Valhalla no ban gohan volume 4 chapter 3

Chapter 3 – The Color of the Ominous Gravestone

“Okay~! Let’s search for the magic sword, ‘Rigel’ today! Let’s go!”

The next day after we returned from ‘Helheim’. I who woke up with a wholehearted intention was fired up with the task that was given to me.

It wasn’t like I was motivated because it was a request from Loki. That was because yesterday, I was able to see that legendary great hero, Sigurd directly at the country of deceased, ‘Helheim’. So, it was impossible for me to remain calm after such a major event. But it was a pity when I thought that the Sigurd-san personality was somewhat unexpected….

On top of that, I was quite happy that when I heard that there was no special relationship between Brynhildr-san and Sigurd-san. The reason why I was so motivated right now might be because I was able to remove the thorn from my heart.

“To think that… to slay a dragon, we need the world sole magic sword which is the heritage of the great hero. Hmm, somehow it sounds quite cool when I said that! Even though I was requested to search for it, I personally would like to keep the sword for myself.”

Hold it, I couldn’t be merry right now.

I was pretty sure that Loki was also trying his best to look for Regin in hell too. Since that was  the case, let’s make this a competition, I’d be able to surprise Loki if I was to find it earlier than him.

“Let’s see… where should I go first?”

I already knew what I should do in these type of situation. Instead of thinking this alone, it would be better to rely on your friends, then tons of idea would come flying out.

It was fortunate that right now I had a lot of reliable friends that I could depend on. For example, the Valkyries sister, the Valkyries sister and the Valkyries sister.

They were quite kind as they always helped to solve my problem with tender care even though they were busy with their own personal task.s Since they would  really pat me if I requested for it, so I was pretty sure that they would fulfil my request regardless of the content!

“… I am just joking~. They won’t do it. As if they will pamper me that much. For this time I won’t have to be utmost impudence. That is because before I went to sleep yesterday, I was able to think of a proper plan.”

Hehehe, I was sure I said this before that I am a boar with an ability to learn. There was time where I could accomplish the given task alone— but on the times where I was unable, I’d have to rely on my friend. I couldn’t say that they were my friend no matter what if my existence always caused trouble to them.

Since that was the case… my destination right now was the rainbow bridge ‘Bifröst’ that connects the human realm with the God realm.  Of course, my purpose was to go to the human realm ‘Midgard’ and visit the former site of the royal family of Gjúki.

“Since it seems that I wake up earlier than expected, this cause me to have plenty of time for today. Yesterday I had ask Ikusu to replace me for dinner tonight, so there is nothing that I had overlook! Let’s go! Toward the unknown journey of mine!”

After I had made my declaration gallantly and loudly, I immediately headed toward the path that I should I go.

But… my foot that was moving forward was stopped in just a short moment.

“You can’t Saehrimnir. I am unable to let you go any further.”


By way of the ‘rainbow void’ that I was used to, I finally arrived at ‘Bifröst’ since it’d been days since my last visit. But right after I reached there, the guardian of the bridge, Heimdall forbid me from crossing the bridge.

“Why can’t I go, Heimdall! At least tell me the reason!”

“I am not sure of the reason either. But if I had to say it, that is because it the rule. Other than the Gods, I am unable to let any unauthorized personnel to go through. I also can’t let anyone with knowledge of rune magic to go through without permission. In order to not cause any trouble to the people of the human realm.”

“I understand the reason now.”

Okay… Putting aside the detailed explanation, exactly what was the thing that he was unsure of?

But I got it now… I didn’t thought that I was unable to leave ‘Asgard’ by myself. I managed to attain some achievement by myself but it seemed that I was just a dinner after all… since amazing people such as Loki and Ikusu had increased. It seemed that I ws a genuine extremities existence since I couldn’t forgive myself that I was a burden with my strength alone.

“Hmm~? You are Pork-chan right? What are you doing in such place~”

!? This calm tone and the feature of the sexy onee-san voice… moreover, she called me as ‘Pork-chan’, there was only one person…


“Ah~ as expected, you really are Pork-chan. I was thinking what I should do if it was my mistake.”

Waltraute-sama showed a gentle smile as a sign of relief. That smile of her was filled with the broad-mindedness and motherhood that was difficult to describe with words alone. She was the fourth sister of the Valkyrie and it was agreeable that she was the most elder sister like among them.

I wondered what she was doing in such a place at a times like this. It wasn’t like I have a reason for not asking, so I inquired her in an honest manner that I thought of.

“Of course, I here because I have a task okay~? Onee-san is going to descend to ‘Midgard’ for a special service.”

“Special service? That means… that the current task is not related to the selection of Einherjar?”

“Oh, Pork-chan is quite smart~ That’s right. Does the smart Pork-chan know about this? Starting from the early dawn yesterday, there is a ‘miasma’ that started to spread throughout the world.”

“Um… miasma is it?”

That meant something like… an impurity air. Why was such an ominous thing started to spread all of a sudden? The world was quite peaceful after the rebellion of Einherjar…

“Odin-sama said it cautiously that it might be a prevention to ‘Ragnarok’. That’s why all of the Valkyries was tasked to investigate the miasma~. By the way, onee-san is in charge of the west side of “Midgard”~.  Purification will be done if possible, if it was impossible then… it will be taken care of by force. I have one more partner for today that is suitable for that role.”

“Waltraute-nee-sama! I… I’m sorry for being late!”

In that moment, an awfully flustered voice could be heard descending down from the sky. That timid and the muffled voice belong to the eighth sister of the Valkyrie—

“Ah, as I expected it’s Grimgerde-sama.”

“Hii!? Se… Sei-kun!? What… what is Sei-kun doing here!? Even though Helmwige-nee-sama said that ‘Waking up early is a waste to the sleeping time’…”

What… what exactly was that person saying as if it was perfectly fine. Was she planning to create an original proverb?

“It’s not like I wake up early for no reason okay? I plan to visit ‘Midgard’ today but… Helmwige-sama said something unkind to me.”

“What? I did not say any unkind thing at all. Would it better if I had said it instead?”

“It’s fine without you saying it.”

“Then let me said it at an 80% manner.”

“Stop it! I am totally fine!”

“… I understand. I didn’t say any unkind thing to you.”

Ah, that was close. I wonder why this person was always like that. No, he did say before that he didn’t understand a joke.

“By the way, Pork-chan we have the same destination if your plan to go to ‘Midgard’~. Pork-chan, which part of ‘Midgard’ do you plan to go~?”

“The ruin of the royal family of Gjúki. Um… If I’m not mistaken, it’s somewhere near the river of Rhine right?”

“Eh!? That place … isn’t that the place where the miasma is the most dense! Brynhildr-nee-sama and Gerhilde-nee-sama said that will be the last place we will go…!”

Um… I can’t believe that. To think that place was that dangerous now.

“… Pork-chan, can you tell onee-sama why you want to go there~?”

Waltraute-sama said that in an unusually docile manner. While being attracted to that, I answered in a slight vague way.

“I heard that the heritage of the dragon slayer great hero, Sigurd was once there. I am kind of… interested in that heritage.”

“Sigurd’s heritage? I see… so that explained why the reason Hildr-chan is tizzy~…. Hey, Pork-chan, that place is very dangerous right now. Until the time where all of the Valkyrie had gathered, will you accompany us to another place~?”

“Yes, it would be my pleasure. …eh, in another word that means.”

“Yup. Onee-sama will get permission from Heimdall-sama just-for-you.”

“I understand.”

“That was fast!?”

To think that this guy was a guard! He immediately gave an OK when Waltraute-sama gave a wink while pushing her breast! …the affinity became short in an instant.

“Thus, I will depend on you Pork-chan for a while today. You too, Grimgerde.”

“Yes! I… I will depend on you for a strike today!”

Grimgerde-sama… she pronounced an unexpected greeting since she fumbled her word at such a weird timing, would I be really be okay since I gave a nod?

Well, putting that aside, with this I was able to go to ‘Midgard’ without any problem. I was unable to do anything with my strength alone from the beginning… but it was at a barely acceptable scope since I was not bothering on their task at my own convenience right?”

I had to try my best to be useful in order to repay this gratitude. I secretly made an oath in my heart.

Waltraute-sama, Grimgerde-sama and me crossed the rainbow bridge ‘Bifröst’ and arrived at ‘Midgard’. After that, we kept on flying toward the west—and we were at a place in the west.

An old ruin that was affected by the weathering could be found there.

It might been involved in war as the roof that was supposed to be there was gone and inside of it, there was many debris and rock fragment. The wall and the pillar was covered with the plant vine and destruction scar can be seen on it. It gave an image that a huge beast went berserk in this location.

“It seems that this ruin is actually~ known as ‘Gnitaheid’~”

“! ‘Gnitaheid’…!”

After listening to Waltraute-sama explanation, I began to look at my surrounding in a caution manner.

I see, this is ‘Gnitaheid’. A few hundred yes ago, this was the destined place where the great hero, Sigurd and the magic dragon, Fafnir had their repetition battle—

Speaking of the magic dragon, Fafnir, it seemed that my dragon form had the same image as him. In another word, it seemed that this place had a bit meaning to me.

“I plan to come here once but… since Waltraute-sama and Grimgerde-sama came here, does that mean this is one of the place that the miasma is spreading from?”

“Yup, that’s right. It’s not that thick since we are at the entrance~… hey Grimgerde-chan, do you think there will be something if we go deeper~?”

“It’s fine here… but there is a slight malicious smell at the back… maybe?”

After being enquiry, Grimgerde-sama answer with an unreliable tone. It seemed that she was sniffing like a dog but I was unable to confirm it since it was block by the mask.

“Isn’t the mask disturbing? I think it would be better if you take off the mask?”

“That… this is something I can’t do! I won’t take any responsibility if something like before happen!?”

Something like before—the moment when she said that, I got a chill from my back.

During the cooking match that happened previously, that wicked smile that chopped off my head without any doubt…

Ah, I actually wanted to see it.

“This is different from that time so isn’t it fine? No matter how violent you become, you won’t go around killing people indiscriminately right? Right, Waltraute-sama.”

“That’s right… we have no idea what will happen from now on… okay. It would be better if Grimgerde-chan is in a state where she will be able to go all out at any time~”

“Noooooooo way~!

While showing a side smirk, Waltraute used her finger to sidle up to Grimgerde-sama. Grimgerde-sama was unable to escape to the left or right nor to take any step forward, in the end she was unable to move at all. It seemed like her fragile body was overtaken by the tremendous pressure from Waltraute-sama.

“There is nothing to be afraid, Grim-chan~, it’s not like I will hurt you, I will treat you gentlely okay~?”

“No! Don’t come near me, don’t, no, it will be taken…!”

I was somehow excited! Okay, that’s it! Right there!

“Hey you~ can you turn around? There is nothing for you to be shy since we are sister right?”

“But still, Sei-kun is looking at us…!”

“Isn’t that fine~ we should at least give him a bit of service~ Come on, if you keep focusing on hiding your face, you will be defenseless at the bottom~? Tickle tickle~!”


“Hii!? Not under my arm, since I am ticklish, aaah, I’m going to die!!”

What… what is this! It seem that Grimgerde-sama is on the verge of ascension due to Waltraute-sama amazing finger work! It’s so annoying! If only the mask is not there!

“It’s almost time for the finisher~ Grim-chan. I just use my hand to take the mask…”

“Hey. Don’t get over your head.”


Waltraute-sama fell backward toward the rubble after being push by Grimgerde-sama with one hand who suddenly change her tone. Since her right hand is holding the white mask firmly… this means that!

“Tch, you fool. We are not a spectacle. Do you want me to kill both of you?”

While fixing her bangs, her bright red eyes stare at us with an unfamiliar face.

Oh, it’s here! Grimgerde-sama real face that I only managed to take a peek last time! But somehow it seemed she was in a foul mood…

“I’m… I’m sorry Grimgerde-sama. But it’s not like I suggested that due to my curiosity?”

“Liar will have to swallow a thousand needle. Since I don’t have that right now, can you settle with a thousand batting practice? Of course, you will be the ball.”

“I did it due to my curiosity, so please forgive me!”

It… it’s so scary! This person is truly scary! Who was the one that suggest to remove her seal! Oh it was me!

“Gri…Grim-chan~, there is no need to be so angry, right? Since it will be a dangerous mission from now on. ‘You’ also don’t want the another Grim-chan to face any danger right?”

“That’s why you decided to push all the responsibility to me? Isn’t this funny, are your head so empty that it could fill cereal? Keep your sleep talk after you go to sleep. Do you want me to help you if you prefer the eternal sleep course?

“No, it’s a pity but this is not nonsense. I believe that ‘you’ are aware of it as well? That there is the smell of miasma coming from the back?”

“…. Tch, it’s quite strong. It’s true that this might be too much for the outer Grim….. There is no choice, I will deal with it! ‘Werther Schwantz’!”

Grimgerde-sama said that in an unwilling manner and reeled in the darkness to her hand. That darkness took form and changed into the sinister looking big scythe that was seen previously.

“Okay, I’m in. But… I am only protecting Grim. First, I will focus on protecting follow by assisting but be careful not to get killed while I am assisting.”

While using her shoulder to support the big scythe, she put on her hood. What an elegant expression…. The inner Grimgerde-sama sounded rude yet cool, somehow this made me quite excited.

Okay, our exploration would start now. We couldn’t afford to stay for a long time since it quite dangerous.

Our action had to be careful and quick.

“Somehow… the inner part is dimmer than expected.”

In the inner part of the ruin, as a substitute to the collapse ceiling, the thick tree root coiled around the whole ruin, the strange feeling was getting stronger as we went deeper.

“This… is not really that dark appearance~. Since the miasma is pretty strong here. I guess that it a bit thin due to the protection from the Sun Goddess, Sola-sama….”

“This is just the beginning, Miss hurry. If you are rely on me then keep quiet and continue moving.”

As if we were being press by the Grimgerde-sama voice, we continue to go deeper and deeper. Then, our vision was suddenly open up since there was something that resemble a huge altar appear right in front of us.

This was… I believe that this was the deepest part of the ruin. There was no mistake that this altar was made up of Fafnir treasure.

“…hmm? Hey, that…”

“? What the matter? Pork-chan?”

“Ah, no, it’s nothing…”

When I looked at the top of the altar, I somehow saw the shadow of a person for just a moment.

But I guessed that is just a delusion. That was because I didn’t sense any presence from there anymore… that is because I am only able to sense someone like me from there. That was not possible since I am standing here.

While I shook my head so that I could shake off the delusion, someone pinched the nape of my neck.

The one who was doing that was Grimgerde-sama.

“Woah, what… what’s the matter? Do you feel any danger?”

“If I had to said it, it’s dangerous. That’s why you need to stand back. Currently, Waltraute is trying to purify the miasma.”

Grimgerde-sama looked toward the front while saying that and Waltraute-sama who was focusing could be seen standing directly in front of the altar. Then she took a big breath and spread her legs to be the same as her shoulder width while holding both her hand toward the sky—and she stomped on the floor with her left leg at full strength.

“God Technique—‘Fairstell Ken dance’”

The moment she said that from the sexy lip, a huge magic circle develop from underneath the Waltraute-sama foot.

The red Valkyrie began dancing on top of the dimly white wonderful stage. The tree root that was surrounding the ruin began to give off a glow as if it was matching the relax movement that was drawing a circle.

“What… the heck is this?”

“It’s the ‘dance of strengthening’. The object essence is brought out by the dance and it’s also a technique that strengthen the object in a various perspective momentarily. Waltraute is using that to increase the effect of the purification. This will easily purify the miasma if it was normal but…”

Grimgerde-sama stopped halfway through her explanation and clicked her tongue lightly and closed her eye partly. After getting a bad feeling from her action, I quickly changed my sight toward Waltraute-sama.

“Argh, this is hard~ it seems like this child is useless…. Sigh, I thought I am able to appeal my good point to Pork-chan~”

Waltraute-sama stopped her dance and immediately retreated toward us.

But it seemed that her judgement to retreat regardless of the achievement was correct. That was because the temporary stage that she was standing up till now was already covered by a black sluggish shadow.

“It’s a consolation prize. Instead of helping, it seems my action had caused it to become angry. Since it possess feeling, that mean this this thing is alive.”

“What… what does that mean?”

“It’s a ‘curse’. This is not an impurity that was born from this world but it was born from the start to corrupt this world, this is a— sludge sediment.”

The moment when she said that, Grimgerde-sama threw my body to the back of her.


From the look of it, that was a violence action but she did not do because she was a violent person. That was because she believed that Waltraute-sama who was behind of her would definitely caught me.

“I will leave you in charge of the baggage, sister! There is no need for me to hold back since it hate purifying, thus I will slice it up neatly!”

After giving out a tremendous war cry, she wielded the big scythe at her finger tips while dashing to the front of the miasma. Then, with a single slash from the scythe, it seemed that the miasma was swaying in agony.

It was in pain…? It was exactly as what Grimgerde-sama said, it was alive in the appearance of the smoke.

I was not sure whether the miasma was angry after being slash or it was afraid. That was because it suddenly increased its volume as if it was trying to eliminate its opponent, Grimgerde-sama.

But Grimgerde-sama was not agitated by it at all. She lowered her posture as if she ws crawling to avoid the miasma hand that was extended at a high speed, then she shifted her body to counter it with the flexibility of a snake. With her black hair and coat fluttering, the appearance of her walking with a smile that contained madness, it was as if she was a Grim Reaper.

“Ku ku ku… that’s right, dance! I will never let my target escape. As long as it is still alive that is!”

While using her hand, should, head, waist and sometime her feet as a support to wield the scythe freely, she slash out continuously at the miasma. Against the miasma that was unable to give any scream, the violet grim reaper finally deal the final blow.

“I had prepared an end that is betting for you. God Technique—‘Zealisch Ladylen’!!”

The moment when she released her God Technique, the pure black scythe was lighted by the bluish-white burning fire.

The spark was scatter on the side. The deeply carved afterglow was accompanied with the black impurity to become a flower offering. As if that gloomy light was acting as a guide to hell, the living miasma dispersed silently.

“You did it~ as expected of Grim-chan! Onee-san had fallen for you.”

“Well, it’s just a simple matter. Once I deal with it. …hmm?”

Grimgerde-sama who used her shoulder to carry the scythe again, she crouched down as if she sensed something. It seemed that something dropped at the place where the miasma had disappeared.

“What is this? …it seems… like a ring.”

After picking that up, it seemed like a golden ring that gave off a faint glow. There was nothing else that is particular other than that.

Don’t tell me that the miasma just now drop this? No… by thinking logically, it should be one of the treasure that was retrieved by Sigurd-san. That mean, was this also one of the heritage of the great hero?

“Why don’t we keep it~~?”

“Sigh, as if we can do that. It’s not like we are not robber. Here you go sister, now hand over the mask. Since we had finished with our matter here.”

The aftertaste of victory lasted for a short moment, Grimgerde-sama threw the ring and quickly snatch the mask from Waltraute-sama. Then, after she put on the mask, her body shook violently and tilted.

“Woah, look out!”

I immediately change into my human form with the rune of mannaz and supported her. Right after that, she woke up while rubbing the eye of the mask.

“Huh…? Where am I… ahh!? Why…. Why am I in such a position with Sei-kun? I… have no memory of this at all!”

“Ah, no, actually this is.”

“It seems that the effect is instantaneous, Pork-chan, the wake up kiss works all the time~”

Woah!? What are you saying, Waltraute-sama! You will create misunderstanding with this!

“Eh…? Ah, eh? That… kiss? That, that?”

“She is now confused! Hold it, please calm down Grimgerde-sama! That was a joke!”

“Joke? How could you… is Sei-kun joking about the wake up kiss…!?”

“No, I am not joking about that!?

She was extremely confused! Somebody please help me!

“Grim-chan, it’s alright~ The other ‘you’, won’t forgive those who makes the current you cry right?”

“That… that’s right! …hmm? But will I be sad if I was kissed by Sei-kun…?”

“There is no need for you to think about that anymore…”

Sigh… I wondered where did all the anxiety just now disappear to. Well, it was fine as long as the two of them were fine.

Even though we had deal with the miasma in the ruin, our mission was not over yet. I afraid that we were now heading to the former site of the royal family of Gjúki. It was a dangerous place where rumour said that the miasma was the strongest.

It was too early for us to be relaxed. I’d try my best until the end without being a bother.

With a brand new attitude, we had arrived at the destination that I was targeting. The former site of the royal family of Gjúki that was situated north of the river of Rhine.

The slanted sun had already begin to dye the world with the scarlet glow. But… I didn’t believe that was the reason why the sediment that resided there was so dark.

“Ah! Waltraute and Grimgerde! And it’s exactly as I heard, Sei-san is also with them. Thank you for your hard work~”

“Come on, you are so late! Well, there is no helping it that you can’t beat my team since I am the fastest among us.”

From the voice, you could know who arrived at the former site which was team Brynhildr-sama and Gerhi-sama. I was not sure what method did they use to communicate but it seemed that Brynhildr-sama and the other were aware that I was joining in the mission.

“Hilde-chan, how did it go in the region that you were in charge with~?”

Right immediate we met up, Waltraute enquired the other team on the result of their task. It was important to share the knowledge. Brynhildr-sama stiffened her expression and began talking about the region she as in charged.

“Um… about that, to be honest it is out of my expectation. The vicinity was completely cover by the black sediment that give off a painful hatred… actually this is the first time that I saw a miasma that strong.”

What the…. I thought it was just us who are facing trouble but it seemed that Brynhildr-sama and the other also encountered the same thing.

“Which region did Brynhildr-sama and the other go to scout?”

“The place that we encounter it is at Hreidmar mansion in the dwarf kingdom ‘Niðavellir’.”

“Hreidmar—if I’m not mistaken it’s there right? It the place where the father of Regin, the foster father of Sigurd-san, is in charge with the dwarf…”

“Yes. He is also the father of the guy who become the magic dragon, Fafnir.”

Okay…. That meant that was the place where the story on the pilgrimage of the Great Hero treasure begun. And the place we were at right now, was the ending point of that story—


Hold it. If I thought about it carefully, the ruin, ‘Gnitaheid’ that we were at just now had a strong relation with the Great Hero treasure. Was this… a coincidence?

“Um… can I ask one more question? The place that you all went to observe… where is it?”

“? Hm… Schwerte, Siegrune and Rossweisse, this three person went to the former house that Regin and Sigurd lived in when they were alive. The combination of Ortlinde and Helmwige… they… went to the mansion of ‘Hindarfjall’ where I was confined previously.”


What was that… hold it for a moment. The place where the miasma appeared, was that kind of place? That meant all of it…

“Is… is it only those place that you mention just now the place that is overflowing with miasma?”

“Hey, Sei, you had been throwing question at us for a while. On top of that, based on your tone, it seems you are a bit anxiety, is something the matter?”

“That is because… there is a strange connection…. I am pretty sure there is something strange with this! All the place that the miasma appeared… is connected to the Great Hero, Sigurd!”

“!!” x4

Four of the sister become speechless after they figured out what I ws saying. At that moment, all of the member present become tense.

The miasma—is coming!!

The moment when we sensed the unpleasant air, the world that we were located begin changing without any warning.

The black sediment that was oozing out from the bottom of hell. As if all the unfortunate in this world were condensed into that lump of hatred, it was dying this land and sky in dark red.

“Ah!? What what what what is this!?”

“Please… please calm down Grim-chan! It’s alright, take a deep breath, since there is nothing to be afraid of.”

“Please give me the creep… it’s best if we don’t stay here for a long time.”

“This… are you saying… that this much of darkness exist…!?”

The scenery that was in front of me was the astounded Valkyrie. I ws also the same… no… I wondered why. I felt that I understood the meaning of this scenery much better than anyone else.

This sediment contain all death. All misfortune. And all the – despair of this world.

There was no hope of saving that. That was because this was the cry of those who couldn’t be saved in this world.

The resentment voice that was requesting condolence was assemble at the gravestone of the former prosperous royal family.

Moreover, that was– the word that we must not listen at all.

[I grant this. To all the greedy fellow—the eternity misfortune.]

“!? Sei-san? What… what the matter? Since you suddenly change into your human form.”

Whose… voice was that….

If someone was there… it must be killed….

That was because… that was me after all. Since its our role to do that.

Come… let’s kill it. It’s quite simple? You are also the same… since you are a tool.

“What is this? The miasma is all gathering… in Sei-san body…! This is bad, to think that he is captured by the miasma!?”

“Hii!? Some… somehow, its eye are shining brightly! Is this the time for me to off my mask!?”

…it was so noisy. Look… I’d make it quiet. Hold out your finger. One finger was more than enough.

The way of doing it—you wereaware of it right?

“…Hey, Pork-chan. Look at Onee-san. Come, look toward me.”


Hey. There was no need to look at that right? It’d end if you killed it.

“! As expected, you still have some conscious right? If that is the case… everyone I beg of you! Please assist me! If I am able to increase my God Technique up to it limits, I might be able to purify Pork-chan!”

“! I see, there is some value in trying that! Everyone, let’s transfer all of our power to Waltraute!”

“It seems like we have no choice but to gamble on this… ahem, I will support you with all I have! Make sure that you had properly accept my wind!”

“Tch, it seems like it’s ‘Mine’ turn again. I will lend you my power, you must make sure that you see this to the end, sister!”

Everyone… thank you! Okay, Pork-chan, I will give you the amount of bravery that you need! God Technique, ‘Fairstell Ken dance’!!”

(! What is it…? This… light…. What am I… )

…Stop it. It’s fine as long as you remain as hollow. You had to accept it on your own.

(What is this, there is a voice in my head…! Accept it on my own? Who the heck are you!)

I am you. You are I. Don’t act you like you don’ know. Accept it, you… had realize it long ago right?

(What is that… I have no idea what you are saying at all!)

That is wrong. If I had to say it, there is no way that you are not sure. Look at your surroundings. After scattering all this death, do you think that you have the right to act as the victim?

(Scattering death? Victim? What the heck are you saying? I have no idea what you are saying, so get out! I want you to disappear from my body right away!)

Stop with that pointless struggle. As long as you are still you—there is no way that you are able to escape from us.

(…is that so. If that the case, I… will face it without running away!!)

What? You…,… fine. Since this is just a side entertainment.

Then… see you later….


After I realized it, I had already being shouting. It seemed that I had managed to chase out something that was nesting inside of me.

And that was not an example at all. In reality, the black miasma that was pulled out from me coiled itself into a tornado and flew up toward the sky.

“Haa… haa… the miasma… there was so much coming out from the inside of me…?”

“Oh my, it comes out a lot~ …okay then. To the bad child that was ignored, Onee-san will show you one more of my God Technique. Come toward the sound of the clapping hand! ‘Lindburg Furne’!!”

After clapping her hand quickly, a weapon which was difficult to describe appear in Waltraute-sama hand. Both the head and tail of the handle were attach with a sword blade. I wonder what should I call it, was it okay if I call it a ‘twin blade’?

“Remember this carefully, Onee-san style is if you can’t be pampered then I just have to hit you with a lash. Be prepare for a harsh punishment! God Technique—“Fairtilgen Miliz’!”

After giving out a loud shout, the ground was kicked forcefully. After spreading the wings from her back, she flew toward the lump of miasma, in the midst of that… she created clone of herself. Moreover, the number of the clone is too many!”

“So many breast!?”

No, that was wrong! What was I shouting about! Putting that aside, this was something pleasant… that was not it, what a dreadful technique! So this was Waltraute-sama God Technique for dealing out punishment!

Then, at the same time when I was surprised, Waltraute-sama who had clone herself surround her target from all direction. The twin blade that all of them were holding gave out a sound together and they operated the mechanism that was built in it.

The snake like mechanism of the sword blade that I never seen before, it was extending toward the miasma while giving off spark. The blade that was moving like a snake immobile the miasma in an instant.

“—May you rest in peace.”

The tempting sigh like whisper. Including the sexy kiss she threw at that moment, she pull the sword forcefully.

In that moment, the miasma that was caught by the chain of the blade was tear to pieces.

Together with the wind that was created, the world was freed from invasion and we can see the usual evening sky. The miasma became thin as if it was absorbed by the sky and disappeared.

“We did it! You are amazing, Waltraute-sama, ah!

“Sei-san! Are you alright!? Are you hurt!?”

After repelling the miasma magnificent, Waltraute-sama dashed toward me but it was hinder since I was forcefully hug by Brynhildr-sama.

“Ah… Brynhildr-sama~? I… I’m fine.”

“Are you sure? Even though you had swallow that large amount of miasma? Since your consciousness was encroachment by it, it won’t be strange if there is any after effect…”

“Hm~… I think, that is no such thing. I’m sorry for making you worry.”

“No… Sei-san, there is no need for you to apologize. If that is case, I’m happy that you are alright.”

Brynhildr-sama let go of my shoulder and took a breath as if she had finally calm down. Ah, I did it, it would be better if I caused her to worry a bit… hey you, Sei, a gentleman should not have such a vulgar way of thinking.

“Nevertheless… I wonder what the identity of the miasma?”

Brynhildr-sama tiled her head and naturally change the topic back to the miasma.

It was true that… the miasma was quite terrifying. The miasma here cannot be compared with the miasma we saw in ‘Gnitaheid’ as it was much bigger and thicker—.

Was the royal family destroyed because of that or was it… because the royal family had reach a gruesome end that created that thing. No matter which it was, that thing was too dangerous.

“…Hm? This is…”

At the same time when I was calming down, I lower my sight and saw something that was suddenly dropped on the ground.

“It’s a ring again. Moreover, aren’t this the same thing that we saw in ‘Gnitaheid’?”

“Huh? Let see… ah, it really look quite the same. This does not seem like a trend in the human realm. Well, since it was drop here, it might be an object with some history, you should throw it away since it’s a bit dirty.”


After I was told by Grimgerde-sama, I let the ring to slide off my palm. The moment it was drop and tumble, the ring seemed a bit lonely and for some reason it made me feel a bit guilty.

“Wasn’t it quite a disaster, boar. You were possessed by it since you look the weakest among us, it really was quite an unpleasant scene.”

“Hey, Grimgerde, please don’t said such rude thing. Since the only one here who does not belong to the God Tribe is Sei, so it is not related to being strong or weak.”

“Eh, there is no need for you to be so angry since it’s a fact. So? What exactly was it, Sei. Do tell us your thoughts when you were used as a fertilizer for the miasma.

Grimgerde-sama who said that with a smile on her bare face expose, I thought back on the time when I was swallowed by miasma while being nervous.

“Hmm that miasma… I had a feeling that it keep called out to me. It seemed quite intimate with me… it’s as if… it is an old acquaintance of me…”

“What… what is that. Are you saying that the miasma is purposely aiming to possess you?”

“No, I’m not so sure about that but… I don’t feel any uncomfortable feeling at first. I started to move without a doubt, then I have a feeling that I am doing something dreadful… in that moment, I suddenly saw a dazzling light. Is that Waltraute-sama God Technique?”

“That might be right~ Well, it was not done with Onee-sama power alone. Beside it might be Pork-chan power also~? The thing that was strengthen by Onee-sama at that time was your bravery.”

My… bravery…? I see, that was why I was able to confront the miasma right in the front. As long as I had bravery, someone like me would be able to do that.

“Okay. Even though we weren’t able to figure out the cause of the miasma but we managed to repel the problematic miasma, so there is no need to stay here any longer. I will contact the team that was not present here to return, so why don’t we also return?”

“That’s right… hold it for a moment! I actually have business here!”

“Business? You have some business at this kind of place?”

“Actually, due to me personal interest, I am searching for the sword called ‘Rigel’. It seems like it was previously located in this country, so I thought that there might be some clue here.”

After I said that, Gerhi-sama replied me as if she had no interest in it. On the other hand, Brynhildr-sama who figured out the affair became the representative and began taking control of the place.

“I believe that Sei-san curiosity is something fantastic! Since the danger had already been taken care, there won’t be any problem if we walk around so let us help you. Right? Everyone.”

“That’s right. If it is Pork-chan request, there won’t be any objection from Onee-san~”

“There… there is also no objection from me but we just have to locate the treasury of this country right?”

“Yes, that would be the best if we could do that.

“Tch, I will excuse myself from this troublesome thing. So long, I will just leave it to you guys to do it.”

Grimgerde-sama was the one who reject to cooperate. She immediately put on the mask and she returned back to her outer personality.

Hold it. I understood that an event would occur, so I was prepared to stop it.

“Hmm… ha!? Oh my…. Did I receive a wake up kiss from Sei again!?”



Just now… did Brynhildr-sama let out increased her voice in a silent manner? I got it.

“Hold it! That’s why I’m telling you that it was a misunderstanding!”

“What is with this misunderstanding? Sei-san. I’m sure that just now, Grimgerde mentioned ‘again’.”

“No, that’s not it, It’s just a misunderstanding!”

“How could you, to think that you did it five time! You are too sneaky Sei-san! I can’t believe you!” (Misunderstanding and five time have the same pronunciation which is ‘gokai’)

“You’re wrong!? That’s not it! Ah~! I hope you can just believe me!!”

Just like this— my shout from this misfortune and cursed echoed throughout the night sky.

I can be saved if we managed to find the clue on ‘Rigel’ but… in the end, it seemed that there was no rescue for me… sigh~.

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