Valhalla no Ban Gohan Volume 1 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Color of The Dark Boar’s Origin

“Okay, Sei-kun. It’s almost time, are you ready?

In the night when we successfully returned from the trip to ‘Midgard’, as usual I’m standing on top of the chopping board in the ‘Valhalla Kitchen’ after hearing the signal from the Chef Head. This place where I can clearly see the boiling water is just like a guillotine[1]– no, a walking plank[2].

Of course, I always shut off my soul when standing here. Normally, a person won’t die from taking a shot but he’ll be very scared before taking it right? This uses the same theory as that. Even though I am able to revive, I’m still quite afraid of death. The reason is because there are no steps missing from my dying process which is from pain to suffering then death.

Therefore, I still don’t want to face it. Or else, my soul will definitely be broken. But…. it won’t be like this anymore. Since I have a new partner known as Loki, he should be able to help me stabilize my soul…

“I am ready now Chef Head! Please be amazed, today I will also turn out to be a very delicious meal!”

“Oh, you’re quite determined. Did something good happen?”

“Ah, I should say that it’ll start from now……. Well, this will depend on Loki.”

“Loki…..A………Hey, Sei-kun, don’t tell me you are talking about that Loki-sama?”

“Yes, it is that Loki.”

The moment I answer it nonchalantly, Chef Head smiling face frozen. Instead it became surprised and then change to a poker face.

“……. Ah, actually I keep thinking that, the day will come where you’ll accomplish something big …… Maybe I miscalculate the time. We will hold a big farewell party for you so remember to inform us earlier okay.”

“Ha? A farewell party! I won’t leave this place you know?”

“Eh? Hm, aren’t you saying that you got scouted by Loki-sama?”

“We just become friends, that’s all! My only master will be only you, Chef Head, so I’ll be in your care!”

“Sei-kun….. I am so happy! I will also be in your care.”

“Yes, Chef Head!”

“Then, please enter.”

“Yes, Chef Head…..”


“Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, burn to death–!!”


After a few minutes when the hellish lid covered the pot, at the same time as the sun set in the world, I was revived with a new body beside the stove. No matter how many times I experience it, there’s no way I can to get rid of this horrible feeling.

I rested for a while in the spot due to the mana consumption from activating ‘Gullveig’ and also the fatigue from the new body that was formed. The Chef Head is controlling the stove temperature while laughing at me.

“Thanks you for your hard work, Sei-kun. How is the water temperature today? I didn’t do much tonight since I’m testing the stove temperature at its highest.”

“Ah? You remember what I said on the first day?”

“Hahaha! To be frank, we have a new temperature record after that! I actually asked Lord Odin to insert the rune of ‘kenaz’ in the stove.”

“I remember that the rune of ‘kenaz’ is the fire rune. So that’s why the fire is so strong…. Eh? Please wait a moment, Chef Head, there’s no point in doing that right? No matter how strong the fire is, the water won’t pass its boiling point.”

“You’re right, as long as it its boiling point isn’t raised, no matter what water will never exceed one hundred degrees Celsius. But, Sei-kun, I never said that I use the rune of ‘kenaz’ to increase the fire power?”

“Then…..what you are saying is….”

“The rune of ‘kenaz’ is a rune to manipulate fire but it’s impossible to start up a fire without oxygen. That’s why the rune of ‘kenaz’ also controls the air. And this time I inserted both the rune of ‘kenaz’ and the ice rune, ‘isa’ into the stove.”

“You even put in the rune of ‘isa’!”

“Ya, by using the large volume of air produced by the rune of ‘kenaz’ combined with the power of the rune of ‘isa’ to control the air around the stove area, it’s possible to increase the heat of the pot which will also increase the boiling point. This way, we will be able to raise water temperature over one hundred degrees Celsius.” [3]

I see…. So…… what does it mean?

“Based on your reaction, I think you don’t understand about it right? Well, there is not much of a problem, just inform me on your opinion of the water temperature?”

“Okay, to be frank it’s not bad. Basically I’ll die immediately in that high temperature which will also lessen my mental stress. But a temperature that high will damage the taste of the meat…..”

“Well, you don’t have to worry. Didn’t I say that I have inserted the rune of ‘isa’ in the stove? I immediately used it to decrease the temperature the moment I confirmed that you’ve revived. It’s basically similar to changing the fire temperature. So, isn’t it perfect?”

“Amazing, that’s some amazing technique! Looks like there is something new in ‘Valhalla Kitchen’!”

“That’s right. This is all done to help lessen the sufferings Sei-kun faced, that why even if it just a bit, I want to help you die faster.”

“Chef Head! I am so grateful! To think that you did all this just to help this little old me…..”

“Sei-kun, it’s better if you don’t say “little old me” anymore. You are actually more important than you think, the one and only Sei-kun. You should know that you saved a large amount of livestock from being slaughtered due to your sacrifice every night. Of course the purpose of a livestock is to be eaten when they get big but there is no livestock that thinks that way. Life is precious even if they are able to live one extra second, who knows they will be eaten on the next morning. You who have been constantly eaten by the Einherjars deserved to be called a Hero.”

My body felt itchy when I heard the compliment from the Chef Head. But what he said is right, from the perspective of the livestock, I am definitely a Hero. No, not only livestock, to those Einherjars…. No… to the Gods who are feeding them, my existence is very important.

That should be correct. Because of ‘that day’, I was invite to ‘Valhalla’ since I was needed.

– One month before, at the ‘Great Temple of Idavoll’

This is the sacred place that the great Aesir tribe uses to conduct their important meeting. In here, the important members of the tribe positioned around the big round rock table.

“Dear member of the Aesir and the mighty gods, first I would like to thank you all for attending this meeting after receiving the sudden invitation.”

The one who began the talk is the oldest God who situated at the chief seat. With a bit curly white long hair and a moustache that brings out his sense of dignity, on his face there’s a deep scar and his left eye is covered with a black eye-patch. He is the one leading the Aesir tribe, the Almighty Odin.

Sitting beside him is his sons, God of Light, Baldr and God of Thunder, Thor. Followed by God of War, Frey and Tyr, God of Art, Bragi and the brothers of Baldr, Höðr, Hermod and Vidar. And the person standing behind Odin is his step-brother, Loki[4.

“The reason why I gathered all of you is to discuss the Einherjars that we’re recruiting non-stop after hearing the prophecy about the end of the world ‘Ragnarok’ by sage Mimir. The main problem is —— their food.”

Odin mentioned the topic without any hesitation. Actually this problem already existed and some of us already know that this will become a major problem soon.

“Haiz, it seems this matter is really unavoidable, guess it’s almost time for it to happen. Then, may I ask why did father invite this great me? Didn’t you already have some countermeasures for it?

“Haha…. Thor, it’s about time you learn how use your head for something else except head butting people. If I already had the countermeasure for it, I would have already mentioned it. This time the situation has already gone bad.”

“HA! Don’t look down on me, father. Other than head butting, I also know how to use my head for other things.”

“Oh? Then tell me about it.”

“For kneeling down.”

“That is indeed important, looks like your relationship with your wife is quite good.”

To think that I who was praised as a sage god actually have this foolish god as a son, Odin gave a sigh from his heart.

“The number of Einherjars that we recruited is going to exceed two hundred thousand. The food that we brought from the God of Sea, Aegir for the purpose of the banquet is going to run out. Moreover, the gold that is needed to continue buying from him is also depleted and the food that Aegir had is also not unlimited. No matter what, we need to prepare a countermeasure for this……”

Odin let out a deep sigh, seems like the dignity that he has is dropping due to this matter kept troubling him.

“Lord Odin, although it might cause dismay, how about we try to reduce the portion?”

“Ah, I have already thought of that. But, Frey, the army of giants is huge and strong, if we have to fight them, the Einherjars that I estimated we need is going to be double of the current.”

“Double the amount, um….. We really need a constructive countermeasure….”

Like this the meeting came in a halt. Even the wisest Odin couldn’t think of a countermeasure, was there really any point gathering all the member here. From the beginning, it was actually pointless to hold this meeting.

……But, the person who originally did not have any hope gave a surprising opinion:

“Hey, what if we use that? Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr.”

“…. Thor, I didn’t expect that you are the first one to give an opinion. If I’, not mistaken there are the two magic goats that help pull your chariot right?”

“Ah, as long as they receive the blessing from my great Mjölnir, they will revive infinitely. Thus, they can be eaten as many times as you like. Well. There’re two conditions which are their skin and skulls cannot be hurt.”

“Well, to be honest, this opinion is actually not bad. But… It’s impossible to prepare a way for the Einherjars to feast on which won’t damage their skulls and skin. In addition, it’s also pointless that you have to bring your Mjölnir to ‘Valhalla’ every time for dinner. It is a very constructive idea, but not realistic.”

“Is that so…. And I thought it was useful. Ah… Will this meeting ever end! Hey, Loki! Do you have any good ideas since you have been idling over there from the beginning?”

Having his opinion rejected after thinking so hard, the unhappy Thor pointed at Loki. But he wasn’t directing his anger toward him. Loki, who managed to tell a lie to the Odin who is known as the Sage god, was the most suitable person to unleash his ability in this situation. Everyone in the spot was expecting something from this tricky strategist.

“Ahh, please don’t push all the problem on me, Thor. I’m keeping silent because I also don’t have any good ideas. But I thought of something after hearing your opinion.”

After hearing these words, all the desperate gods recovered looked at Loki with high expectation as if they were urging him to continue.

Loki shrugged his shoulders before continue talking:

“Not long before this, I heard something interesting from Ratatoskr. According to him, there is an immortal boar that lives somewhere in the forest of ‘Idavoll’.”

“An immortal boar?”

“Ah, there’s also this thing. For some reasons, that boar is in possession of an incredible treasure, according to Ratatoskr, it’s a pot which content will never run out.”

“What! Isn’t that the thing that we’re looking for? Loki, are you sure that information is accurate?”

“I just heard about this. I cannot confirm whether it’s real or not but it’s worth taking a trip right?”

Loki looked at the gods sitting around the round table. There wasn’t a single god that rejected this idea.

“…… Then, it is decided. I believe the meeting will end here. If all of us go and visit the boar, I bet that will be frightening. So, the representative will be me and Loki, the others can go back to their own post.”

“Are you sure, father? Why don’t you let this great me go instead?”

“No, since it’s you, the “Red Lion Giant Slayer”, it will be impossible.”

“Oh….. So I was excluded right from the start because I am too scary. If that’s the case, then it’s better to bring Freya there.”

Thor walked out of the Great Temple after making an unsatisfied remark. Seeing his rude action that did not disgrace his nickname, all the gods present realized that Odin judgment was correct.

“….. Is that so, please wait for a moment, Hermod.”

Loki suddenly got an idea after listening to the remark Thor made before he left and hurriedly called out to stop Hermod.

“There’s something I want to ask for your assistance, can you prepare something special that can be used as a present? It doesn’t matter even if you use Sleipnir. This is my own thinking but I believe we’ll surely have some use for it since it’s not an etiquette problem. The thing is…. You don’t have to purposely deliver it to the forest. That right…. Let’s ask Brynhildr to do it.”

Hermod will do the preparation while the deliver will be handled by others. I wonder what the meaning behind this weird request from Loki is? At this moment, no one was able to figure it out.

There is a lush green forest which is a short distance away on the southern part of the Great Temple. The surprising thing is the forest of Idavoll is the last place that was unexplored in ‘Asgard’.

In this forest that is rich in natural resources; different kind of fruits can be found on the trees, the rustling sound of the grass, the water streams and the birds and insects flying freely. All of this is proof that this forest is overflowing with vitality.

After going through a fork in the road through this unexplored natural scenery, a big open space appears in front of our eye. There is an outer wall of a building that was covered with vines, and there’s trace that it has been used. Is this a building that was abandoned after being built by someone in the past…..? There aren’t any old traces and it looks like a brand new wooden house.

“It doesn’t seem like it’s a house for a boar, I wonder is there anyone else living here.”

“I don’t know even if you ask me. Can’t big brother use your Hlidskjalf[5] to see it?

“It’s very troublesome. Of course, that seat can see everything but it’s impossible for it to show everything in front of me right? It’s only useful when there is a target for viewing, for example peeking at the women shower.”

“What an amazing peeking tool…. Please let me try it next time. Then, let’s try knocking on the door.”

*Dong* *Dong*

“Ah? Who is it? I’m coming!”

“Oh, there’s a reply. I wonder who will open the door, is it a snake, a ghost or a boar….”

Responding to Loki knocking, the door was opened by a boar with light green mane wearing an apron. There is another boar with dark green mane who is smoking while sitting on the sofa.

“Your lives are too normal! Hey, are you all really boar?”

“As you can see….?”

Well, there were no other possibilities, since in front of Loki there was without a doubt two boar. No choice but to accept the fact regardless of their life style.

Loki made a big cough as if to throw aside the cultural difference and asked them about his purpose:

“Ahem! That, I sorry for the sudden visit but are you the immortal boar?”

“Immortal? Ah, are you talking about Sei-chan?”

“Oi, Mama! How can you just casually reveal our child’s name? What will we do if they are some scammers!”

“Ah, calm down, Papa. But don’t you see this gentleman’s eyes which are so pretty. Those who have pretty eyes can’t be scammers.”

“What is the point if it’s physically pretty? You really are……… Ahem, are both of you travelers? May I ask what are you doing in this area?”

“I come here after hearing that there’s an immortal boar here. Is it possible that boar is your child?”

“…… I am sorry, are you making a mistake? There is no such thing as an immortal living creature in this world. Even if there is one, then it won’t be a living creature right?”

“I actually heard about this from a very reliable source so I won’t be tricked by you. I know you’re doing it for the sake of your child, but isn’t it useless if you are hiding it? It doesn’t matter to us whether your child is a living creature or a monster.”

“You make it sound like I’m the bad guy, I’m not hiding anything. That’s because my child will also die normally, there is no such thing as an immortal body.”

“Is that so?….. It sounded like you’re saying your child who is supposed to die normally is still living as usual.”

“Eh… That…..!!”

The father boar panicked over what Loki said just now. It seemed Loki hit the bullseye, with this we were able to confirm the information from Ratatoskr.

“Hey! Isn’t it rare that we have guests?”

At this moment, there was a voice appeared behind of Loki. It sounded like it’s from either a young boy or a young girl.

It seemed the owner of the voice was actually a small boar. Looks like that small boar with dark brown mane just came back while pulling a cart full of wild grass and fruit.

“Sei…… Why do you have to come back at this time!”

“Eh? Is there a problem? Who are these people actually…..”

“Oh, we’re not someone suspicious. Let us introduction ourselves first, I am Loki, and he is ……”

“……. Odin, you should have at least heard this name before right? The child of ‘Asgard’.”

Everyone present suddenly kneeled down while holding their breath after they heard the stern voice just now. No matter how rural, how young a child is, there is no one who doesn’t know the name of the God who rules over this land.

“Answer this, boar. I heard that you have a very rare ability. Is it true that you are…….. Immortal? And you own a magic pot.”

“Im….Immortal? Ah, it’s true that I have a magic pot. But I am not immortal actually, to be precise I am able to revive after death.”

“Revive? …… How could you do that?”

“How….. I actually don’t get it myself. It’s just that due to my carelessness I was bitten by poisonous snake and bug while gathering wild grass and fell into river and valley, but for some reason I was able to revive myself every single time after that.”

“No matter how many times?”

“I’m afraid it’s unlimited.”

“Oh….. If that’s true then you really have some amazing ability. It’s like, yes, it reminds me of Gullveig—– you are called Sei right? I want you to bring your magic pot and come working for me.”

“Eh! I am honored! If I can be of use, please let me serve you! Then, what actually am I going to do?”

“You will come to ‘Valhalla’ and be dinner for the Einherjars.”

“‘Valhalla’? That is something amazing, I can’t believe I was invited to the palace of ‘Gladsheim’! ….Eh? I didn’t hear anything wrong, right? I think I heard I’m going to be dinner or something……..”

“You’re not wrong. From now onward, you are going to be served as meal every night.”


If Sei is a human being, his face will surely turn blue right now. His small body is shaking non-stop.

“Why…… does that mean that I… I…. I will die every night? Every single night for the rest of my life?”

“That’s correct.”

“Is that an….. order?”

“Of course.”

At this moment, Sei parents who were kneeling beside him use the rune of ‘mannaz’ to turn into human forms. They were no longer looking at Odin with respect but with resolve to sacrifice everything to protect their beloved one.

“Please stop, what are you two doing?”

“Shut up. How can you understand our feelings when we heard that our beloved son is ordered to keep dying?”

“I’m suffering too since I understand your feelings.”

Loki whispered with a voice that no one could hear while scratching his head. He took out a small tree branch from his arm and offered a surprising request to Odin:

“Oi, Big brother. I do not wish to see any blood in this sacred place of ‘Idavoll’, can we come back another time?”

“…… Loki, I don’t know what are you planning but are you sure? Wasn’t it your idea to use him? I feel that it’s too irresponsible if we leave now.”

“Well, my motto is to ‘Do things whenever I want’. Of course, I am not ordering you, but it just a personal request. How about we leave it to him to decide?”

“…. Okay, it will be a joke if we fought over the matter regarding the Einherjars. I guess I will act like a big brother and listen to my little brother once in a while. Little boar, I will let you have the opportunity to choose between living in this enclosed area until you rot or die with the greatest honor in the palace of the gods.”


Odin words triggered something within Sei. If he rejected it now, he would be guaranteed a tranquil life like what he experienced up until now. A life without any dangers and encounters, was this what he really wanted?

If he accepted the offer, then he would have to experience death every single day. The price he had to pay to exit the forest was to enter the pot everyday which would mark the beginning of his chaotic days. Was this something worth paying for with his life?

One more, there was still lacking one more reason to convince him to offer his body. No matter how many times Sei asked himself, he was unable to come out with an answer. Then, he looked at his surroundings.


His parent, who loves him the most, cares for him the most and an existence that could not be lacking was carrying a resolve to protect him until the end. Sei began to feel the pain because whether he chooses to have a tranquil life or a chaotic life, he couldn’t regret it.

Sei was thinking of a plan to make the uneasiness and the worries of his parent disappeared so that everyone can be happy. Right at this moment —-

“Um… I’m sorry that I’m late, I brought the gift.”

Within this peaceful and quiet forest, there was a sweet voice that appeared as if flowers were blooming. Upon hearing the angelic like voice, everyone shifted their sights toward its owner.

The owner is a young lady with a waist length dress, light golden color hair and wearing a blue armor decorated with feathers. She is the Valkyrie who’s in charge of leading the dead warriors.

“Oh, Brynhildr! You finally came, we were waiting for you!”

“I’m very sorry, Loki-sama. It took some time to decide on the gift……..”

The lady who is known as Brynhildr bowed her head to apologize and took out the gift from the box on her hand. The gift that she took a long time to decide was a necessity among the Gods, a golden apple.

“This is a golden apple that allows whoever eats it to be in a state of youth and immortal for a short while. Please accept this small gift from me.” After that, she put the apple in front of Sei.

Sei didn’t ever touch or look at it. He was only staring at the lovely smile of Brynhildr.

“Um.. Boar-kun, the apple….”

“Ha! Ya, I’m sorry! That…. Brynhildr-sama!”

“Hmm? What’s the matter?”

“Brynhildr-sama, um, what do you usually do?”

“Eh, normally? That, during the morning I will usually go to ‘Midgard’ and look for potential candidates, I will do some training at “Vingólf’ during my off time. Then, every night I will go to ‘Valhalla’ to serve mead to the Einherjars.”

“You will go to ‘Valhalla’! Every single night?”

“Yes and yes.”

After bombarding Brynhildr with questions, Sei finally stopped and take a deep breath.

After a short moment of silence, Sei held the hands of the confused Brynhildr whom was still maintain the smile of her face to show that he had already made up his mind on the biggest decision in his whole life. Of course, there was some selfishness hidden in the decision.

“I will do it! Please let me ….. Be the meal for the Einherjars!”

-After something like that happened, this is the current situation that I am experiencing. Eh? What happened to my caring parents after that? Well there was nothing much, they just sent me off normally. Their rebellious attitudes had been resolved by Loki.

The work after that is like what Lord Odin mentioned. To be honest, I’m still very afraid on the matter that I have to die every single night up until now and I’m afraid I won’t be able to change it.

Now I’m still holding onto my belief ‘No matter what I still have to do it’….. Of course, I’m doing it because of Brynhildr-sama. I actually don’t do this to help the troubled Lord Odin and the Einherjars, nor am I helping to decrease the livestock that is slaughter every night or to become a hero. I’m doing all of this is because I’ve fallen in love at first sight with her.

I’ve fallen in love with Brynhildr-sama the first moment I met her on that day. No matter how, even just a little bit, I just want to get close to her. Now that I think of it, it might be one of Loki or some others person plan to invite Brynhildr-sama to the forest and I’m actually dancing in the palm of the planner. But I don’t care about it because this is the answer that I decided on my own— I will never regret it.

“Chef Head! Is it okay if I go and look for Brynhildr-sama?”

“Oh? Of course! What happened, you finally decide to confess to her? Sei-kun, your main job in “Valhalla Kitchen” is to jump into the pot only. There is no need to ask for my permission, now quickly go before you change your mind! Good luck!”


After Chef Head said that and hit my butt, I rush straight ahead to the pantry. Well, if he did allow it, I will ask Hayes to help stall him while I run out.

In the pantry, all the nine sister of the Valkyrie had gathered. I immediately locked my eyes on the goddess who is wearing a blue armor! Without thinking anything, I rushed toward Brynhildr-sama and jumped to her breast, and this is without a doubt a true “Boar rush”.

“Ah, Sei! Did you purposely come to see me?”

The moment when I left the ground, my body was caught by a hand of someone else and I was put on her breast. This, this green breastplate and the way of speaking belong to….

“Hilde-sama! That, that, just now I had a big determination….”

“I know, you came to greet Witige right? A small guy like you will be step by the Einherjars the moment you enter the canteen, let me help bring you to Witige’s table.”

“Ah, that, thank you very much, Hilde-sama.”

Oh, I actually thought of this too. Looks like I don’t even need to ask Brynhildr-sama for her help on this…..

“…..’Hilde-sama’? Sei-kun, I wonder when did you get so close with Gerhilde.”

“Ah! No, that, it’s just that…..”

Whoa, she’s glaring at me with an unsatisfied look! It feels awesome no matter how many times I look at how Brynhildr-sama is glaring at me like this…… Wait, this is not a good thing! Looks like there’s some misunderstanding!

“Ara. My dear older sister, why is your voice so soft? Is there any problem? My relationship with Sei-kun is better now after I received some lessons from him yesterday. I should say that we are very intimate already.”

“Ho, intimate is it. Sei-san, is that true?”

“Um…. That….. We’re not that close and also not a stranger to each other…. Right?”


“Hmph! Come on, Sei, you don’t have to be that shy. Sei said that my beauty is the number one in the world, and he also mentioned that I transformed into the world most beautiful swan, right?”

“Wait, Hilde-sama, are you doing this on purpose?”

“If, if it wasn’t for me to ask for Sei-kun help……. I had enough already!”

Brynhildr-sama pouted and ran straight to the canteen area. Ahhhhh, why did something like this happen? So life really isn’t always smooth sailing.

“Ho Ho Ho, my dear older sister is just like a kid. She’s very shy when it comes to romance…. Is this something good? Come, let go and meet Witige, Sei.”

“Yes….. Isn’t Hilde-sama also acting like a kid, don’t you think you are saying too much just now? Hm?”

I expected Hilde-sama to have a satisfied devilish look after finally beating her sister for once, instead she is giving off a gentle feeling while looking toward her sister.

Oh… It seems Hilde-sama does not really hate Brynhildr-sama. I should say that Hilde-sama actually like, respect and worry about Brynhildr-sama the most, but due to her prideful attitude, she cannot be frank with herself.

(She still can’t take her eyes off heh…)

The over worried older sister and the meddlesome younger sister, if possible I want to be the middle person to help them. I forced a smile due to the increasing desires, and walked toward the noisy canteen with Hilde-sama.

‘Valhalla Canteen’, this is the only place in ‘Valhalla’ that causes others to feel that they are still inside ‘Gladsheim’, a luxury facility.

The ceiling of the canteen is so tall it can make a person open his mouth wide and there is a few huge chandeliers hanging on the wall which give off a gentle light that illuminate the whole canteen. On top of the red velvet carpet, there is a long table that can fit an unknown number of people. On top of the table, there is huge container arranged neatly with a gap between each other, and inside the container is my meat which was taken out from the pot.

I’m not sure the maximum number of the people it can serve but I remember that it goes to the extent of few hundred thousand. Now since the number of people is too many, I think there will be another expansion soon.

In the middle of this noisy place, the nine Valkyrie sisters are busy running around. Even though in terms of physics it’s impossible for nine people to serve this many people, they still try their best to serve mead to as many Einherjars as they can.

Let see where Brynhildr-sama who stepped out angrily is…. Ah, she is over there and is still angry. Looks like she is punishing those perverts, whom she would normally give a smile and forgive, with her sword harshly. Brynhildr-sama, why don’t you teach them how it feels to get slashed by a sword since you have the opportunity.

“That, Witige….. Witige….. Ah, he should be around here.”

After sensing the presence of Witige, Gerhilde-sama flew off to the corner near the entrance of the canteen while carrying me. I also saw Witige when we were getting closer.


“Oh, isn’t is Gerhilde-sama? It seems you are with the boar-sama that we met just now.”

“Boar-sama? Ah, I’m sorry, it seem that I haven’t introduce myself right? My name is Sæhrímnir. I am a trainee of the chef in charge of the canteen. Because my name is too long, please call me Sei instead.”

“You are being too polite, Sei-sama. Since I have already reached an age that forgets things easily, I am very grateful that you prepared a shorter name for me. Please take care of me in the future.”

I ,who was under the table, shook hands with Witige. Witige is giving off an aura that is different from those barbaric Einherjars. Is it because of his age…. No, this is the so-called aura of a true strong person.

Witige took a sip on the mead served by Hilde-sama, after that she left to continue her work.

“Oh… this is so delicious. I never had alcohol this good before living so long as a half-dwarf in my life.”

“Indeed it’s delicious, let me inform you that this high grade mead managed to catch the attention of Lord Odin. I can boast that the producer of this mead started to work on the same time as me.”

“That is something you can indeed boast about. But doesn’t Sei-sama feel terrible that that worker is producing a better result than you?”

“Nope, not even a single cell of me thinks that way. Moreover, it sounds a bit wrong coming from me but the worker and I are both recognized as the ‘Big Two’ in the ‘Valhalla Kitchen’.”

“Oh? I thought you are only a trainee, may I ask what you mean by that….”

“Um… Witige have you eaten the meal yet?”

“I took a bit before the greeting, the meal still cannot beat the mead in term of taste. The moment I take a bite, it gave off something that energizes my whole body…. Don’t tell me that this Sei-sama creation?”

“No, it’s a bit different. That is me.”


Oh, he is surprise. I explained the matter about my special ability ‘Gullveig’ to Witige who was opening his mouth wide.

“I understand now…. You are the unlimited meal that can revive when the sun set. The person who managed to think of this is really amazing and brilliant. Normally I won’t hesitate when eating a livestock but it’s a different thing when it involved Sei-sama which can speak human language. I feel a bit scared eating this meal.”

“Ah! That, I appreciate that you concern about me but the meal you’re eating is just normal meat…. I hope you can finish it without leaving a stain.”

“Okay….. I understand now, I think any livestock will also say the same thing if we can communicate. Since you put it that way, it makes me want to eat it already.”

Oh, it’s nice that he understand. Actually what I said doesn’t represent the will of all the livestock, but there is no point not eating those whose purpose is to be eaten by others. Since we’re going to be eaten anyway, it’s better that we can let them enjoy eating us.

“But…. not that I don’t trust you but is this really Sei-sama meat?”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“If the meat in this container belongs to Sei-sama then isn’t it a bit odd since Sei-sama have a small body?”

“Oh, about this, actually the secret lies on the ‘pot’ that I was cooked in.”

“Pot? Is it a custom made object?”

“Yep, the pot is called ‘The treasure of the kitchen, Eldhrimnir’…”

I told Witige that I was carrying the pot with me since I was small. Similar to the pot auto cook function, there is also a condition to not decrease the content in it. I also told Witige the matter about Lord Odin purposely come to the forest I lived in just because of this pot.

“Whoa, it’s quite impressive that there won’t be any issues when using it to prepare dinner. I think the person who created this pot must be a famous and skilled blacksmith.”

Witige is more excited to know the creator of the pot than the pot itself. If I’m not mistaken, his father is also an amazing blacksmith, maybe this is the reason why he is so keen on it?”

“Oh, the thing is…. I don’t know who created it. This is because when I was abandoned by my real parents, I was put inside the pot.”

“Abandoned…. Please forgive me for asking this, is Sei-sama an orphan?”

“It’s something like that. It doesn’t matter now, since I don’t have a single memory before I was adopted by my foster parents, I doesn’t even have a single thing to grief on. Even though we are not blood-related, the current parent cares for me…. I also somehow feel quite joyful.”

This is not some lie that I created or anything to boast about, this is just what I really feel. I also think before that my real parents really did care for me but it might due to some circumstances where they were forced to abandon me.

This is because, there was a note with my name, the name of pot and instruction of how to use the pot, in the pot with me at that time. Maybe my real parents did this to decrease the burden of my foster parents or they want to increase the chance of me being adopted and this is also something like a caring message to me. That’s why I believe I am blessed.

“In my opinion, there is nothing that can win over a parent’s love. I believe that Sei-sama’s love toward your real parents and foster parents is the strongest and it cannot be matched. The extraordinary aura I felt when we first met might not be my misconception after all.”

After he said that, he put some meat on his plate. The meat that has been eaten satisfyingly by the other Einherjars has become his meals now.

I never expected that I was a strong person before, but it seems there is no reason to ask the black swordsman about this either. From the bottom of my heart, I hope that after everyone who has eaten my meat can become strong.

“Oh, this is really delicious. The delicious part of the meat makes me want to know more…..”

“Know about what?”

“The pot or some hidden power that still lies dormant in Sei-sama.”

“Hidden power? This is quite interesting, why do you say that?”

“Please think carefully, to be able to revive and the content will not decrease….. There is actually no common point for these two points. But how is it that Sei-sama meat can still be so delicious?”

“You’re right. If I know about that, I might be able to make myself more delicious……”

“Oh, if we had to make a hypothesis now, I would say that Sei-sama real parents have a close relationship with a skilled dwarf. This is because there is no one other than a dwarf who can create such a magic pot.”

“The dwarfs can even make a pot?”

“Ho ho, dwarven blacksmiths don’t only create those weapons filled with blood lust. With the appropriate material and some creativity, they can create anything from a wig to a huge battle ship, even creating a living creature such as a horse or a boar is not a problem for them. This is the secret technique of the dwarf.”

Is that so… he is right. This is because Freya-sama Skíðblaðnir and Gullinbursti are also the creation of the dwarf.

“Since you put it that way…… Does it mean that I might be created by them too?”

“No, there is no way. A dwarf needs the god’s permissions when creating living things. If there was no god that knows about the existence of Sei-sama, that means that you’re a real and authentic boar. That’s why this is so interesting. Everything has a power that is similar to the sun and the moon but this fated pairing between an unknown magic pot and the unknown boar is more interesting.”

I know for sure it’s because of the dwarf blood in Witige but it seems he couldn’t stop mumbling about his excitement while nodding his head non-stop.

To be honest, I’m not so interested in it. The matter we’re discussing should be about my true identity, but I felt like it had become another person’s problem.

As if I subconsciously refused to retrieve memories of the past… or somewhere in me, I felt that there is no point in finding it.

But… If the magic pot, which is the opposite of me, is prepared just to cook me…..

Let’s forget about it, it would never stop if I continued thinking. I tossed away all the mystery and truth to a side by using the god level ignoring skill that I have mastered.

Translator’s Notes and References
4.I don’t know why. Don’t ask me. And no, this is not typo!
5.High Seat of Odin

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  1. Qianweijia says:

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    • Chi says:

      He could also be some long lost immortal god that could see the future, so he decided to seal away his memories and become a dish for Valhalla.
      The point of sealing his memories is probably because he doesn’t accidentally affect future events by changing them.

      This is all a theory though.


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