Yujin kyara wa taihen desu ka? Volume 1 Prologue


“Fuu… seriously.”

The youngster looked down at the monster’s corpse that had gradually disappeared and exhaled deeply.

Not far from the downtown area, a parking lot where there was rarely a person. Twilight slowly eroded the sky, which was commonly known as the “time of magic.”

The youngsters again successfully defeated their enemies today.

And protected the world from the creature that brought “death and destruction”.

——When I arrived at the scene, the battle was over.

Therefore, I did not know how he defeated the enemy. Was it by emitting energy wave from his palm, or by summoning a legendary sword, or by using his eyes to shoot a laser beam… Although I was curious, I didn’t have to know the answer.

Because it was not the “field” I should be involved in.

Ordinary people without any power should not be involved in these matters casually.

(But… despite the sudden incident, is it fine to start the fight at the parking lot? There are three vehicles that have flipped over.)

While I was still worrying about those, the alienated remains were still evaporating.

The monster which had three to four meters height when I spotted at the highway, was now becaming a slimy solid that is around the size of a stone used for pickles.

Why did the monster disappear or explode in the end? Was it to eliminate evidence? Well, it could save time in dealing with the corpses from human’s perspective, overall it was good.

(Then I should do my work too.)

After confirming that the creature completely disappeared, I jumped out from the back of telephone pole and rushed toward the young man.

I fully expressed the feeling that “I just came here?” and excitedly shouted at the back of the young man:

“Hey, hello, Ryuga! So you were here!”

“Ah, Ichirou—-”

The boy named Ryuga immediately turned his head back and instantly showed a “oh no” look.

Don’t worry. I didn’t know anything, I didn’t see anything, and I never thought that there was a creature before this and I didn’t bother about the slight rancid smell.

Before the he opened his mouth, I tried to act panic and say:

“You suddenly went missing. I was scared! Let’s run! The monster may still be around!”

It was really funny to say this to the person who defeated the monster, but I had no choice.

Because I “didn’t notice the true identity of this guy at all.” This was the setting of the story.

“Ryuga, look! The car has turned over like okonomiyaki! It’s definitely the work of that monster! It’s dangerous to stay here!”

“Don’t worry, Ichirou. The monster seems to have been disappear.”

I tried to persuade him to flee, but the boy shrugged with ease.

Huh? Were you planning to tell me the truth? I tried my best to find you only after the creature disappeared.

“Disappear? What happened?”

“Uh… I don’t know too well. The monster was down at that side just now. It seems to have been killed.”

Wasn’t you the one who killed him.

“When I discovered the monster’s corpse, I could hardly see the original form, but it should be the one that appeared at the highway, I am certain.”

“Real, really ——”


“In the end who killed the monster…”

“Who knows? But ——no more worry.”

The teenager raised his mouth and smiled.

He had a neat, neutral look that surprisingly looks like a women. Supple straight hair, well-being healthy complexion and slender legs, plus a ponytail tied behind his neck.

As a senior, he was short in height, with a slender body and a uniform jacket that looked a little big for him. I figured that after taking off his clothes, 80% would see muscles like statues or cats without a trace of fat.

Ok. This guy really looked very good—— As expected of a protagonist

“Well, let’s go back Ichirou.”

“Oh, okay.”

The young man stepped forward and I quickly followed. In normal circumstances, no one would actually accept that short explanation of a few words, but I did not continue to pursue.

Since he had said so, this incident would stop here.

This chapter was over.

——Fighting against unknown creatures, a young man with “extraordinary power.”

Today, we also bravely face the endless source of enemies and guard the world. ——

I know. This was the story.

This boy, whom I called “Ryuga,” was the protagonist of this story.

As a high school student, this guy apparently lived in different dimensions compared to me. The world I lived in is undoubtedly centered on him. I was sure this was not a delusion.

Why was such a powerful person going to school in peacetime? It was useless to think of this. So I could accept the “fact”.

——In short, this world must be the “stage” for the story of which he was the leading character.

Originally, the main story would be played in places that had nothing to do with me. With him as the protagonist, like in World War Z, or Ragnarok, as well as Trial by Ordeal—the story of a fierce battle with evil creatures.

There should be some “allies” that fight beside him, and there would also be dubious “heroines”.

As you can see, of course there were also “antagonists” that needed to be defeated.

In addition, many “side characters” that could not be ignored.

I thought that everything in the world existed for the sake of this story, and everyone was one of them. Even if you didn’t have a relationship with the mainline story for a lifetime, it was a great supporting role for “people who don’t know anything, living in a peaceful life”.

… who am I you ask? Then I shall introduce myself.

My name is Kobayashi Ichirou. I am the protagonist’s “buddy role.”

In terms of anime and light novels, it was a supporting role in the “day-to-day.”

Interacting with the protagonist between the chapters, helping balance the plot with the serious main line, and comedic characters responsible for comedies in everyday life.

That was my duty. At least this was how I saw myself.



2 Responses to Yujin kyara wa taihen desu ka? Volume 1 Prologue

  1. ichirou2910 says:

    Tks 4 taking this novel. And i think Ryuga is actually a girl….


  2. Renoraider says:

    Little does he know that soon, HE will be the Hero’s Heroine. Mwahahaha


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