Valhalla no Bangohan Volume 4 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – The Color of the decisive Brynhildr

It had been a few days since we return from the investigation mission on the miasma in ‘Midgard’.

“Sigh… I can’t really get the hang of it…”

A big sigh was let out at the same time with the grumble. The sigh was let out as if the happiness was running away at full speed.

It was needless to say but the reason for the sigh was because there was no progress in the search for magic sword ‘Rigel’. Sigh, I thought that there would be a clue if I went to the ruin of the royal family of Gjúki but…

In the first place, there was no guarantee that thing would proceed smoothly like I expected. Although there was no guarantee  for it, it was still one of the way that I anticipated the most but I had taken a serious spiritual damage since it ended up in vain.

“How about Loki… well I sure it will be a failure also.”

From the day where we part on our way, I didn’t heard anything from Loki who remain in ‘Helheim’. That means that there is no progress from his side also.

According to Loki, it took him quite a tremendous effort to be able to find the legendary Blacksmith, Ívaldi-san that was having his secluded life, it seemed like all the dwarf were quite good at hiding. Thus, I believed that it wouldn’t be easy task to find out the location of Regin-san.

“It seems like both of us are having a hard time. Since that is the case, I cannot be the only one who gave up now.”

I slapped both my cheek in order to be motivated since I was in a low spirit. Right, I used my human hand instead of the boar hoof.

By the way, I was currently located at the aforementioned big library. I had read a large number of the ancient manuscript ever since I arrived here in the early morning. This was the only thing that I could do since there was no favourable result when I went to the ruin of Gjúki and also to the Fafnir stronghold, ‘Gnitaheid’.

Moreover, this imitation of being a bookworm was actually my recent daily activities.

“The destruction of the royal family of Gjúki… after that… it’s useless, this book also doesn’t have the information I wanted.”

I closed the book that I had read up until now and reclined on the chair. Fuu… I must change to my human form in order to read but I had to put up with reading for a long time…

Then, when I was rubbing my eye, I suddenly heard the sound of the entrance of the library was open.

“Eh, someone came? That is… isn’t that Siegrune-sama.”

Siegrune-sama is the seventh sister out of the ninth beautiful Valkyrie sister and her role was a tsundere.  After she came in to the library with her usual aloof expression, it seemed that she immediate noticed my presence.

“Oh, isn’t is Sei. What are you doing… that’s right, Sei, I heard about this from my sister. That you recently inhale a large amount of miasma at ‘Midgard’, right? Are you feeling fine since you are not resting in your room?”

“Eh, are you perhaps worry about me?”

“!? I… who is worrying about you! It’s seem that you did not read between the lines as always, stupid!”

Yup~, this was it. I felt sorry for Siegrune-sama but I really enjoyed her reaction as usual. Since I was happy of being scolded stupid by here, no harm was done at all.

“Well, since a few days had passed since that, so I am perfectly fine now. I’m sorry for making you worry about me.”

“Hmph, to think that you are able to say that. It seems there is no need for me to worry that much.”

Didn’t that mean that she was indeed worry about me? Well, since it seemed that she’d really become angry if I were to retort at her on that, so it would be better if I remain silent on it.

“So, what are you doing? Studying? It seems that you are quite diligent since you purposely transform into your human form. To be frank, sometime I am quite impressed by that?”

“Th… thank you. Well I am researching on a matter instead of studying. “

“What are you researching on?

After she said that, Siegrune-sama peeked at the book that I was reading from the side. In that moment, while I became flustered with the nice fragrance, I answered her.

“I am researching on the great hero heritage that was obtain by King Gjúki in ‘Midgard’.”

“King Gjúki? At the riverside of Rhine? Didn’t that the place where my sister recently went?”

“That is true but… there was no information on the matter I wanted, so I try to change my approach.”

“Hmm~… but that is quite an ancient story. You won’t be able to obtain those kind of information around here, so I recommended the books in the shelves over there. Follow me.”

I wondered what happen since it was rare to see that Siegrune-sama treated me with tender care. I headed toward the deeper part of the library while following her who was guiding me.

“Ah, what a coincidence that there is a ladder here. Sei, please hold it while I take it for you.”

“Ah, yes!”

Siegrune-sama lean the ladder toward the shelves and climb up since it seemed that the desired book was located at the top of the shelves. I secured a position to hold the ladder but… did you understand what I was trying to say? About what would happen if I were to look up now… Well, since I wouldn’t look up so I apologized that I was unable to fulfil your expectation. That was because I was a gentleman after all.

“This is the book Sei, please hold on to it since there was a few book that I wanted to recommend. …hey, what are you doing? It will be dangerous if you keep facing the ground.”

“But that, if I don’t look down, a more dangerous scene will enter my sight…”


“Huh? I have no idea what you are saying but it’s fine so come and hold this book. Quickly.”

Oh? Did she say it was fine just now? There was no other way since I had obtained the permission from the person herself. I made sure that my eyes were cloudless and instead of looking down or the front… I would look toward the sky!


The view was better than I expected. I was able to see the outline of her butt perfectly. But the waist cloth was a disturbance. It should be more like, weird, was it bad to turn toward the front? This was the moment where I wanted to touch her even if it was her thigh only—

“Sei. It seems that you are quite bold.”


All of a sudden I was called out from the back of me which caused to be turn toward the back in a surprised. Then, in that misfortune moment, I was shaking the ladder that I was holding tremendously.

“Woah!? Ah, I… I am falling~!”

The black Valkyrie fell down together with the scream from the heaven ladder. I immediately lowered my waist and got into position so that I am able to catch her as if I was carrying her.

“… Ah… Sei. Thank… thank you for catching me. … Aren’t I heavy?”

“No at all. Since I was train for this.”

After I put her down, she quickly showed a salute posture toward me. Right… in order to win against my disciple Ikusu, I undergone continuous muscle training up until recently. As a result of that, the quality of my meat went down but… at least I was able to be of use at a time like this.

“I… I will say this first, I absolutely did not fall for you just now! Do you think that girls will be charmed just like that in this era!? In the first place, you caused me to fall!”

“You… you are quite right…”

Putting aside Siegrune-sama who shouted as if she was trying to say that to herself, the main problem was the person who called out from the back of me. That voice belong…

“Helmwige-sama, please don’t surprise me.”

“Ha ha ha! Do you think you have the right to blame me? Hmm?”

Damn… since she had witness the scene where I try to touch Siegrune-sama thigh, I am unable to talk back at her.

“Ah, Helmwige! It seems that you are here, as expected of Hildr-nee prediction. I should had settled my top priority matter first.”

Settle…? I see, I was wondering on the purpose that Siegrune-sama came to the library but it seemed like she was searching for Helmwige-sama. Moreover, it seemed that Helmwige-sama was skipping on her work as usual.

I was not sure whether it ws as expected or anything… well, since it was still daytime, so I could say that she was discovered a bit earlier for today right?

“For God sake, Helmwige-sama, what type of mission is it this time that makes you hide yourself to skip it?”

“Of course, it’s transporting. I had to go that King of the Open Sea, Aegir-sama place, in order to buy food supply. Moreover, since the amount of the supplies will be quite large, all of the sister will need to appear together. Sigh~ it’s a bit troublesome, it’s true that I have the most strength among the sister but I’m sure that I will be the one who will do the most work. Before you asking other to do it, you should train your own muscle first. Don’t you have the same thought? Sei?”

“Ah, ha ha… well, there is a reason behind it…”

After replying it in a listless manner, Helmwige-sama shook her head and showed a bitter smile as a response.

I see, the food supply mission was it… it was quite nostalgic. I did accompany them to the mission previously but it was quite troublesome that time. That was because I had to slash both of my hand in the end.

It was lucky that I left that act to the sword expert, Schwerte-sama because of that I only experience minimum pain and the bleeding but I would never dare to approach that two sword anymore.

“Hmm. Helmwige, it seemed you were here as expected. I’m sure that I had told you that you will be cut down by my sword without any hesitation the next time you skip your work, had you forgotten about that?”

At that moment, the aforementioned dual sword was unsheathe in front of me. But the target of those swords this time was not me, it was Helmwige-sama instead.

“Oh, Schwerte. It seem that you had use that rune to call her right? Siegrune.”

“You mean Tozen?  By the way, I did not call Schwer-nee only, I had call all the sisters.”

The moment Siegrune said that, after Schwerte-sama who arrived first, all the other sister entered the library one after another.

“Ah, you had done it! I should had be the first one to find her in these time but… it seems I was too late. It seems that I am unworthy to say that I was the fastest among the sister anymore…”

After Schwerte-sama, the next one was the second sister who prioritize on speed, Gerhi-sama. The kindest among the sister called out to her since she wanted to be number one at everything.

“That… that is not truth, Gerhi-nee! That is no helping to it since Gerhi-nee was instructed to look at the farthest distance!”

Yup, that was a nice follow up Weisse. There were thing you can do and can’t do in this world. So it was best if you were aware of the thing that you can do.

“Ah Weisse, there is no need for you to worry about it. Since Gerhi-nee recovery is also the fastest among us.”

Then, the reply that came from a different direction belonged to the third sister, Ortlinde-sama. The moment the phrase ‘fastest among us’ was heard by disappointed Gerhi-sama, she quickly jumped up in an energetic manner.

“Fastest… among us….! Of course! Yup, I am fine now! No matter what I am the fastest! Ho~ ho ho ho!”

Oh. Even though it was not a comfort, to think that this method to force her to be happy exist… no, to think that I was not aware of it, as expected of Ortlinde-sama.

“Am… amazing! She really did recover instantly, what a tremendous personality trait… I want to follow her example. But if I were to compare against that, I am the one who had zero personality among the sister…. Sigh, I also want to be number one at something also…”

Well, Grimgerde-sama… you had already possessed a few number one traits, so can you please realize about it yourselves.

“Wige-chan~ I had captured you now. …huh? Sigh, it seems that Wige-chan is Wige-chan after all~”

“Huh? Isn’t it Waltraute, what do you mean by that?”

Yup, I also wondered about that. Right after she entered the library, she pressed her voluptuous breast toward Helmwige-sama, I wondered what did Waltraute-sama mean by that?

“That is because if you were going to skip your work seriously, you won’t be wearing your armour right? Onee-san is happy since it seems that you are quite motivated on this mission.”

“Kyaa~!? Be… be quiet, Waltraute! I~ have no motivation to do it at all!”

Ah… I see, so she was talking about that. After Helmwige-sama said that in an unfrank manner, she charged toward Siegrune-sama.

And then— since eight of the sister had gathered here, the last to appear was…


Oh, as expected she was really angry! It seem that Brynhildr-sama was quite furious as she was walking rapidly while holding her sword! Hmm, I wondered what will happen to Helmwige!

“Help me, Sei…Sei!!”

“What will happen to me!?”

“Huh!? Sei-san, you’re were present!? I’m… sorry, since you have seen another unpleasant part…!”

Helmwige-sama pushed me on a whim and hide behind me in order to escape from Brynhildr-sama perceptive. After Brynhildr-sama gave out a shriek and sheathed her sword, she quickly waved both her hand in front of her face.

I see! Brynhildr-sama would never get angry no matter what when she was in front of me! Curse you, Helmwige-sama, to think that you managed to overcome this…

“Um… Sei-san, are you looking for something since you are at the library again?”

“Yes, that’s right. As I had promised with Loki previously, I am in the middle of my research for the whereabouts of the magic sword, ‘Rigel’.”

“Ah… I see. I’m sorry, Sei-san that I am not able to be of use even though I had promised to help…”

“It’s alright, please lift up your head! There is no helping it since Brynhildr-sama is busy with your daily mission. I am able to find the clue of it even if I am alone so please prioritize your own mission for now.”

Against Brynhildr-sama who felt apologetic, I quickly offered some comfort word as a follow up.

It would be quite troublesome if she lowered down her head that easily. There was no need for her to apology since she lately prioritized me over her own mission. Moreover, there were times where I had to try my best too.

“Then, since we had found Helmwige… we will take our leave here so that we won’t be a bother to Sei-san.”

“Okay! Good luck on your mission!”

“Ah, hold it for a moment Nee-sama. We should let Sei-dono to accompany us with this mission.”

“Huh? What do you mean… ah! That’s right!”

Hmm? It wouldn’t do if I bot with them? If I was not mistaken, the Valkyrie-sama mission for today was to purchase some supplies from Aegir-sama… ah.

That… that right. I had forgotten about it since the opportunity hardly come by but Aegir-sama mentioned this before. He wished to meet me the next time that we planned to deal with him.

“I’m… I’m sorry, Sei-san. It seems that we are going to bother you to the utmost…”

“It’s okay, I am totally fine with it! Instead I had thought about this for a long time that I want to help out with your mission once in a while.”

That right. That was because I had been bothering them with their mission a lot of time up until now. It was a bit presumptuous for me to say this but it seemed that I was able to take one of the burden off my shoulder.

Even though I said that… Aegir-sama was quite scary in spite of being assertive and a loud voice, so I felt quite inferior when I met him.

Moreover, the wall and floor of the palace were all made up of pure gold. I felt quite uneasy if by chance I had cause a scratch on the building. It was quite magnificent but I wished that he would properly store his treasure at a better place instead of putting it in plain sight.

Although I said that, he quite loved his treasure. In fact, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he was hugging his super rare treasure somewhere. I believed that he was collecting all the rare treasure in the world…right?

…hmm!? Hold it for a moment, is there a chance that—

“Brynhildr-sama! Aegir-sama had quite the ostentation of the nouveau riche right?”

“Eh!? No, that… um… well that right.  Mostly of the gold in the world belong to him now. If I had to say it, he own a large amount of wealth and there is a rumour that in the repository in his house, there is a collection of treasure that was collected from all around the world…”

“As expected! That means that— there is a chance that Sigurd heritage can be found there right?”

“! I see! Yes, I believe that there is a high chance of it being there!”

Brynhildr-sama hit her hand to show her affirmation as if she had figured out my objective.

This errand mission… instead of it being a bothersome to me, it was like a gift from the heaven!

Okay, let’s go! To the palace of the King of Open Sea, Aegir-sama!

– The human realm ‘Midgard’ –

This place which was created by the Chief God Odin-sama and his two brother and it was also known as the ‘middle world’ since it was located at the middle of the nine world.

During the ancient time, the crack in this great land, ‘Ginnungagap’ was filled with the blood of the first Jotun, ‘Ymir’ which then became the sea.

Ymir body which stretched out in the sea became the great land, his skull became the sky. His brain became the cloud, bone became the mountain, his teeth became the rock, hair became the tree and grass and his eyebrow became the huge wall that separate the world.

…which was what I heard. Since it was written in one of the manuscript that I read a long time ago. The scale of it was grand that me wonder that it was a fake~.

Putting that aside, toward the west after passing the wall that was made out of the Ymir’s eyebrow is the world where we are currently located. It the perpetual world that the dwarf live in, ‘Niflheim’. Furthermore, the place where the King of the Open Sea, Aegir-sama lived was at the bottom of the sea of this world. The beauty of the palace that I hadn’t seen for a few months was something that couldn’t be expressed through drawing. I was pretty sure that it would take my breath away no matter how many time I see it.

“Oh!! It’s been quite some time, wind maiden! Moreover, I welcome you all in a flashy manner since the view of all the sister gathered is too magnificent!”

The frightening look dark skinned guy reclined on his golden throne and his whole body was decorated by the golden ornament. That Giant with the white beard which had the appearance of the king was King Aegir who governed the open sea.

As usual his vigour loud voice scored full point in scariness. It was good that I was in my boar mode since I could to hide behind everyone.

“Hey, there is no need for you to hide yourself, Saehrimnir. Do you know that I wanted to meet you? It seem that you carry quite a flashy ability in you, right?”

“Flash… flashy ability is it…?”

“Ya! Since your revival ability can be pass to another person. Moreover, it seem that you were able to transform into that ‘Golden chicken, Gullinkambi’. Isn’t that truth? Can you let me taste it in a flashy manner right here right now?  Do let me taste it since the evaluation for the chicken is so deadly delicious.”

Whoa, I couldn’t believe this. Aegis-sama was asking for me to die here. Although he was friendly, he was still a merciless Jotun… but it seems Odin-sama and the others didn’t hold back on their words either.

But Odin-sama told me not to let other races eat me that easily… then what should I do in this situation? I wondered would it be okay for me to reject him here…

I looked toward Brynhildr-sama to seek for opinion but it seemed that she was unable to give me a prompt decision. After a short moment of thinking – oh, she took out a pose for a saluting sternly. What’s that, it so cute!

“I understand! Since it a request from Aegir-sama who had such a close relationship with us, the Aesir tribe, there is no way for us to reject you. Please do enjoy tonight dinner that will serve with Gullinkambi meat by me!”

“Yea! It won’t do if it’s not that! Oh, feel free to boil him or grill it.”

Okay… it seemed that the order he gave to the Chef behind of him was quite scary since he didn’t hold back.

Well, I was not sure was it lucky or not since it was just a few hours away from the sunset. I wouldn’t lose much of the time for today if I were to  made into a meal now. Since I didn’t bring along Eldhrimnir, there wouldn’t be able to eat as much as they want but let’s just relax and be cooked since it will help when it came to the dealing.


– After the sunset.

“Okay, it came! It the awaiting tasting time! In a flashy manner!”

Okay. Immediately after I gave out a death agony and was treated as a livestock, I was served on a big plate made out of pure gold but I wondered why was I feel this strange proud feeling when I looked at that.

Although I said that, the one on the plate was the appearance of Gullinbursti that I transformed into.

“Munch~~ ah~ I see! It seems that it would be better if I didn’t eat this instead, since it’s quite addictive!”

“I… I am glad that you enjoy it!”

Aegir-sama enjoyed it wholeheartedly since it didn’t seem that he was lying.

Everyone including me was served with a magnificent dinner but after looking at Aegir lively manner of eating cause me to become full instead.

One thing or another it seemed that our visit today had developed to a dinner party. Our objective this time were to purchase the supplies at half price as promised previously and leave after giving our salutation though.

…let me said this first but… I actually had another objective.

“Aegir-sama. I would like to thank you for your courteous hospitality.”

“I am glad that you like it. Since I had requested you to die in a flashy manner.”

“No, this is my job after all. Moreover… it’s a bit sudden but I actually would like to have an earnest discussion with Aegir-sama.”

“Discussion? Ah, I don’t mind, let me hear it now.”

“Thank… thank you! …Actually I am looking for a certain treasure. Moreover, it’s the heritage of the human Great Hero, Sigurd. It’s the magic sword, ‘Rigel’ that is able to pierce the dragon heart.”

“Oh? It seems you had quite a flashy taste. The heritage of the dragon slayer is a treasure among the treasure.”

Aegir-sama gave his agreement in a low voice after listening to what I said in a serious manner.

Hee, as expected it quite an amazing treasure since Aegir-sama who was surrounded by numerous treasure said that. Now, the problem was whether Aegir-sama had it or not…

“Ah, let me say this first before you get your hope up, I don’t have it okay?”

“Eh! Ah, I see…”

I’m sorry, actually I had already gotten my hope… I was feeling disappointed now.

“But. If it the whereabouts of the sword— I am quite informed on that.”

“!! Is… is that the truth!?”

I was unable to ask him… where was it. Since Aegir-sama ordered us to be silence by lifting up his index finger.

“Are you aware of it? Little one. In order to obtain anything you have to pay the equal for it, this is a standard rule that existed before the world started. Before I tell you the information on the magic sword… you must entertain me.”

En… entertain? That meant… that a difficult task would be given to me just like previously!?

This was bad! Since the previous entertainment was able to greatly affect the future of the Aesir! Why did I ask such an unnecessary request…!

“Oh! ‘Himinglaeva’! Come here!”

After Aegir-sama hit his knee, he summoned someone to the hall.

It seemed like it a human name and the one who had summoned was a single girl who came in a relaxed manner.

The cobalt blue waist length hair remind me of the color of the sky after the rain clear up and the milky angel raiment that looked like the morning sun. Instead of calling it a clothes, it had a daring design where the body was covered by the layer of the multiple long cloth and most of the skin was not even covered properly.

The leather sandal made a creak on the golden floor and the girl kneeled down in front of Aegir-sama.

“Did you called me, my dear father.”

That young girl called the king of the open sea as father. The moment I heard that, I remembered about the manner that Brynhildr-sama told me previously. Aegir-sama had nine children which was the same number as the Valkyrie.

That meant, this girl—

“Saehrimnir, this is your first time meeting her right? Let me do the introduction. This is the eldest of my proud nine daughter, ‘The wave maiden’, Himinglaeva.”

“… It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Himinglaeva.”

After she turned around, Himinglaeva greeted me with a beautiful voice.

Ah, this was bad, it was expected. The eldest of the wave maiden was on par with Brynhildr-sama and the other wind maiden, as she was quite an extraordinary beauty just like I though.

“Heee…heeello, I…I am Saehrimrin!”

Since I was too nervous until I fumble on my word, Himinglaeva looked toward me and tilted her head. This was bad, I was sure that she thought that I was a weird person.  But there was no helping it, since it’d happen to anyone if you were looked by the icy blue eye.

I had a feeling that the Valkyries were looking at me coldly but please forgive me since there was no other choice for me.

When the strange atmosphere began to spread in the hall, Aegir-sama used that as a signal and said this.

“It had arrived. The entertainment is none other than. A flashy duel between Himinglaeva and one of the wind maiden. The result means nothing. So, let’s take it easy. Isn’t it simple?”

I see, by entertainment, he meant a duel only. So one of the Valkyrie would be the representative and fight against her. Since the opponent was the eldest, we would also…

“I understand— I will do it.”

After stepping forward, the one who said that in a commanding manner was the eldest of the Valkyrie, Brynhildr-sama.

 But in that moment, a small commotion came from her eight sisters.

“Are you sure, Ane-sama! She is a tremendous opponent which was able to have a draw with you when you are at your perfect state Ane-sama, but the current you had lost your sacred weapon so…”

“That’s right! We don’t want to see our Nee-sama to lose in a pitiful manner!”

Schwerte-sama and Gerhi-sama which belonged to the combat team among the sisters voice out their concern as if they were at their wit’s end. Eh, what’s the matter? Was there any chance that Brynhildr-sama was at a disadvantage in this duel?

I looked toward Brynhildr-sama while feeling unsecured. Then, she looked toward her opponent and said this with a firm resolution.

“It’s alright, please rest assured. Since I can’t keep showing the lame side of me while… I’m in front of Sei-san.”

Our eye met for a moment. The feeling that I felt from her eyes was not confident… it was ‘stubbornness’.

“A duel between the two eldest sisters. Isn’t that great, this will truly be quite an exciting flashy fight. Then, please be ready at once. Since I won’t say any decent statement, so let’s start it right away.”

Aegir-sama stood up from the throne and hold his hand horizontally.

“There is no need for you to hold back.”

“Of course. I’m ready when you are.”

The two stare at each other. Brynhildr-sama lowered her body as if she was crawling while hold the sword at her waist, against that Himinglaeva-sama was empty handed without holding anything. I wondered what her combat style was…

The moment when the anxiety reached its peak.

In the midst of the silence that you can heard your breath… that tranquility was broken in an instant.


Together with the signal that started the battle, Brynhildr-sama rush toward her opponent as fast as the wind. There is no gap nor doubt in her movement. With just a blink, she took ten steps and release a sideway slash!

The swiftness technique clearly seize the initiative. But that sword released a shrill impact sound as if it was blocked and it seem that it didn’t reach Himinglaeva-sama at all.

“Hmm… I thought you had become weak but… you skills are still at a tolerable level.”

In the hand of Himinglaeva-sama— Brynhildr-sama sword was barely blocked by a light ring which has the same size as a human face.

“Don’t tell me that is… a Chakram!?”

If I was not mistaken this weird weapon was stated in the manuscript that was bought by my parent when they went to a trip toward the south land. Furthermore, the shape quite resemblance to her weapon.

“Then, it’s my turn now. You will die if you don’t evade it properly.”

After saying it indifferently, Himinglaeva-sama form another light combat ring from her other hand. After using her index finger as a support to spin it in a high speed manner, she throw it toward Brynhildr-sama face!

“Please stop— looking down on me!”

After reading the movement of the approaching combat ring, Brynhildr-sama evaded it by turning her upper body and took up an offensive position.

Based on the tone of Schwerte-sama just now, I figured out that both of them had numerous match up until now. Since the victor for those previously match was not decided that but I believed that the victor was Brynhildr-sama.


After Brynhildr-sama gave a high spirit shout, she took a light step and release continuous attack that does not allow her opponent to retaliate. She change her position between the front and the back and sometimes she jumped up to aim at the blind spot. That elegance seemed like a ballroom dance. That fierce yet beautiful sword fight spread spark in the battlefield and it increased the tempo of the fight.

After all that, Himinglaeva-sama didn’t budge at all. While making use of her unique footwork, she dodged all the attack as if she is a jellyfish that was floating in the sea. Out of nowhere, the two combat ring was separated from her hand and was dancing freely according to her will. This was no longer a martial art, it was a magic domain instead.


In that moment, Brynhildr-sama released a voice of anguish. By the look of it her thighs was bleeding. I devoted my eye to discover the cause of the damage but there was a more surprising scene instead.

“What! The combat ring had increased…”

I only realized now that there were six combat ring flying in the surrounding around Himinglaeva-sama. I was afraid that this was her true combat style. I couldn’t said that she was cheating at all. I was sure that she had trained for a long time in order to achieve this stunt.

“The you now who had lost your shield will not be able to avoid this. Before this end up in a gruesome manner… you’d better surrender now.”

The moment when Himinglaeva-sama declared her victory, she hold both her hand in front of her. At the same time, the combat ring clashed and rebounded against each other and began to soar in an ultrahigh speed around her.

Then… it flicked around as it showed its fangs literally.


Since it was impossible to repel it with a sword alone, Brynhildr-sama was cut and blown away by the approaching combat ring. The splatter blood dye the gold floor red and this was… the moment where the battle would be concluded.

I really wanted Brynhildr-sama to win but… there was no other choice.

“…Not yet… it not over…”

“! Brynhildr-sama…!?”

Why…? Why did Brynhildr-sama stood up?

I really did want to support her till the end but the match had already concluded. Even if we continued with this match… I was afraid that there was no chance of winning. Only the painful wound wouldkeep increasing only.

“Brynhildr-sama, why! There is no need to push yourself any further! So why…!”

“I’m sorry, Sei-san… no matter what I… will not give up.”

“Not giving up… you mean that you want to win this match!? This is not the time for that! Since Aegir-sama said that the result means nothing! So don’t push yourself any more than this.”

“I don’t want to lose! I will never lose again when I am in front of you anymore!!”

In that moment— I realized her true intention.

She continued as if she wanted to express all of her feeling that was stuck deep in her chest.

“During the time when we went to negotiate with Nidhogg… I told you that I will protect you. But in the end, not only was I defeated by the snake, I was rescued by Sei-san instead…. It was the same during the rebellion of the Einherjars. I was killed by Beruze in front of Sei-san… but I was revived due to the power of ‘Gullveig’. It is so pitiful. I am… so pathetic.”


I… see. It seemed that that though was stuck in her mind for a long time.

This… this feeling… I was unable to say it at all. The only thing I could do was to remain quiet and accept her feeling.

“No matter what situation it is, you will surely came out as the victor. I adore that part of you. But you… only know my pathetic side. If I was to lose here, I am surely that… I will become a girl that will be pampered only. That why… I will never give up!!”

The moment when she expressed her hidden thought into words, the blue breastplate that she was wearing gave off a sound and the mobile part was exposure. That was the blue Valkyrie, Brynhildr-sama signal to activate her God Technique.

The developed breastplate gave off divinity and both light and power was transfer to her sword.

But… will it be fine? I was afraid that the whole hall will be destroy with just one swing…

“In order to annihilate my resentful opponent… God Technique— ‘Panzer Strahl’!!”

After releasing the power of destruction to annihilate everything, it broke off in the air and extended itself toward its target.

The impact blow away numerous furnishing in the hall and the flash blinded the spectator.

The moment when we opened our eyes— Himinglaeva-sama was still standing without a single scratch.

“…. It’s quite flashy from the appearance.”

She release a single statement against Brynhildr-sama God Technique and all the combat ring converge into a single gigantic combat ring that was floating in front of her.

Impossible, to think that she was able to defend against that!?  Brynhildr-sama decisive might strike…!

But that was not the only thing that surprise us. In the back of the half destroy hall, Aegir-sama said this after releasing a big sigh.

“Ah… ah… it seems that you had done it in a flashy manner. …I changed my mind. Hey Himinglaeva, go kill that girl.”

“!?” x11

After hearing those unexpected word, all of the Valkyrie, me and also Himinglaeva-sama become speechless.

Aegir-sama… what… was that just now…?

“This is not a surprising manner. You will be able to understand it if you think about it okay? The reason why I say that result mean nothing is to minimize the damage to this hall. Since there is no point for a fight to the death. …But this girl who was too focus on winning went and turned my precious collection into trash. Of course, I will have to change my condition. A fight to the death. Moreover… your defeat will be judge by your death.”

“My dear… father, there is no need for me to go that far to kill her. Moreover, the Aesir tribe will have an ill feeling.”

“You as my daughter have no right to talk back to your father!! I’m pretty sure that the Valkyrie had eaten Saehrimnir meat right? That’s why she will be able to die one time! Or are you unable to draw the distinction after looking at this mess!! Since this mess was caused by her!?”

“That… that is just unreasonable…”

What was wrong with this king… I thought of this previously but he was too extreme!

It was true that Brynhildr-sama would be able to come back to life after dying. But it’d become a major incidence if one of the Aesir Goddess was killed because of that. Moreover, it wouldn’t be a surprise if it developed into a huge battle like the previously battle between the Aesir tribe and the Van tribe.

Moreover… even if she was able to revive, I’d not allowed Brynhildr-sama to die anymore!

“Everyone please tell me! On the thing that I need to do in order for Brynhildr-sama to win Himinglaeva-sama!?

“A… argh… I’m sorry, Sei… we aren’t able to do anything.”

“Everyone! Is there really nothing at all!? I’m fine even if it just an idealistic theory! I’m even fine if it something impossible!”

I looked up toward Helmwige, who gave up immediately as if I was imploring to her. Unfortunately, she kept avoiding having eye contact with me in a regretful manner which made it impossible to consult her on this.

“…Hey, can you think of anything, Weisse!? How about you, Grimgerde-sama!”

“I’m…I’m sorry Sei-kun, in order to make a comeback, I…”

“It… it’s the same for me… ah! If that is the case, let’s just request for him to let me die instead!”

“That’s not good. That is a magnificent resolution but that doesn’t solve anything.”

Damn it… if this went on, were you asking me to stand still and let Brynhildr-sama die? There was no way that I was unable to tolerate it nor allow it. Something… there must be something…!

“Sei-shi. If you are fine with the unreasonable idealistic theory then Linde has a proposal.”

“! Is… is that true!? I’m fine with anything! Please just said it out!”

It did not matter if it was an unrealistic fabrication. All I needed was an idea. I waited for her proposal while thanking Ortlinde-sama in a humble manner.

“It’s a given fact that. As long as Hildr-nee regain her original power, the result will only be either a victory or a tie. Since it had been like that up until now.”

“Original power… how do we do that?”

“It’s as what Schwe mention before the duel begin that Hildr-nee had lost her sacred weapon. If she had the missing sacred weapon, ‘Erlösung Schilt’ or.”

Erlösung Schilt… this was mostly that. The subject that were mention a few time previously which was Brynhildr-sama shield. If I was not mistaken, there was a rumor that Sigurd went and destroy most of that…”

As long as she had that, she would not lose at least. But this was really an idealistic theory. No matter how we struggled, it was impossible to prepare something that was not available here—

…No… was that really true?

Just now Brynhildr-sama mentioned this. No matter what the circumstances was, the one who would definitely emerge as the winner in the end was– I, Saehrimnir.


Although I was aware that I as running out of time, I closed my eye and I asked myself.

Remember, Sei.

In this situation where we couldn’t lose, in order for me to surpass the dragon slayer, instead of a dragon, I transformed into Fenrir. I also transformed into Gullinkambi in this critical situation.

“—Become it—”

… Don’t think it impossible. That is because a weak heart turn all possibility into zero.

“That’s right—I—”

That was because I was her shield— since ‘I was aware’ of it from the beginning.

“!? What… what is this light! This… what the heck is happening!!”

Aegir-sama fell down from his throne vigorously as if he had forgotten about his anger up until now.

Everyone present turned their gaze toward the stream of light that was ascending in the hall. Of course, that one that was at the center of that was me.

[Brynhildr-sama! Please use ‘this’!]

“Huh? This voice… is it you, Sei-san!? Why are you like that…”

When the burst of light disappear from the hall, a large amount of shield that was floating freely in the sky appear in front of the surprise Brynhildr-sama.

That right—the amount of shield was the current me. Moreover, this was the sacred weapon, Erlösung Schilt that Brynhildr-sama lost.

[Brynhildr-sama, you were aware of this right? My rune of mannaz is an irregular rune where even the trickster Loki can’t win against.  Together with Fafnir, Fenrir and Gullinkambi, I can transform into your sacred weapon now. So don’t worry.]

“I was told to not worry…”

Brynhildr-sama was unable to hide her doubt in front of this strange phenomena.

But Brynhildr-sama put aside her confusion. Currently this was the only chance to grasp the victory since everyone present are in state of confusion.

[So Brynhildr-sama, please let me take over your defense! You just have to concentrate on your offense toward Himinglaeva-sama only!]

“!.. Yes!”

After clearing away all her doubt, Brynhildr-sama immediately rush toward the side of her opponent. Brynhildr-sama managed to forestall the Himinglaeva-sama attack by deflecting the combat ring with her sword and the deflect ring cause a scratch to her cheek.


“Argh!? …you insolent!”

In that moment, the icy cold emotionless expression of Himinglaeva-sama melted and she shouted. Those eyes of her contain both anger and astonishment. Moreover, it seemed that there was… faint sign of impatience.

Even though it was a scratch, but to be inflicted by an injury in the battle has cause Himinglaeva-sama to become serious. After retrieving the six combat ring, she dispersed them and began her the long range attack that she was good at!

[As if I will let you do that!]

The trail of death that was draw by the arc of the combat ring. I used my body as a shield to counter it after foreseeing each of the trail. The speed of Brynhildr sword became faster as she placed her trust in me and it caused more scratch to Himinglaeva-sama body.

“Argh! This… this speed… is much faster than her usual…”

Now, the position of this battle had reversed. Himinglaeva-sama was now defenseless after all her combat ring that she used for her defense was knock off.

The battle was decided at that momentarily gap. Brynhildr-sama pointed her sword toward Himinglaeva-sama as cold sweat flowed down her cheek.

“This is over. Or – do you want us to continue until your own daughter die? Aegir-sama.”

“… I gave up. Please don’t look at me with those weaving eye. The playfulness side of me came out since I lose my cool for a moment.”

Eeh— I couldn’t believe that… It was greatly suspicion since Aegir-sama raise both his hand in the air to imply that he surrendered instead of Himinglaeva-sama.

At that same moment, cheer could be heard coming from the back.

“Nee-sama! And Sei! That was great! What was that trick just now? ”

“Hm. To think that you were even able to transform into a sacred weapon… the rune of mannaz is quite amazing.”

“Ara~ ara~ It seems like Pork-chan can become whatever he wants now right~ Hey Pork-chan, Onee-chan have a request, it’s quite difficult for Onee-sama to find a bra that suits my cup size so, okay?”

“That… that is quite a shameless matter!? That’s outrageous! Ane-sama, that is too outrageous!”

“Ah, for god’s sake. Instead of that, you should come with me, Sei. I will teach you how to make that ability to be useful at it maximum output. Well, you just have to become a shiny rock that all.”

“Sei, Wige-nee-san is the only one that you shouldn’t follow. By the way, Sei… do you have any interest… with a magic book that was out of print three hundred year ago?”

“Se… Sei-kun… is there any chance that Sei-kun is able to become ‘love’, ‘courage’ or ‘happiness’!? That’s right, please grant me some existence!”

“Come on, Onee-chan! It’s quite lame that all of you are showing your desire! Can’t you see that you are causing trouble to Sei-kun?”

Yup, thank you Weisse since I was really troubled by this. But maybe I should ask Waltraute only for a detailed information on her request….

“Sei-san, are you alright? Even if you transformed into a shield, it must had hurt since you had to get struck by the combat ring out front…”

Unlike the majority off her sister who only cared about their own desire, Brynhildr-sama became worry on my body immediately.

While I was struck by the delightfulness, I undo the rune of mannaz and return back to my original boar form. At the same time, I said this confidently.

“I am completely fine! After all, I am surely safe because of the efficiency of Brynhildr-sama shield.”

“I’m glad to hear that. Moreover… thank you, Sei-san. Because of you, I am able to take the lead against Himinglaeva-sama for the first time.”

While saying that, Brynhildr-sama took a peek toward her rival. Then, instead of saying something good, her rival began to express her discontent.

“Take the lead…? Please don’t joke about that, in the end, you win because you borrow the power of that boar only. That’s why I did not lose this match.”

“I see. You’re right. I will definitely repair my own sacred weapon one day. When that time come, let’s settle this once and for all. This was a nice fight, Himinglaeva.”

Brynhildr-sama extended her right hand. Although Himinglaeva-sama hesitated a bit but in the end she shook hand with Brynhildr-sama in a firm manner.

“I will not lose the next time…ouch!” (Himin)

“I will surely win the next time…ouch!” (Bryn)

Huh, this handshake, didn’t it seem a bit too firm? Since the hands were giving off a creaking sound.

This was also one of the friendship pattern… was it, ha ha…

“Okay. I’m sorry for the rudeness just now, I do aware that I am short-tempered but having self-control is a different manner. It seems that I behave recklessly in a flashy manner.”

After Himinglaeva-sama left the hall, we were back to square one.

“That’s not it! It was all my sake since I use my God Technique without thinking of the result. I am aware that this can’t be solved with just an apology but please forgive me.”

“No, it’s fine, let’s not cry over a spilled milk, I mean both of us. So since that was done, I will provide the information as promised. But…”

After saying all that, Aegir-sama became silent all of a sudden.

Especially this silence that gave off an uneasiness. But the next moment, the thing we heard after the silence was broken is a name that we didn’t expected.

“Since it had become that, no one will be able to obtain it. The location of the magic sword ‘Rigel’ is… inside of the mouth of the magic wolf, Fenrir.”

“Huh… Fenrir… mouth?”

After I said that, I recalled my last meeting with him.

First of all, I want to allow him to move only his mouth freely. Thus, I accepted Loki request on that. Then, we took out the sword that act as a rod and replace it with a huge sponge gourd which was disguise as a sword… after that, it seemed that… the original sword was at the bottom of the surrounding lake.

“Aah~~~!!” x2

The moment when we thought of that. Brynhildr-sama, who was the only one that knew the fact, and I sang a duet loudly.

While a question mark appear on top of the other heads, there was one thought that appear in both of our mind.

— That we need to go to ‘Lyngvi’.


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