Valhalla no Bangohan Volume 2 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Color of The Trusted Bond

We managed to get Fenrir’s food safely… which was what I wanted to say. Since I literally used both of my hand as a cost to pay for what we bought, we were now halfway through our mission.

This time after carving the rune of ‘rad’ for returning purpose, Helmwige-sama was the one who was responsible to activate it and now we teleported back to our ‘Valhalla’.

Since we wanted to avoid the meat that we bought from going bad, we walked toward the kitchen after we returned. We started looking for the Chef Head as we decided to keep the meat in the cold storage of the kitchen… was what we thought but when we reached the kitchen, the Chef Head was there as if it was a coincidence.

“Oh? Well hello there, and welcome back Valkyrie-sama and also Sei-kun… Sei-kun what happened to your hands!? Shouldn’t you be on a mission to buy some food only!?”

I was in my human form with both of my hand being bandaged. The Chef Head was shocked and raisde his voice when he saw the injured me. Me, Brynhildr-sama and the other two showed a bitter smile together and informed him of the circumstances.

“Fu~mu, I see, to think that such a thing would happen…”

“Haha, it was really something troublesome though.”

“I see. …But in my opinion, wouldn’t it be much easier if Sei-kun were to undo the rune of ‘mannaz’ to clear the task?”


Hm? What is he talking about? This person.

“What I meant is, it doesn’t go against the condition if you undo the current in effect rune right? When you undo the transformation and return to Sei-kun boar form, then you will have hind legs and your hand will disappear. Thus, I think u can easily break the sake cup that way.”


After hearing the advice from the Chef Head who said it in a carefree way, all of us were forced to stay silent. Ah… that’s right. I see, there is still that method…

“Please return my perseverance!!”

I gripped the Chef Head who easily solved the problem. Ahh it’s impossible! I cannot grip him because I don’t have any hand! Why did I went and did such a stupid thing!

“Ah, haha, did I said some unnecessary things? Well, let’s forgot about it, since all of us here know how persevere you are in your work. Okay, you can put the food here. Aren’t you supposed to go and deliver Fenrir-sama’s meal?”

The Chef Head handled my anger skillfully by changing the topic which he started it first.

Argh, its because he is so skilled at this type of thing… For the sake of escaping from the evil hands and this and those hands of Heizu, it seemed he took some lesson to be able to change the topic naturally.

The Chef Head went to the same large scale mincer machine in the deepest part of the kitchen which he threw me in last time, and minced the livestock meat and bone. If the meat were mixed with some bread flour and eggs, it will be a delicious Hamburger steak… while I was think about this, the meal for Fenrir has already been prepared.

“Okay, it’s finished! I called it ‘Natural patty・for Fenrir’. This is a wild meal which skillfully uses the coarsely ground pepper!”

“No, isn’t this something wild!”

This is too natural and the coarsely ground pepper can be easily seen from the outside, this is really something wild!

“Wouldn’t it be better if you cook it a bit more?”

“Oh, are you trying to complain on my cooking? But Sei-kun, if you’re really a chef, then decide it by cooking. I challenge you Sei-kun!!”

“A sudden cooking battle??”

Hold it! I’m not a cook in the first place! I’m just a trainee cook! Between me and the Chef Head of ‘Valhalla Kitchen’, no matter how you think about it, it will not be a battle at all!

“Thanks for waiting! Let me present you an addictive free beef jerky with cartilage & fish paste! Of course it’s something plain!”

“That was fast!”

This jerky is not something that could be prepared in this instant! Since it involves some process like pickling and drying which will take quite some time!

“Next Sei-kun will say something like …‘you skipped too much process in preparing that’!”

“You skipped too much process in preparing that! …. Huh!?”

“Fuu… it seems the winner for this match had already been decided?”

Well, it seemed I lost… it’s a total defeat, no, let’s have a toast[1]. This person has no intention to win at all…

There was a lot of retort but with this we managed to secure the meal without any problems. After this, it was time for us to go and meet Fenrir but… I wondered where it was.

“It’s a pity, Sei-san. But try your best and learn from this experience!”

“Haha… thank you for comforting me, Brynhildr-sama.”

“You’re welcome. Since we have regained our spirit, Sei-san, please come beside me. Since we are going to fly directly to ‘Niðavellir’. Ah, do you want me to carry you once you return to your boar form?”

“Ah, hmm, its quite tempting to be carried by Brynhildr-sama but I plan to stay in my human form now. If I return back to my boar with this hand condition, the bandage that was wrapped on my hand will come off, so it’s better for me to walk.”

“Ah, you’re right. I’m sorry, I had forgotten about it. Then let me borrow you my shoulder when we teleport. Okay, please come toward here.”

After being invited by Brynhildr-sama, we gathered at the centre of the kitchen in a square formation.

Once again we teleported to a dark plain after activating the rune of ‘rad’, with this I will finally know the location of Fenrir.

“Fenrir is locked up at the backwoods of the country of the dark elf ‘Svartálfaheimr’ which is just west of here, ‘Niðavellir’. This is located at the top east side, if we look toward here from ‘Asgard’, it is the furthest location in the nine worlds.”

“I can feel that the Gods are serious with this way of separation…”

I wonder how much fear the Aesir Gods feels toward Fenrir.

“Okay. It’s not surprising that Sei-dono is shocked… on the other hand, please be careful. That magic wolf Fenrir is a fearful monster which is known as Vanargand — the destructive staff. Even thought he had been lock up carefully, but if you approach it carelessly, your life won’t be guaranteed.”

“That’s right. It not like we are threatening you or anything like that. But it’s the opposite, we are trying to imply that is not safe to approach it carelessly. Thus please be on your guard.”

After hearing the honest advices from both of them, we started heading toward our location, ‘Svartálfaheimr’.

“Sei-san, please lend me your shoulder. Schwertleite, you handle his left shoulder. Helmwige will be handling the luggage. Can I request you for that?”


“Well, I need to hold out for just a bit longer.”

After I lent my shoulder to Brynhildr-sama and Schwertleite-sama who were floating with the magic wing, the preparation for flying is complete. But before that, the three sisters chanted the rune magic at the same time.

[[I worship you the skull of Ymir; Kiss his body. I will now dig up this constant and unchangeable majestic Omniscience. I pledge inseparable to the symbol of togetherness, unity, development, liberty and discomfort! The nineteen rune of Futhark, ehwaz!]]

For your information, rune of ‘ehwaz’ is the horse rune. The effect of this rune is ‘Acceleration’. Moreover, if multiple people chant it at the same time, the effect will be much better. Since the rune of ‘ehwaz’ governs the symbol of unity, so it’s a cooperative type of rune magic.

Even though we were using a three man cell this time but the effect of the acceleration was already quite big. We were flying at god speed which might be faster than Gullinbursti, in just this short moment, we reached the crossing of ‘Niðavellir’.

Then— toward the backwoods of the country beside ‘Svartálfaheimr’.

In this world which seems like it had swallowed by the darkness, a magnificent lake that was giving off a blue light could be seen.

“Sei-san, please have a look. The thing that is floating in the middle of the lake is the solitary island where Fenrir is locked up, ‘Lyngvi’.

The bright lake, ‘Ámsvartnir’ reflected the island on the end of the earth, ‘Lyngvi’.

I understood it when I looked down from the sky. That island had a huge crater which had a special shape like a mortar was gouged out, it was like the aftermath of a destruction as not a single grass or tree can be seen.

“That island had such a weird shape.”

After I saw the irregular shape of the solitary island, I spoke out what on my mind. Then, Brynhildr-sama who was supporting my left shoulder answered my question.

“Is it about the gouged out shape of the mortar? It is something quite scary right… actually that is something that Fenrir has done.”

“Is it this? But it seem like the whole island was gouge out….”

“I believe you mentioned it just now. A large destruction that cause the island to be in that weird shape. This is the power of the magic wolf as something like this could easily be achieved by him.”

The one who said this threat was once again Schwertleite-sama who was supporting my left shoulder. Helmwige-sama who was carrying the luggage, shown a weak smile and scratched her cheek continuing the conversation.

“Well, we didn’t expect that he could do something like this. This ‘Lyngvi’ island used to be a plain island. In the middle of the island there is a big deep chasm, which is the place where Fenrir was thrown into after being tied up. But… that caused him to be out of patience and since his body was sealed, he gave a roar filled with his magic power which blew away the valley. This is the cause of the shape of the island now.”

A… a roar was the cause of this destruction? If that is the case, doesn’t that mean it is dangerous to approach him carelessly even though he is being locked up? Urgh… somehow I began to feel some shiver now.

“It’s alright, Sei-san. Fenrir overused his power to create that destruction that time and currently he’s considerably weak. It seems that he had not recovered yet, so you don’t have to worry that the same thing will happen again.”

“Ah, I see. That’s great.”

This is bad, it seems that Brynhildr-sama had noticed my shivering.

Pull yourself together Sei. Didn’t you managed to come all this way because you had decided that you will try your best for Rossweisse-sama’s sake.

I tried to cheer myself up without being exposed to the others, and looked down on the ground after I had make up my mind.

In the middle of the lonely scenery— he was there.

“Wake up, Fenrir. It’s time for your meal.”

As soon as Brynhildr-sama swooped down to the ground, she confronted the thing in front of her with a different kind of spirit.

That thing had silver mane on its body which is as huge as the mountain similar to the black snake dragon, Nidhogg during the battle of ‘The incident on the attempt to collapse the World Tree’. But that body was tied up by a single luxurious string which restricted his freedom.

The foreleg that was stretch in a flexible way has sharp claw that could split the world with a single swing. The silver wolf which was sleeping while hugging a mountain like huge rock, gave off a moan like the sound of a distant thunder and opened his eye after he heard the call from the Valkyrie.

“… So it’s the envoy by the coward. You’re late, I almost plan to swallow the whole island due to your tardiness.”

Without moving his mouth, Fenrir used a special way to project his voice. Brynhildr-sama replied Fenrir’s arrogant words with a firm attitude.

“I won’t mind if that could fill up your stomach. But, we won’t care about you if you have a stomach ache because of that?”

After listening to the advice from Brynhildr-sama, Fenrir’s golden eyes were filled with anger and he started to bare his fang. But he grinded his teeth out of anger and frustration as it was the only thing that he was allow to do.

That should be the case. Since there is a big object on his mouth which restrict Fenrir from opening it widely. There is something pointy on top of his jaw while a pommel could be seen below of his jaw, a huge sword acted as a support to restrict it. No… is it okay to called that thing as a sword as the height of blade was similar to a human…

“Then Nee-sama, let’s leave the question aside and complete our mission. Fenrir, please eat this carefully.”

“Yeah yeah, it would be nice if we could finish it earlier so we can go back. I don’t want to stay in this scary place for a long time.”

After saying that, Schwertleite-sama and Helmwige-sama made the mincemeat in a ball-shape object and throw it toward Fenrir’s mouth. After that, Fenrir swallowed those without any hesitation.

That’s right, the reason why Fenrir’s meal was minced was so that he could swallow it easily without needing to chew. It seems they were being considerate.

But… this scenery seems a bit wrong? This is the result of being considerate? This… this strange scenery that is like playing catch ball, is with a meal?

This is really something strange. This treatment… isn’t it something too cruel.

After finished throwing the meat balls, everyone made preparation to leave. was is where I began to ask for a request that I thought off.

“Um… everyone. I have a request.”

“Yes, a request? Ah, there is something that Sei-san wants to talk with Fenrir right. Then let me escort you.”

“It’s okay. Is it okay if… I’ll talk to Fenrir with just the two of us?”


Brynhildr-sama and the others were shocked from the bottom of their heart and became speechless. I felt like they were looking at me as if confirming my sanity, in order to show my sincerity, I used my trump card.

“I beg of you! This is for the sake of Rossweisse-sama!”

“Argh… That, Sei-san. Why must it be Fenrir? I know that you wanted to have a talk with him but could it really help Rossweisse?”

“Yes, it will be helpful. But to do that, I would need to have Fenrir open up with me first. Don’t you think the best way to do that is for me, a person who is meeting with him for the first time and not a member of the Gods, to have a conversation with him alone?”

“I see… I understand your reason now. But, it’s still dangerous for you to be alone.”

“Hm… isn’t that fine, my dear sister. It’s not like that guy could do anything now, why don’t we just leave it to him with the mindset of testing something new?”

“It’s easy for you to say that, Helmwige… but I did promise Sei-kun that I would let him meet with Fenrir from the beginning. I understand, I will leave it to you. With the condition… Schwertleite.”

“Yes. I understood. If worse comes to worse, I will.”

Schwertleite-sama understood Brynhildr-sama’s intention and prepared the sword on her waist.

Ouch, are you serious Schwertleite-sama. Are you saying that you will fight with Fenrir when the worst situation happens?

My body was telling me that it would be bad to unsheathe your sword in front of an opponent whom it’s movement was restricted. I need to be very cautious with my conversation or else something terrible will happen in a lot of ways.

“Then… I will go and have a talk.”

After I bowed toward them, I walked closer to Fenrir with one step at a time. After Fenrir saw that I went toward him alone, he gave off a big sigh.

“You don’t have the smell of someone normal, little one. You’re not a human right.”

“Yeah, as expected of Fenrir to have a sharp sense of smell that could see through me immediately. Pleased to meet you, I’m Sæhrímnir. My current form is from the transformation of the rune of ‘mannaz’, my original form is a boar.”

“Hmph, even though you’re a boar, you have quite a sweet smell… but who cares. Sæhrímnir is it? First, I want you to stop with that pointless flattering. And that shady politeness of yours also. It seems that you had made a mistake if you thought that I could expose you with my smelling alone.”

Hm… he was keener than I thought, it seemed these method was useless on him. I planned to do that from the beginning but seemed I would only anger Fenrir if I wasn’t speaking honestly with him.

“I understand, Fenrir. Then is it okay for me to speak with you normally?”

“Who said that it was okay? I have no plan to talk to you from the beginning. Get lost.”

“That, I didn’t did anything cruel to you right. Since I’m not a member of the Gods, don’t you think for a little that I’m on your side?”

“Shut up, little one!! Did you say you were on my side? Huh! Why don’t you try to say that stupid line after you release me from this annoying ribbon—‘Gleipnir’ that is restraining me!”

The one that was restraining Fenrir, was the magic ribbon ‘Gleipnir’ that was impossible to be cut off. Even though he demanded me to release him from that restrain, but that was a demand that I couldn’t fulfill.

“I’m sorry… That is something I couldn’t do.”

“….As expected. This is something expected. Haiz, to think you are afraid that I will betray you immediately after you said that you were on my side.”

“Argh, that’s not it. That is because if Fenrir could not break free from ‘Gleipnir’ with your own strength, isn’t it a common sense that someone like me is unable to do that either. Moreover, if I were to free you from ‘Gleipnir’, the Valkyries who are watching us will begin their attack on you right away. That’s why, I would choose not to free you now even if I am able to do it.”

“!… is that so.”

“Hey? I am on your side right?”

While I was seeking for an agreement with a smiling face, Fenrir turned to a side and gave off another big sigh as if he was facing a punishment.

“Hey, Fenrir. What did you did to deserve a punishment like this?”

“Huh, don’t you know about it?”

“I know, from the perspective of the God side. But I want to hear your part of the story.”

“What a strange guy… okay.”

After speaking in an amazed manner, he fix his posture and begain talking about his past even though it was something troublesome.

“— I am, though imperfect I was once a member of the Gods. The proof of that is the golden eye of mine. This is the color that only a God will have if its divinity is above a certain amount. My mother is a giant while my father is a half between a God and a giant. I who possess a high divinity but due to the strong influence of the giant blood… I was born with the appearance of an unsightly wolf. My younger brother is a big snake while my younger sister is a beautiful yet half of her is like a dead person… which give the surrounding an unpleasant feeling.”

A monster that was born with both the blood of a God and a giant. That’s right, Loki did mention before that he is a half that was born between a God and a giant… but this and that is different right.

“But on a certain day, the God of prophecy made a foolish prophecy. Something like… ‘The world will be destroyed by the unsightly three pillars of the God’. The Aesir God was afraid of me and my siblings whose power were increasing every day. They planned to kill me and my siblings due to the prophecy as if it was a good news to them. But the war gods, Tyr who raised me as my parent tried to stop them by convincing them that the tainted blood won’t be able to pollute ‘Asgard’. Due to the countless convincing by my father, I and my sibling were given the treatment of living hell instead. For my case, I am in this condition.”

Fenrir said that out while his eye became bloodshot. When I looked at those eyes that seemed like it was cursed by the world, there was an unendurable feeling appeared within me.

That was why… I wanted to offer these words to him.

“‘It’s a given that it’s better to be alive. Even if there is no point to it.’”

“…? What are you talking about?”

“My best friend said this to me before. I believe that this is the most suitable word for you right now.”

“…… Chi, it’s so snobby that it makes my teeth feel out of place.”

You really aren’t an honest person. Your tail is wagging with such a cheerful way.

Okay… it’s time to end this talk even if it is something happy. It time for me to ask about my real topic now.

“Hey, Fenrir. To be honest, I came here because I want to borrow your wisdom. Can you grant me your wisdom?”

“Wisdom? There is nothing that you could learn from me.”

“It’s okay if you can’t teach me. I just wanted to hear your opinion as a wolf. Fenrir… please teach me if you are knowledgeable about it. The method to calm an indiscriminately wolf.”

“A method to calm a wolf… I have no idea. Even if I do know about it, there is no benefit for me to teach you that.”

“Come on. I will treat you with something delicious later?”

“Then that is decided. If you could take this off, then I could eat delicious food with my heart’s content.”

While saying that, Fenrir use his claw to point toward the sword.

“I am sick of the mincemeat like liquid food. Once you take this off, I will think about it seriously.”

“Hm… okay, if it just that.”

“! Little one… do you understand what are you talking about? Let’s put aside that it is a request by me, but once you take out this sword, I can move my mouth freely. I might get too happy and… perhaps eat you by accidental, you know?”

“Ah, what a good though! After you are free, please let me be your first meal! I am delicious~ ”

“Huh!? What the heck are you saying! Is there something wrong with you!?”

What rudeness, I was just expressing my honest opinion as a meal. Well, that was an expected reaction if you weren’t aware of my ability.

“Never mind then. I will try and see if I can pull out the sword or not first…. Ah.”

I only realized something just now. That was because the current me had no hand. Even if I transformed in to a dragon, I would still be handless. It was a pity that was is a problem before I even tried.

I gave out a sigh while looking at my bandage hand and it seem that Fenrir only notice that I am missing my palms now.

“You… what happen to your hand?”

“It’s like what you’re seeing now. I cut off my hand.”

“What a simplified way of answering it. Why? That’s not something you would do with a normal resolution.”

“It’s not a normal resolution at all. I thought that this is the only thing that I could do.”

“… That isn’t an answer. You… what is the cause that drove you to do that?”

“What drove me, I think it ‘For the sake of the person that I cherish’.”

I answered with a sorrow-less smile and boost about my action. It’s not that I didn’t have any regret since this was the result of the action that I chose.

But for some reason Fenrir was looking at me with his eyes open wide. No… instead of looking at me… I felt that that he was looking at a far more distant place.

“Hey… Did Tyr… did the same thing that day?”

“Eh? Tyr-sama?”

The day that Fenrir mentioned which was linked to Tyr-sama, should be that day I think. It should be on that day after Fenrir was restricted by ‘Gleipnir’ and he bit off Tyr-sama hand.

“That day… After I realized that I was unable to break free from ‘Gleipnir’, I let my rage control me and bit off his hand. That was an expected retribution since he told a lie that ‘Gleipnir’ was just a plain poor and boring ribbon. After I found out that he was lying, it was obvious that I’d bite off Tyr’s hand which happened to enter my mouth. But… I was bothered by it up until now. That was because at that time, Tyr was smiling. Tyr didn’t reveal any hatred, he just showed a kind smile… that was similar to yours just now.”

… I see. I believe that Fenrir had slightly realized it already when he was being honest to me.

There was no mistake that Tyr-sama had the same feeling as me. I believe that he extended his hand out is surely ‘For the sake of his precious person’.”

“This is just a guess but … I believe that Tyr did that to protect you. I believe that if you had rejected to test ‘Gleipnir’, there was a high chance that Lord Odin would kill you on the spot. For the sake of avoiding that result, I believe that Tyr-sama extended his right hand toward you. He believed that if your most trusted person said that, you would surely believe it and be caught. As long as it could save your life… he was willing to sacrifice his hand… and be hated by you.”


Fenrir silently reflected on his action. There was neither guilt nor punishment for it. There was only… some different or clashing opinion that caused the sorrow.

This heavy silence caused the air to stagnate in the middle of this huge crater of this lonely island. But in the middle of this island, the air that was stagnating was blown away and the atmosphere was lightened up after Fenrir gave his answer.

“Sæhrímnir, I will only say this once, so you’d better remember it. The way to be on good term with a wolf… is… by ‘not betraying’.”

“I see…’Not betraying’. Thank you Fenrir, I will remember that.”

If there was an alternate dimension, I believe that Fenrir who doesn’t know of ‘betrayal’ would still be happily  on good term with Tyr-sama and they would be happily dashing with each other.

I promise.

I will guide Rossweisse-sama correctly after I failed to show her a happy ending like I promised—-.

In this single day that was filled with all sort of surprise, I could meet with the King of Open Sea, Aegir-sama and the Magic Wolf of Destruction, Fenrir, it was night time now and in my own room. I was lying on top of my bed and writhe in agony.

It wasn’t like I was doing this because I was holding my urge to go to the toilet you know? And it wasn’t that I was feeling any pain after my hand was cut off yesterday. After going through ‘Gullveig’ yesterday night, my hand has returned back to its original appearance.

The reason why I was writhing was because I was thinking about something. I was thinking what Fenrir meant when he taught me the method to get along with a wolf—‘Not betraying’.

“Ha~, now that I think about it, what should I do to prove that…?”

Since I couldn’t think of any good idea, in the end I was unable to sleep at all last night. I was angry at myself since there shouldn’t be any advice which was better than this.

“Ah, I give up! I couldn’t think of anything, in this type of situation, it’s better to find a partner to think together than to think alone. I need to see who I can ask to brainstorm this together.”

It couldn’t be helped if I was complaining like this. This was because I wanted to cheer up Rossweisse as soon as possible, I think I should throw away my pride and ask help from someone.

I immediately executed my plan after I decided on my objective. Of course, my target was Brynhildr-sama. You could say that I was going to see her for my own selfish reason but that was the truth after all.

Without thinking anything, I teleported to the Goddess dorm, ‘Vingólf’ by using the ‘rainbow void’. I immediately dashed fiercely toward the Valkyrie dorm which I had just memorized recently.

“Good morning, Brynhildr-sama! It’s Sei, are you in there?”

“Eh!? Sei-san!? Wait, please wait for a moment!”

After I reached the doorstep of Brynhildr-sama room, I was given the order to ‘Wait’.

I could hear some rustling sound coming from the inside of the room. Hm… I guess it not a common sense to visit without an appointment and during early morning, I think?

Well, there was the time where she came and greeted with just a bath robe as she didn’t want me to wait, it seemed after that event she was much more conscious about me… I wasn’t sure should I be happy or sad.

“Sorry, sorry for making you waiting, Sei-san, please come in.”

“Excuse me for the intrusion! …Huh? It seems you had tidied up your room nicely.”

“Well, I did tidy up a little.”

“I don’t think there is anything to worry about if you didn’t tidy up in this short time?”

“That is true but… I think it’s better if I clean it up a little. Well… it’s also based on the visitor…”

Brynhildr-sama became a bit bashful and her sentence was a bit unclear at the end. Hm? What was that just now? I couldn’t even hear it properly with my boar sense of hearing.

“Putting that aside, Sei-san, what are you doing here so early in the morning? Aren’t you tired from the things happening yesterday?”

“Nope, I’m not tired at all actually. I’m in a refreshing condition after “Gullveig” activated when I was served as a meal. I could recover the magic power that was used after a night rest, even the fatigue from the injury is completely gone without a trace.”

While saying that, I moved both my front legs that were back to their original condition, on the floor to show that I am fine.

“They really went back to their original conditions. It’s amazing, if only I can have that convenient ability… Ah! I’m sorry, I said something like that without thinking….”

After being amazed at my physical condition, Brynhildr-sama quickly fixed her slip of tongue. I see, since the cost for that convenient ability is your own life, it would seem bad if you’re jealous of it. Brynhildr-sama is really a kind person since she could think of this kind of thing immediately.

Okay, I should put a stop with this type of gloomy topic now. I immediately informed her the reason for my visit.

“Brynhildr-sama. Actually I’m in a bind right now… Can I have a discussion with you about it?”

“Something’s troubling you? I’m okay with it, I will listen to anything if I’m able to be of help.”

Brynhildr-sama gave her okay on the two matters. I took up the offer and asked her that question directly which was regarding none other than Rossweisse-sama.

“I’m in the middle of getting back Rossweisse-sama happiness back but I realize that I knew nothing about her… That’s why, I wish you can tell me more information about her.”

“Rossweisse’s information…. Let’s see. For example, she is the youngest among us but in fact the gap between our births is actually quite little. We were all born at the same time together. That’s why there is no much difference between the eldest and the youngest. But… there was a significant difference for Rossweisse situation.”

“A significant difference… is it about the unstable God Technique?”

“Well, that is also a point now. But there is one more point on top of that, for us, Valkyrie, the power of the wind, ‘Rustung Wind’ is something important to us… but this wind doesn’t blow for that child.”

‘Rustung Wind’ – it’s a common word that is used for the Valkyrie-sama. According to the 2nd sister, Gerhi-sama, it’s something that connected deeply to the Valkyrie. For your information, it seems that Gerhi-sama has the strongest wind among the Valkyrie sisters.

The wind doesn’t blow… this mean that Rossweisse overall ability as a Valkyrie is extremely low.

“There is no one among us sisters who dared to mention about her weak wind… but it seems that she noticed about it herself from the beginning. Since she doesn’t possess any wind, her ability is quite low which causes trouble for us when we are on a task that involved with fighting… according to the fourth sister, Schwertleite, she was troubled by that unreasonable but compulsive idea.”

Yet another information by Schwertleite-sama? If I am not mistaken, something like this did happen before… It’s not that I don’t idolize Brynhildr-sama but it seems like there is something else.

“It’s true that she is still a novice in term of a fighter since she is too kind. But other than that, she is much better than her other sisters. She is good at lightening up the atmosphere, she is also capable at doing family orientate activities like cooking, making sweets, sewing and cleaning.  Due to the two quite extreme difference between her strong points and weak points, it seems that she started to dislike fighting.  Maybe it was due to this, that she couldn’t control her God technique properly now.”

I see, that is the reason that causes her to go berserk…,… huh? Wait a moment. What does that mean?

“Excuse me, Brynhildr-sama, can I ask you some question? Does that mean that Rossweisse God Technique was stable in the past and it only became unstable recently?”

“No, it was unstable from the past but she could without going berserk. But at some point, she always went berserk when she uses it…”

She was able to control it in the past? When did she start to control… wait, let me arrange the information I have.

Rossweisse-sama who is conscious about her complex on being weak, which causes her to dislike fighting. This might be the result of her kindness. She is scared of getting hurt herself, scared of hurting others and scared of being hurt by others.

Due to her kindness, she started to went berserk as her existence is far beyond from being in a battle, no-it’s from the time when she started to hate fighting.

Then what causes her to dislike fighting that much? I’m afraid that it’s like what Brynhildr-sama said just now. This is the result of her strong point is in doing family orientated activities which fighting is her weak point.

This type of thinking seems pitiful but not impossible. That’s because the Valkyrie-sama has their own characteristic or personal ability.

For example, Gerhi-sama is speed while Siegrune-sama is rune magic.

“Hm…? Wait a moment, isn’t that a hint?”

I need to throw away the assumption that… Rossweisse-sama is not good at fighting. Since she is a Valkyrie, she should be good in term of battle.

While I was thinking about this, what appeared in my thought is her characteristic which is ‘Weak’. In other words, she is better at being ‘Weak’ among her sisters.

There is one more point. Rossweisse-sama God Technique is the strongest among her sister.

Instead of being the weakest among her sisters, she is actually the strongest among them which contradict each other… This is probably due to the secret of her God Technique.

Rossweisse-sama is the weakest in term of power and technique but when she uses her God Technique, she is the strongest which reverse her ability.

That means… putting the fact that she is the weakest, it’s a technique that reverses it—

“She is strong in everything… that’s it…. I understand it now! That explains everything!”

“What, what did you understand? Sei-san.”

“Yes! I understand everything! Please excuse me since I need to leave now, Brynhildr-sama! Thank you for accepting my discussion!”

After saying that in a fast pace, I immediately rushed out from Brynhildr-sama’s room. The place that I was heading now with my heart and legs exhilarate was obviously, Rossweisse-sama’s room.

“Rossweisse-sama! You are inside right, Rossweisse-sama! It’s Sei!”

I called out to the owner of the room while using my hoof to knock on the door strongly. Hehe, she won’t be able to be quiet with all these ruckus. As expected, Rossweisse-sama finally talked to me for the first time in this past few times.

“Se, Sei-san, you are too noisy… I’m already awake now.”

“I did not come here to check whether you are awake or not! I am calling out to you because I want you to come out!”

“That… is rejected.”

A few days had passed since she started to lock herself in her room. After realizing that fact, Rossweisse-sama seems a bit shaken in her reply. Maybe she will come out on her own if we leave her like this.

But I don’t have the time to wait until that happens. This is because I had all the important information that is needed. This might be a somewhat a drastic measure but I had to be a bit reckless if I wanted her to come out.

“I know it’s a bit hard for you to see us face to face since it becomes somewhat a big problem. But Rossweisse-sama… could you at least listen to my only request… if you really feel sorry for me?”

This was the most worst and despicable thing to said to Rossweisse-sama who was feeling sad due to the guilt. But in a way, it was something effective.

“…  Please come out. Since I’m not blaming you.”

Rossweisse-sama who ended up coming out even if she didn’t want to, showed a somewhat sulkiness appearance. But it was fine in its own way. If she could show such an irritating feeling that meant her feeling was still intact.

“Thank you for coming out. Then, let’s try to go out from the dorm since you came out from you room.”

“Eh, why?”

“Of course, we are going to do some exercise. After shutting yourself in your room this whole time, your body should be a bit dull now, let do some light exercise like stretching… and your God Technique.”


As I was providing assistance, I told her about the important suggestion smoothly. After hearing this type of startling message, Rossweisse-sama showed a comical shocking face that I would never forget.

(What, what does this mean, nee-sama!? Is the tragedy going to happen for the second time!?)

(Eh, but… It seems like Sei-san is quite confident this time… maybe he had a plan this time…)

At the same time, I heard some whisper that is filled with confusion. It seems that Brynhildr-sama had gathered up her other sisters and was lining up behind the wall at the end of this L shape corridor.

Good job, Brynhildr-sama. Everyone please continue to place your trust on me and watch closely on Rossweisse.

“Use my God Technique… what are you saying, Sei-kun!? I will never use my God Technique anymore! I had already made up my mind about that!”

“No, please use it. This is my request after all.”

“Eh, please wait a moment, Sei-kun I thought your request is for me to come out of my room? I did fulfill that and came out, I’m sorry but I won’t accept any other request already.”

Eh!? I am in a bind now, I am pretty sure that it will work out in the end if she had just listened to my request, now this had ruined my plan already.

I had to think of a way for her to listen to me… Okay! Let’s try this!

“Eh~ but! My request is for you to go out, this is just the first step since you just come out from your room! Ah~, your quibble is similar to when Helmwige-sama said ‘I will do my best on the thing that I need to do my best” ~

“Eh… similar to sister Helmwige…? Me…?”

“Yeah, it’s completely the same. I’m sorry for saying this but… she is quite like that right? It’s something bad right?”

“Yeah, it seems so. Always skipping her work which causes my elder sisters to get angry at her. Other than that, she even tried to invite me to skip work together.”

“Is that so, that is really quite bad which is out of my expectation…”

Okay, it’s better to leave it like this. The more bad point she had, the easier for me to influence Rossweisse-sama.

“Are you fine with that, Rossweisse-sama? You will be the same as her.”

“That…… That is….”

“Huh, do you really have to worry about that? That is something unforgiveable right? That’s because Rossweisse-sama is quite different from her after all.  You don’t want to be like that right? Right?”

“Ugh~~~~ I, I understand, it’s fine if I use it right….”

Hm, did you just admit defeat? It’s much easier than I thought.

I did have some remarks while waiting for the effect of this but okay… to think she agreed to use the God Technique which she hated so much that easily…. It seemed that Helmwige-sama’s bad behavior as a member of the Gods acted as good example of what not to do which could educate her sister properly. Looks like the sisters who were listening at the end of the corridor were trying their best to hold their laughter.

Well, I think the teacher is feeling disappointed somewhat at this moment.

We changed our location to the outside of the Valkyrie dorm. Rossweisse-sama and I were standing while facing each other at the middle of the huge ground which was located at the back of the building.

“Are you sure you want to do it here? Sei-kun. Why don’t we head to the practice field like last time?”

“Yes. There is no need to go there if my prediction is correct. There is no need to be fully equipped or seek assistance from other this time.”

“Is that so…”

It seemed that she wasn’t convinced with my answer, Rossweisse gave out a sigh so that she the anxious wouldn’t get over her. Rossweisse-sama tried to relax herself by carefully breathing in and breathing out repeatedly.

It is different from last time, there is no need to urge her this time. I will wait for her until she is able to calm down.

“….It seems you had made up your mind already. Rossweisse-sama.”

I’m aware of that since I could overcome my fear of dying every night, her spirit looked different from usual. Rossweisse-sama nodded her head with her eyes burning with determination, and said this to me.

“Yes, I should do it since I’m here already. Sei-san, you should transform into your dragon as well.”

“No, it will be fine like this for this time.”

“You, you can’t!! Transform into a dragon! If you don’t do that, I will go back to my room!!”

“Wait, please wait for a moment, I will do it now. Ah~, but it’s very tiring to be in dragon form, so I will transform into one at the last minute. Let both of us transform at the same time.”

“Same time? … Okay, I understand, you better keep your promise? But please be on your guard, since it had proven from the previous battle that it’s not safe. Please don’t go easy on me also, in the worst case, please flee toward the sky and you better don’t find my sister.”

“Yes, I understand. Don’t worry, there won’t be any problem this time.”

“Okay… but still, I still feel uneasy…. Okay let’s start now? We will really do it now? Since we are doing it together, are you ready?”

“I’m ready whenever you are.”

“Okay…. One~ two~ three!! God skill —- ‘Kornmöhme Zerreiβen’!!”


Me and Rossweisse-sama matched each other’s timing, and transformed at the same time. What appeared after the turbulent wind is the white wind wolf and I was in the form of the evil magic dragon—- which I’m not.

“!? Why! Sei-san, why did you transform into a human form instead of a dragon!”

“Huh? Something is weird, I’m sorry, it seemed I made a mistake. Haha.”

“It, it’s not something funny! This is dangerous! Please transform into a dragon quickly!”

“Huh, I don’t mind staying in this form. That is because… what is dangerous in this situation?”

Rossweisse-sama who had transformed into Kornmöhme was looking down at me from her higher perspective level. She didn’t get swallowed by the beast that she was proud of and could keep her consciousness this time.

“Eh, huh, this is so strange…? Why didn’t I go berserk this time?”

Kornmöhme who tilted it’s head while wondering about this. But, if I had to put it, it wasn’t something strange at all. Of course, I did gamble on this without having any solid proof but it was fine since this is the outcome.

Rossweisse-sama who was happy as she could control her God skill, wagged her tail and rolled at the place like a puppy. I believed this pleasant scenery was something that everyone had seen before.

Okay… it seemed that the sisters who were peeking had tilted their head too, I think it’s time for me to start now. Together with the answer to this mystery.

“Before this, Rossweisse-sama, you mention that your God skill is the ability ‘to transform in to a wolf’ right?

“Eh? Yes, isn’t it right? This is the proof.”

“If it is just the ability to transform into a wolf, you should be similar to me. This ability to transform is not something that deserved to be called as a God skill. That’s why Rossweisse-sama God skill is not the ability to transform into a wolf.”

“Is, is that so? Then, what is my God skill?”

“Based on your appearance, I believe that this form is a reflection to one of your characteristic. If my prediction is correct, Rossweisse-sama God skill is… ‘All’s up’. If Rossweisse who had a low ability used this God skill, your ability will be reversed in which all of them will jump up in an extreme way. You are much stronger than your sisters in terms of power, speed and everything else, which resulted in your appearance to change. But…”

“? But?”

“I think that skill not only strengthens your ability. Your sense, emotion and others are also increased in multiple folds also. I believe that your ‘fear’ was also increased together with your sense.”


After I pointed that out to Rossweisse-sama, she was now reminiscing the past with a “Now that you remind me”.

She is definitely not strong. Furthermore, she doesn’t have any confidence about her strength in the battle which causes her to be scared of it. The time that she will use her God skill is when she is fighting a strong enemy that she can only win if she uses it.

Just like the time in the practice field a few days ago, she is fighting with her older sister in her battle stance and a huge dragon. At that time, she used her God skill with all… fear that was bottle up inside her.

“The reason why Kornmöhme went berserk isn’t because you lost your consciousness. If you activate your God skill when fear is at a maximum point, it will cause you to enter a ‘confusion state’. This is the truth behind the cause of your berserk.”

Currently, there is nothing for you to be afraid of in this place. If she were able to activate her God skill calmly like this every time regardless of the location, I believe that Rossweisse-sama will be able to shine in the battle field.

In order to achieve that, she has to be confident. Sadly, the person who can do that…. Is not me.


All the sisters appear all of a sudden after Brynhildr-sama voice appear from the shade of the dorm, or is it from the thicket.

Even though I could sense them with my sense of a boar long time ago but it seemed that Rossweisse-sama only realized their presences now. All of the sisters gathered together and watched over us with a worrying look on their face.

“Sister! Why did you all gather up?”

With the sudden appearance of her sisters, Rossweisse deactivated her God skill and tilted her head.

“After Sei-san flied off and mentioned that he will help you, I gathered everyone and secretly watched over you from the shade. Putting that aside, you did a good job, Rossweisse-sama. I want to congratulate you for being able to control your God skill!”

Even though the congratulate speech triggered the large amount of applause but Rossweisse-sama’s depressing face put a stop on that.

“Can I really say I could control it now… That’s because I might be fine this time, but I am not sure when I am in actual battle.”

“You will be fine if you get used to it right. I was so scared that I trembled for my first time of battle.”

“Eh! Gerhild-onee is also the same?”

“It, it’s not only me… what important is! Since I, who hold the strongest wind among us was also like that, there is nothing to be embarrassed if you are scared of battle.”

“It’s just like what our dear sisters said, Rossweisse. Even though my wind is not that strong, I still have my sword and you have your Kornmöhme. If you could control that power, you will be much stronger than any of us.”

“Eh~… if Sister Schwerte put it that way, I feel a bit of relief.”

Everyone took turn and tried to provide relief and confidence to Rossweisse. It was just like what Freya-sama said, happiness is something that is shared by others, there is no one that has full happiness from the beginning.

To think that the bond between sister is something this beautiful…. To be honest, I’m quite jealous of this scene, since I don’t have any brother.

“But… was I … able to get closer…?”

That is just a part of my self-satisfaction. It’s just a little though.

Isn’t it better that way, which is what I thought from the bottom of my heart. That is because I could prove it after all.

‘The confrontation with Kornmöhme bare handed’ —– that is the action I implemented to prove that ‘I won’t betray’. I believe that this is the result that my wholehearted trust reached out in a proper way.

“Thank you Fenrir. I was able to do it properly.”

I secretly thanked my friend who is located at a far place which provided the hint that lead to this happy end.

Please wait. I will surely release you some day.

I believe that as long as we trust each other, our thought will surely reach….

Since you had taught me… the most important thing in this world.

… While I was busy with my poem, it seemed that Rossweisse-sama had finished receiving all the encouragement and the blessings from her sister. Ah~ it took quite some time since there were seven sisters….. seven people?

Huh, wait a moment, there is something strange here. Why is there a shortage of one person!?

“Ah, excuse me, can I have a moment? Everyone.”

“What’s the matter Sei. You gentleman spirit will be shocked if you disturb our emotional conversation between us.”

“It’s not that I want to disturb you all, Siegrune-sama! There is something that I would like to ask!”

“Yes yes, if that the case, then just say it right away.”

“…Helmwige-sama is not here…”

“Ah…” x8

Everyone stood there at the same time.

While we stood there, we heard something… it came from one of the room in the dorm, the voice of her grief.

“Sob! What is it! It’s not like there is a permit to tease me even though I’m a useless sister! I’m also not as strong as the Einherjars!”

Due to the mental state that day, ‘The world’s first steel basket’ Helmwige who was in sorrow, locked herself in her room. I think her real intention was to skip work. No one dared to blame her for that until she could heal the sorrow on her own.

That, how should I put it… I’m sorry for using you as a decoy….

Translator’s Notes and References

1.Total defeat and toast have the same pronunciation

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