Kare to Hitokui no Nichijou Volume 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: His life + man-eater

Part 1

The distance that I didn’t want to take grew closer. It doesn’t matter how much I desire not to go forward, as long as my feet are still on the ground my body will automatically move forward… and before I realized it, I’m already in front of my house

“My parents are in this house.”

At the door, Tooya said that while in doubt… he hesitated to open the door to his house. He feared that if he didn’t mention his parents are at home she might eat them.


Kuroe nodded. She’s currently in human form, not the giant wolf. The clothes that were worn by Kuroe were bought by Tooya on the way home. Initially Tooya lent his jacket, but walking in the city with Kuroe half-naked is a no go, to be more precise she was almost naked, and this isnt good for my heart and mind…. but fortunately no one else was looking.

“It could be a problem anyway.”

If I told them my friend is going to play in my house, I think that reason is enough…. I intend to make Kuroe settled in my house. Even if I have insisted that we were lovers who already pledged their love for now and the future, in common sense I think there would be no parents who would immediately accept that kind of reason.

“Then, should I eat them?”

… Tooya’s face suddenly became pale. While Kuroe started to grin.

“Just kidding.”

Don’t joke with that kind of answer, it almost gave me a heart attack.

“I wouldn’t dare to do that as long master is alive.”

Then I wish you don’t come to my house, said Tooya in his heart.

“Well, what if I use my magic to lie to master’s parent?”

“Magic…., What magic?”

“Of course, Black magic. I’m a demon that has lived a long time so I know some hypnosis type black magic.”

Impossible. No matter how many times wolves mutate it’s impossible for a mere wolf to learn black magic isn’t? I will be more convinced if this is something related to Norse mythology.

“The magic that I’ll use on master’s parents is a sort of hypnosis magic that will alter master’s parents’ memory. Ah don’t worry it won’t have any side effect.”

As she said so, Kuroe directly approached the door.

“Ah, Wait a minute….”

I chased her in a hurry. The door was locked, I don’t see her opening it with force so I kind of relieved.

“Let me open it a bit.”

I took the key from my pocket and opened the door.

“I’m home.”

Immediately upon entering, I checked our shoe rack. The shoes that my father used were already in place, that means my father already came home. The lights in the living room were lit up, it seems they both are there. If it’s this hour, maybe they’ve had dinner first.

“Pardon the intrusion.”

Without any thought, after saying that politely, Kuroe barged in.

“That’s master’s parents, right?”

But despite that, nothing changed in my parents’ faces.

“Ah, wait…”

I chased her right away at that moment… but this time I could not catch up, and the door was open to the family room.

“Oh, welcome home…?”

My mother’s voice. The final word was changed to the tone of a question because there’s someone standing beside Tooya.

“I’m home!”

I interrupted hurriedly.

“Oh, Tooya…. is that girl your friend?”

“Um, this is…”

Tooya just nodded while pondering what excuses should he make, at that time.


Kuroe clapped her hand.


They gasped. After hearing that clapping sound, the eyes of my parents suddenly became hollow. Their expressions seemed frozen.

“Hey, What are you…”

“Be quiet for a while.”

She interrupted me.

“You two already know me.”

Said Kuroe to my parents.

“We already.. know you.”

My parents responded with eyes that are still hollow.

“I am Kuroe, the daughter of your college who is entrusted to you for a reason.”

“You are Kuroe…, daughter of our college who is entrusted to us.”

“Do you have any question regarding that?”

“No we don’t.”

“Do you doubt me?”

“No, we don’t doubt you.”

“Do you have any problem with my behaviors?”



Kuroe clapped her hands once again. Soon after that my parents’ eyes came back to normal.

“Well, welcome home Tooya…, Kuroe-chan, too.”

As if she had welcomed me as usual, my mother spoke. Moreover my father acted as if he was already familiar with Kuroe.

“You two can play as you like but don’t come home too late, because you’re the beloved daughter of my college. If something happens we will be in trouble, right?”

As if to reprimand, my father looked at me.

“I.. I’m sorry… we will be more careful in the future.”

Taken aback, Tooya answered. Kuroe had already hypnotized them, but to think the effect is much different from the usual hypnotism.., it usually isn’t as simple as this.

“Oh my dear, why did I make dinner just for three people?”

My mother was shocked to see the table. But she wasn’t wrong because sometime ago it was only for three people. Then Kuroe came hence it’s not enough.

“Oi, oi, then the food is not enough, isn’t?”

But my father didn’t realize it.

“I’m sorry Kuroe-chan, it wasn’t on purpose.”

“No, don’t worry about it.”

Kuroe answered haughtily to my mother who was apologizing continuously.

“I had dinner with Tooya…, but we called you but didn’y get through.”

“Oh, so that was it.”

My mother smiled.

“Ah that’s right… how about I save the rest of dinner to make bento for tomorrow?”

“Hm, That’s better, rather than to waste it. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s bento.”

Having said that, Kuroe smiled.

“Then, we will go back to our room.”

Without wasting any time, Tooya, whose hand was pulled by Kuroe, went out of the family room. “They are both very good for each other,” that voice resounded behind as if Tooya’s parents did not suspect Kuroe.

“Now then, where’s master room, on the second floor?”

After going to the second floor, Kuroe spun her body and faced me.

Her face was grinning, remembering that kind of expression made Tooya feel chill on his back.


Part 2

Tooya room is big enough. There’re a desk, a computer and a TV. There are several bookcase lined in the walls, and the bed that’s large enough. In addition, in front of the TV there’s fairly spacious space for someone to roll in there. Because Tooya was the only child, his parents made his room spacious during construction.

Hence, if there are two people in that room it wouldn’t feel cramped, but still to share his room with another person, it will become troublesome for him.

“Well, starting today this place is where I live.”

Kuroe said after looking around.

“Not bad.”

“Not bad you say…?”

Tooya asked with fear.

“Dont tell me that you also want to stay in this room?”

“Why not?”

Kuroe replied to the question as if saying “Is there a problem?”

“No, no, no.”

Seriously, even if he should live under the same roof with her it’s fine, but if he must live in the same room, it’s too much. This room is special to him. Because this room is a place where he can be calm, allowing others to stay there with him is impossible… plus the other reason is the person isn’t human. It’s impossible right?

“Hm, so master doesn’t want me to stay here, huh?”

“Well, yeah.”

Despite being fear of Kuroe, Tooya nodded.

“Well, so be it.”

To think Kuroe would back off so easily.

“I thought I’d stay here for master’s sake… but if master finds it troublesome, I don’t mind looking elsewhere outside.”

“What do you mean?”

Tooya didn’t understand the meaning of “staying here for his sake”.

“Like I said earlier, since I’m master servant, I shall obey your commands. That is, if I’m in a place where I can hear your command…. when I am in a place which is not covered by your eyes, I can do as I like.”

Kuroe said so while grinning.

“If master has trusted me that much I don’t mind you know.”


Tooya suddenly stopped Kuroe.

“I understand, you can stay here.”

Tooya said it with a forceful tone. He feels something bad might happen to him, because just by remembering Kuroe’s real identity is enough to give Tooya a chill…. In the first place, bringing her here was a bad choice. It’s not a laughing matter anymore, especially if there’s someone who sees her committing that murderous act by eating a human when Tooya doesn’t keep his eyes on her.

“Hm I guess I should do that… I can’t go against master anyways.”

Kuroe said it bewitchingly while grinning. Even so, she doesn’t look dissatisfied at all, but her face seemed to indicate that she wanted to do this from the start.

“You will… obey my order right?”

“Of course.”

Kuroe nodded… but Tooya still doesn’t fully trust her. Tooya and Kuroe had already formed a pact, therefore Kuroe is a slave that shall abide to Tooya’s will. Because he already seen it with his own eyes, the true identity of Kuroe which is an invincible giant wolf, he couldn’t swallow that fact…. but for that he himself can’t be sure about it. Who knows if she’s just making a lie to Tooya.

“If I’m not granted the opportunity, I can’t prove it whether I lied or not to master.”

Again, she read my thought. Although I ordered her not to read my mind, I couldn’t be sure whether Kuroe really did it or not. I will be grateful if she can just shut her mouth when she finished reading my mind.

When I want to give an order to Kuroe I must give an unexpected order which she doesn’t expect to get order like that, but I can’t figure out something like it because I’m not smart enough. If I told her to die I think she certainly didn’t want that… in the end I had to give the safe play order.

“Without my permission you may not go too far from me… that’s my order.”

To make sure, Tooya asked her with a commanding tone.

“I understand, O my master.”

Kuroe was grinning, nodding from that order. It seems she already expected this kind of command? Tooya thought… it’s already too late by the time Tooya regretted his order.

“It seems now you look calmer than before.”

Suddenly Kuroe said that. But it might be true, it felt different from his first meeting with her. The current Tooya can think more clearly than before. Of course he still fears Kuroe, but to make his mind sharper he acted calmly, then a certain question popped up in Tooya head.

“… I want to ask something.”

“Um, what?”

“You were… Kuroe, What are you, actually who are you?”

“A demon.”

Kuroe instantly answered.

“A monster?”

“No, it’s different from master’s imagine.”

Demon, monster… and such.

“Why was Kuroe at that place when I was beaten up that time?”

“It’s only coincidence.”

Kuroe answered.

“I was sealed in the place that you were this noon…, and I took the advantage of the situation.”

“Sealed… in that little temple?”

The small temple located near the riverbed, though his memories says that’s a small temple, he still remember it’s half buried on the ground and looks like a blob, but the sacred item that should be put in there was gone, so it was kind of a strange temple.

“That’s right! That’s where I was sealed.”

So the demon sealed there woke up and formed a pact with a man…., this setting seems’ to be like in a manga. In fact, Tooya himself never thought it would happen to him .

“… Why are you sealed?”

“You see, I’m a man-eater.”

The answer is very reasonable.

“Human is odd, but nothing unusual for a man-eating monster to be sealed isn’t it? But hundreds of years has passed so the seal weakened…, and I could reach out out to the master this noon.”

This situational setting is very advantageous for her, added Kuroe.

“Because of master, I can go out again from that sealed temple…. once again I thank you master.”

Kuroe grinned while saying that, in short Tooya has released Kuroe from the temple, the place where she’s been sealed painstakingly, just remembering that fact is enough to give Tooya a headache. Three people had already fallen victims to Kuroe and it will increase more and more from now on.

“Dont worry, master doesn’t need to be afraid.”

Said Kuroe.

“In the end, in this world humans will continue to die isn’t it? I just help them die quicker that’s all.”

She grinned. Still the presence or absence of this creature is still a huge problem.

“Well it’s all depends on master who’s going to die faster.”

Kuroe said so, while sighing.

“Now then, it’s time for me to sleep.”


Tooya suddenly let out a voice.

Tooya didn’t think that she would say something like that suddenly, it’s too soon for sleep at this hour.

“Maybe because I just released from the seal…., I’m feeling so sleepy.”

Maybe because my body is still not accustomed to the outside world, said Kuroe.

“A lot of things happened and it should make you tired right, why doesn’t master also sleep?”

“Well.. That’s true I guess.”

Once again, I notice my head feel heavy…. maybe I’m really more tired mentally than physically. I’ve always worried since Kuroe appeared , so it’s only natural for me to be this tired.

“I see…. then I’m going to bed.”

If I can be honest here there’s so any things that I want ask Kuroe but I can’t stay conscious anymore, it’s meaningless to ask Kuroe any questions right now when my head can’t function normally.


At that time, Kuroe began to remove her clothes.



At the same time Tooya felt uneasy at what she did so suddenly, after Kuroe have finished removing all her clothes, he remembered that he forgot to buy underwear for Kuroe…. because Tooya would be embarrassed to buy underwear for a girl.

“Then, I’m going to sleep first, master.”

After that she headed to the bed without a single cloth wrapping around her body.

“Just wait a minute!”

“What’s wrong?”

She turned around without even covering her body, with haste Tooya turned to the other side. Although her body isn’t that plump, a supple body reflected on the end of Tooya’s vision was enough to make a man involuntarily steal a glance at those two soft bulges which look like they’re still growing…. Uh I should take a good look at her body again, Tooya sealed that words inside his heart but still his eyes wanted to take a look at that body once more.

“W.. Why are you naked!”


Kuroe cocked her head.

“Is there something wrong?”

“Of course there is!”

Because you were naked.

“As master can see I’m a demon wolf, it’s only natural for me to not wearing any clothes, of course I will properly put clothes on when I’m in front of other people… but not wearing any when going to sleep isn’t a problem, is it?”

“No, there may be some truth in that but…”

Whether or nor I’m persuaded is a different matter.

“Then what’s wrong… hm?”

She caught Tooya of guard but Kuroe was aware of the situation and put a big smile on her face.

“Is master feeling excited seeing me naked?”

“W.. what!?”

Tooya’s face flushed when he heard that…, seeing that reaction made Kuroe smile even wider.

“I, that’s not true.”

“Hou, then why doesn’t master look at me?”

“Because there are the ethics and morals of this country.”

“I don’t mind.”

Kuroe said that with confident.

“I am slave to master.”

Slowly, Kuroe approached Tooya. She held Tooya’s face so his eyes couldn’t turn around or run away from her, and she kept moving her face closer and closer to Tooya until it was right in front of him. His face was reflected fully in front of her eyes and she whispered.

“Therefore, any of master’s wishes I would gladly accomplished it.”

Slowly, her lips drew closer.

“A, What do you mean by tha…!?”

“Any wish that master want, you can even ask me to do that and that.”

Kuroe grinned broadly. Just what did he imagine? Tooya’s face was getting redder.

“So what is the order for me?”


Tooya seemed to scream.

“Because there’s no order just hurry up and go to sleep, it’s okay without clothes too! So never mind me.”

“… how boring.”

Kuroe muttered as if her fun was spoiled. She released her hand from Tooya’s face and got into Tooya’s bed and curled up like a dog.

“Because this is the order from master… I’ll sleep.”

Then, she closed her eyes and began to snore softly.


At least for now Tooya feels relieved… but then he realized .

The only bed in my room had been taken, and where do I sleep?


Part 3

In the riverbed there’s a man standing.

“I feel unusual presence in here…”

He muttered as if he got into trouble. His gaze wandered to the small shrine that was damaged.

He looked up into the midnight sky. The moonlight was more dazzling than usual.

“It seems there’s big trouble coming.”

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