Cross Connect Volume 1 Prologue


『 Alas player, the fools who stands against the tyrant kingdom.
The different in strength is as clear as day. Even though we have little chance to win but————-Yes, to show our respect to your bravery, I shall give you a valuable information.
If you wanted to win, KILL THE PRINCESS.
Even though it’s a little foolish but strike at his only weakness ———— his one and only precious daughter of the mighty king.
Take note of these three things:
Find the five “Cursed Hidden Treasures” lies scattered outside the wall and bring it to the old temple.
Then you can awaken the Divine Rapier (Scarlet Sword) sealed by the first king, only that sword can kill the princess.
Bribed the four henchmen of the king, and gather ally to make a rebellion army.
Only with that can the princess be isolated and to outsmart the extremely intelligent princess unlike her father.
And Third:
Directly—————- strangle the princess by your own hands.
That’s all.
The first one to full fill all three conditions will be the victor in this game (strive).
There is 100 player ———- Including you it’s is exactly 100.
Corporate, fight or take a neutral stand are allowed. In other words do anything to kill the princess.
Think of it as an inevitable death, a despairing fate.
…………. Now, maybe you all have got the gist of it.
If you answer yes for this answer, I will spend my free time for you guys here. That is all for the basic explanations, also if the GM spill too much beans it wouldnt be fun.
Then——————————————————-Time to go.
Game, start. 』

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