Sekai no Owari no Encore Volume 2 Prologue

Prologue: The Sanctuary of Dragons


Thick layers of clouds spread across the somber sky——

The vast land dyed in gray as far as the eye can see. With careful observations, one could tell it was due to vast amount of ashes accumulating upon rocks which shared the same color.

Plant life was sparse. This valley was almost entirely swallowed under boulders, gravel, and sand.

The unexplored region of Re Inferiel.

It was the Dragon’s sanctuary, marked as “Valley of the Dragon” on the world map.

Immense mountain ranges and canyons spread across the continent. At the center of it all were the mountains and their boundaries.

At that location——

“……Leave immediately, you vexatious humans.”

The Dragon who shines in rich, brilliant color.

The human voice, which echoed endlessly, came from the vocal cords of a Dragon. Although an entirely different entity from humans, it was impossible to hear the difference. The voice was filled with dominating dignity with subtle feminine qualities.

“This is the Dragon’s territory. How utterly foolish of you to step foot on this soil without permission. This is an unforgivable sin. The reason all of you are still alive right now is due to my first and final act of mercy.”

The ones who were present towards the gaze of the Dragon was a party covered in burns. Their blades shattered, and their armor with high-resistance mangled beyond recognition.

Their total number exceeded twenty.

Each and every one of them were skilled (MASTERS)Knights, (ARIAS)Casters, and (FULLTYPES)Fighters. And yet, they still had fallen on their knees, without being able to do anything except to look up towards the Dragon with gazes of despair.

——Absolute savagery.

Such a party had been beaten down by a mere lone Dragon.

In an instant, the aurora-colored Dragon let out a sigh. Everything was over.

This is the Dragon-species.

A high-level existence that conquered the Earth, and were on equal footing with the Angels of Heaven, and the Demons of Underworld.

“There will no second warning.”

The Dragon spread her wings wide, and made a threatening posture.

The moment the party witnessed this, every single member fled, screaming in horror.

When they first bravely ventured into the Dragon’s valley, their expressions were saturated with wild ambition. But now they had become such a pitiful bunch as they fled, the difference is astounding.  Seeing their figures growing smaller and smaller into the distance——


The Dragon Lord Calra, dazzling with the color of an aurora, simply said one word. It appeared as though her heart is full of emotion.

It was a regular occurrence.

Re Inferiel was famed as the Dragon’s sanctuary. Bands of humans, full of spirit but foolishly unaware of their own capabilities, always loved pushing their way here.

Some wanted to gain fame by slaying a Dragon.

And some would use exploration as an excuse to vandalize the Dragon’s habitat.

For Calra,whose lifespan is eternal, dealing with them used to be a way to get rid of her boredom.  Ever since the rapid increase in the number of human parties seeking for the Encore, dealing with the humans that appear in this sanctuary has started to change from “staving off boredom” to “bothersome”.

“Humans……it’s so rare to find a species which doesn’t know their own limits. Weak, and foolish. Don’t tell me Kyelse-oneesama is still hanging around with these creatures even now?”

The party which had fled.

As those humans disappeared from her sight, a shadow approached from behind her. It was a small Wyvern, Calra’s kin, and also her subordinate. The Wyvern informed her quietly——

“Kyelse-oneesama is coming back? Is that true?”

With those words from Dragon Lord Calra——

Dozens of Dragons that were standing behind her lifted their heads up and howled in joy in unison.

“What a wonderful chance.”

Calra nodded her head.

“This time I need to make sure Kyelse-oneesama understands her position as the Dragon Princess. Even now, she is still entangled in the affairs of that human named Eleline, what a pain in the head. This time, I shall see to it that she ends her journey to find the Encore.”

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  1. mateenarif says:

    Thanks for picking up the project. You guys are the best. Sorry If its a bother but is there a chance of you guys picking up papa no Iukoto o kikinasai! from vol 4 ( first three are translated) and Itsuka no tenma kuro usagi. Please if possible please translate them. Thanks again for all your efforts and translations.


  2. primo23 says:

    You guys really got some awesome lineup of novels here thanks


  3. Anish Kumar says:

    dude she just started her journey to find the encore, what is with the ‘this time’


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