Goblin Survivor

[Translator is dead, feel free to take over]


Goblin Survivor (ゴブリンサバイバー)

Author: Taro Bandou

Illustrator: Maro Fal

Story Synopsis

After a certain man open his eyes, he saw an unfamiliar scenery in front of him and his whole body was a strange green. No matter how you look at it, that appearance was the green monster, ‘goblin’.

“I can’t even remember my name but i am a human!!”

That guy which happened to extend his life after encountering the adventure (human), accepted the fact that he was a goblin and begin living with the name of ‘Goblio’

He didn’t even have any cheating skill! He can’t understand human language! It was a goblin life in hard mode!

After arriving in a goblin village, he was lucky to have met reliable partner (goblin & orc) and Goblio began getting used to living.

But, during the time when the goblin from the village wanted to assault a human girl, his former human justice and courage sprung out and he saved the girl! Due to this accident, he lose his place and even the important partner—!?

The chapter of the high tension fantasy of a guy which was reborn as a goblin and writhing in agony to become a human began now!

“That’s right, I’m not gonna die… since I am a goblin after all…!”

Volume 1


Prologue: Although I don’t get it but I’ve become a goblin


14 Responses to Goblin Survivor

  1. Holow says:

    Let’s try ,but that guy looks like baby dragón somehow


  2. nansty says:

    (I could not put a comment under the different chapters, so I put it here) I just have discovered this novel, and I find it good (for now). The MC doesn’t look a stupid and the fact that it keeps these values on the human side and promising for the rest of the story. Then the images announce funny moments in the future (I think)


  3. keshka says:

    the end?


  4. nansty says:

    Thanks for the update !!! 🙂


  5. Philip says:

    Thanks, finally an update. I’ve been waiting for this.


  6. ThyUnsuspicious says:

    Says TL is dead, is this true? Cause above comments say an update was recent…. very recent..


    • ThyUnsuspicious says:

      Also, where are the raws? I looked on the pages of other novels aswell, and there are no links to raws on any of them.


      • Ninja Emon says:

        I dont know who said it’s updated recently, that’s not me. And raw is in my hand, not for anyone who is not a translator. They’re aint free


      • ThyUnsuspicious says:

        Idk why i can’t reply directly to your commen, but mmmk. Anywayyyys, there wan an update on 11/26/17 according to A: the commenters above, and B: Novelupdates. Also, i thought this was a WN, so i had assumed raws were free. I would help translate…..if you don’t mind someone who mayyyy use GT+My knowledge of english to make coherent sentences out of the translated stuff. ;_;

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ninja Emon says:

        Well, we use the light novel version, so of course we bought it. And, if you want to try it, contact me through my face book or discord (not active much in this one). https://www.facebook.com/huynhhoangphat Discord: #6559
        Worry not about the translation, I can read raw so editing yours would be no problem

        Liked by 1 person

      • ThyUnsuspicious says:

        Kk, msged ya in FB through messanger. (I hope u mean messanger and not another way on FB)


  7. Krypek says:

    I am so sad this is not being translated. Looked quite good.


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