Cross Connect Volume 2 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Will you participate in SSR?

「Taaaarumi-kun ! Hey, after school today let’s go karaoke with us!?」

「………Karaoke ?」

Lunch break. After 4th period ended, the class started being filled with lively atmosphere.

I had to reluctantly answered while trying to keep distance from the friends in class to come to start a conversation.

「Nah, I won’t be going. It’s annoying, beside I don’t know how to sing」

「Eee—–, don’t say that. Tomorrow is break day right? If you don’t go playing then it’d be a waste! Moreover, your little girl friend————also goes too!」

「Hey, what are you saying!? I don’t remember when I became Nagi girl friend!」

「Oh is that so, I see I see. Then you must be, number 2-san right」

「Id, idiot! Not that! There is no number two here! What are you looking at, you Nagi!」

「Why are you glaring at me……..」

Being shaken by the girl whose name maybe Kurakawa or something, the one who looked at me and being angry was Yukina. Sasahara Yukina. Someone who received a big prize from the school beauty contest last year, someone who was loved in class and also my childhood friend. While waving her neat shoulder long hair, she became invisibly sulking.

No matter how I looked at it I was not involved…….I could never understand that illogical mode of Yukina. Then I’d just ignore her.

Though——–Girl friend. Or number 2-san.

Those simple words but didn’t fit with the age of high school student which were spit out, of course it had its reason.

And the “reason” for it was.

「————–Hmp. A-mu………Hafuu. Ehehe, delicious」

The one who was sitting next to me, a bishoujo with untainted silver hair who was eating pancake happily ——–It was Harukaze.

While chatting with Yukina, suddenly Kurahashi (or was it Kurakawa?) stared at her face and said.

「Um, any……….」

「Wa, what, what is it Kurano-san」

Oh it was Kurano.

「Ah no? It was that I think Harukaze-chan is truly really cute…… Actually, I could not think we are the same species. Um, if I said you are the life of this earth I’ll believe it right away.」

「Au. E, ehehe, don’t praise me. I’m, very embarrassed」

「This, this embarrassed expression! Its attack power is so scary!」

Suddenly lying face down and pressed her chest against the table. An extremely redundant action from Kurano, but maybe she was just wanting to escape that mascot like cuteness of Harukaze.

Anyway, to be precise only because Harukaze was not human that she could make such expression.

Ura-game which was held 3 months ago, or could be said that the victory prize in ROC was this body of her, one of the special AI called cyberbrain shinki.

Of course, friends in my class completely didn’t know about this. About the name Harukaze, maybe everyone thought it was a nickname from her real name “Kumoi Haruka”. Beside, that utterly cute appearance just in a short amount of time had shook the whole school, she only had just entered school for a week but she had a huge fan-club, group of bodyguard, cheerleading squad, protector rising up like mushroom.

And, because Harukaze was a friendly human so seemed like she could start a conversation with anyone—————-In short, she had and been becoming attached to me thanks to her bright, light-hearted personality.

……….In short, this was an alarming situation.

Ah no, it was true that I had to work hard, done everything to save Harukaze when she was in ROC, I still remember the scene of how much she was touched and happy when she stepped into the class room. But,…

「Yuunagi-san, Yuunagi-san」

「………What is it, Harukaze」

「Look! It seems, there’re two layers of cream in this cake」

「Ah, right. It’s cream to put on the cake and egg cream. Many people doesn’t like cream pancake, but because it’s cream pancake so it’s delicious」

「Fu waa…..You’re right. Its sweetness is so great. Ehehe, Yuunagi-san, do you want a bite?」


Just like that she smiled innocently, and brightly, after that Harukaze tore a big piece of the cake and gave it to me.

『…………… !』

At the same time, the atmosphere in class seemed like it had frozen..………To Harukaze it was a very normal and natural action, but everyone in class was being angry and “jealous” more than ever. I couldn’t be comfortable when being the center of attention like this.

It just—————this was completely different with the “rejection” from before.

It was not hostility or malicious intent, it was simply friendliness mix with mischievous.

Therefore, recently I could talk and answer in a joking way with everyone in class, the me in this rumor (I think) would readily bite the piece of cake Harukaze was holding out.

In a moment, my lips touched Harukaze’s finger…….But, I didn’t care about it and took a bite just like that.

「………Um, it’s delicious」

「A……….Ehehe. right」

『C** ! Yuunagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !』

However, seemed like when “Harukaze blushed and hugged her index finger placed on her chest”, one powerful wave as if blew away all the reason in the boys’ mind in class. Everywhere the sounds of tumbling chair resounded, everyone was having a jealous aura as if they wanted to finish me.


Because feeling dangerous I stood up.

Leaving Harukaze with a dumbfounded face, I ran straight to the corridor. But, right before that I heard the story which Yukina and Kurano were talking about in the back of the class.

「—————–Um, then really what are you plan on doing Yukina? About Harukaze-chan」

「How then, it’s nothing special…………Sometimes I think 『Don’t tell me my opponent appeared!?』, sometimes I don’t, and then I think so, as expected I could only see her as an opponent but…」

「Um um. You worried like what I thought. ………….But what?」

「How should I put it, not mentioning that problem then, in the contrary I really love Harukaze-chan. ………….she’s really cute. Currently she lives near my house, but every night she usually come to my house and say 『Can I sleep with you……….?』. She’s so cute that I couldn’t refuse her! Ah, I have picture of her sleeping face, want to see it?」

「…………….., H」

「H!? Don’t say in a vague way!?」

「Aa moo, why are you only talk about negative things today! Forget it, then we’ll not invite him to karaoke anymore! Let’s make a Riajuu blast! We’ll party just like those single way!」

「Eh eh!? What negative things, wasn’t you saying that first! Hey!」

…………….I was saved by Yukina’s tale.

Therefore it seemed today I didn’t have to go karaoke.


The scorching light of autumn after school. I follow Yukina and Harukaze on my way home.

We three all had the same destination on that small road. About the topic before, right now Harukaze was living alone in an apartment opposite to Yukina’s house. At the same time paper related to school and household address, it seemed the game master of ROC————Tendou Byakuya had prepared for her.

Always keep his words and very honest, as expected he had prepared very thoroughly.

However……….leaving alone for her seemed a bit difficult.

For normal people, maybe no one could understand what Tendou was thinking in his head, it was very hard to explain in words, living independent for a high school student normally was very hard. Not only that, from the start till now Harukaze was always in game, therefore she completely had no experience or the ability to live at all.

On the first day she burned to a crisp while cooking.

On the second day she made the water in the washing machine spilled out.

On the third day she tied herself with the vacuum.

Because they had been too used to those scene, my mother and Yukina had usually took turn to come to Harukaze’s house and helped her.

「? Yuunagi-san, what’s the matter ?」

Maybe on my face there was a wry smile. 「It’s nothing」, after answering Harukaze who was looking at me curiously, I cleared my throat and switched the subject.

「E-hem. —————How’s it going, Harukaze. Have you used to the real world yet?」

「Ah, yes!」

Harukaze who was walking right next to me bloomed a smile on her face.

「It’s very fun! Everyone is being kind with me…….. I don’t want to forget these beautiful memories, as if everyday there’s happiness. Ehehe, I’ve discovered a lot of interesting things?」

「Is that so. Um, that’s good. And that discovery, what is it particularly?」

「E-to……….it’ everything, is what I want to say but…….E-to, right! Yuunagi-san, there’s something I found yesterday. Human while sleeping could still talking? Actually yesterday, because I couldn’t sleep I came to Yukina-san’s room, Yukina-san at that time, suddenly hugged me and murmured 『Nagi——-』」

「Wa, Harukaze-chan, things like that please don’t say it out! Don’t! Don’t okay!?」

「Eh, ah, um. If Yukina-san had said so I’ll stop here. ………?」

Yukina pulled herself back, face blushed red, she had been shaken by Harukaze words. Because sensing something fishy I looked at Yukina, her round big light brown eyes seeing me for a second had immediately turned away………………maybe she had dream something about me. If so it’d be embarrassing when told.

While trying to evade Yukina’s subtle look———–Suddenly the phone in my pocket vibrated.

「Um ?」

Rii Rii, it vibrated twice and then stopped.

I didn’t remember I’d set the alarm in the afternoon like this, then it could only be message noticing about something. Was it from the small amount of friends I had, or it was an event notice from a social game, or was it app advertising. Well, no matter what it was, I’d kill some time until Yukina had calm down.

I thought so and pulled out my cell phone.

「E-to…………It was not advertisement but a normal message? Though, what’s with this address. It completely didn’t show up?」

While frowning I tapped the message. At first I thought I looked wrongly, but after confirming it again and again, the sender bar still only showed a line “unknown”. And the title was only writing one simple words—————–Invitation.


Unable to block. In the recent 3 months, because I didn’t want to have anything to do with them I forgot it all.

「—————- !?」

After finished reading the words in the message, the absentminded feeling I had was completely blown away.

「《Today, we would like to send to those with deep passion for Sphia’s game. 》…….」

It was an announcement for a Ura-game————-I see, it was the reason why the sender message information only showed “unknown”.

Ura-game. The game that the Sphia’s corporation was still holding unofficially, an illegal backdoor game. Naming the magician “Magus” owning an occult technique, “the dark side” of this super big corporation was still developed and hiding the super advanced game technology. Simply put every rumor was treated as an urban legend, however, I knew of its truth.

Well that was of course. Because I myself had to join ura-game for two time.

Therefore, I also understood the dangerous and evil nature of Sphia but…….… Maybe the information I got was only a small amount of it.

「————–Na, Nagi ? Hey you Nagi. What’s with that picture, it looked scary….….?」

Since who knew when, Yukina had stared into my phone screen and pointed in scared.

“That” was because the message had a picture attached. A cute doll lying on the ground and had its limb and neck removed cruelly, a picture that gave a creepy feeling. Even though it was a little weird, ah no, it was because that abnormal hobby that the picture’s creepiness was enhanced.

It looked a lot like human, as if unrecognizable, but it was not human—————–it was a puppet. A toy.

Ah right. They were referring to the cyberbrain shinki.


To suppress my suddenly heated up body, I put my hand behind my neck and sunk into thought.

Invitation. Sphia. A vague picture. And there was a file attached with title “To dear Tarumi Yuunagi-kun”. If I connected all the details then, wasn’t this kind of forcing me to participate.

However, even though I said so but, because Harukaze had stayed in the real world I don’t need to interfere anymore ————

「…….. No」

Not right, not right. Not only Harukaze. If she was cyberbrain shinki code number 5, there was at least 4 more. And of course, those “puppets girls“ were right now in the hand of Sphia.

…….That then, it’d be like that huh?

If I didn’t participate in this game, other than Harukaze, the other cyberbrain shinki would be destroyed————–?

「……..damn, what the heck is this. I don’t understand what are they planning!」

I said in a shaken tone.

Right. Calm down Tarumi Yuunagi. The game this time was different than the Ura-game that I had to participated to save Yukina, it was different than ROC which I had been sucked in. Moreover, I didn’t know anything about “their” problem. It was true that I was a little annoyed when I read this message, but even so I had no reason to join those disgusting games to save the AI girls that I didn’t know of.

However————–At the same time.


A breath with heavy feeling right next to me as if slamming into my eardrums.

Its was Harukaze. Maybe she saw the screen phone. Her big blue eyes was staring with insecure, her small hands clenched.


———————-What are you doing, me.

For a moment I couldn’t speak. It was true, I could hardly refuse this “invitation”. Even so, surely Harukaze would feel very sad if she’d read them.


「————–Really, these kind of guro manga looks rather real right」

While pointing at the phone, I changed the subject.

Yukina opened her big eyes, showing her surprise.

「Heh? What’s manga………, what do you mean?」

「It was this picture. It seemed to be a key visual of some new manga that was about to be released periodically. Even though its content is dark but how to say it………all and all it still could sale             」

「Only so? Moo, if so you should say from the start. Rarely I see Nagi making a serious face so I was a bit worry.————–Though, what happened Nagi? Why did you suddenly hold your head.」

「Ah no………because stupid Yukina always being dumb and did some trivial work that I felt a little depressed.」

「You————-you called me stupid! That does it! Hey Nagi, isn’t it that when a cute, weak childhood friend stayed beside you and become scared, you as the role of a boy must become cool and appeased me! Even so you only badmouthing me!」


「Why are you looking at me and sigh, hey! I’ll sue you and make you compensate!」

「Since when I’m a member in your family」

「I don’t know! When I notice I’ve considered that man as part of my family! Uu uu…… Nagi you stupid. You evil. Nee, Harukaze-chan also think so too right?」

「………Ehehe, you’re right. Sometimes I really think so too.」

Suddenly being yelled at by Yukina, Harukaze who was walking next to me smiled wryly……….. By some means, the air around us had become lively full of Yukina’s color. About the background of Harukaze until now Yukina still didn’t know anything. Therefore, surely she could never guess whatever that was going to have connection with this mail. Even so, as if she’d “seen” Harukaze’s expression and forced herself to put on a player, into a role of a funny character.

Actually, I was a little appreciated.

「…………Thank you」

「? Hm, what did you say? Sorry, I couldn’t hear it—————-」

「Ah no, I was just wondering, did you compressed your chest?」

「Compress your head, idiotttttttttttttt!」

Suddenly I blurted out so it was kind of embarrassing, for now let’s just play dumb.


After having dinner, I returned to my room and lied flat down on the bed.

Laying with the position of face up against the roof I took out the cell phone. Because I was still bothered by it I had to check again. The notice of Ura-game. “Invitation”. While reading it in my head, I scroll the screen with my right hand finger.


After repeating those meaningless actions, I murmured as if ridiculing myself.

Let’s try debating about this seriously————For example if this was Harukaze. If Harukaze was being taken again by Sphia then, no need to say anything I’d definitely join Ura-game. I also didn’t need to hide this anymore. If she was kidnapped I couldn’t freely sitting here thinking.

It just that………….talking with an AI who I didn’t know what had a lot of problems.

As this unclear vague feeling, or if I by any chance angered her, even though deep within me would feel tormented but, retreat would seem to be a wise choice.

「Treat it as I’ve seen nothing.」

Deciding like that slowly I closed my eyes—————However at that moment.

Knock knock, suddenly sound of door knocking resounded.

「A, a-no…….Yuunagi-san. Sorry for disturbing you at this late hour but, can I come in?」

The one who just spoke up was Harukaze.

「E-to, thing is……….Ehehe, thank you for before. It seemed you’ve worried for me.」

Gently sitting on my bed, after that Harukaze looked down and said.

Seemed like she had just taken a bath, therefore she was only wearing a woolen coat on her sleep wear, a simple appearance. That blue eyes hidden behind that attractive silver hair was shyly looking up at me.

「E-to, Yuunagi-san?」

「Ah it’s nothing———– E-hem. What did you just say again.」

「It’s that message. Didn’t you change the subject and made up a story about some manga right」

「It was not exactly because of you. It’s just if Yukina were being involved it’d be troublesome.」

「No matter what the reason I was being very happy?」

「…………Is that so」

For a moment I had to turn my face away when I saw Harukaze making that tilted head pose next to me……….As always, anyone would become embarrassed before her bright innocent and naive voice of her. Because I had to answer wryly our talk became delayed.

Seeing me staying silent after that pathetic excuse, Harukaze slowly opened her mouth.

「That illustration…………it was a cyberbrain shinki right」

「………Ah, 99% it’s so. Even the file attached mentioned my name, therefore the appearance of that picture was not completely coincidence. Maybe, this was a blackmail meant for me」

「Blackmail………Th, then, it was meant to make Yuunagi-san feel troubled…….?」

「That’s right. However, because I was the one who completed ROC so anyways I’d be aimed at…………Really, using cyberbrain shinki as hostage, I don’t understand what those Sphia are thinking.」

Harukaze also spoke up with her cute voice as if synchronizing with those curse words in my anger.

With her hesitated, as if waiting for something———Even so, in a blink her face had showed readiness. After fixing her breath, she put her hands on her chest and started talking.

「Hey, Yuunagi-san. I, Harukaze is one of the most advanced cyberbrain shinki. Ah no, not that. I wasn’t being prideful or anything. Um…….about the most advanced, isn’t it the later born also considered so.」

「? Ah, that’s correct」

「If so then I am the youngest sister. The only youngest sister in AI generation. So no matter how much sister I have……. But they all are in the hands of Sphia. Everyone is trapped there.」


「………Yuunagi-san. Actually I, came because I had something to ask of you. Ah no, saying I had something to ask but actually………maybe it was just my selfishness」

Suddenly stopping her words, after that Harukaze looked at me, her eyes looked up with full of complexity. A style that had to be said very attractive. Her twinkling eyes with tears, trembling lips, her breath also went rougher.————–And then.

「Please, save my sister」

Thet “selfishness” had made her hesitate a bit before saying it out.

「Please. I, beg of you. Please save her. Maybe onee-chan will be treated even crueler than me…………So could you save her」

Harukaze muttered while pressing her head into my chest. A wanting action as if it belonged to a child. Because she was the type of people that liked to be spoiled, therefore there was no ulterior move here.

While looking at her like that, I only stealthily sighed.

……………Maa, I had predicted it’d turn out like this.

From the start, Harukaze was someone who made up of “positive”. Therefore, there was no way she wouldn’t mind when seeing that message. No way she wouldn’t be shaken when she saw her sisters were being treated like she had been………..The guilty feeling would follow her if I didn’t extend my hands and helped.


I slowly extended my right hand and patter head. That silky smooth silver haird. As if a light scene of orange faintly tickled my nose.

When turning her face up, her eyes matched mine through her blue pupils beneath her hair. Those clear eyes were staring at me in silent. A powerful eyes as if determined that, no matter what happened I had to do something. As expected I could never refuse the selfishness of Harukaze.

「……..Can’t be helped right」


Harukaze sit up straight when she heard me murmured in a small voice.

「Yuunagi-san, just now………….? Did I mishear it————」

「Unfortunately you didn’t mishear it」

「Hau ! U,u…………is that so. I’m sorry」



「No, like I said……..Aaaaaaaaa really! I know! I know so I’ll help! If you’ve said it there’s no other way. I’ll accept Sphia invitation as the winner in ROC, it’s the duty of the player who was aimed at! Is that alright!?」

「Wa……….! Thanks a lot, Yuunagi-san」


Because I couldn’t hold Harukaze who jumped and hugged me I fell flat on the bed.

Being constantly attacked by the sweet scent and skin contact, my sense was almost completely paralyzed. Maybe my face right now was beat red, while turning away in embarrassment I looked for some subject to talk.

「But, but! ———-But, anyway it’s like that so could you give me another higher reason? Like saving or helping, that’s alright but, it has the feeling of passive and negative somewhat. I want a more sure and realistic reason」

「A realistic……….reason」

Harukaze closed her eyes and thought.

A moment later—————-she stood up and answered with a smile on her face.

「Then, Yuunagi-san. —————–I want to save onee-chan. I really, really want to save her! And other sister of mine too! They’re all being held by Sphia! We will take them back together. Steal our onee-chan back together!」

「………Understood. Let’s do it」

I smiled wryly when looking at Harukaze who was holding her fist up with a bright expression while yelling “Ee ee oo—-”.

“Steal” someone who I didn’t know, even though the way she said was a little extreme but————–In the end it was something worth doing.


《Until the first log in after the invitation, time remaining is 382 minutes———–Although there’s still lot of time but thanks for participating Tarumi Yuunagi-sama. Because my job had been stripped away so feel free to enjoy the game and just skip the tutorial》


Um, first of all let’s arrange these situation first.

I accepted the “selfishness” of Harukaze and join the game, then I opened the message again. While tapping the link at the last line, suddenly a website with time counting down appeared. That web seemed like the DL page of “log in app”, a while later, there was new icon added to the main screen of my phone.

Everything was going smoothly.

Right when I clicked that icon, my vision suddenly changed, I was moved to some mysterious space, because I had experience in ROC I could somewhat understood what was happening.

It just———-When I just logged in I was welcome by a woman who was sitting in the air illogically, no matter how I thought about it I couldn’t understand the scene entering my eyes.

《Haa. It seems Tarumi-sama is a little slow?》

While putting her glasses up she spilt out those strong words mischievously……..It was at this moment that I realized, it was her. The woman who played the role of that cold blooded librarian in ROC. No wonder she seemed familiar. That attitude without any emotion.

While trying to keep myself down and act natural, I turned my eyes and looked around.

A mysterious space. It looked like a sphere theater————Though was saying that correctly. It didn’t have horizontal space, even beneath my feet and above my head, in other words it was like a screen that could rotate 360 degree. However that screen didn’t reflect anything. The part which was letting ot a green light connected directly to the screen as if piercing through the somewhat dark and mysterious space.

Though. Harukaze wasn’t here.

「She, couldn’t log in……?」

《Of couse. Surely it was written in the invitation letter,  by any chance Tarumi-sama was illiterate? If so then it’s a little hard. I could only speak 8 languages》

「No just speak your mother tongue. I’m a full fledge Japanese you know. So, what’s with that invitation?」

《It’s eligibility to participate———-Ura-game held by Sphia this time we are gathering all potential player. And, only the player with certain achievement in our data could participate. If you were not the chosen one you could not participate, it’s the rule》

「Ah…….is that so. Therefore Harukaze couldn’t participate」

《You can refuse. On the contrary, with someone who had a lot of experience clearing twice as Tarumi-sama you could rest assure. In this time tournament all the participants are all seeded. Good for you, even though it was not much but you will have certain advantages. The one who could cover many, many, many of your shortcomings, someday will appear.》

「Why suddenly was I encourage. Moreover, what shortcomings that you repeated three time————–」

《You like to crossdress》

「T, that’s not my hobby!?」

Unbelievable. Wasn’t it because you guys forced me, like the switching in ROC for example.

《There there, I’m sorry for my impoliteness. ………Ah, Taruma-sama, are you really angry? Don’t tell me you want me to strip sincere apology? It would look like a AV actress.》

「No….I don’t need it」

《Oh. As expected of Tarumi-sama, the one who forced the third department of Sphia into the exterminated situation, you are so generous.》

「…….A-no, you don’t like it? By any chance you hate me?」


Librarian———It was her role in ROC, if I asked her now it’d be annoying, so maybe I’d call her like that————-Haa, not only she didn’t answer my question but she smile elegantly as if trying to keep it down. As expected of  subordinate of Tendou Byakuya, one of the employee in the third advance technology department of Sphia. Even her behavior was weird.

Anyways……..Exterminated, situation.

As expected, um how should I put it, about ROC received an unexpected ending had dealt a devastating blow to the third department. Especially the head Tendou, he was tied up in three months why trying to “deal” with the business of releasing Harukaze, in that time it seemed the game deployment had been delay.

「……….Um? Then by any chance Ura-game this time doesn’t have anything to do with Tendou?」

《That’s right. As the announcement, the game held this time will be a bit different. Completely have nothing to do with the third department. The reward also isn’t “whatever you want”, it would seemly be money. Actually, this time I joined as the role of a guide.》

「Hee, that so」

《You looked dissapointed…….forgive me. Because Tarumi-sama wasn’t the type of hero wanna be so before I didn’t acknowledge you》

「Ha, haa? You mean I’m also cold blood just like you—————-」

《To say in depth, I’m very “interested” in Tarumi-sama’s role. It was just like a game show, good fo you》


《Then, let end it here.————-As I’ve said before, now I’m only want to finish this role as a guide. Moreover, I’m only reluctantly accepting this directive, moo》

The librarian complained in an annoyed tone. By any chance was it my fault. Illogical, or to be precise it was oppression. Political persecution.

Aa, moo. Suddenly I went with the god forsaking subject of her so nothing had been going anywhere.

「Then? Quickly get to the main subject. What kind of game this time?」

《Ah here. You’re right. Now I’ll explain about the rule……..》

Saying so with annoyingly, the librarian raise her right hand up.

Click———she signaled with a flicker of her finger.

Along with an echo, the 360 degree screen was activated. Immediately, entering my eyes was countless line of words flying. It looked like it was making up a strong twist with those big words. Looking at the opening words of those line, I saw it was written guide book.

《Um. Good sensitivity————. However the deploying speed is slow.》

The glasses woman was sitting cross legs calmly, while looking at that scene she murmured about the point which needed to improve or something.

Letting out a smile on her lips, even just for a moment she exuded the image of the librarian the other day.

《Now then. We will continue the story while I was feeling a bit interested.

This time Tarumi-sama will play Selector of Seventh Role————-It will be shorten as SSR, a battle royale with 7 participants. Every player will be divide in to each role respectively as Hero – Demon King – Revolutionary – Judge – Executioner – Tracker – Priest, and everyone will aim at a winning condition, respectively each position will have different condition.

Next, I will talk about the winning condition of each position.

Hero: Destroy the Demon King

Demon King: Destroy Hero

Revolutionary: Desertion of Priest – Tracker – Executioner

Executioner: Desertion of Priest – Judge – Demon King

Judge: Desertion of two of any position and the survival of Priest.

Tracker: Complete “Hiding in 5 hour in the 10 meter radius” to other player

Priest: Existing more than “3 players who own more than 5000pt” according to the change of time.

————Then till now, do you have any other question?》

While listening to the librarian’s explanation, I looked at the guide book.

A battle royale of 7 participant. Each player will take one of the role in the pool of 7 and aim at the wining condition. And about that condition 7 were written in this book.

「For now I’ve somewhat understood. ……E-to, then that battle royale, just as when someone who achieved the condition the game will end?」

《That is not correct》

「What about the “pt” in the victory condition of Priest, what is it?」

《Tarumi-sama had very good eyes. Om.

Then we will continue explaining about the system of role and point. About which of it, it could be said it’s all the rule of this game world. Although it was a bit complicated but let me use a comparison like this—————— it means, that point, it was like an all powerful currency》

「All powerfull currency ?」

《That right. From food to necessaries, it also has the same value as weapon, item, service, just like a kind of part time work or a mission reward. All and all, even if it was NPC, land or even the world, with point you could buy everything.》


I see. It was rather interesting. Simply put “pt was treated as a kind of currency in this world”, not only that, it was a indispensable factor if wanting to achieve victory in a PVP with other player.

「Then, how to get this pt?」

《There are a lot of way. As I’ve just said, you could do mission and work for it, or you could go trading. However, if you sell item brought from the real would you wouldn’t get any pt, so please take note. Sphia would not take any responsibility for this.》

「So in case of wining PVP with someone? Will I get it all?」

《Yes. In the case you destroyed other player————Ah, by the way destroy here simply means “making their HP to 0” only ————pt of that player will all be transferred to Tarumi-sama. Moreover, in this world the pt will increase naturally. While logging in, for each minute past pt win increase by 1pt. Therefore continuous logging in would have a lot of benefit?》

「What kind of benefit……….How could that be possible. What about my study」

《About that limit of Tarumi-sama I don’t think it would be a big problem. ……….Maa, in short it’s all the content of the game SSR. Just need to cleverly using pt and you could complete the winning condition quicker than everyone else, simple and easy to understand right. About clear details please discover them when playing the game.》

I’m so tired———————The librarian said and yawned no minding her manner. Even though she was ood at provoking other, but, all and all she was still normal human.

「Haa………that would be enough. I also clearly understood somewhat the rules.」

《You’re wonderful, Tarumi-sama. That don’t that right? We’re done right? The『clearly understood』you’ve just said, you don’t mind if I took note of it right?》

「Ah no prob——–」

《Ah, right. Speaking of which, in the announcement, because the winning condition of each role there’s still one more remaining condition, after entering the game please confirm it yourself》

「………… You deliberately forget to say it to end the tutorial?」

《Fu, that would be rude to you, Tarumi-sama. It wasn’t that I forgot. It was just suddenly I had the idea that 『If it was Tarumi-sama then maybe he can do without saying it………Anyways he is still a kid……….』》


《Fumu, maybe you don’t have anything else to say say. Then we are done, Tarumi-sama. Thank you for your corporation in this long break————-Now then, goodbye》

Click. The librarian signaled with a flick of her fingers, once again all status of the screen had stopped.

In this dark space, the girl wearing glasses who was light up by the faint light was blooming an attractive smile. At the same time, for some reason she speaks in a tone as if showing her condolences.

《My condolences, Tarumi-sama………….I will cheer for you》


《Confirming 7 participant officially joined》

《System running normally: Synchronization time suitable: Arranging role complete》

《Till 18:00. Time for game to start in 1 second—— 2 second —- 1 second》

《——-0 second》

《Selector of Seventh Role starts》

………..As I was surrounded by darkness.

After a few second, when I slowly opened my eyes I saw my body was floating in the air.

「Ha, haaaaaaaaaaaa!?」

About to fall. I’m falling. I was about to make contact with wind splitting speed.

What was entering my eyes was———–completely not the modern Japanese society, it looked like some kind of weird city.

Specially, this was a big city which was constructed completely using red brick. A fantasy world in medieval style, it looked like a “castle town” walking out from a RPG.

The city was built in the imperial spiral style, however, it was just that the castle ground which supposedly be at the center but entering my eyes was just some tall building.

This was………a clock tower, ah?

「Ah no, it was not a 『clock tower』! Ah now is not the time to enjoy the view hear.」

Spitting out a retort, I chased away all the escapism thought out of my head—————But.

「Wait up.………wait a minute, that’s strange. ………..dammit are you kidding me?」

My voice, why was it so high again?

Feeling suspicious about myself, immediately I touched the back of my neck. A soft feeling transmitted through my fingertips. Though this white, smooth hand didn’t belong to a high school student.

The pink hair flying in the air and stood up.

And the long black gothic skirt was spreading out like a parachute.

「………..Th…….This is…….. !」

A————- I see, it was like that huh? That’s enough, even a slow poke like me understood it immediately.

「”Like to crossdress” she said, “you have my condolences” she said……… that’s what she meant, dammittttttttttttttttttt!」

That meant, the me right now was the same as in ROC, this time I also had to play the game switching with some girl I didn’t know of—————-It seemed to be so.

Listlessly looking up at the sky, it seemed I had fallen exactly at the performing location, I stood up after falling down from the sky like a meteor, but even so I wasn’t hurt.

「If it was trivial then don’t make other free falling like that…………」

After expressing my anger, at the same time heaving a sigh to relieve myself, first of all let’s check the surrounding area.

This looked like a corner of the living hood————-maybe. Right now it was evening, across the street was the road crowded with NPC, maybe they came here to do business. A lively market scene under the resting sun and brick roofs contain nostalgic.

And then, as expected the thing which made me surprise more than anything was the level of imitation of reality which had such weirdly high quality.

Even when we were in ROC, an unbelievable thing, if it were not Sphia then, of course I could never believe this was a world they had “Created”.

「…………Ah that’s not right.」

Murmuring with my cute voice, I turned away to cut off the trivial thoughts.

Selector of Seventh Role————-SSR. There was a lot of thing I had to confirm about this time Ura-game. First of all was looking for a mirror. Normally I wouldn’t care about my appearance, but, right now even my appearance I didn’t know, if so at that time I’d only be useless.

Just brooding over my dumbfounded worry, I had walking around in this world for 15 minutes.

Walking to the place which looked like a square, I discovered a small fountain nearby.

「Though it’s a little inconvenient……….but whatever」

Actually, if there were a mirror here it would still be better, though maybe I just needed to see my face would be enough. After mentally preparing myself, I approached the fountain———-


So cute.

If 10 people saw this then maybe all 10 believed that there was a big beauty standing right here.

And about my impression, it was a vey “gorgeous” appearance. The smooth light pink hair, run across her body length. Big eyes carrying the strong red color. On her head was wearing a crown pretty eye catching….………Ah no, it was a bit different. This image had to be said it looked like the unmatched demon king, taking control of everything in her hands rather than a graceful princess.

Moreover, her highlight was further decorated through her clothing. A black gothic style dress with a lot of accessories. A gothic-loli style dress. Compare to Harukaze this girl dress was even much more extravagated. Actually I was feeling tired with this thing.

Especially her chest.

Voluptuous breasts sticking out through the thin layer of cloth and was a bit showing so I always had to avoid looking at it………Though even her breathing sound was funny.

Being led by the devil’s whisper, my hand rose to touch the hill that was like a work of art.

「Gulp!? No, No this is not right, this is no good!」

——————–As if a reminder to myself, I quickly removed my hands from my chest.


I heaved a sigh to calmed down my shaking heart, leave a side her appearance for now. I should think about other important things.

In short—————Why did I swap place with her.

What is it, what’s the meaning of it? In both ROC and SSR I always being stuffed inside the avatar of a bishoujo, don’t tell me this was Sphia tendency? No, there was no way. The “swap” inside ROC had its nature. If that was so, then the even this time surely be the same.

That meant, she was a cyberbrain shinki drew in that illustration.

I wondered what the GM of SSR had in plan when he made me and her swap place…….?

「………Fuu. Though, even if I think about it anymore there’s no use」

Heaving a long sigh. After making a tired face which was reflected on the water surface, I quietly left.

No matter how much I felt down because of these damn thing I couldn’t do anything about it.

A simple and clear fact, therefore I’d probably put aside the “problem of swapping” here, going closer to the place which had a rock stair and sat down, I tried to touch the device I had paying attention to it for a while now.

Device. The machine located on my left hand wrist, the color and detail structure was a bit different, simply speak it looked kind of like and arm guard in ROC. It seemed its used hadn’t changed, when I tried to put my finger on it, a reflected scene appeared in front of my eyes.

What was shown was the main page of the device. There were status, role, information and then item owned by player, all was in there……………Um, how should I say it, I didn’t care much about the UI which was not friendly to user liked this. When used to it’d be very convenient, but it was complex to newbie.

「Maa, as expected………..Demon King, huh」

While shaking my head which was embraced by this pink long hair, I quietly mumured.

—————-Demon King, it was Demon King. In 7 role I was put in, I played the role Demon King.

I remembered the words the librarian had mentioned in the tutorial. There were 7 people participated in SSR, at the same time there only existed 7 role. That meant, each player would take up one different role. Moreover, the winning condition of each player was set up accordingly to the role that player was playing.

「About the role of Demon King, it seemed to be destroying the hero right」

Right now I still didn’t understand the difficulty, but if it was simple then it’d be good. Among the 6 remaining player aside from me, it seemed I only needed to quickly find the real hero, and then I needed to defeat him to finish.

Next, I’d try other categories .

Though, almost everything was explained by the librarian. The kind of status that appeared above the HP bar. List of “owned Item” was written down in detail from clothes to shoes. Even right now, the bar showing “current pt own right now” was still continuously counting the number on the left side of the dot.

If there were any new info then, maybe it’d be the appearing of the “skill” in player status bar.

『Player name: Tarumi Yuunagi. List of skill owned.

———————Role Skill.

Demon King: Force Due (2000pt) : Stole an item owned by another player to your liking. The stolen item by this skill cannot be stolen back.

———————Common Skill.

Accel (50pt) : x2 the speed status of player for an amount of time. Cannot stack.

Power (50pt) : x2 the attack status of player for an amount of time. Cannot stack.

Cure (100pt) : Recover 30% HP of the player. Once used, for an amount of time this skill cannot be used again.

The end (10000pt) : you will become the winner of SSR』

「…………..I see. So this is the other winning condition the librarian mentioned.」

While looking at the device I complained. Another condition according to all role, all player, everyone had 2 victory condition————It was this skill “the end”.

For example me, or to be more precise to the case of demon king

– Destroy the hero.

– Use the skill the end using 10000pt.

With this we could finish SSR very quick, at the same time it’d become a condition to save her.

「10000pt huh………」

Um, I crossed my hand and confirmed my pt, the number shown was 1014. Still far away, though, maybe from the start I already had 1000 pt. After that it started counting the time added up.

「E-to ? Because every minute it increases 1 pt so maybe a day I’ll get 1440 point. So a week will be 10080pt. If then we only need to hide in a week we’ll be able to finish the game. ……….Well, there’s no way it was that easy.」

While speaking to myself I smiled wryly. Because it’d be in a week. In that time if I didn’t use any pt, this would be very difficult. For example if there was only running without any other trick then the skill accel was necessary. But when your point was only 0 then running away didn’t have much meaning.

「……………However, the thing called all mighty currency is also rather interesting.」

A bishoujo with red eyes saying while smirking. Though it was me.

Although the tutorial wasn’t very satisfying but, when looking at the point control to the cost of skill like this, I was feeling rather heated. What can I do and what I cannot do. How to use them effectively. The best choice when starting the game, I wanted to confirm it.

Therefore—————-right, I’ll do a bit of experience.


Dealing with “own item” in SSR was a bit different.

First of all it ws the item, I could take it out and put it in as I like with the command 《Deploy》and 《Store》. Item in the state of《Store》could be used to sell. Of course buying would be the same. That meant, in order to get the item in SSR through the store or player was unnecessary.

After understanding that————-I entered a selling store.


As I’d just passed through the door, I was welcome by a man without any demeanor standing in the counter.

Moreover, he only bowed once and went inside. With these many iron item displayed here it must be weapons. From the short sword which you could worn on your body to the long swords, countless of blade and sword was displayed.

「What a grand scene. ……….Hey owner, how much for this one?」


This owner who seemed strict, in a second he had become surprise before my voice and look, but after that he had calmed down and answered……………..This was NPC right. If compare to the cyberbrain shinki there was still a long way to go, but the AI technology of Sphia was seriously at the level of extreme.

Let’s leave that aside for now—————I’d buy a short sword for 180pt.

「The exchange rate was different to Japanese Yen huh」

The reason I came here was to “investigate the price”. If I wanted to collect 10000pt I needed to know how big was that number.

About that point, entering the shop was of course.

But, the price of sword would include the most expensive and the least expensive, a new player like me definitely wouldn’t know the market price no matter how I looked at it. Therefore I paid attention to the flyer hanged outside the shop.

《Mercenaries wanted. Fighter 500pt per day! Can appointed directly!!》

「I see………that means we could get 10000pt by doing work, just need to work continuously 20 days with the level of mercenary.」

This request was rather high.

I became a bit disappointed, in short I had able to collect the information I wanted. In other to defend myself, I picked the sword Durandal with acceptable price and brought it to the counter. Immediately, the shop owner looked up with the hard to get close expression as when I walked in.

「…………Buying it?」

「Ah, please deal this for me. Don’t this have a scabbard?」

「……..250pt. There’s a scabbard giving service over there. Just bring it over there」

「Is that so. What a new system」

Saying so I went looking for a scabbard where the owner pointed at. Because I didn’t care about outer appearance or sizes so just picked a random one, but I had the feeling this game world was rather flexible in some degree. Putting the small Durandal into the big scabbard, I started fastened it.


Hanging the sword on my waist, I puffed out my chest proudly……….Although it was a little show off but, in any way it was my first weapon in this game. Didn’t bother to 《Store》and just like that remaining happy after I bought it, I hoped I wouldn’t received divine punishment.

While thinking about trivial stuffs, I activated the device to make payment. After I was about to leave in good mood——————–At that time.

「………..wait up, girl」

I was being called back by a harsh voice from behind.

「………What’s the meaning of this. I had said the cost for the scabbard was a free service」

「Um ? It was so, but what?」


「If there’s nothing else I’ll be going. Ho-ra, I (ore)———-I’m (watashi) in a hurry. Next time I’ll drop by.」

After taking notice my appearance, I smiled like a little devil and left the shop.

————–Walking on the stone paved path, the sound of the scabbard I hanged on my waist touching the ground cleng keng.

「Now then.」

While attractive long hair wavering in the wind, I crossed my hand in front of my chest. Collecting information right now was somewhat done, now was time to plan how to finish SSR.

First was the situation right now, collecting 10000pt maybe too impractical. Wasting too much time and effort to achieve it. If “defeating other player in a PVP we will get all the pt of them”, however, that method might not happen smoothly.

Then there was only the method of defeating the Hero, aiming at the winning condition of the role—————————–But.

「This and that, there’s still some problem.」

Thinking about vague stuffs I heaved a sigh.

Although the existence of Hero was to destroy the Demon King, it was only just a very normal knowledge in games. If Sphia based on that simple principle, the Hero in SSR would own a skill which was deadly to the demon king wouldn’t be surprising.

「Are the demon king and hero on the same league. ……….Though, now no matter how much I whine it wouldn’t solve anything. In short, I need to hurry and find the hero」

Saying so I raised my right hand subconsciously. Touching the back of my neck as if a bad habit of mine, then I started trying to scratch it.————–At that moment, a extremely pleasant feeling ran across my fingertip to my chest. Not good, it was so soft. An unbelievable softness, this smoothness as if making me melt, seemed like I would never want to remove my hand at all………..Ah no, that’s not right!

「N, now whatever happens is fine! Ah no, I’ll defeat the hero and —————」

「———–Defeat me? Hee,  you said something interesting. I think it’ll be useless but do you want to give it a try?」


Before I could understand the meaning of those words, my body had moved.

Activating《Accel》skill. Taking advantage of the temporary increased in speed, I quickly jumped to the side of the road. A sound splitting air rammed into my ears. A shockwave and echo. Rocks on the road broken down and pounced up. …………An unbelievable power. With only one step it had destroyed the quiet atmosphere of the street.

The NPCs which was walking nearby had panicky ran away to safety—————-At that time.

Cop cop…, the sound of boost on the side step, there was someone calmly walking up to me.

A curious character. I could not see his appearance. Even though I was face to face with him, but I couldn’t comprehend his face, figure, height or even his custom.

It could be said as a real shadow.

The shadow stopped in front of my face, then he extended his hands and slowly said.

「Greetings Demon King-dono. I am the Hero. That’s right, it’s me. Sorry, even though the game has just started but very soon I’ll be the winner. Hey———–what are you feeling right now, demon king- dono?」

A public war declaration but I couldn’t gasp where it came from, however I could felt strength from somewhere.


For starter there was something I wanted to say.

Just like when it was in ROC, I evaded the sure kill strike from the chaser in the battle.

「…………Ku !」

Keng, a loud sound resounded, I parried the attack from the hero. When the big sword came slashing down. The two blades touched as reflex, but even so I was still not use to this weapon and this arm. In a moment, the scale was broken, I stepped on my skirt while hurriedly running to keep distance from the hero.

At the same time—————– the display of the device suddenly changed along with a “boom” sound.

The HP bar had round shape and green color, a simple connection to skill system, and the log out function had been temporary stopped. It could be said as the “PVP mode”. Instead of choosing to escape to the real world, a lot of information had been visualized to assist fighting.

「———————Um, it seems your ability isn’t so bad」

「………… ! What the. For a while now what are you saying!」

「What is it huh, that’s me being the hero. Just need to defeat you and I can finish the game, therefore I’m using all my force to run here to collect. A very normal thing right?」

The hero said as if teaching me and laughed “fufu”.

Once again, I observed the big sword he was holding…….…….Even though I didn’t know for sure but, but maybe this was a powerful weapon. Even though I had used both 《Power》and 《Accel》but, almost like I couldn’t repel it. A big gap in ability.


I didn’t need to think much about it, from the start there was no way an Ura-game could be finished that easily. It was true that his weapon was very strong. But, from the moment SSR opened till now one hour still hadn’t passed. Of course, even all the player didn’t have much different about the starting pt.

Therefore, it could be say as——————–a bad move from the hero.

Everyone own a pt as plus alpha as the starting value, if she bought a weapon with balance breaking power like that then, he must be having little resources remaining………..!

「_____《Accel》! 」

Reusing the skill accel which had expired, I stepped on the ground and dashed straight toward the hero. As I expected, the hero couldn’t catch my movement when I was accelerated. ……..As expected huh. The obstructing item like that big stupid sword was only a waste of pt. Maybe he didn’t have pt left to use 《Accel》.

But even so, the hero was still being very calm, then he spoke up.

「That’s useless. If you think it doesn’t have any usefulness you’re making a mistake, anyway I will achieve victory」

「Shut up!」

Not minding the pink long hair flying freely, I slashed at the hero with all my might. The two sword parried each other. The shock went through the blade and transmit to my arm. The shoulder part had been torn because of his retaliate……………….It was only a flesh wound. The HP bar on the device was only scratched a little. Moreover I could still use recovery skill.

After licking my blood with my red tongue, I glared at the hero who was standing there calmly.

「…………..Aha. What a strong eyes. It makes me tremble. 」

「………….Ah, that so. Then keep trembling to death. 」

Spilling out vulgar words in a strong manner, then I kicked the wall nearby. With the skill to increase status, this small body could fly like a bulet. The house’s roof, old bulletin board, the stone edge in the alley—————I jumped on them in zic-zac. In that progress, I could enhance my spinning kick.

Seeing so, the hero had no other way but enter defense stance with the overwhelming weapon, however, with only that kind of defense I could see through everything. Sheathing the sword I spin half way. When my right leg was enforce by the centrifugal force, I aimed at the head of the hero.


———————–A hit.

Heel to the head, because he couldn’t stand it he dropped his sword. This kind of damage must be not enough to finish him, however because the shock from the head injure from my attack the hero staggered.

「And then………’s over」

My body started feeling nausea after having to move with speed and trajectory beyond imagination, even so I tried to stand still in front of the hero. After that, I unsheathed Durandal and stabbed him without hestation.


A hoarse voice with his breathe.

Removing his hands from the sword, the hero fallen to the ground, in a second that body also lied flat down. The light on his device slowly disappeared, right after that, his body became particle and disappeared into the air…………………Um, luckily there was function or corpse to remain.


Like that I had defeated the hero.

While heaving a sigh to relieve myself, I sheathed my sword.《Store》it inside the device  then I raised both of my hands to the sky, puffed out my chest, stretch my shoulders—————Um……….A-re ?

Have I defeated the hero?

Wait—————-wait up, wait a minute. Because I was suddenly attack I had no other choices but to retaliate, however, no way I’d completed the winning condition so fast……….?

A, that right. I was the demon king, the winning condition of demon king was to defeat the hero.

Although it was a bit surprising, although it was a bit abrupt but it wasn’t like it could not happened, because I had fulfilled the condition so SSR would now end.

「————————–Seems like it’s not enough, what a shame」

「!?  A, 《Accel》!」

Suddenly there was a voice blowing to my ears, immediately I activate accel skill. No more time to think. I was just simply running forward as reflex.

Exactly like what I’d expected.

Because……….. Right in the next moment, since when the hero had stood behind me and swung the sword on his hand.

「What……………….you, how could this be」

I said with  trembling voice with the hero who had sakura color hair standing in front of my eyes.

「Didn’t you just die!?」

「I told you. Have you forgotten? I had said from the start right. That do you want to try or not」


Suddenly remembering his words, I used my right hand to touch the device. Opening the screen in between my line of sight and the hero, I swipe to the page named “log”.

“Log”, as exactly what it was writting, the event happened in game would be written down in document form in this page. There was 2 kinds “Personal Log” and “all log”. The first was “History of all the item and skill used in the PVP that I participated”, and the second one seemed like a kind of display as “history of skill that other player had used in the whole world of SSR”.

And, the one he had mentioned, both was written down clearly.

《Hero Role skill: Skill used Auto Save & Load》


Seeing something like this, I don’t even know what to say.

Auto Save & Load………..A kind of auto respawn skill? What the heck, you kidding me. Ah no, if its ability was too illogical then it belonging to hero was possible. A kind of typical broken skill of the main character. No matter how much he got game over, he only needed to load the save point and he could continue, a kind of immortality. This skill was definitely very suitable for the role of hero.

Although, wasn’t it kind of strange. If it had such garbage logic like in this RPG then, it was impossible for the demon king to defeat the hero….……!

「I told you it was impossible」

Cop cop, the piercing sound of his footstep was as if striking into my mental.

「For a demon king to win against a hero, never will that happen. From the start you had to participate in the game you couldn’t win. Aha, what bad luck right. If it were me I’d give up right away. Because, right now you couldn’t do anything right?」

The shadow said while smirking. Couldn’t I do anything…………maybe so. I still had pt left but, if continue to fight to the end it would depleted. And once both party pt was no more, it’d be simply as who had the better weapon would win.

The different in ability when investing was here—————Investing?

「No…………’s not over yet.」

That right. Suddenly I remembered. Though I had to make a quick calculation but, it was it. Hadn’t I prepared for this situation.

Fuuu————Taking a deep breath, …….then I quickly dashed behind the hero.


Being dumfounded for a second, after that the hero chased after me. Because feeling like he was close behind, therefore each second I widened the gap. Maybe from the start my speed was rather high. Even though I’d used《Accel》but I still couldn’t lose him.

Running into the valley. Running up the rock stair. Dash to the big street.

After that, the place I jumped inside was—————–The weapon shop.

「Hey shop owner ! Come out quickly !」

While tiptoe in front of the counter, I looked inside and yelled. Although those words did not match this cute appearance a bit, but I hoped she’d forgive me. Because this was emergency situation.

「………..What is it. And here I thought who was being so noisy, it’s you again」

「Seeing a bishoujo like this and could still talk like that you’re good……………But forget it, because I don’t have much time so let’s keep this short. There’s something I need your help, owner.」


The shop owner frowned, why looking at me with that gray an thinking eyes.

And then————–at that moment, there was a sound coming from in front of the store.

「Hee, so this is where you were hiding」


It was the hero. A figure as if a shadow and couldn’t be gasped, the hero. ……….He caught up.

Turning his eyes looking around inside the sop as if looking for something precious, after that he immediately looked at me.

「Ran away and hide in hear, a pretty safe choice but unfortunately. I had thought it’d take more effort than this. Or do you plan to buy weapon? In SSR the weapon shop was like a decoration, toying with the device a bit and you can see it?」

「Whatever. Though, don’t say it like that Izayoi guy. I (ore) did not join this game to entertain you.」

「Izayoi……….? And also “ore”? Heh, don’t tell me you’re a boy」

「Eh? Ah, no————-Ehem……….H, hm! I(watashi) did not join this game to meet with your expectation!」


Only in 2 seconds,  I felt regretted about what I had just said.


As if being shocked by my action, the hero didn’t say anything, he unsheathed the big sword in its scabbard behind his back and slowly walked toward me. Like a rat in a trap, the end of the road with no escape. I was in such a dire situation……….However. I still hadn’t used all my card yet.

My current pt was 250pt. The time plus with the starting amount was about 1060pt, Durandal and four times 《Accel》and two times《Power》were total 550pt, therefore I surely must have 500pt left, but even so I lost hundreds of point.

If so, where did my 250pt gone——————-?

Looking at the hero provokingly, after that I curved my mouth smiled and said to the owner standing next to me.

「You still remember it right, owner. When buying this sword I didn’t pay you 250pt, it was 500pt. You asked what was the meaning of it right? That’s fine, now I’ll tell you. It was not the money for the scabbar ———————-It was a bribe! Just 5 minute is fine, stall him and let me run!」


The owner and hero opened their eyes wide before my sure as heck words.

That right, exactly before leaving I had started “investment”.

The pt point was called all powerful currency. Because it could buy anything in this world unlike the currency in other game. It could be used freely and diversely, though if I could then I would. The way of using pt was definitely the key to win SSR.


The owner remained silent after the “declare of bribe” from me—————A bit later, he heaved a long sigh and slowly stood up and walked out of the counter. While scratching the back of his neck as if being annoyed he walked to the wall, the owner took out a big sword from the displayed sword in the front of the shop.

And he quickly moved without making a sound.

While slowly walking to the hero, he turned and looked at me with calm eyes.

「……….Girl. What’s your name」

「! I(ore) am, ah no I(watashi) am, Tarumi———–ah that not right」

What should it be………her name, how should I call it!?

No matter what the NPC uncle had acted in a grand way, but till this part I hit a dead end. Back inside ROC, “Kumoi Haruka” was the player name but, unfortunately this time Tarumi Yuunagi was the one who participate. No matter how I thought about it was a bou name. It completely didn’t match with this appearance.


Right. This girl, though I wasn’t sure of it she was also a cyberbrain shinki.

The same as Harukaze. And was a senpai. A sister. —————If that so then.

「Su…………Suzuka. I am Suzuka」

「………..Is that so. Maybe we won’t meet gain but, you’re really sharp.」

「…………..! Ah, you too!」

After I said exaggeratedly in this tear jerking air, the owner only shook his head tiredly, then he pointed inside the shop and said “Go quickly”. Calmly facing a weirdo like that hero, I could see he was a pro, like at martial art for example.

「This girl is my guess. Although I don’t know who you are but you had best give up.」

「Um ………I see. Bribe, a bribe. Truly I couldn’t know that.」

Facing pressure from the cold stare of the owner ( Even though I couldn’t see it from here), the hero spit out those little annoyed words. Seemed like he couldn’t do anything anymore—————–It seemed I was really saved.

After showing my thanks to the owner, I walked to the back door and left the shop.



About 20 minutes passed after I left the weapon shop with the help of the owner.

Running away from the hero safely, but my look right now wasn’t so lively as a bishoujo much. I continued to sigh, this was already the fourth time today. Now I couldn’t plan anything anymore.

However, this was only normal.

The target that the demon king need to defeat was the hero—————–Someone who owned a skill to auto respawn liked “definitely won’t die”, right after knowing that information, the former objective became meaningless.

「……..But however he still has a weakness.」

While murmuring, I stared into the device. Because it was a small shortcoming so I could escape that deadly event, the moment the hero used 《Auto Save & Load》, my pt had increased a bit.

Therefore————-although it was just guess————but it seemed the skill effect was “when died, could recover all of HP after sending pt to the one who kill him”.

「However, in the end, the part which I could not defeat the hero would not change. “The condition about the demon king role no matter what could not win, instead of it, because pt point is easier to collect so I still have a chance?” Will I be able to control such relatively slim balance?」

……….No, if so then there was other way.

It was go hunting————–The not so pretty words appeared in my mind. In fact it was still a possibility. An unique Ura-game with no influence of the third department, SSR. There was nothing to ensure that balance would be maintained by a GM like Tendo at all.


I continued to sigh.

Even though I complained but I didn’t think of stepping out of this game. I had also declared to Harukaze. If I ran away now, from the start I had ignored that invitation. I would refuse to participate ………..Well back to the subject.

「Almost all of PVP will be based on pt, first of all let’s go find point. If this is a typical world in RPG game type, maybe the bar had some quests or something like that—————-」

When I was lost in my monotone then, suddenly the cell phone ring tone resounded.


Why was there a phone here……… strange. This wasn’t the real world.

「Ah, maybe it’s the sound from the device…………..?」

Thinking so I looked at my left hand———–, maybe there was something strange happening which was beyond my imagination.

This, it looked like it was infected by virus, the kind of virus which was extremely poisonous on PC. The whole of my device emitting a strong light as if a mirror ball. The speaker was playing a loud tone. On the pt bar showed a blinking coming call, the main part of the device was vibrating on my arm.

This clear situation could only be said as, this was communication function installed on the device.


Because of many reason, so I had to swallow my breath and timidly tried to touch the screen.

Maybe it was some kind of incoming notice, even though I didn’t do anything but suddenly it jumped to the screen with incoming call. In the middle was the screen was a phone number which I had never seen………..Had never…………seen? A-re ?

Wasn’t this my phone number ?

Right when I became panic and puzzled———-

『A, it connectedddddddddddd!!』

The voice I heard through the phone, was my voice.


『Eh your head! Tarumi Yuunagi ! What are you doing, are you stupid! Though I don’t know how you did it but don’t just use a girl body as you like! Okay? Immediately log out you hear me! If you did something to my body……………Just that, I don’t like it』

「Wait————wait a minute」

『………. What are you waiting for !?』

「Calmed down!」

Why trying to calm the urging voice in impatience, I collected my scrambling thought.

Being told so with those words by my own voice, this disgusting feeling made me want to jump into a hold, if anything happened to this body maybe she would castrate me, though leaving that aside—————-This was her maybe?

「You………no way you are」

『That’s right. Didn’t I say it from the start!?』

Suuuu————taking all her breath.

A girl saying with a very familiar high school male voice, she screamed.

『I am the cyberbrain shinki code number 2! A poor girl whose body right now was being play with by youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!』

《Time to end one day in Selector of Seventh Role – Halfway》

《Demon King: 584pt.  Hero: 104pt.  Revolutionary: 1291pt.  Executioner: 997pt.  Judge: 360pt.  Tracker: 1103pt.  Priest: 882pt》

《Role completion condition – progressing status————–Having no compatible yet》

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