Assassin Pride Volume 1 Chapter 2

LESSON:Ⅱ ~Thus spoke the private tutor~


It is the first day of working as Melida Angel’s private tutor, and I woke up early to confirm any signs of mana awakening.

Whilst it was still too early to make assumptions, there was high chance of her being a a paladin.

Depending on the training hereafter, it was still possible to expect growth befitting of a noble’s daughter.

On that note, we should progress in terminating the client’s –

“This is hopeless.”

Kufa crushed the half-progressed report.

There was too much personality in the report. There would be suspicion unless he wrote in a more matter-of-way manner. Writing reality in an euphemical and simple way, avoiding lies as much as possible.

“How long can it take to write a single report……”

Taking off his glasses for desk work, the man rubbed in between his eyes.

It was his third day since working in Melida’s household as a private tutor.

The clock was almost pointing to 5 in the morning.

Facing his desk in the middle of the night, Kufa couldn’t sleep a wink.

Before this mission, he had never thought that he would have to write a false report.

Already upon the first night, Kufa was filled with realization.

He was in a dangerous position.

To begin with, he was already supposed to have killed Melida Angel. Saving her, whilst protecting his current position, there was a need to solve a couple of difficult problems.

Deceiving his superior, satisfying the client, and changing society’s impression. In addition to that, he had to watch Melida’s unstable circumstances.

It was close to impossible.

Three years later, would he and Melida be able to greet the graduation ceremony without harm?

“……But still, there’s no going back now.”

Gritting his teeth, he repeated the words he had repeated countless times already.

Recovering his energy, Kufa stood up from his chair and exited the room.

Now that it came to this, he had to complete this SSS level mission perfectly and without flaw. The secret would not be leaked to a single person. And then, he would polish the girl like a shining ruby!

But to accomplish that, with renewed determination, he headed towards Melida’s room.

Stopping in front of the door, and without creating much sound, he knocked several times.

“My lady, may I come in?”

Without a moment’s hesitation, he felt a presence approaching from the room.

The door opened softly, and the ever so beautiful face of Melida Angel appeared. The girl wearing the negligee looked angelic, causing the sleep-deprived Kufa to feel his heart soften up.

In the time of the day still too early to call morning, the two silently exchanged greetings.

“Good morning, my lady. You sure woke up early.”

“Good morning, sensei.

As she said so, Melida twirled her golden hair in an embarrassed manner.

“Or rather, I slept a lot yesterday afternoon, so I can’t seem to sleep any more……”

“Seeing you up and well is more important than anything.”

Kufa sniffed, and directed his hand towards the room in a manner which showed no disrespect.

“May I come in?”

Melida immediately took a step back, and opened the door whilst smiling in a buoyant manner.

“It would be my honor, sensei.”

Hearing the kind and sweet tone, it occurred to him that she might really be ‘an angel’.

Kufa now entered the room of the lady in her mid-teens which he had entered so many times already. From Melida drifted the soft scent of flowers, the scent of which Emy was proud of. Once Kufa entered the room, she firmly closed the door.

*Slam*, the door was locked, and the key placed on the cupboard next to the mirror.

“So, sensei. What is the important matter which you speak of?”

Without answering immediately, Kufa paced side of the terrace and checked every nook and cranny of the room. He tore the curtains close, which was open to let wind through, and ensured that no a single spot was visible.

—- With this done, not a single soul would come to realization of his presence in the room.

Since the awakening of mana was just yesterday, Kufa had took care of important matters, and ensured Melida took a break from school and lessons.

In order words, the real training would begin today.

But before that, there was something he had to tell her, and something he had to do. And thus, Kufa had softly whispered into Melida’s ears during dinner last night.

“Tomorrow morning, there is something important I must tell you. Keep this a secret from even Emy-san.

Melida had kept this promise, and thus was here waiting for Kufa.

Looking at his brave and honest student in negligee, Kufa couldn’t help but leave his jaw hanging.

“Truth be told, there is a request I wish to make.”

“What? Of course, I wonder what it is. As long as you say it, I’ll do anything.”

“Thank you very much. As sudden as it may be, please take off all your clothing.”

“I understand. …….. – Wait, whaaaaattttt!?”

This was the innocent girl who once looked up towards him with such a desolate expression. Kufa put his index finger onto his lips, making a ‘shush’ sound. It was merely a expression to calm down.

“Don’t make too much sound. Emy-san and the rest might wake up.”

“S, Sorry……! B, But sensei, what do you think you’re saying with such a serious expression……!”

“That’s because I am. I am a tad bit embarrassed as well, but this is an important process as well. -My lady, are you aware of the fact that the medicine you had used the other day was extremely dangerous?”

Melida twitched, most probably from the memory of what happened on that night, then looked at Kufa’s countenance, her face slowing turning red. …… Well, she was probably thinking over it.

“My lady has overcome the drug, and has acquired mana. However, there is still the chance that there is a burden placed upon your body. Thus, I would like to do a check.”

“A, ask Emy for such a thing……. t-that’s right, I can do it myself!”

“This check-up not only checks the outward appearance, but also the bone, muscle, organs, and most importantly the mana organs. Not only is it a martial arts technique which checks the physical structure, it is also something which only a mana user such as me can do.”

For example when Melida got hurt, when she was sick and was carried to the doctor, there was an unknown burden discovered upon the body. If talk of the medicine, and the dosage Kufa had given reached to the ears of anyone, Kufa’s life would be doomed.

It was the final chance before arriving school, thereby encountering crowds of people. To be grabbing Melida’s body at this time was a secret Kufa definitely had to keep confidential.

“But still, asking me to strip is a bit……”

“Since there isn’t any other option, I will have to compromise. Flipping your skirt will suffice.”


“A glance at your whole body will be sufficient, so please lift your negligee.”

“You have no delicacy!”

In a fit, Melida flung the pillow. Being the throw of a mere girl, whilst receiving a solid hit in the face, Kufa’s expression ceased to change. It was still ever so serious.

“My lady. As long as I am in charge of your education, this is something that must be done.”

“Even so~~~……!”

Facing Kufa, who was saying this not out of request, for the sake of his and her life, Melida’s heart wavered. To begin with, it wasn’t like she didn’t want to show skin ship, but it was just simply due to embarrassment.

But even so, flipping up one’s own skirt was not something a young lady should be doing.

—–There isn’t any other choice. It seems as if I have to play the <villain>.

Sighing in his heart, Kufa stepped forward and knelt in front of Melida.

“I would like to apologize for asking something so rash, my lady. Let us rethink this over.”


Almost forgetting to breath, Melida’s lifted her head. Her countenance was filled with red.

Kufa grinned and stood back up, looking at her from above. However, this kindness seemed to have pierced her heart, and whilst saying ‘Umm’, her expression changed.

“I, I’m sorry sensei. It’s my fault for being so embarrassed……”

“You’re fine the way you are, my lady. Besides, it doesn’t change the fact —I’ll be taking a look.”


“Excuse me.”

Kufa’s movements were as fast as the wind. Grabbing the collar of Melida’s negligee swiftly, he twisted the palm of his hand. *Crash*! The frills and laces danced skywards.

And then without missing anything, Kufa’s line of sight adjusted towards Melida’s almost naked body.



Melida was starting to realize what had happened. The amount of time Melida’s clothes had been in the air was but a mere one or two seconds. But there was Kufa who was a super samurai.

Focusing on the body and reaction time, his eyes analysed every corner of the body.

The delicious thigh, the extravagant peach colored shorts, and on the small waist, underwear that could possibly have belonged to a thirteen year old. Then there was the slight bulge of the twin peaks…… they looked small and plump, almost as if they were made of pudding, and he looked until the soft pink tip—

Upon being checked, Melida’s conscience returned.


Receiving the greatest shock of her life, Melida screamed in surprise with all her might while pulling the hem of her skirt down. The negligee having been filled with air floated down, as if it had all the time in the world, slowly.

“Wha, wha, wh wha, what… wait, did you see……? Wha, what……?”

Stammering like a broken music box at explosive speed, Melida continued to process what had happened to her just now. In front of the red-faced girl, Kufa stood up uncertainly.

He looked like a carefree man at first glance — Making a decision like a robot, he got off the bed to grab his military jacket. Folding the cuffs of his jacket, his fingers wandered around his wrist to loosen it.

“My lady, let’s go with a special test. I will now use my full strength to flip your skirt up, so please attempt to stop me from doing this. It will be your loss if I flip your skirt ten times. It’s your win if you manage to exit the room before that happens. Well then, let’s start.”

“Wait, what, a special test!? Wha, what do you mean by that?—Wait, you’re too fast!!”

*Zoom*! Appearing behind Melida’s back, Kufa ripped Melida’s negligee upwards. With the small hips, and the shorts that concealed little, there was an overwhelming sensation of wanting to dive onto the white back—after speculating perfectly, the back of Melida’s hand appeared much too late.

“Kyahhhh!! Wa, Wait a moment sensei! Do you think that I won’t get mad!?”

“I hope you’ll forgive me for doing this. This is a bitter experience for me as well, but this is a thing that must absolutely be done – and so, this is the third time now.”

“Hyah!? I’m don’t understand what you’re trying to say but please don’t flip my skirt while explaining! Or rather, how can you be so fast without the use of mana!?”

“Whilst I may be a mana user, the basis of mana requires physical strength. Suppressing my lady would be but a simple task so long as I have a single hand and foot. More importantly, it seems as though as if you aren’t resisting at all.”

“Kyah! Kyah! Kyahh~~~!?”

Soon after.

This huge ruckus was reaching outside the room, and the dormitories of the ever so devoted maids who were nearly waking up. There was no doubt that Kufa and Melida, who had appeared would be exposed to the madams who loved to gossip, but let’s put that aside for now.

“You’re such a perverted sensei.”

“Say whatever you want.”

Completing the test with flying colors, Kufa made Melida lie on the bed. After checking the outward appearance of the body, he next had to check the organs. Palpation was necessary.

It was necessary to check the source of mana, and the stream of which the mana passed through. He checked whether it was alright, and where necessary adjusted it, and checked to the bare origins of the mana.

Watching Melida lying on the bed with a flustered face and a negligee was, surprisingly, enjoyable.

Being caressed like this must have been ticklish, but there was no contact in places deemed immoral. This was due to the growing sense of embarrassment within Kufa.

To begin with, if it was absolutely necessary to ensure safety— it was needed to strip off all clothing, including the bottom parts and face each other whilst inspecting the palm of the hand. But if it were to come as such matters, the young lady would be stripped off all dignity, keeping Kufa indecisive at what to do.

No matter how much of an adult she was acting like, she was still a thirteen years old.

Even so, it was needed to step things up to get an accurate reading. The skirt of her negligee was currently folded up to her thighs, and was touching the parts she was saying ‘its fine’ without restrained.

Having most probably given up, Melida’s face was steaming red as she sniffled.

“……Sensei, you’re not conscious of the fact that I’m a girl at all.”

“That isn’t true. I told you before didn’t I? I’m embarrassed as well. But the thing is, I’ve been trained not to express my emotions.”

“I, If you really are embarrassed, why are you doing such a thing?”

“It may sound weird as we’ve only just met, but it’s because I believe you to be precious to me.”

Suddenly lifting her head, Melida turned to face him.


“If what I have explained before comes true in the chance of a thousand, a chance in a million, when I imagine an injury upon your body, I am too scared to sleep. No matter who hates me for doing this, even if my lady herself comes to despise me, I believe that I can stand tall with honor and pride…… The only thing I wish for now is that my lady can live a healthy life.”


Melida sat for a while, silently reflecting.

After a while, she gritted a teeth and called out to Kufa.

The hands clutching her breasts slowly relaxed as she faced Kufa.

“……I’m sorry, sensei. If the check-up requires it, please touch me as you please.”

“Pardon? I understand.”

What sort of mental change was this? Well, this certainly made the check-up a lot easier. But even so, his dignity would prevent him from touching anywhere he wanted.

With the examination progressing much faster than before, Kufa spoke out.

“Speaking of which, my lady. Other than the check-up, there is another matter which I must speak of.”

“Hm? I understand. What is it?”

“The thing is, the class you got was not paladin.”


“The normal outcome would result in you being a paladin, but what happened is a rare occurrence. This is regrettable.”

As obvious as it was, this was another means of explain it. She did not possess the blood of a noble, and with the mana distributed by Kufa into an artificial user, this was the obvious result.

“If so, what class am I?”

“You are a samurai.”

“A samurai…… isn’t that the same as sensei?”


Melida lifted her face to look at the ceiling, then shakily lowered her face.

“……The me until today couldn’t so much as summon mana. It is regrettable that I can’t use mana, but there isn’t anything we can do about it. My ancestor’s blood must have run dry. And besides, I feel really lucky that I can be a samurai just like sensei! Really, I have no complaints.”

“My lady……”

Whoops……! Wait, this wasn’t the time to get all emotional.

He started the moving the fingers he had forgotten to move, sliding it across the calf.

“It is great that you can accept this so readily. -But my lady, please keep the fact that you are a samurai a secret for the time being, and ensure that no one hears of this matter.”

“What, why should I?”

Even though you may be satisfied with this result, as a family of a noble, there are those who would wish to inflict harm onto you.”

Melida had a face that showed comprehension and confusion at the same time, and she asked questioningly.

“If sensei insists, I’ll do so. But I wonder, how long will this secret last……?”

“It’s fine if it is a secret only for the time being. It has to be recorded on the class sheets later on anyway. But as long as you get good results, the opposing factions will have no excuses to complain.”

“Is that all I have to do?”

“That is all you have to do.”

This was the only path which Kufa and Melida could travel if they wished to live.

This time, there were two missions bestowed upon Kufa. All he had to do was to succeed <the first mission>. In other words, he had to train Melida into a person befitting of a being from a noble family. Ultimately, he had to fulfil her wish to enter the imperial guards.

Once Melida’s rank became clear, there would be numerous voices of resent but crushing these voices would be easy as long as she provided impressive results. As for blood relationships, an excuse like what Melida said could be given. The only problem now, was whether the client would be satisfied with the current module.

Of course, it was easier said than done. If Melida’s growth faltered even one bit, or if her results weren’t as good as hoped for, she would be instantly targeted. In that scenario, Kufa who had to take care of her, would also be guilty.

His and her life were hung on this thin and desperate strand of hope.

At long last, Kufa caressed Melida’s big toe, and stood up.

“Thank you for your hard work, my lady. Your examination has went well without any problems. Your appearance, all your mana organs, and other parts are all functioning without any problems.”

“Thank goodness……”

After making Melida sit on the edge of the bed, Kufa knelt on the bed and lowered his head until it touched the bed.

“I have done many atrocious deeds. I will accept any punishment you decree.”

“What, how could I! You were thinking about my health as you did it……”

After desperately shaking her hands in a rush, Melida smiled like a flower blooming.

“Thank you very much.”

“My lady.”

“May I become your student, sensei?”

Relieved, Kufa opened his eyes.

“As long as I am your teacher, doing such an act is necessary.”

Kufa had said blatantly said such things. After the check-up, Melida was also worrying about the words from before.

“……You are already a student I hold pride in, my lady.”

Kufa muttered as he stood up, and started striding towards the window side on the terrace. It was nearly six o’clock. Along with the visit in the morning, the streets of Flandor glittered invitingly.

*Swish!* The curtains opened, and strong beams of sunlight filled Melida’s dormitory.

There was no more turning back. At that moment, the counterattack was ready. It was about to begin. The days of training in which Kufa and Melida bet their lives on!!

Turning to face the bed, Kufa declared with glittering eyes.

“Well, let’s start the lesson now. Change into your sports uniform and step out, Melida Angel!”


Even whilst holding a harmless wooden sword, things would change greatly if the wielder were to be a mana possessor.

Flashes and sparks, when weapons filled with mana clashed with each other, *BOOOOM*! and a thundering roar would fill the air. In the backyard of the mansion, flying sparks filled the air.

With sparks of mana flying around her body, the Melida who was training had improved drastically compared to the day before. The weapons in use were not the stereotypical long sword which a paladin used, but the single edged curved wooden sword which the samurai class used.

She was no longer jumping in whilst getting repelled helplessly. The movements were much smoother due to the change into a better suited weapon.

Even so—By Kufa’s terms, she was still at a stage for much more improvement.

“Kuh, yah, Ei…… Ahhhh”

Overwhelmed by the sudden power within the body, Melida slashed frantically. But no matter how much she hit, Kufa repelled it swiftly with a single hand. Calmly standing in front of her, there was no hesitation in his flowing movements, and his hits were overwhelmingly sharp and strong like lightning.

His arms soared upwards, and Melida threw her arms upwards instinctively. But, *Bam!* the foot was cut spectacularly. It was a spectacular example of ashibarai.

Melida couldn’t defend herself and fell onto the grass.


“See, just because the opponent raises his weapon doesn’t always mean that he is going to attack. In addition……”

Kufa opened his clenched fist. A grain of sand dropped onto Melida’s foot.

“Kyah!……Wha, what, it this?”

“I put this onto your vulnerable back just now. What would have happened if I threw it at your face? Can you fight your opponent while rubbing your eyes?”


Speechless, Melida stood up and brushed the dust off her butt.

“Th, they don’t teach these things in the academy!”

“I suppose so. Would you like trying that excuse to Lycanthrope?”

“B, but——……!”

Unable to lift a finger, Melida groaned like a dog and gripped the wooden sword tightly.

“……I, I want to try another round!”

Snickering, Kufa lifted his wooden sword.

“I understand.——Let’s get going.”

Swiftly aiming for the Kufa in a waiting stance, Melida kicked the ground explosively.

And for a while after, flashes filled the backyard, ultimately followed by the thunderous yell of the young lady.

After all the failures faced came the theory of swordsmanship.

There, a figure of Kufa in a stainless shirt and a dirt-covered Melida faced each other with their wooden swords on the floor.

“Now then, do you know how you have ended up not laying a single scratch upon me, and contrarily ended up getting beaten down several times?”

“W, well, that’s because sensei’s invincible!”

“That’s wrong. Of course, whilst there are many cases where the match is decided simply by the difference of status, but this isn’t the problem this time. My lady, this is because you are unaware of my weakness.”


Kufa shifted his body sideways, his feet digging into the soil.

“Think about it, why did I decide to throw sand at my lady before? Why did my bluff to hit your foot work so many times?”

“Well, maybe because you like seeing the figure of a girl in pain……”

“Stop that, it’s most definitely not true.”

Immediately denying it, Kufa coughed aloud.

“……Well, that was to allow my lady to create a weakness. You lift your sword = You put a feint = You attack a defenseless opponent. As you can see, everything until now is but a stepping stone to hit an effective strike. My lady has overlooked this fact, aiming directly to hit me, and that is the reason you were easily countered by a person like me with a higher status.”

“Even if you tell me this, there isn’t anything I can do about it……”

Standing in front of the Melida who was scratching her brow, Kufa hefted his wooden sword onto shoulder.

“For example…… well, before that my lady. The hem of your shirt is lifted and I can see your stomach.”

“Wha, kyah!”

“And there’s your weakness.”

*Bam!* The wooden sword swung down and hit Melida’s forehead.

Clutching her head in tears, Melida lectured him.

“Sensei, you cheat!”

“Don’t hesitate when the opponent lifts his weapon up! —Anyways, what happened just now proves my point. You had all your attention onto the hem of her clothes. My words were the trigger. In order to strike the opponent definitely, you must control the opponent’s will, creating a moment of hesitation within them. This is what I mean by <finding a weakness>.”

The hard-working Melida crossed her arms, trying to comprehend what Kufa was teaching.

“Control…… the opponent’s will.”

“That’s right. Having high-tiered fighters going against each other is rare. For others, it is a matter of how much you can control your will. No matter how aware of your surroundings you are, it is impossible to completely aware of your surroundings. That is why it is there has to be a vulnerable spot.”


Pondering for a while, Melida muttered to herself.

And so, the next day came.

“Look, sensei! His lordship is standing there!”

“He isn’t.”

“There’s an extremely beautiful bird there!”

“There isn’t.”

“Amy and the rest are taking a bath!”

“……They aren’t.”

“Wait, were you about to look behind just now?”

“A, as if I would do that!”

Coughing loudly, Kufa picked up a stopwatch.

“……Let’s put an end to this soon. My lady, please prepare for school soon.”

Melida was covered in mud from head to toe. For a shower……it was also necessary to take a bath as well. It was a right choice to ask Emy the length of time the princess would take to cleanse herself.

“School! I’m really, really excited to go to school!”

“You sure have changed a lot. Wearing such a melancholic countenance before, what makes you want to go to school so suddenly?

“Well, I am different now! I can use mana now! I also have a class! I’m no longer different from anyone in school! We’re friends, we’re friends!”

The current Melida was overjoyed. ‘Thank you very much for the lesson!’ she said gracefully before running off like a dog wagging it’s tail in joy.

Upon hearing this, Kufa gripped his hand tightly.

“Please wait a minute, my lady. There is an important matter I must consult you with.”

“What? I mean, of course!”

Towards the lady who had just said that she would listen to anything, Kufa said clearly.

“Starting from today – the usage of mana outside my lesson is absolutely banned.”



Meirda’s heartbroken yell could be heard from the entrance of the St. Freidswide girls academy.

It was just past mid-day. On an ordinary timetable, the practical lessons should be starting after noon. But Melida, who was walking through the side building was not skipping class. Starting from today, St. Freidswide girls academy would be shifting into the special schedule to greet the end-of-term open matches. Obligatory attendance was only in the morning, the afternoon being the whole student body given free practice to do. As the open matches were done in groups consisting of several people – also known as units, the free training time was given in order to prepare for the matches.

With the lessons finally ending, the students gathered onto the training field, training with the matches in mind. Even under normal circumstances, there would be no students leaving school at such an early time, and as such, no one could have possibly heard Melida’s yell.

Walking along was Kufa, wearing a calm expression like a sculpture.

“Haven’t I explained already? My lady has only just acquired mana, and is still not completely awakened. If you wish to ‘live’ as a noble, please focus on the present. You’re one week too early to even start thinking of getting intimate with everyone.”

“I never even thought of getting intimate with everyone else. But not even being allowed to train is a bit……”

She slumped in such a manner that anyone would feel guilt upon seeing this.

Of course, the <un-awakened condition> was but a cover.

Kufa was only after one thing. He needed to train her as much as possible before, delaying the announcement as much as possible.

Then he would discover the true worth of the 〈Talentless Girl〉 Melida Angel.

If she were truly worth to live, even if it meant risking that life of his.

Kufa lightly held onto Melida’s hand.

“My lady, the fated day is but a single week away. Until then, please bear with tricking your school friends. If so, they will be able to see a miracle come true.”

“…… I understand, sensei. I’ll definitely get a good result on the matches!”

“Right. That sure is some commendable spirit, my lady.”

As Kufa was feeling empathy, Melida spun around, and in a cute voice smiled ‘eheh’.

“The thing is, me and Eli made a promise. You are aware that there is a festival held for the sacred knights after the open matches are over, yes? And in that parade…… oh.”

It was at that moment. Almost as if trying to stop Melida from talking, numerous human silhouettes appeared.

Blocking the sun entering the tunnel stood the figure of several twin tailed girls.

“Stop trying to leave, Melida.”

“N, Nerva……”

Melida’s body stiffened immediately. These twin tailed girls were part of Melida’s unit. They were called the Blumen, however, that was another story.

Folding her arms together, Nerva spoke out in a haughty manner.

“Did you forget despite being a member of the Blumen? I wonder whether your brain finally got turned into juice. We’ve got practice coming up so quickly get changed.”

“I, I decided……”

With her mouth open, Melida’s shivering voice resonated throughout the tunnel.

“I, I’ve decided to join Euphy’s unit.”

“What? The class president? That prick……”

“I, I’ve already told them, so I can’t join your unit anymore now.”

The girls who were working with Nerva started a big fuss.

“I can’t believe you! What a cowardly way to do things!”

“I’d bet that you haven’t even thought of the trouble you’d be causing us!”

Nerva raised an open hand into the air to silence the girls.

As if looking at a disgusting bug, Nerva looked down onto Melida and spat out.

“I see. That’s fine because the four of us can form a group. And so, why are you trying to leave so early?”

I, I was told that I wouldn’t have to join the practice…… And, and I have to attend sensei’s lesson now anyway…….”

“A. Lesson. With. Sensei!!”

Nerva’s haughty laughter filled the air. However, her eyes were doing anything but laughing.

“I see. So you prioritize a lesson with that sensei of yours over practicing with me or even Euphy! How despicable. As expected of the daughter from the noble family!”

“N, no, it’s not, that’s not what I meant……”

“Wash your neck and wait for the tournament.”

Glaring at Melida, then moving on to Kufa, Nerva turned and swaggered away. The rest of the girls turned and followed their leader, holding the same negative emotions as the leader.

After the sound of their footsteps could no longer be heard, Melida breathed out a heavy sigh of relief.

“I was so nervous……”

“My lady, you should have retaliated properly!”

Kufa yelled, no longer able to keep his feelings inside, and Melida nervously tugged at the hem of her skirt.

“That, that’s because……”

There is no longer a need to heed their beck and call. You should have retorted fiercely.”

“Even if you told me that so suddenly, it’s too difficult to do. I’ve been bullied by them all this time after all……”

“How troublesome. It looks as though as this matter requires not only physical strength, but mental strength as well.”

Standing up, Kufa turned and went towards the entrance without a care.

“—As for the person peeking through the entrance, do you have a matter with my lady?”

And from the shadow of the entrance appeared two frightened girls.

“S, stop making it sound like we’re in the wrong! We were hiding only because you guys looked like you were having a private conversation, and we hid because it looked interesting to watch!”

“……Roze-sensei. I think that is what people call peeking.”


The duo had a student-teacher relationship similar to Melida and Kufa, but they were in an extreme contrast.

The short one, the blonde student wearing the St. Freidswide girls academy uniform, was one that was fresh in Kufa’s memories.

She was Melida’s sibling, also known as Elise=Angel.

And next to her stood a red-haired woman who was a head taller than Elise. The woman was wearing clothes so glamorous that anyone would think she came from a fairy tale. She was an acquaintance of Kufa.

Widening her eyes in delight, her mood lifted and she walked excitedly towards Kufa, wrapping his hand with hers.

“Ehehe……! We meet again, Mr. gentleman!”

“……So it’s you again.”

In truth, he had not thought that they would meet again.

Two days before the arrival upon the district, he had met this fashion model-like girl waiting at the station.

Melida, who stood next to him, gazed upwards with unease in her eyes.

“U, um, sensei. Who might this person be……?”

Her attention snapped downwards, and the red hair let one hand go, grabbing Melida’s hand to form a criss-cross. She was an extremely relaxed girl.

A carefree smile beamed from her face.

“Nice to meet you! I am Elise’s tutor who started just yesterday called Rozetti Pricket. But you can call me Rozetti, alright? Melida-sama!”

“Rozetti……as in, the first marquis Rozetti Pricket!?”

As Melida widened her eyes, the red haired girl blushed warmly.

“C, come on, it’s not such a big deal…… It’s a problem if you flatter me too much, Dehehehe…… If people know my name where ever I go, it makes me look as if I were a celebrity.”

It wasn’t a matter of as if, she was indeed a celebrity. A top-tier mana user, she was not born in a noble family, but instead of the lower class.

The lower class was better known as ‘those under the glass ceiling’.

Flandor was supported by the 25 glass containers. Then there were the parts which supported the glass containers. And in those parts were where the population of roughly 300, 000 lived.

Flandor not only held the problem of its population density, but also the living standards of the people.

Speaking of which, Flandor did not have any agricultural land. It was also necessary to have people who could farm. This was the other half of Flandor who were living outside the city.

Rozetti was a person who was living here and suddenly awakened mana. She and her family instantly rose ranks to nobles.

Without going to any special mana school and training alone, she was a person who had won a team staged tournament as a one-man team, being the first in all of history.

Whether it was due to her being the youngest to join the Sacred Guards, or whether it was due to her being the First Marquis…… ‘I give the Pricket family the same authority as the mayor of the Cardinal district’ was an order given by his lordship.

She was the living proof that hard work could change everything.

“Well, everyone’s making a big deal out of it, but don’t take notice because I’m working as for the Angel family now, okay? We’re basically family now! Okay, let’s do this!”

Rozetti tugged on Melida’s hands.

Melida looked up with a face that showed no sign of understanding.

“A, are you sensei’s friends?”

“……I’ve only heard of her name. I was wondering what the first marquis could possibly be doing on a street like this.”

Lifting his head slightly, Kufa faced Rozetti.

“I never would have thought we would meet again like this.”

“It really is like that, isn’t it! Like a movie script!”

It appeared that Rozetti still had a habit of laughing over anything. Taking no notice Kufa’s serious expression, she wrapped her hands around Kufa’s once more.

“I’ve heard a bit about you from Elise. Mr. Kufa Vampir, wasn’t it? Since we’re both working for the Angel family, as well as being tutors, as well as going through the same road to get to school, we should try to get along well!”


Without changing his expression, Kufa looked at the palm of her hand for a while.

It appeared that this carefree woman had no clue about anything. She had no idea about the current situation the two of them were currently placed in.

It wasn’t only about Melida and Elise As their teachers, even Kufa and Rozetti were being judged and analysed for their worth. Until they managed to do this, they would encounter countless troubles and criticisms made about them. ‘Which of them is the better one?’ would be but a common question.

If he understood this fully, there would be only one answer.

—He couldn’t lose. With his lady’s pride at stake, he couldn’t lose even to this woman.

Kufa finally let out a smile. Pulling his hand back from hers, he slapped her hand away without wavering.

As if unable to believe what had just happened, Rozetti blinked her eyes.

“Wha, Uh, wait, What……??”

“As unfortunate as it is, I can no longer allow myself to become any friendlier with you than this.”

“W, why? Why? Why? Why!?”

A happy-go-lucky woman like you will be but a negative influence to Ms. Melida.”


Rozetti’s shriek reverberated throughout the tunnel.

With tears welling up from both eyes, Rozetti started to get mad at Kufa.

“What do you mean by happy-go-lucky what do you mean by happy-go-lucky! You didn’t say anything about that last time! You were such a nice gentleman back then too!”

“The past is the past. Talking to a stranger and analyzing an opponent is also an act a gentleman must master.”

“How……How could you say this to me, you brute!! Even after I felt so moved! Even after I really thought that a fairy tale-like prince really existed! I could feel my heart thumping too!”

“What? As if there could there be such a pure prince out there. Please keep your fairy tales to yourself after twelve, Ms. Kindergartener.”

“AH, AH, AH, AH, AHHHHH!! I’m so pissed off!!”

Watching the sudden comedic plot twist in the romance, the two noble ladies stood by uneasily.

Ahhh, AHHHHHHHHH……!” H, how did things turn out like this……?”

Anyways, things couldn’t continue this way anymore. As serious as usual, Melida bravely took a step forward.

“Stop right there! Let’s do this Eli!”



Turning backwards, the two of them blatantly faced each other.

Melida, who’s face was red turned to see Elise whose expression hadn’t changed, gulped.


“Uh, Um, you see, that……”

“What should we, do?”

“No way!! Cut! I demand a redo!”

Melida flapped her arms around while shrieking at the top of her lungs.

“Sensei! Please stop acting like a spoiled child!”

A switch flipped in both of the sensei.

“I too think that sensei was to blame for this one. It’s wasn’t nice to speak rudely of others

“Um……I’m very sorry.”

The youthful girl took the full blame. As she lowered her head, Rozetti burst into a smile.

Kufa shifted his eyes and raised his hand. He landed a clean slap onto Rozetti’s butt, creating a beautiful sound.

“Owwwwww—! Wait, that’s my butt! Pervert! That’s sexual harassment!”

“Well then, my lady, this prick is starting to get noisy so let us take our leave now.”

“W, what do you mean by prick! You sadistic gentleman!”

Kufa placed his hand on Melida’s shoulder and turned around.

“I wish you a good day, Elise-sama. And um…… Ms. Pricketsu?”

“H, how dare you make fun of my family name so carelessly……!”

Gritting her teeth bitterly, Rozetti retorted,

“Well, you’d better start getting your losing words for the tournament day. My lady will beat that Melida of yours into a bloody pulp so just you wait!”

As if doing a sprinting demonstration, she ran off creating a dust cloud in her path. Left behind, Elise slowly followed the dust cloud.

After they both left, Melda wiped the cold sweat off her face.

“Uh, sensei, I don’t think it’s alright for me to make an enemy at such an early stage……”

“That’s right. For the meantime……”

Kufa placed his hand onto Melida’s shoulder and smiled kindly.

“My lady, please assume that there won’t be tea time for the next week.”


Melida’s cry filled the tunnel once more.


It was now after school, just outside the botanical garden. The Melida who could no longer lose was having her third lesson with Kufa.

In order to make the most of the remaining week before the tournament, today’s lesson would be a practical one.

“In order for that to happen, we must first get my lady to understand the concept of the mana’s low, neutral, and the chaos condition.”

“Low? Neutral?”

Kufa was wearing a t-shirt whilst Melida was training clothes prepared by the maids, clutching the wooden sword similar to the one in the morning.

On the open and flat ground was a blackboard prepared by Amy beforehand. Kufa stood with a chalk in his hand, almost like a school teacher.

“I suppose you have not been taught about this during your first year. The scale known as alignment determines the condition of your mana.

Turning to face the blackboard, he wrote as he spoke.

The situation where your mana is has been barely mobilized is known as low. The position where you are covered in a mantle of mana is known as neutral – also frequently called the ‘normal situation’. And finally, the situation where you place your mana onto an assault scale, mustering all your mana forward is called chaos.

Pausing, he underlined the words Neutral.

“The offensive power and defensive power displayed yesterday is in the neutral state. As explained before, mana amplifies the physical abilities of a person. In the low condition, they would be in an ordinary state which you and me are currently in.”

Thinking about the previous situation, Kufa puffed his mouth, then exhaled.

“Until just recently, my lady was fighting in the low situation which explains the horrible performance until now.”


Even though Melida was currently in tears, there was no reason for her to be depressed. If they had decided to do the school entrance test again and compare the strength, she was now several leagues ahead of her previous self.

Kufa stopped writing with the chalk, flipped up his wooden sword, and slammed it into the ground.

“Well then, let’s get to sparring. My lady. Please get your alignment to the neutral situation.

“O, okay! Nn……!

Melida shut her eyes and clenched her fists, concentrating. Then a yellowish golden light engulfed her body.

“I did it!”

“It’s too slow! It’s taken three seconds to get it ready!”


In contrast to Melida, who was shock, Kufa looked back with a cool face.

“B, but I tried so hard!”

“If someone with ill intent came charging at you, do you think he’d wait for three seconds? Do you think ‘I’m trying my best so please wait’ will a justifiable excuse for him to wait?”

“Even so……!”

Her face flushed with shame, Melida looked like she was going to cry again.

But Kufa replied without mercy.

“My lady, you should know this better than anyone, right? Against a user of mana, a mana less person will not be able to lift a single finger! I won’t ask you to reduce your time to reach the neutral condition so suddenly. This too, is something that must be practiced daily. My lady, from now on, you will reduce your preparation time by 0.1s every month. If so, by three years-“

He stopped halfway, enough time to blink once Then suddenly, a golden flame engulfed him.

“You can enter a state of combat in 0.01 seconds.”

“A, amazing……”

Melida was mind blown by the Kufa had released a mantle of mana around himself so naturally.

Returning to the low condition, Kufa pulled out a pocket watch.

“Well then, my lady. I will be measuring the precise time again so please release your mana once more.”

“O, okay.”

Melida stored her mana once again and stiffened her body.

A flame burst around her body.

“I did it!”

“That was slower than before! Once more!”

“How come!?

“We’re going to be doing this until you get a new high score.”


Melida scrunched up the hem of her training wear.

“You’re a demon, sensei.”

“So you’re calling me a demon? How rude.”

After all, back in Kufa’s age, a second mistake would be punished by a beating and this would continue until you succeeded. Compared to that, this would be obviously heaven.

“……Hey, did you hear that? She called him a demon!”

“So he really is a devilish teacher……”

The maids had come to spy in on the training and were gossiping. As explained before, he wasn’t evil.

After repeating twice more, the time finally returned to the original. To the exhausted Melida who was practically sleeping on her shoulder, Kufa announced with chalk in hand.

“Please continue working on the neutral state for a while. I’ll be talking about this matter first.”

He scribbled onto the blackboard.

“Our status is of the samurai rank. Whilst you may have already learnt this, please allow me to explain once again.”

He continued writing neat words onto the board.

It was somewhat similar to what was written in a textbook, but Melida took notes seriously.

“Assassin class…… to consume, mana……”

“Well, I plan to teach the ways to use the techniques of the samurai class step by step. The thing I want for you to focus on today is this. The compatibility ratio.”

On the blackboard, Kufa wrote the following six ( Offense . Defence . Mobility . Special Move set . Offensive Support . Defensive Support ), writing ( B . C . A . C . C . – ) next to each respectively.

“This shows how a class would have their abilities raised once they have mobilized their mana. In the samurai’s case, the mobility has been raised to an extremely high standard whilst the defense is low. Training without keeping the ratio in place in pointless, so we will train as the ratio tells us, 2 . 1 . 3 . 1 . 1.”

“I see.”

Melida commented honestly. Kufa took a deep breath, slamming his wooden sword onto the floor once again.

“We will be training using this menu every day, in addition to a new special menu each and every day.”

“Special menu?”

“I was originally thinking of making you learn even one assault skill but…… as a junior, other than being flashy, an assault skill won’t do much good. Therefore, we should think of a “way to win” as soon as possible.

Hefting the sword from the floor, Kufa flipped it in his hand and put out a stance.

“Well, your body should be filled with so much excitement that you can’t bear it, right? It’s time for your long awaited sparring.”

Melida’s face changed into one as if she had just remembered the nightmare from the morning.


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