Kare to Hitokui no Nichijou Volume 3 Chapter 3

Chapter 3: His Childhood Friend’s Return.

Because of Kuroe, a lot of things in Tooya’s life changed variously. Things which were for sure couldn’t be changed as if had been contaminated into something else……But there were still things that didn’t change.

Morning would always come if the night ended. As expected it was a thing that couldn’t be changed.

「That’s why, it’s time to wake up.」

「…………what chu meanwhy.」

Monyo monyo, Kuroe got up but I didn’t know if her eyes were awake or not. It could be said as usual she seemed weak in the morning, with a vague look she rubbed her eyes.

「I go out now, so change your clothes. 」


Tooya had already changed clothes. Although before this he will change after waking up Kuroe, but lately he did so when Kuroe was sleeping………… As hewas getting used to waking up so it was a trouble.



He returned to his room after got the sign of finished changing and Kuroe was already fully awake.

「So today is school day as well.」

「……of course?」

Even Kuroe had changed into her uniform.

「It’s not like I have anything to say but…………I think it wouldn’t be bad to let me have a longer sleep once in a while.」

「It’s fine to sleep to your heart content on weekend.」

「Doesn’t it sounds fun to continue sleeping even though where there’s school?」

Sounded terribly like a useless man’s dialogue.

「It’s fine if you do what you want….…..because it’s not like you’re obligated to attend class.」

In fact Kuroe was like to do things on a whim.

「Forget it.」

Looking bored as she shrugged her shoulders.

「It’s good that you are feeling troubled occasionally.」

「Is that what a person just told me his troubles recently should say?」

「…………just that I was only a little bothered about yesterday’s stuffs.」

「About the three living people falling off the stairs?」


As usual the detestable way of talking.

「I wonder if I should investigate properly」

「Investigate properly?」

「Don’t you see, the reason for the fall or something……」

「If master wishes to I could investigate it.」

Kuroe was extremely uninterested.

「…………It doesn’t bother you?」

「Absolutely not」

Not at all.

「Since there are many other interesting things…………well、after all you just need to give the order if you want me to investigate.」


Being told to that extend made him hesitate to give the order.

「Anyways Master’s main concern is whether Aoi was involved or not right?Anyway why don’t you try to meet and check on her situation.」

「…………Well、that’s true but」

“Right” Tooya said worriedly, Kuroe muttered softly.

「If master still have any time to check on the situation、that is」

Then in an unexpected, but very common morning.

「Ah、good morning Tooya-kun 」

Leaving the house, a familiar greeting could be heard coming to his ears………….. whose voice, which he didn’t suppose to hear in a while, could be known without looking.

That was why, he could not understand it.

He feels bewildered and afraid to look over there, but the desire to confirm it was much stronger. To Tooya who could not expect and prepared for it, he couldn’t stop his desire.


Rikka was looking over here. In front of the house waving while smiling…………..As if she was waiting for Tooya to go out.

An impossible scene.

A scene that will never happen.

After all, this was a scene Tooya didn’t want to happen at all.

He completely couldn’t understand the scene before his eyes…………. He looked at Kuroe seeking an answer. But Kuroe didn’t say anything as she only shook her head…………. while sneering pleasantly. Did she really not knowing what was happening, or it was the opposite, Tooya couldn’t come to a conclusion.

『It’s fine to just ignore her?』

Being told that he suddenly came back. A curious look was floating on Rikka face because there was no reaction from Tooya. If Tooya remains dumfounded would raise more doubts.

「Good、Good morning Rikka」

Fearfully approaching, he let out his voice.


She smiled and nodded….. Just only that, Tooya felt that any doubts came to mind had become unimportant.

「Kuroe-chan too good morning」

「Yes、good morning」

Rikka greeted Kuroe, and Kuroe also responded. Rikka was supposed to be forgotten everything about Kuroe……he thought so.

「So、shall we go」


He nodded and started walking. As usual………no, it was like since Tooya encountered Kuroe, he does not need to avoid or be caution of something. Three people, Rikka with a smile, Kuroe with a cat’s smile floating on their faces while walking side by side.

What Tooya hoped for, the scene he hoped for which was lost was here.

It was a sweet dream…….. a very sweet dream.



He felt no worried in that question. Just how much Rikka did remember、she knew until which extend. She remembering about Tooya and Kuroe was certain……Since she was walking with Tooya without any question, it was definitely passed the time point of the three people that bullied Tooya went missing…………Then, what about things after that?


Right now, a smile was showing on Rikka’s face. If so, then I guessed she didn’t remember about that. That which caused Rikka’s smile to be clouded…….. the thing about her father. The reason why Tooya decided to partway with Rikka, is because sin he committed.

「What is it?」

With a pure and innocent smile, Rikka asked again.

「No, nothing at all」

He didn’t ask. He couldn’t ask. Did she forget about it, or did she remember but didn’t show on the surface………… Either way he couldn’t ask her right away.


The smile on her face right now, Tooya didn’t wish for it to be clouded.

「The weather today is also good」

「Ah、um、you’re right」

Tooya answered while desperately grasping his wandering thoughts. Even though he was walking on the usual school street, his legs feel limp and didn’t want to move forward. And yet he was very concerned about walking properly so that Rikka wouldn’t notice, he feels really tired.

『You’re too restless』

Kuroe’s voice resounded, but Tooya couldn’t hear it. To this Kuroe “yare yare” and shrugged her shoulders. Whether she was being worried or not, Kuroe walked silently behind the two.


「But it’s sooo hot」

「Ah、um、kinda hot」

And the weather was good

「Tooya-kun, what happened?」


「Since a while ago there’s nothing but vague reply you know」

「Nothing at all……」


With a nod Rikka turned to look back.

「Kuroe-san, what happened?」

「Nothing in particular」

Kuroe answered, smiling.

「Surely he only feels uneasy being charmed by Rikka 」

「W,what are you saying all of a sudden Kuroe-san!?」

Rikka blushed and franticly waving her hands.

「It’s easy to tell looking from behind you know」

「Because, look, aren’t you two seeing my face everyday……..」

While saying such things, she was throwing gazes of expectation at Tooya. If it was the before, surely he would say something and ignore her expectation………. However, Tooya right now was feeling unease like Kuroe said, furthermore her reason was quite accurate.

「Eh, no, that’s…….」

He couldn’t answer properly, his face was also red. Rikka also understood the meaning of this.

「Is, is that so」

Her cheek was further blushed with her hands joined in front of her chest. But she couldn’t say anything after that, only peeking at Tooya with blushing cheek sometimes……..apparently Rikka couldn’t go anymore than this.

『Just like  junior high school student at their puberty ne』

A shocking voice resounded, but Tooya decided to ignore it. He was also blushing just like Rikka, walking in a straight line without being able to look at each other in the eyes. But they both couldn’t be helped but being conscious of each other, it was easy to tell from behind.

「……….at least, it would be best to notice what she has said everyday 」

Tooya seemed to realize something was wrong here. This unexpected situation, causes the part of which Tooya strongly protected in his heart collapsed right away. Tooya’s confusion had been replaced completely by another thing………Kuroe only applauded.

「Well, we are going to return to reality ne.」

Murmuring with a small voice that couldn’t be heard, she sneered.


This gap was definitely very big.



Arriving at school, even entering classroom Rikka wasn’t changed. As she was having conversation with people in class as usual, she also paid attention to Tooya. Right from the start   he didn’t have much conversation with his classmates …… that’s why he was not being recognized doesn’t make any difference to the others in the class. While being puzzled, Rikka faced others like usual, as if she didn’t have any contact with Tooya. Her classmate apparently had no doubts at all.

And so lesson started, at last Tooya had some time to think calmly. The teacher’s words came in from the right and came out from the left, hewas desperately thinking about the current situation. But no matter how much he thought only one question came to mind.




That question filled his entire head. Confused with the rising fear………..nothing else could come to mind.

『Yare yare』

His mind was calmed down by Kuroe’s resounded voice.

『Even if you think alone would only be more confusing right……..I  really wish my master will rely on this loyal servant at times like this』

Although Tooya couldn’t see she was worried about him at all…… She was looking at Tooya with a smile on her face. Looking at that face the thought that she was the cause came to his mind.

『I didn’t do such things』

Was that really true, he asked.

『It’s true………First of all, I can’t do this without master’s permission wasn’t it?』

Tooya thought, there were many restrictions for Kuroe. Those restrictions placed on her were absolute. Even she herself can’t break it……..but other than that she could. Kuroe didn’t have restrictions on doing things Tooya didn’t told.

And the orders given to Kuroe included not to kill any human, do not leave his side without permission……… Do not unseal Rikka’s memory, memory of what Tooya never said before. Normally when she noticed something that one shouldn’t do, Kuroe would do it……… and feeling joyfully in it too.

『Master………..how much are you don’t trust in me.』

Instead of that, tell me what I can trust in you. Tooya thought.

『There’s nothing for me to profit in doing what is opposite to master’s will by putting back Rikka’s memories. Instead in this way, wouldn’t it only provoke master’s antipathy?』

She was looking over here with full interest though.

『I can’t be helped……Since it’s interesting. Exactly because such change in master’s emotions could be fun that I accepted this unfair contract.』

Because for the sake of seeing my reaction you unlocked the seal,  Tooya thought this might be possible.

『Supposedly if I want to, I’ll do it at a better timing.』

Calmly Kuroe answered back.

『If you’re still skeptical about me to that extend, you could order me to answer honestly right.』

An unhappyvoice came transmitted.


Answer honestly.


Tooya ordered without hesitation. For Tooya to give the order through telepathy is the first time but there shouldn’t be a problem right.

『………It’s better if you at least hesitated ne.』

That sounded a little lonely.




Tooya inquired.

『I didn’t do it.』

The answer didn’t change…………Well, he knew that but. Although Tooya didn’t trust Kuroe much, but he understood that this was not her doing. And yet because she was Kuroe that he could pointlessly inquired, but it was best not to tell.

But, in that case why……… did it unsealed naturally.


Kuroe answered.

『Certainly after many years the spell’s effect would weaken. However the spell placed on Rikka was not long ago, each time I look at her face I was certain the spell did not weaken. Butthere is no doubt that the spell suddenly vanished without being weaken……First 』

Kuroe continued further.

『Because if is merely lifting the spell away then Rikka’s behavior was strange. If originally, she would be really concerned about what master did up to yesterday, and confused what happened………Why until then she forgets about master, and the likes. However, Rikka behavior’s wasn’t like that at all. Just like she spent yesterday together with master very normally.』

Of course Tooya also had that question. Although he also thought about the possibility of Rikka didn’t notice of her memory was disorder……… As far as one could see, Rikka seemed to be aware of the current situation correctly. If is just lifting the spell away, such thing was impossible.

『In other words, someone lifted the spell, then at the same time applied a new spell as not to born contradiction in her mind.』


If that was the case then this is not a mere coincidence, he couldn’t think of anything else…………If that being the case, then the question moved to who did it. Unlocked the spell Kuroe cast, furthermore to not react contradiction cast a new spell……… Normal human couldn’t do this.

In the first place, Kuroe cast spell was not that simple to unlock, right?

『In this age, there should not be anyone who could easily unlock that spell. Well, that spell was not something I good at too ne.』

Kuroe said that she only good at spells and skills that cause harm to human. Apparently, spells other than that which she used were referred and learnt from the ancient exorcists and created something almost the same…………However, even if excluding that Kuroe’s power was supposed to be powerful. From what Kuroe said, the exorcist’s strength these days were declined greatly compared to old times, therefore her spell supposed to be more than enough.

『I don’t think the bunch from Order of the Black Magic can unlock it………well, maybe they have someone powerful in there but we don’t know that ne.』

However, supposing if there was such a powerful person from Order of the Black Magic who did this, they couldn’t gain anything. They admitted that they have no chance to win Kuroe face to face, then there was no reason for them to do such thing to provoke Tooya’s wrath.

『If so, only one person seems to be the culprit ne.』

Tooya use elimination to argue with Kuroe. He knew that it was not The Order of the Black Magic, however he didn’t know what Kuroe said was right or not……… It doesn’t matter whether she could do it or not. Because Tooya can figure out the reason why she will do this.

『Does Master know enough about that girl to that extend?』

Tooya couldn’t answer that.


His answer didn’t come out at all.



Ignoring Tooya’s trouble, class progressed peacefully. And the lunch break comes.

「Tooya-kun、Kuroe-san、let’s eat together?」

Rikki didn’t show any signs of confusion, she as usual came to Tooya and invited him to eat lunch together.

「Ah, ok……」

Tooya couldn’t refuse that, naturally by the flow of events his legs were heading toward outside of classroom……… just like exactly one month ago, the trio headed toward the rooftop.

「Since today is hot, I tried using soumen to make bento.」



What to do now?


While not making Rikka to notice his unnatural behavior, Tooya’s thoughts were going round and round. Rikka got her memories back for unknown reason, moreover, she didn’t feel any uncomfortable with that. Because of that, like exactly one month ago they were heading toward the rooftop.

However, the situation was different in Tooya’s perspective. Because Rikka is a stranger to Mashiro and Aoi……… how should he explain this well enough. He couldn’t explain why up till now he didn’t bring his close childhood friend Rikka over there before, and the sudden appear of two people who were very familiar with Tooya, Rikka would think it was strange right.

『You don’t have to worry about it I think ne.』

Kuroe voice resounded.

『The people in class also doesn’t think it’s strange right.』

That Tooya also noticed. They accepted that Rikka came in contact with Tooya normally as like that was something naturally. As for people in class to not have strange feeling regarding the contact between Rikka and Tooya, he didn’t think it was the effect of the spell Kuroe casted.

『Umu, that’s because it was not the spell same as the one I casted one Rikka to completely unable to recognise master’s existence ne.』

Therefore same as Rikka’s memory, someone casted the spell on people in class too.

『If so, then Mashiro and Aoi would be affected by the spell too don’t you think.』

Very likely that’s the case.

『Well, but there’s a possibility they are just acting.』

Who are the one acting, Kuroe didn’t say.

「Ah, senpai. You’re late.」

From above a voice came. Towards the top of the stairs, in front of the rooftop entrance stood Aoi and Mashiro looking down at them.

「Because I can’t enter without senpai so won’t you come sooner.」

Aoi said in a sulking way.

「Eto, sorry.」

He apologized for the time being.

「Ah, Kuroe-senpai, Rikka-senpai. Good day.」

「Un, Good day.」

「Ee, Good day.」

Rikka and Kuroe answered and replied Aoi’s greeting…..Rikka too.

「Mashiro-chan good day too.」

「Yes, good day Rikka-senpai.」

Rikka looked at Mashiro’s eyes and smiled, Mashiro smiled back in return.

『Look, like what I had said right?』

Kuroe’s prediction was true.


But, whether this was good or not, as for Tooya he didn’t know.



There was a word that three girls could make up a long conversation. If so, then how noisy do you think the conversation would be if you gather four girls…………well, as for one of them was a quite suspicious.

「Uwaa, Rikka’s senpai bento is soumen!?」

「Yes, the soup is put in the water bottle.」

「So you can use soumen to make bento.」

Rikka and Aoi and Mashiro were chatting like knowing each other before. Regarding Aoi, she apparently knew Rikka shortly after she transferred to here. As for Mashiro, although he was not so sure, but it must be around the same time when Tooya knew her.

「Do you want to have a try?」

「Eh, is that fine?.」

「I’m also interest in it.」

「I wonder if I can have some.」

「Un, since there’s a lot.」

Rikka treated each of them some soumen……then her gaze was directed toward Tooya.

「C’mon Tooya-kun, have some too.」

「Ah, un.」

Receiving the container from Rikka, picked up soumen with chopsticks. The soup was kept cold in the water bottle, this cool taste in the summer was really very comfortable.


「Great that you like it.」

Rikka smiled sweetly………Tooya was fascinated by that smile. What he was supposed to have thrown away was once again here. Tooya’s heart had been shaken up helplessly.

「Ah, Tooya’s senpai face is red.」


Aoi’s joyful face made Tooya jumped in surprised.

「That’s no good senpai. You have Kuroe-senpai as fiancée, you can’t cheat on her.」

Right, she said while tilted her neck and looked at Kuroe.

「That’s right, I’ll be jealous if you do that.」

Kuroe grinned.

「Is, is this the triangle relationship!?」

Mashiro was embarrassed, however as if expecting something she was blushing while looking at the trio.

「Mou, you carry your joke too far, Aoi-chan……Kuroe-san too」

Rikka puffed her cheeks

「Tooya-kun and Kuroe-san are only relatives, the thing about fiancée is only for the sake of convenience, Mashiro-chan also knows about this right?」

Rikka stared at her.

「Eeto, yes……」

In an awkward manner Mashiro smiled bitterly.

「Aoi-chan too」

「Ahaha, sorry」

「Kuroe-san too」

「I got a little caught up in the moment.」

「Tooya-kun too」


Why did that gaze of condemnwas directed at him?

「Because Tooya-kun didn’t deny it immediately causes Aoi-chan got on with the flow」


He apologized without further thought. Although when Kuroe made up this setting at that time  Rikka did went rage…… but now it may become jealousy? He thought that as Rikka’s pouted cheeks looked lovely, he felt warmth in his heart.


What the heck are you thinking?


His reason calmed down his feelings by giving a warning. He felt a chill. Right at this moment, Tooya had forgotten the situation he was in right now.

『Yare yare』

In a mocking way Kuroe’s voice resounded.

『I and master’s engagement relationship is only for convenience, how surprising that Mashiro and Aoi knew right』

That’s right. This matterother than Tooya and Kuroe only Rikka knew. However Rikka presumed the other two had already known and talked about it. Not only they knew each other, apparently they also exchanged information about the current status to some extent.

『Master can’t seem to calm down, how about let me confirm that?』

It’s rare for you to say that…………what are you scheming?

『You really don’t trust me ne』

He imagined her shrugging her shoulder.

「By the way」

Kuroe opened her mouth.

「We still haven’t decided where to go for the vacation.」

Let alone Rikka, even Aoi didn’t hear about this. No, maybe Mashiro had talked about this with Aoi, at least it was not when the four of them are together.

「The thing about going to the beach?」

Rikka said.

「Didn’t Mashiro said she’ll be looking for the place?」

Aoi said.

「Un, I’m already found one.」

Mashiro said.

The trio’s words were not contradicted. Just like the fiancée relationship with Kuroe, it’s like the topic of vacation had already been discussed by five of them. At this point the situation of Mashiro in class had probably be known by Rikka…………Really, it was just like she has been with Tooya all this time.

「Can you let us know the place you looked up now?」

「Yes, since it can be displayed on my phone.」

「Then, let’s decide it now.」

「Un, I also it’s better to do it now.」

As Aoi approved, Rikka and others started talking about where to go during vacation. They looked so happy, so friendly, who would have thought up till yesterday they were complete strangers.


While looking at them, Tooya’s perspective of the world felt shaken.


Which was the real thing?


His own memories, or the scene in front of his eyes. In this situation he can’t be helped but think there’s something wrong with his memories and the scene in front of his eyes are actually the real one.

『That is just what master wants to think so.』

In a sarcastic way Kuroe’s voice resounded in his head.

『Escape from reality is no good.』

Said with a sneer.

That sneering tone as if didn’t let Tooya escape.

「……… Shut up」


Tooya muttered with a groan.



And then time went by without anything happens, classes were over and Tooya was on his way home. Naturally beside him was Rikka’s figure. Of course Kuroe was there, but maybe she was worried, she walked a step behind of them.

「It’s almost summer break.」


Answering Rikka who said in a cheerful tone, Tooya couldn’t hide his bewilderment.

「We talked about it at lunch break but……vacation, I’m sooo looking forward to it.」

「Is that so」

「…………Tooya-kun doesn’t looking forward to it?」

「—I do」

「Un, that’s great」

A friendly grinned showed on her face.

「This summer break I get to go out with Tooya-kun, it’s been awhile」

「Is that so?」


She nodded.

「It sure has been awhile………」

He was forcefully taken to the amusement park not long ago, but he couldn’t think of events that was more longer ago although he tried to recall. Tooya had kept a distance from Rikka, and they can’t travel all these time due to Rikka’s family circumstances.

「This is the first time we go to the beach right.」

「Probably so.」

He remember going to the pool a few time, but he didn’t have memories about the sea.

「………I think I never had any family vacation before.」

Tooya’s father was a busy man with little time to spare. It was not like his father didn’t care about his family, just that Tooya didn’t have any memories going on family trip.

「That so. When I was a child father took me on a trip to the beach.」


「Seawater was salty and I was very tired but it was extremely fun.」

She didn’t notice Tooya’s trembling, a nostalgic look floated on her face.

「We even played cutting watermelon at that time. My younger brother was little so he didn’t understand the rule well, he didn’t search for the watermelon but headed toward my father’s voice instead and my father was so surprised.」

「That was, fun.」

Tooya tried his best to stop his body from trembling.

「This trip too, let’s bring watermelon and we all play watermelon cutting.」

「That’s right, that would be fun.」

While answering he thought. How Rikka see her father in her heart. Her memories did remain…………But up till where?

Right now, what did she think about her father being missing?

『It’s better to stop』

Like holding back his urge to question, Kuroe’s voice resounded.

『Although I don’t know how Rikka feels inside but………giving contradiction casually could possibly hurt her mind. 』

The words that were about to come out stopped at his throat. For Tooya to question something thatcould possibly bring harm to Rikka, he couldn’t do it.

「Why won’t it be summer  break any sooner.」

Rikka grumbled. That expression looked as if it were innocent like a child, pure expectation was the only thing in her face. Just looking at that face, he thought what’s in the future would only be warming.


Although he knew that is impossible to happen.



When he arrived at his home of course he would part with Rikka………Time for dream was over. What left was the man eater monster and the one claimed himself the worst master. From ancient times to the present, because of the existence of the sun, the existence called the shadow would be formed.

To Tooya, keeping the current state would be the best………He was really the worst.

「What should I do………」

He murmured a groan. If he could he wanted to hide in the futon and sleep till the morning, then wait fo tomorrow and go to school………that was escapism. So that he can once again look at Rikka face, forgetting all the trouble, it was such a disgusting motive.

「Master are really the worst.」

「………I know.」

He stared and answered Kuroe who was looking and grining…………Grinning. Thinking of wanting to make her flinch a little, what a shallow thought.


He sighed.

「Kuroe, what should I do?」

「Even if you asked me………I will only say —- what does master want to do ne?」

What he wanted to do, wasn’t the answer was obvious…………clearly obvious. However Tooya’s reason absolutely didn’t allow it. Could not allow it.

What should he do…….he already knew the answer.

「Rikka’s memories, if we don’t erase it………」

Because that was the best decision he could make……… It was a natural thinkingto apply the spell once again if it was dispelled.

「I would not recommend doing that」

However Kuroe disapproved.

「Why is it…….」

The voice he inquired was so weak that surprised himself.

「If the spell was removed by somebody, then there is a possibility that it would do it again. If his unlocked the spell with some ulterior motive, he could unlock it once again even if I apply it again.」


「If so then how many times do we need to put the spell back on Rikka………Master doesn’t wish for that, right?」

In addition Aoi and Mashiro and classmates too. Putting a spell on Rikka means they have to put it on them to avoid contradiction. Each and every one repeatedly would be a great labor.

「Actually, isn’t that a chance?」

Unlocking Rikka’s spell meaning that the one applied a new spell on Rikka will come out. This would be a chance to catch the culprit.

「So  it wouldn’t have any problem to use Rikka as the bait, would it?」

She sneered.


Tooya had no choice but to answer so.

「Then, what do you want to do.」

「………Try to contact Tanaka-san and see.」

「To throw it at Tanaka?」

「I won’t do such that.」

Because it was something regarding Rikka. Anyway he wanted to check with the Order of Black Magic first, wasn’t it important to ask opinions for different point of view, he thought.

「Well, master can do what master likes.」

「That was my intention from the beginning.」

Tanaka’s phone number appeared on his self phone as he clicked the call button.

「This is Tanaka.」

After several beep Tanaka’s voice could be heard.

「Eetou, good evening………Kamisaki here.」

「Yes, good evening. How unusual for you to call me.」

It’s true that this was the first time Tooya called Tanaka. Basically all the calls before came from the opposite, and to Tooya it was nothing pleasant so he frowned whenever Tanaka’s name was displayed. And before this he experienced being shot, therefore Tooya was not very good at dealing with Tanaka.

「I want to consult with you for a bit…….」

「Is it about Kuroe-san?」


He couldn’t think of anything else but that.

「I understand, please tell me what happened.」

Tanaka asked. After making a little preparation, Tooya opened his mouth.

「Rikka’s memories returned.」


There was a pause for reply. For Tanaka, I guessed that speech was beyond expectation.

「You mean Kurumi Rikka-san has remembered about you?」


Tanaka knew the matter between Rikka and Tooya.

「Can you please tell me in details.」

He requested Tooya to explain the current situation. Rikka’s memories suddenly came back in the morning. There was no contradiction happened in her memory. The surrounding people that came to contact also didn’t have uncomfortable feeling.

「It was not done by The Order of Black Magic right?」

After finished his explanation, Tooya wanted to check.

「Of course. The Order of Black Magic didn’t have any profit by doing so………Well, I admit that from our stand originally we would correct this thing.」

Order of Black Magic’s works was protecting people from various demon. Some of that work included helping ordinary people regain their memories being stolen by demons…………However The Order of Black Magic had declared they won’t in this case and both sides approved this. The Order of Black Magic didn’t intend to throw away the contract they made with him after trying so hard.

「I trust you」

「Thank you very much.」

Although Tanaka was not so happy.

「Then what does Kamisaki-san have in mind.」

「That is………」

He couldn’t say there was nothing……..if speaking of was there, there was.

「For example, someone who just transferred here and had contact with you, further more I think she’s a candidate who likely could lift the spell.」

「If you know then please don’t ask me intentionally…………in the first place how do you know?」

「As we are from the Order of Black Magic, if there were people around you we need to have some investigation in it. I should be amazed that from your point of view you can’t realise this.」

Tanaka calmly answered.

「Inaba Aoi, don’t you think she has more than enough evidence to be a suspect?」


Tooya kept silent

「Don’t need to take her sister into consideration.」

Such thing Tanaka clearly informed Tooya.

「……………We don’t have anything as proof.」

「But she is suspicious. Trasferring school at this time is very strange, and on first day she came in contact with you two. Since she is Akane-san’s little sister, there is a high possibility she could unlock the spell casted on Rikka-san………Based on Akane-san we can see that her little sister should have also received some techniques back in their home’s Shinto. 」

Tooya couldn’t refuse even one of Tanaka’s words.

If he was asked whether it was suspicious or not……..He couldn’t answer it was not suspicious.

「But I don’t understand the reason.」

「The reason is obvious already.」


「Is there anything else?」


「Kuroe is the target?」

「There is no reason to get involved with you other than that right」

Once Kuroe was eliminated, Tooya is just a normal human we can see everywhere.

「But, I don’t think it is related to Rikka’s memories returning.」

「I think her action was tocause you to be waver.」

That itself is more than worth for her to do so, Tanaka said.

「Or it could be thought of as an demonstrative action. If she can remove the spell casted on Rikka-san without being noticed by you……in the same way she could easily steal away Rikka’s life, and so on.」


Tooya didn’t thought of that idea before.Demonstration action for next threat. Surely when he wouldn’t notice, the opponent would once again come in contact with the defenseless Rikka………If he were told the next time she will kill Rikka, this credibility is very high.


Kill, Rikka?


Such that word alone was enough to make his eyes felt darkened. He didn’t crush his handphone in hand was likely the result of his maximum self control.



Surprise by Tanaka’s voice, Tooya came back to his sense.

「If that’s the case, what should I do?」

In a way to hide over hisemotion that gushed up a moment ago, Tooya asked.

「Please think that by yourself.」

And a cold answer was given.


「Of course, we are also investigating it. Because we cannot ignore the other party interfering with you………However the problem of your childhood friend is due to your problem. From our standpoint, the current situation is actually the correct state.」

That was a sound argument. There was no way they would say something like once again erase her memories.

「And the problem of Inaba Aoi,I won’t say we will stand by and do nothing about her. As you said, she was suspicious but there is no evidence………… However I will give you permission.」



Tanaks said.

「If Inaba Aoi was the culprit and took any concrete action. Eat her, the Order of the Black Magic will approve your decision.」

For an instance, Tooya couldn’t understand the meaning of those words.

「What are you saying?」

「It means as it is. If the time comes, there is no reason you need to resitate because of the Order of the Black Magic. Report after you have done it is also OK.」


Immediately his head felt cold. Permission to kill someone. He had only experienced it the other day. However this time it was someone he was acquainted with. The other person’s face, the other’s voice came to mind… and then he saw that person being dyed into red in a real vision.

「The one who hold Kuroe-san’s collar and leash is you, for us that is something worth to be glad of.」

「………You overestimate me.」

Or was it actually despise.

「At least you are far better than the people that has intention to plunder, this is true. Knowing what person you are, we also formed a contract. The Order of Black Magic also doesn’t want to change you to another person.」

Therefore he gave permission before hand.

When the time came, Tooya didn’t have to hesitate because of the Order of Black Magic.

「She is Inaba-san’s little sister right?」

「I will keep this matter confidential to her. Although I don’t know what will happen afterwards, but at least I’ll arrange so that she couldn’t lay a hand on you………… She’s not really stupid to that extent I guess.」

After that, Tanaka continued.

「At the end this is just insurance. Ultimately, it’s fine to remain eat her even if there’s another choice depends on the situation………Please think it as an insurance for the choices you can make. 」

Not always necessary to choose to eat that person, Tanaka said………I can choose other way, Tooya thought. Obviously if there was no option at first, there was no way to talk about choices.

「The important thing is, Kamisaki-san doesn’t lose of being Kuroe-san master. Because you have a reason to use this power, you have to maintain this state right? 」

「That………I know. 」

He killed just for the sake of that.

「If I know anything about the investigation on Akane-san’s little sister I’ll contact you…………Is this the end of the talk? 」

「………Yes. 」

Tooya also didn’t want to talk anymore.

「Then……… 」

「Ah, I forgot one thing. 」

When he was about to hang up, Tanaka’s words stopped him.

「What is it? 」

「You’re going to go on a vacation right? 」

「Eetou, yes……. 」

The complete change of topic made Tooya felt exhausted. He talked about this before in the car with Tanaka.

「The official approval has been given.Please give the planned days and place you’ll be stayingone week before the scheduled vacation day . More or less we’ll be monitoring without being seen, please understand.」

「…………I got it 」

He answered.

「Then, have a nice trip. 」

Finally after hearing that, the phone hanged up.

「Have a nice trip…………huh 」

One of the person who would go together, is the one he just said a moment ago it was fine to kill.


What was so nice about the trip? Tooya couldn’t understand.



「…………fuu 」

After hanging up the phone Tanaka spit out a breath. His facial expression was unusually grim………Rather than saying he was being depressed, it would be more fitting to say he was troubled.

「I’ll be resented by Akane-san right?」

As said, he didn’t break the promise with Akane. Even though he told her he won’t take any action for now, it was the other side that came contacting him………if he must say for sure, the promise with Akane does not include the insurance he told Tooya, Tanaka thought. The promise with Akane was a promise to investigate against Inaba Aoi, not her being alive or not……well, that reason wouldn’t pass for Akane right.

However at the same time, Tanaka couldn’t care about something like that.

「Well, let’s finish what I can do.」

In a very high chance , this insurance would become true, Tanaka thought. It was different with Tooya, earlier Tanaka had some information from Akane. That’s why when he heard this from Tooya, he was certain this must be the work of Inaba Aoi. Therefore, he issued a permission referred to as the insurance. Even though he didn’t know Tooya would make the insurance choice, but the time for Tooya to be forced to make that decision will certainly comes, Tanaka thought.

However, the current situation is still not that terrible. Although he thought the possibility for it to occur was high, but now it’s still a possibility………If it came to that it would be good to collect some information first. Tanaka grabbed his self phone and clicked on Akane’s number. He pushed the call button, after a few rings, a voice entered his ear.

「Your sister has took action」

As he told that, in return a tongue clicking sound could be heard…………He heard sound of snatching something, then sounds of violent footstep and door being opened and closed.

「I’m going to your place!!」

It was a voice like yelling, Tanaka smiled bitterly while grimacing.


Apparently, itwould likely get busier.



The morning news was as usual, reporting some disasters happened all over the world……… He felt that was because his ears picked up only the bad news. Bright news went past without entering the heart, only dark news remained in his ears.

「What a gloomy face.」

「…………Such a terrible mouth you have」

While he bit into his breakfast bread, Tooya             stared back at Kuroe. With a face as if having to swallow a bitter bug Kuroe looked back to him.

「With such a face the breakfast before your eyes would become bad you know.」

「…………It can’t be helped」

Putting down the bitten bread on the plate Tooya muttered. Right now he couldn’t taste much of anything.

「You can’t feel bright after hearing such thing right」

「Umu, can’t I?」

「Definitely impossible.」

Telling that it was fine to eat someone he was acquainted of, his mood couldn’t become bright.

「…………What kind of face should I use to meet Aoi.」

「It would be best if you meet her normally.」

As if looking at something silly, Kuroe looked at Tooya.

「If master take a strange attitude suddenly, the other party would find it strange right.」

「…………That I know」

This talk was only knew by Tooya, Aoi didn’t know.

「Furthermore, master」

「……….what is it?」

「Tanaka had said before hand to the end this is just insurance……….for when that time really does come. It’s not like he told you to kill her, I think it seems you are way too conscious of it?」

She smirked.

「Your thought went to the direction in which you will surely choose the insurance, was because master thought of the possibility of it happened, wasn’t it?」

「That is………」

No word of denial came out.He weren’t able to say he wasvery sure………However in the same way he also couldn’t deny it.

「It doesn’t matter what master likes to think of…………However if you don’t even know what you are thinking then it’s a problem. In what situation we have to make the insurance choice, master should think about it carefully.」


He bit his lip.

「Then, it’s time to clean up or we’ll be late for school…………are you going?」


To Tooya right now, not going to school wasn’t one of the options.

「You shouldn’t make others wait for you.」

「…………I know.」

Answered, he picked up the half eaten bread.


Today also, Rikka was waiting outside.



Lunch break came, at the same time he got a message from Mashiro. He immediately checked the content, Tooya frowned immediately……… What was written there wasn’t something good to know. However he couldn’t ignore the content, and action was urgently needed.


「Yes, what is it?」

She asked a question in return. On her hands was the bento as she was all ready to go to the rooftop.

「Sorry but, can you eat with your friend in class……… there’s something I had to do. Also Mashiro and other couldn’t come」

「Heh, is that so?」

「Un, sorry」

He apologized, then moved his line of sight toward Kuroe who is sitting next to him. Although she looks like being serious on the surface but on her face, as if she felt something amusing, her lips curved up a little.

「………………Kuroe also have to stay」

「I got it」

On the surface she meekly nodded.

『How unkind of you』

A dissatisfied voice instead resounded. Honestly speaking it didn’t matter to bring Kuroe along, Tooya thought. Because bringing her this way could ease up a lot of trouble. However why he brought only Kuroe with him, he didn’t thought of the reason yet. If he got asked intentionally, Tooya had to tell the details of his errand.

『Such thing you could leave to my spell right?』

Kuroe said while she understood that. Definitely because he didn’t want do that, he chose not to bring Kuroe with him.

『Well, it can’t be helped……… I’ll endure the desire to see with my naked eyes』

Did that meant she would look over here by a different way………… Well,  do as you like. As long as she don’t whisper strange nonsense to his ears.

『What I am whispering nonsense, master is so mean.』

With the image of her shrugging her shoulder. If so then how about I say it as the devil’s whisper.

「Then, I’m going」



After Rikka turned and nodded, Tooya quick-footedly walk out of class.



「Tooya senpai!」

Rendezvoused at the front door, Mashiro spotted him and raise her hand. That face which was always smiling, has become sad and gloomy.

「So, where is Aoi?」

He immediately run up to her and asked.

「Like I told you in the message, when lunch break started she has taken away by that three people….」

The message Mashiro sent, it said the 3 people group that bullied Mashiro before had taken Aoi away. He had heard about Aoi’s quarrel with those 3, but they have been staying quiet after the incident of falling down the stairs……………but, apparently recently she meddled in their affairs and became the target once again.

「Aoi-chan smiled and said it’d be alright…..but I’m worry.」

「It’ll be alright.」

To encourage her he said.

「Aoi won’t be easily done in, since I’ll go there too.」


「That’s why no need to worry and wait here………Ah, right.」

Tooya took out from his pocket a key and handed it over to Rikka.

「This is……?」

「Rooftop’s key. After I settle it I’ll bring Aoi there, Mashiro wait us over there.」

「…………..I got it」

「Then, I’ll be going.」

To encourage Mashiro who was nodded, Tooya smiled and went outside from the front door.



Apparently Aoi was brought to the place Tooya first met Mashiro, behind the school building. The same play wasn’t really skillful he thought, but there was no place as fitting. After he checked there’s no anyone saw him, Tooya headed towards the location with deep sprint………Although he has forgotten that his leg strength is beyond human if he put all his might in.

In no time, finally he reached the back of school, he heard girl’s crying voice. Also he could hear groaning voice atop each other.


Confused he rushed over the place of the voice.


In perfectly good health condition, Aoi looked at Tooya.


Tooya was at a loss for word. Aoi was in perfectly good health…………However the female students around her didn’t seem to be so, two laying down scattered, the remaining one was being pressed down by Aoi, her face distort in pain.

「Wait a bit, let me dislocate her right arm out and it’ll be done.」

As she said a dull sound resounded, a scream came up as if to block it.

「There, done」

Saying that satisfyingly Aoi stood up. However the pressed down female student didn’t stand up. Both her hands and feet were still stretched out on the ground, only sobbing and certain body part distorted in pain.

「What business does senpai have?」

「What business……」

Aoi asked as if nothing happened, Tooya was at a loss of word for a moment.

「Ah、perhaps you come to help me?」


Even though this was not needed.

「I heard from Mashiro you were taken away」

「I told her it’ll be alright, Mashiro’s really a worrywart.」

She laughed as if didn’t know what to do.

「My was taught some martial arts from my home over there. Therefore, normal people, let alone three normal female students wouldn’t be my opponent.」

「How can I know that, therefore I gotta be worry」

「Ah, I forgot about that」

As if understood it Aoi nodded her head.

「Then, Aoi」

「What is it?」

「These kids are…….」

「I detached their hands and legs so that they couldn’t move only.」

She said like it was nothing.

「Arms and legs…….」

「It’s alright you know. There won’t be any after effect because I detached them cleanly」

「……that so」

「Ah, of course I got responsibility to fix them up after…………well」

She approached the female student nearby, she kicked her unmovable arm……….only that as if a shot went through her, the female student screamed in pain loudly.

「They only have to go through pain like that for a while.」

Aoi looked but didn’t laugh……………However Tooya believe that it’s not his imagination that someone is looking over here with a smile.

「Really、you all are also idiots」

Suddenly Aoi sit down and looked into one of the female students.

「Even though I’m not really care about you guys, this is what you got when you do things out of whim. If only you guys will think the incident of falling down the stairs as a divine punishment, it would all be good………… you reap what you sowed.」

When she was about to finish, she stood up and looked at Tooya.

「Do you think I over did it?」

「…………..well, maybe a bit」

「But you don’t think all of this is wrong, right?」


As far as he heard from Aoi’s story, she didn’t pick a fight with those three people…………If there must be a reason, then surely it’s because she become friend with Mashiro, however this was by no means to be blamed. If he considered about Mashiro’s condition, those three as Aoi said, it might be said to be reaping what they sowed.

「I’m so glad.」

Aoi relieved a smile.

「Mashiro is waiting on the rooftop……………it’s better if we hurry to not let her worry.」

「Yes, you’re right. Then I have to hurry and fixthem back.」

Saying that Aoi looked at the three people fallen flat on the ground.

「Really just leaving them as they are now is problematic………can’t be helped but to put them back together.」

Sooner than saying it, Aoi approached the lying female student’s body and nimbly put back their joints…………at the same time furthermore she didn’t forget to threaten them.


Tooya thought what Aoi was doing was reckless. However, Aoi did knew her borderline and didn’t went too far. No matter how he thought what Aoi had done was still over did it………however if she could do such things then she could do even crueler things right. Even so, Aoi chose a way that would not have any effect on the surface. Before going back to Mashiro there, choosing to clean up the mess instead of just leave them as they are over here.

『Does master think that was a well considered behavior?』

Suddenly Kuroe’s voice resounded………….he forgot but, she could see what is happening over here.

『I don’t think so』

Then what do you think, Tooya thought.

『She’s just doing as she likes……..in a range that she won’t cause any trouble.』

Wasn’t that considered it was calculated?

『But I can’t smell something like that from her ne.』

What an abstract description.

『Well, Master……….. it’s better to be careful.』

Of what, he asked.

『She’s someone that would do what she thinks it’s right without hesitation…………….you wouldn’t know what she would suddenly do right?』

Tooya can’t deny that. At least Aoi didn’t have a feeling of guilt, because she looked as if she thought what she did is reasonable……………however, what did you mean be careful, Tooya thought.

『You don’t understand that?』

Tooya remembered about the phone talk yesterday……………however that insurance Tooya didn’t wish for it to be true. Because at least Tooya didn’t hold grudge against Aoi, or wanted to be held grudge against.

『I think it’s not something that has to be done with hostility』

Sometimes we heard of it, a harm that was done out of good will.

『Well、it’s also good that master think in such way』

Kuroe laughed.

『Either way, you’ll understand someday.』

I don’t want to understand, Tooya thought


However, that talk felt a bit sad.

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