Valhalla no Bangohan Volume 2 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – The Color of the Moody King of Open Sea

A few days had passed since the day when Rossweisse-sama started to lock herself in her room.

I had tried talking to her for a numerous times after that, but it seemed it no longer had any effect. Seemed that her elder sister wasn’t able to convince her either. Even though our only relief is that she eat a lot for her meal, but Brynhildr-sama is still showing a sad smile.

“Ha…. It seems that I can no longer sigh.”

If there is a ‘Sighing competition’, I am confident that I will be the winner with a large difference from the runner up. Can someone please go and organize this… and set the grand prize as Rossweisse-sama’s smile.

“…Relying on others… You should try to do something on your own, Sæhrímnir.”

As I was badmouthing myself, it was time for me to work today.

I walked toward the kitchen with a heavy feeling. After I answered the greetings from the Chef Head who was showing a bitter smile and also understood the situation, I headed toward the locker room that is beside the kitchen to get my cook hat.

“Hey. Sæhrímnir.”

Yes, I am Sæhrímnir, the Sæhrímnir who cannot do anything on his own and keep relying on other people.

“Hey! Didn’t you hear me, Sæhrímnir!”

“Ah, what exactly do you… want! Gullinbursti!”

After I responded and turned toward the direction of the call which I kept ignoring, the person who was standing there is Gullinbursti in his human form. That is strange, I didn’t hear anything from the Chef Head… Maybe he came in from the back door?

“I didn’t expect to meet you here. So, what are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here? Hmph, try to think about it while putting your hand on your chest.”

“Eh~ It’s not something interesting to touch your own chest.”

“Interesting or not is not the problem! Just touch it already! Then think about it! The sin that you had done and the seriousness of it.”

Damn… I understand it well even without touching my chest. It’s the matter about Rossweisse-sama.

“How about it. Do you understand what you should do now?”

“I understand…”

Such thing… even without you saying it, I understand what I should do.

Gullinbursti likes Rossweisse-sama after all. If anyone hurt someone I liked, I will not be able to stay silent about it. If our situation was reversed, I would be very furious instead.

But… there is no longer anything that I could do. So there is only one thing that I can say.

“…I’m sorry…”

“Sorry? Did you just say sorry…!”

The moment he heard my apology, Gullinbursti became furious.

I understand it. The word ‘Sorry’ is a No Good word which had the meaning of giving up. Gullinbursti emotions were flowing out as the barrier that contain it had broken, he single handedly hangd me, who is at his feet, in mid-air and shouted.

“Don’t mess with me! Is that the only thing you could say after all this time? Do you really think that the ego me come here purposely just to listen to that word!?”

“Oh… I don’t think so. Then what did you really come here for. Since Rossweisse-sama is ignoring me now.”

“What do you mean by that! She is the girl that you chose for the lunch party that day! Let put away the fact that you were indulging her smile selfishly for the whole day that time, but are you really going to take away her smile at this point now! By someone likes you!”

“I wasn’t being selfish, and I have no intention of stealing her smile. If that is really the case, I do intend to return it back. But, that’s not the thing I can do now…. Argh!”

Without even letting me finish my sentence, Gullinbursti increase his gripping power on my stomach. The eyes that I saw through the sunglasses were filled with intense fury.

“The ego me, still believe in you after that… That’s why, I purposely wait up till now. …Even though you managed to save the world, how dare you to give up after failing to save Rossweisse-sama!! Don’t be so picky on who to save, do you really think that you are a God!? Say something you dark brown boar!”

“… Then…!!”

I should be contented with that reprimand. But I transformed into my human form with the rune of ‘mannaz’ unconsciously and tried to grab Gullinbursti.

“Then what should I say! What is the right thing to do! I was happy that Rossweisse-sama relied on me so I tried to support her with my best!! I could not think of anything else since I literally gambled my life on it!? But… the result is not like what I expected.  I think very hard to figure out what I did wrong. I only think about it… I was fallen into an awful state after all those thinking, about what I should do. As a conclusion of my thinking, I believe that… it’s better if I don’t do anything.”

Gullinbursti who should be angry at me stayed quiet while hearing my repentance. But the angry on his face didn’t disappear.

Our current problem could be solved by letting him punching me until he satisfy but… this would only hurt Rossweisse-sama more. We could only remain in this silent situation as we are aware of that consequence.

“Hey. I came here since I heard there is a funeral in the ‘Valhalla Kitchen’, is this the right place?”

In that moment—Gullinbursti and I shifted our sight toward the entrance of the locker room where the voice came from. The one who was there was none other than Freya-sama’s boar, Hildi, who was in her human form like us.

“Even Hildi is here. Haha, I wonder what happened that cause the three boars of ‘Asgard’ to gather here. …Don’t tell me… this matter is something major?”

“Ara ara, couldn’t you understand without me saying anything? Didn’t you know that Rossweisse-sama is loved by all of us?”

I had no choice but to remain silent as Hildi was trying to blame me indirectly while saying that. Well there was no choice since I couldn’t even make any sound from my throat at all.

“Se~i, and also Lursti. My purpose of coming here is not to look at the two stone monuments. Instead of solving Rossweisse-sama’s problem, both of you have to be in your usual energetic self-first~!”

“Me and…”

“The ego me… be energetic?”

After we looked at each other, Hildi showed us a smile. She came toward us while continue her words.

“Didn’t you thought before that a sad boar couldn’t make anyone happy? If you want to make someone happy, you have to make yourself happy first. There is a cost if you want to spread the happiness. If a person is unable to be happy, or loses his happiness, he would need someone to share some of their happiness to him. By the way, what is your current stock now?”


“It seems…empty.”

Both me and Gullinbursti swallowed our breath when we gave our answers while Hildi only smile while hearing it.

Is that so… it seemed that way. Because of the current me, I was unable to do anything from the beginning… no… before it even started.

I finally realized it. It wasn’t like I couldn’t do anything for the sake of Rossweisse-sama.  It just that I had not even started to do anything yet!

“Thank you, Hildi! Because of you, I could return back to my normal self.”

“Well, it’s all according to the script up until now. Haha, as expected of Freya-sama, it sure has an amazing effect!”

“What is with this information! Just when I had a better opinion of you.”

What the heck is with this event? But it thanked to her that I was able to be happy again, so I will just be quiet and show my appreciation.

“Hildi. Since you appear at such a timing, does this mean that Freya-sama can no longer overlook the current matter?”

“Well, it’s something like that. Since Sei had become a coward suddenly and there is the fact that Lursti loves Rossweisse-sama. If the current situation persists, it wouldn’t be strange if Lursti would suddenly come and force his way on Sei. Since we understood that, shouldn’t we take some precaution to prevent the fight from happening?”

“Let’s ignore the fact that I, the ego me come to seek the despairing Sæhrímnir, why is it that you understand what the ego me was thinking!? Is it from the rumor!? Am I being that obvious!?”

“Let’s see, what should we do now? But please rest assured since it seems Rossweisse-sama had not realized that yet.”

“I, I see. That is great and a bit pity at the same time…”

It seemed that Gullinbursti was mumbling something in a complicated manner. Usually he thinks that he’s someone impressive but he is quite sincere and honest in this type of situation. To me who is quite earnest in my love, I had a better impression of him after seeing this current scene.

Well, this is something that I will never say even if I was threatened.

“Well, let’s forget the thing that happened up until now. I understand that Lursti is worry about Rossweisse-sama, but let’s give Sei a bit more time. Sei will definitely have some plans since he is the boar who saved the world. This is because —– it will be something sad if us boars fight among each others. Since we are kind of a rare species, let’s get along with each other. Okay?”

After Hildi forced her way between us, she put her arms on Gullinbursti’s and my shoulder. I thought that she always looked indifferent but I only realize now that she is actually the one who is the most responsible and she always notices the situation in her surroundings.

It’s sure a surprise that I could discover things that I never knew about this two now. I’m sure that there is much more things I have yet to notice. I believe that we have to work together with each other starting now.

It’s just like what Hildi said, us boars have to get along with each other. Even if we can’t get along with the other races, we are still able to share our thoughts together…. I believe that is something possible.

“…Hm? Wait a moment…. Boars….getting along….”

“? Sei? What’s the matter?”

“Wait a moment Hildi. I suddenly though of something.”

Gullinbursti tried to stop Hildi who responded to my mumbling. After I receive some sights filled with expectation, I had received guidances to solve the puzzle in my head.

“That is….! This is the only way! Thank you Hildi, and also Gullinbursti! Because of you, I have thought of something!”

“What is it? What is the thing that you had thought of?”

Hildi leaned her body forward to inquire about my thoughts. Even though Gullinbursti looked as if he was acting as usual, but I believed that he was also interested in knowing about my thought too. Without beating around the bushes, I informed them my thought in a straightforward way.

“Rossweisse was hurt and she is bothered about me who keeps dying every single night. But I couldn’t change my death since it was the duty assigned to me. That’s why, I had to at least help Rossweisse-sama so that she won’t be hurt anyone. This is the only thing that I could think of to retrieve her energetic self back.”

“That means… in another word, it means that we have to stabilize Rossweisse-sama God Skill right? But that is…”

“Yup. Actually the current situation is a result of that, of course I will change my approach. This time, in order to ensure the success of this problem, I had to go seek the opinion of a professional first.”

“A professional, do you mean in God Skill? Who are you seeking for since even the Valkyries-sama could not even solve this problem?”

“Hildi, you had already mentioned the answer.  ‘Get along with the same race’. That means I’ll seek the advice from a wolf, I will be able to know the way to get along as they are the same race, right? But the problem is I couldn’t think of any wolf who is the as fierce as ‘Kornmöhme’. I think that we have to find a wolf which is much more superior than ‘Kornmöhme’ or else it won’t work.”

“A wolf which is much more superior than ‘Kornmöhme’…? I don’t think there is any wolf like that….. ! Se.. Sæhrímnir, don’t tell me you…!”

It seemed that Gullinbursti had realized about it. That’s right—– that is correct.

I will go and meet with him. The reincarnation of destruction who was feared by all the god and was exiled to a corner of the world. The evil magical wolf who even managed to leave a tale about biting off the right hand of the War God, Tyr.

“I will go meet —- ‘Fenrir’.”

The next day after I had made my determination. I teleported out of ‘Valhalla’ early in the morning, and now I’m in an old library in the vicinity of ‘Gladsheim’.

Are you wondering why am I here and why I am in my human form? That’s because I come here to search for something.

Moreover, the location of the exiled Fenrir is a top secret even among the Gods. It could not be found in the old document in my home in the forest and even Gullinbursti doesn’t know about it.

I thought of asking the Valkyrie-sama who might know about it but seems like they headed out to work and I cannot even reach Loki. As a final result, I had to come to this place to search for it.

Well, I don’t really hate this method. It might take some time but I’m sure that there are records of it somewhere among this massive pile of information.

“Which is what I thought…. But it’s not as easy as I thought!”

I vented my anger on the tower of book that was form on top of the desk by collapsing it, and I prostrated myself on the table. Among the dust storm there is something sparkling in this dark library, the orange light that appears between the gaps of the black curtain from the sun setting which signified the proof of my hard work for today.

“Ha… it’s almost evening now. Quite disappointing that it took this much time.”

I mumbled out my thoughts due to the disappointment. At that moment, someone unexpected called out to me.

“Hmm? Well, just when I’m wondering who it is. Ahem… you should be quiet in the library.” With a yawn, a girl stands up halfway on the leather couch that was not far from me. I was surprised when someone replied to my self-mumbling when I thought I was alone, but what surprised me more was that that girl was wearing the armor of the Valkyrie.

She was wearing the biggest armor among her sisters and the color of it was brown, with a personality that is similar to Heizu and a tone like an old person… There is no mistake, the one there is the sixth sister of the ninth Valkyrie sister—

“Helmwige-sama! Why, why are you sleeping in this kind of place!”

I stood up immediately from my chair due to the shock and dashed toward Helmwige-sama.

“Why is the old me here? That’s because the old me decided to sleep. Since… sleeping is something more righteous as living is a waste of time. That is because during sleeping time, nothing will ever happen. This is the result of this old me thinking. If this old me had to sleep, it’s better to find a quiet place so the old me can sleep all the old me wants. Isn’t that a good thinking?”

Helmwige-sama said that happily while showing her white teeth. I see! It’s true that a library is always quiet, which makes it a best spot for sleeping.

But… there is still one thing I don’t understand. When did she come in? I came in the library in the morning and after that there is not a single person who came here. That means—-

“Helmwige-sama, what happened to you work?”

“The sixth sister of the Valkyrie had already done that.”

“I’m not asking about your position! I’m asking whether you had finished your work for today!”

“What a strange thing that the old me is hearing. Did thee listen to old me’s words properly? Nothing will happen if all the human, Gods and the Giants are sleeping.”

“I understand now. That means that you have done nothing.”

Haa… So this is the reason why she was sleeping here instead of her own room. What a courageous act for her to skip her works and sleep here carelessly.

During the time that I was so amazed that I cannot say anything. The sound of the entrance of the library opening could be heard and a girl in her armor comes in. Hey hey, isn’t that Brynhildr-sama!

“Helmwige!! Where are you, Helmwige!! I know that you’re here!”

Brynhildr-sama shouted while patted a bit, it seemed that she is a bit different than usual. It seemed that she is very angry.

“Hey, hey thee.”

Helmwige-sama called out to me quietly after she hid behind me right away. She was cute when she tried her best to reach my eye so that she could whisper to me, but the detail that she whispering to me wasn’t part of my expectation as it didn’t cause my heart to throb.

“Yes, how can I help you?”

“Shh! The old me is going to escape from here. Can thee lend thy hand to me?”

Picture 3

“Okay, but my hand might slip a bit.”

“What~? Ah, I understand, then I will do it on my own.”

After she detected that I’m on Brynhildr-sama side, Helmwige-sama quickly get into her posture to run away. It’s a pity that that she couldn’t escape with her tottering steps since she just woke up.

Helmwige-sama staggered as she bumped into the mountain of books that were gathered by me, as a result it revealed her own presence.

“Ah~ there you are! As I expected, you’re really hiding here! You are really a slacker who doesn’t want to do anything!”

“Hiii! Don’t, don’t be so angry, honorable sister. Isn’t it something common for me to slack off?”

“I’m angry because it’s too common! Seriously, you always always always always slack off, why don’t you learn a bit from Sei-san… Eh Sei-san! When did you come here!?”

“Eh? Well, I was here from the beginning.”

“Ah, is, is that so… Ah, that… I am sorry, that you saw something like this…”

“Ah, don’t mind me! I am satisfied that I can see Brynhildr-sama being angry serious.”

“I, Please don’t look at me…”

Before this, Brynhildr-sama face was pure red due to anger, but now her face is pure red due to embarrassment. No, for me even her anger face is cute as she is the one I like. I’m more welcomed if it’s a shy face.

“But I was quite shocked. I didn’t think that I would be able to meet with Brynhildr-sama in this kind of place.”

“That, that right, I was also shocked by it. That, Sei-san, what are you doing here?”

“Eh… I actually plan to go seeing Fenrir, but I’m not sure where it is so I was searching for it.”

“Ah, is that so. If it’s Fenrir, he is just …. Wait Fenrir!?”

Oh, what a nice comeback with a surprised expression. Seriously, my patience was being tested as all of Brynhildr-sama actions were cute. Hm… Just now, what exactly was Brynhildr-sama trying to say? I’m quite curious about what she is going to said, it seems I had to put off from telling my explanation as I intend to inquire about this.

Brynhildr-sama answered my question and tried to capture Helmwige-sama on the nape as she was trying to run away.

“Actually today, me, the fifth sister, Schwertleite and the sixth sister, Helmwige was supposed to deliver the Fenrir’s meal which was given by Lord Odin. But Helmwige who was support to carry the package went missing all of a sudden, we did try to search in ‘Gladsheim’ but…”

“I see. So that’s why you came here as you were trying to search for the right place.”

I glanced toward Helmwige-sama after hearing about this matter.

“Guu~… It was something troublesome…”

She didn’t even try to reflect a bit on her action as she didn’t even bother to hide her big yawn. It seemed she was in a pleasant mood as she had figure out that Brynhildr-sama wouldn’t even bother to be angry while I was here. Even though she was so scared about it up until now as if she lost her money, seriously.

But… this time it seemed Brynhildr-sama was quite serious about the order of Lord Odin. Seems that this conversation was a free ride for me.

Okay, let’s try my best to request for it!

“Brynhildr-sama! There is something that I would like to request! Please let me accompany you to deliver Fenrir’s meal!”

“Ehh! Um.. I’m sorry Sei-san, but getting contact with Fenrir is something delicate as the outsider, other than the Gods, are forbidden  to enter. “

“I was aware of that, but is there any way for me to excuse from it! This is for the sake of Rossweisse-sama!”


For the sake of Rossweisse-sama. The moment they heard that, I felt that their hearts as a caring sister inside them started to sway.

“Hey, honorable sister. Isn’t this Sæ, hrím… Ah- Sei something like that? Isn’t he a food ingredient?”

“You’re wrong, Sei-san is not a food ingredient. He is a courageous boar.”

“Nope, honorable sister… that is correct if you are based on his classification, but aren’t we talking about his role?”

“Ah… yes, that is correct! He is indeed a food ingredient, which is what I thought…”

Brynhildr-sama face turned bright red and she hang her head in shame as she had realized her serious reply after making the mistake.

“No problem… it makes me happy that you think that way, Brynhildr-sama. You were looking at me with a different perspective other than me being a meal right?”

“Ah, no, well… that’s right. That’s because Sei-san is a hardworking person that could do anything instead of being a meal only. I had personally seen all those good parts of Sei-san.”

“What, such kind word…! Um, I, actually I li..”

“Hey, this is not the time for you to talk these types of thing~, let’s put all this love comedy situation afterward.”

“Ah, I’m sorry…”

That’s right, Helmwige-sama is present at this moment.

“So, what were we talking about?”

“Huh, what is with your attitude… We were talking how thee was a meal. That is because we are going to deliver Fenrir’s meal— it would be normal, if we mix in a boar right?”

“I see…! If we do it that way, we won’t be exposed. You did well on thinking about that Helmwige, that’s right we still have that method! Is that okay? Sei-san.”

“Yes! I am okay with that if I could go with you!”

That’s good news, it seemed I had permission to join them in their mission. With this I could proceed with my first step to save Rossweisse-sama.

“Hm… it’s quite late already for today, it seems we will have to delay the mission until tomorrow… Sei-san, can you wait at the kitchen tomorrow afternoon. We will come and get you after we finish our errand to buy some meal for Fenrir purposely request by “Egiru-sama.”

“An errand? If that’s the case, I can accompany you! Feel free to use me for anything like carrying the luggage since I will gladly do anything!”

“Hoho! That will be very helpful! If so, it will be OKAY if the old me is not present right?

“Of course it’s not OKAY! Come on! I’m sorry, Sei-san, as you can see this is how she is when you mention that… can I really ask your help on that?”

“I am totally fine with it! Let just use this chance for you to depend on me!”

“Ah, thank you very much! As expected, Sei-san is really a very kind person. Let’s see, I will go visit you tomorrow after breakfast, so that we can go together.”

“Roger! I will be waiting for you!”

Just like this, I was lucky enough to gain a way to meet Fenrir. Moreover, I will be going with three Valkyries including Brynhildr-sama, this was something like a reward to me already.

Wait… I must not be distracted. If I kept thinking about it, I wouldn’t be able to help Rossweisse-sama. Well, I kind of force myself in the matter this time and earn myself a seat. This matter won’t end even if I go and warm that seat.

Okay! I will try my best to be helpful tomorrow!

Just like that, I welcome the morning next day eagerly. As usual, I returned back to my room after I quickly finished my breakfast, no matter what I couldn’t suppress my throbbing heart while I was waiting.

Just like that— the awaiting time had finally arrived.

“Good morning! And thank you for waiting, Sei-san.”

Just as promised Brynhildr-sama welcome me at my room which is on the top floor of the worker dorm. Behind the smiling Brynhildr-sama, is Helmwige-sama with the big yawn that I saw yesterday. Addition to that, the fifth sister, Schwertleite-sama with her shinning platinum armor was also present.

“Fuwawa… Oh Sei, your appearance is the same as yesterday. I am eager on you to help me hold the luggage.”

“I didn’t say that I will help hold your luggage? Let’s try our best together.”

“I would like to apology. The old me will only try her best while doing thing that’s worth the effort, other than that I won’t be able to do my best.”

What the heck is that? Seriously, this person is quite troublesome.

“…Sæhrímnir-dono. I am Schwertleite of the “Sword Princess of Great Light”. I would like to inquire the reason for you in accompany us and helping us carry our luggage that is related to our mission. Even though we met each other every day in our workplace, I believe that this is the first time I have a proper conversation with you. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Ah, nice to meet you too. If you put it that way, this is really the first time we have a conversation like this. But there is no need for you to be so formal with me, please try to relax a bit. Moreover, it’s fine for you to call me Sei since my name is too long.”

“Ha. Roger, Sei-dono. I will take up on your favor, and relax a bit.”

Okay… it seemed she was still a bit tense. Well, since I know that she is a serious person, so this is something natural for her.

“Let’s see, since we had finished with our introduction, let’s begin our mission immediately.”


After I answered energetically toward Brynhildr-sama’s order, I walked out of my room. But the next moment, my body was picked up by Schwertleite-sama.

“Please wait a moment, Sei-dono. Where do you think you’re going?”

“Eh, where… aren’t we going to use the ‘Rainbow Void’?”

“If that is the case, then we had to fly toward ‘Asgard’ first. Don’t you know that the place where King Aegir stays is a world that is further than the human world ‘Midgard’? That is why we are going to use something different. We will be using Ane-sama rune of ‘Rad’ this time to reach there instead of ‘Rainbow Void’.

The rune of ‘Rad’… it’s a mysterious rune which has the power of teleportation. It is a convenient rune magic which enables people to teleport to a very far place.

If I’m not mistaken, there is a limit to use that troublesome rune. What was it again… it seemed that you can only teleport to those place that you had visited and carved the word. Moreover, you can only teleport to the place which you last carved the word.

Brynhildr-sama, who looked like she could use the rune of ‘Rad’, gave a reliable strong nod when I looked toward her. After that she closed her eye and began to chant the rune magic.


The moment the chanting finishes, the floor of the room was cover with bluish white glow.

A pillar of light came up from the floor. The moment I was distracted by the particles of light that were like a meteor shower when I looked up from position, we were warped to another place in a flash.

It was still morning just a moment ago, but the place that we were transferred was a pitch dark like it was night time here. I couldn’t see any rock or cave after I surveyed the vast, desolate black land.

“Somehow… it feels lonely.”

“It seems that way… This is one of the ninth world, ‘Niðavellir’. This place is located west of the mountain range that surrounds the human realm, ‘Midgard’, this is the world where the Dwarf lives. Even though the location of this place is the opposite of the giant country, ‘Jormungand’, but they have the similarity of having a perpetual night. It’s a pity they won’t be able to receive the blessing of Sola-sama light.”

Somehow the face of Brynhildr-sama who explained this to me, seemed a bit sad.

A country with perpetual night… from what I heard, this place is the opposite of the place where Freya-sama and the Vanir God Community live, ‘Vanaheim’, which is filled with light. Somehow, all the world is different. Somehow I feel that it is a bit unfair, maybe the reason I felt this way is because I know about the existence of both day and night.

“Come on, we don’t have time to be sentimental. Our destination is not here. Our destination lies in the bottom of the sea.”

“Sea? Ah, you are right!”

I didn’t see it since I was hold by Schwertleite-sama this whole time but behind us there is a big dark vast sea. There is a dim light at the horizon, which are the ridgeline of a big mountain. I think that’s the mountain range of ‘Midgard’.

“Then, Ane-sama, Helmwige, let’s go.”

After Schwertleite-sama said that, as if it was a signal the Valkyrie sisters activated the rune of ‘Gales’ which formed an air that cover the body and without hesitation we dived toward the sea.

We plunged forward in the sea with the pair of white wings which were created by magic as if we were in the sky. After we swum a few centimeters toward the deep dark area, we finally…. saw the appearance of our destination.

There is a large golden palace that gives off a bright shine in this dark bottom of the sea, which could be a competitor to ‘Gladsheim’.

That is the mansion of a Jotun, who has a good relationship with the god even though he belongs to the race of the enemy of the Gods, the king of the open sea, Aegir-sama.

“Ho ho ho! Well done, ladies of the wind for taking such a long journey to come here! I would like to welcome you with all my heart to the world flashiest place!”

Between the two servants who were guiding the audience, there was a big bodily build guy who was sitting silently on a huge throne. His long white hair and beard was like the foam made from the waves. Contrast to that was his pure black burn skin and there was a gold ring on each of his finger, I wonder if this person is that Aegir-sama?

Those sharp eyes that look like you will get killed if you look at them, the intense pressure that was carved in his appearance, it was just like the document that I read in my parent home. This was just the image befitting for a merciless and cruel king who governs the open sea.

(Woah~ Is this the fear for not being able to look someone in the eye. But, somehow…)

Despite the fearful outer appearance, I feel some kindness in his speech. Even though he had a loud voice and his mouth seems bad, but it seems like he is overflowing with manliness…. And he had a mysterious warmth in him.

No matter how friendly he is with the Aesir God, Aegir-sama is still a Jotun. I put myself in a readiness posture since I have prior knowledge on it but it seems I could be at ease… when I thought of this, I peek at Schwertleite-sama, who is kneeling on my left and seems a bit anxious.

“Hmm? If I am not mistaken, aren’t you Schwertleite, the sword princess lady. There is no need to be that anxious if you’re looking for my daughter. Due to some minor business, everyone went out in a flashy manner. “

“Roger. I understood. Please pardon for my impolite attitude.”

Schwertleite-sama lowered her head while apologizing. There was a slight feeling of relief coming from her when I looked at her from the side. I wonder what the cause of this response was, Aegir-sama did mention something about his daughter…

“Brynhildr-sama, who is Aegir-sama’s daughter?”

I inquired Brynhildr-sama, who was kneeling on my right, softly. Brynhildr-sama lowered her position a bit while still kneeling and answered my question in a whisper.

“Aegir-sama had a daughter which is known as ‘The wave maiden’. She is the also the fifth sister which is similar to Schwertleite, Uzu-san view her as a rival and she will always challenge her to a duel whenever they met. This is the reason why Schwertleite is being caution on her environment.”

“I see, that is the reason. …heh? Brynhildr-sama, did you just said ‘fifth sister’ just now?”

“Yes. Those girl, ‘The wave maiden’ is similar to us, Valkyrie as they also have nine sisters.”


Oh my god! I couldn’t hold my shock and shouted out in a loud voice in front of the king of open sea! That is because there are nine people you know? They are nine pretty maidens which are on the same level as the Valkyries sisters (maybe), a normal person would be shock by that too. … But, I had to think of the time and place first.

Before I regretted on what I did, Brynhildr-sama gave off a ‘He done it’ kind of face.

But it was too late already. It seemed I had to show my manliness now, it’s time for me to expose the dogeza that I had polish for this type of situation!

“Ah? Hold it, this is something flashy! I didn’t thought there was a boar here! Since it could speak, that means it can use the rune magic… right? Hm?  That dark brown mane, perhaps… you there, what is your name?”

“Eh? Ah, yes, I’m Sæhrímnir!”

Huh, somehow it seems like he got interested at me? And it seems he knew me from the way of his speaking. Perhaps Aegir-sama is aware of ‘The incident on the attempt to collapse the World Tree’…

“It’s just like what I thought, you bastard! Your fame even reached this bottom of the sea in a flashy manner. The hero who defeated Nidhogg and save the world — I see, aren’t you… a bit smaller than what I thought?”

Hiii! What a frank comment, which is a natural response. Everyone is shock because there is this gap, sigh… I wish I had the same size as Gullinbursti.

“Hee~, I thought of something when we first met just now, seem like it unexpectedly come true. You really are a flashy person. …Okay, ladies of the wind. Is the purpose for your visit today is for ‘that’?”

“Yes. We came here to buy some food. It’s for Fenrir this time,”

“Ho ho, you don’t have to finish your sentence! You want to buy some meat right? Please wait for a moment, I will prepare it in a flashy manner. …Okay, let’s begin some insensitive talk. It’s about the gold for this…”

“Yes, we have it here.”

After Brynhildr-sama gave an eye signal, Helmwige-sama carefully put the pouch that she was responsible with on the ground and opened it. A great amount of gold was crammed inside the pouch.

To a normal person, this amount of gold could allow him to have enjoy the rest of his life without needing to work. But Aegir-sama crumpled his forehead when he saw this.

“Is, is there a problem? Ah, if this is insufficient, then we will repay you in another day.”

“Wait a moment, it is sufficient and that’s not the case. The amount of gold needed is sufficient, but instead of the glittering of the gold… I thought that you will provide me with some flashy entertainment that could even let the flower bloom. Since we have a rare guest after all?”

Aegir-sama brushed his beard while saying that and he stood up from his throne and looked toward me.

“Eh… that, am I the guest that you were talking about?”

“It seems you have a nice analytic skill, you moron! Hey the savior boar, I had heard about your bravery. Instead of that… can you show me your intelligent side instead? In the flashiest manner!”

Aegir-sama lifted up his right hand and one of the servant in the audience dashed out. He returned with a square wooden box, which is suitable to store one big platter, with both of his hand after a while.

After the servant returned to Aegir-sama, he came dashing toward me and opened the wooden box that he was holding. There was one big sake cup store inside the box. Moreover, it was a sparkling and gilded splendor expensive cup.

“You can use the rune of ‘mannaz’ right?”

“Yes I can!”

After I said that, I use the rune of ‘mannaz’ to transform into my human form. After Aegir-sama saw me in my human form, he gave a satisfying nod and gave me an order.

“Then put up that sake cup with your hand. That sake cup is ‘Hymir sake cup’, it had a flashy magic that it will return back to your hand after your drop it which is also one of my prized collection. I want you to break it.”

“Eh, is it okay for me to break it? This luxury sake cup?”

“Yeah! Do break it in the flashiest manner without any hesitation. That is a task given by me.”

He, hee… just when I was wondering what type of impossible and hard task he would give me when he wanted to test my intelligence but somehow it was easier than I though.

“I understand. Let’s see… if I can’t break it by dropping it then…”

I lifted up my fist and swing it down without any hesitation. I took that chance to drop the sake cup, but it disappeared before it even touched the floor and appeared back in my palm.

I see. This was what he meant by returning back to my hand.

“Listen? I prohibit you to break it by punching. I also prohibit you to bend it, grip it strongly and step on it. Furthermore, you cannot use any magic and tools on the sake cup. I want to see if you can break it while following those rules. In the event that you managed to clear the task, I will just give you the food for free in a flashiest manner. In the case that you couldn’t do it… I will double the amount of gold needed. I will reserve the food until you settle the fee.”

“Eh, that will trouble us! I had to get the food as soon as possible so I can meet up with Fenrir!  I believe that Fenrir is also raging now due to the empty stomach, let us paid you later.”

“Why don’t you be quiet, you moron!!”


Aegir-sama tremendous stomp caused the ground to shake and loud shout could be heard throughout the palace. As what stated in the document, his rage is as if he is spitting out fire, all the members present were startle and started to tremble in fear.

“Hey. You small animal. Are you looking down on me? …That is mostly true right!! Listen now? You, a small fry better don’t retort toward me, it’s better for you to drop your unreasonable complain!! In the case you were to fail… I will stop all trading with the Aesir God, so you better prepare yourself! You better start right away if you understand the situation! And you better make sure you entertain me!!”

Hii! I will take back what I said previously, this king isn’t kind at all! Instead of a merciless king, he is more like a demon king!

Somehow it seemed the fate of the Aesir God lies on my shoulder…. What should I do now!?

“Se, Sei-san, let’s think about it first. We will try our best to help you!”

“Ok, okay, thank you very much, Brynhildr-sama!”

“Damn… this had become something very troublesome. Failure is not accepted for this, Sei-dono.”

“I understand, Schwertleite –sama, let’s try our best!”

“What a turn of event! My motto is sleep, eat and play. If our food got cut off, that mean I can only sleep and play!”

“Can you please be quiet!”

Damn it! What should I do now? What should I do to break this? It won’t break if I drop it, I am prohibited to punch it or step on it, I also cannot use rune magic to break it and use any tools to break it also… Ah, there is too much restriction! How can I break it with those reckless conditions!?

“Sei-dono, can you try to drop it when your palm is facing downward?”

“I see!”

I went ahead and try it. But it was a failure, instead of returning to the palm, the sake cup appear on the back of my hand. I try to experiment it while putting my hand down but an infinite loop of dropping and returning back to my hand was formed, in the end I fail to break it.

“Hey, Sei, since it comes to this, try to throw it toward my head.”

“Head? Isn’t that the same as punching it?”

We shift our sight with doubt toward Aegir-sama and he gave us an affirmative nod. That mean, that’s it a NG to throw it toward a human body.

Hm… it’s impossible, I cannot think of anything… There should be a correct answer somewhere, only the method that is leading to it is a mystery

“…! That’s right, Sei-san, why don’t you try it on the wall! Try to throw the sake cup toward the wall! If the magic that was casted on sake cup is to prevent it from touching the floor, then there should be no problem if it is toward the wall.”

Brynhildr-sama who was quiet up until now, suddenly show a confidence face while giving out a solution.

Oh, as expected of Brynhildr-sama! It is an answer that I don’t have any complain, then I faced the wall and throw the sake cup with all I have!

“’s a lie right….”

Just before it hit the wall, Hymir sake like how it was going to touch the floor, disappeared and return back to my hand as if it was trying to show us that it’s undamaged. This… I didn’t hear that it had the same rule for both the floor and the wall. This also mean that it useless if I try to throw it toward the ceiling…

The thing that came after we had ensured of our success is despair as if it is freshly out of the oven. Damn it, it seem like we are corned. If I had to say the only thing we could do now since there is no backing out, is to moan in a low voice just like a dog without wrecking the mood. It seem like there is no other method now after all those thinking.

“! No…, there is still something…!”

‘There is no other method’. After I had fallen into this desperate situation, I suddenly thought of something. I believe that this method is something that can only be thought by me. That is because the only person who could do that is… only me.

In my own way. My one and only. That method could only be done because is it me. I am pretty sure the sake cup will break if I execute my method. But… the compensation for that is not something cheap.

“Hey girls. I thought of a way to break the sake cup. Can you please cooperate with me?”

“Ho ho, you did something great Sei! So what is the method? Try and said it then.”

Helmwige-sama who looked like a child was the first one to ask about my plan, it seemed the other two also stopped their thinking to me. After I had gathered everyone attention, I informed them my plan of success to the three of them. After that…

“That’s reckless!! I’m totally against it!!”

As expected, Brynhildr-sama gave a strong opposition toward it. Okay… she is really a kind person after all. If I tried to execute this method forcefully, those with kind heart will definitely get hurt. Maybe they will be in the same situation as Rossweisse-sama who cannot recover from the deep scar.

But still… please forgive me. The current me cannot think of any other ways other than this.

“Schwertleite-sama. Can I ask for your help?”

“… Understood. I believe that I am the most suitable one for that method after all.”

“Schwertleite! Are you seriously saying that!? Please stop with it Sei-san!”

“Please don’t interfere, my noble sister. It’s true that there is a big risk, but I believe that it is possible if it is Sei who doing it. Since he had already made up his mind, we should let him do what he wants as it can be treated as a kind act?”

“Then it’s better for me to be not kind! There is a distinction between doing something good and something possible!”

Brynhildr-sama is saying the same thing as Rossweisse-sama. I understand about it… but there it will happen all over again if I stop here. Everyone was in shocked as if they had not learnt anything.

But… even if that was the case… I’d still continue on with my plan.

“Brynhildr-sama. From the beginning, there is only one thing that I could ever do. That is not to die or to get hurt, it — “Perseverance”. Furthermore, I believe I had a higher perseverance when compare to other. It’s just something simple as that only.”

“That… you persevere until you die, is it something like that? Since you can revive when you fail.”

“That’s right. But, it’s not like I had something like a death wish. That’s because there’s a lot of things I want to risk my life to protect. In short, I’m greedier when compare to other people. But that’s something that I’m okay with. It’s not something that I like to boast since I’m more timid than any other person, but I can properly differentiate the things that I want to do and the thing that I can do!”

Yes, it’s not just something I can do. Since I always choose the thing that I want to do from the thing that I can do. It’s the same thing for this time too.  I properly won’t be doing this if this is for the sake of the relationship between the Aesir God and Aegir-sama. But for the sake of the smile of Rossweisse-sama… for my sake of those who want to look at that smile, I will risk my life and do my best.

“…I understand. I won’t stop you, since Sei-san had said something like that.”

Brynhildr-sama who understood my unwavering decision, unwillingly respected my decision. But there was one additional thing that she said.

“I won’t stop you but… since you had something like that, I hope you can ‘Persevere more’ from now on. So that Sei-san won’t be hurt and can try your best to find the best non-lethal method to solve things. This is a compromise between us so that you won’t have to resort to that method, since I believe that if you really do try your best, you won’t have to do that. Do you understand? The clumsy persevered person.”

“Yes! I will devote myself to do that!”

Brynhildr-sama who said that with a pout, finally revealed her smile.

Okay, with this I had gotten their approval. Now it was time to proceed with the plan that I had come up with!

“So, Schwertleite–sama, are you ready?”

“Of course. But Sei-dono, there is some few omission. Please hold still… “<>”

I thought that Schwertleite-sama drew a runic word on my forehead and the rune of ‘teiwaz’ was activated. While I was confused by the sudden action by Schwertleite-sama, she flicked my forehead.

“Ouch, what, what are you doing so suddenly.”

“It doesn’t hurt right?”

While Schwertleite-sama said that and continuously flicking my forehead, I realized that there was no pain at all. After seeing my respond, Schwertleite-sama gave a satisfying nod and slowly unsheathed the two sword on her waist.

“One of the effects of the rune of ‘teiwaz’ is something like ‘Painless’. That means Sei-dono will not be able to feel any pain in this short amount of time. Then, now that both of us are ready. I will now let you see the superb swordsmanship that surpassed the best sword skill – ‘Zero Flow’.”

She rubbed the two swords in her hands against each other as if giving off some firework, she tilted her waist. The sword princess who is known as the platinum Valkyrie fixed her target at a certain part of my body.

“Then let’s go! One, Two, Three!”

After I said that, I threw the sake cup of Hymir with full force. With both of my hand empty, I place it in front of Schwertleite-sama.



There is an instant flash of a sword. The black sword on the left and the white sword on the right draw out an antipode color and in that moment both of my hand… were slash on the wrist.

“What foolishness!!”

After seeing this shocking scene, Aegir-sama who was reclined on his throne, stood up as if he was going to fall down from it. The sake cup dropped down after reaching its maximum parabola point and was shatter when it hit the ground.

That’s right, it’s impossible for it to return back to my hand. That is because, I don’t have any hand now.

“You had done it… What a flashy tactic… to think you would go that far…”

Aegir-sama laid down back on his throne as if he threw his back and choke out those word in a dumbfounded way. Due to the rune of ‘teiwaz’, I didn’t feel any pain which allow me to give a proud face and press toward Aegir-sama.

“The sake cup is broken now. Then can we have our food for free now?”

“….Oh. I am satisfied now. Feel free to take any amount you like.”

Aegir-sama said that while lifting his right hand again. Then, one of the servants went and secured our food while another came to perform first aid on my hand.

I forgot his strictness due to this kind action, he really is a moody king of open sea. I’m glad that … he is satisfied with this extreme action like how the wave rises.

“….Let’s see, how is the condition of your arms. I had applied the highest grade of medicine on your flashy hands, the unwilling pear which is also use by the God of prophecy, Mimir. With this, you should feel the minimal pain and there won’t be much blood flowing out.”

“Yes, I’m fine somehow. Thank you for your particular consideration, I do feel some pain now.”

Yes, it’s really hurt. After the painless effect from the rune of ‘teiwaz’ worn out, the pain I felt was as if I am dying now but… it’s thank to that high grade medicine that I was able to escape from dying.

I couldn’t say there wasn’t much problem about the bleeding either. It wasn’t that bad before the treatment was perform on it. A skilled swordsman will never let the opponent know that he had been cut, Schwertleite-sama skill was something like that.

After ‘Gullveig’ activate tonight, I believe that my hand will return back to normal. If I die by excessive loss of blood now, I won’t be able to meet Fenrir. I really have to thanks the swordsman sister’s skill.

“Then Aegir-sama, thank you for letting us meet today. It is lucky that we from Aesir Community were able to continue our patronage with you.”

Brynhildr-sama as our representative said our farewell and we left after the audience. As a result, we successfully bought a large amount of food. Since I sacrificed both of my hand, we were able to get a larger amount than we expected, furthermore it was for free. Now I believed that my sacrifice wasn’t in vain.

Well…. I am no able to hold any baggage since I lose both my hand now. Moreover, it’s a bit difficult since I couldn’t to return to my boar form. Since I could not walk on my own if I undo my human form.

“Hey, please wait a moment.”

The moment we went out of this wide place, Aegir-sama call out to us.

“Sæhrímnir. You’re a hero for a boar. I’m extremely interested in you now.  I’m amazed by your intelligent and your bravery since it’s something that is worth of my time.”

“Thank you.”

“Oh. So are you interested in working with me? I promise flashily that you will have a better lifestyle than your current one. From what I heard, you are something like a dinner to the Einherjars every night.”


The sudden invitation was something that I never expected before. That was if I were to nod my head here, I would be able to enjoy my life without having to pay a cost known as death.


Brynhildr-sama looked toward me with an unease type of eyes. Schwertleite-sama face her back toward me and kept silent while Helmwige-sama gave out a regretful sigh.

I felt like this is an atmosphere where something had to be say. But there was nothing coming out from the three of them.

Word such as ‘Please don’t go’ to stop me and sudden word like ‘Do as you like’, were not mentioned at all.

Since it had come to this— but I had already known my reply from the very beginning.

“I’m sorry, Aegir-sama. I prefer ‘Valhalla’ and I like everyone in ‘Valhalla’. Since I’m a friend of everyone… I had to inform you that I won’t be accepting your offer.”

That was my honest feeling.

The air that restricted Brynhildr-sama and the other two seem to be a bit lighter, and they are looking toward me with a positive expression.

On the other hand, Aegir-sama was looking at us with a unwillingly face, but that was just for a moment only. The next moment, he showed us a smile and Aegir-sama said something else.

“…I see, what a pity. But, I’m more interested in your spirit now since you dare to reject flashily the offer by this king of open sea. Hey, Sæhrímnir I hope flashily that we can have tea together when I’m having business with the Aesir Gods. For your information, that Odin will be happy if you tell him that I will reduce the cost of the gold needed to half from now on.”

“Ha, half price?”

What a surprising thing he is saying! This type of ‘All or Nothing’ topic make me thing that he is quite an extremist, it seems that there is a big difference when he is in a good mood and when he is in a bad mood.

“Come on, Sei, let’s split the leftover gold between the two of us. But keep it a secret from the others okay?”

“This is not a normal thing that you can just nod casually!”

“This, this child is really…”

“Ho. isn’t this something normal. Let just ignore her, my dear elder sister.”

As a conclusion, let’s cheer for that special bonus. No matter how many times I think of it, there is no telling what will happen in this world.

Well, I should just be purely happy now. To think that I could be useful to others other than being the dinner at ‘Valhalla’— let’s celebrate since I have a new added value.

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