Valhalla no Bangohan Volume 2 Epilogue


“Okay~, has everyone gathered? Then, while being audacious, I will give a recap regarding ‘The Einherjars rebellion incident’….there is nothing much about it but… I would like to make a reference on the revival ability, ‘Gullveig’ that both Sei and the Einherjars possess.”

The mood for the funeral literally turned into a full bloom for the mood of celebration for the God as they moved their location to the ‘Valhalla big canteen’. Then, Loki gave a speech while carrying me underneath his arm.

“The ability ‘Gullveig’ originally belongs to this brown boar, Saehrimnir. After that, it came to light that all the Einherjars possess the same ability. On top of that, due to his heroic feat, Sei was acknowledged as an Einherjars. But due to that, a common opinion was born among us on that basis. That opinion is about the revival ability, ‘Gullveig’ which is a special ability that can be used by anyone as long as you become an Einherjars who are the fated heroes.”

After saying that, Loki paused for a while, so that everyone was able to keep up. After getting a ‘do continue’ from the sight of everyone, Loki continued his speech.

“But it’s a pity since our perception was wrong. Sei’s ‘Gullveig’ allows him to revive multiple time in a day once the sun set but on the other hand, the ‘Gullveig’ that belongs to Einherjars only allows them to revive once per day. Their similarity is only the activation timing which is during the sunset but other than that, these two abilities are totally different.  In fact, I have a thought that the Einherjars do not possess this ability from the beginning.”

“That… in other words, the Einherjars happened to ‘borrow’ the ability to revive which originally belongs to Saehrimnir?”

“As expected of Aniki. That’s correct. Since the ability was borrowed, it only allow the user to revive once and the ability will be lost after that. That’s why they were not able to revive twice. But… the special case here is the rebel leader, Beruze. He definitely was able to revive for a second time in front of my eyes. It’s a pity that he was unable to tell us the trick, but I was able to understand the trick based on his movement before he die. The method that the Einherjars was able to borrow Sei’s power is through —- their meal.”

Meal… the moment I heard that word, the other Gods and I realized it as if there were light bulbs which appeared on top of our heads.

Once per day, the Einherjars were able to consume me through their dinner. I see, they were able to obtain my ability to revive temporarily when they consumed me in this manner.

The reason why they were not able to revive for the second time when they started the rebellion was because they had not consume the me on that day. As long as they did not consume me after they revived from their death in a new body, they were not able to use the ability to revive.

“Umm… that means… anyone is able to revive once as long as they consume Sei right…?”

“You got a point there, Brynhildr. It seems that your enthusiasm to eat that is not just for show.”

“How…. How did Loki-sama know that!? Ah, is it Ratatoskr! Ratatoskr is the source of your information right!? That fellow is really…. I did not do that every day and I also am not that earnest!”

“Ku ku ku! Well, there is a merit from that, which is your death. As a matter of fact, this information has allowed us, Gods to obtain a powerful trump card. Tch, but well… this conversation about Sei ability and forth on is just an assumption. After saying that, it is still not a good excuse just to experiment on it by dying… anyway, I think everyone here should eat Sei at least once for those who have not done it. It’s not like he will decrease anyway.”

“Hold it, he will decrease!? My mental state will decrease drastically! Don’t say it in a way as if it was something usual!”

I voiced out my rejection unconsciously, the Gods, which had not eaten me before, got interested in it and were now seated at the table. The appearance of the regretful Brynhildr-sama can be found curling up among them.

If the assumption of Loki was correct, it was a given that she would eat my meat again as an insurance since she had already activated ‘Gullveig’ once. That why it was okay for you to not curl up like that?

Ah… yes. Now that I look at it, all the Valkyries other than Brynhildr-sama were lining up near the wall and trying look modest. It seems like the rumors that they had eaten me secretly was true after all…

Wait, eh, even Frey-sama!? You are joining the line over there!? When did you even have the chance to eat me secretly! Please don’t destroy my image of you please!

“Chef Head Ando, it’s bad to rush you but please prepare the meal immediately.”

“Yes! As Odin-sama commands. As you all heard now, it time for you all to work at once!”

Under the order for the Chef Head to begin preparation, the staffs that were standing nearby ran off after receiving the order. This was the first time the ‘Valhalla Kitchen’ became this lively in just a moment since the day I came here.

It was obvious because the guest this time was not the mob Einherjars but the Gods of the Aesir tribe. Since it was the natural of a chef to create the best dish to show off their skill after all.

Then… wait a moment, you are going to cook at this timing!? At this timing when the sun had set!? I, if I am cooked now, I will only be able to revive during the sunset tomorrow!

“Lo…Loki, if this goes on, won’t I be trap in ‘the worst case scenario’ that I mentioned to you?

Just a while ago, the Chef Head told me this when he presented me the small freezer.

Right after my revival (the sunset), if I got myself involved in the ‘situation that I must be made into a meal’— then I wouldn’t be able to run away from this worse death cycle. And the situation right now was definitely that.

Sigh. Chef Head, I wish that you didn’t set up such a weird flag back then….

“Hm! Ah, ‘the worst case scenario’ is it. Rest assured, there is no problem. Hey, aniki, is it okay if they serve you the same meal as the Einherjars that I told you about this morning?”

“I’m fine with that. Even if they surrender obediently, it’s still a fact that they betray the God once. As punishment, they will only eat ‘Ratatouille’ for now for a while.”

While saying that, Odin-sama show a smile that contained a broadly grin.

“Eh, what is with that punishment? Isn’t Ratatouille something that is supposed to be delicious?”

“Don’t accept it based on the appearance, Sei. Ratatouille has a meaning of ‘foul-smelling food’, you better study this properly if you are a cook apprentice.”

Hee~ I should go study it immediately. I might trouble all the Ratatouille-san in this word though.

“Alright, Sei-kun, it’s your time now.”

Loki handed me to the Chef Head who had come to the canteen to get the ingredient. I was treated like a baton, but it wouldn’t end that quickly if I made any complaints now.

“Se… Sei-kun…!”

Brynhildr-sama’s worried voice reached my eyes which didn’t show any resistance while being carry away. Since she had already experienced death once, she was more knowledgeable than anyone here on the things that was going to happen to me after this.

“Don’t worry, Brynhildr-sama, I’m almost a veteran now. It’s just that, can I have a last request?”

“! That, may I know what the request is?”

While putting holding both her hand in front of her chest, Brynhildr-sama was looking at me with those teary-eyes.

I only had one request… there was always a single request for all the ingredient including me.

“My request is that you express your gratitude before and after having the meal whole heartily.”

Those word that would be said before and after having a meal was like a requiem for us.

But… it’s a bit scary if you said ‘One more’.

That was my true intention.

— After the Gods’ dinner, in the ruin of ‘Vígríðr’—

Loki who came here again by using the ‘Rainbow void’ and he clicked his tongue while looking down toward the thing.

“Tch… I thought about this after seeing Brynhildr-sama revival but it seems that you were also revived again… Beruze.”

In the deepest part of the ruin. The person who was cowering and hiding between the ruined pedestal and the wall, was the leader of the Einherjars rebellion army, Beruze.

Before he died for the third time, he had eaten the meat of Saehrimnir. It was not surprise that Beruze was revived if the key to obtain the ability to revive was just by putting his meat to the mouth.

But, can we really say that he was revived properly? Just a while ago, there was not even a particle left of him.

“Well… if this is the case, I doubt he will cause any trouble for the second time…”

Based on the appearance of his hair that had become white, his eyes that were not settled, and mismatched teeth, it seemed like this was the result of a living being that could only live on while being scared. No… he was not that kind of living being since his heart had already died.

Loki reminiscence about his death. The sight of his death was as if all the deaths in this world had combine into one.

That phenomenon… seemed like it was caused by the single word that was said by Saehrimnir.

“‘You should die’… is it. It’s not a joke, if you are able to kill someone just by saying that, this will make all the death gods in this world run out of business. …It seems that Sei had totally forgotten about this thought… it seems like it’s better for me to be friendly with him from now on in other meanings.”

While being scared of the mysteries surrounding his partner to a certain extent, Loki abandoned Beruze and left the place.

After getting out of the ruin, Loki was thinking about the method to go back from ‘Vígríðr’. But underneath him, the appearance of someone unexpected suddenly appeared.

“Master Loki! It’s been a long time!”

The small tea color squirrel appeared after being coiled by the rainbow color light. While looking at his normal appearance that earned him the nickname of ‘elusive’, Loki showed a smile of relief.

“Aren’t you Ratatoskr! It seems you’re fine!”

“That’s right! It is impossible for a person like me to get killed that easily. Since I was captured and threatened by them due to my own back luck, I had no choice but to obey the command of the rebellion army and acted as a good messenger for them the whole time only so they are able to have an advantage. They are not a fool to harm someone who is so useful like me.”

“I am really glad that you’re fine. …since I wanted to punch you.”

“Ouch!? What is with this all of a sudden, Master Loki! You are going to make the fur on my back grow longer!”

It was not sure whether this was a merit or a demerit for Ratatoskr since he was boasting about his betrayal without feeling bad.

At least for me now, I’ll let him off the hook by making his fur longer.

“Fuuu~~ Mas… Master… actually I have a message for you from someone…”

“Huh? Then you should have said that earlier. Who is it from?”

“From the Queen of ‘Helheim’, the country of the dead, ‘Hel’-sama, the message is that she wanted you to meet her immediately.”

“Then you should have really said that sooner~!”

The moment when Loki heard that message, he showed a broad smile that was never seen before and patted Ratatoskr.

That was right — The queen of ‘Helheim’, Hel was Loki’s daughter.

The eldest son, Fenrir, the second son, Jormungand and the eldest daughter, Hel. The three pillars of Gods that were chased out from the God community due to the prophecy from the God of prophecy, Mimir, were all the children of the trickster, Loki.

“Since she is somehow reliable, she was able to govern the place that is hard to live in ‘Helheim’ in this short while. No, it is actually something impressive for my cute daughter! I wonder who she takes after? Isn’t that right?”

“That… that is of course, she takes after you, Master Loki…”

It seemed that Ratatoskr was greatly drawn in by the rare sight of Loki as a doting parent from the bottom of his heart.

“Okay. Now, I had confirmed that I had passed you the message but what are you going to do now? I am able to teleport to anywhere I want in just a second, but I don’t think Master can do that right?”

“It will be much easier if I can hold on to you.”

“That is true, but I believe that Master was aware of that right? I am only able to take object that I am able to carry with me when I am teleporting.”

It was just like what Ratatoskr said, his teleportation looked quite convenient but there were some certain restrictions.

The first was the weight problem. If he was in contact with an object that he couldn’t carry, the teleportation would not activate. Thus, this was a benefit for us since he wouldn’t be able to escape once he was caught by the hand of a human. That was why he would surely jump up when he wanted to teleport, so that he would be in contact with the ground.

Then, there was one more problem which was magic perception. He wouldn’t be able to carry anything that was affected by rune magic. For example, if Loki used magic to transform himself into a bean, the teleportation would not activate.

“Well, there is nothing for you to worry about, Ratatoskr. Actually I thought this might happen, so I had craved the rune of ‘Rad’ at the root of the World Tree during the accident with Nidhogg in ‘Helheim’.”

“Woah, as expected of Master Loki! You are quite cunning after all! You are the role model of a doting parent!”

“Heee, I will get embarrassed if you praise me that much. Then I will leave now. Thank you for the message, Ratatoskr, I will help you once if anything happens to you.”

After Loki put Ratatoskr on the ground, he activated the rune of ‘Rad’ while being high spirited and was now heading toward ‘Helheim’ where his beloved daughter was waiting.

“Yo, Hel! I come to meet you as fast as I could! What the matter, did you get lonely because you aren’t able to see papa?”

After transporting to ‘the Spring of Hvergelmir’, Loki rushed toward the mansion that the Queen of ‘Helheim’ lived in, ‘Eljudnir’.

The Queen, Hel gave off a big sigh after seeing her high tensioned father that ignored the servant guards.

“Sigh… to think that you are able to cause such a disturbance the moment you arrive… I am not that free to call father here because I want to meet you.”

“I see. That means that if you are free, you will call me because you want to meet me?”

“That’s right, wait, that is not what I meant!? Seriously… I did not call father here to have an idle chat. I called you here because I have an extremely important information that I need to tell you directly.”

After saying that, Hel face became serious as if she was showing her noble and dignity personality as a queen. After noticing about how important the information was, Loki stiffened himself and showed an obedient face.

“Okay. You’d better listen carefully. Actually… during certain period, it seems that there are a large amount of dead people come fallen down to my ‘Helheim’. Furthermore, it seems like it’s a daily routine.”

“Hoo. Actually that matter is not something unusual at this point. The battle at ‘Midgard’ is like daily routine for them and there is a lot of dead people who were not rewarded after all.”

“After taking that into consideration, there is still too many and I see it as a problem. Recently, there is the matter about ‘The incident on the attempt to collapse the World Tree’ right? A while before that happened, there had already been a rapidly increasing amount of dead people.”

“A while before that incident? I wonder what happened…. I can’t think of anything though, however it’s true that the period when the number increased is quite strange.”

Even with the knowledge that was cultivated through the long years, it was still not easy to govern when there was such a rapid increase in the dead people. I was not sure what this meant but it really was an unpleasant phenomenon.

Should we just label this as a coincidence or should we have a proper investigation for it? If the latter was chosen, currently Hel was too busy to conduct the investigation.

“Well, I understand it now. As a conclusion, you require me to perform that investigation right?”

“That’s not it.”

After getting an unexpected flat out rejection, Loki acted like a fool unconsciously. Once again, Hel gave a sigh and while closing her eye, she made a small beckon.

“Come near me.”

“What is it? Perhaps you wanted a hug? A kiss?”

“Both of them are wrong!! I’m going to tell you something top-secret, so I’m telling you to come closer so I can tell you directly through the ear!”

After taking that joke seriously, Hel face became red but the mark of the slap on Loki’s cheek was much redder. After that, Loki obediently lent his ear.

“Let’s put aside the matter on the increasing amount of dead people. The much more important thing is that a while ago, there was an unusual dead person that came here.”

“What’s that? Who is the person that came here?”

“Normally, the person should not be able to come… no … I should say that the person is unable to come here. Listen carefully now, father. The person who came to my underworld and was still wearing the clothes of a dead person is… ‘Brynhildr’.”

“! … Wait a moment… what is that…”

Brynhildr. That was the name of the beauty Valkyrie that should not be existed in both the living and dead at the same time. If she existed in both the living and dead then—-

“He…Hey, Hel. If that is the case… did a person come here every single night? The small brown colored boar.”

“What a good instinct, father. The brown colored boar comes here every single night. The number of times he comes here is quite large.”

“… that’s a lie… if that is the case… no… the person there…. Who the heck is it?”

At that moment, Loki said those words.

Those words might be the key to solve all these mysteries. At the same time, it might also be the lock that was hiding the truth.

“That means Sei ability is not revival? No, I am sure that he had definitely revived. Other than that, he was precisely dead…? If that is the case, instead of revival, is it the duplication? No, that is wrong, at the level of duplication, it impossible to perfect copy the body and the soul. The ability that is able to give birth to a completely original existence is —- ‘Creation’. This is an ability that surpasses both me and Aniki….!”

That was the truth of the ‘Gullveig’ that Loki came across.

It was not like there will be any changes after knowing that. However, Loki was unable to hold back his laugher.

“Ku ku ku…! Interesting. It’s really interesting! You really are a person that I will never get bored of, Sei!”

After recognizing him as a partner on a whim, he slowly recognized how deep the mysteries surrounding Sei were.

Loki thought that he would never get bored of his partner, in other words —- he was the unlimited ingredient.



Translator’s Notes and References

Okay, this is very interesting, in fact, according to Norse Myth, once you die and come to Hel’s embrace, you cant go back. Not even god can! So, this means that there is more than one entity named Sei, or more than one dark brown boar live in Helheim!

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