Assassin Pride Volume 2 Prologue



Elise Angel, 7 years old──

It was, at the time when she was about to enter the second year of her elementary school. The girl, who was dressed up in a blue dress like a doll, was once again wandering in the weird forest.

While stepping forward aimlessly, her tears fell and wet the ground.

Even though the sobbing voice resounded convulsively, there was no one worryingly came for her──

「U……Ue, een……!」

She had become a lost girl. For the girl who always had many maids accompanying her, this was her first experience.

Although the employees, who had took their eyes off Elise, were not to blame. Since at any rate this was, the private land of the Angel household.

The internal prominent nobles were given the land, at Flandre Holy King District. Possessing this one corner was the head of the house Felgus Angel, who also owned this principal residence. Today his wife Meliona Angel’s birthday party was being held, and serving as the lineage from the branch family this was Elise’s first time, as the Angel house relative had gathered in the same room.

Although for Elise who was still in first year elementary school, with no tools to play with in this standing buffet it was not a pleasant event. As the girl felt bored at the court yard where the figures of adults were in very long deep talk, she thought about go exploring the forest surrounding the estate.

Stealing a glance at the adult, stealthily she executed the plan, and the result──she was in this situation.

No sun, no moon, and no star, such was this world. If the lantern’s light was far away then up till which point the field of vision became hopeless, the sheltered noble daughter for the first time had that moment to realize.

「U, uuu……. Kaa-sama, where are you……?」

Proportional to the knight duke house’s prestige, the garden included in the estate’s land was prone to be vast.

For a mere seven years old stride and stature, this hug distance was nothing different than a maze.

It seemed Elise had already lost the location of the party meeting place, and had lost sight of where she was walking right now.

Additionally, the only thing that Elise felt unhappy about was, the purpose of this vast jungle. The lord of the estate, Felgus, used this jungle as the noble’s 《gorgeous hobby》

That was, going hunting.

Guuu……while letting out a deep groan, from inside the brushwood a beast crawled out.

The beast looked like a wolf and a wild boar. It was tinged with somewhat round body and equipped with strong four limbs, from the long stretched out whisker’s gap, sharp tusks stuck out.

It was not a pure animal, it was eroded with the factor of the night. Even though namely it was not complete, it transformed into a Lycanthrope. Targeting such living thing to acquire combat training was, not very strange if they were knights from the knight regimen (Guild).

The irregular point was, for a mere seven years old child to confront such a thing.


Her body froze from fear, Elise shrunk back. However just as she stepped back, the beast slowly closed the distance. This beast that served as both hunting target and sentry had received a simple order as「Attack anyone who entered this forest」. Just like the figure of the master Felgus whom acted freely, even if the opponent was a little child that didn’t carry weapon it would not hesitate.

The fuzzy body was, just like an arrow before being released, Gu, lowered its body.

The muscle in its limbs creaked, the claws of its feet violently gasping tight at the ground.

And from its mouth which burst widely, tusks were showing as if a personification of fiendish ──

Right after that.

Someone slide in front of Elise, with a tree stick on hand, they waved it around with strength.

「Get away from Ely!!」

In Elise’s vision that was completely dark, the glitter of gold was fluttering. While the blonde hair that reached the waist waving, this someone held the lantern in their hand and pointed the stick at the beast pushing it many times.

「Are you wondering who I am! Step back! Shoo shooshoo!」

Somehow with action like fencing, 2, 3 times the stick was waved down. Before long, one attack directly hit the beast’s nose. Pigya! Together with a pitiful like shriek, the beast tucked its tail between its legs and disappeared into the depth of darkness.

After waiting until the sound of footstep couldn’t be heard anymore, breathing heavily the blonde little girl turned and looked at Elise.

With a smile as if the sun, Melida Angel said.

「Are you alright? Ely」

「Gusu……Lida, amazing」

「This is just the basic you know!」

“Ehen”, as her cousin buffed out her chest, Elise didn’t hesitate to embrace her.


With Melida who was wearing pink dress, Elise Angel’s figure who was in a blue dress walked out from the jungle. Melida walked in front with the lantern to illuminate the path, aiming at the meeting place of the party there was no hesitation in her gait.

And Elise clung to her cousin’s back. When she was spoiled by Melida, she usually wanted cling to Melida’s back. Frankly for Melida, it was difficult to walk, but however the figure of her silver haired cousin embracing her was extremely cute, she couldn’t be so hard-hearted.

Can’t be helped huh, Melida seemed to be saying, put her words together as if singing.

「Ely is really a spoiled child. We will, soon become second year you know? And then the first year students (Imouto) would come to school in great number, and we’ll be《Onee-sama》. If you’re still a crybaby you’ll be laughed at you know.」

「……It’ll be fine. If so, then I’ll do this」

From behind Melida she pulled one of Melida’s arm, while waving as if a doll maker, mimicking with a strange voice.

「Good day, it’s one-sama da yo」

「I’m, the substitute!?」

Elise was 「Hah」showed the expression of what she had noticed.

「If being Lidaonee-sama’simouto then, I’d be first year once again……?」

「That’s wrong, Ely would be second year with me!」

「That’s also fine」

Gyu, Elise clung to Melida’s back.

「Even if we’re in the same year, I’ll always be Lida’simouto」


Even as she was letting out a troubled voice, Melida wasn’t dissatisfied.

Before long preceded just a head of them, the party meeting place’s light could be seen. From the gap between many trees together with the overflowing golden light, the voice of the servants that were looking for them could be heard.

「Melida-sama~! Elise-sama~! Please answer us~!」

「It’s Emy! We should return quickly」

Melida turned to look back, “kyu” she gasped Elise’s palm tightly.

「Let’s go shall we? Okaa-sama got presents and would share sweets with me and Ely!」

「Oba-sama (aunt)’s sweets」

Elise too “Pa” glittered her pupils, the two walked to the direction of the lined up light.

While linking palm with her cousin, Melida was a little astounded let out a “fuu”.

「Even so, Ely. Because you have already awakened your mana, it should be easy to knock down that puppy?」

「But……I can’t do such thing right away」

As if a little offended Elise pouted her cheek, immediately she answered.

「Lida too, quickly became《Powerful one》. I’m only practicing Mana and the likes alone, it’s boring」

「I know I know! Since『You’re slower than other kids』 my otou-sama was also saying the same thing」

A~a, while letting out an irritated breath, Melida held up her other hand palm

At the innocent seven years old finger tips, the golden light was visible, making out shadows.

「My mana, I wonder when will it awaken……?」


† † †


The memories of Elise about her kind aunt leaving the world was, only half a year later.

And then the beloved cousin’s nick name《Incompetent gifted girl》first time entered her ears was, one more year after.