Cross Connect Volume 3 Prologue

Prologue: The bell of the end quietly rings afar


《──We’re having a few problems》

An elegant voice lightly resounded in the dark space.

《Tendou Byakuya, Oboro Tsukuyomi… As I thought they have some talents. Their Ura-games, both ROC and SSR are not something special.》

《…..However, they were worthless.》

《As a devastating result, he has stolen cyberbrain shinki code number 2 from our hands》

Clomp clomp, the sounds of footstep formed a certain melody, and in a moment it stopped.

《Let’s seriously discuss this── This is truly beyond expectation. Until now I’ve never thought we were so weak. I have always trusted in the myth, the legend of Sphia –Magus magician.》

《And this is what happened》

《We cannot ignore it anymore》

A cold voice that made whoever heard it freeze, spoke up. With only a blink of her eyes, the atmosphere trembled. Everything in this space seemed as if it was completely under her control.

《I’ll go see him. I’ll make him return the “property” he stole from us. Or── the plan will be hindered.》

《That wouldn’t be wise》

《…belong to Sphia? No, this is only my opinion. Although it contradicts with Sphia’s special philosophy … right. If I failed and got prosecuted, then at that moment I’ll accept the punishment like a man》

《Ah. Of course it has to be at the last stage of the plan’s progress.》

The girl joked about fictional things without any sense of humor.

《In conclusion, in order to proceed with the plan we need all the cyberbrain shinki.》

《All of them. No exception. We need to have all the mysterious code numbers.》

《Therefore──although he’s a little unpredictable but we need to retrieve them.》

《…. Can’t we just give him an invitation?》

《No, that’s not necessary. From now on we will not hold any games like SSR or ROC anymore… Ah, yes. That’s right.》

《From this moment there won’t be any chaos, turbulence or storm.》

《──A simple work》

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