Cross Connect Volume 2 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Secret Plan and Decision

The hero was eluding.

In her head only one thing came up———-violation of the rule. After the “demon king” criticized the executioner , those words appeared since then and stuck inside her chest.


The thing she did till now was all according to the rules.

But, if it were not so———Then why was she tormenting herself.

Once again, the hero was left with conflict inside her.

The revolutionary edged up a smile.

Staying there gleefully. His target was the tracker having over 9000pt and had dispelled her hiding skill. Ura-game this time had a lot of interesting stuffs.

Of course, he wasn’t stupid enough to not accept that enthusiastic “invitation”.

Although it could not fulfill his wish of wanting to have a showdown with his sworn enemy, but this was still a wonderful thing.

Kuku, letting out a smile deep from his throat, the revolutionary slowly walked on the ground.

The tracker was smiling.

The result of the pt point navigation strategy after the priest was killed had gone nicely. Earning more with part time job and buying slave with daily hired NPC or letting the judge borrow the hiding skill, all of it had helped increase her pt quickly. Using the skill “the end” would no longer be impossible.

However—————to her, it did not matter at all.

Very soon, he would come and hinder her victory.

Therefore, the tracker was in a good mood and looking forward to it.

The judge remained silent.

From the time SSR started till now, he was simply waiting for that “opportunity” to come.

And for the demon king————-


Back in the real world, after finishing the “negotiation” with that man, I continued to log in SSR with Suzuka’s body.

Harukaze was no longer here. I thought she would go with me, but for some reason she curled her lips refusing as if sulking and said『Now I have to stay at Suzuka-san’s side!』…….what that meant. I didn’t remember doing anything to be hated by a positive girl like her.

Hm———-well, whatever.

Changing my line of thought, I tried to connect to the bulletin board on the device.

《News: Now, fourth day, 5 o’clock 22 minutes. Demon King: 1390. Hero: 3877. Revolutionary: 3320. Tracker: 9720. Judge: 1121》

「………it’s really bad」

Unconsciously I let out a groan.

The judge, from the start of the game til now I hadn’t seen any action from him, even finding pt, it could be said that he was a portent…….for now the most concerning situation was pointing toward the tracker. The number displayed on the news had come up to 9720. Only counting the nature point increasing, it would take no more than 5 hour to fulfill the condition of using the skill “the end”.

「Even though I still have some ways to save the situation but ………still not enough. If I do that the pt wouldn’t be enough」

What should I do now. While using the most of my brain, I put my hand on my nape.

However———–suddenly a familiar girl appeared in front of my face.


Her slender body with impressive short hair. Maybe because she had run here with all her strength her breathing was interrupted constantly, her expression was weak. That simple thin shirt was sticking to her sweaty skin.

Mitsuji Koori.

Standing there staring and stretching out her arms as if wanting to stop me, then she said.

「Wait. There’s something… I want to ask you」

「…What is it?」

I asked her with a little sharp voice……It seemed she didn’t have the intention of opening PVP. Ah no, from the start “the icy queen” was someone who carried the ideology of effectiveness. If she really wanted to hunt me she wouldn’t appear in front of me like this.

「One question. I want you to answer…….for what reason you joined this game?」


「A, thing is…e-to.」

But after receiving “the declination” from my reaction, Mitsuji turned and tremblingly advocated herself.

「….I understand. Actually this is a selfish question. But…….I’m really curious. Saving me. Or your intention of saving “her”. Even though it was redundant actions, it didn’t bring any profit to the game but, you still face it and advance forward. It’s completely ineffective. That’s the opposite of my style. ………But, I want to know. Why, did you do such thing?」

「Why is it, you ask ?」

Muttering her words like a parrot I crossed my arms. While throwing my long hair I thought. …….was I being scolded by my inefficient play style? Ah no, Mitsuji’s tone didn’t look like she was criticizing me. But it might be——uneasiness.

「I don’t understand.」

Mitsuji continued to talk gently.

「I always thought that I was not wrong, that the way I did things was right, but even so right now it’s very different. So strange. So weird. My mind is in turmoil. It’s being very vague……..That must be because of you」

Her bright, colorless eyes under that hair bang was staring at me.

The one who was standing there was showing a clear turbulence in her mind. A part of the reason had affected the nature of Mitsuji. Maybe she was conflicted about the conception of values. And the one who had the completely opposite play style to her such as me was the root of all of her problems.

If that was so then.

「Ah…..Mitsuji, you are」


「Whatever you said, in short it’s that? What you call efficiency, even though it’s inside SSR but you still believed it and used the “effective play style”. But, because it did not suit you so you started to be worried.」

「Um, yeah. That’s right.」

「If so, then this is only my guess. Suppose if there’s anything wrong, let me apologize first. …The thing you call efficient playstyle, it’s not a simple thing like “a clever method and not doing redundant thing”——-」

Saying that I stopped. While looking at her with my clear eyes, I continued talking about the “answered” appeared in my head.

「Didn’t you break the rules?」


Mitsuji opened her eyes wide after my declaration. Her lips were trembling, her body became wobbly. Even so she still tried to retort.

「N…. no. No! That’s not possible. No matter for what reason I would never do it. If it’s to win effectively, I’ll execute any strategies!」

「Is that true? I don’t think so.」

「……….! How do you know!」

「How……well, it’s simple.」

Mitsuji continuously shook her head…..It seemed like she didn’t understand anything at all. If looking from my point, it was only a simple and stupid thing, but Mitsuji’s eyes looking at me were very serious. Can’t be helped. I took a deep breath, threw my pink long hair and raised my index finger and pointed at Mitsuji’s face.

「———-Mitsuji. It’s nothing strange if you felt self loathing when breaking the rule. An obvious truth. Because you…..before following high efficiency policy, you used to like game a lot.」


「What do you mean eh.」

「Eh, because, that’s impossible.」

「Impossible? I should be the one who couldn’t believe it. Because….. you are “the undefeated fighter” right? First of all it was the first strange point. Because the reward in ura-game was “whatever” so if you wanted money from the start you had received enough money to spend all your life, and that would be the end of it. And then the “undefeated” title would not exist.」


Mitsuji blankly stood there and let out a small groan. Even though this was the story I heard from Izayoi but————the money, “the prize” that Mitsuji asked for when she won up till this point, the highest would only amount to pocket money. The result was for a period of time “the player “Sakura” appointed by Sphia” had been heavily criticized.

「That’s the key point, if you couldn’t even aware of yourself. And about efficiency it was just  because you only wanted to enjoy the game. Therefore you joined times after times. Until you were affected by something, you started to worry about your enjoyment being slowly fade away.」


「…….Even though i said it, I dont understand the whole picture. But speaking of which, the first encounter with you was really strange no matter how I think about it. The game had only just started but you knew everything about me, even my role and location. Therefore…….. I guess you’re the assassin from GM’s side, the one who wants to destroy me right?」

I stared at Mitsuji, though for awhile now she didn’t call me “Suzuka” anymore. ….Right, the strange feeling from start when I remembered the hero’s actions was this. Even both the revolutionary and the tracker had to ask about my role when we first encountered. However, the hero had completely ignored it. Because it was unnecessary. From the start she had known. Mitsuji looked down avoiding my eyes, she remained silent so I didn’t know what she was thinking. And then———after a few seconds she spoke with a gentle voice.

「………..That’s right. Very accurate.」

Mitsuji looked at me with her clear eyes appeared from time to time beneath the gap of her hair bang.

「Right after SSR started, a man named Oboro contacted me. He gave me the mission of “forsaking SSR”…. and I was offered a prize if I were to complete my mission. At that time I thought “Oh whatever”. Because, just participating in the game I would have money, wasn’t that effective. And I’m someone who likes effectiveness. …….But, it was not so. It doesn’t end that simply. That person came looking for me was surely to corner you. Because——- because, I knew it all! The demon king role, skill, location or even the owned item, everything, everything, everything is shown in my device.」


「…….Moreover, I lied about not interrupting the game. I was scolded after the first attack, the directive given to kill you, I started to feel they were annoying, but that pressure compels me to follow……..In the end I was no more than a puppet. I never joined SSR, I only came here to kill. A wretched tool prepared to kill the demon king at a suitable time.」

「………..Ah, I see.」

The rule breaking action of Mitsuji had made up his desired ignorance.

Having to follow the contract outside of the game, ah no, as the “the promotion” information related to that contract, Mitsuji could see through all the information about the demon king. Moreover, the role skill of the hero was a sturdy wall. A kind of game that was too hard to lose. It could be said its effectiveness was absolute.

Even so.

「Strange. So strange. I don’t even feel nervous. I don’t have fun at all.」

With no feeling of excitement when playing ura-game like always.  Insipid, colorless, emotionless. She always trusted in her believe that her own judgment was reasonable, suitable, but what about now, they were so boring. Why was my feeling so boiled like that, even though she herself didn’t realize it but, with only that much her mind had been shaken.

However———–maybe that meant.

「Finally I understood what you said……..that’s right. Because it is here I can’t feel the excitement. Because it is here…… I feel so bored」

While mumbling in her mouth, Mitsuji touched the device on her left hand wrist. Quietly opening the projected screen in front of my eyes, she naturally operated it. Looking as if praying, challenging, those wonderful fingertips were continuously dancing in the air——–And then.

《The Hero had discarded the item “Oath under the moonlight”》

《All the contracts recognized by “oath under the moonlight” will be nullified.》

Looking at her just updated personal log,  Mitsuji lightly nodded satisfied “….Um”.

……..Probably, that “oath under the moonlight” was the contracted item between her and Oboro Tsukuyomi. If she discarded it, that meant she accepted not taking the reward. At the same time, all the ties had been cut.

Unconsciously, I pouted my lips and felt confused with her ineffective action, which was not Mitsuji like.

「Are you sure? Don’t you need to act like the contract says. If you do this everything will be meaningless?」

「Shut up. Don’t talk anymore. Generally you——–eh」

Ignoring my rambling words, Mitsuji talked about something with annoyance, but she only said it vaguely.

Her squint eyes as if angered suddenly widened and stared at me through the device.

「Eh, a-no, what is this…… The tracker’s……….Eh?」

「………Don’t tell me you only notice it until now」

Looking at her I sighed tiredly…….Unexpectedly she was the kind of people who would ignore everything once they were in trouble. Truly out of expectation. On the other hand, while observing Mitsuji who was impatient like this was very interesting. As if doubting my attitude, Mitsuji lightly tilted her head and said.

「Yo…you don’t care. It’s 9734 right now. 」

「Um? Ah, of course I care. Even if I defeated you but before that if someone had completed it there would be no meaning. 」

「Then how could you be so calm? Me and you, no matter who won, ah…maybe the winner would be me, but surely our fight would not end after just a few minutes」

「You said it as if it were a fact, well whatever. The reason I’m calm? That’s clear as day light. Because it’s impossible for the tracker to win.」


In front of the Mitsuji who frowned in confusion, I smiled and declared. For the tracker to complete the condition of 10000pt was “impossible”.

Of course, I had bases for such a conclusion.

First of all, Izayoi Kozuki wasn’t here. Especially when SSR was in the end game period, there would be no reason he would ignore me and Mitsuji so mysteriously. The reason was simple.

There was something very important for that pervert battle maniac to prioritize over us.

That something was the challenging checkmate from the player who would complete SSR.

That right. Iyazoi was going to stop the tracker. Ah, with only that much didn’t mean I believe the tracker would fail.

I knew about Izayoi’s game sense, but for the tracker to be able to join SSR surely she had certain skills in ura-game. I completely couldn’t gasp the different in the two’s abilities…….However. Even so, it just needed to make the tracker pay her naturally increase of pt point, her victory would surely disappear completely.

「Is that right? I leave it to you. The self proclaimed genius player」

And then ————just for a second, time stopped.


「Tch… Don’t mess everything up, this octopus」

The center of SSR. In the management room —On the highest floor of the clock tower.

Buying the manager NPC to control the all of the clock tower, Izayoi – who was delayed by the operation of the big clock was staring down while mumbling to himself.

Operating on the device with one hand to connect to the bulletin board. The pt owned by the tracker was right now….… 9737. Actually it would be nothing strange if it only increased a little but, over there its natural increase had completely stopped.

An obvious thing since the time line had frozen.

That right———–This clock tower was the center of SSR, all the clocks existed in SSR marked their times to the big clock standard. Or in other words, this clock was the absolute time standard in SSR. It completely unrelated to the movement of the glob or the tide. Here, the clock that was hanging on the tower could cut a part of time or increase a part of time.


Natural increase of pt point would stop if this clock stopped.

「But, that Yuunagi realized this before me.」

Izayoi spit out those words because they were troublesome, or it was simply because he was annoyed………Not matter what that Tarumi Yuunagi was truly interesting. It was because he couldn’t fight with him that this boy was being upset.

「Really, what kind of damned situation did I get myself into. Even though that Yuunagi is participating but I couldn’t fight him, that queen is as boring as always, and now my opponent is…….this pipsqueak.」

「!……..What. You only realized it now. Kozuki onii-chan.」

klok——–the sound of footstep resounded.

Turn off the look from outside the window, Izayoi sighed and looked at the entrance to the room. A familiar sound. A nostalgic looks. And then, that ominous sign made him bored.

———The tracker.

「Ufu, ufufufu. Wonderful, wonderful wonderful! As expected Kozuki onii-chan is a genius. Stopping the ending with this way, Rina completely couldn’t think of it!」

「Shut up, stalker」

The tracker bloomed a cute little scared smile, but even so Izayoi didn’t mind it and only returned a straight rough line. But, the girl still acted happy, hugging the teddy bear while lost in a dreamy state.

「Kozuki onii-chan is angry……♥」

「A, this pipsqueak is still damn annoying as always——–Then? Appearing here leisurely meaning you have prepared yourself right?」

In that moment, Izayoi’s attitude turned around 180 degree. The automatic short gun《Deployed》on his hand, breathed out 「Kaha」 he pointed the muzzle in front.

Seeing so, the tracker patted the bear’s head cutely and smiled challenging.

「Of course. Because Rina really like onii-chan, Rina wants to look at onii-chan more. Look at Rina here. I’m not a small normal fish like that “icy queen” ……Ufufu, look only at Rika will you?」

「Keep talking, pipsqueak.」

Izayoi accepted that declaration of  battle wholeheartedly.

「Only you alone? Ah, let me explain this. If you’re stronger than me or anyone else, I’ll use my sleep time think about you. I will carve your image deep inside my mind. Therefore, fight with everything you got」

Tracker VS Revolutionary——–Battle starts.


「………Wow. That startled me.」

Letting out such a strained line, Mitsuji suddenly became excited after a few hours staring at the clock with stiff expression. 「As expected you and Izayoi are both interesting.」

「Wait a minute. Listen…….don’t group me up with that guy. First of all, ignoring the part whether I am interesting or not, but that guy is nothing good. Therefore change your word.」

「…………Then, strange it is.」

「………..You’re really straight.」

After answering tiredly, I felt as if Mitsuji gently smiled. If I hadn’t looked carefully I wouldn’t see this unusual transformation level, but truly her expression had softened up. Moreover, just for a moment, this me who was enchanted by her had to turn away to change the subject.

「………N, now then you don’t have any restrain right, Mitsuji? We need to hurry and conduct the final PVP. If we don’t quickly close the curtain, time would run out. 」

「Restrain…? 」

Letting out a weirdly cute groan, Mitsuji crossed her hands. By the way, although this was unrelated but, even though she was crossing her hand she didn’t want to emphasize anything special.

———–And then, at that moment.


While thinking she mumbled in whisper, and then for some reason suddenly Mitsuji stepped back as if wanting to keep distance from me. And “Shiiii”, her face looked as if burning, her look at me was in anger.

「Mou…mou, mou! How could you not remember.」 「…Remember? E-to, remember what?」

「A, and you still acted like you don’t care……Reaally! You make me unable to focus」 「Don’t care……you mean frontal PVP? No, I told you…」

「Not that.」

A strange Mitsuji compared to other days, she continued yelling things I couldn’t understand. 「Y, you…..are the worst. I thought you are a girl but. Trickster. The worst. Perver.」 「Ha, haa? What are you saying. I don’t understand anything.」

「Gulp!!? W, what, you want me to say it!!」

「I told you I didn’t know anything.」


Mitsuji twitched her eyebrows, her legs bent together, her exposed thighs rubbed against each other, what did that mean. Her breathing became rougher, I felt she was not very natural. Even those clear eyes were wet with tear. A while later, she yelled in that erotic state.

「Pa, panty!」


「I said, my panty! You took it right!? G, give it back!」

「…Eh, what, you’re going commando now.」

「Shut up.」

Gagagaga, scratching the ground she jumped at me, looking as if she was crawling on the ground. Immediately, I jumped back to avoid. Became a floating object, this was the totalitarian point of SSR. Before Mitsuji had shown me how she freely made use of “buying gravity”.

Avoiding all of her attack,  since when I had kept a certain distance from the girl Mitsuji who was swinging her big sword. I tried to look down a bit.

「…Do, don’t look, give it back.」

Saying with a little hoarse voice, Mitsuji stretch the hem of her shirt as if to hide that short pant. Ah no…….from the start she wasn’t wearing a skirt, if I wasn’t told I would not realized it. It was normal to be embarrassed. And now she was also shy……. How erotic. Moreover.

「Ah, thing is…Mitsuji. Item stolen with 《Force Due》, to the rule it was “unable to be given back”. About that absolute condition, even if I wanted to I could not. That means………even if I wanted to I could not return it.」


Clen keng, she dropped the big sword, Mitsuji’s expression was desperate. ……She didn’t want me to steal her panty that much. well that was normal right.

「Ma, maa, this panty was not the one you bought here but the one you’re using on the other side right? If so I could bring it to the real world and then……….when SSR is over I’ll give it back. Until that point, um, how should I say it.」

「……… want to use it as a side dish?」

「I’m not going to use it.」



To my answer, a cheerless Mitsuji had looked up for a bit. Her expression showed a bit of shyness. Her red cheeks contrasted that short sky blue hair, could be said it looked a little cute.


「…….Ah, I promise. I won’t do anything with it.」

「Fine. Then, let’s finish this game.」

「Right………..Though, if you mind it that much, why don’t you log out once and put on another panty.」

「? What are you saying? If I log out how could I increase pt.」

「…Seriously, I don’t know whether you’re a big idiot or just simply going with the efficiency policy.」

Saying with the out of words attitude, after that I stared at Mitsuji’s face, who was standing in front of me.

Even though it was still dyed a little red, but it seemed that face had “calmed” down. Looking for the enjoyment in the game that she was suppressed until now, at this moment she completely wanted to flare up.

「———The chatting is only up to this point.」

Shaking her head again, Mitsuji picked up the big sword and lowered her body to a fighting stance. After that, she pointed the blade and dashed at me. To counter the direct attack from that big sword, I looked up and enter my stance with the short blade stolen from the executioner.

「Ah. …Come, o hero. Truly the hero line is the strongest existence in RPG but, even if you’re the strongest I still have ways to defeat you.」

「What is this. Only a demon king, what are you trying to show.」

Mitsuji pouted her lips as if playing along…….Maybe this would be, the final grand PVP in SSR. “Icy Queen” “Undefeated Fighter”… Mitsuji Koori.

She, someone who used ura-game with unnatural famous name. However in contrast, it seemed she didn’t have much experience in the state of direct battle like this. Exactly like that Izayoi said, because of that reason when facing player with high fighting potential she would immediately run away. Always avoiding direct PVP and aiming for the fastest way to victory……… Mitsuji’s strategy was simply “hunting”, a lonely hunter and lonely strongest. The one who always followed the most efficiency policy absolutely.

However——Just now I’d proven that, she was not so. Mitsuji was not simply someone who followed the efficiency policy, there was still the love for game of her……….Because of it Mitsuji would not retreat. The strongest hero in SSR no longer had any reason to run away. Flickering in her eyes was a burning flame. A blue flame fiercer than a red flame. That “blue color” was reflecting me strongly.


My body understood it before my thought……Ah, she was really strong. That pressure couldn’t come from someone who was weak. The fight scenes she witnessed, to Mitsuji maybe it was just a trail in her play style. But, right now it was different. Only right now it was completely different. A scene no one had witnessed before, that was all the strength of Mitsuji.

…….Really, right now I no longer cared about anything. The fight between Izayoi and the tracker, the action of the judge, or the policy from Oboro Tsukuyomi, at this moment I had no constraints with them. Because if I kept those trivial things in my mind I could not overcome Mitsuji.

Therefore, that was right.

「The one who will fight me, demon king. …let us finish this.」

To complete SSR I need to finish the opponent in front of my face!


At the same time, both me and Mitsuji dashed toward each other without hesitation. Mitsuji’s weapon was the big sword of the hero. In complete opposite was my short blade I picked up from the executioner, a weapon that didn’t match this bishoujo’s appearance, right now if it was called flashy I wouldn’t even mind. With my pink hair fluttering I twisted my body and slashed down.


In front of my attack, Mitsuji parried it with the belly part of the big sword, just like that, she took the force of the impact. Just like last time, this tension only happened in a blink. My hills rubbed against the stone paved road. However, it was not like I didn’t foresee this situation. Immediately I put my right leg on the house’s wall and kicked at Mitsuji with the rebound force.

「! Handling purchase: target “the wall” ! Then 《Store》!」

Right when I was about to make a surprise attack the wall had disappeared and my body tumbled on the ground. The fragments of rock splashing everywhere, glide over my soft skin, I felt a fleeting pain.

But….it was ok. The pain meter had been lowered considerably. Only this much wouldn’t effect anything.

Licking the scratch on my arm I stood right up.

「Your reaction is as good as always. Every time you always reacted too fast.」

「Not quite. It’s not a way of thinking that floated up for a moment. It’s simply the strategy from the start」

「That’s even worse…Oh ya, What the!?」

Just as I spitted out those provoking words with mocking tone, suddenly a rock wall appeared on the top of my head——–Maybe this was something that was “purchased” just now and was 《Deploy》. That rock wall was smashed completely by Mitsuji using the big sword, a large amount of debris was created and falling down. A large sound appeared as if piercing my eardrums. Immediately, I lowered my body and rolled to escape from the epicenter.

I lunged forward———direction was blurred by the dust.


However, as if reading my movements. Right when I dashed forward, Mitsuji had been staying there with the sword on her hand. And a streak of light flashed. With no openings, the sword was swing down without hesitation.

「Handling purchase: target “wind pressure” ! Re《Deploy》from 《Store》!」


Using pt to buy the wind, after calculating the localization created, I immediately used 《deploy》and put it on the sword. A big sword once losing its strength would simply shake and then…..…fell on the ground.

Mitsuji lightly shrugged her shoulder as if annoyed.


「Haa. what happened, you said it as if you were the demon king. You want to switch playground?」

「———–Shut up! Shut up shut up!」

Suddenly yelling with a voice unlike normal, Mitsuji raised her sword angrily……….the fight continued. Although it was a little bitter to admit that she was at the overwhelming situation, but right now I had no where to retreat to.

Lightly fixing my breath, I repelled the approach of the “Icy Queen” like a mad animal that was cornered,

…………And just like that after 10 minutes.


Unavoidable, I took a direct hit from the hero and was sent flying in the air like a rag. My body slammed into the department store and fell on the ground. Without any hesitation, I quickly used 《Cure》, even so my HP bar would not restored immediately.

「Are you kidding me…….this is way too strong, dammit」

While looking at Mitsuji’s figure in my blurry vision, I unconsciously let out those cursed words.

———-The Icy Queen. Undefeated Fighter. The strongest hero in SSR.

From the start I had known, no need the cheat skill like 《Auto save & load》she was already so strong.

The proof was just now.

A few minute ago, what Mitsuji bought was “the right to rule the business district of SSR”. From the start I didn’t understand its meaning but, in a blink she had become the highest existence in the compatible area, with only an order, all the NPCs around became weapon and aimed at me at the same time.

After that, I had to run with all my might out of the area which was under Mitsuji’s control.

「Fu———It’s only to this. Demon King.」

The light sound of footstep. While showing out full vigor of her role, on the other hand, the hero was slowly closing on to me and letting out the air as if of dead god. ……Dammit, I spitted out the frustrating words from deep within my heard.

——-If it were about the method of defeating the invincible hero I could somewhat imagine it.

——-If it was the script to beat that disgusting GM policy I also had prepared.

But before that, I could not avoid the confrontation with Mitsuji Koori, a player with higher rank than me.


Lying under the debris, I swiped away drops of sweat flowed down my nape. Now with no need to look at the news but if extracting the pt I used I had lower than 500, about Mitsuji she probably had 2400. No problem. It was still enough until this point.

However, she still didn’t have any openings in our fight. By any chance she was angry because I stole her panty. Mitsuji’s attack after each chase was very sharp. This was the true power of the “undefeated fighter”. She was standing in front of me with overwhelming power.

Then…..…what should I do.

In the end what should I do now!?

『———-What are you doing?』


Suddenly there was a familiar voice coming from the device.

『I said what are you doing….Hm. Spilling out those vulgar words, you are really pathetic, Tarumi. Not cool at all.』

「You are……….」


Maybe she used her ability to interfere with electrical device and connected to here from the real world. Casually connecting, casually opening the loud speaker on the device. And Suzuka’s casually touched me.

『Because there’s no other way I’ll help you. Because there’s no other way I’ll assist you……..…But, don’t be mistaken? It’s not for you that I help you….…it’s just, I want to do it.』

「……….what’s this. Really now, it’s not as if you act tsundere you’ll become tsundere」

Who knows from who she was influenced that, I also didn’t know if it was honesty or annoyance. And about that tsundere act, being told that by my own voice made me want to find a hole and jump in. so I wished she would stop it…

「It’s great to have you here…..…To be honest, if there were nobody who likes to show off like you I would be done for.」

『H, hm. What. Tarumi, are you stupid?』

While listening to Suzuka’s happy voice I stood up, after that I licked and tasted blood on the tips of my tongue. It seemed Suzuka had just overwritten《Cure》so the pain in my body had completely disappeared. Ah no, not only that. Even the despair feeling when fighting with Mitsuji Koori had also disappeared.

Instead of that it was the baseless absolute belief that existed in this chest.

Even though the situation hadn’t changed, but only connecting to Suzuka through the device, my heart felt completely calm. The comfort feeling into the omnipotent feeling. If it were me right now, I could overcome the obstacle with that freaking low win rate.

Ah, right. That was obvious.

SSR and the real world. Although we were separated by the dimension but Suzuka and I from the start were 2 people in one body of “Demon King”. It’d be meaningless to try synchronizing. A redundant action. But once we two synchronized, once we merged……… surely, we could overcome even the invincible hero.


With the words through the device, my body had speed up in a blink. I quickly jumped to the side and changed the direction of gravity right when I touched the ground and used all my strength to dash to Mitsuji.


However, Mitsuji was in no rush. Deploying the skill 《Power》to enhance her body, she lifted the sword and cut down strongly. Immediately, a large amount of debris splashed all over the place, the result, Mitsuji and I were caught in the dusty space from the small rocks. I wondered how many times was it, the great defense strategy that Mitsuji used to avoid my ambushes.

Though, this time I didn’t change my trajectory and rushed in just like that.

「Eh….w, what…..? How. But………there’s still accel!?」


Under the heavy rock rain———-I bought all the “contact” that the pieces collided on my body, spending the motivating forces to increase my forward speed.

And the damage focus on my back was dealt with by Suzuka using healing item and《Cure》, thanks to that it was completely negated.

That right. Suzuka would deal with the abnormality, so this me right now could utilize the two kinds of actions at the same time. So I could process parallel skill at unthinkable speed. This was a big advantage for us.


It seemed unable to forsee this, Mitsuji frowned her face for a moment .

In her head surely she was calculating a different fighting strategy. Something like a surprise attack after resurrected, a kind of role skill from the hero 《Auto Save & Load》. If making use of the immortality of the hero, I can comeback at any moment———-surely she was thinking so.

Therefore, the edge of my mouth curved into a smile.

On the contrary. At this moment if you didn’t do it. At this moment if she used all her pt and retaliated at all cost then———my victory would be gone.

「——–Sorry, Mitsuji.」

「…………Why are you apologizing. The one who will win is me. No matter how many times you kill me nothing will change. I will be the one to survive last.」

「Is that so? About that, let’s try and see.」

The distance between us was a few centimeters.

Easily closing in without being slowed by the dust——-after that I stabbed the short blade forward. In a moment, my eyes and Mitsuji’s met, though she didn’t do anything and just took the attack head on then became white blue particles and disappeared from this world.

Immediately, the system message was posted on the all log in the device.

《The hero had used the role skill “Auto save & load”.》

A familiar line appeared right when the game started. A powerful announcement that made everyone who looked at it fall into the depth of despair. Not only so, it could comeback from “any time” or “any location”, an uncontrollable type when it could freely be chosen by the hero.


A worrisome voice came out from the device as if to response to that message.

『You should also tell, Tarumi. In the end…….…How do you plan on defeating her?』

「Um? Her you mean is Mitsuji?」

『Of course who else. Are you joking with me?』

「No, no such thing. You are seriously hot headed. ….. If it were Mitsuji, I would not defeat her.」


Was her head alright? The shade from her『Haa?』as if flying out of the space, unconsciously I let out a wry smile…….…Damn, seemed like she was angry. Even though Suzuka did nothing wrong, but her voice was really gloomy.


Putting my hands on my chest I lightly let out a long sigh, then I adjust my breathing. Of course, this helped calm me down. So soft, though this was just a random action, I completely didn’t have any ulterior intention. Even so it was soft.

『Go die』

「…A, ah. E-hem」

In the moment I was basking in that pleasure. Dangerous……… so dangerous.

Taking back my calmness I continued saying.

「Hey, Suzuka. What do you think about it? The hero’s skill was undefeatable right?」

『Eh? ….Um, thinking about it normally isn’t it like that? Without limit, and without any condition. A kind of resurrect after dead skill.』

「Ah, that’s right. It’s not wrong if we think about it like that.——-However.」

Saying so I looked at the device screen. The pt point earned right now was 2279. Thanks to the pt stolen from the hero my pt had increased a little.

While looking at it satisfyingly, I stood straight, threw my long pink hair in the wind as if it was a wing and said.

「Maybe you haven’t heard but, back when I was guided, the librarian had said this. The player would be distributed into role in order hero – demon king – priest – executioner – judge – tracker – revolutionary, and aimed at the winning condition according to the role they have.」

「I understand your memory is at a pervert level but, what about it. There’s nothing different than the information I have.」

「No, the problem is not the content but the way it was said………..At the line “the winning condition according to every role the player has?” That means the role winning condition in SSR, it was set for each role that the player has. It’s not set up for each player.」

「E, to…? Then what’s the difference?」

「It’s completely different. Don’t you realize it? Don’t you find it contrast each other? The UI of this device, from the status to the role information, all is stuffed into one page with all the owned item. Speaking frankly it’s very hard to look, hard to use. However what if it was the required item progressing? Even if it’s an error it wouldn’t be to that degree. Both the status and role, if from the start it was something that was enclosed in all the owned item?」

「Eh, w, wait a minute……..? The role was just as an item……… ? then no way…?」

「It’s just like that.」

Saying my agreement shortly, I stored the short blade on my hand. Because this way of fighting would not need any weapon. If the role were an owned item and if I were someone who could buy the item with pt then, from the start my winning condition was one and only one.

Unarm fighting, I made a body twist.


……….As I’d expected, Mitsuji respawned right behind me and stood there. She lifted the big sword, ready for another fight.

However, because she exposed her killing intent it was not hard for me to notice. A perfect position, an ideal time……Ah, it was true that the hero’s skill was the strongest. To call it an unbreakable wall would not be an understatement. However this was still too soon for me to give up. If it could not be break then don’t break it.

It was not like I was playing the game which had the content of destructing 《Auto save & load 》. Therefore I only need to grasp the winning condition through the gap of the rule.


Activate the application. Skill cost 2000pt : clear. Blooming a subtle smile before a Mitsuji who was frowning I declared. 「《Force Due》……. I will steal the hero role that Mitsuji is owning.」


《The Demon King had used the role skill “Force Due”.》

《The ownership of hero role has changed from “Mitsuji Koori” to “Tarumi Yuunagi”》

《The owner ship of “Auto save & load” has change from “Mitsuji Koori” to “Tarumi Yuunagi”.》

「Good work……………I lost.」

While looking at the device screen, Mitsuji sat flat down on the ground, while mumbling in regret, a little later she continued saying.

「Can you tell me, how did you do it?」

「Ah, it’s fine……but even if I said everything, I think you understand it right?」

While scratching my nape with my palm, I slowly answered.

「What I bought was your role. In this SSR, because all the role and item is one, therefore if there was the agreement from players it could become subject of trade. Actually, if you thought it could be done then we could start the trade. Although this development didn’t happen anywhere.」

The roles in SSR all had clear good and bad point. Because unable to store much pt, other than the stupid plan like downgrade the position that had direct connection to victory there was no other way.

…………However, there was only exception.

If 《Force Due》was a skill to steal a target’s owned item to your liking, I could steal the opponent’s role———-, what I came up with was this method which was a little violent.

「In short……… not to defeat the hero, but to become the hero……」

To Mitsuji’s mumbling as if to enlighten the situation, I only returned with a nod.

Defeating the undefeated hero——-Although it sounds a bit exaggerated but SSR was exactly this kind of screwed up game. For example, there were 7 players in the game but there was a player in the game with overpowers strength, then to “achieve complete victory” in that assumption, shouldn’t we steal the ownership of it rather than trying to find its weak point?


There was no need to think about the method to defeat the invincible hero, we only needed to steal that position.


As if regained her calm, Mitsuji lied flat, both her hands on her face, she lightly heaved a sigh while hiding her expression. Her chest went up and down as if a system. That small shoulders were trembling, I wondered whether she was feeling regret or excited.

「Is that so. I see….….Wonderful, I was caught in surprise again. So there’s also that way….… I completely didn’t realize it. Um, maybe no matter how I think about it I couldn’t know」

「Of course, because the hero doesn’t need to think about it. Also because it was a disadvantageous situation for the demon king, if I didn’t do it I could not win.」

「Thank you. But, that’s enough. …… As expected what I’m doing was not playing game, it was simply working. No need to think about anything, all is boring, there is no fun. What a waste. Only at this point I realized…..… what a waste.」

Moreover———– Mitsuji sighed and said sadly.

「Because I’d broken the rule. As expected you shattered my dream. How insipid.」

「Um? What shattered dream….….. Ah, is that the contract between you and the GM」

After twitching, Mitsuji started to hide her face and looking at me through the gap of her arms, as if a child being scolded by her parents. It seemed she was always worrying about this problem. Those clear bright eyes were in fear and looked as if about to cry.

Seeing so, I turned away, while heaving a sigh I continued.

「Really……. that’s no problem at all. You had cut that shackles right. It might be so before but now it’s different. It’s just that simple.」

「……..But so. It’s still, not good?」

「It’s okay with me, so don’t mind it」

While saying so I smiled. Although I didn’t know for sure answering like that would help her unstable state or not, but this me right now has completely lost himself in the arrogant attitude of the demon king. More or less I’d make that hesitation subdue.

「……um, I understand.」

As expected, Mitsuji lightly opened her mouth gently, the she quietly looked down. Just like that, she continued with soft voice as if dropping water.

「Hey, if the demon king and hero became one how would you finish it?」

「Just like it. Nothing change」

「Just like it? But without the opponent who would you fight」

「Ah, now I don’t need to fight anymore. Because SSR was a game require the winning condition of roles, and right now I owned two conditions. Destroy the hero and destroy the demon king. Therefore…….」

「…….If you commit suicide now you can achieve victory right.」

「…….eh ?」

Suddenly there was a man voice interrupting my line. An arrogant and discomfort voice. A voice with full of provocative as if its existence was to annoy the audience. Not only so, the sound of shoes sounded as if it was deliberately created by stepping on the ground with leather shoes, and the sound of clapping “Pap pap” sounded superficial.

Making many different BGM…….He, that man was casually standing in front of my face.

「A pleasure to meet you. And congratulation for completing the game, Tarumi Yuunagi-kun. I am one of the leader of Sphia, and the game master of Selector of Seven Role.——– Oboro Tsukuyomi.」

——–On the other side of the device, I could see that Suzuka had became petrified


He, one of the “genius” gathered in the joined stock company Sphia.

The core of Sphia. The heard of Sphia. A big famous company on the world, not only so, right now Sphia still continue to expand its influence. However, the problem wasn’t how big that scale was. Sphia had been made up by “them”. With only a few leaders, Sphia had been titled the Magus magician.

And Oboro Tsukuyomi was one of those leaders.

Slender figure. White skin, ashen dyed hair. About age he looked rather young. Saying he was a college student would not be wrong. The vest with leather suit politely, the frontal shirt with button undo, after finishing the applause he put his hands into the pockets, the air around him wasn’t friendly at all.

Staring into my face as if checking something, he opened his mouth foully.

「I see… interesting. So you are Tarumi Yuunagi-kun right? Am I mistaken? Ahaha, no matter how I look at it this is only a piece of garbage I made.」

「………What are you looking at」

「What the? Are you angry? 」

Letting out the smile in his throat “kuku”, Tsukuyomi casually keep distance from me.


Not good. Not good at all.

While suppressing my throbbing heart “ba dump ba dump” which was out of rhythm, I sneakily clicked my tongue…..….It seemed this body had phobia about the existence of Tsukuyomi. Being this close to him had my legs shaking nonstop. Even being looked at made me sweat profusely. I didn’t know when but Mitsuji had disappeared, running away in this situation was definitely the correct answer. Now to confront him would be a mistake.

………But, even so.


To suppress the fear in this body, I glared at that man while clenching my hands.

「Finally you showed yourself, game master. I’ve waited for you for a long time.」

「…Hee. This code number 2, only changing the inner part and it could make such a face. How boring…… I’d installed the order of absolute obedience, it would have been so nice if i could control the emotions too.」


「Um? What?」

He was feeling weird, or he was only feeling interested, this Oboro Tsukuyomi. ……. Submissive and subdued. I could only think of his action as trampling on Suzuka’s personality. To do such thing is not human.

A devil aiming to be god.

Well maybe he was just a piece of trash no more no less.

「Well whatever, in short congratulations.」

No longer caring about my expression, Tsukuyomi lightly shrugged his shoulders and laughed at the edge of his mouth.

「You are wonderful. Because you are the one who finished ROC extremely fast so I had high hopes, but to be honest you’re beyond what I had imagined. Even though it was hard to achieve victory……..… But you still overcame that road perfectly. Ahaha, then aren’t you the only winner.」

「………..Hard to win?」

「Um, that’s right. I wanted to try putting you into the demon king role, a position with despairing winning rate, I wanted to try defeating you, the strongest player at the time, and after it……… Ah right. That failure was also part of the plan.」


That failure, the invisible flow of “pressure” with that voice made the breathing rhythm in the other side of the device went out of control. Seeing so, Oboro Tsukuyomi only showed satisfaction and continued.

「SSR is a mortal battle royal with point and role. And your job was the demon king. Like I just said, this role has limitation about winning condition and is the hardest role. Actually, if you “use the skill the end you would win”. But that is impossible——–why is it?」


「Kuku, surely you knew right. Correct, that’s correct. All because of the code number 2. All because code number 2 had emptied your pt so you had to give up the road to victory with pt.———Aye ya, are you listening. Code number 2? I want to praise this genius idea of mine so much. No matter how trashy you are you still have a little use right, you helped me do something I can’t, that’s a great achievement haa?」


The sound transmitted from the real world had been distorted, right now it was no different than some noise. Looking at the device, I frowned……This girl had been too scared she lost it. No, not right, it was just she encountered an error. From the start he didn’t recognize her as human like me. From the start he knew, Suzuka had been really anticipating, dreamed and hoped about SSR. And he used that. Taking advantage of her wish to continue the game forever to close up my way to victory with pt point.

Tsukuyomi pouted his lips mockingly, then he talked in a ridiculous tone .

「What a failed reaction. Surely you still like to hold people back like always right.」

Stop talking.

「Ah that’s not all. With that look you would be a good sandbag. Ahaha, a failure like you had two fortes is so surprising.」

Stop talkinmg.

「Lucky for you? You had fun with this game right? Became trash and be useful to me, are you glad? Then that’s enough right. Before this you haven’t had fun right, always followed my words and laughed like an idiot.」

「I said stop talking.」

『Then whatttttt.』

Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, the device let out a defeating screech.

「…….Suzu……ka ?」

Suddenly I asked back… Just noww was that really Suzuka? Wasn’t she obsessed by this GM she couldn’t speak…?

『Y……, Tarumi ! Are you still there!? You are there right !?』「A…….I’m here.」

『Don’t go anywhere!? You absolutely have to stay next to me!? Because you’re here…… I could say things I’m about to say』

The choking words from Suzuka was as if she was suppressing her fear. After nodding, I walked closer to Tsukuyomi. Those cold eyes were staring at my eyes. The fear of being reproached everyday had been carved deep inside her heart, the fear of being attacked made her want to run away……. However. Right now right here, Suzuka had gathered all her courage to open her voice, even so this me could only stand there and pray, I couldn’t show my pathetic side anymore.

「…….say it, Suzuka.」

『Um, thank you, Tarumi. ….Hey Oboru Tsukuyumi. I have something I want to tell you.』


After looking down quietly, then he turned to look at me. Not right, as if he was glaring at Suzuka in the real world through me. A bone-chilling stare. A stare carrying the color of ultimate hatred of all things on this world.

「….Heeee ?」

He spoke with scornful tone.

「You want to talk. What this? You’re just the trash of the century, because you’re taken care of by me everyday so you want to thank me? Fine, I’ll hear it. I’m hearing. But hey, there’s no fckkkking way, where’s your respective speak, piece of shit. You dare talk back to me, or are you having a short circut?」

『————–! N, no……………not that』

Against the angry voice of Tsukuyomi, Suzuka had somehow retaliated. But because her breathing was rough she couldn’t speak up.

In that unstable state………suddenly I heard a familiar gentle voice through the device 『It’s fine』. It was from Harukaze. It seemed she was beside Suzuka.

Although I didn’t know the real situation but, Suzuka’s voice had returned.

『No. I am not a failure. ……Um, this is a little different. Honestly, I don’t care whether I’m a failure or not. I’ve just realized this problem is not important at all. Even if I were a failure, I was happy to be able to play the game with Tarumi. I was excited to play with Harukaze and Yukina in this world…..Ahaha. Therefore, now I don’t care about whether I am useful to you or not』

「…Finally you said it.」

『… Because before I was always scorned by you I didn’t know what I myself want. Exactly as you said, I was just a failure, a kind of trash no more no less. But…….… I don’t think so. Thanks to Tarumi I finally realized it. At the least, it was not something I was scorned by you. Therefore, I believe in Tarumi, I will believe in my own value.』


After hearing the confidence declaration from Suzuka, Tsukuyomi remained quiet for a long time.

His appearance was as if someone who was annoyed and angered…..…At the same time, as if I could see he was trying to suppress that contrary emotions.

「………….Ku,kuku. Kukuku, ahahahahaha !!」

After a few seconds, he laughed loudly.

「Interesting, very interesting! As expected I am a genius! Haha———-Ah, sorry. Sorry I was a little absent minded there. If there was nothing happening according to plan wouldn’t it be a little boring right」

『……..! What do you mean』

「That’s it… Kuku」

Tsukuyomi breathed out a long sigh after his laugh, then he threw up his bang with his left hand.

「Code number 2 will believe in Yuunagi-kun and continue the game. In return Yuunagi-kun will also do that…..… From the start you had accepted my invitation and participated in SSR right? No matter what you would come to save that piece of trash.」

「………..I don’t think she is a piece of trash like you.」

「Ahaha, sorry sorry, it was just my habit. Just leave it aside, if you hadn’t participated I’d be in a lot of trouble. But——as expected you are still a defected product huh, number 2. You hadn’t realized it? Being shaken by his sweet words, you still bask in the hope of being saved huh?」


Those provoking words from Tsukuyomi made Suzuka became puzzled and answered in a stiff tone.

「Let me repeat a gain. If Yuunagi-kun wanted to complete SSR there’s only one way, that was to commit suicide」


「Finally you remember? Really, don’t make me waste my effort because of your incompetence.——-That’s right, that’s suicide. That’s the only way. With the role of demon king and hero like you the only way to complete both winning condition was suicide. Or to be precise, other than that you have no way to achieve victory.」

『H, how so! Right now there’s still player. If we collect pt normally——-』

「Not gonna happen. Right now, the revolutionary and the hero was fighting each other. If the revolutionary win then the condition will be met. On the contrary if the tracker win then sum of both point would easily be up to 10000. After that just using the skill the end the tracker would win.」


Have———–to be suicide.

The plan I made was also simply “suicide”. Stealing the role of the hero with 《Force Due》, after that kill both the hero and demon by stabbing my chest. With the winning condition of the demon king it was the most suitable method, what a disgusting hobby.

However, no matter what I said SSR was still a game, so it was not like I could resist this self killing action. Moreover, to complete this game I’d do whatever it takes. I had prepared for all the situations. But, there was still a big problem behind everything.

——–That I had to cut ties with Suzuka.

——–Even though death was temporary but to her it would be eternal disappearance.

Tsukuyomi continued about the harsh truth while smiling plainly.

「Really now…..… the best answer in this situation would be to commit suicide. No way around it. But hear this, useless. Yuunagi-kun had to hesitate. Because you’re not perfected. There’s no saving for you. If you died in SSR that means you’ll disappear from this world」


「Kuku, what the, as expected you still have not realized it…..…If you both believe in each other then killing yourself would be hard right. Not only that, if you continue to hesitate the other player would finish before you. And then Yuunagi-kun will lose completely. And that failure will come back to my hand like always, you also could not receive the reward.」


「However. My victory is ensured even if you decide to commit suicide. Because——-that would be contrast to your original target, it would be discarding and trampling on the hope of code number 2 right! Kuku, how ironic. Someone with the target of saving the cyberbrain shinki and complete SSR like you will have to bow before my challenge. As expected I’m way more excellence than that Tendou!」

Stroking his hair with his left hand, Tsukuyomi laughed as if he couldn’t take it anymore. Finished laughing, he continued stepping closer to the device and said these disgusting words.

「Hey failure, how do you feel now? You must be despairing right. Do you like it, that despairing feeling……Aha. What now? You look like you trusted him a lot, but Yuunagi-kun could throw you away at any moment? Ah, unable to see your face right now is also a waste……..well it doesn’t matter. Because if he chose to suicide I’d throw you into that trash can. It can’t be help if I could not see your gloomy face」

『…………..Is that so』

To that merciless intimidating words, Suzuka responded straight. Tsukuyomi lightly frowned when receiving the reaction he wasn’t expecting.

「……….What is this, your reaction——」


Suzuka once again trembling and interrupted his words. She had complete ignored Tsukuyomi’s words. Unconsciously I smiled wryly in return.

「What is it? Suzuka. Why are you so serious.」

『How could I not be serious in this situation……….Can I, trust, you ?』


『Stop your acting. You had a plan right……….Ah, I’m fine with whatever, but for a while now Harukaze is like「Yuunagi-san this Yuunagi-san that.」so annoying…….. Therefore how about I have a little hope for you.』

—————Decided huh, hearing that confession from Suzuka it put my hand on my nape.

Hm……. There was something I regretted. Even though it was just a small matter but I couldn’t ignore it——-Therefore.

「Hey, Oboro Tsukuyomi.」

I took a step closer to him. A step, and another step.

No matter how close I got to him this body was no longer scared.

「In the end you planned this game because you want to win against Tendou right?」

「Haa? No, the way you said it is wrong. From the start I am above Tendou Byakuya, ah no, I am the one above all in Sphia. To prove it, though aren’t you a bit too close.」

「Is that so. Then what a pity for you…….. I’ll show you the opposite.」


「You want to stand above of that monster corporation Sphia with only this degree? How stupid, how could you do it. Defeat me to win Tendou, someone who urged an ura-game with that stupid reason doesn’t have the capacity.」

「…….Hee. You’re good at provoking other. Then? What problem you have with it? The idea is fine whatever. The one with the higher ability will be recognized. I don’t care whether it is blame or not.」

「The one with ability. Ah, if it were about an irreplaceable genius I know one, even though he was also trash and selfish like you.」

「What, the way you said it as if I were not a genius」

「If you were a genius you wouldn’t have made Suzuka became like this」

Tsukuyomi twitched his cheek against my words, he stared at me with sharp glares in discomfort. Though it didn’t matter. Letting loose my pink hair I stood arrogantly grand.

「Great timing, just now Suzuka didn’t mention it so in her place I’ll tell you.——— Don’t dump all the responsibility on her head. If Suzuka was a failure then it was because your skills were low. If Suzuka was a piece of trash, then what are you, all mighty trash maker that could only create trash? Ha, you should learn how to talk, trash.」

「……….You, how dare you run your mouth.」

「What, with only this much and you wasted so much calo then later it would be tough. Though it’s not like I wanted to flatter him, but different compared to you, he’s a lot more gifted. 」

「Later….? He? …..What the heck are you saying!?」

Unable to comprehend the meaning of my words. Tsukuyomi became angry in confusion, he stared at me warringly.

While looking at his vague expression, I operated on the device and re 『deploy』the short blade. Then I activated《Accel》through Suzuka to increase my speed.

Holding the short blade upside down, I swung it powerfully——–

——–One swing.

「Ặc… !?」

After I slammed it into Tsukuyomi’s chin with the blade handle, I used the blade and stabbed through my chest. Tsukuyomi’s body fell down. At the same time my chest receive a sharp pain. My HP bar depleted in a blink, the device on my left hand wrist also turned off.

『Ta….Tarumi, Tarumi !』

Listening to Suzuka’s voice through the device, I started to lost my consciousness———–.


《_____2, 1, 0. Count down stops. “Auto Save & Load” has finished.》

《The Demon King has destroyed the Hero》

《The Hero has destroyed the Demon King》

《Downloading to system. Because the player who fulfilled the condition has appeared, SSR will now close.》

《Five minutes remain until the world of SSR closes completely. Players remaining in the field please quickly log out.》

「—————, dammit. That brat dares to hit me so hard.」

A few second after Tarumi Yuunagi bashed him in, Tsukuyomi used his left hand to massage the wounded chin and stared into the device. The suicidal of code number 2———Ending process for SSR. The line he had always hoped for since the opening of SSR. Moreover, this was not a disappearance or abolishment. As if this was his final work, he was enjoying the defeat of Tarumi Yuunagi, enjoying it as he had achieved the more important position than Tendou Byakuya, an unexpected accomplishment for the failure trash that he created.

Deep inside his heart it was as if he wanted to lash out, he couldn’t hold his enjoyment.

「Ku….kuku…! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! I won! I won! That Tarumi, in the end he still said some deep words, but in the end no freaking thing happened! It’s only words, fitting with a normal peasant like him!」

On the current data, it seemed the PVP between the revolutionary and the executioner hadn’t finished. So the winner in SSR would be Tarumi Yuunagi…. Not only so, to Tsukuyomi, this victory was nothing than a formality. The thing he wanted to dominate was even more.

「Aha……..finally. Finally, my value is recognized.」

Mumbling with various expression….…A genius of the century, who had always been expected for the future. He always thought he could do everything, in reality Tskuyomi had continuously been giving out unexpected achievements. This made him very happy and he kept researching nonstop——Then he joined Sphia.

This was the first step to his failure.

If Tsukuyomi didn’t have that encounter he would not know of the “genius group”……That degenerated monster was here. The talents of the group that called leaders were really anomalous, to a kid who was once called genius these people were no different than a holy group. A tragic reality to someone who considered himself a son of god like him.

And then, his personality slowly became twisted, since when he was obsessed with vengeance.

———–I’ll show them.

———–I’ll show then who is number one.

However, these were too dangerous lines of thought. Someone who only knew of revenge and stealing power like him would soon be corrupted. Obsessed with defeating other, this meant deep inside Tsukuyomi’s heart it had still not grown up, that difference had soon made him fall in despair.

And then, the time had come. The end of ROC. Or to be more precise, Tendou Byakuya had been defeated.

He started having that thought that, if he could trample Tarumi Yuunagi then he could prove that he was the one above Tendou. Truly believing in that full of hole logic, he completed SSR with all his might only to defeat Tarumi Yuunagi.

-The player to swap with a failure.

-Bribed the strongest player – Mitsuji Koori.

-The unequal treatment of roles and having him take on the worst one.

To speak more precisely, the total stat in Tarumi Yuunagi’s stat bars were a little lower than other player, moreover the participation of Izayoi Kozuki was mainly to hold him back, and the role with no use like the judge was only a person from Sphia.

Dirty player? Shameless? ——-How stupid with that thought. Because this world is the composition of all of that.

「I won… I really won! Unlike Tendou’s ROC, from now on SSR still has no degradation! This is my victory. I, I defeated Tendou Byakuya——」

「——–What about me ?」


Suddenly there was a voice cut in on his victory cry, Tsukuyomi’s body suddenly became petrified for a moment.

A familiar voice……..the demonic voice that made him fall into despair. However it was impossible for it to appear here. Because SSR was the sanctuary of Tsukuyomi, then why was it.

「Why are you here……… Tendou Byakuyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!」

That right———-without warning, without guarding, the one who was standing there was Tendou Byakuya.

Tall figure, slender body. Silver haired as if a foreigner. On his face he was wearing glasses with a cold look.

…….Strange. Strange, so strange.

It was true that someone with ability like Tendou could still intrude into this world. But, Tsukuyomi was the GM of SSR. Then why did he not notice that….… !?

「Let me answer your question.——-”I had joined SSR from the start. Or to be more correct, I did not do any rude action like intruding”」

「From the start…….? What idiot, that would be even weirder! I am the one who manages player’s information!? There’s no way you joined and I didn’t know anything about it!」

「Hoo, then I have to point out the weak management process of yours huh. It’s just that I bought the role of “judge” from the man in Sphia that you asked? The director of supervision of Tarumi Yuunagi is the role of the third division 3, putting it that way it’s simpler right.」

「… that, idiot…….!」

While snickering Tendou slowly explained the root of all things. A relax expression turned to disappointment. His tone carried a little contempt plus mocking Tsukuyomi’s mind.

「Well, I have no fun doing this. Actually, I was criticized when failing in managing ROC. Therefore as a chance to redeem myself, I arranged a mission to subdue your loss of control.」

「Loss of control….….? Haa!」

Hearing those words, Tsukuyomi’s trembling eyesight had completely subdued. He spread his arms wide in front of Tendou and said with grumpy attitude.

「Right……that right! Right when the “loss of control” was dealt with simply I had finished trampling that Tarumi Yuunagi! Even if you mention it nothing will be done! Looking at it don’t you get it!? That I am the more excellent than you!」


「What are you taking a sigh for!」

Tsukuyomi gradually became mad before a Tendou who was lightly heaving a sigh and fixing the glasses on his face. Because he was dominated by anger he could no longer control his action. The words were automatically spitted out.

「You understand right!? This time I’m the winner! More than you or anything else, I’m the one who dealt the final blow to that Yuunagi! Ha, what greatest danger to Sphia. He’s only just a brat with a little conceit about game!」

「Truly, from deep within your heart you always believe it without any doubt?」

「Aa!? What of it!?」

「No, if so you can’t be saved.」

Finished talking, Tendou pushed Tsukuyomi’s body and fixed up the tie in front of his neck. A rather childish action and with only that his attitude turned 180 degree.

An elegant gait as if a dead god hunting for talented people.

「Let me make thing clear for you, Oboro. Before this I was trusted by someone. Even though his tone, attitude or the way he made appointment was all undisciplined and unorganized but, all and all work is still work. So I accepted it. And its content was to adjust a faulty AI」

「……….? What does that have anything to do…..Wait. AI ? Adjust AI……?」

「That’s right. It was a special AI and a very good one. True that I had to go through a little trouble. Anyway the method to subdue the mysterious code number was still not established」

「——————–No way」

「Adjusting cyberbrain shinki code number 2 – personal name “Suzuka”. That was the commission I’d accepted. The detail content was imply removing all the error in system but not necessary doing regular maintenance. After that setting up protective system and backup to avoid software vulnerabilities. …….Truly I had to spend a lot of effort? Losing up to 16 hours」

——————16 hours?

Tsukuyomi’s expression grew darker after Tendou’s words. 16 hours? Only 16 hours he fixed up all the error from that failure? Even though in 2 years he could only prolong its existence with regular maintenance……….Even so he removed all the errors in only a day. Tsukuyomi was completely petrified. However Tendou’s fierce attacks didn’t stop there.

「So not worth the effort. Moreover, my client had said this. “About the money I’ll pay later. It was just in time I’m about receive a large sum of money”. To declare at that point was a little early……….but really he received it. Moreover, the amount of money correction that I appointed was the reward money from SSR」

「… You, colluded with each other…」

「There no such thing. I only respect him as the “greatest player”, I never have any intention of getting along with him. This was simply a client and the one who met his demand. Because this was a job of a programmer like me, moreover I had no reason not to receive the money adapting to the work I was appointed.」


Tsukuyomi bit his lip as he could not take it anymore… He knew. The one who could lead to this situation was not Tsukuyomi, also not Tendou, it was Tarumi Yuunagi. The suicidal action of code number 2 had the same meaning as Tsukuyomi would win? Wrong, that was so wrong. The moment Tendou Byakuya intervened, the dead of code number 2 was impossible. Therefore this action was not a desperate choice, nor would it mean abandoning code number 22.

「Then this is simply a way to victory…!?」

「That’s right.」


Unable to stand anymore, Tsukuyomi knelt down. Slowly approaching, Tendou lightly nodded. After reaching his eye line, he put his hand on that man’s shoulder and said with unpredictable expression.

「I warned you. Even not liking this thing we are still the leaders, if you don’t know how to curb yourself then…… As expected Tarumi Yuunagi is always unpredictable. An “anomaly” that holds the highest achievement. Maybe he was the only existence that could defeat us Sphia.」

———-The lamentation of Oboro Tsukuyomi continued to echo until the world of SSR close completely.

-Himeyuri: Yu, Yuu-kun Yuu-kun ! I have some words to tell you!

-Yuunagi: Some words?….. What do you want to tell me.

-Himeyuri: Mo—, look, it’s about that thing. When you were called by Harukaze-chan and then logged in.

You left me in the extremely awkward reunion between the director and Harukaze-chan!?

-Yuunagi: ….. certainly, I and Harukaze had switched place with each other.

By the way what happened?

-Himeyuri: What you ask. N—-, the two’s talk was very awkward, like『It, it’s been a while』『Yeah. …… you’re still fine?』『A…….Yes. Ehehe』

-Yuunagi: Like parent and child.

-Himeyuri: Nihihi. Moreover moreover—- 『It seems you live near Sasahara Yukina right』『Ah, yes! Life is very good』『………..and you’re also neighbor with Tarumi Yuunagi huh』『E? A, yes, that’s right……….but?』『U, mu…』

-Yuunagi: Just like father and daughter after no long time see, there was a lot to ask but being shy so could say it huh!

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