Ore no Real to Netgame ga Love Comedy ni Shinshokusare Hajimete Yabai Volume 1 Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Not Good, Knight-sama is Knight-sama


The afternoon after the offline meeting. Guild house.

The conversation between the members, which was the main topic of today.

“Exposing it like that, you were too careless.”

Sitting on the table in a vulgar manner, Hime reproached Shizuku. Looked like she was really angry. Sitting on the chair, Shizuku lifted her face to look at Hime with an irritated gaze.

“What about you, didn’t you cross that dangerous bridge that no one knew about?”

“T-that was not my fault. That was totally Knight-sama’s fault!”


She pointed her finger at my direction, who was sitting on the opposite side of all the girls. By the way, I was looking like Knight-sama right now.

“That’s right, because of you that a lot of things has happened.”


I did not know what to say.

After that, I realized the situation. Everything had become clear. All the girls said that right at the first meeting in SWO, they had known that Riel was a guy. When I asked ‘how did you guy know?’, they answered ‘don’t look down on women’s instincts.’ They had even added ‘guys can never identify nekama.’

From the beginning, every member had pretended like they didn’t know.

When I asked why would they do that then––

Hanging out with each other online, after a while we would want to meet in real life, that was normal. But in Riel’s case, if the statue as a nekama was exposed then it would be complicated, I might has left the guild because I would be freaked out. Thinking so, the girls had formed a plan to “Knigh-sama-fication” me.

Everything began when Ricotta stole my account ID from my desk drawer.

The members took turn to train Hugues, then let that avatar join the guild. To be clearer, every member was Hugues, old Knight-sama.

Looks like everyone care for me. I am truly appreciated it. However…you didn’t need to make the level to be this high……

“Maa, I don’t know how to express this, here!”

I bowed my head to show my gratitude.

Although everything is going great but……I think there is one more unsolved problem.

That’s right……I still do not get ‘it’ back.

“Ah……there is one more thing……”

“What’s wrong?”

Hime looked at me with an uninterested gaze. At that time, Shizuku interrupted”

“What? You want to know my BWH measurements?”

“Who would want that!?”

‘Can’t you be serious for a moment?’, although I was about to say so but fortunately, I stopped myself in time.

That was close.

“Ah, uhm……can you guy return my avatar……”

““““Your avatar??””””

Everyone repeated as the same time.

“Ah no, I meant Riel! Riel!”

When I made it clear, everyone started to speak with distorted faces.

“What are you saying? Riel has become a person of the past, what else?”

“Riel-chan will always exist in our hearts~”

“Knight-sama will always just be Knight-sama nya~”

“What the heck are you saying? If you stop being Knight-sama, I’ll spread your poem around immediately.”

“Eh? Wait a sec!? Are you guy joking!?”

After that, I had to struggle with them……

After a while of arguments, I was allowed to take back Riel with the condition of “continue to be Knight-sama.”

Ah right, after that karaoke night, everyone finally discovered my part-time job. But that is a story for another time.



Right after I logged out of SWO, I received a message. It was from Hugues.

Now that I think about it, I still haven’t heard of who is the one sending these messages.

I opened up the message while still feeling a little disgusted.

[Title] Je t’aime

[Sender] Hugues[kishisama666@motmail.co.jp]

[Receiver] Keita [wan_U-x-U@pocomo.co.jp]

[Seem like you think everything is over, but ‘that confession’ of mine––––that was real?]

‘That confession’……ah, surely this is about that matter with Riel from before?

But, if this is the case…this would mean…um……

What does it mean??


[Wait till next login!!]

4 Responses to Ore no Real to Netgame ga Love Comedy ni Shinshokusare Hajimete Yabai Volume 1 Chapter 9

  1. Sathus says:

    Thanks for the chapter 😀


  2. …if i were him i would just be pissed off. They threatened him, the hell is ghe forgiving them so easily for? They made a fool of him regardless of their intentions, and stole his character.


  3. Nyesh says:

    It has been an interesting story, but I wonder where it will go now? The mystery is mostly solved, so all that is left is comedy and choosing one girl (unless the story tries for the unlikely (in this setting) harem end).

    One girl, Rio, is a cousin who was raised as his sister, and was living away for a couple years, during which she started dying her hair silver and pretending she was a cat-girl alien.

    Another, Shizuku, is a hikikomori gamer / hacker who lives over his work place (may have chosen it because it is over his work place), and has a natural anime-koe (voice). My only question about her is: if she chose her apartment based on where he worked, then how did they originally meet?

    Still another, Mashu, I’m guessing has a childhood promise of marriage from him, given she pretends she is married but says her ‘husband’ is not interested in (3D) girls. The fact she is able to pretend to be male (ie: Hughes) as well as she did and her interest in BL leads me to wonder if perhaps it will turn out she attended the same all-boy’s school he did (perhaps following him there after a pre-elementary school promise).

    Then there is Hime, the classmate who has a crush on him. But considering some of what she said, has she known / like him longer than he knows? Maybe all four girls have known each other (and him) since pre-elementary school?

    Anyway, thank you for the translations.


    • Lettosk says:

      About your thoughts of Mashu & MC’s past, it could even be possible that she was his classmate, remember the story about a Valentine’s Chocolate in the all boys school and that he preferred to think it was his teacher than a classmate? So everything is still possible


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