Valhalla no Bangohan Volume 1 Epilogue


“It hurts! I’m going to die, Loki-sama, if this continues my butt and tail will cry as if they are going to separate!”

“Hehe, that’s something worth congratulating, I will celebrate upon their independence. Since everyone is here, let’s do it together!”

In the canteen of the ‘Valhalla Kitchen”. During the morning in the peaceful ‘Asgard’ covered by the sun, Ratatoskr’s screams could be heard. Even though I pity him, but I won’t sympathize with him. This is because this fellow caused an Armageddon level incident on accident, he needs to spend some time to repent on his action.

–After we reprimanded Nidhogg, me, Loki and Brynhildr once again sound Giallar to inform the completion of the mission throughout the realm, after that we returned to ‘Valhalla’ by foot.

Well, the thing is the distance between ‘Helheim’ and ‘Asgard’ is not short. Even the world’s fastest horse, Sleipnir will need to take one whole night to reach our destination without any rest and sleep.

The one who welcomed us back, were the Gods from Aesir tribe who were struggling to support Læraðr up until then. Although they were very tired from the work, they still gathered up and waited for our return…… Because of this I was very happy.

After Ratatoskr was discovered among the crowd who welcomed us back, Loki began his punishment toward him.

“Loki-chan, I think we should stop now? I think he also didn’t have any bad intention when he did that, I supposed….”

“Hey hey, Freya, it is the most troublesome thing when there is no bad intention. Because of his error, it caused a lot of troublesome matters for us.”

“Loki-chan, did you forget about the matter regarding Skadi? Well you also create trouble for other people, so let’s give such an impressive statement.”

“Argh….. Damn, I get it.”

As if the line just now poked his weak point, Loki with an unsatisfied face released Ratatoskr. After that, Ratatoskr while crying jumped onto his savior · the treasure of the nine realm breast, and he tried to bury his body into in!

“No! Have that squirrel executed!!”

The ignorance squired cause Lord Odin to be furious. Ah, I also don’t have any objection to this! This pervert squirrel who likes to use his cuteness should be executed immediately, and grill it afterward! … Ah, but I also did something like this before…. Uh, I will also be in danger if the arrow turns toward me! I should gather all the hatred toward Ratatoskr instead!

I was suddenly picked up by someone when the male god and I were more united now compares to when supporting the Læraðr in the cold gaze of the Female goddess.

“Ah, whoa! Brynhildr-sama!”

When I turned my head, I saw my beloved Brynhildr-sama sticking her face on my back

Ah. Why? What happen? Did I do something to Brynhildr-sama?

“I haven’t given my proper gratitude, so please listen to what I say now….. Thank you so much, Sei-kun.”

Due to anxiousness and confusion which cause my ears to be stiff, I heard something wonderful.

“I didn’t do anything that deserves your thanks! I did not manage to avoid engaging in combat with Nidhogg and I didn’t manage to protect you in time.”

“That’s not it, Sei-kun. It’s true that’s one of them, but not only that…. There is still the matter regarding Gerhilde. You helped her to….. and to accepted my request, I wanted to thank you for all of this. But up until now, I did not even face you properly….”

The strength of the two hands that are hugging me slightly increase. She said before that she will return the favor properly.

But that doesn’t matter, I’m not an irresponsible person, and I don’t even need any reward. I only accept the request —— because I want to see Brynhildr-sama smiling face, I just did that to fulfill my own selfish wish.

“That said, Sei-kun. That time when you mention that you want something?”

“Hi! No, it nothing, that is just a thought only! I don’t really need any reward!”

“Ho ho, you don’t have to be that generous. Since then I ~ am always in my state of gratitude, there won’t be any problem if you state your reward now?”

Ah! Brynhildr-sama hand is rubbing my stomach, I have to…!

“….Yo, Sei, are both of you flirting secretly here? Ah?”

Well, it seems my plan to make Ratatoskr as my scapegoat is finished, and Loki is stareing here with his sharp eyes. Nooooo, if this goes on, it would not end with me just being beheaded, I would also be stabbed to death after being tied up and once again roasted while being skewered…… In which I would become the rare skewered cuisine!!

“I am very sorry, Brynhildr-sama, let me inform you my most important wish! Please put me down immediately!”

“Ah, okay…”

Ah, what a waste, even though she said I can request for anything. To think I wasted it on something like this….

But, it’s not over yet, I need to remain calm. Did Brynhildr-sama mention before that the request is only limited to a single use? ….. Nope! Then I will have my chance. I better spend some time and think carefully on what I want, let me settle down first before I decide on it.

Thus, I need to survive this. Even if I could revive, I definitely don’t want to accept any punishment which is similar to Ratatoskr whose was overcome by his lust.

“Yo the dark brown boar.”

At this moment, Lord Odin step forward with a stern expression and spoke toward me.

“Hii, please forgive me!”

“No, I’m not talking about that. About your performance this time, I have an idea.”

“My performance… did I do anything wrong?”

I started to tremble in uneasiness. It seemed there is some unusual matter that Lord Odin want to inform me, the worthless small boar.

Just when I kneeled down to accept my fate, the whole canteen become silent, Lord Odin said his statement in this quiet place.

“From what I heard in Loki report, under your magnificent performance, not only did you defeat the evil dragon Nidhogg, you managed to make him to repent.”

“No, it’s not something that amazing.”

“Is it not true?”

“No… Well, it true that I defeated him…. But I only did that with the help of Loki’s ‘Mistilteinn’ and Brynhildr-sama who gambled with her life. This is not a victory that was achieved from me alone.”

“Ho, that means it’s an opponent you cannot defeat on your own? But I don’t think so. In fact, if it was not for your unimaginable performance, even Loki, Brynhildr and you cannot even defeat Nidhogg together.”

Lord Odin bent his knee in front of me, and placed the God Lance, Gungnir on my shoulder. Under his order, I raise my head, what I saw was… the kind and strict single eye that belongs to the most powerful god.

“In this sincerely moment, I am proud of your triumph. I am proud that you didn’t retreat, didn’t chicken out and didn’t surrender. I hereby pronounce you, who had used your lives and courage to struggle and protect this world, as an Einherjars.”


I actually… become an Einherjars? I cannot believe it, the honorable title that’s given to a warrior by the gods, the proof of a hero…. Was bestowed to someone like me.

I kept looking at my surrounding. Everyone nodded their head with a kind smile. It seems that not only Lord Odin who accepted it.

Up until now I am a boar with nothing, but not — I am a hero.

“I hereby with the highest honor and the honor of the God, bestow to that noble warrior spirit of yours. From now on, I hope to see your performance, Sæhrímnir.”

“…. To receive this type of honor, a servant like me will accept it gratefully!”

Everyone in the surroundings is cheering toward the kneeling me. God, Jotun, human, dwarf… As if I managed to herd blessing from all the living beings in all the realms.

Father — Mother, from now onward, I will continue to work in the ‘Valhalla Kitchen’.

To be a meal…. As well as a hero at the same time.

You can only taste the hero flavor main dish at this place.

Please do come and taste it at once!

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