Valhalla no Bangohan Volume 5 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – The colour of the counterfeit concert

– To think that Freya-sama necklace, Brisingamen was cursed—

The next morning after the night of that shocking truth was reveal. Normally I would be delighted since today was the day of Freya-sama concert.

Despite of that… I welcomed the day with the feeling of uneasiness…. The moment when I heard the unbelievable word ‘curse’ that I hadn’t heard recently, I became gloomy right away.

“Mardoll-sama. Can you tell me more about the curse on Brisingamen?”

Since it was late yesterday, we planned to continue that tomorrow— which was today, but before we talked about that, we went through our usual daily routine normally. Despite of that, I was able to put this aside as we had returned back to my room after breakfast.

“Oh, it seems you’re quite fired up, Sei-chi. But please remain calm while listening to this. Since I am not good with explanation. So, please feel free to stop me if you have any question, Hildr-chi, you also.”

Mardoll-sama sat on the bed while Brynhildr-sama and I sat opposite of her. After we had literally settled ourselves down to focus on the talk, Mardoll-sama began her explanation.

“I will skip some details but let me said the most important thing first. The name of the curse that was casted on Freya-sama necklace was the … ‘Temptation spell’. That was how we, spellcaster, called it.”

“Temptation… spell…. Pardon me but Mardoll-sama, you’re a spellcaster?”

“Hildr-chi, to be precise, I was used to. I had already quit it for a long time but in the past, I was like one of those mallet user? The type that will attract attention immediately if a bad spell was cast.”

“Does that mean… were you aware of my ‘curse that murder its owner’?”

Once I enquiried her about that, Mardoll-sama looked at me with an obvious puzzled expression. Huh? She was not aware of it?

“I am referring to this.”

While saying that, I released my power that I hold back. After that, the black sediment started to ooze out from my body, and it formed a sinister tornado that was desiring for its target, owner.  

“What was this!? Ah~ this was bad, this was seriously bad! …hmm~ that’s right. This also seem like a kind of spell but to think that I was unable to sense this at all. In the first place, a curse was not something that can be controled voluntarily at all… I see, so it might be the same to the spell on the necklace.”

“Same? What do you mean by that? Are you saying that my curse had a bad influence on the spell on the necklace?”

“Yup… that’s logically correct. Hold it, I will explain about this later.”

After saying that, Mardoll-sama closed her eye and made a small groan. It seemed like she was arranging the sequence of the topic in her mind.

After a moment when she remained like that, Mardoll-sama opened her eye. With her mouth at the same time.

“Yesterday, I did mentioned about this right? That I stayed in ‘Asgard’ a few hundred years ago. …the me at that time, was before I called myself as Mardoll and Gullveig, I was not pretending to be a human also. I came to ‘Asgard’ as a full-fledge member of the Vanir tribe.”

“That’s mean you come from the Vanir tribe world… ‘Vanaheim’ was it?”

“Yes. I was sent here from ‘Vanaheim’ to form a relationship between the Aesir tribe and the Vanir tribe, in another word I come here as an ambassador. But at that time, the Chief God of the Aesir tribe, Odin seemed a bit impatient. I only realized it after that but it seemed that the reason of his impatient was…’old’.”

Old? Was it aging? Even though the Gods possessed the golden apple?

Brynhildr-sama answered my doubt when she realized it since I had tilted my head.

“Sei-san. Mardoll-sama was referring to an event from the ancient time. At that time, we had yet to obtain the golden apple. It was the time where… we only had the seed for the fruit.”

I see, I got it now. That meant that Odin at that time was impatient as he was worried about his body aging.

“Ah~… by the way, Sei-chi. How much did you know about the ‘Ymir hunt’?”

“‘Ymir hunt’? Ah, if that is the case, I had heard about this from Loki when he was testing my resurrection ability. If I am not mistaken, it’s a war for the golden apple between the Aesir tribe and the Giants, it is one of the world oldest war. Even though the Gods had won the war, they only obtained its seeds as the apple tree collapsed… Ah, that explains the seeds.”

Yesterday, there was a brief talk about Mardoll-sama being one of the contributor that caused the seeds to bear fruits but…

“Okay. Let’s move on while using that story as the foundation. As Odin was worried about his aging, he showed no interest at me who came as the ambassador. Well, that was where I had done this. I casted the ‘Temptation spell’ without any second thought. And that caused me, the golden goddess, to become his captive as he had become an existence that was obsessed with all the golden thing in this world.”

“Eh!? In another word, Odin-sama was affected by the same spell as Freya-sama necklace!?”

“Yes. But the target of the temptation was not the necklace. Putting that aside, the worthless gold sudden become valuable due to the desire of the Aesir tribe Chief God. Sometime as part of a trade, sometime as a compensation, which caused a spark of desire within a certain someone. There was a Chief right underneath a certain sea?”

The Chief that loves gold? Isn’t that… the king of the open sea (Aegir-sama)—!!

“Well, let’s put that aside. Due to the effect of the spell, I finally gotten Odin’s attention, then I went and showed him a certain special ability of mine since I got carried away. Now that I thought of it, it was a bad idea to do that.”

“A certain special ability? If you are talking about the special ability of the Golden Goddess then… Were you referring to your resurrection ability…!?”

“Weren’t you quite sharp, detective Sei-chi? That’s right, I died once in front of him.”

At the same time, Mardoll-sama used her thumb and drawn a horizontal line at her neck.

After that, she stiffened her expression and surrounded herself with the solemn presence that rivaled Odin-sama and… said this.

“That’s right—I am the Golden Goddess and also the ‘first’ of Vanir tribe, Gullveig. Listen properly? The first here was referring to the myth.”

“First… that was referring to the first Vanir God that was born right? In another word, you were unlike the normal God… and you are different from Freya-sama and Frey-sama?”

“Yup, I am different. The difference between me and them was like a queen ant and a working ant. Let’s see the first god… was the only one in this world with the immortal ability, which makes me a perfect god.”


A being that wouldn’t age nor die. So that was the first god. I see… that explained how she was able to maintain her youth despite being born in the same era as Odin-sama. I suspected that she was the same as those Giants who were born in the appearance of an adult.

“Of course, other than the Vanir tribe, the first god of the Aesir was also immortal. But that God, Buri had his ‘longevity’ stolen by Auðumbla which caused him to lose that ability. That was why, I was the only one who was special. Once Odin saw the possibility of longevity through my immortal ability, he captured and tied me on top of the seed. Then…then…”

After she had keep on talking right until there, Mardoll-sama placed her right hand on her left chest and breathe out. That messy breathing rhythm and the shivering shoulder. By looking at her appearance of suffering, I… had realized about it.

Loki once said this. Once I exposed the usefulness of my ‘Gullveig’ in front of an ill-intended person, I would become the second apple.

That was wrong… the second apple had already existed a long time ago.

That aforementioned was none other than… the Golden Goddess, Gullveig.

“After I was stab countless to death, the seed finally budded. By taking in the nutrient from my living blood. Because of that, I had experienced a mental breakdown and once I had recovered from that, the war between the Aesir and Vanir had started.”

“…” x2

Unbelievable… to think that Brynhildr-sama and I had come to know of a dark history.

Once I heard of this tragic news, I started having doubts… on whether it was a good thing to follow Odin-sama…. But if Odin-sama hadn’t committed such an inhuman act, the Aesir tribe wouldn’t be like how it was now…Argh…

“Ah, sorry. Since the main topic should be about the spell, but somehow it had changed into the story of my past self. By the way, there is no need for the two of you to be so concerned about it. Since it was my fault for showing him my special ability without thinking, so instead of being smart, I was quite stupid during my early time, and I had gotten over it already. Moreover, I had Odin to compensate me properly afterward, so there was no ill feeling between us already.”

“…okay. I can be at ease now after hearing that. So, that’s mean that we only have the golden apple and our current life… because of you, Mardoll-sama.”

“That’s right, Hildr-chi, you should thank me for it! …Ah~ but still… about the current matter on hand, it seems that it was completely my fault for the spell on the necklace”

Mardoll-sama scratched her cheek after showing a bitter expression as if she was beaten.

So that was the case. It seemed that the talk on the aforementioned spell was not over yet.

“Why was it Mardoll-sama fault?”

“Well, let’s me go to the bottom of the affair first. That Brisingamen… was without a doubt made by a Dwarf. I was unsured how Freya-sama obtained that but the main problem was that a spell was casted on the Dwarf made object…”

“? What do you mean by that?”

“In another word, the culprit who teach the Dwarf about the spell was… me. Teehee!”

Mardoll-sama showed an innocent smile while sticking out her tongue.

Huh? Wait, hold it, didn’t she just said something which couldn’t be treated as a joke?

In another word, the curse that was on Freya-sama necklace and me, was all casted by their creator. Moreover, the reason why the creator a.k.a. Dwarf was able to cast those curse was… all because of Mardoll-sama fault!?

“What have you done!!”

“No, that’s wrong! That was a mistake during Gullveig era! I am Mardoll now!”

“You only changed your name! Ah, don’t tell me… that you changed your name so that you can run away from your past mistakes….”

Mardoll-sama was surprised and started to shiver after I pointed that out. Ah, this meant that I had hit the bullseye. For God’s sake, what did you do to cause a spell cult to spread among the Dwarf?

“There… there was no other choice. I am aware that I was at fault too when I was killed continuously for the sake of the golden apple but unlike the current me, I hadn’t gotten over it immediately that time. Once I discovered that the Dwarf was treated harshly constantly by the Aesir tribe, I thought of teaching them on the method to get revenge…so”

Ah… okay. There was nothing we could say once you had said that…

“It… it’s fine, I do not blame Mardoll-sama at all. But something caught my attention. Why did the Dwarf creator of Freya-sama necklace, Brisingamen casted that cursed on it?”

Regardless of the reason, there was still room to consider this as an extenuating circumstance. After the kind Brynhildr-sama had forgiven Mardoll-sama crime, she raised a question.

It was true that that was something that was worth to be investigate. If I were to use my case as an example, then it meant that the Dwarf had a grudge against Freya-sama but…

“About that, I also have~ no idea about it. It’s quite unbelievable that Freya-sama had used a method to obtain that necklace that will cause the Dwarf to hate her. Moreover, the temptation spell was not the type of curse that was used toward a hate person.”

“That’s right, the temptation spell that was casted on the necklace, what effect does it possess?”

“Ah, so you are curious about that now? Well, based on the readable words… it’s the curse that charm the opposite sex. There was a few type but in this case, if the wearer is a guy, it will attract female and vice-versa. They will also be attracted to the necklace also. I don’t want to say this but Freya popularity as an idol was not because of her charm points only. I believe that the temptation spell was one of the factor also.”

While saying that, Mardoll-sama used her finger and draw the necklace in the sky. Was that so… even though Freya-sama didn’t realize about the spell, she would always wear it during her idol activities. That was how it helped her to increase her popularity in a natural manner.

But… I suddenly thought of this after hearing the conversation up until now. That was, I didn’t see any problems that could be caused by that temptation spell.

“Um… I understand that a curse was casted on Freya-sama necklace but was it really something bad? Up until now, the temptation spell had been working in favour of Freya-sama and I believe it will also do so in the future.”

After hearing my enquiry, Brynhildr-sama gave a small nod and replied me with a ‘That’s right’. On the other hand, Mardoll-sama immediately rejected it.

“That might be true for the ‘up until now’ part but the problem was the ‘future’ part. At the beginning of our conversation, didn’t we mention about this? That the spell on the necklace was different from what it should be. Sei-chi, this was all your fault.”

The spell underwent a change because of me…? Ah, I remembered it now. She did say that my curse had a bad influence toward the necklace.

“It seems you had remembered about it. Sei-chi, about the curse that was casted on you which murders it owner… to be frank among us, spellcaster, it is a taboo spell. Normally those type of powerful spell are known as ‘Seiðr’ but Sei-chi, your curse was a mixture between Seiðr and the rune.”

A mixture between Seiðr and the rune… a taboo curse. What the heck was that… did my creator, Andvari hate Odin-sama that much until he was willing to use such a dangerous spell…

“Since Seiðr was an original spell that was created from the caster, so only the caster himself know how to lift the curse which makes it a troublesome spell. But the most troublesome thing now was— the fact that spell on the necklace had become more powerful as it had resonance with your over powerful curse.”

“How could that…. Um… what will happen once the temptation spell had become more powerful?”

“Is there really a need to think about that? The effect that attract the opposite sex will become much stronger… in another word, once the concert start, the male audience will fallen into an extreme state of arousal and they will do this~ and that~ toward Freya. Oh, Hildr-chi! What were you thinking just now?”


“H… huh!? Um~, that was… ah, no… I didn’t!? I didn’t think about this~ or that~ or those~ at all!”

“Hold it, those~, it seems like you had add an additional category on your own. Ha ha, it seems like your imagination is much more creative than I thought.”

“”It…it’s not creative at all! I didn’t thought of that in the first place! I didn’t have a strange thought at all!”

Brynhildr-sama… no one asked wherever you have any ‘strange’ thought at all.

Well, putting that aside, I had understood the situation now.

If we didn’t do anything now, then Freya-sama would encounter an unspeakable crisis at the stage tonight.

I could only thought of two ideas… to prevent that right now.

“But, how about we just let the concert to continue as planned?”

This was my first idea. But the moment Mardoll-sama heard this, she immediately stopped making fun of the embarrassed Brynhildr-sama and pull a wry face.

“No. It’s a bit bad but I won’t allow that. That was because she held this concert for my sake right? So I don’t want it to be cancelled because of the spell that was spread by me~”

What, what was that, it sounded like a personal reason only… Were you saying that you going to be fine if your old friend was in danger because of that? Well, putting that aside… since there would be a lot of people who would seriously hate it if the concert was delayed and I did acknowledge that this was also not a good idea.

“Then my second idea. We have to request Freya-sama to conduct the concert without wearing the necklace. What do you think about this idea?”

“Um… about that, Sei-chi had you ever attended Freya-sama concert before?”

“Yes, what’s with that all of a sudden? Let me said this first, I am actually a pro in that okay?  Are you saying that you didn’t saw this ‘20180’ fan club number on this club card?”

While saying that, I took out my club card that gave off a gold shine from the drawer on the desk. After Mardoll-sama saw that number, she closed one of her eye in an extremely bored manner.

“What was with this? Even thought you announce that you are a pro, the number was not that young at all. Why exactly are you so proud of this printed card?”

“… It can’t be helped if you thought in that manner. Since Freya-sama had held countless concert a long time ago before I arrived in ‘Asgard’ so she already have tons of fans already. It’s a pity that no matter how much I struggled, I was unable to get a younger number…but! Please look carefully at this number! This was the proof of my love toward Freya-sama!!”

Just as I had instructed, Mardoll-sama and Brynhildr-sama stared at my club card together. Then, they had realized it. The true meaning that was hidden in the valueless number.

“! Hold it, this is… ‘20180’ (Freya love)!? Sei-san, are you telling me that you were aiming at this number!?”

(2 can be pronounce as ‘fu’(old Japanese) or ‘ni’, 0 as ‘re’ or ‘rabu’(in tennis context), I as ‘ichi’ or ‘I’ and 8 as ‘ya’. Put it together you will get ‘Fureiya rabu’ = ‘Freya love’)

“Hehe… that’s right.”

As expected of her keen insight, I was amazed that you were able to realize it, Brynhildr-sama. Do you know how much suffering I had gone through in order to obtain this number…? Ah, just think about it made me want to praise my past self.

“Hey~ I am actually quite astonished. I am able to grasp about your overwhelming passion now. But… I actually want to direct my question to that Sei-chi.”

After realizing how passionate I am, Mardoll-sama gave a sigh, and asked me this with her eye close.

“You have full knowledge about her concert right. On the songs. On the dance. And also… her costumes. Right?”


The moment I heard that, I received an impact in my heart as if I was struck by lightning.

That’s… that’s right. How could I forgot about that!

Freya-sama performance during the concert had always ended perfectly and magnificently no matter what. Her effort and talent weren’t the only contribution for that. The makeup that boosted her charm, the cute idol costume and also located at her plump breast, the bright—Brisingamen (the ultimate necklace) also contributed to it!

“…My eye was wide open now, Mardoll-sama. There must not be any compromise for the concert of the super idol, Freya-sama. Since I… had the duty to protect her at the cost of my life!”

That was the answer that I, Saehrimnir with the fan club number of ‘20180’ thought of.

Freya-sama, please wait for it. I’d definitely make that concert a success!

Even thought it was a good thing for me to get fired up… but I hadn’t even thought of anything to achieve that. Brynhildr-sama continued the conversation when she noticed I went into thinking mode immediate after I was motivated.

“Mardoll-sama. I would like to give my suggestion?”

“Oh? What was it? Just said it, Hildr-chi! There was no need for any constraint!”

“Um… Mardoll-sama, you did mention that the taboo that was casted on Sei-san can only be lifted by its creator right? On the other hand, for a normal curse… in another word anyone can undo the temptation spell. Was my interpretation correct?”

Oh, that was a good point! As expected of Brynhildr-sama.

“That’s the gist of it. It’s not like anyone is able to do that but you’re right, I believe that I am able to undo that. That’s right, if it was me.”

Mardoll-sama repeated that twice as if she was putting emphasized on it as it was something important. Come on, if it could be undo that easily, then there was no need for us to worry about anything at all.

Then, while I was in high expectation, a single additional remark had caused a drop in my high expectation.

“But it’s a bit late for that now. In order to undo the temptation spell, three days and nights was necessary. But the concert was today. Do you understand… what I am trying to say?”

Okay… I got it without any further explanation. That meant, we had to think of another way to protect Freya-sama…which was something that was needless to say.

If that was the case, what other choice did we have? For example, we could make preparation to subdue the berserk male audience… but that was not good at all. That was because if the audience were to become berserk, it wouldn’t ended as a disturbance during the concert. It would be pointless if everyone weren’t able to enjoy the concert safely.

Damn it… I couldn’t think of anything. This was the most difficult task that I had encountered, what should I do…

“—there was a way.”

Then, a clear voice reach my ear. I immediately recognized it was Brynhildr-sama without a need to look.

“There was a way. Sei-san… we will have to rely on your ability.”

“My… ability?”

It seemed that my ability was necessary for Brynhildr-sama prideful secret plan. I wondered what exactly was she referring to…? She continued on, for the sake of both Mardoll-sama and I who had tilted our head.

“I am referring to your transformation, into Brisingamen. If it’s your rune of mannaz that was able to transform to Fenrir, Gullinkambi and even my Sacred Weapon… I believe that this was not an impossible act at all.”

Those bright eyes that were full of confidence and trust pierce through me.

That was right…! Even though it was about me, why didn’t I thought of that?

After all, the rune of mannaz was the rune of harmonize. Moreover, my true nature, the curse ring, Andvaranaut possessed a very strong harmonize ability.

Hadn’t I managed to pull out a few transformation that no one was able to imitate while utilizing that ability unconsciously? I was pretty sure I was  able to transform into the legendary Brisingamen…!

“What were you talking about? Sei-chi, were you saying that you were able to transform into that? Weren’t you amazing! If you were able to do that, we can just switch the real one before the concert and return it back after the curse was undone, this was the best solution! It’s a perfect plan if we were to pull this off secretly!”

After understanding Brynhildr-sama plan, Mardoll-sama started to jump on the bed while raising both her hand toward the sky. It was true that was the only solution that we had. But… we had to be quite detailed on our preparation.

“Before that, there was something that I must inform both of you first.”

“? Hmm… what’s the matter?”

“Even though my rune of mannaz was special, it’s not perfect at all. I had realized about this after I was aware of my true nature but the reason why I was able to transform into Fenrir and Gullinkambi, was because I had achieved a certain level of bonds with them.”

“That’s mean… Sei-san, you were able to obtain the foundation to ‘become’ them right?”

I gave an affirmative nod toward Brynhildr-sama explanation.

If I were to say it in a more precise manner, for Fenrir and Gullinkambi case— I gained the foundation when I was able to fulfil their ‘desire’.

For Fenrir, it was when I took out the sword from his mouth while for Gullinkambi, it was when I was able to took one of its feather, those were the desires that I had fulfilled.  Then, after a certain amount of harmony had built up inside of me, a certain definition inside of me would be overwritten which caused me to be able to transform into them.

To be frank, the reason why I was able to transform into Brynhildr-sama Sacred Weapon was because I had already know in detailed about it. During the time when I was still a ring, since my owner was the great hero Sigurd, I was able to see a bit of the moment when her Sacred Weapon was destroyed. I even saw the cross section of the shield clearly. Moreover, I was only able to transform into her Sacred Weapon as that memory was buried somewhere in my brain.

“What I’m trying to say was that I need to the real Brisingamen in detailed first before I am able to transform into it. In another word… I need some time to harmonize with the necklace by observing it when we were switching it…”

“I see. In order to avoid Freya-sama from noticing this, you need us to buy you some time is it? Understood! Please leave it to my sisters and me for that matter!”

Oh! This was quite reassuring since I was able to get help from the nine Valkyrie sisters.

It was just that… the Valkyries were supporting Freya-sama from the shadow as usual since they would be the staffs before the concert start, once it started they would be the background dancer instead. Since each of their work spot had already been determined, it’d be quite difficult for them to act freely.

“Now the only problem left was who will steal it and how…”

Based on what we had saw yesterday, the necklace was being safeguard at the inner room of the mansion. I believed that the door wouldn’t open unless magic power was pour in from both of Freya-sama hand. Thus, it would be a bad move if we were to infiltrate it recklessly.

In that case, we could only do the switching after she went and retrieve the necklace herself. A few minutes was more than enough. Our only opportunity to steal it was when she was separated from the necklace.

The only person who was able make use of that opportunity was—

“Hey Sei, how are you? Huh, what was going in? To think that the first thing I saw after I came back in a while was you having two girl in your room, it seems that you were quite popular as usual.”

At that moment, my partner had come at a perfect timing.

“Loki! You’re back!”

“Ah? Well ya, I just came back today. By the way, it’s a bit troubling if you look at me with those bright eyes. I just return for a short moment as I am unable to produce any result.”

After Loki stopped me when I approached him unconsciously, he scratched his cheek in a sad manner. I see, as expected it seemed that he was unable to locate Andvari at all…

But, let’s just put that aside for now. I wanted to recommend Loki for this since he had come back now.

“Hey Loki, help us in stealing Freya-sama necklace!”

“Huh? I have no idea what were you talking about. Why do you want to do that?”

It was expected for Loki to be bewildered by this. I tried to explain the situation to him in the simplest, easiest and fastest manner.

“Ah… Okay, I understand about the situation now. It seems that there was various problem at this side also. Well, since Gullveig had come back, I doubt things will be peaceful at all…”

“What are you saying, Loki-kun. You are saying as if I am a trouble maker. Moreover, currently I am Mardoll instead of Gullveig, so I hope you remember that!”

“Okay, okay, I understand, Mardoll-san the trouble maker.”

Mardoll-sama was complaining to me with her eyes as if she was asking permission to punch Loki while pointing at him who was shrugging his shoulder. Both Brynhildr-sama and I swinged our head sideways together and anticipating for Loki’s reply.

“There was no choice. Since I am back into a corner on Andvari case, let me help you out before I get to punch him. Moreover, I am suited in doing these type of dirty job. That was because I had once stolen Brisingamen before.”

Just when I thought that he gave us his prompt reply, he went and made an unbelievable confession at the same time!

“How did you manage to steal it that time?”

“I just infiltrated the room normally and then stole it from her bedside when she was sleeping. It seems like after that, she had tightened the security to safeguard it.”

“So, it’s all Loki’s fault that our difficulty had increased tremendously!”

For God’s sake, regardless of the situation, why did you went and do that…

Despite of that, I believed that he was the most suitable candidate for this mission as he knew the escape route clearly based on his past experience.

Okay… all the members had gathered. I was pretty sure that we were ready for this plan as everything was planned accordingly. The only thing left was the resolution.

When the atmosphere in the room had become tense, the proposer for this plan, Brynhildr-sama leaned over and hold out her right hand. The back of her hand overlapped with my right front leg and on top of that was the right hand from the high spirited Mardoll-sama. After looking at that, Loki placed his right hand on top reluctantly.

“Let’s do our best so that Freya-sama concert will be a success! ‘Brisingamen switching’ plan will now commence!!”

“Yea~!”x2 “O..oh.”

There was only one person among us who couldn’t read the mood. But our goals should be the same.

Okay, let’s go! Toward ‘Fólkvangr’ where Freya-sama was preparing for her upcoming concert!

We had arrived at our destination just approximately at the time where morning and night was split nicely in half. Now, I would like to reorganize the various information including the content of our plan this time.

First was the detail of the venue for Freya-sama concert.

The concert stage was set up at the ‘Great Temple of Ida Weld’ which was close to my parent house and the most sacred location in ‘Asgard’. The Aesir tribe would usually use that as their meeting hall when something drastic occur.

This was the fourth time that I had attended her concert after I had come to ‘Asgard’. Based on my continuous participation without missing any single one, it seemed that the concert was always held there. Well, after I had experienced her concert for the first time, I was determined to go anywhere just for the sake of obtaining that feeling.

Next was the starting time of the concert.

That had already set in stone as her concert always start as soon as the sunset. Freya-sama would use her own room in ‘Fólkvangr’ as her dressing room moment before the starting time. After that, by using the fastest stead in the world, Sleipnir, she’d always descended down to the stage like a shooting star in the starry night.

Despite of that, I thought of doing a rehearsal for the plan this time… but there was one thing. Actually we were requiring to undergo the mission secretly this time so Freya-sama must not be aware of it. That was because, we wanted her to perform at her concert without having any fear. Thus, she must not know about the spell on the necklace nor the necklace switching plan. Let’s start our rehearsal with that in mind.

Just before the sunset and immediate before she’d head toward the venue at the Great Temple, she’d then head toward the storage in the inner room to retrieve Brisingamen to wear it. Our plan would start after that had happened.

First, we had to think of a way to separate the necklace from Freya-sama. Not only did we have to separate them, we also had to keep her to be stuck at another location. It might seem easy but this was actually the most troublesome part. The one who was responsible for this difficult task was the nine Valkyrie sisters.

Right after that, it’d be my turn. During the time when the Valkyrie attracted Freya-sama attention, Loki and I would infiltrate the dressing room to observe Brisingamen. Then, I needed to learn the transformation as quickly as possible and it’d end once I was able to transform into it.

Lastly, Loki who was overseeing it would escape with the real necklace. Afterward, Loki must go through the hassle of descending to the human realm ‘Midgard’. That was because the curse on the necklace would take three days and nights to undo and it also need to be done while being submerged in the sea.

Then after the spell was undone, Brisingamen would be returned back to her…

Since we’d be returning it to her after the concert had ended, so there was no need for us to do it secretly. We could just return it back to her upfront after explaining the situation to her.

So that was the full detail for our plan this time. It was a difficult plan but I was sure we’d be fine. Since I had faith in everyone here.

“(…can you hear me…can you hear me…Sei-san…it’s Brynhildr…)”

And at that time, I was able to hear the voice of my beloved out of nowhere.

“(Right now… I am…talking directly… to your heart…)”

“Yes, I am able to hear you clearly, Brynhildr-sama. Was this the aforementioned item that utilizes the power of the rune of ‘rad’ that you mentioned before the mission?”

That’s right—I was currently using both of my front legs to hold the stone that was carved with the rune of rad. As long as magic power was inserted into the stone, it enabled me to communicate with the Valkyries who were holding the same stone.

“(That’s right… right now… Freya-sama… had took out Brisingamen from the storage… and… she was heading toward you… so had you… done with the preparation…?)”

“Yes, we had already position ourselves at the ceiling of Freya-sama room. Loki had gotten quite enthuse and impatient now.”

“I’st not like I am enthuse at all, okay? I am having difficulty in breathing as it was narrow here.”

While muttering that, Loki started to be aware of his squirming position. Unlike me who was in my boar form, it was actually quite difficult to remain here for a long time.

“(Ah—Sei, did you hear this? We are in front of the room already, so I want you to behave yourself.)”

“Huh, Siegrune-sama? I didn’t know that Siegrune-sama was able to talk normally at all.”

“(Huh? Anyone was able to talk normally. That happens because Hildr-nee-san was playing around only.)”

“(I’m… I’m sorry, I just wanted to create the suitable atmosphere for this only…)”

Come on~ to think that Brynhildr-sama was so playful at time like this. Weren’t you so adorable?

“(For God’s sake… I hope you can stop playing around and focus on the task at hand…)”

Oh, this proud manner of speaking was Gerhi-sama. Somehow I was able to guess that based on the voice and tone without a need to look at her face.


“Okay~, we had arrived at the dressing room!”

Ah, someone had enter the room! I was able to see it faintly from the peeking hole, the person was… Freya-sama in her Idol mode!

The side ponytail hair style as she always tied her hair on her right, together with the white and green bustier style dress and the lace up long boots, it seemed like she was planning to perform in that gallant yet mature casual appearance. Of course, her favourite necklace, Brisingamen was hanging on her exposed chest.

“Hey, Brynhildr, how long do we have until the sun set?”

“We still have quite some time, Freya-sama. I predict that we have around an hour before the sun set.”

“Hm. Then, how was Mardoll? Had she heading toward the venue?”

“Mardoll-sama was quite excited for Freya-sama concert so he had headed to the venue earlier than expected. Please rest assured as Schwerte was acting as her escort. I believe that she was probably having a quarrel with Odin-sama for the front seat right now.”

Odin-sama… I hoped you can have more awareness of your own position…

Putting that aside, to think that Schwerte-sama was acting as her escort. I acknowledged that she was quite a skilled swordsman as she had proclaim that she was a master of the zero sword style but… since she had a serious personality, I hoped that she wouldn’t get carried away by the freewheeling Mardoll-sama.

“(Ah, Nee-sama, something grave had happened! The quarrel for the front seat had started, Mardoll-sama was biting Odin-sama…ah! She had stolen my sword now! Even Odin-sama had gotten serious and took out his Gungnir! Nee-sama, who should I protect!?)”

Wait, hold it, to think that we would receive the frightful news from Schwerte-sama that fast!?

“(Of course, you will assist both of them.)”

“(What… no, roger. I— this was time for me to test my skill as a swordsman! Let’s—)”

Our communication with her had suddenly ended. I am concerned about the situation over there and her safety but… let’s just believe in her. That was the only thing that we can do for now.

“What happen? Brynhildr. Did anything happen?”

“No, everything is fine.”

Brynhildr-sama waved both of her hand in front of her panic face. Then she looked toward Gerhi-sama at the same time. Hold it… it seemed that the tactic to separate her had started.

“Huh? Well, this is bad, Freya-sama, it seems your costume was a bit loose around your neck… let’s head next door for me to fix it immediate.”

“Eh, next door? Can’t it be done at the dressing room?”

“I’m sorry. The concert today was special as we had invited Mardoll-sama as our guest, so we had removed all dangerous object from the surrounding so that Freya-sama was able to do her best. Thus, not a single scissor nor needle could be found in the dressing room, I hope you’ll understand.”

“Okay. Since the Brisingamen will be a bother while you are fixing the neck part of your costume, so can you entrust me with it for this short moment?”

“EH~, I don’t want it. I am pretty sure that Helmwige, you will go and sell it right away as soon as I leave it to you.”

“Even I won’t go and do such thing!?”

What the heck was this? It seemed that Helmwige had not achieve the necessary level of friendship to be entrusted with that. This was an obvious mistake in the role selection… I wondered how they would fix this problem.

“Then, can you entrust it to me who was the eldest here?”

“Hm~ Brynhildr is it~ but you can be quite careless sometime~”

“Aha, then let Onee-san take care of it~ I will look after it pro-per-ly!”

“Ah, I can be at ease if it Waltraute. Then, I will leave it to you.”

While saying that, Freya-sama handed the necklace right away. Oh, they had done it. But since it ended like this, Brynhildr-sama…ah!? She was biting her handkerchief while crying! Moreover, she was writing the word ‘but’ on the ground! I wanted to go and comfort her right away but I need to hold back as we are in the midst of a plan…!

Even though we had encounter with a misfortune event, we were able to retrieve the necklace safely. While taking into account that everyone except Waltraute-sama, who was in charge of guarding it, had left the room, Loki and I came down from the ceiling.

“Thank you for your help, Waltraute-sama.”

“Oh, you can thank her later. Let’s just borrow it since we are running out of time.”

While I was thanking her, Loki immediate took the necklace from her hand. After that, he immediately handed it over to me so that I cpuld start observing it.

“Fu fu, it seems quite exciting as if we are spies. I always welcome for these type of interesting plan~”

“Come on, weren’t you quite happy. I hope your sisters were doing their jobs properly.”

“I wonder~? Do you want me to start a secret communication so that you’ll be able to know what they were doing~?”

While smiling continuously, Waltraute-sama touched the rad stone on her palm. Then, we were able to hear the conversation of the others that went to the next door.

“(Hey, Gerhilde~, aren’t we done yet~?)”

This was… the sound was a bit distant but it sounded like Freya-sama voice. It seemed that we were able to hear it faintly from someone rad stone.

“(Soon, we are finishing. Since there was no replacement for the stage costume, thus failure was not an option at all. That’s why I have to be very careful~…)”

Ah, somehow Gerhi-sama was purposely delaying the fixing. That was good, please keep it up.

“(If it was the usual you. You should be able to finish it right away. Is there any chance that… your speed had drop?)”

“(I am being slow…? I am doing it slowly!? That’s not a joke at all!! It will only take me one second to fix these type of matter! There, it’s done!)”

She went and done it~! Why did you do that, Gerhi-sama! I knew that you were obsessed with being fast, but there were time where you needed to resist it….

“(For God’s sake, what had that idiot done? Forget it, let me handle this.)”

Hm, this voice belonged to Helmwige-sama. How exactly would she buy us time?

“(Freya-sama. There was something that I am concerned about up until now…. don’t you think that the concert costume this time is a bit too revealing?)”

“(Is that so? Well, even though Mardoll had come to see it, it’s true that the design had become a bit too grand…)”

“(Yup. Then, how about wearing this knee sock? So, let’s take off that high lace boots first.)”

Good job! You had done a good job, Helmwige-sama! Since the boots that Freya-sama was wearing this time require quite some time to take it off and wear it. I believed this had bought us quite some time.

“(Can you help me to take it off? Gerhilde.)”


“(Why did you went and took it off in an instant, you fool!)”

…. Somehow it seemed that Gerhi-sama had totally forgotten her mission. I needed to keep in mind that she might interfere with our future mission.

“(Hm… it seemed there was no other choice. Somehow, it seemed like it Linde and our turn now.)”

“(That… that’s right! Since…since this had happen, it’s time for us to execute that plan!)”

Oh, it seemed like it the tag team, which were Ortlinde-sama and Grimgerde-sama, turn to do something. It seemed like I can have a high expectation of their mission to stall time!

“(Freya-sama, to be frank, we had just receive a bad news.)”

“(Eh… what happen?)”

“(It seemed that someone had poisoned our borrowed transportation, Sleipnir.)”

Hmm? Hold it, somehow I had quite a bad feeling about this…. I actually knew a person who would even willing to poison my disciple in a calm manner, just for the sake of the mission. This person usually called herself ‘Linde’.

“(Po… why did someone do that!? Was Sleipnir alright?)”

“(Please wait for a moment! I… I just sent my servant, Wan-chan to check up on him…eh? He said ‘This was nothing, I will surely finish this job even at the cost of my life!’? Hm… you’re quite stubborn Sleipnir. Ok…okay, please deal the final strike as practice early!)”

Could anyone stop the two of them right away!! What the heck was with that plan, how many sacrifice was needed just for this ‘necklace switching’ plan!

“(Somehow~ it seemed that all of you were acting strange for a while now…. Hey, everyone, were you hiding something from me?)”

! This was bad, it seemed that Freya-sama had started to realize that we were planning something. Well, we had already expected that this would happen but…

“(Sei… Sei-kun, can you hear me? There was nothing we can do now… please prepare on your escape route.)”

“(Hey, Rossweisse, who are you talking with? I had a feeling that you mentioned something about escape just now?)”

“(Eh…um…um… Ah, my stomach hurt all of a sudden.)”

“(Oh, you had a stomach ache? But, are you feeling nauseated? If that was the case, Rossweisse, please head to the sink right away, don’t worry, I won’t be angry.)”

“(Oh, sorry Freya-sama… actually… actually…)”

Ah… it seemed like it difficult for Weisse to remain a secret. Since she was a good child in the first place.

Sigh, it seemed that this was the end. Since I still required some time before I was able to learn the method to transform into it. It seemed that we have no choice but to explain it to her properly while hoping for the best….

“(…Sigh~ I can’t believe this at all. Aren’t all of you seem a bit absentminded at time like this?)”

At that moment—a mutter that made fun of the sisters could be heard. Actually, Siegrune-sama, had you forgotten about the losses that you had suffered up until now?

Well, even though I said that, I was still quite interest in it. It seemed like she had a secret plan that was quite different from everyone else based on her tone. Let’s see how was it? Siegrune-sama.

“(Shh! Everyone be quiet. Right now, I am able to hear something coming from the dressing room next door.)”

“(Eh!! Wait, how about my Brisingamen? What was Waltraute doing?)”

“(I don’t know…. Let me go and check on it, so please don’t move away from here until I’m back.)”

A few seconds after we heard that conversation—

“Okay. I am pretty sure that Freya-sama won’t come here for now.”

While showing her skilled smirk, the current MVP had arrived at the dressing room.

“I was shock~ Rune-chan, you’re amazing.”

“Fu fu fu~, shouldn’t this be a simple matter that anyone was able to do? Did you saw this! This was my true potential, I was just feeling unwell for the previous attempts. What do you think, Sei? I don’t mind if you had a different perception toward me now?”

While being shrouded be the aura of asking to be praised, Siegrune-sama puffed up her chest and put her hand on the waist.  No… there was nothing else for me to say. I had suffered a total defeat, no, let’s cheer.

“To be honest… I had always look down on you up until now. But I knew that the true Siegrune-sama was a fantastic and talented person. You have my earnest respect.”

Normally, it would seem just like a prideful act if someone like me praised her. But I only told her my honest opinion. Which were the things that I had planned to told her in the first place.

Well, I doubted that anyone would be happy if they got praised by an insignificant boar like me but…


….huh!? Siegrune-sama seem…!

“What, what is it! It’s not like I’m happy okay!!”

Congratulation! Siegrune-sama had just ran out of the dressing room!

Huh… I shouldn’t be happy about this at all!? I am pretty sure that she would ran back to the next door!? Why would you do this when I had gotten a better image of you! If this was the case, I wished that you were able to be competent until the end!

“! It… it’s here, this feeling…! Loki! I am able to transform into Brisingamen now!”

“What a good timing! Okay, let’s try it out right away, I will escape after I had make sure of it!”

After Loki had retrieved the Brisingamen, he immediately slip back to the ceiling. Then, in order to show Loki, who only revealed his face, the expected result, I activated my rune of mannaz in a hurry.

[—…Okay, I’m done. How is it? Had I become it properly?]

“Hm~… it’s perfect! I become jealous without a second thought once I look at your perfection. Then, I leave everything to you now. Good luck.”

After Loki wished me that, his presence slowly fade away, instead I was able to sense the presence of multiple people approaching. The one who enter after opening the door forcefully was Freya-sama who was the leader of the panic Valkyrie sister.

“Hmm~…? Huh, there was nothing here. Hey, Waltraute, did anything weird happen?”

“Weird~? I would immediately shout if anything happened, but I had just remained here obediently as nothing had happened~”

“…is that so. That’s right. I wonder what happened, since I had become a bit nervous. Ah~, this’s not good, I won’t be able to perform properly if this persist! I need to concentrate!”

Freya-sama slapped both her cheek so that she was able to make herself energetic. After that, she immediately took Brisingamen (me) from Waltraute-sama.

Whoa, that single moment of nervous—. Unfortunately, that moment really lasted for a moment only.

Freya-sama immediately put on the fake Brisingamen, which was me, without any doubt. Then, Waltraute-sama showed a thumbs up secretly to her sister in order to inform on the success of the mission.

After they knew that, the Valkyries exposed their delighted expression which they were supposed to hide. But I was sure that no one could beat me in term of happiness. Actually I just only realized about this after I had transform into Brisingamen…

The current me—was located on top of the God of Idol, Freya-sama breast—

“Ah!? Huh, somehow I just felt some warmth from Brisingamen but… that’s impossible.”

Oops, this was bad. It seemed that there was some influence even if I was in the necklace form from my body temperature that was increased due to the excitement. Sigh… even though I looked like the real thing based on the appearance, I was still a fake in the end. I needed to act like a gentleman now.

Even though I said that… after I had received the cold stare from eight person, my boiling blood had calmed down.

“It seems like it almost time. Then, everyone! Let’s do our best for the concert! One~ Two~ Three!”

Let’s Harvest!!” x9

After shouting out the usual slogan, one Super Idol and eight Valkyries rush out of the dressing room. Oh yeah, I was also tagging along.

Here we go! To the concert venue, ‘The Great Temple of Ida Weld” that was filled with the wild enthusiasm!

…Moreover, I was quite interested in the fight between Odin-sama and Mardoll-sama…also.

Sleipnir who became well after taking the antidote was soaring across the sky that was slowly becoming dark. A few metres behind of him was the Valkyries who were soaring in a horizontal line. Normally, I was only able to see this, ‘Idol flying squad’ from the audience seat but— to think that I was able to experience this closer than anyone else.

I had lost sight of the time and the surrounding while I was being overwhelmed by that feeling.

Right now, they had arrived at the top of the venue without any problem. The audience who was waiting for the arrival of their Idol was giving off cheers to the God they had yet to see while waiting for the concert to start.

After closing her eye, Freya-sama was tremblingly slightly while being bath in the enthusiasm. Then, at the same time when she gave off a deep breathe, she grab hold of me who had become Brisingamen.

“Okay… it seems I still get nervous no matter what. But, this feeling… I don’t hate it at all!”

The way she encourage herself with those confidence words were her style to heighten her concentration.

While showing that ultimate smile of her, she suddenly open her eye widely.

“I will be counting on you! My ally!”




Huh… hold it, just now… huh, did I just… got kissed by Freya-sama! Ah~ I wonder what this was, even though the sun had set, the sky still look so bright…

“Hmm? I had a feeling that Brisingamen talked just now… that’s impossible.”

That right, it was just your wild delusion. I was pretty sure that this was also a wild delusion, the matter where Brynhildr-sama was staring at me with a frightful expression from the back due to some reason.

Okay— it was time for the main event now even though I wanted to escape from reality. It was time for the super concert!

“At that time, a mysterious light had descended in ‘The Great Temple of Ida Weld’…”

Freya-sama assembled those word with the rod shape device that was carved with the rune of ‘uruz’. Her voice which was increased due to the device had guided the audience to look toward the sky at the same time.

“Ah, who is that—!” x2

“Who—! I wonder who that was—!” x2

“That is… Freya-chan! Oh!”

At the same time when she announce herself, she took a dive from Sleipnir. Despite doing a somersault that was on par with an athlete, she still landed right at the centre of the stage.

“Hello, vegetables~! Are you prepared to be harvested★~!?”

“We’re readyyyyyyyy!!”x2

“The person at back, I hope you are able to see me~!”

“Thank youuuuuuu!!” x2

“Ok~ay! Then, let start right away~~!!”

After using Freya-sama shout as the signal, the music started. I had been wondering about this but… I wondered where this music came from and how was it was broadcast. Well, I was pretty sure most of it was from the runic magic, so there was  no need to think about this.

“Yea! That’s good, chan-Fre, you are dazzling~!!”

Ah! That person who was waving both hands desperately at the front row was… Mardoll-sama! Then, that meant the one who lost in the battle for the front row was Odin-sama? Speaking of that, I didn’t see Schwerte-sama anywhere at all… was she at the infirmary…?

“Yea! Everyone together~!”

Without even realizing it, we had enter the second song and the Valkyries who were waiting on the sky suddenly descended. Then, they became the backstage dancer while causing the feather storm on the stage.

(Oh, that person was…)

In that moment, I realized something since I was up on the stage as the necklace. I saw the appearance of the silver boar, Hildi who watching from the side of the stage.

“Freya-sama… your smile… was dazzling.”

That was a gentle gaze toward her master who was enjoying the concert. She was more like a producer than a manager. That was the feeling that I got even though I was not sure about the difference.

“It’s time to step up now~!! Everyone! Embrace it! Until the end of the world!”

Oh~, it’s time for the third song! You have no idea about this introduction!? Of course, I knew! This was the synonym for Freya-sama ‘I will harvest your heart★’!

“Are your~ fruit~ still~ unripe~~. Even though~ I am~ this~ ripe~”

Oh! I was full of excitement!  And the breast was the best! Since this was a fast pace song, each of her step causee me to touch her breast!

(Damn! Just when I was saying that, I got stuck at her cleavage!)

Someone please save me… no, I don’t mind with this at all. Do ignore me.

After this and that, both the concert and I was at its peak now.

But, this was strange… I was not sure whether was it because of the excitement or the fact that I was stuck at the cleavage, I felt like it a bit suffocating now. Hold it, did I even need to breathe in the first time when I was in the necklace mode?

(Wait, hold it…? No, that’s wrong! I am not suffocating due to the excitement nor that fact I mam stuck at the cleavage!)

Just when I thought of the true identity of the cause— I suddenly remember the cold feel from my spine.

(This symptoms… were the signal that I’m ‘running out of magic power’!)

Why? Why did this happen? Did I got too absorb in the concert until I made a mistake on the distribution? Putting that aside, it was not good if this persists. If my transformation were to undone here, not only Freya-sama, there would be a havoc among the audience. This would also ruined the concert. I needed to find a way to maintain my transformation…!

I used my guts and determination to resist the suffering due to the depletion of the magic power in the midst of my vague consciousness.

H…ha… this was the only thought I had. To think that I was wishing for this concert to end as soon as possible even though I was looking forward to it.

‘Fortune and misfortune come in turns’. To think that Gods were really listening to us. Argh…

Before I realized it, Freya-sama had finished all the songs in her track list.

Everything went smoothly until the encore and the concert had ended with a great success. Then— at the backstage.

“Rudi-cha~n, did you saw it!? The concert this time was~ the best!”

Freya-sama walked toward her manager, who had seen everything from the start until the end, without a sign of fatigue. Her manager, Hildi, who had done various tasks from the stage management until the sale of the ticket, bursted out in tear.

“Yes! It… It was… It really was the great performance! As if it was the best concert!”

“He he, thank you, Rudi-chan. Rudi-chan, everything went as usual for your manager duty right? Wouldn’t it be better if you settle with a single personality as I am pretty sure that you are not pretending to be hardworking while being a manager?”

“Pretending… Freya-sama, um… you had realized my true personality!?”

“Of course~ I realize it. How long do you think we had been together?”

“That’s right—…. Well, I believe that it’s good to a variety so I will switch between that two frequently. Since I am confidence in controlling the personality.”

“Somehow… your way of thinking was quite similar to Mardoll instead of me…”

The conversation between the two become lively as if they didn’t want the excitement from the concert to wear off.

In the midst of that, after Brynhildr-sama and the others were done leading the audience to the exit, they had arrived at the backstage together with Mardoll-sama.

“Fr~ei~ya~! Your concert was the best!! If I had to understate it, you were the best of the best! What would happen if I were to say it in an exaggerated manner? So, what would you do?”

Whoa, Mardoll-sama, you were a bit annoying there. But we understood about your deep emotion.

But… but! I hoped you can take off the necklace when you were flirting. No more… I’m sorry but…I’m already… at my limit…!

“Wah! *Breathe* *Breathe*, I’m beat…”

The thing that appeared from Freya-sama cleavage was—a single boar.

It was me, nice to meet you.

“Eh… huh? Why was Sei-chan here? Huh? It’s gone… where’s my necklace?”

Without being able to comprehend on the situation, the one who was enquiring in the tremble tone was none another than Freya-sama.

But no one answered her question. What present was the usual silence only.

“Sei-chan, where’s my necklace? Eh… what’s this, everyone was aware of this? Is that why all of you remain silent? Hey, can anyone… tell me what was going on!?”

The silence atmosphere slowly caused Freya-sama to panic.

This was bad, she would only be more pitiful if everyone remain silence. There was no choice since it had been exposed, we should be honest—

“Hold it. I know the whereabouts of Brisingamen.”

Eh? What, this low tone voice… don’t tell me…!

“Heimdall-sama! Um… what did you know!?”

That right, it was Heimdall-sama. Why was the watchman for the rainbow bridge ‘Bifröst’ doing here?

Everyone was showing an extra big question mark, while Freya-sama fixated her sight on Heimdall-sama when he answered.

“The person who took Freya-sama golden necklace, Brisingamen was—“

…he was unable to remain silence.

If it was possible, the true that we wanted to hide had… reached the owner ear too quick.

“—the God of Trickster, Loki.”

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