Sekai no Owari no Encore Volume 2 Epilogue

Epilogue: The Apocalyptic Land

On the path to Valley of the Dragon

On the left and right were tall cliffs, and right between them in the middle of the path were two familiar faces. They belonged to the Archangel and former Demon King.

“You’ve worked hard.”

“Soooo~ slow. I’m almost going crazy from waiting for so long.

Fear gave a meaningful smile.

Elise stood at the side. Despite complaining, she looked quite happy.

The first to walk towards Ren was Fear. She looked very calm.

“Ren, looks like you’ve started to get used to how Spirits work/”

“Eh? Oh… I don’t know if I’m getting used to it. For the most part, the Spirits were in charge.”

The fire and earth Spirits had dispersed a while ago.

While the atmosphere felt a bit lonely after the Spirits left, Ren hoped that they could recover their energy. Perhaps the Spirits knew what he was thinking, for they disappeared before he could speak.

“By the way, the treasure Elise gave me came in handy once again. Thanks.”

“I saw. Eleline’s sword, if you use it a few more times, the link between you and it would only deepen. The next time you will be able to use it for a longer durations.”

“…… Oh. But I think it’s still best to avoid situations where I have to use it.”

“You’re not wrong, but failing to summon the sword at a crucial moment is much more dreadful, don’t you think? You must keep practicing. On the other hand, with your two Spirits, I can only see you getting happier.”


“Don’t mind that, I was talking to myself—-.”

Elise chuckled to hide her intentions. She skipped to Ren’s side.

“Hey, Kyelse, what about you? Do you feel any better?”

“I can change back to my Dragon form now.”

“Oh. That is a big breakthrough, right? Even if the Dragon particles aren’t completely recovered, it’s good enough you could use breath attacks. It signifies a Dragon, after all.”

Elise’s voice was high and clear. She was in a great mood.


“Yes, having a younger sister who treasures her ane-sama, how nice.”

“…… You found out, huh?”

“The Dragon Lord’s energy keeps surrounding you like it’s trying to guard you. I discussed this with Elise and we came to this conclusion.”

Fear took over what Elise was about to say.

With a complicated yet light smile, Kyelse nodded in response. Seeing her—-

“Um…… What do you mean by all that?”

Ren tilted his head in confusion. He could not follow the girls’ conversation.


“Oh yes. In order for her Kyelse-anesama to regain her Dragon form, Dragon Lord Calra gave some of her own power. It’s like blood transfusion among humans. What you lack, you receive from others.”

The Archangel calmly explained.

She then playfully winked.

“But Ren, don’t feel bad over that. A win is a win, even if the Dragon Lord was already exhausted when she fought you.”

“Woah? So that was why!”

When the words came out of Ren’s mouth, he couldn’t tell if he was surprised or disappointed.

“…… I had not thought of that.”

{“I will not go easy.”}

She wasn’t lying.

However, her full strength during that time was after she gave some of her power to Kyelse.


“Did you lose confidence?”

“How can I? How should I say this, the one who stood above all Dragons was still so strong?”

Ren couldn’t help but smile.

—-There’s always someone better.

—-The higher races and Spirits still surpassed Ren’s expectations even now.

Seeing such a wide “world” made Ren think so.

“I must put in more effort.”

“Very good. This makes training you worth it.”

Kyelse looked back at him with a fresh smile on her face.

She then started walking.

They had originally come this way from the temple. Now they were taking the same way back.

“Let’s go, Ren. When we look for Encore, you must continue to hone your swordsmanship.”

“Ah, I just remembered this. Hey, Ren, speaking of Encore, there’s something I’m curious about. Sword Saint Shion.”

Ren caught up to Kyelse, who turned her head slightly toward him.

“Have you heard from Calra why Shion came to the valley?”

“She mentioned it, more or less.”

Kyelse nodded, her voice was composed.

She shifted her gaze forward, as if scanning the horizon.

“Then, Shion’s aim is the Encore after all?”

“Yes. It’s all according to my expectations up to this point. But the Sword Saint sought information from Calra, so it couldn’t have been regarding the existence of Encore. Calra doesn’t know. If she does, I would have asked her ages ago.”

“…… In that case, what was he after?”

“Shion asked the many Dragons about the location of the final battle of Apocalyptic War.”

“Apocalyptic War? From three hundred years ago……”

An ancient war, the one which branded Sword Emperor Eleline as “Brave Hero”.

Apocalyptic War—-

Even three hundred years later, no one knew the complete picture of it.

But one thing was certain, the world was under attack by “something”.

Humans weren’t the only victims. Even Heaven and Underworld were under assault.

The one who stopped this invasion was Eleline, and the Legendary Three Great Princesses who united under his banner.

…… Humans knew nothing.

…… “When”, “where”, and “what”, they knew nothing.

A final battle with no witnesses.

However, the part with the three beauties uniting under Eleline and defeating the “invader” was accepted as history.

Dragon Princess Kyelse was sealed three hundred years ago.

Archangel Fear received an unhealable wound.

Former Demon King was forced to reincarnate. That battle was—

“Apocalyptic War……”

“Do you want to know? Everything that happened during that war?”

Kyelse’s mysterious jade eyes were fixated on Ren.

She looked a bit solemn.

But her eyes expressed an unusual happiness.

“I can’t explain it completely. You must use your own legs to reach and your own eyes to see it. You will experience the truth from three hundred years ago.”

“We are going to the battleground?”

“That’s right. The place of Apocalypse. And I can guarantee—-“

Taking a breath.

After a period of silence to clear her heart, the young Dragon Princess said:

“The Encore will definitely be there.”

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  2. talons claw says:

    Still going with Ren being the encore itself as he is loved by the spirits so very much and his kindness to them and their abilities also if Eline did want the encore to be found he would of course make it so his companions can find it and they found Ren first and there they gathered meaning Ren can be the encore in which Eline molded into the form of Ren seeing as he can use Eline sword or call upon it


    • RandomDude says:

      Why, exactly, would being the Encore make one beloved by the spirits? Eline himself wasn’t an Ancienter – Ren is beloved by the spirits because of his simple nature, while Eline was a sword-wielding barbarian.


      • dragonosman2 says:

        We don’t know if he was sword-wielding barbarian, though, do we? We know he was a Sword Emperor level swordsman meaning he was the strongest swordsman there is, but we don’t know if he was a muscle-brain. And I think it’s at least possible that if Ren trained hard and long enough, he could reach the same level as him. Especially if he trains with Kyelse who remembers Eleline’s swordsmanship.


  3. Anish Kumar says:

    ohhhh , thanks a lot. Moreover that sword is just the beginner , think when he will get the final sword .


    • dragonosman2 says:

      Eh? Isn’t the sword he used to beat Calra the actual Spirit Sword that Eleline used? And the fact that he can summon it in the first place is interesting. Elise said that there has to be a connection between the summoner and object being summoned, after all. The fact that Ren has a connection with that sword means that he has some sort of connection to Eleline. Theoretically speaking.

      But my theory regarding the Encore is just that Ren might be meant to get it. It’s not Ren himself, but somehow, Eleline wanted Ren to find it. He may have known for some reason that he’d meet up with the Three Great Princesses, and thus would find the Encore with their help. So he left behind something that will help Ren and he wanted him to find it.


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  7. Apocalyptic war, the Alien invasion that travels between the stars and dimensions. oh wait

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