Ore no Real to Netgame ga Love Comedy ni Shinshokusare Hajimete Yabai Volume 1 Chapter 10

Chapter 10: No good, the last part has been brought to the front

First of all, this is a 2D world (virtual world), not the 3D world (real world).

I figured that would be the first thing I needed to make clear for you guys first, that’s all.

When I opened the guild house’s door like usual, the inside has……

A girl in a swimsuit.

Furthermore, that was the traditional school blue swimsuit.

“Ubooooeeei!? W…what with the outfit!?”

Although I yelled at her, the girl in the swimsuit only looked back at me with a calm face. And of course, I knew her really well.

Her name was Shizuku, our guild’s master.

Facing me – whose hand was still on the door, she walked toward me with a happy face.

Slender body, straight black hair moving slightly, eye shiny looked at me. And then she pretended to look dignify with both hands on her hip.

“Isn’t it because I decided to wear  scho-mizu?”

“No, that’s not it.”

“It’s a school swim suit.” TN: scho-mizu(スク水) – short for school mizugi (スクール水着 – School swinsuit.)

“It is not that I didn’t know what’s that stands for.”

“You’re right…”

“If that was a compliment then I am not happy about it!”

The swimsuit stuck close to her body. Although every of her curves got clearly exposed, the most embarrassing place for me to look at was still her proud chest.

This equipment was difference from the theme of this world. I could bet that this was a paid equipment (paid by real money) or obtained from a special quest.

“Where is your normal equipment? Furthermore, what kind of crazy reasons made you want to wear this??”

“It’s weird… it’s not like I want to wear this.”

“Ok, ok, you wanted to is fine! You didn’t want to is also fine! And I am not afraid of your dignified face with hand on your chin like that!”

“Fu…so, what about this?”

Shizuku slightly tapped her finger in the air. A status window opened immediately. She adeptly operated on her equipment page.

When finished, the window disappeared, and a white halo started to gather on her body.

Immediately, the white halo condensed and changed into a new equipment.

Looked a little black.

“W-what is this…”

“Just like you see, it’s black stocking.”

She pulled on the fabric on her lap.

Right at this moment, I could see a clear white skin through the black stocking.

C-Couldn’t have believed that this was just a virtual program! Look just like real…

“What about the combination of black stocking and school swimsuit, do I look like a warrior now?”

“What!? When did I say that!? And I never have that kind of weird fetish!!”

“It’s funny. I want to talk while eating curry, but I also want to eat gyudon. So, let’s eat together. Nice idea.”

“Where did that gyudon menu come from!?”

“What kind of idea is that!?”, an angry voice appeared in the back of the guild house.

“Fufu, don’t think that Shizuku can do whatever she wants, nya!”

A girl with white hair and cat ears stepped out with an energetic voice. Whenever she skipped a step, her tail that was coming out of her hip wagged once.

Her name was Ricotta, a cute beast girl.

For some reasons, she was also wearing a school swimsuit and had a mischievous smile when looking at me.

“What Shizuku is doing is truly meaningless nyan. Traditional dressing way will not help her be liked more nya.”

Looked like Shizuku wanted to say something, but Ricotta’s attention was already switched to me.

She rotated her body on the spot to show off her cloth.

“Although there is still something I would like to say, but…first of all, why are you dressing like this?”

“Hahan, look like you have fall in love before the body wearing school swimsuit of Ricotta nya?”

“When did that happened! This is not love! Completely not it!”

“You are like that again nya. Stop lying to yourself nya? In truth, you really want to smell Ricotta’s hair right nya~”

“I do not!”

“If so, one hug as a reward nya.”

“What reward!? I don’t know why but I have a bad premonition if I reward you!”

“No other ways then nya. It’s okay, no need for hug, we will settle with a kiss nya.”

“That is even worse!”

“Huh, if so then I need to say it straight nya……let’s make baby nya!”

“That is way too straight!”

“Aa, why do I feel like I have a headache…”


Ignored my struggled face, Ricotta still looked at me with an affectionate gaze.

“……W…What else?”

“If you really want to know then nya…”

Right after she showed a bright smile on her face, an impact appeared on my waist. Ricotta have suddenly clung onto it.

“What is this!? Quick, release me! W-why are you clinging so tight, a……w-where are you touching! S-So uncomfortable!!”

“You guys!? W-w-w-w-w-what are you guys doing!?”

When I was trying to get free from Ricotta, a voice appeared from the direction of a table inside the room.

When I turned around, a girl was staring at us in embarrass. The name of the girl who looked like a rich lady was Hime.

With her pointy ears stood straight and messy blond hair, she pointed her shaking finger toward our way.

“Y-you pervert cat! Quickly release your hands!!”

“No way nya. Besides, Ricotta doesn’t think that Hime’s dressing style is better than Ricotta nya. That kind of equipment with suspicious defense capability like that, only pervert girls who like to show off would wear such a thing nya.”

“P-p-p-pervert girls…!? B-be quiet! It is because I only have this one equipment that look like swimsuit so I have no choice!”

Facing with Ricotta’s rebuke, Hime started to feel embarrassed so she could only turn her head down.

Her equipment looked just like a normal bikini, but also has shoulder pads, hand and leg guards……I could only say that this was a Bikini Armor.

Although its exposure rate was fairly high, but I thought getting called a pervert girl was still a little too much.

But…why do I have to pay attention about this?

Right then, Hime’s gaze and my met coincidentally.

“Just now, y-you just check out my chest, right!?”

Hime used to hands to cover her chest, looking at me with a red face like it was about to explode.

“I did not look, did not, did not look!”

“Then why did you have to repeat it three times, so suspicious…”

“I really did not!”

“Liar, you really have looked, you really have already looked!”

“But, isn’t it really hard to not look at other’s outfit when you are close to them, right?”


“I…in the end I still did not look!!”

I just dug my own grave.

Hime’s cheeks expanded in anger.

I just opened the guild house and a bunch of things happened. I didn’t understand any of these.

Talk about things I didn’t understand, why did everyone wear swimsuits??

When I was thinking about it, the last troublesome character had also appeared.


From deep inside the guild house, I could hear a weak voice like crying.

The owner of that voice was begging for help from inside a carton box.

Her eyes wear wet, her wavy hair was shaking in fear.

The name of this seemingly gentle girl was Mashu. And she was also wearing a swimsuit like everyone else. But in her case, from the first glance, I could tell that her cloth was way different from three people before.

That was because…

Those were underwear!?

Or in a more exact definition, those were things that would become underwear if one were to strip off of all the accessories.

But when looking at “this place” and “that place”, I felt like as if those clothes were not fitted to her body. Plentiful bust that was as dangerous as her hip. All of these staring made her even more embarrassed, she used one hand to cover her chest.


My head became empty and turned to stone before this erotic scene. And Hime let loose a surprise sound next to me.

“W-why are you dressing like that!?”

“B-because I do not have any swimsuit-like equipment…only this set…”

“Then it is ok for you to not wear one!”

“Bu-but…because everyone was wearing it, uuu……”

Tears dropped on Mashu’s eyes were about to roll down.

“U-understood! Let me find something for you to change…”

Suddenly Hime stopped her sentence. That was because she realized my eyes was sticking close to Mashu.

“…I-idiot! Stop looking!”

“ue, what happened!?”

My sights were suddenly covered by Hime’s two hands. But it was not effective as I could still see through the cracks between her fingers. I could hear Shizuku’s whispering “really is attractive lol” when looking at Mashu’s erotic body.

At that moment, Ricotta used that chance to cling onto my body once more, mouth saying “kyakya”.

“Hey!? What are you trying to do in this confusion!?”

Hime yelled at Ricotta’s ear.

But the thing that I was most worry about was her chest sticking close to my arm.

Aa…I thought I can have a peaceful life in this virtual world. But now it seemed to be impossible……

Now, let’s sum up the situation.

When I just came to the guild house like usual then there were 4 girls in swimsuits (even though one of them was in underwear) waiting there. They in turn approached or clung onto my arm…

It was really weird, right? Furthermore, you must be curious on how I was stuck in this situation?

Then why don’t we turn back a few weeks ago ­­––

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    Also, I don’t care what they did to him, but the fact that they stole his “Riel” account is triggering. I know they return it but still… I wouldn’t trade my low level account for a high level one especially if I spent so much effort on it already.


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