Valhalla no Bangohan Volume 5 Prologue



—The capital of the God Realm, ‘Asgard’ which gave off a radiant shine, the golden palace ‘Gladsheim’.

Inside of that palace, a hawk descended silently on the rooftop of the fifth building, ‘Valhalla’.

“Yo Sei, thanks for waiting.”

The descended hawk spoke in a familiar voice and covered itself from top to bottom by spreading its wings. In just a moment, its appearance changed into a human and the wings that was spread out changed into a black mantle which he wore on his neck.

Even though he was late, he showed a smile without any hesitation since he was the true number 2 in ‘Asgard’ and also my partner, the Trickster God, Loki.

“Come on, you’re late, Loki! It’s a bit odd on how you were always late, you did this on purpose so that you were able to say ‘Thanks for waiting.’?”

“Hey, are you telling me that you only notice it now?”

“Huh!? Did I just hit the jackpot!?”

I didn’t even realize it at all! If we accumulated all the time loss due to waiting, it’d be quite a lot, so I wished that you would stop being late on purpose…

“By the way, Loki. It’s a bit late for this but that mantle is quite useful.”

“Hm? Ah, the ‘hawk mantle’. He he, it’s nice isn’t it? As long as I have this, I am able to transform into a hawk without using my mana at all. Thus, it’s quite helpful.”

While saying that, Loki rubbed his cheek toward the mantle in a dearest manner. For god’s sake, he was so tiresome as always. Even without relying on that item, you were able to do that with rune of mannaz in the first place since you were the number one runic magic user in the God Realm.

“I’m sorry~! I am late!”

In that moment, one more person descended on the rooftop of ‘Valhalla’, the person was the most beautiful lady that I had ever seen. The beautiful Valkyrie who wore a blue breastplate causing a feather storm with her white wings. She was—

“Brynhildr-sama! Good morning!”

“Good morning, Sei-san. Um… did I kept you waiting?”

“Not at all! I had just arrived!”

“Hey, what’s with the different treatment?”

Hmph, be quiet Loki. Wasn’t it a given? Since she was the person I was in loved with and you were just my partner.

…since we were partner, I should have treated you better right, okay then.

“By the way, Loki-sama, about that mantle you are rubbing with your cheek…”

“Tch, I understand. I need to return it back to Freya right? Your sister really does take after you since Gerhilde told me the same thing sometime back.”

“Ah, it seems that Gerhilde had advised you already. Since that is the case, can I ask you to return it immediately?”

“I understand, I will do that someday.”

Ah, judging from that reply, it meant that he would still hold on to it for a while.

Well, it wasn’t like I didn’t know how he felt. After all, that mantle was a personal belonging of the Super Beauty Idol Goddess, Freya-sama isn’t it? It was not easy to let go of that since it was an item that all her fans were dying for.

If it was possible, I would like become one of her personal belonging instead. I was sure that Loki felt the same way too right? I understood it too.

“Sei, what is up with you since you are looking at me as if we are peas of a pod? Well, putting that aside, it’s time for the usual but… Sei and Brynhildr. You were not followed right?”

“Yes, as you can see.”

“I also managed to escape. Since I flew over here in high speed after I transformed into ‘Gullinkambi’ while I was jogging.”

Even though Gullinkambi, the black rooster, looked chubby, he was unexpectedly fast and also quite delicious. Other than dinner time, he was also quite useful for covert operation, thus this made him quite useful in various ways.

So, why were we hiding from ourselves from others in the first place? It was all because of the regular that Loki mentioned— which was to discuss about the ‘curse that kills it owner’ that was cast on me.

Around four weeks ago, my true identity was revealed and… it seemed that I was the magic ring, ‘Andvaranaut’ that was created by the dwarf, ‘Andvari’ who bore a grudge against the gods.

A few hundred years ago, due to some reason, the ring was taken away from him. At that time, he cast a curse to the ring that would kill its owner. After that, the ring was once again returned back to him but… without dispelling the sinister curse, he transformed the ring into me, a boar and wiped off my memory before sending me to the God Realm ‘Asgard’. So that I’d be owned by the Chief God, Odin-sama as he had predicted that there would be a problem with the Einherjars food supply. He did all that so that I was able to… kill Odin-sama who was my owner.

After I knew the truth, I was unable to stop the trembling. Since I thought that if I had took even one wrong step, I was pretty sure that I’d kill Odin-sama with the curse without knowing anything. That fear was not limited to Odin-sama only.

The main objective of the curse was Odin-sama but currently I was capable of cursing someone easily as long as I perceived that ‘he was my owner’. Moreover, that curse came with an additional dreadful ability since it was able to ‘increase a person’s greed’.

Since there was no different from the desire to own and the desire to monopolize, the people around me would kill each other if I didn’t control that ability well. That was the scariest thing on the curse that was cast on me.

At this point the only person that knew about that was only Loki, Brynhildr-sama and me only. If this were revealed to the public thoughtlessly, it’d only invite unnecessary confusion and anxiety—thus, the three of us had decided to keep this to ourselves as long as it didn’t escalate to an unavoidable situation.

“So, what’s your current condition? Sei.”

“Um… if I had to say it, I am doing fine. I feel exactly the same just like last week.”

On the same day, my true identity was revealed. In the cave where I was created as a ring, I had a battle with a hidden existence which called itself as Falsch.

In the middle of that battle, I had awaken the curse that was sleeping inside of me… and I also discovered this.

The curse would go berserk after it was activated, so on the first day, I was assaulted from the fatigue just from controlling that. But after a few day, I began to get a hold of that. Thus, I hadn’t even once informed that of any bad news in the weekly meeting.

“That’s great… I wonder for a moment what would happen but if Sei-san is able to pacify the curse completely, then it won’t be long until you return back to normal.”

As if Brynhildr-sama was relieved on hearing this week report, she relaxed her slight stiff expression and patted me on my back.

“Yes, I also hope for that. I feel very sorry for making Brynhildr-sama worry about me constantly like just now…”

“No, please don’t worry about that. In fact, I am quite happy instead. Since I am able to meet you regularly other than the dinner time… no, that’s not it!? It’s not like I am having those impure thoughts at all!”

Hmm? What did she say just now?

Actually my boar’s ears were so sharp until I was able to hear the softest voice. That was because I was aiming to become the most sensitive innocent BOY in this world.

“Hm~m? Kuku! I understand, it seems that I am a bother right?”

Loki, then you should know what to do. How I wished that you had more awareness as my partner.

“Since Sei is doing well. Then it’s my turn to present Andvari information…”

Oh yeah, that was right. Even though Loki was a NEET, he was also one of the few gods that were able to wander around the God Realm. Thus, he took advantage of his special authority to look for Andvari’s whereabouts.

Since you were lacking in awareness, you should at least show your capability now.

“I am unable to figure out his whereabouts this time either. That’s all.”

Ah, it seemed he failed again. Well, it couldn’t be helped. Since a Dwarf was much smaller than a human, it made it easier for them to hide themselves.

“Can’t you use the same method like how you found Ívaldi-san and Regin-san?”

“That would be hard. Since there is a doubling meaning with the name Andvari which is ‘cautious person’. If his name was reflected on his personality, it wouldn’t be the same with Regin and the others. Even if they are the Dwarf species.”

While saying that, Loki eye shown that he had given up.

A caution person was it…. If we put it that way, it meant that it would not be easy to find him at all. I thought that the most efficient and shortest method to dispel this curse was by capturing the culprit who did it but… it seemed that was the longest method instead.

“In any case.”

An unexpected cheerful sound broke the silent atmosphere.

“Sei-san, it seems that you are doing well in controlling your curse. That is because the two person who are the closest to you, which are Loki-sama and me, didn’t show any symptoms of the curse that stirs up a person killing intention and greed. If we continue on with this peaceful daily routine, I am sure that Andvari himself will appear when he saw that there is no progress to his plan.”

Yup… that was right. It was exactly as what Brynhildr-sama said.

There was nothing for me to worry about. It would be fine if we just showed Andvari that we were enjoying our peaceful life.

If we did that, I was sure that someday… we would be able to achieve the true peace that we desired.

“Okay! Well, we just had to do our best from now on. However, I will be going afar for some time for a personal matter. So, I think that we won’t be able to have these weekly meeting for a while and you guys should take care of yourself.”

“Understood. Good luck on your own personal matter, Loki.”

“Sure, please leave the matter to us, Loki-sama.”

Loki smiled toward our answer. But before he flew off, he whispered to me.

“… Here is your chance. Do take full advantage of it, partner.”

Hmm? Somehow Loki gave me a thumb up while showing a bright smile but… what was it? What was he telling me to do?

“It seems that Loki-sama had left, Sei-san.”

Brynhildr-sama said those few words with a slightly gentle tone. After Loki disappear from my sight, I started to mumble.

“That’s right. But… I feel a bit sorry. Since I felt that I am constantly troubling Loki that caused him to keep travel around the world…”

“… I am sure you are not troubling him at all since it’s Loki-sama we are talking about.”

Yup… it would be best if that was it. No… I was pretty sure it was that.

“By… by the way, Sei-san. Um… right now, it’s just two of us…”

“Huh!? I’m… I’m sorry Brynhildr-sama! Not only Loki, it seems that I had always caused trouble to you also, what a lame guy I am! I am sure you are busy right? Then, please head toward your mission without taking any heed of me!”

“Ah … no… I still have some time so…”

“Okay! I will try my best for today as well so that I won’t lose to Loki and Brynhildr-sama!”

“Um…. Hmph… I understood. Brynhildr will also do her best in her mission!”

After saying that in a slight reckless manner, Brynhildr-sama spread her wing and flew toward the golden sky.

Woah, what an amazing speed. I was sure she was running late. To think that she would spare her little time for a person like me… since there was no mistake that she had piled up works due to me.

I was glad that I was able to realize it this soon.

With this I sure that I had become a splendid sensitive innocent BOY right?

(*Sensitive -> awareness -> capability)

(All of the three words share the letter ‘敏’ which mostly means sensitive.)

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