Kare to Hitokui no Nichijou Volume 2 Chapter 6

Chapter 6: He and Man-eater VS the Demon Sword

She hated pain, and hated being alone. So to be honest, things like being bully was something that she hated even more………but Mashiro didn’t have the strength and spirit to go against the situation.The bully might be even worse on her. Therefore, Mashiro got stronger by enduring those things.

But as expected, she still felt lonely.

Therefore, Mashiro felt very happy recently. Because of an accident, she met the seniors. Maybe one of the senior had the same situation as her, they could talk to each other very well. And the another senior always look at her like a kind elder sister.

Although there was only two seniors, but Mashiro was not alone anymore.

Maybe that was the reason why her mood was so good recently. She fell asleep quickly at night and even daytime too. Mashiro thought the reason must be that she was feeling assured right now.

Morever, Mashiro still had some thought. That two persons, which would only bully Mashiro, had died. She didn’t ridicule or show her happiness on their deaths………even so, it was certain that she felt happy.

And so, she slept.

She went to sleep today too.

In that way, Mashiro let go of her consciousness.

“Hmm, master is a girl no matter how you look.”

“……….Wow, indeed.”

Because there was no mirror, so he took a look on his translucent body through the windowpane. The person he saw was not the person called Kamisaki Tooya, but one of the girl that bullied Mashiro. Although he couldn’t see his own face, but his hands were no longer the hands that he was familiar with. They were slim and small, like the hands of a girl. Honestly, even he felt weird on the shape of his body.

“How did you do this?”

Even his voice changed.

“I used a spell which can manipulate a person’s body ne. Just think that you have no difference from that girl during time the spell is working.”

“No, I still don’t understand what’s happening.”

“Even if I explained, master also couldn’t understand anyway.”

“…….Well, what you said was correct.”

Even if Tooya was the one who lost his reasons, but it was something out of common sense.

“Your physical ability remains the same so no problem.”

“Is that so.”

That would be great. I wouldn’t be able to put up resistance during that time if my physical ability was altered.


The impression of Akane right after she saw Tooya became a female.

“……..I can change back to how I was right?”

He just wanted to confirm.

“Of course ne, I am not inclined to having intimate contact with a girl.”

Although Tooya thought that was not the problem, but he didn’t say it.

“So I just have to wait?”

“That’s right.”

Kuroe nodded.

“Then we will get away from here without leaving any traces and monitor from somewhere.”

“Shout only when you are dead.”

“No no, I guess I won’t be able to shout during that time.”

That thing woke up, during when the sun was setting. Actually, that thing always had consciousness. It was just its consciousness came out strongly right now.

There was not a single person around it.

But, it sensed a prey.

It wanted to kill.

A prey that supposed to be killed.

And the prey was alone right now.

Just kill it.

Motivated by its natural instinct.

Therefore, it moved to its prey.

Tooya was waiting in the empty classroom. The sun was setting, lights shined into the classroom. It’d been four hours, since Tooya left a notice to the sleeping Mashiro about him having to go back first because something happened.

Tooya looked totally different right now because of the spell Kuroe cast. Even his smell changed. Via the help from the Order of Black Magic, no one was in the school other than Tooya and those involved. If Mashiro was the one own the demon sword, then this would be the best opportunity for her to assault Tooya……….otherwise, nothing would happen. It’d be  just that Mashiro would have a memory of being left alone at the rooftop.


Tooya exhaled. Although he’d been told that it was enough to just stay in the classroom and wait, but it’d been three hours since Kuroe and Akane left here. Couldn’t be helped that he felt bored over. He couldn’t contact them to prevent being noticed by the demon sword. Even though Tooya thought that if it had this kind of ability then their plan would had been exposed in the first place……….as for this, Kuroe and Akane said that its ability would only on effect when it came out. Although Tooya felt that it was just their thoughts, but the plan would be meaningless if that was not the case.

“I will walk around the corridor then.”

Tooya mumbled to himself. His role as a bait would still be fine. As long as he was inside school. He wanted to do something even if he was just waiting.

“Okay, that’s decided.”

The moment he walked towards the door while mumbling, an oblique line appeared on the door.


The number of lines increased continuously on the door. Then countless of fragments dropped on the ground by obeying the rule of gravity. There was no longer a door over there ,it was just something being destroyed until nobody could recognize what it was.

And the existence that caused this was standing right over there.

“That is…….”

No need to explain. The demon sword had locked on its target. then carry out the murder when the target lowered its guard………so the mark had transferred to Tooya the moment Kuroe changed his appearance.

Therefore, the demon sword came here right away after it awakened.

Tooya had made up his mind. Fear existed in his mind. Of course he felt fear. Even so, he had to take it and give a try.


Such an idiotic thought. It was futile to call Kuroe for help………by the way, there should be a reason to ask Tooya to become the bait. Kuroe could also be bait if she used the spell on her own……..it was too late for him to notice that right now.

Too horrible.

In conclusion, it was horrible. Even more horrible than a gun. Slash, pain, then dead. It was something easily to imagine. It must be more lethal than a gun. A very simple horror.

“Are you……….Mashiro?”

The reason why Tooya used interrogative sentence was because the person holding demon sword was looked different from the person that Tooya knew. She wa’s supposed to be short hair, but now her hair extended to her waist. Her bangs covered her face too. Her eyes looked totally different from the person Tooya knew…….from what Tooya see, she was like being surrounded by a layer of unknown aura.


Seems like her hair will extend when the demon sword awakened. I wondered what will happen when she went back to normal. Will she cut off the extended hair on her own or the hair shrink back to its normal length. And why her hair extended, many questions appeared in his mind………….yeah, he was escaping reality right now.

But Mashiro who was in that condition ignored what Tooya was thinking, she started attacking Tooya to kill her prey.


Tooya ran in vertical direction immediately. From the doorway that was opposite to where Mashiro slashed off and ran along the corridor. His instinct told him to run.


Was what Tooya thinking right now. There was no meaning for him to run away. Everyone had left this premise under the help of Akane, and the objective would not be able to achieve if he ran away.Even so, his legs were still running without wanting to stop. And his running speed right now could even put those athletes in shame because of the effect from making contract with Kuroe increased his physical ability.

“Ku, how could she catch up!”


Mashiro was already behind him when he looked back. He was running at full speed, but their distance didn’t increase at all even though she was chasing him with her hands holding the sword horizontally. Now Tooya remembered, Kuroe did said that the demon sword will increase the physical ability of the owner……..damn.

Tooya’s vision deviated suddenly. He didn’t feel he’d slipped or tripped, but he knew that he fell down. Was it illusion that he heard a malicious laugh? Both of his hands landed on the ground with unstoppable force, then his body rolled on the ground.

Pain came out from the joints, and Tooya felt very bad at the same time. The moment he turned his head, Mashiro was holding the sword vertically in the air over there. The next moment, the sword waved downwards.


Tooya turned to the right immediately. The sword that was waved downwards pierced into the floor of the corridor in a straight way. How could the sword pierce the floor. It should be bounced right off. Such thought kept appearing in Tooya’s mind. From what he saw it was just a normal old japanese sword, but how sharp could that sword be to pierce the floor.

At the same time, Tooya heard the word ‘a chance’ in his mind. 30 centimeters from the front end of the sword was stuck inside the floor. If it was now then I should be able to suppress Mashiro………..Tooya moved his body while thinking that.

A chill was felt from his back.

Because of the inexplicable chill, Tooya stopped his action. In contrary, he pulled himself away from Mashiro. The moment Tooya left, the place where he was just now was ravaged by many slashes. Swing the sword while it was stuck in the floor………how someone could do something that absurd.


Tooya faced her. He was facing her directly without any intention. Even so, the urge of running away keep coming up in his chest……he inhibited the urges with his calm mind. He knew that long ago, that he would be slashed the moment he turned his back in this situation.

“Ma, Mashiro?”

Tooya asked.


There was no emotion at all from her gaze. Was it because she couldn’t hear it……..she was just pointing the edge of the sword towards here slowly.

“Tooya……….I am Kamisaki Tooya! Your senior!”

Tooya shouted. Yet his voice became another person’s voice, the voice of a girl. Tooya had no memory of it, but Mashiro knewthat voice very well. Tooya who was in waver had forgotten it, Tooya was just a normal schoolgirl from the others.

Want to kill.

Therefore, I only have to think of one thing. No need to mind, words or what.


She swung the sword to the front directly. She did it in terrifying speed. It was impossible for a normal person to do it at all. Tooya couldn’t do it too. Maybe it was because she was right in front of him, he lowered his guard and his reaction got slower in that moment.


I will die, was what Tooya thought right now. A cut from the front directly. Since I could survive from a shot to my heart before because of my connection with Kuroe, then I guess I wouldn’t die even if my head was split in two. Tooya thought so with self-deprecating. Please give me a break if possible…….there was still room to action.


The moment Tooya moved his hands and a sound was made at the same time. A move that could caught even a mosquitoe, although what he caught right now was not an insect but a sword.

Catch a blade with bare hands. It was a famous countermeasure against real sword with bare hands. Because it was too famous so Tooya could think of it easily, so Tooya’s body took the action unconsciously……….and he caught the sword beautifully.


Yet Tooya’s face distorted. Way too famous. Until now it was still very famous…….but what should I do after this. He had no idea on how to snatch that sword from her. Anyway, I will try to suppress her first…….although Tooya was being suppressed by her too. It was a very painful situation.

In terms of strength, Tooya should be the winner……..but his pose right now was too bad. His pose right now was the one that would being suppressed in the end in this kind of situation.


The sword moved downwards slowly. The blade was right in front of Tooya—-he only felt terror from it. But in this situation where both were evenly matched, Tooya regained calm back to his mind to some extent.


Tooya shouted. Things would be better if I called her right from the beginning, now only he thought of that. Even if Tooya played the role as a bait, there was no reason for him to get killed just to capture the culprit. Kuroe should appear by the time Mashiro appeared with the demon sword…….well, I guess Kuroe ignored it purposely even if she noticed, as for Akane, she would tell me to go die right away.


“This is an order, come and help me!”


Kuroe replied.


Kuroe appeared between them by entering through crushing the window glass. Mashiro jumped away in that moment. And so the sword left Tooya’s hands.

“It’s finally my turn ne.”

“………I have many things to tell you after this.”

However, I will leave the complaints later.

“This is an order, snatch that sword.”

If it was a demon sword, then everything would be over.


Kuroe answered with a smile.

And she looked at Mashiro who was holding the sword horizontally. She was showing her leisurely attitude as usual.


Mashiro who was standing at the opposite moved her eyes to Kuroe. Seems like she was estimating who should be the priority. Although the prey was still a prey, but there was a priority order.

Before this, Tooya which was the prey will be the highest priority.

But now—-


Kuroe which could be a threat would be the highest priorty. She moved forward at the same time as a sharp sound was made. That swinging speed was like disappearing all of a sudden from what the others see.


Kuroe punched out with her right hand.


A blunt voice sounded. A strike that could easily pierce through the floor was blocked by Kuroe’s bare hand.

“A nostalgic feeling ne.”

Kuroe muttered like she was reminiscing something and clenched her right hand.

“But it’s a little pain ne.”


Mashiro didn’t show out the impression of wavering. But from what Tooya saw, she was just the same as being wavered. Mashiro wanted to pull back the sword, yet the sword couldn’t move at all.

“It’s in my hand already oh.”

And so Kuroe took over the sword. Even though she didn’t seem like using a lot of strength, yet Mashiro was being threw up along with the sword. Kuroe tried to snatch the sword by waving Mashiro’s body in the air—-Mashiro let go of the it because of centrifugal force, then her body flew towards the wall and hit on it.


And so Mashiro fell on the floor and not moving at all.

“Can’t be help. I can’t snatch the sword if I don’t do this.”

Being forced to do so to complete the order, was the explanation Kuroe trying to give.

“But as what master saw, I had taken the sword.”

Kuroe rotated the sword in half circle and held the handle.

“……..Thanks for your hard work.”

Although there was still something Tooya couldn’t accept, but he just said that. Then he walked towards where Mashiro was. Although there was no obvious wound, but it was worrisome that she didn’t move at all after fell down. Tooya crouched down to peek on Mashiro……..

“Ah, master.”

A voice was heard from his back.


Tooya turned his head.

“Better be careful.”


What do you mean, the moment Tooya wanted to ask that—-the sound of flesh being cut was heard.


The stunned Tooya looked at where that sound came from—-a silver metal stretched out from his chest. The metal which was painted by blood have no difference from a sword no matter how you see it. Tooya tasted blood in his mouth. He moved his gaze, Kuroe was still holding the sword just now they snatched……..then what about this sword?


“Sorry ne, my advice was late.”

Kuroe sneered. Tooya couldn’t understand all of this—-the only that he could understand was that Kuroe was still the same as always.


Mashiro twisted the sword, then Tooya spit out blood. He could feel that his conscious was getting more vague. He was feeling helpless and convinced at the same time. Tooya looked at Kuroe.

“Ku, roe.”

Tooya spoke like trying to squeeze out words.

“Stop, Ma, shiro……..an, order…….”


After confirmed that Kuroe nodded, Tooya’s consciousness disappeared into the darkness.

“Then, what should I do ne.”

Kuroe looked at Mashiro like she was planning something. Tooya maintained the condition of being stabbed, it seemed that Tooya’s consciousness had disappeared completely. He was dead no matter how you see, yet Tooya would keep receiving vitality from Kuroe as long as their connection was still there, Kuroe knew this the most clearly.

“That means, this is no longer needed ne.”

Kuroe threw the sword in her hand behind. Seems like that sword was the same as the sword that was still impaled on Tooya…….in fact it was true. If have to say why, it was because those were the doppelgangers of that thing. Kuroe knew this clearly, as long as the true body was still there, it could create countless of these doppelgangers.


Mashiro got no response at all. She should be thinking what to do in this situation……..well in the end, there was no need to think. No matter how she thought, the conclusion wouldbe killing all the witnesses…….it was this kind of existence.

“Stop, stop, stop……..ne.”

Kuroe was muttering happily.

“Master, how should I stop that thing ne. For example, it’s fine that I stop it right from the source?”

The person to answer was not here………no.


A shot was heard. Kuroe’s head shook a little. A behavior that was easier than words to convey the meaning of negative.

“I am just joking ne.”

She answered to someone who could possibly hear it.

“I also don’t want to get hated by master ne, so I have to understand his meaning.”

Kuroe shrugged her shoulders and looked at Mashiro.

“As the order master given………let me stop you.”

Kuroe sneered.

In contrary, Mashiro responded very quickly. After pulling out the sword in Tooya’s body, she jumped to shorten the distance between her and Kuroe and slashed on her. All of that happened in an instant, it was weird that Tooya couldn’t dodge this at that time.

“Too slow.”

Because it was Kuroe, so she could respond it with a smile. She used her right hand to catch the sword that was aiming for her head. Kuroe held the blade tightly when a blunt voice sounded……..the same scene happened again. But Mashiro who made the same mistake let go of the sword immediately and jumped backwards to get some distance.


Kuroe let go of the sword in her hand. By the time a hard sound lingered around the corridor, a new sword appeared in Mashiro’s hand already. Then she threw it. The sword left Mashiro’s hand and act as a spear, flew towards Kuroe in a straight line……..Kuroe hit it away easily.


A sword came out from Kuroe’s belly. It was the sword that threw away by Kuroe just now. Didn’t know when did that sword pierced through Kuroe’s belly.


The sword that was hit away just now floated. Its tip pointed towards Kuroe. And behind there was Mashiro rushed towards here with a newly made sword.

“It’s a troublesome opponent to stop without killing it ne………it’s great that I can kill them without hesitation in the previous fights ne.”

Kuroe sighed. At the same time, the floating sword had pierced through Kuroe’s heart.

“It’s not just my power will increase if I show my true self…….don’t die ne?”

Kuroe sneered. Mashiro threw two swords with both hands towards Kuroe to get rid of her. Kuroe just hit away the sword that was flying towards her face and let the other one stab on her.

“No matter what, I am still a monster with the nickname ‘Black Coat’ ne.”

In the darkness, that pair of golden eyes were flashing with lights.

“Darkness or what, all of them is my coat ne.”

The unseen darkness was moving.

“Get swallowed by my coat.”

In an instant, Mashiro was dyed black—-no, she was in the darkness in the first place, it was just that ink color was getting thicker. Moonlight emerged from outside, but then it disappeared in the darkness like it never existed before.


Mashiro twisted her body to resist, yet she’d been surrounded by darkness completely, there was nowhere she can run even if she wanted to. Then, Mashiro was in the condition where she couldn’t move at all, like being suppressed by a force that was stronger than her own……..she showed a distorted expression in the darkness because of pain.

“Uh, is it too tough?”

Kuroe loosen the binding a little. From that emotionless face to go so far as being distorted, it was possible that Kuroe overused her power.

“It’s so troublesome to adjust the power so it won’t kill…….I am not so good at micro-operation ne.”

Although Kuroe frowned which was very rare, but seems like this time she captured the target smoothly. Mashiro couldn’t move and didn’t seems like her life was in danger. Because her whole body immersed into the darkness other than her head, Kuroe walked towards her.

“Although I am not sure that did we met before or not, but from the sentiments that we came from the same place……..can you answer some of my questions?”


“In my memory, the kind of you were actually eliminated until not a single one left at last time ne……..why there were still survivors ne? If you guys did survived then why awake at this timing ne? If you guys can be active as long as there’s host, then there should be countless chances until now for you to awaken right?”


Mashiro didn’t answer. In the first place, it should be strange for them to answer based on what Kuroe remembered. Yet Kuroe asked another question.

“Could it be, the person that sealed you is a very powerful woman?”


No answer. But, Kuroe felt that her jaw moved…….a little.

“Well forget it, just go into slumber.”

After saying that, even her head was also engulfed by the darkness.


The first thing that Tooya saw after regained consciousness and opened his eyes was the ceiling.


Then he heard a tongue clicking sound when trying to wake up.

He looked to where that sound came from, Akane was standing over there. She was looking over here with an unpleasant expression.

“Here is…….”

A classroom where he had no memory of……..then Tooya looked at the surrounding suddenly. And so he found the target—–Mashiro who was lying on the ground. Kuroe was standing beside her.


“Don’t worry, she’s still alive. Not even a single wound. She’s just sleeping.”

Tooya was shocked from Kuroe’s reply. The order he’d given to Kuroe before he lost his consciousness was very vague. Although he did put on the restriction regarding whether to kill her or not in his order, but he’d worry that Kuroe would hurt Mashiro.


He remembered when talking about wound. Tooya should be received a fatal injury. Then he looked at his chest, the shirt did have a hole, but he couldn’t see any wound on his body.

“If it’s about the wound then it’s blocked. The magician over there still had an expression showing that you’d better die off this way.”

Kuroe sneered. Then Akane looked over here and clicked her tongue.

“Moreover, the spell wore off.”

“……..Now you mention it.”

Tooya saw it just now, his body went back to how it was.

“Then, what actually happened?”

Tooya couldn’t understand at all. He himself acted as the bait to lure out the demon sword, then the problem should be solved after Kuroe snatched the sword………but then he himself got stabbed. Even though the sword was still in Kuroe’s hand at that moment.

“What Mashiro owned, is just something called demon sword ne.”

“………No, I know that.”

“It’s not that kind of demon sword.”

Kuroe denied what appeared in Tooya’s mind.

“Did you forget? I did said that what I know is different from what you know based on the information given by Tanaka.”

“Didn’t you say that it was a sword with special ability?”

“Did I say that?”

No. What Kuroe said that time had a different meaning.

“Then, what the hell is this thing?”

“A demon sword.”

Kuroe answered.

“To be precise, it should be sword of the demon.”

“Sword of……the demon?”


A loud voice sounded. Tooya looked to where the voice came from to know what happened—-the table beside Akane was disintegrated in one strike.

“That is……”


Akane glared at Kuroe. Yet Kuroe was still looking at Tooya…….with a happy expression.

“Continue Kuroe, this is an order.”

Tooya forced to said so.


Kuroe nodded.

“That means, it was a monster which has a form that was the same as a sword ne. It’s not man-made, but an existence which was called monster just like me.”

“Just like, Kuroe?”

“Yeah, it’s just a different kind. Monsters exist in many different kinds ne. My true appearance is a giant wolf monster. And that monster exist in the form of a sword……..if you want to ask what’s the same between us, then it will be the existence that brings harm to mankind. I am through eating humans, and that thing through cutting humans.”

“But, it’s a sword right?”

“That’s not its true body.”

Kuroe looked at Mashiro.

“Sword of the demon possess on human body ne. Its true body will assimilate into the host body and cut people using its doppelgangers. There’s no effect to the true body at all even if we snatched the doppelgangers.”

Tooya got closed with Mashiro with no precaution without knowing all of this, then got stabbed by her new made doppelganger.

“You know this right from the beginning?”

Things about what Mashiro owned is the sword of the demon.

“I wasn’t sure, right? Since it was a sword that has special ability and able to bewitch people, that kind of sword existed in my era too ne……..I am sure that it was a monster is when I was holding its doppelganger ne.”


“You don’t believe me?”

Kuroe sneered.

“Then you just give me the order—-speak out the truth.”

“………It’s not necessary.”

Tooya shook his head.

“To me, you are necessary.”

Therefore he didn’t need to listen something that made him waver.

“I know you are this kind of person, since long time ago.”

“So strict ne.”

Kuroe shrugged her shoulders.

“Then, how could we remove the sword of the demon from Mashiro’s body?”

This was the problem at the moment. If snatching the doppelgangers didn’t work, then we had to do something on the true body that possessed in her body.

“There’s no way oh?”

Kuroe answered with another question.


“That monster had assimilated with Mashiro at the moment she got possessed. I can’t do things like remove it from her body. The magicians from my era remove them by killing the people that got possessed by the sword of the demon.”

“How come……..”

Tooya looked at Mashiro. She was just sleeping normally right now, sjhe had no different from a normal person.

“You can’t do it, even with your power?”


Kuroe answered clearly.

“Although I am a powerful monster,but I am not all-powerful ne. Furthermore, my power is something specialized to kill people………those spells I used was through imitation from the magicians in that era.”

She slightly peeked at Akane.

“I can’t do it.”


Tooya asked again.

“Really ne. Just give me an order if you don’t believe.”

“…….Is that so.”

Tooya sighed, he could only give up.


Tooya looked at her.

“Like what you heard,do you have any idea?”

“……..I got to make a confirmation first.”

Then Akane took out her phone and called to somebody. Since she said confirmation, she might be calling to the Order of Black Magic. After she explained everything, replying voices can be heard repeatedly.

After so long, the call had ended. After she kept her phone, Akane looked at Tooya with a bitter face.

“Just eat her, they said so.”


Tooya couldn’t understand what she’s trying to say.

“It’s like what you heard. The price for the contract with that monster………you haven’t paid for this month right?”

Tooya understood what she was saying. But he couldn’t understand the meaning of it. Then Akane looked at someone that stood behind Tooya with a confused expression.

“Very reasonable ne.”

Kuroe’s happy voice could be heard.

“Since we can’t separate the demon sword from her, then Mashiro would be a threat to mankind ne……..since she has to be killed anyway, we shouldn’t waste her life meaninglessly.”


Akane didn’t answer. She bit her lips, but didn’t deny. This was not something unbelievable. Tanaka aimed at Tooya’s life without hesitation just to kill Kuroe. Yet he couldn’t do it, then he recruited the two of them as external collaborators………and tolerated the sacrifice of sacrifice.

The Order of Black Magic was an organisation that seek rightfulness. Its objective was to protect the nation. They didn’t mind having sacrifice just to achieve it. Of course, the most ideal situation would be no sacrifice at all………but they would abandon the minority without hesitation if the situation did not allow them to reach the ideal one.

Mashiro was the minority in this situation. An existence that can be abandoned easily. Since she was possessed by the demon sword, then she was the victim without doubt. Yet the current her would continue causing harm to mankind, so they abandon her without hesitation. So that no more victims would be produced.

Lastly, since it was a life that had to be abandoned,why didn’t sacrifice her as the payment to Kuroe.

“What is this, that kind of calculation.”

He lost his strength. His legs were losing strength. Tooya was kneeling on the ground already when he realised. Which side was the correct one, Tooya knew this very clearly. Which side was the wrong one, Tooya knew that well too.And yet, his head was shaking and not wanting to stop.

“So, what should we do?”

Akane’s voice, along with her question conveyed clearly into Tooya’s ears.


As for the another voice, sounds very pleasant and happy.


Wasn’t the answer was decided since long time ago. No matter how he thought, there was no another answer. What can he do so he could get a different answer…….if someone could think of it, then that must be a crazy person.

Let Kuroe eat Mashiro?

How could I do something that only a bastard would.

“Of course, I can’t kill Mashiro.”

“I see.”

Akane answered, then she closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes again, a handgun was in her hand and pointed at Mashiro.

“What are you doing……”

“As you can see. I will kill her………since you don’t allow that monster to eat her then I have to do it.”

Tooya stopped breathing. He couldn’t understand.

“Why……..you have to.”

“There’s no need to ask why. If you can’t separate the demon sword from Kuromine Mashiro then she must die. If we let her alive then she will kill more people. If sacrificing a girl that assimilated with the demon sword can solve the problem, then the Order of Black Magic will do so, that’s all.”

“Very reasonable ne.”

Yeah. Very reasonable……….maybe the Order of Black Magic thought this would be the best. But Tooya couldn’t agree with them.

“This is wrong!”


Akane shook her head.

“This is the right way.”

She pulled down the trigger.

A gunfire sounded,bullet was shot……….but Mashiro was fine.

“……….you brat, what do you want?”

Akane asked.Smoke appeared from the muzzle.

“I won’t let you, kill Mashiro.”

Even if his right shoulder was bleeding, Tooya answered that way……..behind him was Mashiro who was still sleeping soundly.


“Don’t speak nonsense, brat.”

She adjusted the direction of the muzzle.Now it was pointing between Tooya’s eyebrows.

“Do you think that you won’t get killed? If you tried to hinder us, then its my duty to get rid of you too. It’s better to say that I will be more happy for able to find an excuse to kill you.”

“Can you kill him?”

Kuroe interrupted.

“Master’s life is connected with mine ne……..if you want to kill master, then you must have enough power to kill me first oh?”

“I know.”

Akane answered and moved towards Tooya at the same time. The distance between them disappeared instantly, then Tooya’s belly crumbled. His body got hit and flew up.


Gastric juice flowed upwards.

“But this brat is too weak.”

Akane pointed her gun to Tooya that curled up on the ground once again.

“Compared to you, this brat is much more easier to kill.”

“True ne.”

Kuroe was very strong. She was a monster.Even if Tooya’s physical ability got enhanced by her, he was just a human. He got no experience regarding a fight or what. That means, it was possible to whittle down Kuroe’s vitality easily by aiming Tooya.

“But there were conditions for it right?”

“That’s right.”

Kuroe couldn’t take action, this was the necessary condition. It was idiotic to not use Kuroe when she was a strong killer.

“Don’t……..take, action.”

Although he looked painful, but Tooya said so in struggle.

“Kuroe, don’t take action……….this, is an order.”

“Got it ne.”

Kuroe nodded with a pleasant smile.


Akane exhaled.


She shot.


His right leg got shot, Tooya looked very bad right now.

“What do you want brat, want to be protagonist?”

Akane looked at Tooya with very cold eyes.

“Want to be a protagonist that save the tragic heroines? It’s obvious that you are just a murderer that allows that monster to eat human as you like…….do you think you will be forgiven after you save them?”

Akane said so,then she pulled the trigger again.This time his left shoulder got a hole.


Tooya didn’t mind the wounds on his body and continue saying.

“Tragic heroines. If you said so…….then they should be saved. Mashiro knows nothing at all. Since she’s just a victim that got possessed,wasn’t she’s supposed to be saved!”

“If there’s any way to save her, I will do it. But now there’s none…….and she’s responsible for this too. Although the first person was just unlucky, but the other were dead because of the effect from Mashiro for sure.”

“That kind of thing!”

Tooya shouted.

“It’s impossible for her to not hate them! Of course she wants to kill them! No matter who would also thought that way……..but just because of the thoughts she’s related to their dead, no one would think that way!”

There wouldn’t be a lot of people thought that Mashiro were responsible for this if they knew what happened.

“Mashiro knows nothing………then she should be saved.”

“Therefore, just kill her over here is also a mercy.”

“That’s not right!”

Tooya shouted, Akane clicked her tongue.

“You annoying brat, please realize this reality. If not then tell me how to settle this.”


Tooya said so.

“The person to find the solution……….was not me.”


Akane look surprised.

“As you said,I am just a murderer.”

It was a truth that couldn’t be changed, Tooya himself admitted it too.

“Therefore, I can’t become the protagonist that saves the heroines. A worst person will only be the worst no matter what he did………that’s why, you should be the one to save her.”


“You said it right from beginning……….wasn’t you are the ally of justice?”

Tooya got close to her and shouted.

“That’s why, don’t say things like abandon the minority for the sake of the majority! You know that this girl was innocent wasn’t it! If you are the ally of justice then show me how you save all of them! If you can’t do it then you were just like me, a murderer!”


Akane clicked her tongue.

“Can’t do it means can’t do it! That girl must die!”

Akane shouted with confidence. No basis, it was just an abominable confidence that couldn’t be wavered. Tooya felt it from what Kuroe said before……..that was why, he determined that based on the suspicious words said by that monster who he do not believe at all.

“Don’t give up!”

Tooya said it like he was crushing everything.

“Inaba Akane! Wasn’t you the ally of justice? If you are then break that confidence! Show me how you call out miracles!”

“Ku…….shut up!”

Akane hit Tooya’s head with the gun grip to release her frustration. Tooya fell on the ground due to his vital got hit severely……..and didn’t move at all.


The person that should reply got no response at all, seems like he was at somewhere words couldn’t reach. He deserved it as he was the one caused all of these, yet irritation came out from her chest.

“So, what will you do ne?”

Kuroe asked Akane who was in agony.

“My master that was stopping was no longer here oh? If you want to kill, then now’s the time ne.”


Akane looked at Mashiro. Now Mashiro was just an innocent girl that was sleeping soundly……..yet it was a disaster that would brings scourge to mankind. Then she looked at Tooya. He was Akane’s taboo, a nasty murderer. The worst kind of person.

“Damn it.”

A word leaked out from her mouth. It leaked out naturally. Can’t be helped that she was feeling irritated. What Akane thought should be the correct one, there should be no other way…………..but she felt that she got an idea. Yet the person changed this was none other than him.

“Damn it, damn it, damn it……….to say such arrogant words for a mere murderer. I will do it okay, I will do it! I will show you how I save her! I am the ally of justice, damn brat—-!”

Akane kept shouting to release her anger, and she took out her phone. Then she called someone by pressing the phone numbers like she was going to dismantle it.

“It’s me…….take that sword over here right now. Ah? That sword means that sword! Ah? How I use it? That is my thing right from the start! How I use it is my freedom! If you understand then take it to me right now!”

After finishing the forceful command like she was going to crush the counterpart, Akane hung up her phone.

After 20 minutes, an extra sword appeared in Akane’s hand. It was an old sword, but it had a different aura compared to the demon sword over there. It was the sword that Akane brought during her first encounter with Tooya and Kuroe.

“Such a nostalgic sword ne.”

Kuroe muttered while looking at it.

“I had fought countless rounds with the magician that owned this sword ne.”

“You still survived until now huh.”

“Unfortunately I am very strong.”


Akane clicked her tongue.

“That sword was called monster-eater ne. That kind of thing can remain until this era ne.”

“Because it was preserved carefully back in my home.”

“It’s unfortunate to your parents as you took it away ne.”

“Items are meant to use. Better than putting it aside and covered with dust.”

Akane unsheathed the sword from its scabbard. The blade sparkleed under the shine of moonlight. There was no rust on that blade at all, it was just the tip of the blade turned black.

“It’s a sword that used on human and able to absorb the evil things into the blade.If it’s this, then it’s possible to remove the monster that possessed in that girl.”

Yet, Kuroe continued her words.

“Although most likely she will die ne.”


Silent means it was certain.

“In the end, it’s an item that made to fight against monsters like me. It does able to weaken the target’s power, until the target was eliminated as the final objective……..it’s not something used to save people. In order to exert the effect, you have to cut the target……….but if you do so the target will die. You can just cut slightly to remove something that was on the surface, but it’s deep inside for Mashiro’s situation ne……..if you want to remove it then you have to cut to the extent where you will kill her no matter how you think.”

“That’s right.”

Then Mashiro would die without doubt. It was meaningless even they were able to remove the monster. In the end, Mashiro would still be killed.

“And that sword has limit on the number of times it use ne. The number of evil things that the blade was able to absorb was fixed. If wasted it to help someone, the blade will be damaged when you use it again after the effect weakened.”

That was why, Akane intended to kill Mashiro. It was not worth to waste the trump card on a bet that most likely would lose.

“You want to do it even if you know that?”

“Shut up.”

Akane answered.

“I intend to do it because I felt that I can do it.”

“Wasn’t better if you do this right from the beginning?”


Akane clicked her tongue.

“…….I will start now.”

Akane stood between Mashiro who was lying on the ground and held the sword with hands in reverse position.

“You better don’t die……….keep your breath even if you die.”

Although Akane said it rudely,but it sounds more like a prayer.

“No, she will die anyway.”

As for Kuroe, she was sitting quietly at a side.

“You want to be a hindrance?”

“It’s the opposite.”

Kuroe sneered.

“Although I can’t remove the demon sword that possessed in Mashiro……..but I still can support her vitality so that she won’t get killed from a stab.”

“What are you thinking?”

“Nothing, it’s just since master worked so hard until here.I just want to give a little help as his servant.”

Her expression was still the same as always, couldn’t be trusted at all.

Yet, what she did was real. Akane knew that.

“I won’t say thanks.”

“No problem. I will get a lot of that from master after this ne.”

Then, the two of them completed it.

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