Kare to Hitokui no Nichijou Volume 2 Epilogue

Epilogue: Ordinary days with the man-eater + The Ally of Justice

“But seriously, it’s a shock that I was at the hospital when I woke up this morning!”

Mashiro looked very happy. Instead of being uneasy on what happened, it’s more she’s surprised on what happened and felt enjoyment. Although she was wearing patient clothes and sleeping on the bed, she didn’t looks like a patient at all.

“Tooya-senpai and Kuroe-senpai found me right?”

“Ah, yeah.”

Tooya nodded vaguely. After Tooya woke up, Kuroe told him that it was over. He looked at Akane but she replied him with a very unpleasant gaze. Then he heard a rough explanation on what happened from Kuroe, and the officers from the Order of Black Magic took Mashiro under the basis of a necessary examination.

Then they contacted the two of them and let them came here to visit Mashiro.

“But why did I collapse ne. The doctor said that my body didn’t have any abnormality at all.”

“I think it’s because of anemia or something like that.”

“Is that so. The doctor said so too.”

There was nothing abnormal in her body based on the result after the examination. Mashiro got no any problem already. The Order of Black Magic had decided that it was not necessary to tell Mashiro anything since there was no any problem.

“I will be discharged tomorrow ne, we can spend our lunch break at school together again.”


Mashiro’s problem was not settled completely. What happened to Mashiro didn’t end yet. They were not sure whether the bully would continue or not, but at least the situation where she got isolated in the class would not change immediately.

“Then, see you at school.”


Mashiro sent him with a smile,and so Tooya left the ward.


Akane was there after he left the ward. She glared at them with her usual unpleasant expression. Because they were in the hospital, so she was not holding any weapon right now.

“This is the afterwards report.”

Akane said so to start a topic.

“You two had completed the request given, is what the Order of Black Magic determined. The reward will be paid after two days. All the necessary files will be sent after finished writing.”


There’s something like that huh, Tooya muttered while thinking about it.

“Of course there is. Who will work if there’s no earning.”


Tooya didn’t think the reward was appropriate for them. Tooya thought they would leave out the crimes that Tooya had committed and was going to commit as the reward for the collaboration. Tanaka didn’t explain on this point, did he forget it or purposely did so……..no, probably it was written in the contract. Because Tooya didn’t finish reading it, so naturally he missed out that part.

[Wasn’t better to accept things they gave out of will.]

Kuroe muttered with telepathy.

[It’s better to have more money. Since it’s a request that we risk our lives, so the Order of Black Magic gave a reward this much……..if we have that, then we can go for a hot spring trip ne. It’s almost school holidays so just in time, so nice ne.]

Don’t decide other people’s holiday on your own, even if he thought so, Tooya felt that he got no reason to reject her idea. Since it was a reward for the request, the Order of Black Magic should be paying a reasonable amount of money.

“I understood.”

Tooya nodded.

“Ne, did you come here just to tell us this?”

“No, that was just incidentally.”

Akane answered and looked at the two of them.

“I came here for a declaration.”



Akane nodded and smiled,that was a very ferocious smile.

“This way, you guys had official became the partners to the Order of Black Magic………but, not to me.”


“I am the ally of justice. So I can’t tolerate existence like you two.”

“That is your declaration?”

Kuroe asked with a happy expression.

“Yeah, I will kill you two some day.”

Akane declared.

“Even though there’s no way to do so for now, but I will show you two how I overturn this situation…….better don’t forget this.”

“Fufu, what should I do if I forgot it ne.”

“It’s fine even if you forgot……..you are going to be killed anyway.”

Then, Akane looked at Tooya.

“You’d better don’t forget it.”

She glared at him.

“……..I won’t forget.”

Tooya replied her gaze and answered.

“I absolutely can’t die for the sake of my own expectation……..therefore, you are my enemy.”

Akane left this place after she heard Tooya’s answer.

“It’s all over ne.”

“What you mean.”

“We completed the request given, and Mashiro survived just as what master hoped for. Then we can go back to the ordinary lives that master hoped for if we rely on the Order of Black Magic and behave properly.”


Tooya nodded and exhaled.

“But, can we really do it.”


“The Order of Black Magic.”

Tooya said it briefly.

“They abandoned Mashiro that easily before this. Can we really trust them?”

“I guess we can.”

Kuroe nodded easily.

“As long as we move under the permission of the Order of Black Magic.”

“……..I guess so.”

Tooya answered with irritation.

“By the way ne?”


“Why master worked so hard until that far ne?”

“What do you mean?”

“Didn’t you risk your life to stop Akane from killing Mashiro?”

“Ah you are saying that, naturally I will do it.”

To Tooya, Mashiro was a not person that was supposed to die.

“No, don’t you think you are a bit too over? Although you and her had many encounters that caused sympathetic response, but you knew her not really that long wasn’t it?”

“Maybe what you said was not wrong.”

Tooya nodded frankly.

“Probably, partly because I noticed her feeling was wrong.”


“That person……..Akane-san can’t tolerate things like abandon Mashiro in this case, was what I thought.”

That was why, he stopped her with all his might.

“I knew I am the worst like she said. I kill people and continued the contract with you for the sake of my selfish expectation……..of course I am the worst for doing these kind of things. There’s no way this kind of person is not the worst.”

But Tooya didn’t receive punishment. Of course police couldn’t punish him, even the only organisation which could do so which was the Order of Black Magic accepted him in the form of external collaborator.

“Do master want to get punished?”


Tooya shook his head. He knew that he had to receive the punishment………yet he knew that he couldn’t receive it at the same time. If he did, then his expectation cannot be realized.

“You see, I am the worst.”

He was aware that he should be punished, yet he didn’t intend to accept it.

“However, I felt waver recently. Because I am the worst kind of person that should be punished………yet no one can do it. Like what Kuroe said, the Order of Black Magic will tolerate my existence as long as we don’t take too much action……but it’s weird from them to even tolerate my existence.”

“Although you seek help from that person?”

“I am the worst kind person. It’s obvious that I am the worst.”

Tooya mumbled, like he didn’t listen to what Kuroe said.

“That’s why, that person have to be the ally of justice. Because she affirmed the worst kind of person as the worst easily.”

“Hm, certainly master is the worst ne.”

Kuroe sneered.

“So master pushed Inaba Akane to the position of the ally of justice for the sake of your own convenience?”


“The ally of justice is a great existence ne. She has to do it even if she knows it will fail for sure……..there’s no way she can keep success like this time ne.”

Therefore Mashiro’s case could be considered a miracle. The ally of justice was determined through a scold from the worst kind of person and the help from the worst kind of monster……..it was impossible for this kind of miracle to happen every time.

“If she still wants to call herself the ally of justice after all these happened, then she must continue the responsibility ne. She must believe in miracle and save the others even if she knows that it’s impossible. Because of this, a crack will emerge in her heart sooner or later……..master forced such a difficult duty to her ne.”


“The Order of Black Magic is not a organisation of justice like what master said. It will be easier if she could be influenced by the organisation and give up.”


Although she belonged to the organisation, but she was not one of them………that must be very lonely.

“However, I hope that person can become the ally of justice.”

So that Tooya could be aware he wa the worst.

“You are so selfish ne.”

“Ah ah.”

“And the worst ne.”

“Ah ah.”

Tooya nodded.

“Seriously, master is the worst.”

Kuroe smiled.

“But master.”

Kuroe spoke all of a sudden.


“I am fine that she joined us, but can you promise me one thing?”


Kuroe smiled to Tooya’s reply.

“You can’t change your love?”

“Regardless the possibility between me and her………what you said doesn’t makes sense at all.”


Kuroe pouted.

“Master is still a tsundere as always ne.”

“…….How long are you going to use that word.”

“Until when master becomes dere.”

“That won’t happen in my whole life.”

“Fufu, tsundere ne.”

“Is that a magic incantation that can purify all the poison?”

Although Tooya looked annoyed, but he felt happy at the same time. The two of them walked together.


The worst human

And the worst monster

The master and the servant walked together.


Tanaka looked at Akane that keep entering people’s room as she wish tiredly.


Akane laid on the sofa with an indecent pose and looked at him.

“You understand even if I don’t say it right?”

Tanaka spoke with a tone like talking to a child.


But it got no effect at all.

“…….You want me to be troubled till how far that you would stop.”

Tanaka sighed.

“You are the one keeps want to think it is a trouble.”

“What excuse you got for using that sword as you wished?”

Tanaka looked at her directly.

“That is my item anyway. Is there any wrong for me to use it.”

“It belongs to the Order of Black Magic and not yours already at the time you gifted it to the organisation.”

“Who knows.”

She stopped the topic.


Tanaka held up his head and continued talking to Akane.

“It’s almost like you fooled me when I gifted it to the organisation.”

“Because you will use that sword without considering what will happen for sure…….do you know how precious that sword is in this era.”

“An item that can’t use is just a garbage.”


“It’s great that we can save a person by using it.”

“[I can’t deny that.”

But he didn’t accept too…….Akane got irritated by his behavior.

“Ah—-I know already! I won’t use it without permission again! Is that fine!”

“Although I am really grateful if you can do that…….”

Tanaka said so.

“What’s with that expression in your eyes.”

“It’s hard for me to believe.”

Of course he is.

“No problem………..the main thing is we found a substitute for it, so forget about me using it without permission.”

“I don’t think we can find it that easily.”

“There’s still one almost the same as this in my house. I will go there and borrow it again.”

Tanaka asked regarding what Akane said.

“Wasn’t you ran away from home already?”

“Of course I will go get it without asking.”

She said it for granted.

“………Pity your parents.”

“Who knows.”

Akane said it like she didn’t care at all.

“Ah—-by the way, how much did you know about this case?”

Akane asked to change the topic.

“What you mean?”

“Regarding the demon sword. If you don’t speak out everything then you will be in bad luck like that girl.”

“Ahhaha, will I survive?”


If miracle happens.

“I will answer seriously…….I didn’t have that much information regarding the sword.”


“Yeah, what I know is that sword came from the same era that Kuroe-san got sealed, and it’s a well-preserved old sword. That’s all I know. Since it’s very rare for spirit sword or demon sword from that era remain until now………just like you, I don’t have that much information too.”

“The reason why you chose Kuromine Mashiro was?”

“After the investigation, we found that Kuromine Mashiro has what we called the constitution as the spirit medium.”

“I see.”

Spirit medium—-In other words a constitution that could possessed by spirits easily, naturally its more likely to become the target for the monsters to possess.

“That’s the only reason why I chose her during that time.”

“And the reason why the monster awakened?”

“A coincidence I guess.”


“Please don’t glare at me.”

Tanaka smiled bitterly.

“I don’t know the reason too…….instead of thinking that the sword awakened because of Kuromine Mashiro, it should be that she was there just in the time when the sword awakens.”

“Why you said so?”

“That sword was in the museum for decades already. There’s not only she was the spirit medium that visited the museum in that period right?”


If spirit medium was the condition, then that monster had awakened long time ago.

“If it’s that then why that monster awakened?”

“I don’t know about that too.”

But Tanaka continued.

“After Oogami Kuroe who is a powerful monster awakened, then the demon sword awakened………do you think this was a coincidence?”

“Is there any relation?”

“Well, is there or not.”

“………If you know then say it.”

“It’s a secret.”

Tanaka smiled.


“If I say it without any solid prove, then you will lost control again.”

“Do you think I will accept what you said?”

“I will tell you when the time comes.”

Tanaka took out files from his table to end the topic.

“What are those.”




Tanaka nodded.

“Alternate sacrifice to Kuroe-san………since she didn’t eat Mashiro-san, that means she hasn’t been paid for this month yet.”


Akane didn’t say anything, after that she opened her mouth while glaring at Tanaka.

“You, what you going to do if that thing ate Mashiro?”

“I will be troubled.”

Tanaka stunned and answered.

“If he allowed Kuroe-san to eat Kuromine Mashiro, that means he crossed that line……….then I will be troubled. Since our relationship was built under the condition where he have to maintain his general sense of sensibility.”


Akane became silent again,then she exhaled.

“You damn bastard.”

“It’s not bad anyway. Since I am quite matched with their personality.”

Tanaka smiled frankly.

Mashiro was lying on a bed in the ward. There was no one in the room. Only her alone, looking at the the ceiling.

She couldn’t remember what happened yesterday at all.

Only happy memories recently.

However, why did she get the feeling that she smell blood sometimes.

Mashiro thought that must be her own illusion.

But, it didn’t feel like illusion at all.

Sometimes she saw herself holding a sword.

That must be an illusion as well.

Because it was just illusion, so she just went to sleep.

But sometimes, she felt that she had to think about it deeply.

“It’s so horrible, ne.”

That must be a very horrible thing, although she didn’t know why.


Mashiro closed her eyes to forget everything.

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