Assassin Pride Volume 2 Chapter 2

LESSON: II ~Assemble in the chain castle, little girl and little girl~


This was the night which the Luna Lumiere Selection matches would finally be held tomorrow.

On that day, the dormitory’s lounge was full with little girls in sleepwear. Originally with the campus life, the room was assigned specially to the home-coming group. And, the candidates that came far away from Saint D’Autriche girls institute were……… This many people staying in the academy was, a rare experience. However tomorrow was the selection match. Every girl students and even he too was in unable to sleep state, the clock’s key was pointing at 9 o’clock, the chatting flowers were blooming rapidly in full blossom continuously.

「About cutting loose, the headmaster didn’t say anything like that!」

The dorm mother’s sister came and yelled, finally the little girls started to return to their respective room. Kufa who was making tea for his master too, skillfully cleaned up the tea set.

「Then sensei, good night. Thank you for the black tea」

「Roze sensei too, good night」

「Good night, ojou-sama. Tomorrow morning, I will come to pick you up」

After bidding farewell to the home tutors, Melida and Elise in negligee held hands together and left the lounge. At around when the cleanup of the four people’s portion of tea cup was finished, the remaining ones in the lounge were two people Kufa and Rozetti, and the dorm mother’s sister only.

「Although you both are not the student of the academy──」

After leaving that preface, the sister firmly grasped Kufa’s shoulder.

「As long as you live in a dormitory, you must follow the rules. Of course you two are knights on a duty with good sense, unlike the inexperienced little birds in this school, I believe you are a splendid adult but……It’s good right? Let me repeat again, please don’t do things such as《cutting lose》」

After many many times she tapped Kufa’s shoulder, finally the sister turned around and left.

Whatever kind of talk that was, after it was the assignment of room. Saint Frideswide’s dormitory was, basically the room for two. And right now, for the students normally did not live in dormitory, in order to receive all the visiting group from St. D’Autriche, there was no spare room.

Moreover since 《Nervous Raven》, which was squeezed in at the last moment, had firmly refused to share the room with other people, inevitably the result was Kufa and Rozetti would stay in the same room.

Of course, their respective pupils had also chosen to share the room but ──

「We got to see our ojou-sama being so happy ne」

「Feel like they couldn’t be separated ne」

The home tutors exchanged faces, and let out a chuckle.

Surely even after Melida and Elise returned to their own room, they would wrap themselves in the same blanket on the same bed, and continued to chat until the limit of sleepiness. For a few years, as the girls were in estrangement, at the moment it was the time which was hard to replace for them, wasn’t it, they knew it very well.

Kufa accompanied Rozetti, and headed to the assigned room on the upper floor of the dormitory tower.

After checking the room’s number, as he opened the door, the two were greeted by the antique colored furnished living room-cum-bed room. This was the school for ojou-sama, once again they were reminded of it, as there was the atmosphere of high status and high class.

「Wonderful! So wide! Bed! Soft! I’m the princess────!」

After shouting some mysterious watchword, Rozetti dived onto the bed on the left of the two beds. Even after that, just like a child-sama, she betrayed the sister’s expectation.

With his own trunk, since sometimes he was carrying her leather bag, Kufa too went inside the room. If he took a look at the equipment, apparently each dormitory room was furnished with kitchen and bathroom.

「This place, it has more luxury atmosphere than the Holy King District」

「Ehehe, I’ve always been longing for this~」

While still lying down on the bed, Rozetti was “funyari” happily smiled.

「Since I didn’t go to school soo, I’ve always been envious of this thing. About what you asked? Like doing things together with classmate, or staying the night at school ……」

「I also have the same feeling. I wish for──」

He wasn’t some outsider, he had placed himself in this world.

Having almost spilled out his true opinion, Kufa instantly swallowed it.

As he was the home tutor for the knight duke house’s Melida Angel, that surface figure had to be to the end.

The truth was, from the livelihood of doing many dirty works, the dark organization 《White Night cavalry regiment (Guild Jack Raven)》, he was dispatched as the assassin tutor (Agent), as for himself, he had almost given up the school lifestyle. Wishing more than this, is what exactly called luxury. For example even as an outsider, as for this place that was brimming with light which he was led by ojou-sama, he had to feel thankful ──…………

And, at that moment.

In Kufa’s eyes, something which didn’t suit this elegant atmosphere was reflected.

Left on the window, it was a very small object. A piece of paper folded many times into an animal which was the size of a palm. No matter how one think about it, that was not something which was placed as furniture.

The pitch black memo paper was folded into a bird.


Emotion left from Kufa’s pupils, he silently picked up that bird.

He remembered it ── directly from the depths of his memories, together with the smell of thick blood his dulled emotions immediately rose up. As it made him remember about the proper place he should be, the bird’s beak whispered.

From inside the darkness, 《The White Night Messenger》 was beckoning Kufa.

「──N? What’s that?」

Suddenly noticed, Rozetti came looking up at him. Kufa with his back turned.

「It’s origami you know」


Crushing the bird, Kufa turned his body. Blankly, he came close to Rozetti whom opened her eyes wide, at the girl whom was laying relaxing on the bed, he put a knee on.

After he covered and gasped her shoulders, Rozetti, whose eyes were widened, had her face suddenly boiled and blushed.


「Ha, hae!?」

「Rozetti-san, I have a request」

「N, n,n, NO! Such thing is forbidden, didn’t the sister say so! Moderate! Rule! Sensible adults! Because I, my heart isn’t ready!!」

「No, right now is the race against time. Moreover this is, also for your sake……」


With serious look he closed in, Rozetti’s whole body twitched. Looking up at Kufa’s face from up close, “why is that”, as if determined her minds she tightly closed her eyes.

With the resolution transmitted to him, Kufa with an even more trembled voice, said.

「Please, somehow right now────please go out for a spin」

「Y, yes!…………Yes?」

The look as if a girl had awoken from a dream was, puzzlingly staring at Kufa.


† † †


The sojourn ones were mostly all fallen asleep, inside the ground of Saint Frideswide.

Sneaking out from the dormitory tower, going pass the rose garden, while looking at the left of the huge maze garden (Maze) Kufa continued to run, finally he arrived at the interval of the school building and castle wall, inside a luxurious forest.

The black military uniform melted into the night. Right now he was rarely showing any expression.

Whatever kind of face《KufaVanpir》had it was all different. The love he showed to his master too, the sympathy he harbored for his coworker too, and the sarcasm he directed at his home tutor rival too, there was none.

The sharpened violet pupils were, flecking with hidden killing intents.

Finally from the school building he took enough distance, he suddenly stood still, said.

「──What business have you」

The surrounding was of course, let alone the figure of human, not even sign of a bird was there. Nothing could be heard but the cry of insects, in the pitch darkness the ominous scene was continuing until who knew where.

The returned voice to answer his question, was of course none.

Instead of it, flutteringly memo was dropping down.

From over head with the foliage covering, out of nowhere, pitch black piece of paper flew down at him.


『Long time no see』


The piece of paper, which on it that was written with white ink, was swaying in front of Kufa’s eyes after grazing him, suddenly flame coiled. Only the soundless voice remained, the memo was destroyed by fire.

「……As expected it’s you,《BlackMadea》」

Bitterly, Kufa murmured that code name.

Once met surely it couldn’t be forgot, this strange communication method. An agent of the White Night Calvary regimen (Guild Jack Raven), which Kufa belonged to, a professional of disguise and infiltration mission. Every time always hiding her face under the black hood, because she didn’t let out even one words, even though since young she was raised up with Kufa, he didn’t know her origin at all.

She ── right, the only thing he knew was, she was a small builtgirl, that was all.

「Seriously……for what the heck reason did you come here?」

While he shrugged his shoulders, Kufa purposely showed that he gave a clear question to answer.

To this place, before Kufa’s new appointment, why was she sent over, such things like that he didn’t think about at all. They were suspecting …… about whether Kufa properly completing his mission or not.

『Ascertain Melida Angel’s talents and linage, if she weren’t someone worthy of the knight duke house, if she were the daughter of her mother’s adultery then──assassinate her』

Kufa had disobeyed 《Half》 of the mission, as he did things like concealing Melida’s blood-lines.

Somehow the secret I’m keeping is, being sensed by her ……!!

Should be just as one thought huh, on the continuously falling down fluttering piece of paper, it was written such as follow.

『Last time’s』『Report』『Defects are』『Noticed』

『Your』『Loyalty』『To the Guild is』『Suspected』

A few words were written down on each piece of paper, which fell down fluttering and then burnt, fell down fluttering and burnt.

As if falling cherry blossoms.

「I only report everything as it is. There’s no need to doubt me」

『Could you say』『There’s nothing』『To hide?』

「I can say it loudly」

『If that’s the case』『Angle’s』『Blood』『Offer it to me please』

Kufa’s lips became firm. Not waiting for an answer, the memo continuously down poured.

『Why』『Her mana was』『Before this』『Did not awaken』

『Why』『At this moment』『Suddenly』『Awaken』

『Research』『is necessary』

『For the sake of next life too ne』

「Don’t joke with me, right now I have the social status as Angel house’s employee. Being her home tutor is my first mission right now. I can’t do such action like being fear of that position」

『If so then very well』

Briefly, the memo came to a halt. Kufa, at that silence, visualized the little girl’s faint smile.

『I will』『By myself』『Come to collect』『Angel』

『Room number 203』『Was it?』

Kufa’s right arm rigorously flashed. Putting his hand to his breast pocket, he pulled out and waved.

The thrown plectrum was absorbed into the treetop on the sky, a metallic sound. Immediately after, a black figure came falling down.

Lightly landed on the ground, with small stature, it was a completely dark slender silhouette.

With whole body tightly covered in black cloth, and the black hood pulled down over her eyes. Without being confused, it was the brethren from the White Night Calvary regimen (Guild Jack Raven) that Kufa well known, the Black Madea.

Kufa reached around his waist, letting out a high pitched sounds the black sword slipped out from the scabbard. As if being amused by the bent, the hood stiflingly shook.

Just when she wrote them, how she released them, from the sky gently the piece of paper fell down.

『You showed your true color』『If I explained it like that』『I wonder if you wouldn’t mind?』

「Right now I am Melida-ojou-sama’s servant. I will complete that duty」

As if to reply, Madea too swung her weapon. What was hold in her right hand palm was, the fencer class’s strong point, a long sword.

From the body of the two confronting each other, the flames of mana were blowing violently. Kufa’s was blue flame, Madea’s was bright red like blood. Never seen before pressures were fighting each other, many trees in the forest were creaking under pressure.

At that moment, with a twitch, both of them flipped their faces.

Immediately after, from out of nowhere came flying two chakrams, violently attacked Madea. Madea momentary cut off one, immediately leaped back strongly. The round blade, which mowed the space with no one in it, was as if connected by magnet went back flying.

Inside the forest, light footstep sound echoed back. Catching the two chakrams that came flying back in both of her hands, the red haired young girl came sliding to Kufa’s side.

Kufa’s reaction wavered for a moment, and just on the brink he recollected the mask of the home tutor.

「Rozetti-san!…… I told you there was no need to come here right!」

「I, I can’t just not go with that right! 『There’s a suspicious person』 after being told that!」

Rozetti without unprepared posed the charkams, glaring at the mysterious black figure.

Madea, whom bent her body, swayed her body upward. In Rozetti’s vision too, on the flutteringly dancing while falling down black piece of paper, words were reflected.

『Career Marquis』

『You are the same as him』『The protector of』『Angel』

「Angel……no way that one is, the friends of the bunch who kidnapped ojou-sama!?」

Tension ran across Rozetti’s whole body. The black one shook her hood, revealed a sneer.

『What are you talking about』『Although I have no idea but』

『From you too』『I’ll hear』『a lot of』『interesting talks』

Pachi, spark bustled in the air.

From the black and slender silhouette, tremendous pressure surged forward. As if from the cauldron of Hell it spurted out like magma. Kufa and Rozetti too released as much mana as they could, resisting the pressure. The three colored mana distorted the air, and sporadic sparks were bursting.

Flickeringly, from above the black one’s head, like a petal, one piece of memo fell down.

At the same time those words burnt in everybody’s eyes, vigorously it ignited.

『Have at me』

From three directions the ground split. The dark figure and scarlet figure were immediately rushed quickly on the ground, from both sides they leaped at the black one. Kufa’s black sword infinitely flashed, Madea’s sword drew after images. Violent fireworks bloomed in the darkness, at the same time with the ear bursting metallic sounds Madea somersaulted to the back.

「──Over here!」

Rozetti’s dress, just like the celestial maiden’s angel’s raiment, fluttered. While doing a forward somersault her heels dropped. While replacing her pivot leg in a hectic she did a seven continuous roundhouse kick. However, all of that was kicked down by the black one’s slender legs. The impact that pierced through the bones made a dull sound scattered around.

『Well done』『Been awhile』『I got excited』

While catching the fallen and burnt piece of papers at the end of his visions, Kufa struck up the surface of the enemy’s sword. At the defenseless body of the black one, without a moment’s delay Rozetti’s charkam sucked in────Giiiin! The metallic sound that betrayed their expectation pierced Rozetti’s eardrums.

Madea’s right left hand, which flashed on the brink, unsheathed another weapon.

As the Gladiator Class specialty, the heavy weapon the mace.

「Two types of weapon!?」

At the moment Rozetti was attacked unguarded, Madea kicked off the ground. Without a moment’s delay the dark figure followed her, the scarlet figure that was slowed by a second bloomed and scattered the flame while erasing her appearance. From the darkness the ultra speed figures jumbled together, in the intersection dazzling fireworks bloomed and scattered.

──If it was medium range battle then we have the advantage! Reflectively Rozetti had judged so, as she leaped back.

Seeing her right arm that was drawn to the limit in mid air, instantly, Kufa swallowed his breath.

「You can’t Roze! That distance is ──!」

That warning was, already too late. The nimbly threw round blades from Rozetti’s palm were──

Madea, as if a reflection, had thrown chakrams at the chakrams coming at her, which collided at the middle point


Widely spreading her eyes, unconsciously her body was stiffened.

Having leaped back, Madea at the same time landed further did a back step. Rapidly releasing from the black silhouette, two flashes flicked. Immediately after mana bullet came flying, Rozetti repelled with chakram in one hand. Two streak of bullet lines were, each having their speeds and weights differently.

Having taken a distance of around 10 meter, Madea this time with the gunna class Revolver in her right hand, and the wizard class long staff on her left hand, had them at a ready. From each of their tips, without rest, flashes of light gushed out. At the rushing meteor shower, Rozetti continuously tried to flip at her utmost effort.

「Just what the heck……are you!!」

『I am the shadow』『One without true form』

The two bullet lines bundled together, the doubled power and speed flash of light finally exceeded Rozetti’s reaction speed. Catching the side of the chakram, together with a metallic sound it was flicked off from her palm.


At Rozetti who was unarmed, Madea thrust both of her weapons. Mercilessly the triggers were pulled. Excessive rays all at once rushed at Rozetti──

On the brink Kufa forced his way through, cut and disposed of all the shot.

The sword was danced at the speed as if haze, fluttering from all direction, fireworks scattered from the sword’s blade. Magic bullets and normal bullets scattered into random directions, the only shock wave that got through was, “gou” shook Rozetti’s red hair.

After one turn, it was complete silent.

As Madea relaxed both her hands, from the sky the black memo fell down.

『Why you are』『protecting』『someone』『how strange』

『By any chance』『That girl is』『The one mentioned before』

Pi, Kufa swung his sword, cut down the next memo paper above his head.

The piece of paper, which became two equal parts, burnt before anyone could read it.

「Playtimes is only to this point, Madea. If you don’t want to get caught in people’s eyes then take your leave」

The moment Madea only slightly tilted her neck.

At the edge of the forest, numerous white flames were flickering. At the same time, the sounds of females in tension resounded.

「Over here! The location of the thief Rozetti-sensei told me is!」

「Tremendous mana are clashing ……! The fight had already started, quickly!!」

Raising the waving hood, Madea looked at the slowly getting closer light.

『I see』『Frideswide’s』『lecturer bunch』

『Their』『Arrival』『you were』『waiting for right』

She directed her face at them. From the darkness of the hood, mistakenly he felt that their eyes met.

『Purposely』『Making a serious incident』『why is that』

『You’re taking』『A drastic』『Measure』

「Until the castle gate opens again behave meekly. Whatever you’re searching for it’s all useless」

Whether Kufa’s words reached or not, Madea without noticed kicked off the ground and flew. The slender black silhouette flew up, went absorbed into the foliage on the sky.

As if to replace it, flutteringly the final piece of paper flew down.

『Don’t forget』『My shadow is』『always』『at your back』

Po, as sparks scattered in front of his eyes, the black memo was destroyed by fire and left no trace.

The presence of Madea had completely vanished, Kufa heaved out a big sigh. Swinging the black sword he returned it to its place, and extended his hand to Rozetti who was on her knees.

「We’re saved, Rozetti-san. Are you alright?」

「Y, yeah……. Sorry, I thought to come here to assist but ended up holding you back」

Gasping his hand she stood up, however the girl who was in a hard to accept appearance showed her neck swung.

「……I’ve never seen such absurd fighting before. Just what kind of class is that?」

「It’s Joker」

「J, Joker( Clown)!? But the Joker class……」

As she said that, Rozetti swallowed her words.

Her reaction wasn’t like it was not understandable. About《Joker (Clown)》, in compensation for every status’s strengthening aptitude fell below average, except the holy knight (Paladin) and high rank, Sword man (Fencer), Militant (Gladiator), Samurai, Dancing Shrine Maiden (Maiden), Musketeer (Gunnar), Magician (Wizard), Shinto Priest (Cleric)………All seven class skills and abilities, they could do deteriorated imitation (Learning), that was that class specialty.

Although if asking about potential it was very considerable, however at the bitter end, the skill they learned was nothing more than 《deteriorated》 imitation (Copy). If just doing the same training then they couldn’t reach the normal class accuracy and strength, on the other hand if talking about strengthening several abilities then two or three life times would be necessary.

As the result, to make up for the shortcomings of the Joker in the unit, they had to spread their strength, or made use of the participating unit’s vacant position, if saying it in a good way 『adapting oneself to the requirements of the moment』, if saying it in a bad way, 『Jack of all trades and master of none』, that was the way the apt class was treated.

However, that was until the bitter end the medium ~ low rank level soldiers’ story.

If supposing, a Joker that excelled at all the ability spent absurd amount of training, and raised all seven class strength to the limit, then what would happen?

「You don’t mean……」

Hearing the explanation, on Rozetti’s expression chills were running. Kufa clearly answered.

「Black Madea──That one is without a doubt, in Flandre 《The Strongest Joker》」


† † †


「These are the two sensei, what happened at such a late night? Although you made such a ruckus suddenly」

Having barely put off Black Madea’s assault Kufa and Rozetti were, immediately on their feet, called to the highest floor of the school mansion tower. St. Frideswide girl academy’s headmaster, Charlotte Blamange, this was her office. Although it was the moment that the date had changed or something, fortunately, answering Kufa’s knock immediately the answer of permission to enter the room had been returned.

At the two young home tutor that had entered the room, the veteran witch was comparing them with dubious gaze.

「I’m very sorry since it’s late at night, headmaster. The truth is……」

Kufa sent a glance at the young girl’s eyesight that was beside him. Rozetti was 「You say it」 as if saying that she signaled with her eyes, with that once again he turned about at the working desk.

「The truth is, we came because we have an important favor we need to ask of you headmaster」

With only that, she was in an appearance as if perceiving something.

Making a mysterious expression, she nodded a little many times.

「……Ee, I’ve always thought when will this day come. As I too have the dutiful position, I’ll give assist as much as I could」

「Is that true……!」

Unconsciously Rozetti’s expression became cheerful. As expected of the headmaster. With wonderful insight, unnaturally the talk was quick.

The headmaster stood of from her seat and went around the desk, and wrapped Rozetti’s palm with both of her hands. Just like sending the little bird off leaving the nest, from both of her small eyes tears were swelling up.

「You had firmly determined right, Rozetti-sensei. From your birth place you had received many unscrupulous slander right. But you know, I’m fully rooting for you」

「N? Eh, yes. Thank you very, much……?」

Leaving Rozetti who left such a fuzzy answer, the headmaster next turned to Kufa.

「Kufa-sensei, difficulties would be from now on. If you hogged the Holy Imperial Guard (Crest Legion)’s up-and-coming then, the great attention from all sides would be necessary right. But, don’t lose to obstacles! From now on you will, as the husband, protect her to the very──」

「Ex, excuse me headmaster. Just what are you talking about?」

As Kufa unconsciously cut in her talk, the head master made an expression as if seeing something mysterious.

「……I’m talking about having the duty of being the matchmaker for you two’s marriage ceremony?」

「You’re completely wrong!」

As Kufa strongly denied it, the head master cocked her head in wonderment more and more.

「Except that, you two have some important talk for me?」

Rather, he wanted to question her why at the very beginning why she had thought of that, but unfortunately right now was not that place for such situation. Once again he exchanged glance with Rozetti who was having her cheeks red as if being embarrassed, Kufa this time for sure, clearly told her.

「The truth is──Luna Lumiere Selection matches, I want to suspense it」

The headmaster meaninglessly turned to look back, checked for whether the window and curtains were shut or not.

For a moment she walked to the bookshelf, turning back to the seat, she sat down, for a moment she took off her glass, then put it back.

And at her calmed state she looked up at Kufa.

「First of all I must say beforehand that is impossible. Moreover──what in the world do you mean?」

She compared the faces of the two of both sexes mutually. After Kufa moistened his lips with his tongue, with the expedient thoughts while climbing the long stair for the school mansion tower, while weaving together half of the truth he spoke.

「Inside the academy, a hit man had infiltrated」


「As saying from the conclusion, as expected suspension is not a possibility」

The headmaster after finished hearing the talk, with a regrettable expression in some respect answered so. At the same time by his side, hearing the story, Rozetti frustratingly leaned her body.

「No way……, a dangerous person had infiltrated the academy you know?」

「However that one is, an expert at disguise」

To somehow urging her change of mind, Kufa too insisted on a suppressing tone.

「If talking about Black Madea, she was a well known 《Hit man》in the holy king district……. That one, regardless of age and gender, she could possibly act as any kind of human, a professional of infiltrating mission. I fear that because of Frideswide’s student and D’Autriche’s student came together, with the large number of students they made more clamor than usual, so the first meeting with each other also became bigger, therefore she had taken advantage of this selection matches, became the student from who knows which side and passed through the castle way, that’s without a doubt.」

「Yeah. Normally if it were advanced level school then we should immediately postpone it right?」

The headmaster nodded many times, but with the not at all yielding intended voice, which could be felt, she continued.

「However this is, the training school for mana capable ones. For we teachers and over three hundreds apprentices, to be swung just because of only one intruder, our operation would be unable to maintain itself」

“In addition”. The head master, with a little unhappy gaze which could be seen floated, said.

「Our school has already made the 《Chain Castle》. The castle wall has been set up for one month, no longer whatsoever method is used to open the gate, it won’t be granted. If saying about the escape route then there is just one, only underground labyrinth 《Bibliagoth》 connected to the outside but」

「Entering that place is not……」

「I also think so」

Unconsciously Kufa let out his thought, the headmaster also gave back a nod immediately.

Even right now with a face as if having slapped the desk, Rozetti leaned her body forward looking flared up.

「Then, what do you say we should do?」

「I’m deciding it. The plan to safely advance the selection matches, on top of that with our own hands we will repel the intruder. Other than that there’s no different choices」

Clearly being asserted, Rozetti kept silent. The headmaster said “oh my”, calmed down her tone.

「Our strong point is, we have narrowed down the enemy’s aim to some extend. Is that correct?」

Kufa and Rozetti exchanged looks. The headmaster was, as if reminded of something she asked.

「Exactly because of it, did you notice anything strange at the very beginning?」

Kufa inhaled a big breath, as if giving up he breathed out.

「……The Angel sister. Melida-ojou-sama, otherwise Elise-sama is the enemy’s target」

「I understood from the day the knight duke houses’ daughters being put under supervision, the hardship was on my preparedness. I won’t be neglecting the children that are being toyed with by complex fate」

In the end with a gaze as if challenging the strong foe, the headmaster stared at the two home tutors.

「Kufa sensei, Rozetti sensei, I wish you two would participate in the security. Please don’t take your eyes off both Miss Angel even for a moment. We too will generally mobilize the lecturers, and protect the safety of other students」

The old and further more well-honed witch’s eyesight made Rozetti lips tighten.

「For the sake of avoiding chaos too, this matter will be sincerely confidential towards the students. One month from now, we too are also awaiting the important trials right. Please be careful, this is a wager of Saint Frideswide’s pride──the war against the intruder.」


† † †


Emitting the light as if cutting through the body, this was the glass space.

With the fragrant smell of a feast, and light music. The high class clatter of the participants gathered here.

The second week of September, third day. What welcomed St Frideswide girl academy after school was, the long awaited opening of the Luna Lumiere Selection matches.

The party, which served as both the opening ceremony and the informal meeting with St. D’Autriche girl institution, was held at the Glassmond Palace’s dance hall. Together with the gorgeous glass meeting hall, a never seen before number of people. With the first time seeing uniform from St. D’Autriche, from now on the long awaited biggest event’s expectation was ──

Having no choice Melida, whose small chest were beating fast, strangely remembered about the glorious memories of the time when she was young, at her deceased mother’s birthday party.

The only reason that such dear memories were recalled was natural. Of course because the silver hair sister’s figure was immediately being neared her. It was different from the time when they didn’t know how to enjoy it. With the slightly became adult feeling, the two of them were “Chin”, touched their glasses.

Putting it close to her alluring lips, Elise softly murmured at her.

「……Rita, you noticed?」

Melida, whom wants to stay unnoticed if she could, however, had to admit it.

Because today was the start of the lesson so they were, continuously having an uncomfortable feeling coiling in their heads.

「Today somehow, the lecture sensei are always on the edge. The students in class, everybody are talking about it. Moreover……」

Melida with a glance, looked up behind their backs.

Over there were Kufa, and Rozetti, who were standing at each of their pupils’ backs, unquestionably putting their arms on their pupils’ shoulders.

Moreover they were, not eating any precious cuisine, not doing any pleasant talk either, always with sharp gazes they were looking around at the participants.

In the end, to them who were looking or criminals or something.

Melida, at the loving human’s palm that was placed on her shoulder, softly put her own hand on it and looked.

「Sensei, somehow today there’re a lot of body touching?」

「Eh, ah, I’m so sorry」

「No, since I too like your palm. But, in front of the girls from other school it’s a little embarrassing……」

As Melida’s body was made fidget, the home tutor was as if joking extended his hand on the other side, and pinched her cheek “funifuni”.

「Excuse me, because ojou-sama is a little charming, unintentionally I wanted to boast you」

「Don’t do that, if it were sensei……」
At the same time Melida, who had her cheek pressed against“Po”, was ravenously continuing to let out dull sounds.

Together with Rozetti, for some reasons Elise kicked hard at Kufa’s leg. Rozetti’s mouth was overly opened and shut, almost couldn’t sent out her voice she scolded.

「Be serious」

「Be extremely serious please」

What kind of talk is that, at the time he puzzled over, the voice of the student council president resounded.

「Now then everyone, it’s about time we move on to the next program. First of all is the order of welcoming D’Autriche’s maidens.──The girls in charge go forward!」

「Sensei, I have to go for a bit」

Melida, who was chosen to be on welcoming duty, together with Elise dashed out. The moment they removed their hands, Kufa had a feeling like saying something, but unfortunately there was no time right now.

As for the tables along the wall, Melida and others’ handmade glassworks were lining up. Melida picked up her self-made medal, for a moment, she became puzzled as she couldn’t distinguish.

「A, a-re? Which is it again ……」

「Rita, what’s wrong?」

At Elise who found her own self-made product one step earlier, Melida responded with her voice.

「Go on first Ely. You’ll get a late start!」

Elise was a little puzzled but, in the end, she turned her body before Melida.

The other girl students one by one picked up their glasswork and went out, at the end when there were only two left finally Melida was able to find out her own product.

With the medal in her hands, impatiently she turned back──she noticed the decisive mistake.

「Arara, this is a problem……」

In the time she was dawdling, the other girls had quickly started the medal’s presentation. Putting the medal on D’Autriche’s students one by one, expressing the meaning of welcome.

「Welcome, to Frideswide」


As far as the eyes can see the girl in charge of welcoming and the D’Autriche students who got the medals attached on their chests, each pair came out finished, Melida was puzzling about which one to give the medal to. Everywhere the student from D’Autriche who was yet to have the medal attached was not present at all.

Surely that girl too would feel uncomfortable right, Melida was impatiently looking around.

At that moment, from behind a voice called out.

「May I accept it?」

Startled Melida turned back, unconsciously she was so surprised she forgot to breath.

──What a pretty girl……!

It was a girl from D’Autriche. It could be that she was the same thirteen years old, first year. However one couldn’t think of her as the same age since she clad in an adult like atmosphere, and somewhat charming, while she was floating a spine chilling smile.

More than anything what attracted the eyes was, her hair. It was something Melida hadn’t seen up till now, a pure jet black. It could be seen as half transparent that captured the light, make people think of it as an aloof black quartz.


Unconsciously being befuddled Melida was, suddenly came back to her senses, and closed in the medal on her chest.

「Wel, welcome to Frideswide!」

The medal Melida made was, compared to what the senpai made, a little poor quality, and lacked a little confident.

However the black hair girl stroke the glasswork decorated on her chest,              gracefully smiled.

「It’s wonderful. Thank you, Melida-chan」


「──Then next is, the restoration of the crown」

President Christa’s voice resounded loudly, Melida’s attention was drawn towards it.

At that moment, the black haired D’Autriche’s student had turned her body. The voice calling to her and also the thought had already been too late, the impressive shinning black quartz had quickly left into the crowd of people.

That girl, since when does she know my name?


That time, as if to change places, the home tutor rushed over to Melida.

His black hair that was tinged with purple was a good contrast with hers, dazzlingly shining.

「Thank goodness. Your return was late I thought you had went stray」

「Mou, it’s because sensei has a worrywart nature」

Due to not wanting to loiter around the meeting place much, Melida and Kufa looked over the party’s advances in the place. The hall’s balcony side was equipped with a platform, and the figures of president Christa and headmaster Blamange could be seen.

And then right now, the third year from D’Autriche which was only one, went up the stair.

The Frideswide students around were, severally whispering to each other.

「Is that person D’Autriche’s student council president?」

「Over there she was called as 《General Manager》」

「General manager?」

「Class committee members are 《section manager》, so the leader manages them would be 《General Manger》」

「If I’m not mistaken her name is──Neige Tolmenta-sama」

The D’Autriche third year who hold the title of general manager was, with that meaning exactly the opposite of Frideswide president Christa. In contrast to the easy to read expression of president Christa, with a somewhat displeasure noah mask that could be seen, she would never relax her expression. On the stage, lightly she bowed to the students.

And then, the moment from the opposing side another girl student went up the stair, meager cheer 「Waa!」 wrapped the hall. Frideswide, D’Autriche, it was from both parties.

Her gorgeous waving hair was, once entered human eyes it couldn’t be forgotten. The third year that carried the thoroughbred atmosphere, it was Shenfa Zwitoque-onee-sama.

She knelt before the headmaster, and the dazzling tiara was placed on the pedestal.

「Luna Lumiere’ssymbol《Tear of the moon》has been returned」

Each and every action was just like an actress on the stage. Shenfa stood up, and returned to the students. Somewhat roguish, a smile as if challenging floated on her face.

「──Although soon it will returned to our hand」

With a daring manner of speaking, “Kyaa”, almost everyone let the cheer fly out. Half of D’Autriche student dyed their cheek with ecstatic, the other half as if opposing to it tightly closed their lips.

The headmaster was as if being happy, always floating on a smile. Since the beginning of the ceremony, over here the girls too as well as other lecturers were at the same state, they had been somewhat severe, so Melida felt a little bit relieved.

「Very well! Everyone had already waited long enough right. Right now at this moment, I declare the start of the fiftieth Luna Lumiere Selection matches!」

The orchestra girls played the instrument rhythmical, the graceful cheers wrapped over the hall.

As the headmaster quickly put up her finger, as if ebbing wave the students kept quiet.

「First is the selection of candidates who will participate in this year’s selection matches. Frideswide, D’Autriche from both school each two candidates would be chosen, and tackle three trials, each and everyone  would vote for the one who you think would be best suit to become this year’s Luna」

As if taking over the talk, council president Christa stepped forward.

「Frideswide’s candidates had already been chosen. The truth is, those name had already been inside this meeting place. ──D’Autriche’s mina-sama, please look at the front curtain」

The girl shifted her body, pointed at the soaring huge object at the back of the platform.

It was nothing but what Melida and Kufa had prepared and installed, it was the stained glass. The moment of presentation of a whole week result was closing in, the excitement increase amongst Frideswide’s students.

President Christa elegantly approached it, and clasped the rope of the curtain, which was covering the stained class. Her cheeks too, were they imagining about the big moment, they were blushing.

And, at that moment.

Clink. From the side of the curtain something spilled over and fell, but perhaps only Melida noticed it. The thing scattered on the glass floor which didn’t stopped in anyone’s eyes was ──

「Broken pieces of glass……?」

It was the colored, very small pieces of glass. Why did such thing fell off out of the curtain, she didn’t have free time to think about it, the voice of president Christa who was waiting impatiently loudly resounded.

「I present to you. This year Luna Lumiere selection matches, from St. Frideswide girl academy the candidate students are, these names!──Unveiling!!」

She was very vigorously pulled with her arm, the curtain strongly turned over.

From below it, the stained glass’s dazzle that came in sight, cheers were erupting ──

For a moment, everyone held their breaths.

The reason their voice couldn’t come out was, differ between each and everyone right. For someone it could be because of the workmanship of the stained glass, for other it could be the scattered pieces of rose glass all at once from the curtain. However for most of everyone, including Melida and Kufa too, their eyes were nailed on the lighted up stained glass’s center. President Christa, who pulled the rope and still didn’t let it go, wasWhy muttered softly.

On the stained glass was a big, carved in word.



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