Kare to Hitokui no Nichijou Volume 1 Prologue

Prologue: He and Man-eater made a Contract

Part 1

I was beaten. I was hurt. I was  laughed at. Why did this happen? I don’t remember why it came to this. I think the reason is something so simple. But that something so simple was enough to trigger this tragedy, as long as the reason is there everyone can be the victim right???


A lot of them started to kick me. Even though my reflexes weren’t that bad, I never studied martial arts, that’s why I couldn’t reverse this situation with so many of them ganging up on me. Therefore all I can do now is to curl up and try to survive.

“You’re annoying you know!”

“Such an eyesore!”

“Just die you trash!”

The abusive language and violent acts continued to be repeated towards me. At first it was painful but anyone can get used to it. Once accustomed, you can live with it. There aren’t many people that pass through this riverbed, so no matter how much I scream for help there’s no one who will come to help me.

But that’s not entirely true.


I heard another voice that mixed in with their abusive language… no, I must be imagining things, The important thing to do now is to focus on surviving, Continuously being beaten was quite tiring , moreover screaming in pain just makes me more tired.  As long I can endure it, the boys will also get tired too.

“Is that true?”

I can hear her voice again, is this just some hallucination? Or is this what they called my conscience, trying to deny this reality??

“No, no, I’m not the sound of your heart.”

My answer was denied. Then, what are you??

“Me? I’m Kuroe … a monster.”

Even the hallucination answered, this is already beyond reason.

“Well, whatever you say, but at this rate you could die.”

… I will not die, they don’t have the guts to do it, to go that far. As long I survive it will end.

“That is impossible.”

The hallucination replied with confidence.

“Tch, he doesn’t give up huh???”

I felt their hands stop beating me, I don’t know what happened because I’m curling up, but the hairs on my neck stood up as if something scary is happening.

“Oi that’s too much…”

“Shut up..!”


I was hit.


I don’t know what happened, I felt terrible pain in my back. What was that?… his right fist?? It was not a blow that could be dealt by a human, then the pain continues… to my bones, it could internally wound my organ, then the ominous presence can be felt more clearly than before.

“See, I told you, didn’t I?”

The hallucination voice spoke coldly to me.

“I will beat him once again.”

That ominous presence came more quickly than those words, if I don’t run right now, it could be dangerous. This is not a time to just curl up like this….. but my body can’t move. Besides having received fierce attacks, the part of my body that was hit by their fists cannot be moved.


I was hit. I lost my consciousness again from the pain, at this rate I’m going to die. But if I don’t move my body, help will not come.

“That’s not true”

The hallucination voice answered.

“I’ll help you. But you have to make a pact with me.”

That’s just the sound of the hallucination.

Just hallucination voice, but…

“I agree to the … Pact.”

This body will soon become a corpse anyways.

“Help me.”

There was no other choice but to rely on it.

“Alright then.”

I felt the voice laughing.

Then.. the screams rose.


Part 2

When I opened my eyes, my surrounding had become dark.

“… what, why??”

What I remembered first is the pain. Though I’d already been beaten but mysteriously the pain is gone completely.. Including my back which was hit hard by his right hand, I made sure to check it again, but I don’t feel anything from my back, it’s completely gone.


As I hurriedly looked around, there’s no sign of human beings… including the three people who were supposed to be hitting me. The morning light isn’t here either but tonight the moon is full so my vision could see things clear enough.

The moonlight illuminates the water that flows in the river and off the grass, a small temple antique that recently rolled on the ground. When I looked up and saw the riverbed I couldn’t see any human figures running across it, and the city light did not appear because it’s blocked.

“A dream…?”

There’s no mistake, I was in the riverbed earlier. But there was no injuries on my body. Also the figure of the three people who was beating me also disappeared.

“So it was just a dream huh????”

I’m relieved.

“It can’t be right?”

*deg* my back hairs started acting up again.

When I looked back, there’s a girl standing there, her age is not so different from mine, from the looks she’s like a Japanese doll with long black hair, she looked straight at me, the girl smiled without wearing any single piece of cloth on her…. but she seemed not to mind. Her pupils shine bright gold in the darkness, they were so beautiful I can’t take my eyes off her.

“Uh, why…”

I was really shocked, there should be no one around here, and I’d looked around before. Even if she came here by running I should’ve noticed her presence from the start, this is too sudden. How could I not aware of someone who just came running?

“From the beginning I’m already here. It’s just that you didn’t notice me.”


Liar, my reasoning told me so. Although, I’ve been a little chaotic but my consciousness is still clear. I shouldn’t have missed a person who is standing this close to me… that’s when I realized, there’s something like a hole and grasped on her right hand, it’s like an object with a rope clutched to it

“What.. is that?”

I said that with my voice which didn’t come out smoothly.

“Oh, this is?”

The girl held out and showed it to me.

“I think it’s much easier for you to understand by seeing it directly, here take a look.”

She threw it “Hii..!?”

The object rolling in front of me was looking at me, its eyes were wide opened, and they were attached to the face that’s familiar to me.

“Correct! He’s the guy who hit you with his right hand.”

With “kukuku” she’s grinned, my vision got blurry, my legs trembling, I fell to the ground, and from this low line of sight I can see his head again. And the distance is getting closer, and his face is more visible from here. Satou Hideaki and the other two from my class that were hitting me earlier, why was his head severed and looking at me?


“The pact has been established right?”

She was grinning.

“So that’s why I came to help you”

I understand it.

I deny it.

My mind stopped thinking. While I try to understand the meaning of these words my consciousness would like to deny it. Even so, the meaning started to get clear.

Hallucinations sound.

A proposal from her.

Requesting approvement.

As a result.

A head severed.

This means, it means, it means, it means, it means….

“Ha ha ha … how can this be?”

I started to look for something that could deny her and said it to her even if only a little bit…. this is very unreasonable. But the result is already in front of me, a fundamental thing like that can’t be denied anymore.

More precisely, as if the question has no meaning anymore, standing in front of me is a slender looking girl. Her hands were empty, not holding any weapon. With her hands, she did something to my three classmates.. but she shouldn’t be able to break their necks…. however, she grinned.

She was grinning. Her smile… it’s like reassuring my words.

“With this.”

The figure of the girl started to change. As if from inside her something arises, then her appearance changed. The laws of physics also seemed to be unable to describe the phenomenon that’s happening right now, clearly this is something not normal.

“A, ah….”

My voice didn’t come out, the reason is there’s a giant wolf here right now… Yeah a giant wolf. Her size is approximately 5 meters. Her entire body is covered with thick jet black hair, from the corners of her mouth there are fangs peeking out. There’s no more trace of the girl left.. No, the eyes. Only the eyes that shine gold in the darkness which are still the same.

“Now you understand right?”

She answered with a voice that gave me a chill.


“How I helped you earlier.”

How could I not understand? The giant wolf tells me what happened. If only its three people I think she can handle it with ease.

“You… ate everyone?”

“Yes, I ate everyone.”

The Giant Wolf replied.

“They were afraid and trying to run because of my sudden appearance. Without giving them any chance I leapt to them and attacked them. Well to make sure you understand it easier, I left small part of a body for you. ”

Surely she meant that severed head.

“But you don’t need this anymore, don’t you?”

After saying that, the giant wolf devoured the head.. and chewed it in its mouth.


She’s no longer looking at me.

After seeing something like that I felt sick, I threw up completely, I knelt down and vomited continuously until my stomach became empty.

“Hahaha, Master sure is weak to this kind of thing.”

The giant wolf grinned as she smirked amused at me. But rather than feeling embarrassed I feel like my mind is being stolen by it.

I could not understand the meaning of her words.

“Master is Master isn’t it? Because you already formed a pact with me.”

Yes, it’s true that was her voice I heard when she said she wanted to establish a pact with me, in exchange for her helps. Even I thought it was just hallucination sound, I hang my life on it… and this is the result. But still, I can’t believe it. A monster that killed and devoured three of my classmates with ease calls me her master… Naturally I assume the price for it is horrible.

“The way you think is wrong, master.”

Even though I didn’t say anything but the giant wolf grinned.

As if she could read my mind.

“Exactly, I can read your mind. Particularly a mind which is now becoming unstable.”

After saying this she smirked “kukuku”.

“Now let’s get back to the initial topic, this pact requires a price. I must obey my master’s order to maintain my existence here.”

The hair on my back start to shiver again *shudder* Pact. Price. Just thinking about this makes me feel scared. If we read a book from any place and time, there will be something telling us that when forming a pact with a monster there is always a price to pay and it’s a big one.

“Kukuku, don’t be afraid.”

Again, did she read my mind again? The giant wolf grinned.

Although I’ve been told that the price actually isn’t really expensive if it’s viewed from another perspective, but that won’t give me any benefit from it.

Liar, my heart says so. Demon, Satan always whispers sweet words and takes advantage of the pact, so that people who contracted with him can be broken easily.

“Well, it’s up to master alone…. but sooner or later master won’t have any option to choose anyway.”

True, because the pact has been established.

“As the price of forming a pact with me.”

Said the giant wolf.

“Once a month give me something for food.”

*Thump* my head is really hurt as if being hit hard… I gritted my teeth hard and tried to open my mouth.

“what… can I get from doing that?”

“Like I said.”

The wolf replied.

“You do not need to accompany me to hunt. Anyone can be a sacrificed as long you give the permission… after that I will hunt them by myself.”

“I said what can I get from doing that?”

“Isn’t there’s one or three people that you want to kill?”


“As long as you give your permission, I will hunt down that human… like these three people.”

The severed head earlier crossed my mind again. The corpse that had its face distorted by fear. Once a month I had to pick a scapegoat to be killed as a form of price that I had to pay… so that’s what she meant.

“True, but there is one thing that you still don’t understand, master.”

The giant Wolf said.

“The price that you paid just now is to keep my pact with you. In addition, I can eat as many as you want as long as I’m ordered by you.”

She can eat casually like eating bread. But a bit ago, this giant wolf just ate three of my classmates… but in fact, it still can eat another person. I don’t think I can get along with killer like her.

“Fufu Master…, lying isn’t good you know.”

The Giant Wolf read my mind again and denied what I was thinking.

“It’s true that these three men were killed by me… but isn’t it master himself who let them be killed by me? Turning away from the fact isn’t good, you know.”


But that….

“I did not say that you could kill him.”

“Is it true?”

The giant wolf looked at me, is there any desire to kill me or not. Perhaps there is, but it could be nothing… I was thinking how to escape all this time.

Why did they die? Because I formed a pact with her to ask for her help and consequently, they’re dead.

“U… Geeh!”

I started to vomit again. Though my stomach should be empty, but seriously I vomited again. I continued to vomit up until my stomach turned upside down.

“It’s over already?”


Without waiting for my reply the giant wolf continued.

“I still haven’t explained what will happen if the price is not paid.”

It’s true. There’s also the risk if I can’t paying the prices.

“What.. are you going to eat me?”

Although the price to be paid is my life, it would be better if I prepare mentally to pay in advance.


The giant wolf… Shook her head and grinned.

“When that happens, I will choose the people I eat by myself… and I will decide when the time comes.”


I was astonished. This is bad. Who she will eat later, I don’t know. It could be stranger but it could also be someone close to me. It’s all depends on the mood of this giant wolf. I can only wait in fear when I can’t choose anyone, it’s more terrible than me being eaten.

“If master doesn’t want that to happen, master should choose someone first right?

The giant wolf said.

“Time… yeah what’s the date now?”

“…May 25th.”

“Well then let’s start counting from June 1st.”

It is stated. In one month the giant wolf must be fed with human.

“Oh, that’s right. I still don’t know master’s name yet.”

Reminding, the giant wolf asked.

“My… name?”

There was no choice but to answer.

“Kamisaki… Kamisaki Tooya”

“Fumu, A good name.”

Giant Wolf nodded.

“My name is Kuroe, spelled by black cloth.” (TLN : black cloth = “kurro fuku”)

After saying that, the giant wolf… Kuroe, smiled.

“Please take care of me forever, my master.”


If I was given a choice I rather wouldn’t want to take care of a monster.

“Oh my, this evil one is now my master.”

She read my mind again and shrugged.

“But well it can’t be helped… for now let’s go to your house first.”


I couldn’t help but to shout.

“It is late at night. Does master really want to continue talking in a place like this?”

It’s true what she said.

“Or do you still want to talk to me in this place?”

I imagined talking to a giant wolf in the dark riverbed…. thinking about that gave me the chills, it could be dangerous to anyone who see this.

“…. Okay.”

I can only nod at her.

“Fumu fumu.”

With a smile on her face, Kuroe nodded.

“Oh, master.”

“… What?”

“First can you provide clothes for me…, of course women clothes?”


Stunned, Tooya looked at the pleased Kuroe.

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