Yujin kyara wa taihen desu ka?


Is it Tough Being a Friend?


Author: Yasushi Date

Artist: Benio


I’ve found my ideal hero!

My friend Hinomori Ryuuga. The happy-go-lucky best buddy I made in high school.

My first impression of him was this: “He’s like the hero character in an anime.” And that impression quickly changed to fact. For one thing, he almost never talks about his past. He often skips classes and when he comes back he’s either bleeding from the mouth or has torn clothes or something like that.

Plus there are always beautiful girls around him. The school idol Yukimiya Shiori. Aogasaki Satori, the cool and beautiful swordswoman. Elmira Maccatoni the mysterious transfer student. Whenever they show up around Ryuuga I get extremely tired. That’s because every time they get involved with him, I find myself desperately shouting stuff like “H-hey, Ryuuga! How come you’re friends with Miss Yukimiya?!” and “W-why would a beautiful swordswoman like Miss Aogasaki come all the way to our class to see Ryuuga?!” and “M-M-Miss Elmira! What do you see in this Ryuuga guy?!”

…So why do I do it? It’s because I, Kobayashi Ichiro, am a professional friend. Playing the part of the best friend that supports Hinomori Ryuuga, the hero of heroes, is my way of life.

–The start of a love comedy brought to you by the supporting character Best Friender Kobayashi!

Volume 1



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