Valhalla no Bangohan Volume 2 Prologue



In the ancient time, there is only one big tree that stood tall in the centre of the world.

The world tree acted as a pillar supporting all the realms, and had been continuously watching over the history. Some of the people with a sense of respect called it as ‘Læraðr’ while other called it as ‘Yggdrasil’ to show their reverence toward it.

In a distance place above the cloud on the peerless big tree, there exist a big plains suspended by the tree as if it was being hug.

When the golden wind blew, this land with the miraculous sign to live in was known as ‘Asgard’.

This sacred land was once known as ‘Idavoll’, currently it had become a realm of the Gods where the Aesir gods live in glory and peace.

“……In the end, how long will this glory remain……..”

In the deep underground of that land, a grief of a hoarse old man can be heard inside the wide gloomy limestone cave. He was a high god which governs all the Aesir God known as Odin.

In the cave underneath the pure silver palace ‘Valaskjálf’ where he stays, there exists a hidden secret passage that connected from the cave. The ‘Vimur River’ could be found flowing in it, Walking along the river which connected to the root of the world tree ‘Læraðr’, the realm which the enemy of the god, ‘Jotun’ was living, ‘Jötunheimr’ could be reached.

But, the destination that Odin wanted to go this time is not ‘Jötunheimr’. His destination is the ‘Mimir spring’ which was along the way.

“Is this the place?”

Odin came to a halt, he placed his hand on the slippery rainbow-color wall. When the magic power flew out of his palm, the rune ‘thurisaz’ appear and the wall disappeared without a sound.

There is a wide place past the wall which exist a fantastic scenery defer from the usual. This mysterious scenery was created from the reflection of the wall and roof from the green light, which appeared from the inner part of the lake surface inside the room. Odin continued moving forward without any deep thought of it and made a speech when facing the huge lake surface.

“Dear Mímisbrunnr. I’m sorry but I hope you can listen to what I had to say.”

As a response to the summon of the Chief God, a wave was formed at the lake surface. After waiting for a few seconds, —- what emerged was a severed head. The severed head which face resemble closely to Odin is Mímisbrunnr, while glancing at Odin, he muttered in a serious tone:

“…..Odin. I have already known the reason why you come here.”

“I see. What a fearful uncle I had, as expected of the god of prophecy. Then let me go straight to the point. ‘The incident on the attempt to collapse the World Tree’ which happened few days ago, is that …. ‘Ragnarok’?”

“I will answer that question. That—– is different from my prophecy on the end of the world, ‘Ragnarok’. It’s a totally different thing.”

“Damn! ……. Is……is that so……”

After hearing Mímisbrunnr answer, Odin could not hide his disappointment. He further asked some questions.

“Then…..  Does that mean my fate had not changed at all?”

To answer that, Mímisbrunnr was slightly at a loss of word. But he still had to inform him properly. This is because as a severed head, it is his sense of duty toward Odin after living for a long time and also his responsibility as an uncle.

“…… The fate remained the same. My nephew as well as the Chief God of the Aesir, Odin. In the midst of ‘Ragnarok’…, ….. You will be killed in battle.”

The sudden thrust of the heartless prophecy of death pierced deeply into Odin chest.

‘The magic wolf, Fenrir’, ‘The world snake, Jormungand’ and ‘The hidden goddess, Hel’. The existence of these three will contribute to the cause of the prophecy, thus those three had been eliminated through a treatment that is suitable to them. In order to stop the assault from the Giant, the pawns had already been gathered. After all this had been done, the curse known as fate still remain the same, Odin grind his teeth.

“…… I will never accept this. My glory will never waver, things will not remain the same for eternity! I will surely change it. I will avoid it. My death prophecy which is known as… ‘Ragnarok’—“

Odin gripped Gungnir with force. The whole room shook from the shockwave of the god power that can make the universe prostrate, the throwing that contain the divine punishment pierced through the cave and the sky.

“—–I will surely destroy it with my own hand.”

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