Cross Connect


Author: Kuou Haruki

Illustrator: Konomi


The『 Legendary Ura-game 』, which was held before, was cleared completed by Tarumi Yuunagi, a boy who deeply defy humanity. Although he had become a normal high school boy, but an accident made him join a new game, in a role of a princess and「 being targeted by 100 other participants」 . Also Harukaze, the real『 Princess』 in game was body-swapped with Yuunagi in real life. More and more unwanted things happened, changing Yuunagi normal day life.

Not also that, Yuunagi knew that the death of the 『Princess』 in game also means Harukaze would die, in order to not let that happens he had to finish the game without making any mistake.

The ultra real game starting from switching———

「 We will finish it perfectly」

Volume 1: Finishing this game with the complete switching of Tarumi Yuunagi



Chapter 1: Game Starts

Chapter 2: The Swap

Chapter 3: Malicious Intent

Chapter 4: Turning Point

Chapter 5: Only One


Volume 2: Completing this game with the complete swap of Cyberbrain Shinki – Suzuka


Prologue: Invitation

Chapter 1: Will you participate in SSR

Chapter 2: The Reluctant Swapping

Chapter 3: The things which were hidden

Chapter 4: Secret Plan and Decision


Volume 3: Completing the game with the complete rejection of switching of cyberbrain shinki —Comos


Prologue: The bell of the end quietly rings afar

3 Responses to Cross Connect

  1. Kaito_Meitantei Channel says:

    genre please


  2. NarutoLyoko says:

    Why did Cross Connect get dropped?


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