Cross Connect Volume 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Game starts!

『 ——— 』

『 ———— Plea』

『 —————- Please help me. 』


I notice there was human’s voice.

Although I couldn’t hear it clearly but it was directed toward me , maybe I was just hallucinating.

「………Was it my imagination?」

Looking around the room, I didn’t see anything abnormal. Aside from my PC and notes on the study desk, a tidy bed, ( adult books covered up as ) school book, light novel and manga,… all kind of book was neatly placed on the shelves.

The atmosphere in the room was as usual. No sight of any Zashiki Warashi.

……… No, that was of course.

「So it was just my imagination. Am I that tired? I’m still that young, how pathetic.」

Haaa, really, after tiredly shrugged my shoulders, my hand grabbed the i-phone on the table. The thing was, the cause of my exhaustion was maybe because I hadn’t slept yesterday. Was hiring 50 manga in 3 break days is a huge failure.

「Nothing interesting…………….」

Opening my book app, I gave point and comment on the manga I read.

1 star, 2 stars, after finishing my harsh evaluation, I stretched my shoulders thinking of cleaning up the manga then ————– I noticed.

「Right, this much isn’t a record」

I piled them up into a high tower, the other day, after coming back from TSU-AYA, I immediately jumped into the world of isekai love-come manga I’d read. Hey, this one is quite good. I-I gave it 4 stars…

Touching the charging phone before. Lightly pushing the power button, I unlocked the 3 x 3 pattern.

Unlock…….. ?

「Oh man, that’s wrong」

Wrong action. I felt a little annoyed because my index drew the pattern wrong. The result it became a Z letter in the alphabet, this was completely wrong according to my settings.

Maaa, things like this could happen. Opening the lock wrong wouldn’t affect my mood anyways. Since the machine would asked to rewrite it so I looked into the screen before doing anything.

———–But, something strange happened.


The anime fan art suddenly distorted. The building in the middle was swallowed into a twist, the natural blue sky was also being swallow.

「O, oo,…….. !? What’s this. It’s not working」

Even though it was not a restrain but I was paralyzed by some kind of force, I couldn’t move even a finger…… I think I’m being sucked in? Being sucked in here? If so then to where? I stare into the changing screen and thought.


Should I say purposelessly, or——–

After a few moments, my consciousness was lost.

『……..————– Welcome』

Inside the dark space, suddenly a white line appeared, I didn’t recognized.

『Welcome new player』『Welcome to the underworld』


「 …………..」

After passing through the dark space, I hastily opened my eyes, for some reason I was in the park near my house but not in my room.

A deafening silenced atmosphere. Even though it was break day I didn’t see any family.

If you were asking where I was, I was standing next to a swing. Even I felt weird, I knew that but maybe it was me.

「If this is sleep walking then give me a break」

I spoke out to make the mood less tense——–even though I was feeling invaded.

What? That’s weird. Something must be mistaken. But I didn’t know what “that” was. In a blink of an eye, that irritating feeling came back.

My long hair suddenly touched my hand……….. Long, long hair?

Aaa, dammit. I didn’t understand anything. Just what is going on.

Deep inside my mind I heard someone calling, I tried to changed my line of thought. First I needed to collecting information. To explain this confusing scenario, in other words I needed to know what happened.

I looked around the park. ……. Just so I noticed a lot of strange things.

First of all, there was no one here. No matter how hard I looked there was no one.

Second my eyesight was strange too.

Although it was weird but it was shorter than I remembered.

「And third is this」

I tried to let my voice out.

It really was as I thought. Although there was no solid proof but it was not wrong. My voice had become that of a cute Bishōjo.

What was that, I mummer with a high tone girlish voice, and touch my neck.

「It was, extremely smooth……..」

To sum it all up———- I touched the back of my neck and found no swelling. And my arms were small and cute as stainless china ware, my hair was platinum color and almost stretch down to me waist.

Now matter how I think this was not a body of a high school boy.

This body was 2 times shorter, I tried to look down, and saw my big chest sticking out, also, beneath the frilled fluffing skirt was my cute small legs.

「…………… gotta be kidding me」

Without any intention of wanting to believe anything I guessed was right, I lifted the legs that was not my and left the park. There gotta be mirror here somewhere.

Where are you reality, comeback to me. If this is a dream then wake me up.

I deeply prayed, and my hand drew a cross, even though I was not christian. Finally I cam to see a mirror.



——-No words came out. It couldn’t come out.

The mirror reflected the image of my body……..because it was my reflection, so it was definitely couldn’t be wrong.

Even so, it was complete different from my original. I opened my eyes wide, surprised staring into the round mirror, no matter how hard I looked that wasn’t me, a 17 years old teenage, Tarumi Yuunagi.

She looked like a princess from a fairy tale, an unfamiliar beautiful girl.

「Wh——who is this」

Unable to process this mess, I twitched this (extremely cute) face while crouching on the ground with the legs ( which were slender and wrapped by the long skirt) a groaned, spilling curses.

———————After about 15 minutes.

Because of feeling too tired with this body, I reluctantly looked around.

Even though not knowing what would happen to this body, I needed to locate my current position. Walking from my home to here would be 3 minutes. Maybe trying to return home was a good idea.

Just that.

「Even if I returned there was no one there」

I let out a sigh, looked like I was getting used to this anime voice.

Being put in a place without any sight of people then anyone would be depressed right. Even though I said to look around but because I no longer wanted to suffer from this mysterious world anymore, I got to move. I wasn’t hoping it would bring any result. Yes, none at all.

There was no way I would suddenly find a girl appearing right.

「———-A, I found a cute girl. Nee, nee, want to join my party?」

A merry voice right next to me.

As my vision turned to that face, in the next second, my eye sight was casting into darkness.

「Ee ? Wa…………pu」

Breast. This overwhelming feeling, it was boob. Two big hills wrapped inside the uniform from were clutching my head. Yes, clutched……. Not good, my mind is becoming empty, I don’t understand anything that is happening. Even if I wanted to push her away but with this petite body it was impossible. Aa, it felt so good that my mind was about to melt. Ah no, I had to run away.

「Uwa ! SO CUTE !」

Despite my struggle and soundless mumuri, the red hair twintails girl started shaking. Without any hesitation, she held me with one hand, while the other played with me hair.

「Kuaaaa ! Looking at you this close makes you even cuter, why are you so cute! And this silky smooth hair, feels so good! Let me caress it! Can I eat it! Can I eat you?」

「St, stop………. A ! I can’t breathe, you fool」

「A, you have a badmouth. That’s no good? Because you’re this delicious, ah no, because you’re this cute. If you don’t know how to use it it’ll go to waste?」

「What? You, hey, do you know what you’re doing」

「Nihihi. ……….. A-W-E-S-O-M-E」


My ear was being blown into, I remembered the dangerous feeling when I was caught in that terrifying fire, I quickly escape her clutches.

……………… Are you kidding me ? She just placed her hand on my breast.

Being turn in a girl and then be assaulted by another girl, what’s happening to my life.

「What the, you’re harsh Haru-chin. Do you hate me that much ?」

「At the least I don’t like you. But…………. Haru-chin ? What do you mean」

「Hm ? Aa e-to, because your name is Kumoi Haruka, so I call you Haru-chin. I decide that just now————-A, do you not like people looking at your Player Status? Forgive me. Nihi, I and Haru-chin are friend right」

「Kumoi, Haruka………..?」

I repeat that name—————A name I totally didn’t heard of. My name is Tarumi Yuunagi not Kumoi something. Even so, the girl in front of my eyes called me that.

……………But, what I was more interested in was “Player Status”.

Player, that means someone was playing something. According to Japanese it could be actor, MC, musician or sport player. Everyone aimed at a device to re-watch like a CD.

But, from her words, I could make a more acute guess.

The only theory to explain this whole crazy situation.

Yes, even though I noticed it from the beginning but my sub-consciousness avoided it.

「 Game. …………. you mean this whole world is a game ?」

The girl was puzzled, staring at my stunned face.


「What, is this your first time here Haru-chin. You should say so first, you’re really unfriendly. I’ll gently lead you? Just like teaching? Also, this place is pretty isolated? C’mon, don’t be shy!」

This girl name was Himeyuri Nanase, the moment she knew I was a newbie, she licked her lips and came closer…….. By the way, that was no metaphor. She was really drooling. My instinct told me I needed to run away immediately.

Of course I got to run away.

This girl body had different in high compare to my original. Also the feeling of steps too, so if I got used to it I could run away————-And the result I ran away easily.

「You’re 100 years too young to run away from me ! Cast 《 Delay 》 ! 」


Right when I thought Himeyuri just mumbled something from behind, my body suddenly lost its strength. Even my running speed was slower. It was not like I couldn’t completely move but my body became strangely heavy. Even lifting my feet was hard, what’s the meaning of this.

Kuuuu, while I was fighting against the force of gavity…

「——Nihi, caught Haru-chin.」

Leisurely chasing, I was caught by Himeyuri.

She put her hand on her waist and pouted.

「Mou, Haru-chin. Refusing other’s good will is not good?」

「………Shut up, and what did you do to me. What is your purpose ?」

「You’re badmouthing again. Didn’t I tell you I’ll lead you. Haru-chin, this is just a game right ? Nihihi, I’ll teach you lots of thing.」

「I don’t need it. Let me go. —————-Damn, why can’t I move!」

「I TOLD YOU, because you don’t understand the game’s rule. Now, Haru-chin is a little hard headed? Or are you a slow poke? Are you far worse than me ?」


Nihihi, Himeyuri laugh was the same as a little devil, even though she looked cute, but it fit her. In other words, annoying.

But———-Even so, her words were a little convincing.


Although this world looked really like a real world but I still couldn’t believe this was “man-made”. If it was a game then, didn’t know the rule, and didn’t know the objective like the position I was in was really dangerous.

………Or ……. try to ask for her help ?


I shook my small neck, I denied that half ass idea.

In my mind, I just needed to nod obediently, maybe it would be the correct answer. But, I couldn’t ask Himeyuri to guide me.

Ah yes, a pessimist like me couldn’t possibly ask for help from a stranger.

To quickly get away from her, I tried to struggle and said.

「Let me go」

「Yooshi, let’s talk!」


This enthusiasm, like to intervene with people business because maybe seeing I was too pretty, moreover cute and clueless.

「Do you know the legend of Sphia city ? It’s very famous.」

The name Himeyuri just said was a very big famous company on the world.

Sphia Company. Founded 22 years ago, originally they were only a small game company with few engineers. Up till this point, they had become famous. Then it was just natural selection.

Though their talent was undeniable.

They were extraordinary, no, even more so——————They were “genius” like the devil.

Minimized game on iphone, three dimensional vision, full vision graphic, virtual reality ( VR ), method to simulating brain message, or an completely functional AI that could operate by itself………. Sphia was still developing and expanding in those fields, even saying that they were number one in the world was not wrong. They were called the “Magus”. About of of the technology that Sphia own, the physicians had refuse to explain about it.

There was a famous rumor about Sphia that was uploaded on the net.

That was————– Sphia was holding an “Ura-game”, an unknown, unofficial game.

Moreover, if you won, you would receive money enough to spend for the rest of your life, or immortality, a love one, in other words you can choose one wish.

Of course, there was no trust worthy rumor. After all it was only an “urban legend”.

Of course, Sphia was famous for their surprise tricks, they always did something nobody expected. That rumor had been going on for a long time without vanishing.

Until now, a lot of pointless rumor was still spreading through SNS and on fake announcement, on auction website they were debating about “what do you get when joining Ura-game“ like a very large sum of money. Even though those rumor was.

「A——–, Okay. Enough. So, this is that Ura-game?」

I cut in with an annoyed voice while Himeyuri was explaining (blah blah blah…) nonstop.

She kept clutching my head and pressed her nosed and mouth to my silver hair ,「It’s the true !」 ………… No, before that my body was feeling very strange. Like it was being attack from all fronts that I couldn’t defend, feeling like my mind was about to be blown away.

「Nihihi, your reaction was weak Haru-chin. Now let me love you ?」

「Don’t, don’t joke with me ! It was because of that skill that I, a-re.」

With an abandoning voice, I urged my legs and ran away.

…………I still couldn’t freely move, the proof was that my hands and legs were still weak, even though I didn’t know what skill that was but I had dispel it easily.

Himeyuri became suspicious, she said something while pouting.

「How unfortunate」

「What. …………. ah, not that.」

Even though I could move but the “heavy feeling” like eating away at my body was still there.

—————It had time count, maybe that was the most reasonable answer.

Just now Himeyuri used something like a spell in the game. Then I was stunned and captured. About I could break out of the restrain maybe because its effectiveness had loosened.

I tried to think a little.

Because I was a player just like Himeyuri then I should have some kind of skill. So this was the kind of game that used skill to defeat other player……… It was that kind of game?

If it was, then what was the condition for using skill? How to finished the game? Dammit, why isn’t there any guide. Even the procedure and how to play, I completely didn’t know of.

「………And the player」

Suddenly Himeyuri break the silence atmosphere.

I suddenly looked up. For some reason, Himeyuri was looking at me disdain while pushing her right hand. ……… Ah-no, she was pointing at the device on her right hand.

And on mine there was also something like that. Looked like it was covered by iron, its form was long with a little sparkle.

「Player will own 7 “ Card slot” in this device」

「Card slot ……..?」

「To put it simple it was like a card? To fulfill the winning condition, we have to collect all the cards by any means necessary. That’s the simple rule of Rule of casters」

「Wait, wait the minute. Don’t say anything anymore. Weight. House.」

I waved my hand and yelled.

It was not that I didn’t want to know more about this game. On the conversely I really really did want to know. But that was impossible. My heart was beating as rough as ever. My nature was like trying to warn me about the situation in front of my eyes.

「What is it」

Himeyuri pouted her lips as if everything became bored because of my intervention.

「Haru-chin if you don’t let me help I’ll get mad !」

「I told you………! From the beginning I have no intention of asking for your help. I’ll never do anything to make me indebted to other, also what if you make me do something 」

「Aaaa, are you perhaps doubt me? You’re cruel Haru-chin, do I look like a dangerous person. I don’t have any evil intention. ……. Ah.., wait? If we’re talking about raping then——– 」

「…………then ?」

「Your body is my target, just kidding」

「Ki-kidding my arse, move your boobs away」

「Itadakimasu ! A, delicious———- ! Oh my, how soft!」

「Soft——–, I don’t want to hear that from you!」

In the moment I looked down to evade that sweat talk, then with all my courage I looked up.

Not that, it couldn’t be!

「 ………….I don’t need to know why you approach me but. I don’t allow it」

「Ore? Ehh, no way Haru-chin is a Orekko ? Really ?」

「Ee ? A, A—–………… Watashi? Watashi, I’m not good at it. It’s to be vigilant.」

「Um ? Um——-………… like you are, embarrassing?」

「It’s just that I don’t trust people」

Aa, Himeyuri clapped her hand and happily said.

Not believing other. Was something to describe my personality, it was certain. Couldn’t believe in the good will of others. I could only thought, everyone around me, they were all evils, liars, they wanted to hurt and kill me. Therefore I never wanted to make a “close” relationship with anyone.

Ever since then ——————- Ever since that “game”, I’d always live like that.

Therefore, the “positive people” like Himeyuri were someone who I hated. Maybe she actually had good wills, wanting to show me lots of things. But who knows beneath that cute face what nasty secret was hidden.

Therefore I wanted to be alone, even so,…. I stared at Himeyuri with full vigilant.

「Gulp !」

As if shaking, she looked down and her shoulders were trembling.

I couldn’t see her face……………. Maybe she was going to laugh at my face.


A quiet atmosphere. Himeyuri still hadn’t look up. Because I was being impatient, I was about to say words like 「sorry」 and quickly get about from there———– But…

「So Cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.」

「……………Hah ?」

What just happened?

I screamed in surprise, Himeyuri’s eyes glowed up and she said.

「Cute ! So cute! Just like a princess in rebellion age, extremely cute! A, not good. I’m going to commit a sin. I’m going to die, what should I do. I want to lick you. I want to eat you.」

「What nonsense are you spouting !? From before to this moment !」

「Nihihi, about this, it’s something I couldn’t understand ! It’s love. Therefore, even if Haru-chin were against it, whatever you say I will definitely follow you. OK ?」

「WHY IS THAT! OK my arse !」

「Aa, Haru-chin wasn’t any obedient, you are so cute.」

「Dooooooooooooont hug meeeeeeeeeee !」

……………… this girl is a lost cause, I have to think of something quick.

Because it was my first time being hugged this tight, so I used all my strength to push that twintails girl away.


「…….. was the winning condition of ROC. By the way, ROC is short for Rule of casters not COC (Cthulhu)?」

Himeyuri jumped off the swing and said.

Her body was only higher than me a little but she could easily fly. Why looking at that figure, I input into my brain about “the rule of Ura-game” which I was forced to listen to by her.

ROC——————Rule of casters was an Ura-game held in a virtual reality space very similar to the real world. About this field, players called it the background world.

It had its own moving system.

People who had the players’ right would have “Special Action“ in the real world. It was known through ROC main computer and would be login in an abnormal way. If they passed the test, they would be transported to this world.

About my condition, it seemed the key was that i-phone pattern. Maybe I did that special action when someone log out and at the worst time was “there was only player left”. Anyways ROC had also delayed its system time, because an Ura-game must always have 100 participants.

And one more important information about the content of the game.

Seemed like it was just a simple “Use the card and complete the victory condition”.

And about the winning condition, first is to collect “5 key” and bring it to the place called the old temple.

Collect the “hidden treasure” a set of 5 cards appear before player, if you could hand them in without losing any of them you won. The point was the card fight.

Because in 100 players there was only one victor, therefore the fight would be intense.

The second condition was get the assistant from “The 4 Henchman of the King”.

The NPCs scattered in the area————–one of the game special point, this group of 4 people was appointed as the king’s henchman and were hiding somewhere. If you could find them, you could make them rebel.

Just finding them alone was hard enough, ROC had already been running for half a month and still no information about the other 2 characters.

And the third condition————-No, in the end the first two condition was only to link ton this one. Any of which, you just need to fulfill one of the three condition, in the end it was “Kill the princess”.

That was the winning condition, the goal of ROC in this Ura-game.


「So this “princess” …………… is what」

「Um, so you really do care. However, I don’t know」

「Don’t know ? Wasn’t it the winning condition?」

「Yes. Till now no one has found it. Unlike other condition, card, NPC or even players, everything wasn’t cleared……….. however, if someone found it then it was time to finish the game don’t you think? There for in here there’s only killing and scream “Eee”.」

「Ki-killing what, words like that………. don’t say it will you.」

「Haru-chin you’re pure, so cute. Ah no, this is a game right? Even if I say kill, it means depleting HP. Even if you’re game over in ROC, except “you can’t participate again” there’s no penalty, so you can completely be at ease. Right ?」

「A—————–Right. This is a game, a game. Right」

So you just need to aim for this “princess” in the winning condition.

After sorting those information in my head, I was about to ask for detail from the rules but…………I suddenly realized, the sun was about to set.

「………Oh damn」

Himeyuri said “Avatar could only be made one when starting the game. While logging in there was a part in the real world which said to move here”. If so, maybe in my room, the me which was staring at the phone before have “leave the body” literally. I hadn’t move in a few hours.

Suddenly I felt a little worry, it would be bad if my mom got so worry she called the ambulance.

I wanted to try returning to my body. Although, it wasn’t try to, I wanted to actually go back.


I called Himeyuri, she was on the swing.

「To come back to reality————-Is there anyways to log out? Even if participating in a game, I need to prepare carefully, it would be very bad if I don’t cover this up.」

「Log out ? Of course there is. It’s a normal spell called 《Return》」

「So how do I get it ?」

「If you want it surely then come to “Weapon Store” but………… Um—-, Right. Do you want to confirm the seven type cards? Every player own 7 beginner spell, maybe it was in there」

Try to look, try to look? While touching, caressing me, Himeyuri taught me how to use the gear.

Although, this was the most advance technology by Sphia.

Specially, no need to listen to detail instruction, I just touched it a little my finger print was passed, and the hologram screen appeared in front of me. There were “Detail Status”, “Card Slot”, “ID Book” v.v… Each icon was line up.

I quickly chose card slot and checked—————–however…

「……….A-re………….. ?」

Unknowingly, I let out my murmur in the puzzlement.

Card slot was opened. From left to right was <Enhance> <Feeling> <Move> <Retreat> , there were 4 slotted card. The other 3 slot on the right was empty. No card was added.


Did Himeyuri lie? But why would she lie to me?

Leaving aside that suspicion, I tried touching other.

ID Book, just as its name, looked like you could contact other player with it. And the condition was to touch or to get known. Right now, in my ID Book “Himeyuri Nanase” was registered.

And I continued with Detail Status. This was the direct number about the stats in game, and I let out my voice ——————-when I looked at the last line.

「? What is it ?」

Suddenly seeing my face became serious, Himeyuri asked……… No, no. Time like this I had to act like nothing happened.

I smiled to not show her my abnormality, I calmly shaking my head.

「A no………..<Return> came up right here so I was a little surprise. Just like this then I can return?」

「O, Haru-chin is a lucky girl. Um, yes. Just need to select it and click OK, then say『 Cast 《OO》』 with it equipped in the card slot. …………. Nihi, Next time you log in remember to call me? You must call me———–?」

「A——–. Maa, I’ll consider it.」

Maybe I wouldn’t meet her again, I answered her while I thought so, Himeyuri was happily waving her hand saying goodbye. Her scarlet twintails fluttering in the wind looked very kinky.

「——————Cast <Return>」

I cough in a small voice. ……. Himeyuri wasn’t someone bad but right now I didn’t have any intention to return.

If my login pattern was that iphone lock, I just needed to draw a Z on my phone, I’d end everything ROC related. I didn’t care anymore.

It just, seemed like something would still be linger in my head.

Why———— My Detail Status was opened in a blink. But even so, it was as if it had special power like Kumoi Haruka’s long hair (which was now me).

『 Player name: Kumoi Haruka

Stats: HP 1 – Attack 5 – Defense 5 – SPD 9

Special Position: “Princess” 』


The effect of <Return> was to completely push the player out of the game, after cast it without hesitation, in the next moment, I realized I was setting on the bench of the man made river, crying to myself.

「…………the heck is this」

I didn’t understand anything? I completely didn’t understand anything.

Even though I didn’t understand anything………. It seemed I’d return to my body. I used my thin arm to wipe away my tear, now even if I turned my head no hair would be stuck, more important, my chest was flat, not swell up.

This body was not Kumoi Haruka’s, it was Tarumi Yuunagi’s.

If so then this was really the real world. The bustling of the city, the sounds of cars and the school bell sound. There was no place that looked like inside ROC. Even though I was a man who didn’t trust man but, “this humanity atmosphere” helped me relieved a bit.

………….. Just that, there was one thing I was still wondering.

「Why is my current location different when log in. At least keep reserve people connate carefully, these fools !」

After cursing at ROC running system, I went home while feeling irritated.

—————-The next day.

「Nagi ? Nagi Hey !」

Having an annoying yell penetrated my ears, I reluctantly opened my ears.

While shaking my head to wake up, I looked at the watch. 7 hour 59 minutes AM………Quicker than my alarm one minute. It was not that now I didn’t want to sleep anymore. But later it would feel better to sleep in class later.

Though, this was the time I was being interfered without mercy.

「I’m coming, Nagi !」

The sound of door opening, a brunet hair girl in a familiar uniform walked in without hesitation. Staring at my lifeless state on the bed, she heaved a sigh “haa————-” and put her hand on her waist.

「Aa moo, as expected you’re still sleeping ! Nagi ! Wake up nagi Nagi ! I went to the trouble to make the 『 miso soup with……..Yukina’s scent 』for you 」

「…………what’s with that attitude, yelling first thing in the morning. It must be Yukina」

「Ba, baka ! I can’t believe this !? Every morning your beautiful childhood friend comes to wake you up, your childhood friend!? At least show something!? Like thank you or being grateful.」

「Appreciation or despair, or is that your nature」

「Stop questioning, you shameless one! Wake up quickly or you’ll be late for class. You’re being noticed by the teacher so be more careful, Nagi ?」


「Therefore don’t sleep anymore」

She came closer while nagging. Merciless, she snatched away the blanket I was covering.

I was about to nag at her but….

「Good morning, Nagi」

「…………A, good morning.」

Standing before the bed like mountain, she stared at me with a smile full of killing intent.

That smile. Her smile always looked like a blooming flower. Just like her name—————-Sasahara Yukina, she was my neighbor and my childhood friend, one who was always shining.

Height, bust, thigh and waist, all was at the level of super.

Her face was sweet and attractive, with an innocent look and big round eyes.

Also her brown shoulder length hair, soft as the wave.

Even if exposing that body (That ain’t gonna happen) that stunning appearance was still astounding. I heard she placed first in the beauty contest held every year in the school culture festival last year. And she was very friendly. Good at cooking, as if you could say, she had no bad point.

「Mou, change your cloth quickly. Even if you come late with me you’ll be scolded」

Yukina said while pouted her cheek, and she naturally opened my closet and prepare my uniform. A so familiar scene that I got bored of it, a typical childhood friend.

「 If you don’t want to be late then you could go first……… Say, if you want me to change my cloth then get out. Aren’t you the opposite sex」

「Eee, are you embarrassed with your panty being seen? I’ve seen it everyday」

「That not the problem !」

「A. W-wait a minute, Nagi !?————-Mou, you’d better be hurry!?」

Pushing her back out of my room, I got my peaceful time back.

I shook my sleepy head………. What to say, I knew Yukina was a good girl. No, I had to say she was one of the best, better than everyone in the world.

It’s just, to me who always stay away from other like me, no matter what I didn’t like anyone invading my space. I didn’t want to doubt Yukina’s goodness but now I didn’t have a choice

And now—————–

A strange sound coming from outside into the room made me remembered.

「Speaking of which. Nagi, are you home yesterday ?」


Immediately, I couldn’t answer.

「? Nagi ? Aaaa, did you go back to sleeping」

「Ah no, I’m not sleepy. I just yawned so I was slow to react. ……….Yesterday? Anything happened」

「Un, how to say it……….E-to, at around 3 PM ? I saw someone who looked like Nagi ran across my house. And was wearing home clothes, more over you were crying. So I got a little curious.」

「Around 3 PM…………」

Unable to react before those worth worrying words, I only murmured.

——————-When I logged in it was just before noon.

The time Yukina said I was surely in the game, in the meanwhile, my body in the real world had “my consciousness left my body so it couldn’t move”.

Of course, Himeyuri’s information was only half true 50:50.

The most possible explanation was “Tarumi Yuunagi” had not existed in this world at that time, moreover Yukina’s words matched with that statment.

Why was that. I asked myself. Why did I have to think about that thing? Whatever happened to that ROC didn’t matter, because I was done with it. I wouldn’t log in anymore. I denied it.

「………….Nagi ? So something really did happen, you seem strange today? If you not feeling well……」

While saying that, she gently knocked on the door “knock knock”, a very Yukina like action, I also couldn’t call for a break from school now.

While I was buttoning my shirt, I tried to say loud enough for the outside to listen.

「That’s not weird, you were bad. I’m okay. It’s true that I’m being noticed by the teacher, but I still come to school. ………. Moreover, the bad thing here isn’t my health, it’s your eyes. Or does your head have a problem.」

「What……….what did you say」

「You don’t understand? I hadn’t stepped out of my house the whole day yesterday. It was you, maybe you mistook me for the next door dog. Quickly go get your eyes check, baka」

「Ha, What nonsense are you saying! I’m pretty smart you know! I didn’t make a mistake, it was definitely Nagi!」

「Yare yare ( I smile wryly )」

「You meanie, don’t say it like you know everything! That’s enough, I’ll go first! I’ll eat all your breakfast! And leave only Broccoli for you !」

「You’ll get fat, miss school lady」

「Whatever! I don’t care!」

Leaving those angry words Yukina went downstairs. In the first floor, I could hear her giving greetings to me sleepy mother. By some kind of means, the chat became excited, and after that she would be waiting for me at the table.

Haaa, I yawned once more and continue to change my cloth.


Even though we knew each other for a long time but I still felt there was distance between between us, but could I say that now, we were walking side by side on the road to school.

And suddenly a voice resounded above my head.

「Really, you two always together———————–」

Saa, a soft landing sounds appeared behind us.

The one who jumped down from the tree in the park on my way to school was a gray girl.

「Yaa. Good morning you two. It’s rude to appear here everyday」

A happy voice. With hands in her hooded coat’s pockets as if forgetting she just jumped down from the tree. I couldn’t see her face. The face behind that hood always showed only half of it.

The range that I could see was from her mouth down.

And the name of this suspicious person was———–Ruri.

She was also a student from the same school as me and Yukina but I’d never seen her wearing uniform. As people usually called that a ghost student, frankly speaking she was an unemployed senpai, homeless (active neet)

「Good morning, Ruri-senpai. What taste is it today?」

After I greeted her by lightly bowed, I asked her straight. I called it taste but actually it was not a problem at all, just because I always saw her with a lollipop candy in her mouth.

「Mu? ………….You’re also interesting in what’s in my mouth. It’s just an old habit. 」

「Ah, it’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it」

「It’s sour. Today I ate grapes taste, here.」

She shrugged her shoulder and pull her mouth with two fingers “Aa”. She was right, inside that small mouth there was violet color…….. Although wasn’t that kinda erotic…senpai.

「It would be better if you don’t answer with your mouth」

「? If I don’t answer with my mouth what do I answer with?」

She just “aa” and did it again.

After I raised both of my hand surrendered she nodded satisfied. She gently pulled her hood and looked at Yukina, for some reasons she was pouting her cheek groaning “Mu”.

「You too, good morning. It’s good that you always look great.. Fufu, don’t look at me while pouting your cheeks」

「Ah, n-no Senpai ! Eto, eto, eto…….Right, you don’t go to school today, senpai ?」

「Um, school. Is there any event today? Like class being smashed by giant creatures, or we find out that half of school student is clone.」

「N-no !? Nothing, of the sort. Even afterward.」

「Fuu. Then today there’s nothing interesting」

「Of course」

Before the full of surprise words from Yukina, Senpai only smiled.

Was it interested, or not interested. Seemed like there was only  two options in how Senpai judge things, school would be the later. So she didn’t go to it, she said so before……….Even those determined words, I only knew that it was the behavior of an enigma.

Maa, because of that she was one of the few people I could talk with while letting my guard down.

「Then, Senpai. See you again」

While thinking deeply, I bowed and leave.

No………. To be correct I was planning on doing so.


There was a call from behind. Even though it was a calm, light voice but that whisper entered my ear clearly. I stopped by reflex. As if it was a chain reaction, Yukina walking next to me also stopped.

Before our eyes——————Senpai said while chewing the lollipop and averting her face.

「You’re okay with it ?」

Even though I had been called I didn’t understand her.

「………What do you mean ?」

I asked as if wanting to surrender. Immediately, Senpai shook her head.

「No, it’s okay if you don’t understand. It can’t be help. ……….. Right, do you know this though? Every event that happens in life, all is divided between two side」

「Hah…………I know about it somewhat. It’s divided between good and evil, and the other about closeness I don’t know if it was right or wrong 」

If it were Senpai, you didn’t divide it by your interest?

「Just as you say. But what I want to say is not it. It’s something even more simple. Something like this, everything in life, all can be categorize as “things you can redo” and “things that you can’t”」

Saying so Senpai repeat her words before—————『 You’re okay with it ? 』


I turned and look at Yukina, her face was saying she didn’t understand anything. Moreover, in order to avoid going to school late, she was pulling on my shirt. Seemed like she didn’t want to understand. As expected that question was directed toward me.


I wouldn’t think anymore. She said with a mysterious tone like a genius of sort.

「Can’t be helped, I don’t know……….. If so, then maybe the accused will be the one who’s most easily be shaken」

This time, I only said so and went to school.


The moment I walked into the class room, it was for a second, I felt like the atmosphere in class froze up.


After that, 30 people in class started talking again. The noisy atmosphere as normal in class had returned. Didn’t seem like they were looking at me. Was it self-awareness or not, just now I felt as if I was being drag out from the ring.

The thing that just happened couldn’t be my imagination.

Complete distrust in humanity. I didn’t befriend anyone. And didn’t get close to anyone. I doubted and deny all good will, I trust no one, that was my situation but somehow I wasn’t isolated.

However————-Seemed like people who couldn’t “read the atmosphere” were present in every class.

「Good morning everyone !」

Opening the slide door and greeted everyone with a smile, a normal action of Yukina as always. After happily smiling, talking, showing that friendly attitude with everyone, for some reason she walked to my seat.

Then with an angry face she knocked on my deck twice.

「Hey, just now why did you go first Nagi. I told you to wait for me !」

「……Hey, why do I have to wait for you at the toilet」

「A, what are you saying ! Every morning, I wait for Nagi right!」

「I told you not to call me. Hora, quickly go back to your seat. We came here just in time, you’ll be late otherwise」

「Fu—————-n. Nagi no baka」

As if she wanted to do it, Yuzuki murmured and stuck her tounge out, then she went back to her seat. Though, just walking for a few meters she was called 6 times. As expected of celebrity.

While being leered at by my childhood friend, I only said one thing.

「………Nosy girl. Doing unneeded thing」

Quietly sigh I wondered, maybe no one heard that.

About Yukina always stuck to me was because she wanted to do so. It was not wrong, because before she didn’t have that personality. After I became like this, Yukina also changed herself. No matter how much barrier I put up, she kept coming without any hesitation.

Now at this position it was safe for me to speak my voice.

————-If you keep this up people will have bad impression about you, didn’t I say so.

————-As long as Nagi had a good impression the rest I don’t care , she seriously said so angryly.


Finally, today I lifelessly sit on my seat, a normal high school life as always.

「Next, parsing log function, let’s solve it」

The student was listening to the lesson in a calm atmosphere of the math teacher.

I twist my pen to kill time and yawn the 10th time today. Because I was lacking sleep, and plus the teacher voice too, as if it was playing a unique rhythm to call up sleepiness. And suddenly, my sleep came without notice, my mind felt like it was floating somewhere.

「…………Ee ?」

While drifting between reality and dream, my vision was as if it reflected behind my eyelid and the black board. In just a moment, it was switch as easily as switching TV channel.

Out——outside. I tried to look out the big road near the mall in front of the station. There was no sight of human. Looked like a countryside city, here, the time at when there was no people could only be at midnight.

「Don’t tell me…………」

Having my mind strongly attacked, my vision slowly become lost.

………Aa, as expected. My clothes had become that fluffy dress. The cute chess stuck out through the clothes. And silky smooth skin. No, that ain’t what I mean.

Maybe this was the result of me logged in ROC.

「How the hell……….. I wasn’t supposed to be able to log in right now?」

I asked myself with that cute, high pitched girl voice.

The story was. In order to get into the game you have to fulfill the player log in condition, on the other hand if you did not you couldn’t log in.

My condition was to “draw a Z on the iphone lock.”

But I hadn’t touched my phone.

「Have I mistaken my log in condition? Is there more than that? Or…..……damn, maybe it was force log in? I’ve never heard of this. Then log out doesn’t have any meany」

I groaned in a small voice.

………the other time, I used 《 Return 》 without getting any information, because I escaped from this game I became very happy.

Although, if there was the possibility of force log in and flew to here without intention it would be a big deal. In order to《 Return 》 easily, or in return I had to cut the information source. That would be bad.

「Now………….. What should I do? Do I investigate about the force log in? If there’s no real life penalty, how about I kill myself? Or……….. are you kidding me, curse this game———-」

And then, over there.

Iiiiiiiiiiii, there was a strange sound that penetrate my ears.  Crossing my arms, I was lost in deep thoughts, suddenly I saw “something” flared up.

At the start it was as small as a bean, but then it got bigger. I tried to approach it.


Immediately it could run on the ground, that surprised me a lot.

This small body sent command to my brain faster than I expected, I dodged it with overwhelming reflex. Even though that action made my legs tremble. However, somehow I still could stand, I looked at the thing I didn’t even know what it was.

「……………Tch, the hell is that. Suddenly it could move」

Attacker. At least I could say that from my perspective, a man who didn’t look like he could be easily stopped was carrying the extremely big weapon that he just slammed on the ground, then he spited out “phew”.

There was no doubt………..It was another player.

Something I was hoping for. Even if my role as the “princess” was not expose, but as long as the nature of this ROC game which was “card fight” then a fight between players (PVP) definitely would happen. That I could understand.

——————-But, what was with that big sword.

I observe that weapon again. It was rather long but the handle was small, a strange sword with very big blade. I didn’t know much about sword but just looking I could feel its damage was high.

Actually,  the truck apron at the front of the station was cut in half with one swing.

「Ku, kukuku. You must be scared to death with that look. Right, right!」

Looking at me reaction, the man turned back and yelled, he carried that sword on his right shoulder to show off. That smile with the evil face showed that he was really strong.

「How strong is he—————–,  Ah no. Right.」

………Remember. ROC was a game that used card to fulfill the winning condition.

If so then in order to win I must decide. Most importantly, that “weapon” the man was using was some kind of card or not.

With HP and attacked counted by number like in ROC, the form of the weapon didn’t have any meaning. It looked dangerous but it could be a simple Attack up card. Therefore there was nothing to be afraid of.

「In that case!」

I ran back to keep my distance and activate my gear, immediately a light flicker on my right hand.

Yesterday, before logging out I had looked at the three remaining card 《 Enhance 》《 Feeling 》and《 Move 》. Even though there was no detail explanation but, through the kanji I could somewhat imagine their effects.

If so then I could retaliate—————–I just needed to know so, I open my card slot.


I opened my eye wide staring at it and stood motionless.

「What is this, you kidding me」

After being attacked by that sharp slash. I immediately rolled out of the attack range. My white arm scratched on the ground, I slowly feel the heat from friction ………… Does this kind of damage lowered my HP?  Although I didn’t know about it well but it would be bad to keep going on like this.

I entered vigilant mode, while trying to deal with that man I looked into the device.

The card in my card slot, the 3 card has change completely compared to my memories.

《 Synchronize 》《 Checking 》《 Speed 》 . Everything was different.

Was the card didn’t get saved when you log out? No, that couldn’t be. If so then until I completed the game I couldn’t return to the real world. But, if that was the case, why did it become like this.

「Fu…………that’s good」

「…………Ee ?」

Suddenly his voice came in between my thought, because I didn’t understand I let my voice out.

As if he was “enjoying this”, his laugh was filled with despicableness. Along with that dirty look. I felt that this guy was extremely dangerous, after that, he laughed in a way that sent chill to my spine.

「Kukuku, girl, you look good! I like it. That strong eyes are great, of course your look too. I’ll make you submit to me, kuku, kukuku ! It’s been a while since I rape a girl! Now then————-After tasting you, and serve you I’ll go away. Kuku, don’t worry? In game you can’t scream out loud」


I suppress the irritating feeling that was running across my body. That man was licking his lips while looking at me as if he wanted to rape this small body. I felt like he really wanted to.

Stop. Stoppp, what the heck is this, so creepy. Being raped by this guy I’d rather die.

He looked at me with despicable eyes—————-I couldn’t laugh, what a lowlife.

「Kukuku, 《 Delay 》 cast——————–」

「 Cast 《 Speed 》!」

Finishing his word, he used card with all his strength.

《 Speed 》. Even though I didn’t know its effect, but according to its name it was a spell to “increase the player SPD”. And 《 Delay 》was the reverse. It’d lower the opponent SPD, therefore Himeyuri caught me easily before.

If casting them at the same time the effect would be the same.

If at that time I successful dodge the attack was because of Kumoi Haruka’s “High SPD”, that was enough for me to run away——————–,

「Tch……………. the delicious prey escaped」

Seemed like he didn’t want to chase after me, that man didn’t want to use any more card or what.


I needed more information.

In order to prepare for further attack. That man attacked me didn’t because he knew I was the “princess”. Even though in ROC the primary target was “the princess”, but even till now no player knew who was the princess.

If so, ah no, because of that there’s a lot of PvP.

As long as no one knows who was the princess they could only fight each other.

In this case the lack of information would be a big problem. Maybe even the stupid Yukina couldn’t do anything. There was a lot “spell” and “weapon” that the man used, and the mysterious force log in, I needed to looked into it immediately.

「Au………….That bastard, he swing that thing without mercy.」

While holding the scratched elbow I groaned. Even though it was not a big wound but, red blood on the white skin was highlighted. And, when I looked at the device my HP was lower.


「My Hp was low to beginning with」

HP directly show on the green bar, it was not 40/50. Highest was 50, now it was 40. Meaning, only rolling I took 10 damge.

What about that slash? Wouldn’t it become like thousand?

「………As expected there I need to know a lot more」

The front screen was showed in front of me.

To be frank, after looking at the ID Book I couldn’t move my eyes from it. At least Himeyuri was someone who had more experience than me, also her behaviors told me that she was a gay (yuri). I’d have a mental wound. Although she was definitely a yuri.

「Yes, but……….. Right」

Even if there was up and down, the scale belonged to me, but I couldn’t bring myself to contact her. To be frank I was scared. Scared to get close to her.

While thinking so I use my finger, and all of my courage, to touch another Icon.


Immediately, there was a world map neatly in my eye sight——————It was a map. The scenario of this world ( playground ). It wasn’t as big as I thought, maybe at the size of a medium city.

……………Ah no.

It was not looked like, it was a complete replicate of Oue city.

「What is this. I remember all this scene」

I explained it with a wry smile. If I looked carefully, the unique river and countryside part, even the store, apartment, all was replicated.

If so then, don’t tell me.

With all my strength, I stared at the map looking for a blurry memory. If this was Oue city replication then surely it’d be there. Somewhere around here…………..Yoshi, here it is.

「Maa, even so there’s no use for it.」

Compare to sitting here doing nothing it would still be better, I had no one to talk to now, to the south I started running.


I didn’t make any mistake, after all ROC was still a game.

So, I just needed to think of it as “a game”.

Complete lack of information, at next attack of course I wouldn’t be able to defend myself—————-From the producer, of course that would be a bad idea, that was for sure. There was no player with fixed target. This game was simply had yet to complete.

Therefore, I’ll presume my target as school, police station or library……..… I listed all the place I could gather more information.

Then I walked to the nearest 3 location.

The newly built library in the center of Oue city. As I’d guessed, it had become the place to guide and give information for players.

「Don’t tell me it require money」

Why wondering I opened the door to the library.

If I could gather information from the librarian sitting in the reception it would be great, just that all she said was simple line like『 If you want that information you need the card with the same cost?』.

And with an extremely cold eyes.

If she wasn’t a beauty I’d complain a lot.

「Because she was a gentle beauty I can’t do nothing, dammit」

White pebble was spread on the square in front of the building.

By the way I returned the 《 Check 》card. It was a kind of spell you could looked at other’s player card with it. Compare to 《 Synchronize 》 it was rarer, but it was not the card that had much usefulness. Maa, anyway I’d decided.

「More importantly, looking for information is priority right now. Time is money.」

After saying a blatant true I focus my mind————————I wrote into my head about “the way of ROC that the glasses wearing beautiful librarian tell me.

・ About avatar, it will be automatically created when the player joined first time. About the clothes and appearance it will be a complete replicate of the player at the log in time, outside of that you cant change anything.

・ While logged in, your body in the real world will not function. On the other hand, when log out avatar will disappear from the playground. And you can’t attack player who are logging out.

・ Log in only happens when played complete the “special action” in the real world. The special condition was something set for each player, and there was only one for each player.

・ After re-loging your HP will recover completely.

・ Information about location will be connected to the real world. This background world is deployed with the same coordinate as Oue city in the real world, if you log in from location A in the real world you’ll appear at location A in game from the background world. However, because the body in the real world couldn’t move, no matter what you do, the log out position in the real world will always be position A. Also, you cant log in outside of the city.

・That is all the basic instruction, is there anything else you want to ask (smile coldly).

「…………If it was information from NPC it couldn’t be wrong. A, there’s one more thing」

Clutching my aching head with my hands I crouched down. Suddenly there was a sweat smell entering my nose, with reflexes I looked around. ………. No, from the start that smell came from me.

Because feeling weird, I clutch my knees ( head into my skirt ), for now I’d rest my back to the outside wall of the library, looking at the sky and lament

「More and more contradiction…..」

No—————I just reluctantly accept it, when logged in I couldn’t move, when logged out and logged in HP will be recovered, bla……..bla……..bla… I thought I accepted them.

However, what about the unchanging appearance between ROC and real life? Don’t tell me I was a silver hair Bishōjo from the start? With this dress?  How stupid, it was not like I was complacent, but no matter how I looked at it my body was of a normal high school guy. I didn’t have a hobby like wearing dress.

Moreover, the librarian never mentioned anything about force log in from ROC.

And what about guarantee connected location. Although her explanation was hard to understand, but in short I understood this world lied parawel with the real world. When log in, the world will be turn upside down, and you would appear in the the background world. Something like that.

However, it was the second time for me now, everytime I logged in I appeared at a different location from my real world.

「Because I’m the “Princess”………….. my role was different?」

Thinking about it couldn’t help but wondering to myself.

But, no matter how strange my position was the princess wasn’t different from a player. Even if it was “the about to be updated setting”, then the “Normal setting won’t be applied”, wouldn’t that be weird. Where was I wrong?


「Aa, dammit, not good. I don’t understand anything.」

Not just this cute appearance, I threw away everything aside and sighed tiredly.

Not enough. This source of information was not enough. If so I’d try and go see NPC at other failities. I needed to go to the “weapon store” Himeyuri mentioned.

Just that………. There was a lot more thing so I had to move back later.

Time’s over. Look, the watch outside library had reached 12 o’clock. No matter how pale my existence in class was, but if I just sitting there staring at my note in break time it would be weird.

「Sadly I don’t have 《 Return 》 here」

The only spell I had was《 Synchronize 》. I couldn’t return with this ……….. However.

「Go stealing, how is that ?  That sound goods」

It’d been away since my acumen was sharpened.

Opening the sealed memories in the pass, the scream in my heart was stronger than ever.

Yes. That was it, that was it—————Actually, I was pretty confident in this kind of game.


Leaving the library, I headed to the next location pinpointed on the map

While paying attention to the end of my skirt I ran quickly. Through the big road, I came to near the man made river next the city hall, there was a small light flickering at the middle of the big bridge.

According to the map I couldn’t be wrong——————It’s the floating point.

Floating point. To put it simple it’s was “A special location where you can take a card in certain time”. Waiting 30 minute in the effect range, you’d have a random card that was not own by anyone.

Yes, that meant—————–

「I’ll wait here!  Right here now, I’ll patiently wait and use praying tactic, hopefully 《 Retreat 》 will randomly appear」

————————-Of course that was not all.

In a place like this, 8 -9/10 chances I’d encounter other player.

Back to the business at hand. As I expected, near the floating point there was people figure there. 6, no, maybe 7 persons. Seemed like they were all aware of each other, all their hands were on the gear, ready to fight.


Trying to press myself down to not make any strange noise, I walked to the bridge.

In that moment, all the sharp glared was put on me. After recognize me as a girl, they didn’t care anymore. In fact, they seemed excited and crude. At least their defense were lowered.

I just like that crossing the bridge, ignoring all curiosity and hostility directed at me, my eyes glued to the floating point.


For a second I held my breath, their awareness were lowered, I silently twist my neck. If from here,《 Synchronize 》couldn’t reach anyone ……….hmm, let aim at the first guy.

After I nodded, I aimed at the man standing right next to me.

One more steps, just one more step, I gentle walked close to him

「Gulp !」

Right when our shadow joined each other, the man turned his head. Seemed like he realized since a bit before, his smiled with hostility. The sharp eyes, typical of a hunter. I got used to this body ROC, my instinct told me—————-This guy was trouble.

However, to me this was also something good thing. Yoshi, in that case, I can deal with him without acting innocent anymore.

「Cast 《 Synchronized 》 」

I activate the spell with a bell like voice.

“Choose another player in 10 meter diameter. Link all status between you and the player in a fix time span”. That was 《 Synchronize 》explanation. Used this card on yourself, and all stats, information and status would be sync by a same number. As the librarian said, linked stats would be dealt to the “lowest one”.

However, just so in its effect time.

………However, that was all of its effect. It was not a normal card you could use effectively. Compare to the more useful card like 《 Speed 》it was harder to use, generally speaking it was not something that had a lot of utility.

As expected, that man slighted me and let out a “Hm”.

「Really, 《 Synchronized 》? Distract the opponent first before casting the spell, you girl are a newbie in ROC right. Hm, I don’t mean it in a bad way, but don’t get in my way and go away, if you don’t have any card you don’t get game over, so don’t worry!」

「……….Fun. Nee, this is cast spell?」

「Haa?  It is no matter how you look at it. Its usage was too small. Collecting the enemy status and then what. Isn’t there a chance it would be lower right.」

「You’re right ………..I haven’t noticed that, fufu. Uncle, I didn’t think you know a lot about this game」

I tricked him with the full innocent tone.

Playing as a weak girl, if so I could make the enemy defense lower———————However, I worried too much. On his forehead countless vein was popping.

「Hooo………..Someone like me is not good ? Kid, don’t get too full of yourself!」

How lucky he was a hot head.

Spitting out those curses, he started jumping on the bridge handrail with quick step. Doing action like water flowing, he touched his gear and his weapon appeared. Two swords which was short as knives was flashing on his hands.

Ah no, there for I…..

「Uncle is really stupid. A——–no, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it」

I stepped back to avoid his stab and quickly run back from the way I went on the bridge.

In a certain time, all status will be “lowered” to sync with 《 Synchronize 》 . So I just need run around, while 《 Synchronize 》 was still effective his attack wouldn’t hit.

Moreover——————- I deliberately said so, and he still didn’t understand.

I still had something even more special than 《 Synchronize 》. Actually it was just a random product, so I have no reason to use it now.


While getting away from the bridge, I was dodging and going to the small road and spoke up. His distance was 5 met away from me. If talking about SPD, at my position I could get to him with one step.

It was lucky I had this small body, and it was the first time I thought so.

I used to hate this Bishōjo body.

「I’ll do you a favor and teach you something. Hey uncle. Your HP, you should check them more often?」

「HP what ? Hm, what are you trying to say. You were just running around without landing a hit on me————————— W-what !? You, what did you do to me」


「Gu, chiii !」

Suddenly the uncle became hot headed, I dodge all his punches.

Cant be help.  Because, the uncle’s HP was added to my status bar with 《 Synchronized 》 , therefore only remaining 40. And I could dodge all his punches easily even though I was just a weak little girl.

However, as long as I still PvP with him I wouldn’t gain anything.

「Dammit, remember my face, kid!」

He run back with strong stepped an got away. Unfortunately this was a game. Speed had nothing to do with kid or adult, our SPD was the same so running away from me was impossible.

In the middle of it, noticing I was chasing, he made an annoying face———————And casting that card, the card I hate the most.

「It’s annoying but there’s not other way…………..Cast《 Return 》」

His figure disappeared with the cast line. Becoming small particle, he disappeared completely from ROC world.

Looking at that scene, I celebrated my victory from the bottom of my heart.

As expected. He had it. Oh right, at around the floating point there would definitely be battles, people who were used to ROC didn’t have any reason to come near those unsafe point.

To prove my theory————————–My vision suddenly became dark.

「Lucky. If it doesn’t work I don’t know what would I do」

Feeling relieve, I heaved a sigh, and put my hand on my chest. “Soft soft”, …………. No, no. I didn’t do it intentionally. It wasn’t like I wanted to enjoy it or anything, ehem.

《 Synchronize 》 copy player status.

Looking at it that way it seemed normal, and hard to use, but its utility was diverse.

When linked “all status” would be link when we were in game.

A typical example would be HP. With the status HP=0 then, meaning status death it would be a status. Because it was linked, so just to use that card and the opponent “couldn’t kill you” anymore.

And one more thing, if talking about status then player status was most important.

It was log in status.

Meaning the player while log in, or not log in. Even that sort of information was linked. Therefore, when the opponent was affected by 《 Synchronize 》 if he logged out using 《 Return 》 that status would be copied and I could get out of this game.

That was the thing that would get me out of this world.

「More than that…………. 4 had passed」


「————–Hey Rikka. Did you see that ? Just now」

「Yes ! I saw. I saw everything」

「You’re noisy. If you speak that loud we’ll be expose」

「Eee !? You, you meanie !  A bit before aren’t you were the same! Because Kozuki-kun asked so I answered!  Kozuki-kun no baka!  Evil」

「I said you’re noisy……….A wait, we don’t need to go to the floating point but, this is an unexpected gain. Kumoi Haruka, right. Although I don’t know her, she’s good.」

「Ko, Kozuki-kun, don’t tell me you about to do that. You’re someone who talk like that !?」

「Right. I gotta go and confirm it」

「Give me a break ! Is-isn’t the one you’re looking for is boy!? And that person no matter how I look is a girl! Moreover, s-super cute !」

「A ? ………….. A———, is that so」

「Haaaaaaaaa, really, you’re a lost cause Kozuki-kun. Maa, you have a real beauty here you know, you’re really cold !? A that hurt, that hurt, Kozuki-kun !? 」

「You’ve been talking for a while Rikka. Don’t talk any more, shut up, useless. …………….. To me, the appearance doesn’t matter.」

「A………….that means ?」

「I told you——————I only want to prove I’m the strongest. I don’t care if Kumoi Haruka was the one I’m looking for. If I fought with the strong I’ll win. The rest is trivial.」

「………A, or do we fight both………… right, do your best. It’s about time.」

「Give me a hand」

「U, uh nya ! So we’ll do it!?  Kozuki-kun’s black hideout!!」



First of all why was it so dazzling.

Even if I covered my eyes I still couldn’t stand this burning light, I just closed my eyes and turned away. Immediately I felt a soft feeling on my cheek. What was this, this wasn’t my usual pillow. A soft elastic feeling, and even a sweat scent.

Just like a wonderful feast I opened my eyes.


———————–From this closet position, my eyes meet with Yukina.

「~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ !?  …………..Gulp !?」

Immediately, I screamed with a voice which I didn’t know if that was mine, I kept my distance with that paradise. However, because I just woke up, my legs still didn’t listen to me very well. So simply rolled on the ground awkwardly. Over there, finally I realized.

I’d returned to my body since gods know when. My body was also feeling different.


I needed to calm down and check the surrounding condition……………this was definitely the real world. On the roof of the school. The place consisted of only the fence and a water barrel.

On the sun blazing while ground, Yukina’s face was red, and for some reason she was sitting seiza.

「……………Hey. Can I ask you something」

「Wha-what is it ?  It’s rare for Nagi to ask me something. You should stop, the weather is nice don’t make it rain—————————」

「Why are you sitting in seiza」

「U………Um, A———, eto. Because ?  Don’t get mad ?…………….I was only giving Nagi a lap pillow」

「Lap, lap pillow.」

Incomprehensible. Since a while ago I was lost myself to Yukina’s thighs——————-There was no way I lost myself in that.

Why did it come to this, when I looked up, I saw Yukina flustered waving her hand explaining.

「N, no. I know Nagi doesn’t like it, but as a child hood friend I cant let Nagi alone here!? Right! Your sleeping face was also very cute too, very dangerous!  Also it was an emergency!」

「What are you talking about. And, from the beginning with why did you lead me to the rooftop?」

「He ?  Leading you…….. what are you saying? Just now when studying you suddenly stood up. And then ran out of class while crying. And finally we came to this」


「You, you don’t remember ?  Then I chased after you and asked 『 What happened ? 』 but you didn’t say anything, just sitting there and then slept?」

「………I, don’t remember」

Before my murmur, Yukina looked at me worrying.

———————–What the hell ?  My mind became chaotic.

Even though it was conflicted with the librarian words but when I logged in my body still moved? Moreover, it was action without meaning. If looking at Yukina reaction, didn’t the me at that time was conscious right.

In the moment I thought about it, it was just like thunder words in my head.


「Hyaa !?, W, what is it ? Why do you suddenly stood up」

「A no……….. sorry Yukina. Today please tell the teacher I got to go home. In short, you just saved me just now. A please get my note for me.」

「Wait, wait a minute Nagi!?——————–Don’t tell me you’re not gonna explain anything to me, you——–!」

Leaving aside Yukina anger words, I ran down with all my might.

There was something I gotta confirm. Ah, even though the first thing I should have done was to think about it. However, could I get any new idea? Or could I look into this abnormality?

「Haaa……………. !」

Jumped into class and broke that noisy atmosphere, I headed to my seat. The second place from the back next to the window. Exactly as I remember, on the desk was my math notebook.

In it definitely wrote integral formula, but now it had been neatly closed.


It was not strange that it was closed, but closed neatly like that was strange. In the middle of the book something was swelling up. Something was there, maybe it was the pen.

Aa—————–I opened that page and suddenly yelled.

The page crumbled as if it was sprinkled by water.

Was it because it was written over and over, or was it because the one who wrote it trembled as she wrote, the ink had become blurry.

The small letters were as if they were scratching at the heart of the reader, as if they were screaming in chaos and uneasiness, this couldn’t be a joke.

『Who are you. Can you save me?』

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