Valhalla no Ban Gohan Volume 2 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Color of the Men Lunch Party

“Chef Head! The canapé is ready to be served!”

“Thanks for the helps! Let’s see…. The preparation for the hors d’oeuvre is done, the soup is almost ready to be served…… Okay, Sei-kun! It’s almost time for the preparation of the main dish!”


The place where the world most delicious meal is provided and the world largest kitchen, ‘Valhalla Kitchen’, as usual it’s another busy day during dinner time.

Since the kitchen is an annex to the palace in Valhalla, the people came here are always the same. They are the heroes which are also known as ‘Einherjars’ who trained themselves to prepare for the upcoming doomsday, ‘Ragnarok’. The total number of Einherjars is more than two hundred thousand!

Well, even though this facility provides free service and the sale counts doesn’t matter, it’s not like there won’t be rewards to the employee as we have to struggle every single day to serve the two hundred thousand amount of guests.

It’s a fierce fight every single day….. In a way, we were also battling. That’s right, we can also be considered as ‘Einherjars’. But…….

“Let’s see, it seems the temperature for the pot is just right! It’s your time to shine again tonight, ‘the Einherjars boar’ Sæhrímnir-kun.”

After hearing the voice of the Chef Head, both the staffs in the kitchen and the hall as if waiting for him to say that, turned their attentions toward me.

That’s right…… let me be frank with you, I the dark brown boar who’s known as Sæhrímnir was also an Einherjars. I am the only one out of the Einherjars who I thought was only selected from human, the world first Einherjars boar, which was appointed by Lord Odin himself.

“Okay~ prepare to be amazed! The main dish for tonight will be complete in a second!”

After displaying my cheerful appearance, once again I stepped on the chopping board which is also known as the jumping board.


After I stepped on it, it reminded me. Let’s have a short meditation, it would be nice to calculate the perfect timing to jump off……


“Kyaaa Hoooooooot!!”

Even a pig will climb up to a tree when cheered up[1], even a boar will fall into the pot when cheered up.

I’m the finish touch for the main dish of ‘Valhalla Kitchen’ who had become an Einherjars recently, it seem that no matter how much I struggle I am still a ……. ‘Meal’ after all.



“——– I had revived! Sæhrímnir, had just come back from the death!”

“Oh, welcome back and thanks for the hard work! You did another good job today, Sei-san!”

It seem like no one was longer surprise at the fact that I was revived next to the pot. Well, that’s a given since this situation is something regular in ‘Valhalla Kitchen’ due to the fact that I have repeated this action for a long time already.

But this isn’t something that should be made light of. Let’s not forgot the achievement of the magic pot which the content won’t decrease during night time, ‘Eldhrimnir’. Due to this special feature of the pot and my revival ability, it causes me to become a meal every night where I die from being cook.

I named my revival ability ‘Gullveig’, it’s is a special ability that even managed to surprise Lord Odin as ‘after I die, when the sun set, a new body will be formed as if I return from the death’. Well, recently this is no longer an ability that belong only to me. This is because those Einherjars who keep training every day in ‘Valhalla’ had also obtain this ability.

After that, the view on ‘Gullveig’ had changed, since it had become a basic skill for the Einherjars. Then, it seems that regardless of the designation, doesn’t it mean that I’m also one of the Einherjars? Well, that seems to be right in a way.

But Lord Odin informed that I am a ‘Special’ Einherjars when compare to the others. Although it something that I can hardly believe……. Up until now I did not accomplish anything until the accident that happened a few days ago.

———— ‘The incident on the attempt to collapse the World Tree’.

The culprit of that incident was the evil dragon that stays at the realm of the death, ‘Helheim’, after I defeated him which caused him to turn over a new leaf. Of course, it’s not like I only relied on my own power to defeat it. After that, I became a famous person that is known by everyone as the hero who saved the destruction of the world from the unheard danger. …….Well, my position as the meal still remains the same.

But that’s not a problem to me. Since I can still have contact with the nine sisters of the Valkyrie who will come to ‘Valhalla’ to serve mead to those Einherjars that come during the night.

While I was saying this, the Valkyrie-sama had arrived as well for tonight.

“Brynhildr-sama! Glad you could make it today! “

“Sei-san! Thank for you hard work. Is the preparation for the meal done?”

“Yes! The preparation had just finish. Well, my work for today was completed, um…..  Is it okay for me to watch Brynhildr-sama works for a short while? I will definitely not get in your way!”

“Haha, of course you can. Furthermore, it seems Sei-san working enthusiasm hadn’t declined at all. Other than your own work, you still cpme and observe our work every day while taking down memo…… it’s something amazing!”

“Ah, it’s not that….. Well I want to try learn everything!”

Haha…… the memo that I took down is something different, I’m actually doing ‘Brynhildr-sama observation diary’…. I’m actually making memo on Brynhildr-sama cute attitudes and expressions that only appear when she’s working, this is an article that I cannot let the person herself see no matter what. …Wait for a moment, doesn’t it sound like I’m a stalker?

“What’s the matter? Sei, are you making a memo on our works? Can you let me check whether you had written down any unnecessary things?”

“Hiii! Stop, please stop Gerhil-sama! Don’t be so rough with it!”

“What is happening? Your panicking seems so suspicious. Gerhil-nee-san, let’s me have a look at the memo pad too.”

Argh! Even Siegrune-sama wants to have a look at it! It’s already useless when only a single person involved, but it had become something impossible when the 2nd sister and the 7th sister team up together. It’s over… time to say goodbye to my youth…..

“Hey, dear sisters! Sei-kun was seriously depressing now! Please pity him!”

At that moment, a kind saving hand appeared beside me. She is wearing a pure white armor with two attracting bright red pigtails, and is the 9th sister, Rossweisse-sama.

Picture 2

“That right, Gerhilde and Siegrune, both of your manners are unacceptable. You embarrass me as the Elder sister. Why don’t both of you try to learn some of Rossweisse’s kindness?”

“Argh…… I’m very sorry, Sei. I was just trying to make the atmosphere merrier though……”

*staring intensely* “It, it’s my bad. Furthermore, I… I’m just joking around. It’s not like I seriously want to see it. You….. You won’t hate me for that, right?”

“Please be at ease, I do care for you. It’s impossible for me to hate both of you because of something like this.”

“Is that so…. It, it’s not like I want to know what you think about us! Goodbye!”

Siegrune-sama left the place angrily, I’m not sure whether she’s clever or just a clumsy person. Before this I wasn’t so close to these two, but due to a recent opportunity, I’m quite close to both of them now, this close distance is a bit troublesome but it’s not that bad either.

“Thank you so much, Brynhildr-sama. Thank you Rossweisse-sama.”

“You’re welcome! I just happen to pass by only! See you, Sei-kun. Feel free to talk to me if you have any problem!”

After giving a bow, she left the place by hopping like a bunny, what an energetic way of walking for Rossweisse-sama.

“……If I had to say…. She looks like a puppy….”

“Yup~ as my younger sister, she is becoming cuter…..”

While being immersed in our prideful feeling, Brynhildr-sama and I smiled broadly until we reached our limit. Yes, when that child is in trouble, I will try my best to try to help her even if she doesn’t want it.

“…..Ah, oh no! I am sorry, Heizu-chan! That I let you to transport the mead on your own!”

Brynhildr-sama who fell down and suddenly came back to her senses, shouted while hurried over to the pantry. From my observation, I saw Heizu was pulling a cart loaded with buckets.

Heiðrún who joined at the same time as me also known as Heizu and she is the pink young goat in charge of the alcohol. But anyone who saw this can understand that, she is not suitable for labor type of work…… if we only based on her outer appearance.

“It’s not heavy at all…..”

We might be fooled by her body size but somehow she is very strong. The Chef Head who wasn’t aware of this suffered.

“Thank you for the hard work, Heizu-chan. Was it difficult to transfer it here from your milking room?”

Brynhildr-sama who rushed over to her patted her head kindly while praising her for the hard work. Heizu usually has an emotionless expression, but she answered in a prideful voice.

“Heizu, did her best!”

“Is that so~ Then let ask the Chef Head, Ando to praise you more.”

“!….. More….. Praises?”

Brynhildr-sama was aware of what’s happening, since the usual sleepy Heizu suddenly opened up her eyes wide and looked toward the direction of the Chef Head. The mentioned Chef Head suddenly got a chill down his spine and he quickly averted her.

Ah! Brynhildr-sama, you shouldn’t say that! That sentence is something forbidden to Heizu!

“Darling…..! Heizu did her best, will you praise me……?”

The sudden changed Heizu that hearts appeared in her eyes, is drawing closer to the Chef Head like an agile beast which is something uncommon.  That’s not true, isn’t she a beast originally? I mean the carnivore type.

The Chef Head has already lost his timing to escape. Since it had already become like this, he just had to face her like an adult. But what we saw in the end was a passionate hold from the mysterious super power and a man who was troubled by it.

“Um……, Eh…., Heizu is a good girl. Yes, a very remarkable girl.”

“Then, please pat me.”

“…, Like this? Haha, Haha.”

“….I’m so happy. Then……”

At that moment, Heizu suddenly activated the rune of ‘mannaz’ and transform into her human form. The transform Heizu had a pink hair with big breasts in the appearance of a young girl, while showing a deliberately bewitching smile she said.

“Then, now it’s Heizu turns to do the ‘patting’.”

Now look at this, it seems that Chef Head is standing still with a smile on his face.

Even though Heizu is trying her best to seduce the Chef Head, but do to various reasons the Chef Head keeps rejecting her advance. Well it’s not like he hates Heizu or anything, that is….. Well there is a matter of that? The so-called rule of the society.

That’s because Heizu looks like a loli when she in her human form, moreover she has huge breasts. She is like a girl who can easily attract a lot of attentions. The moment when a middle-age man like the Chef Head lays his hand on Heizu, *bam*. His appearance in the society and the reputation that he built up, all of which will fall down.

If we look at the situation wise, it is something that’s envy by others, ah…. It’s something troublesome since it could pierce through gentleman spirit.

“That’s, that’s right Sei-kun!”

“!! Wa……”

The Chef Head suddenly hold me in his arm in one go when I shrugged my shoulder at other people affair. No! Stop it! Please don’t drag me into this and treat me as a taxi to change the conversation!

“Please calm down Sei-kun. …. *cough* I know that it’s sudden, but let me give you something.”

“Eh? What… What is it, it really is sudden.”

Chef Head put me on top of the kitchen counter, and took out a mysterious box hidden under the counter.

“Well, this is the present. Why don’t you open it and see?”

“? Yes. …….This, this is! ….. What is this?”

……. I don’t understand. The thing that is inside the box, is another box. Looks like I can fit in this white box just right, and there’s a small rock that was embedded on the cover of it. …….Ah! Wait a moment, this rock is…..

“Did you notice it? Sei-kun. The rock that was embedded there was engraved with the rune of ‘isa’, which was personally written by Lord Odin himself.”

“As expected it was the rune of ‘isa’. This engraved rune, what is the effect again?”

“It had the effect of storage, I guess. In another words, it’s a small size portable freezer. If I had to say the example of its usages, it will be …… in the case you die before sun set, your corpse will be put inside this box so that it will be preserved and maintain the freshness of your body until night time. In that case, we will be able to use your corpse for the banquet on that day, so that you won’t have to become a meal again after you revive after sun set.”

“Eh, that mean… I can say goodbye to ‘the worst case scenario’?”

“You’re right.”

‘The worst case scenario’ —- that is the biggest and the worst scenario that I fear since I only able to return from death once per day.

The timing for my revival is during the sunset. I can become dinner because of these conditions and the fact that I can revive once per day. But if we look from another view, I have to die to become ‘dinner’.

What ‘mI trying to say is, what will happen in the case that I die ‘any time before the timing of sunset’ and ‘from any other reason’?

That’s right, my cycle which is to become a meal before the sunset and revive after the sunset will end. As long as there is no replacement for me to become the meal, I will have to become a meal right after I revive which will become my new trend of living —- that is the worst scenario.

Well, even after I died, my body will still basically remain at the place. This present is actually an item that helps to preserve my body and reuse it when the time comes.

“Thank you very much Chef Head! This is the best present I ever had!”

“I’m glad that you’re happy with it. Please don’t overestimate its ability too much okay? Of course, in order to pack your dead body in the box, there is a condition that there must be someone nearby. You have to be careful since there are more exceptions. Another rare scenario is that ….. You have fallen into ‘The scenario where you have to become a meal’ after you revive immediately, which is a scenario that we cannot do anything about. Then that followed up with scenario that you are eaten or your body isn’t preserved properly. …..That’s why this box is not as perfect as you think.”

“That’s not true, Chef Head, there’s no need for you to apologize! I believe that this will help me out a lot!”

For me to revive once per day, I must die once per day since it is part of my life as a meal, so this item is the greatest insurance for it. I’m very thankful from the bottom of my heart toward Chef Head’s judgment.

“… So, Chef Head. It’s about time for you to explain why you’re giving me this present at this timing.”

To match my height, Chef Head bent his waist and whispered to my ear while I pulled his scarf. With a sudden and a single nod from the Chef Head, he softly asked me for a request.

“I want you to stop Heizu-kun tonight as she will come to ‘pat’ me. Will you do it?”

“…Please don’t have too much expectation for me?”

Thus, a secret promise was formed between Chef Head and I behind the closed door.

Ah…. Depend on the situation, I think that I will have to use the ‘small freezer’ tonight.

—-Next morning. I’m thankful of my good luck that I can welcome the morning without any trouble. It’s a new record since I could hold back the serious Heizu in her ‘maiden in love’ mode for 30 second. Other than my capability, I still have the insurance which is the ‘small freezer’, it might be because that I’m starting to be able to take more risk.

Well…. I don’t know what the point of stalling her for 30 seconds is.

Well I cannot throw away my life that easily even if I received a small freezer. I did my best before I sensed my life was in danger, so it was all left to Chef Head himself to do his best.

But, I wonder what Heizu meant when she said ‘patting’……. I’m actually a bit curious about it. For those out there who wishes to know, let’s wait for it together.

“Okay! It’s time for me to train my body and my concentration!”

It’s time for my morning jogging while bathing myself in the morning sun carried by the Goddess of the sun, Sola-sama. This is something that I cannot miss out.

The jogging course is a lap on the main building of ‘Valhalla’ by jogging in my own pace and with the usual last spurt.

At that moment—- I suddenly felt like I have a Déjà vu. No, it’s a bit different from that. I believe that I had seen this scene before.

“I have some expectation that you will be a bit serious after you become an Einherjar……. But it seems that you are still your usual self! Sæhrímnir!”

The object that was moving in a high speed which evens my eyes couldn’t keep up with suddenly braked right after it passed me, after being clad with a cloud of dust, what appeared afterward is a big boar with a golden mane body.  He is a nasty person but I don’t really hate him, and he is my frien….. *ahem*! Well, more like a bad friend? For some reason, he views me as his one-sided rival.

“Are you done yet? Gullinbursti. I am already fully aware that I’m not fast enough, so can you just leave it be.”

“Hmm, what an unfriendly thing to say, Sæhrímnir. You have become such a cold person toward the ego me[2] after being appointed as an Einherjars. Don’t think that you could be on the same level as the ego me, who is one of the six masterpieces of the honorable Dwarf and the world fastest boar, just because you had become an Einherjars.”

“Argh…. It’s true that the title itself is something impressive. But…. you cannot even transform into a dragon, you also cannot become a hero, I really pity your head[3] since you only think that you are a smug and always show off. Do you even have what it takes to save the world!?”

“Wait, my pitiful head……”

Hmm? I said that in a tone similar to Gullinbursti dramatic tone, it seems that I dealt a massive damage which was out of my expectation. I wonder did it bother him due to his low intelligent…….

“I’m sorry, that was just a joke. Half of them, that is.”

“Is, is that so, is that really a joke?”

“Half of it was a joke.”

“Ah, good that it was a joke.”

Are you going to leave it like that! Why can’t you get it through your head that half of it was serious! Ah, what a pitiful head, feel like I’m going to cry for some reasons……..

“Okay. It’s true that the ego me cannot transform into a dragon like you and becoming a hero either. Let’s not mention the unreasonable act of saving the world. That is why, the ego me had already acknowledged you. So, you don’t have to hesitate to use my nickname.”

“Oh, did you purposely come today just to inform me that?”

“Wrooooooong!! The ego me purpose is this!”

Gullinbursti transformed into his human form in a hurry and fixed his sunglasses, after that he took out an envelope from his pocket and thrusted it in front of my nose.

“What is this? I won’t accept any fan letter from a guy. It’s a different case if it’s a love letter.’

“Just shut up and accept it already! Then read it!”

I wonder what it is. I activated the rune of ‘mannaz’ to transform into my human form and accepted the envelope. After that, I broke the seal to look at the content, which is a single paper. Let see……

“…..[Invitation]? The lunch party for today….. Was organized by….. Th……Thor-sama!!”

Thor-sama, that THOR-sama!? Lord Odin son, who the number 2 in the God community like Loki, with the fearful nickname ‘Red Lion Giant Slayer’, that God of Thunder, Thor-sama!?

“I know that you were shocked, but keep the volume down. Unfortunately, that is not a trick. The current you had already been acknowledged by Thor-sama. Please think that this invitation as something honorable to a warrior.

No….. I don’t believe this…… Before this I was invited to a lunch party by the Idol Goddess, Freya-sama, this time it a lunch party by Thor-sama?

I really can’t believe this….. In the beginning through some various method, I was somehow acknowledged by Loki, and now this, I start to believe that I will have an amazing life from now on.

“Let me give you a one warning, you are not allowed to be absent. For some reason, this party is for your sake, so you must be present to the reception. Furthermore, you are allowed to bring one guest to accompany you.”

“Eh, is that so? That is great, I’m afraid that I will be lonely if I go alone since it a party that was organized by that Thor-sama.”

Only one person ……. Of course, I will ask a female to accompany me, but I am a bit lost since there is a lot of beauty in ‘Asgard’.

“….. But I will still choose Brynhildr-sama!”

“Ho, so she is your type. Me, the ego me will of course choose…… Ahem”

“It’s Rossweisse-sama, right?”

“Aheeee!! How, how did you!?”

Of course I knew. Don’t look down on my information network since I had a best friend called Loki.

“Hey, exactly which part of Rossweisse-sama is it that you like about her?”

“Wh….Why…. Why do I have to give an answer to someone like you!  You don’t have any rights to know my answer!”

“It’s fine if you don’t want to answer it, since it’s quite clear already. Let’s see, first is her purity. Then that she is an honest and a kind girl. After that, her energetic and cuteness. Let’s settle with that as your answer?”

“There is more to that! Actually she also has a strong heart, brave and a family-oriental person!

“In the end, you had completely answered it!”

I didn’t even need to try to incite him, how simple can this boar be.

“Well, let’s put aside that. Thank you very much for delivering this invitation, Gullinbursti! Since time is limited, I had to hurry and ask Brynhildr-sama to accompany me!”

“Wait, Wait for a moment, Sæhrímnir, the ego me still haven’t got you answer! How did you know what the ego me is thinking! How did you even know about thaaaaaaaat!!”

Echo of Gullinbursti cry of sorrow can be heard in the morning in “Valhalla’

It’s a pity because I wasn’t told how this information was obtained in detail. The only thing that I do know is ……. Personal connection and friendship is the life greatest treasure. Okay, the lesson for today will end now!

In order to ask Brynhildr-sama to accompany to the lunch party, after turning back to my boar form, I am now heading to the dorm of the Valkyrie-sama. Furthermore, in order to go there, I’m going to the usual ‘Rainbow void’. Once I jumped into the void that was open at the trunk of the world tree, Læraðr, I can teleport to anywhere in ‘Asgard’, there is no other way that is more convenient and simple than this.

At that moment, I saw something when I was running, it was a very familiar figure of a preceding visitor that was going to touch one of the void just now. That looks like…. Loki!

“Loki! Are you going somewhere?”

“Hey, isn’t it Sei. Well it’s a minor business. How about you?”

“Yes. To be honest, I was invited to Thor-sama mansion.”

“That Thor guy? Hee~ that’s something amazing, isn’t it something impressive?”

“Yup. Then, I was allowed to ask one person to accompany me, so I’m looking for Brynhildr-sama now…. If it’s fine with you, do you want to come along? I think that Loki will be allowed to join without any problem?”

“Ah…. That’s true. But, I’ll decline this time. Thor-sama is a good fellow other than his head, but I had a bad experience dealing with that fellow in his mansion a while ago……

A bad experience in Thor-sama mansion….. What does this mean? I further inquired Loki about this matter. Then Loki raised his chin as if remembering something from the past and answered me while scratching his head.

“It’s not something interesting though. In the past… when I was looking for evil bugs, I secretly sneaked into his house once. At that time, I played a little prank on Thor wife—- Sif-san where I completely trimmed up her hair.”

“Wait…. That was not a little at all, that was a big prank.”

“That’s why I’m still reflecting on my action up until now. Well, because of that accident, it enabled my brother to obtain one of the six master pieces of the Dwarf, so they should thank me instead.”

What is it? …… Eh, does that mean it was the accident created by Loki that allowed Lord Odin to obtain Gullinbursti?

“There should be more. I’m still not so clear on your story. Why is it the accident where Sif-sama become bald is related to obtaining one of the six masterpieces?”

“I’m serious even though it sounds like a lie. Sei, do you know what the six masterpiece of the Dwarf are?”

“Of course, I know about them. First is Lord Odin’s Spear ‘Gungnir’ and the magic ring ‘Draupnir’, next is Thor-sama battle hammer ‘Mjölnir’, Frey-sama magic ship ‘Skíðblaðnir’ and the world fastest boar ‘Gullinbursti’.  Furthermore, there is the world most beautiful golden ‘hair of Sif’ —- Hold it for a moment, eh, don’t tell me….”

“Kekeke! Takes a closer look at it when you see Sif later. She is holding the most valuable asset on her head which is the eternal beauty.”

Hii! For some reason I was able to obtain such an amazing information again? Is that so….. The six masterpieces of the Dwarf were triggered by making a wig for Sif-sama……..

“Well, due to that reason, I don’t want to meet up with Sif-sama. So, you don’t have to worry about me. Just try to enjoy it on your own way.”

The smiling Loki patted on my back with a bit force which hurt a bit. After that, it seems like that he was not bothered by it at all…. The matter about cutting the Goddess hair, somehow I don’t believe that Loki played that kind of prank on her?

The evil bug at the mansion that time, I am wondering how big it was exactly. Maybe I should try asking about it during the party…….

“That’s right, Sei. You were looking for Brynhildr right. Just now, I saw her heading toward Bifröst while riding on Grani.”

“Eh, is that so? Thank you Loki, I’m almost going to go to the wrong place. That means instead of going to Vingólf I need to head to Bifröst.”

“Correct. Better to head there directly since you are in a hurry. Then I will leave first.”

“Ah, thanks for your help. Thank you for everything, Loki.”

“You’re welcome, partner. See you!”

Loki raised his hand and said his goodbye. After Loki took a big step forward with his foot, I went inside the rainbow void.

After feeling a moment of floating, I reached my destination, Bifröst.

The rainbow bridge that connects the god community ‘Asgard’ with the human realm ‘Midgard’ is the same as usual with the seven colors of the rainbow.

But, among the colors there is a two-color shadow standing in front of it. A Valkyrie wearing a blue armor and a grey hair horse beside her. There’s no mistake that is Brynhildr-sama and her beloved horse, Grani-kun.

Somehow Bifröst guard, Heimdall-sama could not be seen anywhere…. I guess he is hiding somewhere while keeping watch like last time. Well, there won’t be any trouble if he is missing since today is a going to be a peaceful day.

“Brynhildr-sama! Grani-kun!”

“? Ah, Sei-san! What’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing, actually there is something that …., I need your help with….”

While I was saying that, I sort of became a bit cloudy at the end of my sentence. They kind of understand while I was in the middle of rushing toward them. It was pretty obvious that Brynhildr-sama and Grani-kun were in their working mode now. After seeing them like this, I wasn’t even sure if I could invite her to the party to relax.

“What’s the matter Sei-san, is it something urgent?”

“Grani-kun…. If I had to say it, it is indeed something urgent but it’s not something important. Actually I was invited to a lunch party organized by Thor-sama, so I’m wondering if it’s possible to ask Brynhildr-sama to accompany me to the party. It’s more like an invitation than a request? Something like that. Haha….”

While seeing a forced smile appeared on my face, Grani-kun and Brynhildr-sama looked at each other with troubled faces. Aiyah, as expected they are really troubled by it. If only I had a better technique to deceive them…..

Suddenly a speechless atmosphere was formed as the silence was slowly eating time away. Just when I thought that —– I should try to brighten up the atmosphere.

“I’m back! …..Huh? What happen? Hildr-nee and Sei-kun.”

After Bifröst released a sudden flash, the one that appeared in front of us was the ninth sister of the Valkyrie, Rossweisse-sama. It seems that she just came back from the human realm after finishing her daily mission.

“Rossweisse! What a good timing!”

Brynhildr-sama explained the whole matter from the beginning to Rossweisse-sama who tilted her head. After Rossweisse-sama understood the current situation, she raised her hand without any hesitation.

“I got an idea! Then let me go with you instead!”

“Are, are you fine with it? Aren’t you feeling tired as you came back from your daily mission…”

“I don’t feel tired at all, I am still energetic. Since the party is in the afternoon, I can take a short rest before that. Or am I not good enough to be a replacement for Hildr-nee…? “

“I………. I am totally fine with it! This is something too honorable for someone like me!”

“You are being too tense! But I’m glad you accepted my offer. Then let meet up at the ‘Rainbow Void’ in the afternoon! See you later Sei-kun, I wish you good luck on your mission Onee-san and Grani!”

After she gave a cute salute, Rossweisse-sama was now flying toward the Goddess dorm ‘Vingólf’. Hmm, she sure is an energetic person. What a young and wonderful person… what the heck am I saying, aren’t I still young.

No, it’s not that. This is something like the youthfulness of a person can be seen based on their speech and conduct? It’s something independent of real age. Well, the resident of the God community were able to maintain their youth by eating the golden apple, so their current appearance does not match with their real age.

“Sei-san, I’m sorry that I couldn’t accompany you this time. But I will definitely try to manage it the next time you ask.”

“It’s okay, there is nothing to worry about. It was partial my fault for interfering with Brynhildr-sama’s mission. But I am happy that you feel that way! I look forward to the next opportunity!”

“Yes! Then please excuse me….. Brynhildr is leaving now!”

“Please be careful!”

“Come on, Sei-san, aren’t you suppose to said ‘Have a good day’?”

“Eh? Ah…..yes have, I mean…..please… have a good day.”

“Haha, see you later, Sei-san.”

I sent off Brynhildr-sama, who left with a smile that could be mistaken with a smile from a Holy Mother, with an unsteadily feeling. Ah…. I want to protect that smile of hers. Different kinds of feeling are jumbled all together inside of me right now.

I now stagger back toward ‘Valhalla’ as my body feels very hot as if feeling the heat from the pot when I’m cooked.

“Hm, I forgot…. Isn’t it going to be a long journey if I plan to walk back on foot from here?”

The most convenient warp system, ‘Rainbow Void’ is only just a one-way ticket. I must never forget that it’s obvious I need to walk back on foot if no preparations were made (I didn’t say that I didn’t forget about it).

Let’s see, it took me 2 hours to run a lap on the main building of ‘Valhalla’… then this will take me 4 hours I guess? …That is without taking any break in between.

I… I wonder will I make it in time? The lunch party that is. I will make it in time…. Right? Haha….

After all the up and down, it’s afternoon now. Rossweisse-sama arrived on time at the “Rainbow Void’ which is our meeting place.

“Good afternoon, Sei-kun! …. Hmm? What’s the matter Sei-kun, why are you out of breath.”

“Haa… haaa… it’s nothing, just that…. I thought I would go for a run to make myself hungry.”

“I see, there is still something like that! I should have done more exercise instead of resting just now.”

No, Rossweisse-sama, please forgive me for saying that just now. To be honest, I only came back from Bifröst just now…

“Fuu…. Let’s go then, Rossweisse-sama. If I’m not mistaken, Thor-sama mansion is at ‘Bilskirnir’ right?”

“Yup! Actually, I’ve never been there before. That why I’m so excited right now!”

“It’s also my first time! Let’s jump now!”

After saying that we jumped into the void, at the end of the light— it’s a vast place, actually it’s a huge mountain range.

“… Or not! Eh, is this really ‘Bilskirnir’?”

It’s huge, it’s too huge! At first I thought it really is a mountain, but this seem like something that Thor-sama will live in, the mansion ‘Bilskirnir’.

This place is not as magnificent as the Golden Palace, ‘Gladsheim’ which the capital of ‘Asgard’ but it is much bigger than the other hall in ‘Gladsheim’. Maybe it is much bigger than the ‘Valaskjálf’ where the Chief God, Lord Odin lives in.

“Oh? So the dark brown boar….. Is you, Sæhrímnir?”

“? Yes. I am Sæhrímnir…..!?”

When I turned toward to the direction of the voice, I held my breath unconsciously.

The voice that appeared from the mansion belonged to a lovely woman. The golden hair from her back is so beautiful. It can be a rival to the golden mane of Gullinbursti.

There is no mistake. That is one of the six masterpieces of the Dwarf, ‘Hair of Sif’! The one who called out to us once we arrive was none other than Thor-sama wife, Sif-sama!

“Eh, that….. What beautiful hair!”

“Ha! Sei, Sei-kun that is a forbidden topic….!”

Rossweisse-sama showed a No Good sign in a hurry after I said that because of being too nervous.

Oh no, why did I purposely put myself into a dangerous situation!? Nothing went right for me today!

“Well, thank you. I am actually quite proud of this hair. It was also beautiful in the past, but during a turning point in a certain day, it is no longer necessary for have any treatment to groom it. For some reason, the hair won’t grow anymore.”

“That, that seems to be correct…. I mean, isn’t that something wonderful!”

What am I actually talking about… Doesn’t Sif-sama know that the hair she’s proud of is actually a wig?

“For some reason I remembered I had a bad dream that I was bald, but it seems like it was just a bad dream after all. When I woke up, my hair was more beautiful than before and everyone praises that my hair is on the same level as the Dwarf masterpiece.”

Ah…. I see, so that’s how Sif-sama interprets it….. Looks like she isn’t good at facing reality. After me and Rossweisse-sama looked at each other, we breathed out a sigh of relief.

“By the way, Sæhrímnir did you receive the invitation?”

“Ah, yes! Here it is.”

I hurriedly changed into my human form and kneeled down after taking out the invitation from my pocket.

“Ufufu, you do know that you don’t have to be so humble? After all, you are the VIP for this party.”

“I’m sorry, so I’m not acting like a VIP….. I want to thank you sincerely for inviting a small fry like me.”



Rossweisse-sama and I were trembling more than the quake that was caused by the angry roar similar to the sound of a thunder.  Wait for a moment, I don’t want to be a straight man. I don’t want to be straight but…… what? What was that just now?

“….Ha!? Please accept my honorable apology for my abnormal behavior…….  Normally, I do not act that way.”

“Nope, that is your normal behavior.”

“What the heck are you talking about you stupid brat?”

“Come on, you know that I’m originally a boar right? Isn’t that how you normally talk…ahhhhhh.”

La…… Lately the goddess is quite strong…..

Sif-sama, who looks like a graceful person from the appearance but actually is a violent and mischievous person, gave us a tour thus Rossweisse-sama and I went inside the mansion. A lot of doors can be found inside, and the atmosphere of human going back and forth is quite similar to the atmosphere in ‘Valhalla’.

From what Sif-sama told us, it seems that the human inside the mansion are all farmers from the human realm, ‘Midgard’. Those especially hardworking farmers come here after they died, maybe they come to receive their reward for their hard work.

While I was thinking that maybe Thor-sama mansion is suitable for this type of thing, Sif-sama explains further.

“In a battle, it’s normal to seize the enemy supply right? This is a tactic to cut off the soldier ration. That is because no matter how skilled a warrior is, they cannot fight on an empty stomach. That is why the farmers who manage the crop and livestock are the world strongest people…. Which is what I though. This is what that person told me.”

Sif-sama showed a weak smile while saying that, look like she is quite proud. Isn’t that also one of the reasons why Sif-sama loves Thor-sama so much?

We arrived in a big space after walking through the corridor with an unusual sense of security.

In the middle of the room, there is a muscular big guy with a deep red lion hair. He is one of the War God, the Jotun Killer, Thor-sama and he seemed to be drunk while holding beer in one of his hand.

“Gahaha! Come on, bring out more! There’s not enough beer!”

“This… This stupid husband! Can’t you even ‘wait’ for a few minutes, are you worse than a dog! Sigh…. To think I felt proud of him just a moment ago.”

“Please calm down Sif-sama. Isn’t that how Thor-sama normally behaves in some way?”

Oh!? Isn’t that Freya-sama’s brother, Frey-sama who was trying to calm the furious Sif-sama! Well, he is a former War God for the Vanir tribe, so it’s not so strange for him to call out to her.

“Yes…. As expected of Frey-sama. He is a handsome guy after all….” Frey-sama is the brother of the super idol God, Freya-sama, even though he look so handsome, he is unexpectedly a serious person. His height and style contribute to his handsomeness and he had the same light brown smooth hair as Freya-sama which makes him easy to be mistaken as a female.

This super handsome man is twice as popular among the lady when compare to the Light God of Aesir tribe, Baldr-sama…. He had the three important conditions which are strength, kindness and handsome, don’t you think that the world is unjust?

“Hahaha! It’s just like what Frey-dono said, Sif-dono! If you don’t have the courage to do anything, then the battle with the Giant will be difficult! Now, you should learn from the humble me and have a drink.”

The one who is getting carried away by this mayhem place is the War God of the Aesir Tribe, Tyr-sama.

“Woah…. Tyr-sama, you are really a one-handed person…..”

According to the history book in my own house, Tyr-sama lost his right hand starting from his wrist.

To the person himself, that is the honorable scar of his lost battle with the ‘Magic wolf, Fenrir’…. Which I feel is something amazing. Even thought he was informed earlier that he would lose his hand, he was still willing to do it at that time.

I wonder why Tyr-sama did so back then. We, Einherjars, could restore back any body part once we revive but this logic doesn’t apply to Tyr-sama. Due to his rash decision, he will never be able to obtain back his dominance hand which supported his strength.

…….Yes. Regardless of the truth, it’s not just for show when I said the Aesir tribe has heroic gods.

After we had surveyed the location, the organizer of this party, Thor-sama finally realized that the VIP which was me had arrived. Then, Thor-sama made a rude entrance by striding toward me, and he told me while patting my back energetically.

“Oh, Sæhrímnieru! Why aren’t you a boar today? Ah?”

“Ah, well I changed into my human form after we reached the mansion. Furthermore, it’s Sæhrímnir.”

“Huh? Isn’t it fine, it not like it will change the fact that you are delicious?”

Eh, the fact that he doesn’t treat me like an ingredient is something out of my imagination. Am I really allowed to be here?

“By the way, Rímnieru, I heard that you have a very special ability. Is it the ability to transform into a dragon?”

“Ah, pretty much.”

I tried to keep this ability as a secret after Loki told me to be caution, but it seems there are a lot of gods who knew about my ‘Dragon form’ now. The battle with Nidhogg was a fierce fight since it even involved a world scale phenomenon which is the ‘continuous sunset’.  Because of that we had to report it to Lord Odin since it is impossible to keep this a secret.

“There is a rumor between great me’s group. It looks like the dragon you transform is a transcended rank monster which has one hundred heads and one thousand wings.”

“Isn’t that a bit too extravagated! Who the heck start those idle gossip!?”

“Who? I think it’s Ratatoskr.”

That damn felloooooow! As expected it’s that small squirrel’s fault! He was the one who caused the mess during ‘The incident on the attempt to collapse the World Tree’, it seems instead of being the mascot of the God realm, he is more like the troublemaker instead.

“Hey. Why don’t you show us now, your dragon form that is?”

“Okay…. I understand. But my dragon is a normal one.”

Well, it is impossible for me to reject a request by Thor-sama. I didn’t bother to hesitate since I ‘m a bit tired, and it seems that this is the right moment for me to betray their expectation now when it’s still small.

“…. . My name is…. ‘Fafnir’ of the greed!”

I closed my eye, spread my leg to my shoulder width, and chant it sternly. The moment the sacred incantation is finish, the huge dragon that is me appears in this big room.

“! Oh…. How cool is this!!”

“Wai, this is that Thor-sama!? Why is he in a battle stance while holding Mjolnir?”

“Ah, I’m sorry, seems like it makes my blood boil. Um… That, can the great me throw a punch?”

“Don’t say that while you are flickering with that black luster thing!”

“Ah? This? Seems you’re a coward even though you don’t look like it? Don’t be like that, aren’t you much larger when compare to the great me?”

“It’s not the matter about the size! Because isn’t that Mjolnir!? Which is one of the six masterpieces! One strike from that thunder hammer will make me small, and I will be paralyzed for a moment due to the shock!”

“If that is the case, then the great me will fight you unarmed!”

“Ah!! No no no! Wrestling is also not allowed!”

“Damn, is that so? Then that mean the great me win by default!”

Thor-sama is laughing loudly while putting back the Mjolnir that he threw back to his waist. It seems that I managed to avoid a dangerous situation. I cannot die so easily since I did not bring the freezer with me today.

After I managed to miraculously live longer, the one who approach me this time are Frey-sama and Tyr-sama.

“Please forgive our intrusion but can we have a closer look? Ho…. I see, this is really something surprising. So this is the one who fought with that Nidhogg. I feel that it’s much more powerful than what I heard.”

“Yup… The battle spirit from the appearance, it seems Sei-dono have an amazing rune of mannaz. Please pardon me, after losing my hand, this humble me won’t be able to cross sword with you.”

“Please don’t say ~ something like that ….. Hehe”

Both them are the War Gods which mean they are the most experienced in battle when compare to the other gods. To be praised by both of them is something that makes me happy.

But, instead of being shy, I’m more nervous actually. This might be an extravagance though…. Somehow I feel a bit uncomfortable.

That is because, in the end I’m only an ingredient. No matter how many people praise me on my achievement, it won’t change my true nature.

Of course, I didn’t feel any dissatisfaction when they treat me as a hero, and it’s not that I like to look down on myself.  Just that I cannot be confident with myself. Even though I’m gradually being known by everyone, but I couldn’t keep up with this sudden development….. I’m sorry but I keep having the feeling of guilt.


The moment when I unintentionally breathe out a sigh, Rossweisse-sama who is beside me this whole time suddenly called out to me.

“Let me accompany them, so Sei-kun please takes this time to have a short rest. To be dealing with so many admirable people at once is something quite tiring. Didn’t Sei-kun say this during the lunch party organized by Freya-sama? That the dragon form used up a lot of magic power. That mean you’re very tired right, so instead of holding it in, please do take a break.”

She showed a kind smile while saying that and gave a wink in the end. Ha! This is something impossible to conceal my throbbing heart!


After I deactivated my dragon form and returned back to my boar form, I looked toward Rossweisse-sama while trembling from being moved by her words. An angel…. To be able to analyze my feeling in a moment and gave me a helping hand, this girl is like an angel. Furthermore, to think that she could remember the small detail that I said before!

She is really a good girl……. Ah, let me make a vow now. For her sake, I will be endure any pain and suffering. No matter how many hundreds of thousands of life I need to sacrifice, I will dedicate myself for her sake.

After finishing my vow, I thanked Rossweisse endlessly, and moved toward a corner in this big room. Yup, this is really a spot that I feel at ease.

While I was enjoying the pleasant feeling of the corner for a brief time, someone suddenly appeared in front of me. For god’s sake, who is the strange fellow that purposely came and bothered me……

“Sæhrímnir, let me greet you once again. Is that your boar form?”

“Huh, F….Frey-sama….!? Whhhhhhhat are you doing here!?”

The strange fellow that approached me was none other than that Frey-sama. I tried to fix my lazy seating posture in a hurry. After that I make it seem like I was asking him to sit down.

“Hoho, you don’t have to be so polite. To be honest, it seems that my younger sister, Freya-sama admires you a lot, which is why I wanted to have a conversation with you for quite some time ago.”

“It’s not something like that! I was only invited to a lunch party…. I’m the one who should be grateful as I was under Freya-sama’s care during the party.”

“Hmm, I see. It seems the rumor about you being humble is true.”

“Did I trouble you in any way!?”

“No, it’s the opposite. I wish that my self-conceited Gullinbursti can learn a bit from you. ….Anyone who are powerful or famous are always too prideful. Please try to have a look at that. Don’t you think that is an unsightly thing for a person to act?”

Frey-sama pointed toward the direction of the seated tables while saying that. In that direction, I can see that Tyr-sama who was talking proudly about himself and Rossweisse-sama who is showing a smile while listening to him. I see, it’s really is something unsightly…..

Even though those hateful words came from Frey-sama, but there is still some kindness in his eyes. Yup, it is impossible to suspect the deep trust between these two people who are also the War Gods.

“Hmm? What’s the matter, Frey-dono? I feel like there was someone …… *hiccup* mention the humble me name.”

Suddenly, an intruder appeared. The one who came toward us after he heard his own name was mentioned is the drunken Tyr-sama.

“Woah, you stink of beer! Tyr, you don’t have to purposely come over here. I am already sick of you praising yourself when you are drunk.”

“Hahaha! I’m sorry for being that rude, Frey-dono. There is too much bravery about the humble me that I cannot even finish them all even if the world had ended.”

“He~. Excuse me but I am actually quite interest in it! For example, the story about the suppression of the ‘Magic Wolf, Fenrir’!”

“Ah, wait, don’t do that, Sæhrímnir! You must not listen to his story!”

Frey-sama tried to stop me in a hurry but it too late. Tyr-sama locked on to the target’s (me) ear with a sparkling eye and caught it in a supersonic speed.

“The suppression of Fenrir! I can’t believe it, Sei-dono it seems like you don’t know anything about it! Actually that was not suppression, it was forming a contract, which the purpose of it was to protect anyone from being harmed! Hmm? Didn’t the humble me got injury? Come one, to the humble me, this is not even a graze! Once I think about Fenrir action, it reminds me of my right hand which I’m willing to sacrifice as many as I can! Huh, I only have one right hand? That right, he managed to get one from me! Oh, if I lost both my right and left hands!”

“Haha, it seems that sure is troublesome….”

So annnnnnnnoying!! It exceeded my expectation!!

Frey-sama if you planned to stop me, please do it with your best effort! If this conversation still goes on, I will start ‘Ragnarok’ on my own and end the world!

“Hm……. Is it about Fenrir action? That ……His way of speaking seems like it’s the Gods who were the bad one?”

“Ah….!, No, that, Fenrir action, blood, that’s right blood! If the blood of that malicious magic wolf was to flow out, it will stain the land of ‘Asgard’. For the sake of a purified world and to ensure the peace among the Gods, the humble me personally offer my right hand so that I can let that fellow to drop his guard! My plan was a success when that fellow took the bait, that’s why please don’t forget about the humble me effort. Then, please excuse me!”

Tyr-sama hurried back to the centre of the hall after the desperate long rattle. Huh…. Did I say something bad?

“Hmm… That Tyr, is he still bothered by that?”

“Bother….. What do you mean by that? Frey-sama. Ah, it’s okay if it’s something hard to say!”

“Nope, it’s not something important. If I had to said it, Tyr is like a foster parent for the young Fenrir. That’s why something…. His emotion overcomes him.”

“Foster parent….”

The moment I heard that words, somewhere deep down in my chest hurt.

I wonder what happened to its true parents since it had foster ones. I can think of the possibility but …. I understand that there is some special situation that caused it.

The face of my foster parents, which I haven’t seen for a while, suddenly appeared in my mind, at the same time I could feel the same as the ‘Magic Wolf, Fenrir’ which I haven’t met yet.

“Ok. It seems I could hear the snore of Thor-sama.”

After I heard Frey-sama’s mutter, my conscious was pulled back to the reality. If I had to say it, there was a mysterious rumble that was echoing from the middle of the room….. Wait that was a snore! Aren’t you being a bit too carefree, Thor-sama!

“Looks like he got drunk too quickly today. Maybe he enjoyed this party greatly. Let see… Sæhrímnir, it’s a bit regretful but I will leave now. I had to bring Thor-sama to his room quickly or else there will be a duet with Sif-sama’s shouting.”

Hiii, I really don’t want to listen to that kind of harmony.

“Frey-sama. Thank you for allowing someone like me to be your talking partner!”

“You don’t have to be so formal. Since I will see you again pretty soon and let have a proper conversation. Then, please excuse me.”

Frey-sama left with a bright and kind smile on his face. His appearance from behind seem like a prince on a white horse. No, it more like a ‘White horse and a prince’ as that is the beauty from the unity between a human and a horse.

“Beau, beautiful….ha!”

NO! That was dangerous. I was almost fallen for the guy smile thoughtlessly. Frey-sama is really an amazing person, as expected of the brother of the Idol God, Freya-sama.

It seems the banquet is in full swing. I’m getting very hungry since I didn’t eat anything, so now it’s time for my recovery!

“Rossweisse-sama, thank you very much! Since the organizer, Thor-sama had left the hall, let have lunch together without any fear of troubling someone!”

“Hm… perhaps you are asking for my help?”

“No, I should be fine on my own. I will also allow it otherwise! This is because I’m the VIP of this party after all!”

“Haha! Okay, you’re right! Then let’s enjoy it together, Sei-kun!”

Just like this, Rossweisse-sama and I enjoy numerous delicious meals in a harmonious relationship.

That’s right —- during our meal, since no one disturbed us I could be at ease…. It’s more like I am freed. The two of us were doing something like saying “A-h” softly…. For some reasons… I’m feeling great right now.

It’s just that… While I was at the peak of my happiness, I realized one thing which is the present of Gullinbursti.  He should be accompanying Frey-sama to this place as he is one of the six masterpieces that belong to Frey.

I who declared that I would ask Brynhildr-sama to accompany me to this party but in reality, I appeared here while being accompanied by Rossweisse-sama instead. The moment he saw this scene, he was frozen and due to the shocked, he didn’t move at all from the beginning to the end.

I understand his feeling but…. That….. I am sorry.

The lunch party that was organized by Thor-sama ended smoothly, and Rossweisse-sama and I went to the outside of ‘Bilskirnir’. The sun that Sola-sama is carrying is already in her last spurt on heading toward the west sky.

“Rossweisse-sama, I want to thank you sincerely for accompanying me today! Because of you, I could fully enjoy it.”

“Please, please don’t say that, I should thank you as well! The meal was also delicious, and it was fun too! Since Sei-kun enjoys it, it makes me very happy too!”

“Ha, ha….”

Hm~? Somehow, it seems that Rossweisse-sama is acting a bit weird. Her tone is quite courteous and she is acting a bit restless.

“Rossweisse-sama. Perhaps, you have something that you would like to tell me?”

“Giku!? How, how did you know that!?”

Seems I was correct. From the first time we met, I have a feeling that she was bad at keeping secret.

“Please try to say it, Rossweisse-sama. If it’s your request, I will accept it sincerely.”

In order to be a bit easy to talk with, I tried to speak in a friendly manner. But it seems Rossweisse-sama was still hesitating, with no intention to back up, maybe I have to reveal my trump card as I am running out of patience.

“To be honest, that… Sei-kun I have a request to ask you. Since I accompany you this time…  I was unsure if I can ask you for a request …. Or not.”

“I understand now. Rossweisse-sama, look like I misjudged you.”

“Heee!? I am very sorry! Please don’t misjudge me!”

Rossweisse-sama was kneeling flat of the ground with her hand in front of her chest to show her sincere apology. Oh no, it seems there is some miscommunication.

“No, it’s not Rossweisse-sama fault! What I meant by misjudge is that you would spend your effort on someone like me! If you are fine with me, please order me to do anything as it is much easier than winking!”

“If, if that the case…. Can you listen to my request?”

“Of course!”

In just a moment, Rossweisse-sama who had teary eyes up until now, brighten up her feeling and show a happy expression. Rossweisse-sama suddenly carried me up when I thought she bent down just to match my sight.

“Thank you Sei-kun! Can you hear me out tomorrow since it is now close to the time for the night job?”

“You’re right, it almost close to that time. Then, I will hear you out tomorrow then.”

“Okay, that’s a promise! Then, let’s return to ‘Valhalla’!”

In the red sky of ‘Asgard’ where it’s getting near dusk, I glided the sky with the white Valkyrie.

When compare to the second sister, Hilde-sama, she glided at a slower pace. But it’s perfectly fine since this is Rossweisse-sama. Each of the sisters have their own personalities, since they have own personalities, they have their own good points and bad points.

If Hilde-sama gets a full score in her thrilling strong wind, then for Rossweisse-sama it’s her gentle caress wind.

If Hilde-sama has a moderately grow breast then Rossweisse has a slight more moderate chest. I am pretty sure about this beyond her armour based on the feeling that I got from being touch on my back!

“Um.. Sei-kun, are you thinking of something rude right now….?”

“I’m not being so absurd!”

That right, I am not being rude or absurd. That is because I like them both.

Do you know? A boar is an omnivorous which is closer to herbivorous.

Translator’s Notes and References
1.An idiom in Japanese which mean with irony, someone, who is the last to be expected to do something, might do it when you cheer him up so much.
2.He uses Wagahai to call himself, which is an arrogance way to address oneself.
3.Head here is said in a way for children to understand.

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