Kare to Hitokui no Nichijou Volume 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 2: His life with his childhood friend + Man-eater

I had a dream. A painful dream in the darkness. Beaten without a way to resist. I Could only bear the pain… … suddenly the voice ended. The head of the beating man suddenly rolled out.

Then, the scream.

This isn’t the end… This is just the beginning.

“! ?”

Suddenly awakened. I awaken.

“So… It’s only a dream.”

This way of waking up was terrible. His whole body was wet with sweat… because of this every part of his body was hurt. Why?, that’s because he was sleeping on the floor all night.. When he thought about why he would have to sleep on the floor… so that was the reason. He then realized all of this nightmare wasn’t just a dream. From the gap of the blanket I could see a thigh … that’s what the nightmare I was talking about

“If all of this was a dream it would be great…”

But right now Kuroe was sleeping on Tooya’s bed. These were undoubtedly realities, it made Tooya feel that every things happened yesterday were real.

“Fu, mu… … it’s already morning?”

Kuroe starting to wake up. Kuroe still remained naked as last night, Tooya seeing Kuroe slowly stood up panicky averting his eyes.

“Put your clothes on first if you want to go out.”

“U, mu…”

With that weak reply at his back Tooya left the room. Unlike yesterday Kuroe didn’t tease him today… Perhaps Kuroe is weak in the morning?

“… … Done.”

Hearing that he came back to the room, Kuroe had put her clothes on. But she still looked sleepy.

“This time it’s my turn to change clothes.”

Yesterday he had to wear uniform to sleep. Even if the uniform couldn’t be changed at least he had to replace the sweat soaked underwear.


Kuroe nodded.

“… …”

Kuroe, stayed motionless.

“Etou, I want to change my clothes?”


Kuroe nodded.

“… …”

“Etou, I want to change my clothes?”

I said it again.


Kuroe this time… didn’t even move.

“No, I said, I want to change my cloth so could you please go outside.”

“Just change as you like… I don’t mind.”

“I really mind!”

“Fumu… ?”

I cried out loud… Kuroe still with a tired face tilted her head.

“… … You’ve seen me naked?”

“What! ?”

“… … But you don’t want to let me you naked?”

“It was you who showed it to me!”

He shouted as to make an excuse.

“… … Master is really cold.”

Kuroe whispered.

“No, the issue is not about being cold…”


Kuroe begun sulking by pouting her mouth

“I’m also a girl, certainly I will be interested in young boy naked body.”

“Obviously you’re a monster which lived hundred years, you have no rights to call yourself a girl…”

But Kuroe shook her head.

“Master really doesn’t understand a girl’s heart.”

“Instead of a a girl’s feeling, I feel the sight of a children that want to cut open a frog.”

Obviously looking from the side she was grining.

“… … Anyway, you’ve been completely awaken.”


She simply nodded her head.

“… … Fuu.”

Then I breathed in, inhaled… … and yelled:

“Get out!”

“Fumu, understood.”

Without any remorse in her face, Kuroe went out of the room.

“Master, I have a request.”

After being driven out for a while, Kuroe suddenly said that.

“… … What is it?”

I was stunned. Although the sleeping and waking up Kuroe was quite easy going, But that still couldn’t make people forget that she could easily kill people.

“I want an hour of freedom.”

“… … Do you think I will allow it?”

Because of fear of not seeing her, so he gave the order of not letting her leave his side.

“I won’t do anything harmful to people.”

“… … I can’t believe anything you said.”

This was impossible.

“Fumu… … This is for master’s own good.”

“For… me?”

He felt that yesterday they did the same commitment.

“You want to go to school?”

When I looked at my watch, it was already 7:30, ussualy I go to school at 8:00 AM and it takes about 20 minute to reach school. Moreover, it doesn’t matter even if I don’t go today after that event yesterday.

“No no, I better go.”

Kuroe smiled.

“You also don’t want to add more unnecessary doubts right?”

“Unnecessary, doubts… ?”

Not understanding that sentence, I looked back at Kuroe .

“You see, those 3 people. If people think that master killed them wouldn’t it be troublesome?”


Tooya’s face tensed up.

“Needless to say all those guys will no longer appear. Even if there are no corpses there still will be some fusses…… when that time is come I think master is the first one to be suspected?”

Those three. Were beating Tooya… Then Kuroe ate them. I’m afraid in a few days after, their disappearances will cause some commotions.

Of course, they’re not really missing… They’re eaten. So they won’t be able to find those who had died.

But the search will still be carried out. When the time comes they will searching for those missing people and search the cause of dissapereance of those three. Then the first to be suspected would be Tooya. And that’s why.. Tooya can’t missed school in the day those three people gone missing

“What’s the connection between this and giving you some free time?”

Tooya said like groaning.

“Of course there is.”

Kuroe nodded and said.

“If master wants to go to school then mustn’t I go to school with you?”


This is true, to make her follow every order he makes, she must be kept at Tooya’s side at all times. But school is not a place you could suddenly run into… … But, if they didn’t go to school together Kuroe would be freed, then it would also be very terrible.

“Only one hour, I can get into school.”

There was no other choice. If now he refused to give Kuroe one hour of freedom, it would give Kuroe even more freedom. Not allowing her to go to school though may be the best option… But the risk was too much, and he couldn’t keep her here forever.

“… … I understand.”

Thus, he could only agree. He could only trust Kuroe’s words. Even if she is a terrible man-eater, he could only try to trust her… At this time, Tooya suddenly remembered.

“Kuroe … You were sealed there?”

“That’s it, what happened?”

Kuroe asked back.

“But you’re not confused?”


“You haven’t been to the outside for several hundred years?”

Even so Kuroe still looked calm. Hundreds of years ago and now there should be big differences. Even after what happened Kuroe didn’t look neither confused nor surprised. Even Kuroe was technically different from other people, this’s really making me thing that she was being sealed was something that never happened.

“Fumu, I see.”

Kuroe seemed like understanding Tooya’s question.

“The answer is very simple, because I know this world.”

“… … How do you know it?”

She was obviously sealed.

“When I was sealed I talked to master didn’t I?”

“… Ah ha.”

“How do you think it’s done?”

“It’s similar to telepathy and the like?”

At that time a voice echoed in his head.

“Wrong, not that kind of thing.”

Kuroe shook her head.

“Not a method, go back to the previous stage.”

“… Previous stage?”

“Correct, the first thing you need before a conversation.”

Tooya thought. To talk sound is needed, but Kuroe said it was not this but to take a step back… it was the target of conversation. If there’s no target of conversation, the conversation can’t be established. Even if she try to talk but there’s no target of conversation her conversation would never reach out too other people

“Useless if the other party isn’t visible, right?”

If you don’t know if there’s anyone to hear your words the dialogue cannot be established.

“Exactly. After few hundred years the sealed had been slowly weakened, I could make a little outside interference possible. Of course not only telepathy, I could use all-seeing eyes, so I understand the world up till now.”

“So there’s no need for any worry.”

Kuroe said.

“No matter what happens I will find suitable solution to handle it.”

If she said so then theres nothing to worry about right? … Wait why do I feel relieved after hearing this.

“… I see.”

Tooya once again nodded.

Then Kuroe smiled again.

“Then, I’ll be right back.”

Kuroe quickly left the room.

Then  back to the daily routine… Of course, Tooya also understand that this is only temporary. Just couldn’t see Kuroe’s figure, made Tooya feel very assuring.

He washed his face as usual, having breakfast as usual. Because of Kuroe’s magic, even though Kuroe wasn’t here his parents didn’t question anything.

” I’m going out.”

It was already  8:00 AM in the morning Tooya left his house for school. Kuroe still hadn’t returned from her trip. He remembered she was telling him that she would back in 1 hour. If that the case she should back by Homeroom period. Well knowing this, what would happen next must be she comes with a teacher as a transferred student, normally that should be the case.

“… … Haa.”

He sighed. No matter what Kuroe would no doubt come to school. To be frank… … without Kuroe here he felt very calm, but at the same time he felt uneasy about what would happen afterwards.

“… … Fuu.”

He sighed again. Whatever now he only had to go to school…… Forget it, to Tooya school isn’t a quiet place anyways.


Tooya was taken aback as his name was called, then he turned back.

“… Rikka.”

It was a very familiar face. That was the childhood sweetheart living next door. Just like the man-eater Kuroe, she peeked at Tooya. Tooya stuck his tongue out as he felt an unpleasant feeling after seeing the face that was suitable for that petite body.

“Bruises, can be seen.”


Exposing the expression of panic Rikka immediately took out her hand mirror. After confirming the bruises on her face, her face starting to distorted. It was covered by cosmetic so it was easy for me to notice that small bruise.

“Later I will stop at convenient store to buy make-up to cover it.”

I couldn’t say go home first and fix your make up here.

“I won’t go with you.”

Tooya said that, Rikka looked like she was about to cry. But Tooya frowned.

“… … Don’t talk to me at school, I said it before right?”


“Here, isn’t school.”

Rikka used a little strong tone to replied Tooya.

“Because we’re in uniforms, so it is almost the same.”

It seemed this was gonna be a long long way to school.

“Well then, I want to go to school… Don’t follow me.”

Tooya began to walk. Rikka as Tooya said didn’t follow him… But Tooya stopped after taking a few steps. Because he knew her for a long time he knew what kind of face she was making right now.

“… … Haa.”

Turning back, he could see Rikka showed an expected emotion.

“A, really, don’t cry now.”

“… … I’m not crying.”

Obviously she was desperately holding her tears in.

“I know, I will accompany you to the convenience store before.”

Tooya as if giving up said so… Then Rikka revealed a bright expression.

“Un, thanks.”

“… … Haa.”

Sighing. Convenience store is still some distance away from school. There should be no one to see him and Rikka together.

“It can’t be helped…..”

Rikka’s bruises on her face entered his sight.

Tooya immediately averted his eyes, and headed toward school.

“That, that cat is very cute.”

“… … Hee.”

Tooya faintly responded while walking. Although Rikka desperately wanted to talk to Tooya, but Tooya didn’t have the will to answer it. This wasn’t because Tooya hated Rikka… … It was just, Tooya thought that this was the best. Well, this had all become meaningless because of what happened yesterday… …But there wasn’t a way to immediately stop it.

“I also want to keep a cat.”

“… … But raising cats isn’t easy.”

He tried to sugarcoating his words even though it was impossible for her to raise a cat. Rikka’s family now couldn’t be said as a good environment suitable for raising a cat… …  Rikka should know this very clear. Rikka just said it but wouldn’t admit it… that’s all.

It was the same for Tooya.

“Keeping a dog is more interesting.”

In a split second, Rikka looked surprise at Tooya… But, she soon laughed.

“Un, dogs are cute too!”

“It’s called Chihuahua.”

“That is not very cute. The eyes are too big.”

“… …A, really.”

Her reference is really complicated

“A husky type of dog is good too. Big one, but also fluffy.”

“Why does Rikka like to choose such troublesome type…”

“I like it.”

“…  Really.”

If this is also a hobby, then there is no way.

“Nee, Tooya-kun.”

Rikka suddenly exposed a serious expression.

“What happened with you?”

“… … Why did you ask?”

Being asked such question, Tooya frowned a bit.

“Because when we were at the gate, you were sighing.”

“… … Sighing, I do that every day.”

Tooya replied.

“If anything happened I would say, I do this every day. This Rikka should be aware of?”

“… … Un.”

“Rikka doesn’t have to worry about me… Compared to me, you have something to do right? .”

“… … Un, yes.”

Rikka softly said.

“We’ve come to the convenience store.”

At this point they had reached the convenience store. Tooya said those words as if wanting to end the topic.

“Go ahead. I want to go first.”

“… … Un.”

With slight hesitant Rikka nodded. Then stood in place for a while, and headed toward the convenience store.


Tooya yelled.

“Don’t talk to me at school.”

“… … Un.”

Rikka didn’t turn back a direct response. SoTooya didn’t see Rikka’s expression… …Well, although it was easy to guess.

“Then I’ll go first.”

“Un, see you later.”

Well they’re in the same class so they would meet again later.

But, there should be no conversation to make.

“Good morning.”

After Tooya opened the door to the classroom.The sight of the students were concentrated on Tooya, the noisy classroom quieted down for a moment… …And then as if nothing had happened it became noisy again. Tooya wordlessly walked to his seat.

“… … Fuu.”

Tooya sat down and sighed.Although this was already a daily basis but he still couldn’t get used to it… being avoided was much better than being bullied. Because being avoided is the same as being treated as non-existent, you would only feel isolated but there would be no real harm.

There was still a bit of time before HR started. Although you can spend your time chatting, but that kind of event didn’t happen with Tooya. With nothing to do Tooya took out the first lesson material from his book and started review the lesson materials… Thanks to this Tooya scores were slightly improved.

“Good morning.”

Later than Tooya about five minutes Rikka entered class. Different to Tooya, when Rikka entered there was someone who responded to her. Although feeling Rikka’s sight, but Tooya still the same didn’t care and reading his text book. Then soon came Rikka’s pleasant conversation between her friends… …Feeling a little peace of mind Tooya began to look around the classroom.

“… …”

Tooya eyes stopped at a vacant seat. HR would start immediately but it was still empty. Because the student sitting there was often absent, so no one would care… …But Tooya knew. There wouldn’t be anyone who would seat in that chair from to begin with.


The bell rang. Tooya removed his line of sight from the empty chair and closed the text book.

“Good morning.”

Almost the same time the class teacher walked into the classroom.

“Hurry up and sit down. HR is starting.”

The noisy classroom quieted down.

“Now start the roll call. Aoki, Asai…”





Rikka also replied.

“Ensaka… Not here again.”

Sensei looked at the empty seat. Five minutes later the roll call was over.

” Then I know this is so suddenly but today… … There’s a student transferred into our class.”

The words of the teacher made the classroom boil up in one breath. But this was part of Tooya’s expectation so there’s nothing to be surprised about.

“Come in.”

After the teacher finished the door opened. At this moment, the classroom was silent… …She had such a dignified presence

“Nice to meet you. I am Ogami Kuroe .”

Kuroe Started her introduction shyly. It was not ordinary attitude, instead an elegant one. Even knowing Kuroe’s true nature Tooya was also fascinated by her. Kuroe was now giving an impression of an elegant aura that is befitting for a lady in a kimono.

“From now on we’re going to study together. I might give you some troubles,I hope to be able to get along with everyone.”

And then she smiled. Not only were the boys, even the girls’ faces were red.

“Eto, your seat will be…”

“Can I sit next to him?”

Sensei looked in the direction ofKuroe’s finger… …There was no doubt that the front of Kuroe’s fingertips was pointed at Tooya.

“Next to Kamisaki… You know him?”


Then Kuroe smiled.

“We’re engaged.”

“! ?”

The classroom was in chaos… Tooya started getting headache at this moment.

“Very well, then you just sit there.”

In contrast with the classroom, sensei calmly accepted it. Promptly issued instructions to move the students next Tooya… …That teacher, I didn’t expect him to be such a flexible person, No!.. she might have done something to this teacher like she did with my parents.

But this wasn’t the main problem, the main problem was all the eyes on the classroom was focused on him. There was a confusing gaze cast on him , a puzzled gaze , a scornful gaze and the other it didn’t matter anymore. But latter all of this would became a headache to him.

“Please take care of me.”

The person in question Kuroe with a face that says “this has nothing to do with me” sat in the seat next to him

After that commotion happened the atmosphere in class had become quite delicate. Normally after this kind of thing happened everyone in class would certainly surround the transfer student, But because Kuroe stated such a thing none of those classmate took any action. I didn’t know whether Kuroe wanted to continue this engagement play till the end. Kuroe became very intimate after that and it was troubling because there were many people who saw it.

“… … Haa.”

Thus, once lunch break came Tooya immediately fled the classroom… …Well, even if there was no such thing happening, still he wouldn’t stay in the classroom for lunch. Tooya’s shelter is the rooftop. It was originally locked and couldn’t be opened, but Tooya with a key could go up.

“That was really too much, master.”

After coming to the rooftop he hurriedly locked the door… …But still Kuroe came. And also Kuroe didn’t come from the door, but over the fence.

“You actually left your just transferred in fiancé.”

“… … Who’s your fiance.”

Tooya replied with a fed up tone.

“You say that without my permission… what are you intending to do?”


Kuroe answered.

“I said that so the mob-character wont be come after you again master.”

That was indeed the case… But obviously there were other better ways.

“By the way, your eyes.”


“It’s nothing, I just found they are black.”


Kuroe nodded.

“If they were gold then it would be too conspicuous, so I used magic to turn them black.”

Indeed there’s no human with golden eyes.

“Say, master?”

“… … What is it?”

“Is there any problem between master and the class?”


The sudden question shook Tooya.

“Why do you ask?”

“Nothing, just after master came out of the classroom they were looking for me. Although they asked me a lot of questions, but would always avoid the topic about master… …Generally I would feel a little strange, right?”

The rumors about having a fiancee is good gossips to talk, so I didn’t see why they didn’t mention it when asking Kuroe

“In the end, what happened?”

With smile on her face Kuroe looked at Tooya… from her expression Tooya didn’t know she had seen all the questions till the end.

Tooya slightly shifted his line of sight from Kuroe and said.

“Yesterday… I almost died?”


She nodded.

“The ones who beat me were the notoriously bad students of the school… … So everybody was dodging me.”

“You’re targeted, un…”

Kuroe seemed to not understand and repeated it.

“Say, master?”

“… … What.”

“Why doesn’t master resist?”

In a blink, Tooya face became blank. But soon returned to its original form.

“… … This is not surprising. They were three people and only me.”

“Fumu, is that so…”

Kuroe tilted her head.

“But even in that situation you didn’t resist those guys. Since master should have such courage you shouldn’t have done nothing.”

“… … You overestimate me.”

Tooya as if you want to end the topic said that… But Kuroe continued.

“Even so you didn’t retord to the words of those guys… Says, what weaknesses are caught by them.”

Although Tooya want to brush it off but after listening to this sentence he couldn’t be helped but get shaken. Not missing this Kuroe starting to raise her mouth edge.

“Speaking after master left the classroom, the classmates had been asking me questions, But only one person did not come.”

“… …”

“But she had been looking at me. Obviously wanting to ask me immediately, but didn’t have the courage to ask… with the same expression.”

“… …”

Tooya lightly bit his lips.

“What was her name…Seems to be, Kurumi Rikka or something.”


Having recovered Tooya grabbed Kuroe’s collar.

“Muu, why so sudden?”

“Her, do not touch.”

These words made Kuroe shrugg.

“I won’t do anything. I just felt from her sight that she wanted to talk to me.”

Just as Kuroe said, Kuroe just felt that.

“Fumu, sure enough that girl is master’s weakness.”

Kuroe seemed relieved and nodded.

“Being threaten if you resist she would be hurt, or being aware of this possibility and gave up resisting… … No matter what because of that girl master chose a thorny road. But also in order not to let her get involved and wouldn’t let her talk to you.”

Kukuku, Kuroe laughed.

“My master is really great not like those spineless humans around master.”

“… … You’re taking me for a fool?”

“How come.”

Kuroe shrugged exaggeratedly.

“Actually think of this point for other, this is a virtue. That girl is really happy.”

Tooya looked straight to the smiling Kuroe and said.

“Dont touch her!”

“… … Well, I said I wouldn’t do anything. I will not act without the command of master.”

“You already made a rumor about our engagement without my permission.”

“Forget about it if the other party found out then it will be a point where of no returning.”


Tooya didn’t understand what she’s saying, and then when he want to ask Kuroe what she’s mean by that…

*Don Don Don.*

The door that was locked start to rattle.

“No way…”

Looking at the door the person that Tooya least expected was there

“Tooya-kun, are you here?”

“Rikka! ?”

Why it must come to this!?..  he didn’t even want to think about it. Although he already told Rikka to not talk to him at school, and then out of nowhere someone has self proclaim that she’s his fiancee, even i would be very concerned about it .

“Nee, open the door.”

Gachi gachi the door knock let out such sound.

“You won’t open it?”

Kuroe looked at Tooya. Although it couldn’t be helped, but looking at the positive side, here he didn’t have to worry about being seen by others… after re-thinking and thinking again Tooya sighed.

“I’ll open it… But don’t do anything against Rikka.”


Smiling Kuroe nodded… looking at her face Tooya didn’t know what she was plotting this time. Although his heart was a bit uneasy but he also had to open the door.


As Tooya opened the door. A wobled Rikka appeared inTooya’s sight. There was no doubt that she was crying a little on the way here

“Come in.”

“Un… … A.”

Immediately nodded, after seeing Kuroe figure behind where Tooya standing she started to frown. Although Rikka’s face had a little distortions, but Rikka still looked at Tooya.

“Don’t worry, just come in. Then I’ll give you a good explanation.”

“… … Un.”

Rikka once again nodded and came in the roof. After Rikka went in Tooya locked the door again… … But Tooya completely didn’t know how to explain next.

“Nee, you… are Ogami Kuroe-san, right?”

Didn’t wait for Tooya to begin his explanation Rikka started talking to Kuroe, this was very rare for the introverted Rikka.

“Yes, and you are… ?”

Well-behaved Kuroe responded. Because this was the first time the two talk, so Kuroe shouldn’t know Rikka’s name.

“I’m called Kurumi Rikka.”

In a pinch Rikka started strengthen her tone.

“Ogami-san, what is your relationship with Tooya?”


Kuroe revealed a little surprised expression.

“I should have said I’m his fiancee?”


Rikka yelled.

“This kind of thing, I obviously don’t know.”

Rikka was getting teary.

“Ara, etou…”

Kuroe seemed to be confused looking at Tooya. But … these were all just an act, Kuroe was waiting for Tooyato to give an answer.

“Rikka’s house is next to mine. We’re childhood friends.”

“Aa, so that’s the case.”


Kuroe seemed to understand nodded.

“So that’s was the case huh… Kurumi-san, that’s a lie.”


“Right, that engagement is a lie.”

Kuroe once again looked at the stunned Rikka.

“You see even if I say it myself… I am also very beautiful?”

“Eh, un.”

Rikka with a bewildered look nodded. This girl really said it herself.

“So in the previous school, the boys had been pestering me, it was very troublesome… Therefore, this time in order not to have these trouble I lied.”

“Ah, is that so…”

“Yes, if there is a marriage then I wouldn’t be entangled again.”

Although it looked like a self-proclaimed, but Kuroe did have people who agreed with her appearance. so Rikka also relieved.

“But, in the end what’s your relationship with him?”

“I and Tooya are relatives… We’ve only seen each other once, when our relative met up, but I still haven’t been here before as I wanted to. So this time because some reason that happened between my parent and Tooya parent I’m currently living in Tooya home, after discussed with Tooya we decided to do this.”

“Oh I see…”



Rikka flushed.

“N, no, I and Tooya-kun relationship is not the kind of thing you imagined!”

Rikka looked toward Tooya while she was trying to deny it in a hurry.

“Oh, we are just childhood friend.”

“un…Oh, you are right.”

It’s better to not reject it if it’s going to result in a gloomy atmosphere.

“It seems the relationship between you two is quite good.”

Kuroe smiled slightly.

“I, I said it’s not that!”

Rikka flushed to deny. But knowingKuroe’s true nature Tooya really couldn’t laugh.

Kikon Kikon.

Suddenly the bell rang. So Tooya was saved and relieved.

“Rikka, almost time to go back.”

“Ah, is that so.”

Rikka nodded. Tooya opened the door, Rikka at this time asked.

“Tooya-kun won’t come back?”

“I’ll be back a bit later.”

Tooya answered so.

“We can’t come back to class together, right?”

Suddenly Rikka become worried after hearing that words. This was half lie, half true.

“… … Ok. Then I go back first.”

The worried face on Rikka didn’t fade as she begin to leave the rooftop Tooya had been watching Rikka leaving, until he couldn’t see Rikka anymore he turned around.

“Don’t stare at people.”

Kuroe said that this time without even a little look of guilty at all.

“I already followed your order to not touch her and fixed the misunderstanding about that fiancee  issue right?”

“… … Aa.”

Tooya nodded. Indeed so.

“If that already accomplished why are you look dissatisfied master?”

“… …”

Tooya didn’t answer. It was hard to say if this kind of result was sattisfying, he was afraid that talk between Kuroe and Rikka was going in strange direction, He was afraid that Kuroe would treat Rikka with such threatening attitude it was not good just let it go and just watch from side. Kuroe was getting close to Rikka, this Tooya had a bad feeling about.

“Forget it, master, if we don’t go now we’ll be late.”

“… … you’re right.”

Tooya nodded and left the rooftop.

“Even so it is really too much, Tooya-kun.”

On the way home after school, because Rikka was left behind she ran after him, and said with a pouted face.

“But why.”

“Because you didn’t tell me about Ogami-san.”

From Rikka’s point of view this was indeed true… In fact Tooya had also just learned today that thing, this could be regarded as a major change in his life

“Eto, sorry.”

Incidentally Kuroe who was the center of the conversation wasn’t here. Seemed like wanting to understand the situation inside the school… She was allowed to do so under my command, but I thought it wouldn’t have any kind of restrain in her.

“Because everything was so sudden… I just, forgot to tell you.”

“… … true?”

“It was true.”

That sudden marriage thing was not lie. This was literally what happened yesterday… he just knew this kind of thing this morning when he was at school. Forget about it,  it was better to saying that he forgot something that he really wanted to forgot.

“… … It can’t be helped I’ll forgive you.”

Rikka seemed to agree with him heaved a sigh of relief..

“But Ogami-san is living at Tooya-kun’s home.”

“Aa, that’s the case.”

“… … Separate room?”

“This is of course right?”

Immediately answered by Tooya, to keep this kind of thing so it wont be suspected Tooya must give instant reply as a matter of course, and also he couldn’t be wavering even in the slightest. Also answering as fast as I could also wont work. Answering too fast would make people think that it was scripted even though this was a delicated maner this was the best answer that I could give to Rikka

“But is there room in Tooya ‘s house? ”

“We have cleaned the room used as warehouse. Although there will be inconvenience, but everything inside has been moved to the rooftop.”

Because she is his childhood friend so she knew his house very clearly… So Tooya had long thought of this answer. Tooya family places long-lasting items on the roof, Other than that, it would be placed in an empty room called a warehouse. So, let’s just say that wasn’t impossible for Kuroe to live under one roof with Tooya without even have to share room with him… Well, the problem is that when Rikka comes to the house, it is also necessary to meet what was now being said.

“Great… … It doesn’t sound like a lie.”

Relieved Rikka said.

“Why would I lie.”

Well, indeed all of it was a lie.

“Because, Ogami-san is very beautiful.”

Well, she did look very beautiful.

“So I’m very worried that Tooya-kun might push down Ogami-san.”

“… … Rikka, so you look at me like that.”

This evaluation was a bit too much.

“You see, living under the same roof, and then things will happen, things like seeing each other naked, meet in the bathroom and etc?”

“Your brain has seen too much manga.”

Well, naked was indeed seen.

“My parents are also at home, this strange situation will not happen.”

Well, even if Kuroe caused any strange situation, my parents they won’t ask about it.

“Un, you’re right.”

Rikka recognized. Tooya once again heaved a sigh of relieve. Keeping this kind of secret from Rikka is very painful for Tooya even though it was for her sake. Well though not everything was a lie, at least Tooya didn’t do that kind of thing with Kuroe like what Rikka imagined. Although the rational aspects were at great danger, but knowing Kuroe’s truth, it should make him not to cross the line.

“Nee, next time let’s go play with Tooya-kun’s family?”


Tooya wavered because of this sudden invitation.


Tooya without any thinking asked back.

“Because, recently I couldn’t go to Tooya-kun’s house… …And I want to be closer to my new neighbor Oogami-san.”

“Yea, yeah.”

This reason was very common so he couldn’t refuse.

“Etou, next time I’ll go to ask Kuroe when it is convenient.”

“Un, please do.”

“Well I dont think it will be right now.”

At least I should tell her after I finish make up the room for Kuroe.

“No need to be right now… Although, the quicker the better.”

“Aa, I’ll ask Kuroe .”

Answered by Tooya… After that Rikka looked at Tooya with determined in her eyes

“… … Tooya-kun.”


“Oogami-san you call her by her first name right?.”

“A, un… seems so.”

Because from the very beginning he already call her by the name of Kuroe, The Oogami part was something she add-on later .

“Well you see, from children’s perspective calling each other by first name is more relaxing for them even for the other people who sees it.”

How can be such a thing?? Just take Rikka as example, she’s my childhood friend so I’ve called her by first her name since we were little.

“Un, right.”

Rikka slightly nodded her head.

“It can’t be helped… Although it’s a bit lonely.”

She said the words too softly, Tooya couldn’t hear it.

“Well then, goodbye.”

At this point they’d just reached home, Tooya ended the conversation.

“Un, goodbye.”

Rikka responded and headed for her home… …Watching Rikka, Tooya shook his head as if to drive off something. Tooya couldn’t do anything.

Nothing could be done… was more accurate.

“Says, don’t you want to take a bath too Kuroe?”

Tooya who had finished the bath after supper today, suddenly noticed the matter. Every time Tooya came back from the bath, Kuroe was staying in the room. She hasn’t had a bath.

“… … No, such thing.”

Unusual, Kuroe’s response to his voices was ambiguous.

“… … Give me an honest answer.”

“… …”

Kuroe didn’t speak.

“This is an order. Give me an honest answer.”

Tooya had no choice but to say this.

“… … … No bathing.”

Kuroe replied, taking her eyes off Tooya’s body.

“No bathing… Since removing the seal you haven’t bathed?”

“… … Completely not bathing.”

Tooya put his hand on his head. In his head there was only『Dirty』 .

“Go take a bath.”

“Don’t wanna!”

Suddenly Kuroe shouted and shaking her head.

“I’m a powerful youkai! Even if not bathing I won’t be dirty!”

Indeed Kuroe didn’t go to the bathroom but she didn’t smell a bit… …But modern people who are used to taking a bath couldn’t allow Kuroe.

“Listen to me, go take a bath.”


“It’s mentally disgusting.”

“Too unreasonable!”

With a strong tone she refused. In this case where Tooya must live with Kuroe he hopes she could go take a bath everyday to clean her body. How can he agree with her reason that cleaning her body with supernatural power was enough.

“Kuroe, this is an order. Go take a bath.”

Although Tooya thought this was a stupid order, But Kuroe didn’t listen if he had not.

“U, mu… Since it’s an order it cannot be helped.”

Although Kuroe’s heart was full of dissatisfaction, but she still nodded.

“… … … Then, I’ll go take a shower.”

Kuroe with a bitter face stood up, heading toward the door.

“Before going to the bathtub you need to clean your body, your hair should also be well washed with shampoo.”

Tooya from behind Kuroe said so.

“… …”

Kuroe was completely still in front of the door.

“You Oni!”

And, she shouted then ran away.

“Wolves don’t like to take a bath.”

Kuroe’d left for five minutes. Tooya began to think of random thoughts to kill time. Speaking of which his family dog didn’t like bathing very much. It especially hated to soak in the water, maybe Kuroe was also like that.

“… … Maybe that was too much.”

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to think so. Tooya didn’t hate bathing, and Kuroe didn’t want to bathe for probably the same reason.

『Master! 』

Suddenly a voice sounded in his head.

『Emergency! 』

It was a very anxious voice. Didn’t know what happened Tooya immediately stood up.

“What happened?”

『In short come to the bathroom quickly! 』

After listening to this anxious voice, Tooya immediately rushed out of the room. Rushing down the stairs and head over the changing room and open the door to the bathroom.

“Are you okay!”

And then greeted Tooya’s eyes was.

“Master! Eyes, shampoo got into my eyes!”

Kuroe, whose head was fulled of bubbles, cried… And, still naked. Although Tooya quickly averted his eyes around, but he’d already seen and imprinted on his brain the distinctive figure of Kuroe naked in the past. And this time Kuroe was fulled of bubbles… constantly shaking her head.

“… … what, your eyes?”

Having calmed down Tooya asked.

“Perhaps, shampoo got into your eyes is an emergency situation?”

“That’s right!”

Kuroe with her eyes closed cried.

“This thing called shampoo how does it work?! Made my eyes very painful!”

“This shampoo thing is used like this…”

At this time, Tooya noticed. Kurt was sealed untill this period time, although she knew there’s a thing that called shampoo this is the first time she used it. Even if you allready know how to use it. Sometimes it still can get into your eyes, it’s nothing strange it’s happened to everybody. That said.

“Hold still.”

But the great demon wolf Kuroe.

“I can’t!”

“No, I say…”

“Cannot do is cannot do! Master has to take responsibility!”


“Master has to help me get rid of this unpleasant shampoo! Master ordered me to take a bath, to master this is a matter of course!”

That’s… that’s right.

“I can’t do that!”

Just imagining it his face had already heated up.


“I just can’t do it!”

“I also can’t wait here!”

Tooya and Kuroe yelled together. The two of them refused to do what they were requesting to each other…

“… … Obviously this is master’s order.”

Kuroe cried, then said.

“… … Obviously not only I followed master’s order to take a bath, but also listened to your words to use shampoo.”

It was a very small quiet voice, if you were not focused you will not able to hear it

“U… …”

Tooya failed to respond, just listening to what Kuroe said. Because of what Kuroe said Tooya once again trying to calm down. But still, he couldn’t find the answer to response to Kuroe.

“Obviously this is master’s fault… But, you don’t want to take responsibly?”

Kuroe suddenly said in a lovely voice. This made Tooya forgot for a moment Kuroe was a man-eater.

“Uu… …I get it”

Tooya had no choice but to agree.

“… … But, I beg you use the towel to wrap arround your body. My eyes don’t know where to look.”

Tooya who had been looking away from her pleaded. Then Kuroe flashed a puzzled look. It seemed that she wanted to make fun of Tooya like usual, she really doesn’t learn doesn’t she?.. But because Tooya said he would quickly wash away the shampoo on her hair Kuroe nodded straight away.

“I know.”

That was how it went.

“Hmm…, after taking a bath the breeze feels good.”

Kuroe was rolling on the bed. After returning from the bathroom Kuroe’s mood was surprisingly good.

Having washed off the shampoo, Tooya gave Kuroe an order to finish washing. Tooya looked back from the glass and thought Kuroe would soon be running out,But Kuroe seemed to have bathed for nearly thirty minutes.

“I didn’t know originally bathing is so comfortable. This is really a loss.”

Kurt seem’s to started like bathing a little more than before

“In this case, let’s go to a hot spring next time. Some people had called me before, at that time I didn’t know bathing was so comfortable… Master, will you go?”

“… … If there’s an opportunity.”

While answering that  Tooya just realized now the room was full of Kuroe’s scent. Obviously he already got used to it but that was not the case, the smell that came out directly from her body was just feels different, why the smell that comes out directly from the body has a such a good feeling to it.


“Kuroe .”


“You should also put on your clothes.”

Kurt now had only one bath towel, not very decent. Thanks to this Tooya didn’t know where to put his eyes. The pajama for Kuroe is allready there but.

“Don’t wanna! Wearing clothes after bathing is very uncomfortable, and when sleeping it really feels like restraining my body. Even I really want to remove this towel but because I still care for master i tried to put up with it.”

Not good at all.

“… … Haa.”

Tooya sighed.

No matter what, after this he didn’t want to force Kuroe to take a bath.

“Hm, night wind is really comfortable.”

Kuroe started to stretch her body pleasurely.

… … Well, Kuroe would have to wash herself.

A week later, Kuroe had already fit into class. Maybe because of her appearance and her personality really got along with other classmates, I didn’t know since when Kuroe had become the center of the class.

Then, Tooya who was set up as her fiance also began to have a subtle line of sight looking here and there… well it was good that no-one dare to say anything to me.

But it had been a week. Almost time, they noticed the disappearance of the trio.

“Kamisaki Tooya-kun, right?”

After school, when Tooya was getting out of school, he was suddenly stopped. Rikka wasn’t with him as usual, at Tooya side there was only Kuroe.

“Yes, what’s the matter??”

Tooya replied while watching the direction which the sound came. There were two men standing there. It was a middle-aged man and a young man. The one who stopped Tooya was the middle-aged man at the right side. Both wore suits and sunglasses with big and muscular bodies … Making other people fear because of the strong intimidating air resonances from their bodies.

“We’re the police.”

And then the middle-aged man let Tooya see his identity card. Tooya even so didn’t waver… He was just thinking『It finally comes』.

“There’s something that we would like to ask you about, did you have time after this?”

“Ee, no problem.”

Tooya replied while looking at Kuroe. Kuroe said nothing but just looking from the side.

It seemed Kuroe didn’t want to interfere with this talk.

“So, what is it that you want to ask me?”

Asked Tooya, pretended to be unaware. Even though Tooya already knew what the other side wanted to ask him about.

“It’s about your classmate Esaka yun-kun.”

Well, sure enough it was this.

“You know he hasn’t been to school lately?”


Tooya nodded.

“In fact, he hasn’t even been back home, then his family called the police… He isn’t the only missing person. His friends Sato-kun and also Hayashi-kun, the three are missing.”

Well about this matter it’d already spread in school. Even in the weekdays he normally didn’t go to school this fact was already known by many people, at first it wasn’t noticeable but ever since he always skipped school with the three of them it’d become more noticeable, and also at the same time the negative rumour about Tooya also spread in school this also brought this case infinitely closer to the truth.

“So, we think you might know something. Do you have any idea?”

The way the police asked made Tooya feel a little bit unhappy. The question that directly asked Tooya was very clearly indicated that he was involved in the case, all the question was making Tooya looked fishy and they certainly were making Tooya the culprit behind the three missing people… …Although their intention was to provoke Tooya, but this was too explicit.

“I don’t know anything.”

Tooya replied unwavering

“They seem to have gone missing since June 25th, didn’t you see them that day?”

“I saw Ensaka-kun in classroom.”

“And after school?”

“… …”

How to answer this question Tooya was confused for a moment. Should he answer not see them?, or just tell them the truth. If I  answer I didn’t them it would only make me more suspicious, but if I don’t tell the truth I will be taking into custody and if they have intelligence department I would be interrogated why I made that lie  .

“I didn’t see them.”

The result, Tooya denied.

“Fumu, I see.”

The policeman tilted his head.

“But it’s funny… That day someone saw you walking with them.”

They were disconnected, Tooya heart was now very shaken… But Tooya didn’t show it. Because the encounter with Kuroe, Tooya’s heart had been fully exercised.

“Isn’t that wrong person?”

“Well, that possibility is exists too… but we’d already confirmed it by the photo with him.”

The Intelligence department had already known everything to this point. They just were waiting for Tooya to confess for himself. The police didn’t understand the situation in this case and judging from another perspective, Tooya was the only one who associated with those three missing people.

“Are you suspecting me now?”

Even if the police really didn’t say it directly.

“No no, no such things. We just want to understand the situation.”

The police exaggeratedly shook his head… Tooya was thinking about what to do. Now he was just hopping that the person beside the middle-aged man wouldn’t ask such a question too. About lying, if he didn’t want to be questioned, then just tell the truth. Just say『Indeed I met them, but after saying goodbye I don’t know) 』was good… well as long they didn’t have evidence they couldn’t do anything to me at all. After all the three were eaten by Kuroe, the evidence of disappearance and homicide was completely non-existent.

But, at the same time Tooya also thought of. It’s okay to say everything that happened… …But, Tooya also understood that this wasn’t something people would believe. But the Youkai in question (Kuroe) was already here, this could prove it… Tooya thought maybe let them fight against the youkai, if it’s the police maybe they they can do something about it.

In the end which answer is the correct one, Tooya could only make his own judgement. Although the second answer about letting them know about Kuroe’s existence was the correct one, as a person there was no way Tooya could let the police handle this kind of dangerous youkai, the risk was too great.


This time they didn’t finish.


He didn’t finish what he wanted to say this was like something had hold them and deliberately concealed something that he was about to say. Under this the voice two policemen face expressions became blank.

“Masters is worrying too much!.”

At this point Kuroe deliberately intervened between them before something big happen.

“Obviously I was around, you don’t need to answer these annoying questions.”

Kukuku, Kuroe laughed. It was an expression of knowing everything, at this point Tooya couldn’t say anything.

“Totally, I could quickly solve this.”

Kuroe stared at the two policeman.

“Kamisaki Tooya had nothing to do with the disappearance of the three men.”

“Not… related.”

The two policemen were just like his parents, with blank faces repeated after Kuroe.

“Kamisaki Tooya is not at all suspicious.”

“Not… suspicious.”

“So you will go back immediately.”

“Go back… immediately.”


Kuroe clapped her hands. Then the eyes of the policemen returned to normal.

“… … Etou, thank you for the information provided. We almost have to go back to the police station. Thank you very much for your cooperation.”

The police said suddenly, then left. Although Tooya had seen Kuroe’s magic, but the effect was unbelievable.

“In short this is good enough, says… Master.”

Kuroe moved her gaze from the departing policeman to Tooya.

“What is it.”

“I need permission to go free time.”

“… … Why?”

“In order to clean up this matter.”

“… … Clean up?”

“That’s right.”

Kuroe nodded.

” In short the police here is no problem, but this alone cannot end this thing. So I’m going to go all out to solve this case. And of course I promise not to eat anyone.”

“… …”

Tooya had no choice,Tooya could give only one answer.


Tooya agreed. Then Kuroe laughed.

“Well then, I’ll be right back… probably at dinner time.”

After that Kuroe left with a fast motion.

At this point Tooya could only watch after Kuroe.

“I’m back, master.”

Kuroe came back when the sun had set, about seven o’clock.

“… … Go in by the front door.”

Kuroe didn’t come in from the front door but from the window. Even though his parents had already affected with her magic, he was hopping that Kuroe would act bit more normal without raising suspicious to his parent in case something happen.

“That’s too much trouble.”

Kuroe replied immediately.

“This, is an order. Go in by the front door.”

“… … Fumu, understood.”

The sound of Kuroe’s reply was slightly mixed with displeasure. Although Kuroe could be known by other people through her behaviors and looks, but we couldn’t rule out the possibility she would do something that couldn’t be expected from her.

“But if in the emergency situation can I go from the window?”

“If it is an emergency.”

Now wasn’t an emergency.

“Since it’s the master’s order, I understood… … Well, next is the report.”

Kuroe said with a look of displeasure.

“I’ve solved everything. The police will no longer doubt master in the future, they even won’t start a search for the trio’s missing… …Although, there is no way to eliminate the spreading rumors. Well, anyway the evaluation of the three is usually bad, certainly it will soon be forgotten.”

“… …”

Tooya didn’t say anything about the report. It must be the same with Kuroe. The three were not a very good presence in school. Well for the other student in the school this wasn’t a bad thing. So they’d be forgotten in about a month.

Although it might take some time, but Tooya rumors should also disappear.

“What happened?”

Kuroe looked at Tooya. Suddenly, Tooya remembered the story of the monkey’s pawn. The desire isn’t been granted in a peaceful way but by a brutal way. Tooya didn’t hope to live a peaceful life, but Tooya didn’t expect to be able to do so like this. This was too sudden, and basically had nothing to do with Tooya’s will. Well it was also a lie if he said he didn’t want to retaliate to them. It was hard to say but the monkeys paw grants the wishes by doing something in the way that you dont want to, and then what awaits in the end is always destruction.[1]

“… … Nothing.”

“Fumu, really… … Aa, anyways master.”

Kuroe seems to suddenly remembered something.

“Isn’t it the time for paying me the price that I ask from forming a contract with master?”

Tooya’s heart jumped violently. It wasn’t that Tooya forgot about it… Just, didn’t want to think about it. The price of the contract was to let Kuroe eat someone. However Tooya would make the choice to go and kill that someone, the truth is Tooya mind wasn’t ready for this kind of things.

“Still… there is still time, right?”

“Fumu, there is indeed.”

Kuroe nodded. There were indeed three weeks.

“I only said this for the good of master.”

“Why did you say that… ?”

“Well I don’t want master to have regret not choosing carefully despite the times given.”

Said Kuroe as if gripping Tooya heart.

“After all, the choice is a life.”

Kukuku then Kuroe smiled.

“There’s still a time please make a good decision without regret master.”

After that Kuroe left the room for dinner. Obviously she’s a man-eater, but still takes normal meal.

“… …My, choice.”

Now Tooya alone in his room groaning as if saying “the times wasn’t enough” that was obvious for him, but he very much wanted to escape from reality, Although Kuroe’s advice was correct. As Kuroe said, if he kept on avoiding this problem in the Tooya would regret it. If the decision hadn’t been made in time and by just imagining all of that was horrible. Taking Kuroe’s character, she certainly would follow Tooya’s order to eat that person.

“Choice, there is no choice.”

However, choose someone for Kuroe to eat… That is the same as killing them brutally. This was no doubt that Tooya had never experienced, after going this far he didn’t think even a bit about this.

You in the end can you make a decision about life and death of the other person?

“Is there any trouble?”

Suddenly on the way to school that’s the first thing that Rikka said to get Tooya attention.



As if already knew that Tooya was lying she answered without hesitation. Kuroe’s advice had already arrived for a week, Tooya basically couldn’t sleep at all at night just thinking about that. Probably because Rikka always watching Tooya she knew Tooya has become more and more tired in the morning as they walked to school.

“I’m not lying.”

But Tooya could only answer this at all. It was impossible to say to Rikka that he wanted to decide who Kuroe would eat, and that make him can’t rest properly at night .

“You’re lying.”

Well, Tooya’s lies didn’t work on Rikka.

“Nee, Ogami-san. Do you know anything?”

Because there was no result, so Rikka changed the spearhead… … asking to the main reason.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know either.”

Shamelessly Kuroe pretended not know the answer. As Tooya imagined Kuroe already smiling mischievously. Kuroe was Tooya’s trouble in the first place, and always seems to be happy seeing Tooya troubled.

As a result, Tooya was being worried for a week. Choose a person for Kuroe to eat, it’s the same as killing them. So in this week Tooya always thinking who’s the person that Tooya want to kill in the end.

Family members was the first one to excluded. In this case, there was only those who he hadn’t met. But if there was dead people they would be noticed already. So killing criminal was the best option. Then Tooya went surfing on the internet to find the information about all the criminals around Japan. Kuroe once said that even overseas didn’t matter, but the downside is that it could take a little bit of time to taken care off, so the object would be selected in the country so he can make sure Kuroe didn’t do something unexpected, he doesn’t want Kuroe leave his sight.

The crime of the criminals  that Tooya found was extremely heavy. But still that doesn’t mean he should ignore what crime they committed and choose blindly he must also understand what crime was that they did. So Tooya also chose a more serious crime, the contents of most of them were quite miserable.

… … Even so, Tooya couldn’t make a choice. They were the criminals who were despised. But there was no need to kill all of them. Tooya really didn’t reach this point… Kuroe’s price was only one person.

But, Tooya couldn’t choose this individual. Even if they’re criminals but to decide their own ways of life and death, is this really okay… This idea had been entrenched in Tooya’s mind.

“Tooya-kun, are you alright?”

Suddenly Rikka looked at Tooya worriedly.

“Aa, it’s nothing.”

Tooya smiled strongly… And, found out the they’d reached school.

“We’re gotten close to school so let’s part this way I’ll go over there.”


Rikka nodded… and stopped her feet.

“… … Etou, Rikka?”


“Why don’t you go first?”

Rikka should be able to understand that this meant for her to first go.

“Because, I’m worry about Tooya-kun.”

“… … You really have a big heart, so go ahead.”

But Rikka didn’t move.

“Rikka, We made an agreement?”

“… … But, the reason for the agreement is now gone?”

Rikka looked rather hesitant, even so she still said it out.

“Ensaka-kun they, are gone…”

Tooya felt the words like pricking into his heart.

“Go quickly.”


Rikka looked puzzled at Tooya… But Tooya didn’t face her, because, Tooya didn’t want Rikka to see his face now.

“Fine fine, hurry.”

“… … Un.”

Rikka nodded helplessly, she looked back several times while walking.

“That was too much, master.”

Kukuku Kuroe laughed at the side.

“That girl didn’t do anything wrong.”

As Kuroe said Rikka didn’t do anything wrong. But, he didn’t want Kuroe to say so.

“You also should go quickly.”

Tooya said as if blaming… Then Kuroe again laughed.

“If this is master’s order.”

She smiled and walked to school.

“… … Shit.”

Looking at Kuroe ,Tooya mumbled.

… … Tooya suddenly woke up in the middle of the night. The room didn’t turn on the lights of course. Clearly he woke up at midnight but his consciousness was very clear, then Tooya looked around. And soon he realized the one should be here had gone, yes she was gone, Kuroe was gone. Tooya tried to move to the space on the other side of his bed that should be occupied as her bed. There’s a few blanket and pillow, but its very clear as a day that the owner wasn’t here.

“… … Kuro, e?”

Tooya cried. But Kuroe wasn’t there.

“Fumu, did you call me, master?”

But contrary to Tooya’s expectation, there was a response. The sound passed from the opened window into the room… At the same time some kind of smell spread in. He’d already known what smell was it, Tooya still couldn’t think of anything. As if his head rejecting that this smell was the same as from the body from that previous incident.

“Where, are you… ?”

Tooya tried to speak out.

“Where?, a little nearby.”

A pair of golden eyes that shone brightly in the darkness

“Without asking me, you went out… ?”

Kuroe shouldn’t be allowed to leave without permission.

“That’s right.”

Kuroe immediately replied.

“Because this is part of the pact.”

Then Kuroe smiled.

“Say, master… What’s the date today?”

Being told by Kuroe Tooya looked at the watch. It was now three in the morning, then in other words the date has changed.

“Then… What’s the date today?”

Tooya noticed the meaning of this sentence, his whole back became cold.

“Ju, July…..1, st.”

Tooya could only issue a voice as small as mosquitoes sound… Then Kuroe once again laughed.

“If so, master should’ve known where I’d gone to?”

The moonlight shone on Kuroe. At that time Kuroe whole body is stained with a bright red fluid the smell from it its enough to make Tooya head felt dizzy.

“Who… is, it..?”

After listening to Tooya’s question, Kuroe revealed a smile.

“I said it?”

Kuroe replied slowly.

“I went to the vicinity.”

Tooya could only think of one place at this time.

Tooya couldn’t scream out what’s going on in his head.

“! ?”

Tooya suddenly found himself in the classroom. He seemed to be in class now. After confirming this Tooya heaved a sigh of relief.

“A, a dream…”

It seemed to be only a dream. This dream was terrible, seemed that he was very afraid of this result. So he saw this in the form of a nightmare, this also could be viewed as a future that could happen. Just thinking about this already make Tooya felt a chill on his back. Well the fortunate thing was that this was only a dream and there was still a way to prevent this from becoming a reality. If something like this happened it would definitely attract people’s attention.

“… … Haa.”

Tooya sighed. Actually falling asleep in class, as the recent lack of sleep was probably the reason for it… But there was more than one reason for his lack of sleep. The though that if he gone sleep he would see that incident again in his dream.

『You don’t look very good… Are you okay, master? 』

Suddenly a voice sounded in his head it was Kuroe. Speaking of which Kuroe could use telepathy. But at such times, that proved that Kuroe noticed Tooya was asleep.

“… … Evil funny guy.”

Tooya quietly said.

『That’s too much, master. I obviously only worry about master. 』

It was just lip service, he turned around and he found Kuroe laughing. She’d probably seen that Tooya had a nightmare.

『Master, don’t make such a weird face… Isn’t that girl worrying about you? 』

After hearing Kuroe Tooya looked at Rikka. Rikka was peeking at the side with a worried expression. If we weren’t in class Rikka would definitely come over here to ask about Tooya condition. In other words Rikka also found Tooya was strange.

『Kukuku, Master is always being worried by girls. 』

And Kuroe also counted herself into it, Tooya very much wanted to curse Kuroe with… 『You’re obviously making fun of me』.

『Well, no matter what the faster you choose the better. 』

Kuroe said as if warning.

『If you did so, worries or anything, nightmares and what not would gone. 』

That should be… Right?? Before the nightmare become reality.

“… … I understand.”

Even, Tooya still couldn’t make a choice.

Rikka had making worried face all the time, while Kuroe was laughing at this scene, As Tooya walking home on the road his step suddenly become much more heavier and harder. Obviously he wanted to sleep incredibly, but because of fear of nightmare and he couldn’t sleep. Kuroe still around him this state only heightened his mind so he chased Kuroe out of the room for tonight, even so he couldn’t sleep.

No other way, he had to turn on the TV to get rid of the sleepiness. It seemed to be broadcasting news now. There was nothing particularly he wanted to see so Tooya was blankly staring at the TV. The content basically didn’t go to his brain, he was just listening to it.

“… Defendant Mihara Seiwa, has been sentenced to death. The defendant Mihara was indicted for killing an unnamed child in March last year…”

Although only a little piece of information went to Tooya’s ears. On the TV screen appeared the face of defendant a middle-aged man. After that the news also talked about how the crimes was committed by this man and how the grief that the family whose child had been lost.

“… … Enough, this is just right.”

Since this man was going to die, then it wouldn’t matter.


“Master, you call me?”

Kuroe immediately came to Tooya’s side.

“This guy, I decided.”

“Fumu, really. I know.”

Kuroe nodded.

After Kuroe confirmed, Tooya’s consciousness was gone.

Until he recovered the room had been dark. Probably he fell asleep when the room became dark, Tooya looked at the clock and found that the date had changed. The reason  why this happened probably because of the recent accumulation of a lot of fatigue. Anyways he couldn’t sleep with an empty stomach. As he was slowly getting up suddenly, Tooya noticed.

“… … Kuroe?”

Not here. Kuroe wasn’t here. Kuroe’s bed was empty. Tooya thought with his head that just woke up from slumber with a sober breath. Because this and the day in the school dream scenario repeated. So Tooya panicky opened the window. Tooya looked at the house next door beside his house, in short it seemed to have no commotion.

“Then, where…”

Tooya suddenly remembered.

So is it a really right choice to make?

At the that time while he’s thinking hard


“I’m back.”

From the window of the room Tooya saw Kuroe coming back and in her hand there was some object that he couldn’t see clearly what it was. Because Kuroe didn’t come in from the window, But very ordinary from the front door, so at the beginning because of the room was too dark Tooya thought Kuroe was holding a watermelon but in the reality  that obviously wasn’t possible.

“… … A! ?”

But Tooya wasn’t so stupid as to be completely unaware of what it was, when he found out the truth, Tooya couldn’t even say a word.

“The person chosen by master, I really ate it.”

Kuroe said the unexpected words.

“But although it is eaten but master didn’t see that… But if I was asked in the end whether I had eaten it or not it would be troublesome, so I brought the evidence back.”

That kind of thing, obviously not needed.


Kuroe hold out her hand.

Tooya was sincerely glad that now was late at night. Even if he subconsciously rejected what he about to see, if there was light he’d see it .

… … She didn’t let Tooya get away.

“Fumu, so dark you can’t see it.”

『Not able to see is good』he couldn’t say this sentence.


Kuroe turned on the light switch.

“Hii… !”

The object that was illuminated by the ambient light was what he imagined. If what he guessed was right nobody would happy seeing it, it would be better if his guess was wrong in the first place.

“This is the one master chose?”

This should be clearly Mihara Seiwa. With his eyes wide open and the whole face distorted, even one could see it was the same face as in the TV screen. So this was undoubtedly the price of Kuroe as the choice of mankind to sacrifice. This thing, Tooya was now very sorry.

“Aah… is this the person you asked?.”

Tooya could only nod.

“Fufu, then this isn’t needed.”

After that Kuroe opened her mouth wide. Even though her mouth was wide, it was not at the size where she could devour a full size head directly.

Then Tooya felt shaken quite a bit


With this chilling sound that head disappeared. Closing her mouth and licking her lips Kuroe deliberately let Tooya see it the moment she devour the head, what happened he didn’t even want to think.

“I did receive the payment contract, look forward to the next month master.”

Then Kuroe returned to her bed and shrunk to the blanket. Motionless, it seemed that she really fell asleep.

But, these things to Tooya now simply didn’t matter.

Tooya now, only regret about it.

“… …”

… … You should choose.

Obviously you should choose.

On this matter, Kuroe’s advice was clearly right.

“… …”

Tooya had no choice. He had been troubling how to choose, just because the accidental news, he casually chose the target.

So Tooya didn’t have any feelings for him.

Be it hatred,

Be it despise,

Be it angered,

There was nothing.

Obviously nothing… …But he died.


Tooya was trembling. He knew of him just a few hours ago by his face from the TV screen. But that expression in Tooya mind couldn’t be eliminated. It was a face full of fear. He was very afraid at that moments when death appeared before him and all this was Tooya’s fault.

Hating him would be nice.

Despising him would be nice.

Angry at him would be nice.

If so, Tooya certainly wouldn’t regret it. He would certainly laugh and say『Serve you right, bastard』.

But Tooya didn’t have any sympathy for him, he chose him with sleepy eyes. Fatigue couldn’t be used as an excuse anymore Because the dead could no longer hear the words of others. Only, random…Kill a person just like trampling an ant, this alone was a fact couldn’t be changed.

Tooya certainly knew he was a convict… But, that was all he knew, nothing other than that. If this was the reason for hatred, for Tooya it was too little.

Tooya wasn’t a killer.

Nor a hero of justice that can verdict a sentence of death to other people.

Because Tooya was just an ordinary person without any right to do such a thing, this was a fact that no-one could deny and it felt heavy for him to do this despite being only an ordinary person. If the target was those who beating Tooya, Ensaka-kun and his friend, Tooya could use this as an excuse for self-protection, but still he didn’t expect to actually kill them in such manners. Such an excuse could also be said

But this wasn’t the same. Because the chosen will die, Tooya was very clear knowing that .


So Tooya made a moan. Covered his mouth and issued a moan.

Tooya could only, do this.

The building was surrounded by high walls. There was a man standing there.

“I came as a precaution… Didn’t expect to actually hit the spot.”

The man mumbled.

“It can enter without alerting a highly guarded place and no one noticed this, and left the same way as it in. It takes a powerfull level of youkai to able to do this kind of thing”

The man stared at the wall.

“This one… Maybe it is really dangerous.”

The man said, while taking out a notebook from his side pocket.

“According to historical records left behind… This does have a chance.”

Translator’s Notes and References


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