Valhalla no Bangohan Volume 3 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – The color of the surprise lunch party

After that, various things happened and few days had passed.

It had already been a month since the Einherjars rebellion incident. I thought that the Einherjars who got worked up to become the king of the world had already reflected on their actions.

“Isn’t it about time that the restriction on the meat related dish be lifted?”

I said that foresight while looking at the peaceful morning through the window.

Anyone who looked at them can see that they were deeply regret on their action as they were quite serious to devote themselves during their daily training. Based on the judgement by Odin-sama, it wasn’t like the gods would be in a disadvantage if they were kept in the god vicinity.

That was why, I thought that the day where the ‘Ratatouille punishment’ that were given to them would be lifted was getting closer each day.

During that time, I, as expected, were depended by the Valkyries with their various tasks and I still accompanied them with their mission as Idun-sama bodyguard.

It seemed like I was more used to that lifestyle instead, if I were given the order to ‘I will rely on you to be the meal tomorrow’, I would answer with ‘I reject’ without any hesitation.

“Then, Saehrimnir, I will rely on you to be the meal tomorrow.”

“I reject.”

“What did you said…?”

“Eh? Ah… that’s not it! That just slipped out of my mouth on its own….! Hm… Eh!? Why is Odin-sama in my room!?”

After I realized it, it seem that Odin-sama appeared behind me while I was basking in the sun in a carefree manner.

No, even though this looked like something normal, but in reality there was something unreasonable weird about this!? To think that the number one of the God realm, ‘Asgard’ would come and visit the room of a lowly boar like me, I would never believe this even if the world turn upside down.

“There is no need for you to be so flustered, Saehrimnir. I came here after I done my inspection, of course on the Einherjars.”

“Inspection on the Einherjars… huh, Odin-sama is doing this personally, is that right?”

Right, that was the surprising part. As this was something different to Odin-sama title who was famous as an informative god as he was someone who had knowledge on the various matters that happened in the world. This was because he had a large amount of information that stood above the others.

Odin-sama possessed the throne that had the ability to look at any part of the world, other than that, he had two pair of ravens and the two-headed wolf who were frequently gathering information for him. Especially the wolf, since its main task was to gather information in ‘Valhalla’. To think that he would came here personally to do the inspection even though he had such a convenient familiar…

“I am a person who will reflect on my own failure. That is because I am partly to blame for them to start the rebellion. Therefore, that is the reason for me to come here personally to observe the situation.”

“I see, I think that is an admirable way of thinking. But… may I know the reason for you to come visit me in my room…?”

“There is nothing particular wrong about this. Since I had personally seen your contribution during the incident on the attempt to collapse the World Tree and the rebellion incident that happen before this. This is indeed something that is somewhat difficult for my step-brother to look down on.”

“! I… do not deserve this praise! In order to avoid this undeserved honor to overflow, I am willing to become solidify on the surface of a high flame!”

“Hahaha! Do you plan to be lock up the by the gravy of the hamburger? Seriously, this is something strange for a boar to talk about, seem it was the right thing to take you to my side. …I hope this won’t change in the future, as I anticipate to see your further performance. Saehrimnir.”

Odin-sama walked out of my room after saying that in a dignified manner.

I wondered, what was this… you see, it was something amazing, the trembling had started. It had been a while so I was afraid of dying now, I would never say something like that anymore!

“The mission of becoming a meal will revive starting from tomorrow. Okay! It’s something out of the blue but I will do it!”

I stood up with two legs without thinking and I tried to use my whole body to show my determination. Then, as a replacement, the Chef Head arrived.

“It seems you are fired up, Sei-kun! Did you know that we could hear you from the outside? Putting that aside, I will rely on you again starting from tomorrow.”

“Leave it to me, Chef Head! After all, I am a pro!”

While answering, I hit my chest to show my eagerness. I unintentionally hit my chest too hard which cause me to fall backward but let put this aside.

“Hahaha. …Let’s change the topic, Sei-kun had you heard about this? The matter about Witige-san.”

“The matter about Witige-san? Nope, I didn’t heard about it…”

Witige-san was the half dwarf grandpa which could strained his back anytime and also the alias as the ‘Black sword saint’. He was the strongest Einherjars. He was one of the few in number which did not support the rebellion that happen one month ago.

In the midst of the rebellion, he lost and got injured by the boss of the rebellion which was his beloved disciple, Beruze and he was receiving treatment for the injury up until now but… that is, perhaps!

“Is he completely cured already!?”

“Ah. He will be discharged today. He will be returning to the practice field tomorrow while doing his rehabilitation at the same time.”

I see… I see! Witige-san had finally become well again. That’s great.

“Right about now, he should had definitely went back to his own room at the dorm and tidying up his luggage. Sei-kun, you were curious about it up until now right? How about we go and visit him together before we get ourselves busy?”


Just as what Chef Head said, it was true that I was praying for a complete recover of Witige-san. But up until now, for some reason, I tried to avoid my meeting with him. That was why I only know of his discharged now.

There was one reason for me to avoid him even though I was worry about him. During the rebellion of the Einherjars, I made a certain promise with Witige-san—- and I couldn’t manage to keep that promise.

‘Beruze-san still had kindness in his heart. I will definitely bring him back.’ Even though I said that and he was even willing to lend me his beloved sword, Mimung, I couldn’t managed to bring him back as I become berserk.

That was why, I never went to meet Witige-san but… I couldn’t run away from it forever. Let’s take this chance and go meet him!

“Chef Head! I will now go and meet Witige-san!”

“Ah, go on! I would gladly discuss with you if you want to bring anything to celebrate.”

“! I see, that it! That will do, Chief Head!”

Before meeting Witige-san, I got an insight of the preparation that was needed.

Let’s do it… to celebrate his recovery, to thank him for lending Mimung and as an apology for not keeping the promise! A surprise party!

After that, I quickly began my preparation for the party with the help of the Chef Head. Well, since the venue for the party was my room, it would be something modest.

The preparation for ushering was flawless. In order to escort the main guest of this party, I headed straight to the Einherjars dorm.

Knock Knock Knock

“Witige-san. Are you home? It’s the boar, Saehrimnir.”

I used my hoof to knock lightly three time. Before long, Witige-san himself showed up at the door.

“Oh, isn’t this, Sei-dono! It’s been a long time. Come, do come in.”

I nodded my head and followed the invitation to enter his room.

Immediately after that — while leaving everything else aside, an apology came.

“Please forgive me, Sei-dono! I had heard about it, because of the unreasonable request from this old man, it seem that you had gotten yourself hurt considerably…”

It was not necessary for me to say this but the apology did not came from me. It was from Witige-san.

“Hold it, please raise your face, Witige-san! The one who should apology should be me since I was the one who did not hold on to the promise.”

“No, that thought is something unnecessary. Even though I realize it much better that anyone that he had gotten enthrall by insanity… yet I still took advantage of you. …Love… therefore…”

Witige-san ended his sentence with a tremble voice as if he was being choked.

The mastermind of that accident, Beruze, no matter how you put it, he was insane until the end. But… no matter how insane he was, he was still the precious disciple of Witige-san.

I did not seen the how he died but Loki told me that he died in an extremely gruesome way. I couldn’t manage to imagine how sad Witige-san was toward that.

“Witige-san. I want to thank you for lending me Mimung during that time. Then, actually, in I had prepare a party to celebrate Witige-san fully recover… will you participate? It something modest but there will be drink and food.”

“Oh… I am grateful for that. But…”

While I returned Witige-san his Mimung that was tied to my body, I invited him to the party.

“It hurts me to say this but… with this old body of mine, I have a small appetite only, and so I can’t eat and drink in a showy way. This will cause a lot of leftover for the food that you had prepared. There is no need for you to worry about me, so please enjoy it with your friend.”


To me, Beruze was a person who I wouldn’t forgive since he had hurt Brynhildr-sama. But… toward Witige-san, he was like a son to him. So it was obvious that he was mourning over his death.

“I’m sorry, for me, he is really stupid… so, that’s it. Since you had just discharged from the hospital, so it would be better if you don’t do anything reckless, right?”

“Ya, yes that’s it. I’m sorry. It would be easier for me to eat up if I am in my normal condition, well there is still that matter… so I won’t participate this time.”

“Okay, I understand! Then, I will excuse myself here… please don’t over work yourself in the particle tomorrow, okay?”

“Ho ho! A warrior is usually a bit reckless.”

“Hahaha, since you put it that way, I don’t think will listen to me. Then, please take care!”

“Thank you for coming here on purpose. Please invite me if there is anything else.”

After I was send off by deeply bow by Witige-san, I turned my back toward the Einherjars dorm.

It was a pity that I was unable to invite Witige-san to the party but it couldn’t be helped based on his current condition. Now, the problem was…

“What should I do with the food…?”

Even though I said it something modest but I did put a lot of effort in it~. Witige-san mention about friends but I only had a few friends.

It would mostly be Loki, or Grani-kun, the beloved horse of Brynhildr-sama…but as usual I wasn’t sure where and what Loki is doing and I had a feeling that Grani-kun would not want to have a party with just the two of us. I guessed it would be better for me to make a resolution and invite the Valkyries-sama… hold it, let wait for a moment.

It seemed that my feeling was paralyzed recently but this was something different okay? It would make sense if I reminiscence about the past one month since I came to ‘Valhalla’ but it seemed like a miracle for someone like to be able to talk with the Valkyries-sama. I would be punished if I got too excited.

“But… that is! If it Brynhildr-sama…”

After I came here, I remembered about a certain thing.

It happened not long ago but that day… it was around the time when I was invited to the lunch party by Thor-sama, if I not mistaken, I made a promise with Brynhildr-sama.

I said this to Brynhildr-sama who regreted that she was unable to accompany me to the party. Let have a party with just the two of us!

“When? When is it? Then, when should we do it? It would be now!”

The moment after I shouted that, I immediately left that place. Now I headed toward the usual place, the hole that was open up at the world tree Læraðr, ‘the rainbow void’.

I would be able to reach the goddess dorm, ‘Vingólf’ by using that teleport feature.

“Please wait for me, Brynhildr-sama! It seems I always visit you without an appointment but I am now heading to meet you!”

At time like this, I was saved by the instinct of a boar that would leave it to the momentum and charge straight toward anything.

While I gave thanks to my usual recklessness, I rushed toward the dream of the party with just the two of us alone.

But, that time… I hadn’t realize it yet.

There was a single shadow that had completely heard all of my mumble.

“Oh… a party with just the two of them. Roast geese don’t come flying into the mouth.”

I arrived at the goddess dorm, ‘Vingólf’ in high spirit.

I headed toward the Valkyrie-sama dorm which can be found inside proudly.

“He he he… I finally arrived. It’s time to open it! The door to the happy and shy dream parade with my beloved Brynhildr-sama!”

I greeted the feeling of being high spirited, I knocked on the door while breathing in a gentlemanly. Oops, it seem I had put in a bit too much force to it.

“Ah, is it Sei-san?”

My heart throbbed faster once I heard Brynhildr-sama voice which came from the other side of the door.

This was strange. Somehow it seem that she knew that it was me who knocked on the door though…?

“It really is Sei-san! It’s exactly as what Ortlinde said!”

I wondered why did the name of the third sister was mentioned by Brynhildr-sama who welcomed me with a smile? I tilted my head in curiosity and the sight inside of Brynhildr-sama room was  the same as the time of the meeting.

“Huh? Everyone was gather together… even Freya-sama is here!?”

What… what is this!? The number of goddess in this room is quite concentrated, as if most of the goddess in ‘Asgard’ had gathered up here!

“Sei-chan, you are so ~terrible! I’m still the leader of the Valkyries team? So there shouldn’t be any problem for me to be appear in the gathering of the Valkyries~!”

“That’s not it, Freya-sama, whether it’s good or bad… um… may I know what is the current situation?”

While being confused, I enquire Brynhildr-sama who was the closest to me. Then, she answered me with a smile that could melt one heart away.

“To be honest, we had heard that Sei-san is planning a surprise party to thank us. It’s from the third sister, Ortlinde.”

… I looked toward Ortlinde while being speechless.

As a response to that, Ortlinde was also speechless and emotionless. What exactly was the correct response for this?

Ah~~ … there was something that I had to confirm. I was thankful toward the Valkyries every day. There was no mistake for it.

I actually planned a surprise party. But that was for the sake of Witige-san, which there was a last minute changes to it which was a ‘two people’ party with just Brynhildr-sama and me.

I wondered how it became this… I understood now, it seemed that all my lonely mumble was heard by the nearby Ortlinde-sama who had erased her presence.

And that was how the current situation became something like this…?

“It time for a free meal! I will eat until my heart~ content!” (Helmwige)

“Hey~ Wige-chan, I won’t allow you to monopolize~ it?” (Waltraute)

“Hoho, I am satisfied with just your feeling only, Sei.” (Gerhilde)

“Fu fu. I will grade your feeling of gratitude toward me! You better prepare for the consequence if it’s insufficient!” (Siegrune)

“You should be more honest, Rune-nee-chan. Thank you, Sei-kun!” (Rossweisse)

“Roger, I had received your gratitude. I had properly receive your feeling of deep affection in the scabbard of my heart.” (Schwerte)

“I… I… how about me!? I am also included!? I did not do anything special though!?” (Grimgerde)  

“Okay, please calm down~. Grimgerde is also included. Then, we will be in your care, Sei-chan!” (Freya)

Everyone thank the main dish…. I mean the host of the party which was me.

Of course, I found it difficult that I had to give up on the party with just Brynhildr-sama and me.


“… Linde and the other are all in this together.” (Ortlinde)

Since I couldn’t find a better word to reply and retort it, so this was the result of it. A party would be a party when there was a large amount of people being noisy.

I secretly thanked Ortlinde-sama, who was sending the two peace signs from the bottom of my heart.

Just like this, we changed our venue to ‘Valhalla’. A grand total of ten guests came to my room which wasquite small.

Let me mention who they were. No, I wanted to say it. To be honest, I would say it numerous times. Since it was something that I could be proud of.

The northern battle maiden that govern the wind, the Valkyrie nine sisters.

The gallant and beautiful eldest sister in the blue armor, ‘The God War Armor’ Brynhildr-sama.

The vivid second sister in the emerald armor, ‘The Green God Lance’ Gerhilde-sama.

The dazzling third sister in the gold armor, ‘The Bodhidharma of Nirvana’ Ortlinde-sama.

The passionate fourth sister in the bright red armor, ‘The War Dancing Princess’ Waltraute-sama.

The grim fifth sister in the silver armor, ‘The Northern Sword Princess’ Schwerte-sama.

The solid sixth sister in the brown armor, ‘The Ancient Iron Cage’ Helmwige-sama.

The elegant seventh sister in the black armor, ‘The War God’s Fortune’ Siegrune-sama.

The eight sister who look beautiful in my eye in the violet armor, ‘The Mask Spirit Guardian’ Grimgerde-sama.

The pure ninth sister in the pure white armor, ‘The White Wind Wolf’ Rossweisse-sama.

And then the one who governs all of them, the charismatic super miracle idol, Freya-sama.  — That was all.

… I’m sorry if it was long. But there was one thing that I want to say. They were all extremely cute, that was all.

Hold it, not only their appearance, their voice were also quite cute. On top of that, they had a nice fragrance. I was frustrated that it was also being filled with the fragrance of the food.

The curtains with these goddess— had begun now.

“Meat meat! I want to gather all the meat!”

“Hey Helmwige, there is no one who will bite it without cutting it up. Wait a moment, I am cutting it up now.”

Haha, exactly as what Helmwige-sama said. There was a large amount of guest than I thought but there was no need for you to be so greedy since the food won’t run away.

Then, Schwerte-sama, could you use a proper knife instead of your sword…?

“Raute-nee-chan, how do you eat this?”

“It seem like this is a fondue~. You eat this by sticking it with bread or vegetable with a skewer and then dip it into the pot of the melted cheese~.”

“Hee~! It’s pretty amusing! I want to try it!”

“Ah, you can’t dip it for a second time, you got it~? Calmly, slowly and carefully, hmm… Oh my, please don’t tease the tip? Insert it to the deepest part… like that, you are quite skilled. Take it out like that, and in your mouth”

… I also wished Waltraute-sama could teach me too, the way to eat fondue.

“— target captured. Become a shadow to kill yourself and… bite it off on a single bite!”

“Hee… it seem like you never forget about your appearance as a ninja no matter when it is, Ortlinde. But this Gerhilde, will not be in second place to anyone when it came to speed! I challenge you to see who can eat the most!”

“It seem that you are demanding something other than speed…”  

Ortlinde-sama mumbling that while in a dejected manner and resting her shoulder. Opposite of that, Gerhi kept swallowing the food without chewing it properly and it seemed that she was the fastest among her sister who rushed to the toilet since she hurt her stomach.

“Ah, it’s leftover… it quite lucky that it’s a leftover with a large portion… is it this? It seems like it had a small presence so no one had touch it yet, hehe, somehow… it is similar to me.”

“Um… Grimgerde. Since that is sweets, so it counted as a dessert. That it’s not leftover, it usually the food that will be eaten last. Well, I will eat it right away since I like sweets.”

“Is that so… sigh… my plan to break off from the flow and create some presence by eating this sweets first…”

“If… if that’s the case, I will let you have it first. But… Are you going to eat it while wearing that mask?”

“I’m sorry… this is my merit where I have no problem living while wearing my mask…”

“If that’s the case, I don’t understand why you thought that you have a small presence…”

That was right… I agreed with Siegrune-sama’s opinion. Ah~~ I thought that I will be able to see Grimgerde-sama real face but it seemed like it wouldn’t be something easy.

Then, it was the time to grieve lightly. Brynhildr-sama came beside me while holding two small plate of the portion of the meal in both of her hands.

“Fu Fu. It’s great that everyone was enjoying themselves. Ah, here you go, Sei-san.”

Brynhildr-sama lowered her hip after she put the small plate on her right hand on the floor in front of me.

“Thank… thank you! Itadakimasu!”

Hey, the foolish me, why are you enjoying the meal! We should have a conversation first right?  

Well… I was aware of that in my head but I was unable to joint all the action. That was because I was nervous no matter what. I was in a bind since Brynhildr-sama was too beautiful.

Brynhildr-sama muttered a few words while I was eating the meal wholeheartedly.

“… This meal…”

“Yes? Ah, that is Quiche. By any chance, did you dislike the taste of it?”

“No, that’s not it. It seem there is two type for it.”

“Ah. You’re wrong, both of the Quiche are vegetable Quiche, they are the same. The one which look a bit bad and burnt is the one I make…”

“Then, the one here which look nice is by Chief Ando?”

“Yes, you’re right. Ah, if it possible, could you tried both of them and compare it? I want to hear your opinion on how is it different.”

“If you don’t mind the advice from me, I will surely do it.”

After she answered that, Brynhildr-sama start to put the Quiche in her mouth elegantly. She swallowed both of the Quiche after chewing it and tasted it properly. Okay, I wondered what the result was despite the appearance of it?

“I… I’m sorry… both of them are equally delicious.”

“Eh!? How could that be! There is no need for you to pity me, Brynhildr-sama, that is because I am aware of the taste of it! Compare to the meal prepare by the Chef Head, mine is…”

“I.. I am not pitying you! I truly think that way. To me, the meal prepared by you is truly delicious… I wonder why?”

“That is because maybe Brynhildr-sama have no sense of taste…”

“That’s not it! I am able to differentiate good food and bad food!”

Brynhildr-sama who panic hastily after she took my joke seriously was cute.

It was alright, even if Brynhildr-sama had no sense of taste, this love of mine would never become cold in an eternity.

But… putting the joke aside, I wonder why?

It was impossible that a meal prepared by someone like me is on par with the Chef Head. To be honest, I had already admitted my defeat.

I didn’t think that Brynhildr-sama will flattered me at these moment based on my outing with her up until now. Her point of being frankly while being moderate was a part of her kindness and it the righteousness.

In another word, that meant that Brynhildr-sama was not lying… he he he.

“Okay, Sei-chan, are you enjoying it~?”

“Wah, Freya-sama!?”

Freya-sama who jumped out from my right interrupted me while I was in my deep though. The sweet fragrance that I gotten while I was being hugged in her breast and the breath full of alcohol… wait, alcohol!?

“Um… Freya-sama! If I’m not mistaken I didn’t prepare any alcohol!”

“Nya ha ha! That’s why I prepare them~ myself. Wouldn’t the part be boring if there is no alcohol~?”

“There was no such thing in Freya-sama lunch party…?”

“That’s because~ the main guest is Sei-chan. I couldn’t bring it out, right? Since I am on the side that is enjoying this today, so I am cutting it loose!”

“Well… that wouldn’t be a problem if it within limit.”

Since there was nine other people here, if it was only Freya-sama who gotten drunk… I turned toward the others hoping to get some helps from them.

“Fu~nya, hahaha! Onee-chan, you are covered with cheese!” (Ross)

“Yu~p, it’s so hot… Onee-san is getting sleepy… good night…” (Walt)

“Hiccup… listen a while on my unluck… which part of me am I being dere.” (Sieg)

“Ah~ I dizzy… oops, if I puke with my mask on, it will be…” (Grim)

“Oh no, the sky… the sky is falling…! Come, I will make you be the rust on my sword!” (Sch)

“Kufufufu, where is it?  Where is the hidden treasure of a young boy? Is it here? Or is it here? Oh, how about under the bed.” (Helm)

Stop it, that is my ‘Brynhildr-sama observation diary’!!

What the heck was this situation! It seemed that everyone had already become drunk! Isn’t this surpass the limit already!

It seemed like Gerhi-sama was not here after all! Well I think she was still in the toilet!

“Good grief, it seems that everyone is being pathetic. Seems that Linde is the only one who is fine. Yup, aren’t you thinking the same thing, Sei-shi?”

Ortlinde-san? The one that you were talking to just now is not me, okay? That is just a chair with the only difference is the color, okay?

“That… that’s right, how about Brynhildr-sama!?”

It was lucky that Brynhildr-sama was beside me the whole time. That why she shouldn’t had come under Freya-sama dirty trick!

“Gulp, Gulp, Puaha~~ this is really delicious! Here you go, Sei-san, you should have a cup!”

It seemed like I was too late! It was foolish of me to think that way!

“Hiccup, what is it~ Sei-san, are you saying that you won’t drink my alcohol~?”

“That’s not it… but I have not reached the age to drink in the human realm.”

“What are you saying, Sei-san, this is the God realm. Furthermore, I had already know~ the fact that you had secretly drinking the mead~?”

What!? Don’t… don’t tell me that she saw… the scene where I was drinking it using the ‘Odin style’? Normally, I drink it secretly out of the bucket okay? Please said it’s this, Brynhildr-sama!

“Alright, Sei-chan, the preparation for the improper conduct is ready! From now on, which route are you heading? Perhaps, the route you desire is the Freya route? Of course, the preparation for that is also completed!”

“Why are you doing preparing the route on your own! All of them are the wrong ones, there is not a single correct route!”

Ah, as expected of the goddess which governs love, Freya-sama.

It would be difficult for me to avoid this danger alone. Please, someone… someone please lend their helping hand to me!

Then, while I was praying to something other than the gods.

“Freya….Freya-sama, there is an emergency!  There is something I had to inform you as soon as possible!”

The door of my room open up with a bang.

The one who literally rolled in was the silver boar, Hildisvíni also known as Hildi. She was a capable boar as she is the follower of Freya-sama and also her manager.

“What… what happened, Hildi-chan, that caused you to be in such a hurry.”

While seeing Hildi being in such a hurry, Freya-sama and the Valkyrie sisters suddenly became awake from being drunk in an instant. They changed too fast. I suspected whether their behavior up until now was an act.

“Hup…Fu… I’m… Lursti, I leave it to you.”

“Ah, leave it to me.”

As a replacement for Hildi who was unable to talk due to her fatigue, another boar appeared after her. It had a big and sturdy body cover with golden mane… it was the follower of Freya-sama’s older brother, Frey-sama, one of the six masterpiece of the Dwarf, Gullinbursti.

“I have a report for you. While I was patrolling Freya-sama mansion, ‘Fólkvangr’, the Hildisvíni here notice a grave situation. In the ‘Lily garden’ that Freya-sama is proud of, all of it… are in the brink of being wilted.”

“Ehhhh!? What happened!? Well~ it’s true that I had neglected taking care of them recently but… I’m pretty sure there is a caretaker for it?”

“The caretaker Einherjars, it seems she is neglecting her job recently.”

Freya-sama was dubious on Gullinbursti report. Well that was expected as she was a goddess that possessed a high level of charisma, so there should not be any mistake in the person she selected.

But at that time, Hildi who managed to adjust her breathing insert herself in the conversation.

“The fault does not lie on her personality but it on her mentality. It seem the caretaker of the garden had a crush on someone in ‘Valhalla’… that crush, in the rebellion that happen one month ago…. Was killed in battle…”

“!… that…”

While mumbling, it seemed that Freya-sama who covered her face took notice of it.

The female caretaker was in a low spirit since she was in a shock as she had lost her beloved. It seemed she neglect her job as she was unable to heal the wound in her heart, which caused the current situation…

“… I won’t blame her. Actually, it was bad of me to push all the responsibility to her alone. But still… if we don’t do something to the flowers who are suffering. Please elaborate more about the situation, is it possible for the flower to recover?”

There was no point of regretting things that had passed. Freya-sama switched her emotion in an instant as usual and requested further findings from Hildi.

The reply toward that was… was the single word of despair.

“About that, Freya-sama… I afraid that… it was too late…”

After hearing that, Freya-sama opened her eye wide and became speechless. At a time like this, even the Valkyrie were unable to help and my room was visited by the gloomy silence instantaneously. At this point, it would seem weird for me to say this now but I missed the quarrel up until now.

I was aware on how beautiful Freya-sama garden was. It would be sad and impious if that garden was gone. I didn’t even have the thought that it would be better to be re-planted it again from scratch.

Was there really no other alternative for it? No, that was definitely not true. There was surely a way.

Think about it… Think about it, Sei. There should be a way to resurrect the plants that are completely wilted….

“…! That right, I got it!”

Yes, it was a victory to me who did not gave up! I was pretty sure that the plants would be lively again with this method.

“Sei-chan, did you have a suggestion?”

“Yes, I have a suggestion, Freya-sama! There is a mysterious water that is even able to revive the plants that had already lose their liveliness! In this ‘Valhalla’!”

Right… there was a deer here that is able to do such a miracle.

The one who managed the wide ‘Valhalla Large Farms’ alone, the rumor him!

“The deer who is able to produce the miraculous pure water. His name is Eikt…nir   …? Um… his name is… his name is ‘Ikusu’!”

I’m sorry, Ikusu… I had try my best but I was still able to remember your true name.

Somehow, it would be nice if you were to call me Sei… ha ha.

After that, I arrived at ‘Valhalla Large Farms’.

I was standing alone in the middle of this fertile ground that was overflow with the vibrant green plants.

Eh? Where were the others? Don’t worry! I was pretty sure they are watching from the shadows.

The reason why I was alone here was to called out the deer, Ikusu who was famous for being shy. He was that… whether it fortunate or unfortunate, it seemed that he had an interest toward me…

Somehow I was afraid as if I was selling my own body but, this was all for the sake of Freya-sama. An enema… rather with a heartbroken though, I become a bait.



At that moment, the bush behind made some small sound of rustling. Seriously? Did you seriously came? In such a careless way? Are you a horse that could be bait that easily? Or are you a deer?



I tried my best not to stare but it seemed like there was something that came out from the bushes!! The silhouette of a four legged animal with some sharply on its head came straight toward my butt—-!!

“Yo! Sei-sama, yo!”

After the shadow dashed until it was in front of me, it made a stop instantly. While revealing its appearance, he emphasised the fact that he was a guy with it throaty voice. … no, was it just a greeting…?

“You… you are… Ikusu?”

“! That…. That’s right, I’m Ikusu! Ah~ it’s a glory that Sei-sama know my name… it makes me want to enter a faith! It seem like I am dying!”

“Um… please don’t do both of them, absolutely.”

What… what was with this excited deer? I couldn’t help but think whether he was sane or not since he address someone like me with a sama.

On the other hand, I wondered why Brynhildr-sama and others did not came out immediately?

The arrangement was to capture him the moment Ikusu show himself but…

“Chi~ it seems~ boring. I thought there would be a more interesting development.”

The one who was grumbling while appearing nonchalantly was Freya-sama. The Valkyries team that followed after her put their arms on their chest and showed an ‘I’m sorry’ pose.

Is that so… it was Freya-sama who ordered them to wait. I wondered what bad experience should I encounter in order to satisfy you?

“Ha!? Se… Sei-sama, they are…?”

“Ah, don’t worry, it alright, actually, we wish to borrow your power.”

“My power… is it?”

Ikusu tilted his head as if he did not possess such an exaggerated power.

That was not truth. Ikusu was the only on in this world that we could rely on.

“Ikusu-chan is it? I had a request, could you follow me without asking anything?”

It… it appeared! The trump card, ‘Goddess Smile’ version two, ‘The Request form’!!

The moment when Freya-sama released her request technique, super wink, it will caused all the guy in this world kneel down in the speed of light. Have a look, I was also one of the person.

But… it was strange. After Ikusu splendidly ignored the goddess smile from Freya-sama, somehow it seemed like he was looking toward me with an eye filled with greed.

Hey hey, is this serious…? Don’t tell me that he would request a goddess smile from me right? No… it would be faster if I do try it out.

“I… I also beg of you? (Smile)”

“I would gladly accept it!”

I gave up, I only have a bad predicament for this…

“Oh… this wither seem quite bad…”

We came to Freya-sama mansion, ‘Fólkvangr’ through the ‘Rainbow Void’ at the world tree. The disastrous scene of the lily at the wide garden did not betray our imagination.

Ikusu was the one who begin to mumble in the most shocked way but it did not seem like he had gad given up based on his voice.

Somehow through his eye, there was still hope for this garden.

“Then let’s go Ikusu~” (there was a pun here as let go and Ikusu had the same hiragana)

“Pu Pu… let’s go Ikusu? Let’s go Ikusu?”

Eh… Freya-sama, what was that just now? Hey, I couldn’t believe it in my dream that such a cold joke came out from her mouth.  Furthermore, she said it twice, two times even though it was not something important.

“Even Brynhildr-sama is laughing!?”

Wait for a moment Brynhildr-sama, was your resistance to laughter this low!? If it was me, I could prepare a better joke!

“Fu…fufu, that’s not it, I am laughing because I thought of something. It’s just that I remember that Sei-san had said the same thing before this, that’s why.”

“Eh? Did… did I said such a joke before?”

“Yup. Can you try to remember about it? You see, it happened around one month ago. While I was nursing you after I found you collapse in front of the farm… during that time, it seems you were mumbling it in your sleep as if you are having nightmare.”

Ah, I did said something like that! Why did this happen… to think that my comedy sense was on the same level as Freya-sama… I had a mixed feeling whether I should be happy or sad.

This was not a situation to hang my head! After, Ikusu lowered her centre of gravity, light came out of her antler as if he was trying to do some performance!

“Osu! Super Miracle Healing Hydro Shower!” (←what the heck is this)

After he turned around in a cool way and shouted out that lame skill, a large amount of water came spraying out from the tips of his antler. The scene was really beautiful as the water was sparkling as it was bath in the sunlight from the incline sun. I see, I agreed with Brynhildr-sama that this was something fascinating.

“… the spell ended.”

All the lily in the garden were revived after the mumble from Ikusu which acting like a signal.

The lily regained their vibrant after it was bath in the drops of light and it was facing the sky with its back straight. There was not even a single flower which was bending down.

“Amazing… it’s really is amazing, Ikusu! I didn’t expected this, this is something amazing that can’t be understood unless it was seen!”

“No, not at all. I am just a regular deer working in the farm if I were to compare with Sei-sama. If I must said it, I had interest in Sei-sama…”

No, why did you have that much interest in me, I seriously can’t understand it but…

“By the way, Sei-sama!”

“Eh? What… what is it?”

Hmm? It seemed like Ikusu was acting strange… why were you looking at me who was a different species than you in such an obviously cheerful manner?

“Since I had listen to your request, actually I had one request for you…”

“Um… about that. Can you tell that to Freya-sama?”

“No, I want Sei-sama to listen to it!”

After I heard that, I turned my sight toward Freya-sama immediately. Hey, looked at me Freya-sama, I was now looking at you to request for help with my clear eye slike a Chihuahua.

As a response toward that, Freya-sama shrugged her shoulder and shake her head and gave a wink. I understood, this was what she was trying to say. ‘I will listen to your request later, so can you just do what Ikusu wants now.’

Fu… I see, so it came to this. Okay, I understand but it was such an alluring matter as Freya-sama was willing to any request from me.

But before that, I was still unsure of what kind of request Ikusu would aske from me. No, I can somehow guess what it was but this was giving me some unnecessary fear. Taking a look at the gaze from Ikusu. Isn’t he looking at me for a while already? It was a passionate gaze that wanted to fill the gap in my butt!

However, it was a fact that Ikusu was able to resurrect the flower in Freya-sama garden in a splendid way.  Then, the one he selected was none other than me.

Argh… I had no choice right but to do it right? No, I had no choice but to be damaged right? It was alright, it was fine for me to be damaged. Since I would become new again after being revive by ‘Gullveig’.

My memory and experience would be passed on which was something uncommon and I hate it but… I had no choice!

“Oh well! I understand, Ikusu! Do whatever you want!”

“Is… is that the truth! Yeah! I will said it? I will said it then~?”

Just said it! Said whatever you want! I am ready to face it!

Then… at that moment when I am determined to sacrifice everything.

[I worship you the skull of Ymir; Kiss his body. Now I ask for permission to expose the Divine Omniscience sacred matter. Make the color change, let encounter, departure, reconcile and solitary become a reality! The twenty rune of Futhark, mannaz!]

The sacred spell that was spoke all of a sudden. The runic magic that was mostly used to transform into human slowly melted in the sky of the setting sun.

It was more surprising that he was able to use the transformation magic.

But… compare to that, there was something more shocking to all the people present.

The moment when the veil that surrounded him disappear— what present there was not a ‘him’.

“The boar hero, Saehrimnir-sama. Please… accept me as your disciple!!”

Our age was similar and even our heights was also similar. The outer appearance was with a medium length tea color hair, black eyes which were as bigger as a chestnut and the soft and light crimson dye lip.

The Bohemian style Poncho which covered almost all of the upper body and it was pretty obvious that the constitution did not look like a guy due to the bared leg that came out of the skirt.

Rather than that, the problem was the voice. The voice was totally different. After the transformation, his voice was quite different from the low pitch voice up until now, rather it was a very cute and high tone voice that was incomparable with the others.

As a conclusion.

In another word, Ikusu was not a him — it was a ‘she’ instead.


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