brick. The lost snow drops felling down from the sky was the contamination in the atmosphere, it condensed and formed into crystals. 『Dandelion Angel』, if it touched the skin, the body would melt, and if breathed it in the respiratory organs would be damage and led to a result worse than [death], even so dangerous but they were really beautiful.

「—————………….So pretty」

White snow under the blue sky. At first glance it looked like a beautiful fantasy painting from a dream. But the cause of this phenomenon was the dead bodies of giant monsters scattered around the boy in armor. They looked like spider. Their bodies looked like tumor and 6 metal legs scratched the ground. Total length was about 220 met. Weight, unevaluated———-

「Headquarter, confirmed the result from the battle of fighting division 202th. Stage 5, termination of cancer spider. Allocating contaminated region in the scope of 5km.」

『This is headquarter, copy that. Good work』

The whispering answer from the radio echoed into the ear bones.

For these monsters just need to cut the tumor part on their bodies they would die. After that the organs and blood would splattered, just like a popping balloon,

Mankind’s enemies ———– spore beast, even after dying it left a not so small problem.

Dying like a real living creature, but the harming substance made of its flesh would dissolve and turned into something like snow, when scattered around, they polluted the land and the air, people called it the remnant of eternal————

「Commencing termination. ……———–there’s still a big difference compare to the army’s official record」

After being killed, these spider monsters would make bubbling sound for a bit and then dissolved, spilling out snow drop liked spores and contaminated the surrounding area.

The collapsing city had been swallowed by mother nature. The contaminate substance preventing masks were piled up in the ruins. The weird flowers showed their faces from the red brick valley. A scenery as if saying the master of this planet had been replaced by a different creature but not human any more.


Outside of the armor cloth, the accessories on his left hand to shoulder, in a moment when he touched the corpse of that big spider————-

Its few hundred weights disappeared literally. A miracle appeared as if it was a magic trick. However, being neither shaken nor surprised, the boy once again whisper into the radio.

『Mission complete. Now we’ll return———?』

End of transmission, right when he was about to leave at that moment.

「……….Voice? Of animal…….. no. All data base of living creatures on earth no longer exists, then what is that sound……..?」

Putting his hand on the hilt of the sword on his waist, he slowly walked forward with caution. The sensor device with high sensitivity equipped on the armor could AR his vision and found the location of the sound correctly.

「This, is ………?」

On the wall’s surface in the ruins. When he scooped up the dandelion of contamination material piled up to his knees, there was a silver soft thing appeared. With no injury, its voice spoke up in a second was enough to tell him that, it was [alive].

「Relics before the war. Protective shell……….No way, is it still alive?」

With no sign or mark used to tell age and information. A new born baby embrace in protective shell.

「…………..Child, of……..human ?」

「Fu yaa………., kya ♪」

While tapping at the w transparent shell, the baby smiled pure, innocently.

The boy quietly picked up the baby. This shell was an object of ancient time, a relic of the peak and prosperous era of mankind. But there was one thing, this baby lived and stayed healthy since then, or was it stuffed in this sell and abandoned because of some reasons————

(Lacking too much information. Without detail investigation I could not make arbitrary judgment)

Even though the shell was from ages ago but the baby inside was healthy. With no sign of being hungry, it smiled brightly while spreading the palm of its hand toward the boy.

「………you are still alive huh」

「Fu ya ?」

「Fu, fu ya……..? ….Haha. Hahahaha…….!」

Unconsciously, the boy laughed at the weirdly cuteness coming from the baby.

Hugging the protective shell. The boy once again let out his voice when hearing the baby’s tone voicing out as if complaining about the imbalance of its body.

「Sorry, but you have to bear with it for a while」


「………you ought to say roger that?」

The child innocently looked out from the transparent shell.

Although he didn’t know its real identity but he felt very relieved when looking at it. The metal heart part in him felt as if it was reborn by enthusiasm and excitement.

And then, at that time———

『………Touma, are you alright? Quickly confirm your battle record and get back !』

「Catrla. There’s no problem here. I only picked up something, I’m going back」

『That so…….. But the result isn’t as expected huh. In the end we have to cede the achievement for 202.』

「In order to increase the battle record of the army, confirming officially and stage 5 battle record is extremely necessary. I understand why you can’t accept it, but please let it go.」

『I know…….For someone who carries such heavy duty like you then you don’t have to say it.』

The tone of voice was like a reminiscent of colleague’s childhood age,  unconscious her attitude as if turning 180 degree.

『………You can go ahead and freely use the hot water shower, I’ll wait. You’ve worked hard』

To tease her with that appreciation , the boy———-Shirogane Touma had popped an idea.

「Using the shower is fine and all but first————-Let me touch your breast」

『……..Haa !?』

Since that day. When the boy met his daughter————–Shirogane Touma was promoted to being 『Father』and 14 years past.

The story about that father started in a normal day morning.

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    i really like the story thus far.


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