Cross Connect Volume 1 Epilogue



Three months had passed since the end of ROC.

I continued my normal daily lives in peace—————-Though soon enough it will end.


「Hey Nagi ! Nee nee, Nagi! A transfer student, there’s a transfer student!」

「I knew it…………Though you’re annoying, didn’t you hear what I said?」

「What does it matter. Moreover I heard it all. The transfer student that Yamanishi just tell me.」

「………..A-no,  I am Kawanishi」

「It’s alright Kawanishi. Don’t be sad」

In the lively atmosphere, laughter resounded.


The thing about me slide in and did dogeza the other day, or the interference of 2 people that the class had looked at me differently.

Speaking of which, after that Ruri-senpai also came to school————–Because she was in Himeyuri mode she became famous—————However, because she kept the attitude of separating herself from the community she was criticized with bad words, on the contrary with the friendly attitude of Yukina which I was observing, well, who knew something good might happened.

「I wonder what kind of person she’ll be. Hey Nagi, what do you think? Try to deduce it」

「……Ah, it’s a girl」

「That I know. Moo, you really don’t care at all」

「Then, I guess it’s a boy」

「I don’t understand what are you guessing!? Eh, you mean a trap? In true is really a trap? I completely don’t know……..I lost the status of being a childhood friend. If you change your gender what should Ido」


「What is it? Right now I’m busy uploading status on yahoo——————」


「What, what the, you Nagi dare to call me idiot!」


According to that Izayoi guy, it’d been awhile but Ura-game still didn’t have any movement. Just that, Tendou Byakuya didn’t look like he had changed his mind. He was simply busy with other work, therefore he didn’t have time to develop another Ura-game.

Maybe after next month another game may start. Izayoi guy had completed an Entry and sent Line for me every day.

By the way, he usually use sticker in chat which was a big shock to me.


「Then—————then! Quickly back to your seat! Let’s start HR of this monring」

「Sensei! Today I heard a very hot news」

「That’s right, it’s a hot news, so quickly and get back to your seat! Um, very good!」

「It’s a cute girl right! Sensei, can I hope for it!?」

「Ufufu, if you say so she’ll be embarrassed, just look and enjoy…………..though I could only say so」


「Now it’s the main part. In true, she is very, very, very, very cute. Cute and obedient, and soft too, I had always wanted a daughter like it」

「Then you should hurry and marry」




Speaking of which, although this was not related but, “the one inside”  the cold blood librarian was the secretary-san, the one who was inside of the Sphia building the other day. I knew about her identity through the message from Tendou Byakuya.

A story with lots of complaining, remembering it, the one who was role playing into “hero” didn’t feel interesting at all, therefore after the game was over they went out drinking. Ruri-senpai was only playing with her orange juice, and the weapon shop owner uncle had a habit of crying and become sorrowful when being drunk, in the end it became an annoying mess for the employee.

There was still a lot more to tell but it was the problem in the bar, so I hang up the phone.


「………Um, avoiding reality only comes here」

After around 10 second, I opened my eye and murmured. HR was still being proceed. Standing on the podium, sensei looked at the door and said 「You can come in」, that was really nice timing.

———————-I was feeling nervous.

Ah no, it’s not like I was nervous or hoping for something……. Ah no, in the end what was that. Dammit, suddenly why was I distracted by trivial stuffs, my heart started beating non-stop. Even if I closed my eyes or covered my ears, I couldn’t press it down. Simply the part inside me was burning, so it’s not much of a problem.

The sliding door into class, it was pulled many times.

And in a moment, as if long sigh or joyful, in short when she stepped in, that appearance had stirred the class.

The one who was standing in front of everyone was a girl.

The new uniform tightly cover her small figure, long silky silver hair, her bright innocent smile make everyone wanted to “commit a crime”——————-That right, that was Harukaze.

Tendou Byakuya’s message, or to be more precise he had to join a very busy project, it was so. The project named bringing Harukaze to the real world. Actually I didn’t know how he did it, even if I asked he wouldn’t answer, in the end Tendou had did as he promised.

As expected of the genius group named “Magus”, one of the core of Sphia.

「He, hello everyone. Ehehe, I am, Haru————Ah, no, e-to, I am Kumoi Haruka. Please take care of me from now on」

Harukaze slowly walked to the teacher table, she bowed and  introduce herself.

In a second, a sweet scent as if shrouding the whole class, something as if a negative ion, and then she started walked down, blend in with the crowd.


She looked around class with her big eyes as if showing her curiosity. Being able to walk to school with her own body, this situation she was really appreciated right, that opened lips show how much Harukaze had been excited.

And those eyes were aiming at me, how nervous.

「Wa, wa」

Right after that, Harukaze had let out a soundless voice, after each staggering step she came closer to me. The whole class was having a big question mark when they saw the strange behavior of this silver hair bishoujo. All eyes was on this me when I was started being thought of as related.

It called favor right. So this was the feeling of being the main character in the story. While being invaded by that feeling, at the same time I was being full of myself while waiting for Harukaze to come.

…………..waiting…………waiting, um?


「What the, overrrrrrrr!」

Because I didn’t expect that I held my head and screamed. Aa, ah right, mainly Yukina was the one taking care of Harukaze! And I only faced her twice in an incomplete space! Why are you acting nervous for this me! Dammit, how embarrassing!

「Eh, e-to………..? Sor, sorry, do I know you? But Haruka, it seems I’ve never heard this name before……..why is that. This cute girl, surely I don’t know her. …………Um? But I don’t know why, I don’t know why this fluffy feeling, do I know her or not. Mumu?」

While clinging to Harukaze, Yukina said in bewilderment. Can’t be helped, this was the first time Yukina faced Harukaze in real life. No matter how close they were she couldn’t remember.

It just that, Yukina was a really good person in communication.

「Maa—————Since you’re cute I’ll let it go!」

When she was patted on the head, Harukaze looked very happy, and even looked innocent too. Looking at that cuteness, the crowd in class could only look to the sky. The influence of a beautiful transfer student with silver hair was very big, but the variety of expression of Harukaze had entered the people’s heart and made them unable to stay away.

And then…………When I quenched my eyes and felt comfortable, I had coincidently met eye with her.


Both spoke up. …………No, don’t blame me. I was also a “lonely loner” like senpai. I could never get use to this. I didn’t know what to do.

Therefore, I wasn’t going to use that excuse but, Harukaze had acted first.

Gently escaping Yukina’s embrace, that left hand clenched and put on her chest, while her right hand was slightly pointed toward me. The crowd became fidgeted and followed that suspicious action. Yukina also tilted her head wondering looked at me.

It was really embarrassing being the center of attention but—————–I had to answer her.


With my left hand, I touched Harukaze’s hand. A small hand. If I held it tight as if I could cover that whole hand, of course I would not do it. I was simply “shake hand” with her, but if looking from the front we were like “linking” hands? Even so this was one of Harukaze’s desire.


Uwa,  because not wanting to look at the smile as if melting other of Harukaze, so I turned away for a bit. Moo, my role here was over, I wanted to retreat but I couldn’t.

Since my left hand was being held tight. By Harukaze. As if I was flirting with a lover.

Seeing so, the whole class yelled.

「……….Ehehe. Finally. Finally we are able to meet. I’m, really happy. Yuunagi-san」

「Ah right. ………..Though, we need to talk a bit, first let go of your hand」

「I don’t want to」

「Why not」

「I don’t like it. ………. I, have decided. Because finally I got to come to this world. Being dragged outside by Yuunagi-san.—————-Ehehe. Therefore, I have decided I’ll become a bit more selfish. I’ll never leave things that are important to me. I want to be close to you, want to hold your hand.

Only so————is that alright?」


At that moment, Harukaze had felt insecure, or was that a bright smile, really I didn’t know for sure.

Why, my embarrassment had come to its limit, my chest had become hotter. Before Harukaze had said, her theory of happiness was surprise, right at this moment I had to agree with her—————-To put it simply, I was really concern about my left hand which was drenched in sweat.

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