Valhalla no Ban Gohan Volume 2 Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Color of the Sinful Berserker

“Fuwawa~….what a good day. It seems like another peaceful day in ‘Asgard’.”

I looked out toward the sky from the window of my room calmly, I said that to myself while letting out a big yawn.

Yup, it was best when it was peaceful. Although I could solve all the problem that kept happening recently, I still disliked the unease that I was feeling like now.

“Really… Because of the strange atmosphere that I felt from Beruze-san, it got me to be wary for no reason.”

That was right —— One week had passed since the day that I talked with Beruze-san who felt sad which was something uncommon.

Since then there was nothing unusual that required us to worry about and ‘Asgard’ was also operating smoothly today. To be able to yawn unconsciously meant that it was peaceful.

Actually I accidentally bumped into Beruze-san whom I didn’t meet for a while and we had a small conversation, it seemed like he was back to being his positive self.

I felt at ease since there was no need for me to worry excessively. I even had the extra time to sleep during the afternoon when the gentle sunlight was the brightest.

“Instead of being leisure, it’s more like…. boredom, I feel like this is something that I shouldn’t say.”

I picked up the words that I said to myself and threw it into the trash bin in my heart. That was because I only had some leisure time now.

Around ten days before this, I managed to get the attention of the Open Seas King, Aegir-sama to be interested in me. After that I was sure that I would be given the task of purchasing food regularly now, I believed that there would be a new lifestyle waiting for me which was totally different from what I experienced until now.

And not only that, in order to liberate Fenrir from the magical ribbon, Grapevine which was binding him, Loki was earnestly planning to gather the materials for the Ívaldi sword. From now on there would be a lot of interesting things, I believed that I would surely have my redemption when I said that I was bored now.

“…..Hmm? What’s that sudden noise coming from below…”

Don’t tell me that something happened….? That was strange, I’m pretty sure I didn’t say I was bored for sure?

I prayed that it wouldn’t become a troublesome thing and walked out of my room. Since I was having a leisure time and I was bored after all…. Ah, why did I have to go and say that!

“Uwa, a lot of people had gathered. Um, did something happen?”

After going out from the staff dorm, I arrived at the entrance of the main building of ‘Valhalla’. I asked nonchalantly while facing the large amount of people which formed the shape of a black mountain. But the person who replied was the opposite of me, a guy who was panicking.

“You are in the way, little one! Witige-san ……the Old man Witige was cut down!!”


At this point, I came to understand how serious things happened.

In the crowd of people in front of me —- what I saw through the slit was a silhouette of a person being carried on a stretcher. On the ground, there was a bright red line that came from it, there was no mistake… it the ‘Black Sword Saint’ Witige-san.

—— After a few hours.

It was so late at night that the date had also changed, around the moment when I started to hear the footsteps of the dawn slowly ——

“Ah! I’m exhausted~!”

In the ‘Valhalla Canteen’ which fell silent after the cleaning finished, the voice of exhaustion from the seventh sister of the Valkyrie, Siegrune-sama could be heard.

Siegrune-sama walked unsteadily toward the sofa near the wall and then laid down. The fourth sister, Waltraute-sama who arrived late to the canteen, gave a gentle chide after seeing her.

“Hey, Rune-chan. It’s not good for you to be that shameful since you’re also a girl, okay?”

“Ok~, but Raute-nee-san, I was using the rune of ‘Berkana’ the whole night? I’m already exhausted now….”

“Come on, Rune-chan, the night had just begun.”

“Um… that…thanks for your hard work! Siegrune-sama, Waltraute-sama!”

I who was waiting in the canteen promptly gave my words of appreciation to the both of them.

Siegrune-sama who just waved her hand carelessly as a response, relatively, Waltraute-sama turned toward me and squatting down, while showing a smile, she patted me.

“Thank you~ Pork-chan. You were worried about the grandpa Witige-chan? It’s alright~ Grandpa had already pass the difficult part already.”

“Rea, really!? That’s great……Um… I’m very grateful!”

“You’re welcome~ ….heave-ho”

After Waltraute-sama answered me with a warm smile, she went and sit beside Siegrune-sama. It seemed like Waltraute-sama was also very tired since she gave an awfully fusty yell.

That wasn’t something strange. That was because, after they listened to my request while I was crying, they were busy healing Witige-san from the afternoon until now ——

In order to be able to secure the condition of Witige-san as soon as possible, they hurried to the infirmary room that was a detached from the milking room Hayes normally used.

Among the Valkyrie sisters, these two were particularly good at using healing magic. I didn’t think that it would take this long to heal him even with both of their power combined… No, to be able to heal him was a miracle itself.

However, according to Waltraute-sama, Witige-san injury was too heavy, so it might take some time for him to regain his consciousness.

In order for him to regain his usual self again, it would be better to stab him before the sun set. To us, Einherjars, that was a method that would be able to solve everything.

But……… That method wasn’t acceptable. Even if we can resurrect, we must not look down on our lives.

“It’s not good to die thoughtlessly. Since ‘It’s better for you to be alive.’.”

However —— I wasn’t aware of it at that time.

The wound that was dealt on this sword saint, was the sign of a unprecedented danger to the God Realm, “Asgard’…

“Yo, thanks for your hard work, Siegrune. And you also, Waltraute.”

In order to thanks them for their effort, I pushed a trolley with some drink on it toward them, at that moment, Loki arrived at ‘Valhalla Kitchen’.

He came once during the evening to look at the condition, after that he left while saying ‘I will be back’ but…

“Ah, Loki-sama…….and Odin-sama!? What are you doing here…and Thor-sama is also here!”

After noticing the company that came along together with Loki, Siegrune-sama who was lying on the sofa, jumped up from it forcefully.

I was also surprise by it. The reason for that was because in this canteen, various Gods that were important in the God Realm led by Odin-sama had gathered. The Giant Killer Thor-sama, The War Gods Frey-sama and Tyr-sama and also the Light God, Baldr-sama. As a bonus, even Frey-sama came while being accompany by the all the Valkyrie sisters….

What was happening, wasn’t this the exactly same group of peoples that appeared during ‘the incident on the attempt to collapse the World Tree’!

“Well, I think this is for assuring purpose, since all of them came together in a set. This is just one of my intuition………I have a bad feeling about this.”


At that time——I felt a fearful and displeased look towards me. The one who gave me that look was none other than Odin-sama.

“? Eh, um…”

What, what happened? I tried to avert my eye from it, but I was not sure as to why I was being watched. Then, the one who broke the dreadful silence was Loki.

“Siegrune, I’m sorry but there is something I want to ask you. The old man’s injury was caused by a blade…….there is no mistake on that, right?”

“Yes, he was cut diagonally from his shoulder with a single stroke from the front.”

“Hee, from the front. There is one more thing I would like to know… do you think it was a surprise attack?”

“A surprise attack? Hm… there is no problem with the old man’s waist this time, furthermore his beloved sword was drawn and laid on the ground… so there is a low chance that it was a surprise attack.”

While hearing the reply from Siegrune-sama, Loki let out a sigh that had a mixture of disappointment.

“Damn………It’s like what I expected. That means that this will be a very troublesome situation……”

Loki murmured while scratching his head. Not only Loki, all the Gods that had gathered here maintained their awkward silence.

That was right——Even Odin-sama, the supreme god of Aesir tribe, acted the same way.

“Um…about that….what is so bad about it?”

While I stiffened up my body due to the nervousness, I raised my front foot and asked Loki.

My words from earlierregarding how life was precious was ignored up until now, but Witige-san was an Einherjar after all, which meant that it was a daily routine for them to train until they die…………

Was there really a need to get all worked up just because Witige-san suffered a grave injury?

“What so bad about it? That’s wrong, Sei. It’s not what, but everything about that is bad.”

While answering my question, Loki took out two twigs from his pocket. While hitting the twig against each other, Loki said this.

“Sei. You are also aware of the true strength of the old man right?”

“Yes. Since I was also present when Witige-san was undergoing the selection test. The fight was earth-shattering even though he was facing Gerhi-sama as his opponent.”

“That’s right. But…at that time, both of them were not serious. If both of them were serious that time——“

Loki paused and crushed the twig on his left hand after snapping it. While he was in the middle of scattering the twig on the ground… he continued his sentence with an awfully cold voice.

“In all likelihood the one who will win is the old man.”


After I heard that, I looked toward Gerhi-sama while being surprise. After that, Gerhi-sama felt a bit disappointed and bit her lip, then she gave an affirmation on Loki words.

“It is exactly as what Loki-sama had said. I am still better than him in term of the martial arts but there is too much of a difference in our weapon performance. If during that time, he took out his Mimung which he was unwilling…there was no doubt that the winner is Witige-san.”

“The difference in weapon performance……is it?”

“That’s right. My lance, ‘Alder Zweig’ is not for appearance purpose, but the Mimung that was owned by Witige-san was a product that is much better than mine. The reason is because that is a masterpiece by his father, the legendary blacksmith Wayland, it is also the sister sword of the ‘Victory Sword’.”


Mimung…. Is a sister of the Victory Sword…?

That…. That is a lie right? Before this, Gullinbursti told me that the Victory Sword was the key to control the Armageddon ‘Ragnarok’ in the form of a sword. To think that Witige-san’s Mimung was such an amazing sword!

“Since Witige had a poor waist, if he was able to demonstrate his characteristic, he will be showing his true strength that fits his title. In other words, the power that rivals the great human hero which could slay dragons. To think that he suffers this grave injury while having a direct confrontation instead of a surprise attack and with his Mimung unsheathed… there is no mistake that his opponent is considerable skilled person. Which is why this is a threat toward us, the God tribe.”

“A power that exceed the great dragon slayer…”

I had heard about the story of the great dragon slayer during Witige-san selection test. From my actual combat with a dragon, I know better than anyone that a dragon was a monster that belongs to the greatest aerial type.

There wouldn’t be any problem even if Witige-san went and fight with Nidhogg alone, to think that he would lose in a direct confrontation. It seemed like a very skilled swordman was currently hiding somewhere in ‘Asgard’.

I see, I understand now. About how bad our situation was right now.

“To be able to defeat Witige-san……who could it be?”

I enquired about it openly——at that time. Odin-sama who was quiet up until now, loosened his folded arm and slowly opened his mouth.

“There is something I want to ask. Witige and the Einherjars, they are able to came back to life with a new body when the sun set. That means if he was deal the finishing blow before the sunset, he would be able to revive in perfectly good health by now. To think that he wasted that opportunity… who is the one at fault? Dark brown boar.”

“Whose fault…please wait a moment Odin-sama, I just…!”

Out of nowhere, the God Lance, Gungnir appeared and aimed toward my forehead. I felt a bloodlust which reminded me of all my regret that I had up until now.

Why… it is true that it was me who pleaded Siegrune-sama to help Witige-san. But… was the action that I took, a crime that would cause the Chief God to be angry?

The moment when the helpless me was overcome by the tremendous fear, a warm hand touched my head. What I saw when I looked up, was a gentle smile from Loki.

“Big Brother, there is no use to cry over spilled milk. If we did exactly as you said, we can ask Grandpa, who will revive energetically, about the culprit… but if we do that will you still have your dignity of a God? Why don’t you calm down a bit, ‘Valfodr’-san.  When did the noble person who welcomes the Einherjars degrade into a demon?”

“……The kenning that is well known in the human realm, is it. If that the case… it seems that even I had lost some patience. The reason why I am so impatient about this is…”

Odin-sama lowered and shook his head after being pointed out by Loki. It seemed there was still a part of him where he was still willing to listen to his step-brother. I felt at ease now because the situation would be more troublesome if the two brothers started a quarrel.

“…I…thought that ‘the incident on the attempt to collapse the World Tree’ that happened recently is ‘Ragnarok’. But Mimir denied my thought easily. The Armageddon, ‘Ragnarok’ had not yet started. If such a large scale incident is not even that……. Then what is ‘Ragnarok’ exactly? To be frank……I’m actually quite frightened.”

Odin-sama threw away his dignity as the Chief God and revealed his timidity. It seemed that it might not be necessary for me to tell him to apologize for all the action that he did out of anger up until now.

But my thought was, there was no shame for you to be afraid. It’s alright, since Odin-sama had a lot of reliable children. If we work together, we would definitely be able to overcome ‘Ragnarok’ regardless of what it is.

“Tch…..It seemed that I am still a novice. Hey father, lift up your face! It doesn’t matter if it’s a dragon, a dragon slayer or even a giant! Since I, the thunder god, Thor-sama will crush everyone that dare oppose the Aesir tribe!”

Thor-sama smacked his thick chest and was the first one to speak sharply. Not only him, I was sure all the members present also felt the same way.

“……Okay! In the name of the Chief God, Odin, I order all of you to find out the culprit of this incident first! Then, if the culprit is a Giant……. this would be identified as “Ragnarok”! Assemble the army here and sound the horn, ‘Gjallarhorn’!!”

Under the order of Odin-sama who had shaken his timidity, the Aesir Gods and rushed out with a force that could pierce through the sky.

We would immediately know who the culprit was if Witige-san woke up. But we couldn’t wait for that time as the enemies of the gods, had already begun to take action.

Although I don’t know what is their purpose, Iwill not let them do as they please. I will definitely expose his identity!

“Oh, it’s so bright! Ah……I see, it’s already morning.”

As I stepped out to ‘Valhalla’ energetically, the bright red sun that rose from the west side of the sky caused me to narrow my eye.  Ah~, it seemed that we ended up staying all night.

As a model student, I usually don’t stay up late, so to be honest my body felt a bit sluggish. The magic power that was used to activate ‘Gullveig’ yesterday should had been recovered bit by bit but if possible I didn’t really want to do anything rash… it would be best if it didn’t end up like that.

“Yo Sei. If it was you, what would your plan be now?”

Loki followed me as it was something natural and asked. While I suppress my body from being listless, at the mean time I informed him about the action that I planned to take.

“I will start by looking for Ratatoskr first. If it was that squirrel, I have a feeling that he would have some useful information. Maybe he knows who the culprit was like last time.”

“As expected. In fact, I also think the same way ……but for some reason I can’t sense the presence of that fellow……… Oh, Brynhildr! Help me for a moment. If you make an announcement that you will do a naked dance, I believe that I will be able to catch that fellow.”

After seeing Brynhildr-sama who came out of Valhalla a little later than we did, Loki made that bold proposal.

He…he said it!! As expected of Loki! He managed to say something that I can’t even say in such a calm manner! I am so excited! I am amazed!

“Lo…Loki-sama…that… really…!”

A, huh? Brynhildr-sama~ is looking at Loki with an expression as if the world had ended? Ah~, it seemed like Loki will be hated for real now. I will take back what I said just now, it would be better if I didn’t admire Loki.

“Hey, Brynhildr? Wait a moment, that was definitely a joke just now! Do you understand?

“That’s not it, Loki-sama! Instead of that, please look at that!”

Brynhildr-sama ignored the excuse from Loki and pointed toward the west sky with her hand trembling.

“…? Isn’t that the morning sun? What is the matter with that?”

That was right. I also thought the same way as Loki. I wondered what was the reason for Brynhildr-sama to be that flustered?

“If that is the morning sun… then why is it coming from the west side of the sky?”

We titled our head while we were informed of that reply. The moment when the shocking truth reached our ear, Loki and I looked toward the sun immediately.

“…that’s a lie right? It exactly as what Brynhildr-sama said, that is the west! Isn’t that strange!?  Isn’t it a given that the morning sun should rise from the east! If that’s true,that looks exactly like an evening sun!”

“…..I’m astonished. I’m not sure what is the reason that it became this way… but this might be a major incident that we have to be serious?”

Loki was dripping with cold sweat as if it was telling the seriousness of this incident. By chance, ‘Asgard’… no. There might already be something happening that can shock all of the ‘Nine worlds’.

At this moment, it would be better if we used the high seat of Odin-sama who can look onto the world to grasp the current situation. When I wanted to suggest this to Loki —- that voice could be heard.

“This is bad! The Einherjars… the Einherjars are missing from their dorm!”

At the entrance of the main build building of ‘Valhalla’. Gerhi-sama came flying in with a terrible expression and stopped us who were planning to search for the culprit.

The Einherjars are missing from their dorm? What does that mean, I always woke up at this time for my morning jogging but the Einherjars should still be sleeping at this time.

“All of them… that is not possible right. That means… hey, Gerhilde, it’s a bit troublesome but can you go take a look at the practice field?”

“…No…Loki-sama. There is no need for me to do that…”

Gerhi-sama declined the request from Loki with a tremble voice.

Then, before she finished her sentence, Loki face changed to a grim expression.

There was a sharp look toward my back. When I thought that I didn’t want to turn behind, it seemed that it was not necessary.

“I surprise to see the Aesir Gods here. Good morning.”

The voice was the sign that caused us to turn behind. At the huge space in front of entrance of the main building of ‘Valhalla’, out of nowhere there was a large amount of Einherjars that filled out the space.

The military force with their backs faced toward the morning evening sun, all of them were well equipped with their armors and it seemed their fighting spirit were scatter all around the place. This was the usual thing when they were in training.Thus, there was nothing strange about it.

If that was fighting spirit…. wasn’t it being pointed against us?

“Yo, you guys. It might be my misunderstanding, so I will ask you this. What are they trying to imitate?”

Loki questioned toward the opposite military force that split up the turbulence atmosphere.

The reply filled with arrogance was from the voice of a guy.

“Imitation….. No no, I don’t understand what you mean. We are going to do our practice as usual, under the order of the Almighty God.”

In the center of the army encircling ‘Valhalla’, a voice came from top of the magnificent chariot, I believed that this was the voice of the instigators of this incident.

…Huh…eh, wait a moment. Is that a lie? This voice…Don’t tell me…!

“Why…Beruze, san…?”

After seeing the appearance of the instigators, I became speechless.

No…….It wasn’t like I didn’t think about the possibility of this. But it just that I didn’t think that it would lead to this.

“By the way, is Odin-sama there? I plan to have a short discussion with him before our practice …but it seem that he was not in ‘Valaskjálf’. That’s why I thought that he might be here.”

“If you are looking for me, I’m here. So… this seems quite impressive if you only plan to have a discussion with me, human.”

In order to respond to the call from Beruze-san, Odin-sama appeared from the inside of ‘Valhalla’. Even though they had not even started their dialogue, judging from the atmosphere of this situation… I only had a bad premonition about it.

“Please pardon this impressiveness. Since from now onward, we will have an actual battle in the form of practice. It’s just that… for today, that might be a ‘practice’ or an ‘actual battle’ depending on your actions?”

“… I don’t like beating around the bush. Why don’t you just tell us your request right away?”

“It’s a big help that you are cooperating. Then let me get straight to the point… ‘We, Einherjars demand for a better treatment.’”

“A better treatment? This is really a strange demand. You, Einherjars should already have a special treatment? Have you gotten sick of continuously dying every day?”

“Tch…….. You really are looking down on us. I am not talking about that, we are not dissatisfied about the fact that we need to die every day. But, we cannot see any benefit from dying every day. Even the boar Einherjar, Saehrimnir had gotten an achievement for defeating a dragon? Then we… the human Einherjars also want to have an opportunity! That is because I — have already defeated a dragon.”

Beruze-san, defeated a dragon…? In other word, the current Beruze-san, has the same power as the great hero of the dragon slayer and Witige-san?

“You guys………what is your basis for saying this?”

“Do you still not understand? Odin. The one who cut down the old man Witige… was me.”

How, how can it be…….impossible! The culprit who attacked Witige-san was Beruze-san!? I can’t believe it, why did he do that…..!

“Hey, Odin. You might not remember that you had ignored me, since I had already mentioned my request for numerous times. But sadly I was driven out every time, on top of that I was rejected at the front door! I’m not fine that we aren’t given a chance to earn our match and we’re kept until our deaths! Everyone that has gathered here shares the same idea as me.”

Beruze-san opened his hands wide on top of the chariot.

Although I didn’t think that all of the Einherjars were here, but the soldiers who followed him looked like an endless army.

At the time when the Einherjars was panicking after Witige-san was slashed, I thought that the people who would rise to action wouldn’t be this large. But… in just one night, this much people had agreed with Beruze-san.

Before this, I had thought numerous times that it wouldn’t be good for this to continue… but it wasn’t good to delay this problem anymore. The dissatisfaction of the Einherjar, needs to be settled immediately or else it would turn out to be something big…!

“Then, do choose one, Odin. Accept our request and give us honor or reject it and be taken away… you just have to choose one out of these two.”

“… There is only one answer for that from the beginning. Do you expect me to pat the dog that bites its own owner?”

“As expected. I was aware of that, but it seems our master is a bit arrogant. But… our side is also similar to our owner, that we are evenly as arrogant. Okay, since the negotiations had broken, I will have you to get off your throne. …Now, it’s time to begin the Gods slaying.”

Beruze-san held the big sword on his back and swung the top as if he was giving a signal, then the sky turned backward. In that moment… to not fail our expectation, we saw an unbelievable scenery.

“How, how can it…Loki! That is…!”

“Argh… for the impossible things to happen…Although I did suggest this before, to think that I could see this again so soon. For them to perform the phenomenon that goes against nature, ‘the Endless sunset’…! ”

The sun that went back and forth on the horizon in a fast pace. There was only one possibility behind that movement, the sun goddess, Sola-sama had already fallen to the clutches of the Einherjars.

Under this situation, for me and the Einherjars who could revive at sunset, it was now a fact that we had become immortal.

“Hold it there, I forgot to say this, Odin. It’s true that I was the one who slashed the old man Witige… but do you think that I am the only one who possesses that strength? All of the two hundred thousand members of us here— had polished our skill during the death match under your command. Kukuku…. Hahaha.”

While leaving with his laughter filled with craziness, Beruze-san turned his chariot to the opposite direction. While commanding some of his follower, he left the frontline. At that moment, the leftover military force scattered and in just one moment, they surrounded us who were in ‘Valhalla’.

“You fools! I will make mincemeat out of you all!”

“Hold it, Thor! Their movements, seem a bit strange!”

Odin-sama stopped Thor-sama who was filled with vigor. After leaving the place to the pair of the Military God, Frey-sama and Tyr-sama, Odin-sama gathered the others to a hall in the building and got into a position to hold themselves there.

“Hey, father what is the meaning of this! It will be over if we just kill them!!”

“Use your head, Thor. What will happen, if you massacre all of them there? They can revive as many time as they want. Our enemy is not the number that you see now.”

“Is that so! That I will massacre them no matter how many time it is!”

“We are facing a military force that which every one of them is capable of slaying a dragon? It won’t be easy even for someone like you. It will be a different case if you had unlimited magic power and stamina like them though.”

“Tch… it seems like it won’t be that easy as I thought…”

Odin-sama who analyzed the situation calmly, tried to calm down Thor-sama who was fired up. But due to that, my heart was frozen with the feeling of despair. That was because to face such an outrageous as person as an enemy, what was the right thing that should we do…

“Well, there is no need to worry. The fact that they are using numbers to come after us means that they are also afraid of us. Regardless of the number of times they are able to revive, the fact that they can suffer from dying still remains.”

While saying that, Odin-sama looked down toward me with both of his eye. I feel like he is asking me for a confirmation, so I gave a small nod as an answer.

“But, it’s not like they don’t have any plan. Since they were able to do all of this up until now… and they purposely avoided being on the offensive to win, I am pretty sure that they have prepared an ultimate trump card.”

The trump card of the Einherjars… that meant, there was still something that was much worse than the current situation?

Two hundred thousand dragon slayer, on top of that, they were immortals. Putting aside the preparation they’d done to gather that large amount of battle potential, the method for them to win without being on the offensive… that was…

“What they desire is… our side to perish on our own?”

“Ho? I didn’t think of that. Please let me apology for my rudeness just now, Saehrimnir. As expected of the boar that caught Loki attention.”

Woah, I had not received any praised directly by that Odin-sama since the battle with Nidhogg. Due to the joy, I smiled unexpectedly but I thought that this special treatment was the reason that caused the Einherjars to rebel, it seemed a bit troublesome…

“Just as Saehrimnir said, I believe that they desire the Gods to perish by themselves. No matter how much power they have, they are still human after all. In front of us, Gods, the ability to revive unlimited times, only seem like the ability of dying unlimited times.”

That was true, it was exactly as what Odin-sama said. That reason that I was able to win Nidhogg that day was because there was a possibility for me to win if I kept continues my reckless attack. To face an enemy that was impossible to win no matter how you attack, the tactic of reviving unlimited times was just like the tactic of being torturing unlimited times only.

“But… it’s a simple matter for us to defeat them completely. If the situation where they are to seal our specialty, then the army of dragon slayer will pose a threat to us, Gods. Our weakness that could lead to that situation is none other than the—- the fruit of youth, ‘the Golden Apple’.”

“Tch… is that the case. Since the tactic of reviving unlimited time will lead to a long battle, other than me who is half immortal, the other people will begin to be ‘Old’. Please feel free to think about what will happen after that.”

“That’s right, Loki. The people that are outside at this moment might be a diversion unit that plan to hold us in here. If that is the case, our first priority is to secure the apple. But… that won’t be something easy. Go and have a look outside.”

Odin-sama said that and pointed to the window while looking at the outside. Thus, everyone shifted their sight outside.The unpleasant scenery that was interweaved by the continuous sunset was still ongoing.

“It’s needless to say that the goddess of the sun, Sola had already fallen to the hand of the enemy, and when I think that it was a convenience that the continuous sunset had started,  they should had already taken over my throne, ‘Hlidskjalf’ and gotten a hold of the battle situation in a very detailed manner. Moreover, since we are unable to find Ratatoskr, there is a very high possibility that he is acting as a relay for them. Since these people are so careful up until now, it’s impossible that they will just leave the apple keeper, ‘Iðunn’ alone. It’s a given that they will prepare a fierce resistance.”

“Tch… then what should we do, father?”

This was a situation where we had lost all of our initiatives. It would be difficult for us to overturn this situation. While everyone was looking at each other while holding their breath, Odin-sama said this majestically.

“Of course, we will launch our counter attack. But we don’t have much time to spare. The youth effect of the apple should last for a week… but it had been a few days since we had distributed it, the aging effect might start as early as tomorrow for some people.”

Eh, the aging effect will start so fast!?  Hold it, if this is going on, it means that there was a chance that Brynhildr-sama will become an old lady!? No, perhaps this means that I can see Brynhildr-sama when she was an old lady!?

That’s okay, come! That was because I had already made a vow. The vow was ‘For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, I will love thee, respect thee, comfort thee, help thee, until death do us part, I devote sincerely to this sacred marriage vow’! (Pending)

… This was bad, to think that I was this excited.

Well, as you can see, I was totally fine with it, but I didn’t think that Brynhildr-sama wanted to expose that appearance to anyone. If there was anything that I could be of help, I would try my best to support it!

While I shook my head in hope of shaking off the wicked though of mine, I concentrated back to Odin-sama as he was giving out a new order.

“I will start with the top priority of the strategy… Thor, I will leave you to go and rescue ‘Iðunn’. But the enemies here will be able to predict our action immediately. If that is the case, then the fellow outside won’t remain silence. I will let these two persons, Frey and Tyr to continue with the defense of ‘Valhalla’. Then, we have to stop the continuous sunset and rescue Sola at the same time. I will leave that to Baldr… but the problem is that the enemy will focus on Thor and Baldr, so we would need someone to raid their enemy stronghold but…”

Odin-sama made a pause of his sentence there, and glimpsed toward Loki. Ah, it was pointless since Loki paid no attention to the glimpse, it seemed like he didn’t have any motivation at all.

“Loki… you are the only one left.”

“I’m the only one left!? Isn’t it better for you to go by yourself!”

“I am that, the last wall to defend Freya-chan. That explains why I am unable to move from here.”

“Hee, is that so. Then can I have a replacement?”

“That won’t be good enough, there is no need for you to worry.”

“It’s not like I am worrying! This foolish brother of mine is too stubborn!”

All of a sudden this foolish argument started, but due to that scene, a small laughter can be observed in this tense situation. I wasn’t sure if Odin-sama expected this but I believed that it was a necessary to have this gentle moment in this time.

“Come on… if this goes on, I will become a mood maker instead. I am doing this while being conscious of it. But please let me be a bodyguard for time, okay?”

“Fine. Now I will assign the Valkyrie to support each of the team, so please wait for moment.”

I was startled for a moment when I heard the word bodyguard but there was no notification from Loki this time either.

Since I was chosen without having a chance to think about it for the incidence last time… even if there was a reason for it, to be honest I didn’t think I was appropriate. I was already sick of being the main character of a heroic tale.

“Well, it’s not like it would be good to do nothing… Hey Loki, is there anything that I am able to be of use to?”

“Oh, I see, do you want to come along if you are bored?”

“No no no! I prefer another task instead!”

“He he he! It’s a joke, a joke. After all, our opponent this time is a dragon slayer after all, so it’s pointless even if you appear in your dragon form and you will be a sitting duck in your boar form.

“I, I am able to transform into anything…”

I was shocked when I tried to diverse my transformation. If I used the rune of ‘mannaz’, it was possible for me to be a duck or a spring onion.

“Well, since that is the case, I hope you can stay here obediently. If you are bored then, let see… you can try to ease the people at your dorm or go and look after the old man too.”

After saying that, Loki patted me on my head and joined the strategy meeting of Odin-sama.

I see… that’s right. If I thought about it, there was tons of stuff that I could do here while being left out.

The right person for the right situation. I heeded Loki advice and in order to look over Witige-san, I went towards the medical room that is in of the inner part of ‘Valaskjálf’.

“Please excuse me for my intrusion~… huh!? Witige-san, you had already awakened!”

I thought that he was still asleep, so I tried to hide my presence while entering the room but I shouted due to the shock. Well this was something that can’t be helped since Witige-san who should still be in bed had already regained his consciousness.

As expected of the legendary ‘Black sword saint’, he was trained in a different way when compared to a normal human.

“Ah… isn’t this, Sei-dono. What’s this, for what reason… am I sleeping here…?”

Even though he had awakened, the injury that Witige-san suffered was quite major. While having a hazy consciousness, his voice when he spoke seem quite frail, I transformed into my human form and told him without any second thought.

“It would be better if you don’t move. Witige-san was asleep for the whole night after you suffered a horrible injury.”

“I am injured…? I see… the wound that I suffered, it’s already a miracle that I didn’t die from this. It seems I was given a cordial nursing. That’s right, Sei-dono, who is the one who gave me this wound…? That’s right… this wound, is from that fellow…! Please inform me, Sei-dono! That fellow… where is Beruze-san!?”

“That, that…”

I hesitated to speak after I heard that question. It wasn’t a question that could be answer easily. That is because the one who slashed Witige-san was none other than Beruze-san.

Since the case where he twisted his waist, the two of them had become so close that it was as if they were father and son. I had seen numerous times when the both of them were getting close to each other. But to think that such a thing happened… I still couldn’t believe it after I’ve seen it with my own eyes right now.

“I beg of you, please inform me if you are knowledgeable about it! That fellow, it seems like that fellow is stirring something big! I have to stop him no matter what!”

“That is… the rebellion toward the gods, right?”

“!! How it is… if Sei-dono already knows about that, that means it’s already…”

While opening his eye widely toward my reply, Witige became disappointed. I finally understood it, by looking at his pitiful condition. Everything that Beruze-san said… was in fact the truth.

“If I was asleep throughout the night like you said, which meant that event had just happened yesterday. Around noon yesterday… I was invited to join a certain plan from Beruze. That was, the rebellion toward the Chief God, Odin-sama. I knew that there was some dissatisfaction among everyone… but since I did not harbor that much hatred, I rejected the invitation.”

“… Even though I was aware of this, I am also the same since I made light of it. They should have trained for a long time since their plan was so efficient, yet I was totally unaware of this.”

“Ho ho, perseverance is their distinct characteristic after all. The results this time show that their characteristic had backfired on us… but after hearing that, I am unable to keep silence. I tried my best to persuade them but the effort was wasted.In the end, we just let our swords do the talking.”

The result of that battle, was as you seen. While Witige-san said that, tears could be seen flowing down from his eyes.

Of course, instead of tears of defeat, those are tears of regret. Beruze-san was the beloved disciple of Witige who studied the swordsmanship of Volsung from him. If this was the result that Beruze-san had exceed his master, we should be happy on his growth instead.

But the sword technique was now working against the gods. No… who would have thought that the technique that was taught with love was the source for this god rebellion. I believed that this was the thing that he regretted the most.

“It would be okay if he had just slashed me… the moment when he waves the banner of revolution toward the gods, he had already treaded into an inevitable place. Moreover, I also understand that the swordsmanship aura that he released has already been tainted with an ominous darkness.”

At that moment, Witige kneeled down on top of his bed and while showing three fingers, he lowered his head.

“Sei-dono, I know it reckless but I beg you! Before it becomes something that cannot be undone… please stop him! At least please stop his sword, before it has been stained by more blood….. I beg of you!”

In his current condition, he shouldn’t move his body much. Witige-san entrusted me his thoughts until he literally spitted out blood.

“Witige-san… please lift up your face.”

Is there any man who would decline this request after seeing his appearance?

If there were such a man… he was surely worse than livestock.

“I am thinking this. There is still some goodness left in Beruze-san. That is because Beruze-san… did not deal the finishing blow to the defeated Witige-san.”

Beruze-san’s heart had strained from the correct path due to his hatred towards the God. But there is still some room from negotiation. Before the light that was sleeping deep inside his heart is completely taint with darkness—–

“Please leave it to me, Witige-san. He… I will definitely bring him back!”

After receiving his sincere thought, I started running while holding a sword in my right hand. I returned to the hall together with his thought and his beloved sword, Mimung that was entrusted to me, I shouted toward Loki and the others.

“Wait a moment, Loki! The plan to raid the enemy headquarters… that mean you are going to fight with the leader of the enemy right?”

“Hm? Ah, that right, is there any problem with that?”

“That mean, you will have a chance to meet with Beruze-san?

“Of course, since he is the leader of the rebellion after all.”

“I see. If that is the case… please bring me along.”

After receiving my sudden request, not only Loki, everyone present had their breath taken away. It was obvious that they were surprised. Normally I was a coward who lacked self-confidence, I was hesitant throughout the battle with Nidhogg, but this time I indicated that I wanted to participate in the battle by myself. Moreover, since I was carrying Mimung with me, there was no need for me to purposely talk about my strong resolution.

“… Didn’t I say this before, the enemy this time is able to stand a chance against you in your dragon form easily? Even if you are a swordsman.”

“Nope, you’re wrong Loki. It’s not like I am not going to fight with Beruze-san. I am going so that the battle won’t happen. In order to do that, I will persuade the ringleader of this rebellion which is him.”

“Huh? Hey, you must be joking right, Sei?Did you see his eyes?  Do you seriously think that you will be able to persuade him?”

Loki reaction was closer to being amazed instead of surprise and he nodded his head as a reply toward my serious look. After Loki looked at my appearance, he made the same serious look and gazed towards me.

“… That’s right. Well, it’s okay if you do it right, I will let you do that. But let me ask you this. What will you do… if you are unable to persuade him?”

“At that time… I will be the one who is responsible to defeat him.”

“I’m surprised you said that so easily. Did your confidence come from the sword in your hand?”

While saying that, Loki pointed toward the Mimung in my right hand.

“Maybe I had said this before but the sword of the old man chooses its own user. Since Mimung is an amazing sword, it still require a miraculously amount of luck to be chosen as the user of Mimung… even if the user himself entrusted you the sword regardless of the circumstance. Then, are you still willing to go after knowing that?”

“Yes, I will go. Since I had already made my decision. Moreover… I might actually have some chances to win.”

“Ho? To think a coward like you are able to say something this extravagant.  Oi, big brother, I will make some changes to the formation. Since I will be busy assisting this burden, it’ll be bad but can I request for additional people?”

“Don’t say the impossible …which is what I want to said but… maybe I am getting old, since I’m willing to gamble on his eagerness. Thor, I know it reckless but could I entrust you with that?”

“Okay! I have a principle to not disappoint a guy that is fired up. If that is the case, you can have all of my support since I don’t need any!”

Thor-sama lifted up his war hammer, Mjolnir and said that powerful words while showing his chest. Odin-sama rebuked since independence action was not allowed.

In the end, our party consist of me, Loki, Brynhildr-sama, Schwertleite -sama and the additional people was Weisse, which totals up to five people.

Weisse volunteered to join our party on her own will since she wanted to repay her deed towards us.

I wanted to see the White Valkyries, Rossweisse heroic appearance at least once after she had overcome her weakness… but I prayed that the chance won’t happen this time.

“Okay, the enemy consists of two hundred thousand dragon slayers and on top of that they had immortal body. Against us, Gods, it will be over once we die. If would be nice if Sei is able to persuade him, if he fails, a battle that will last for days will begin… don’t hold back even though they are human!!”


After replying to the calls from Loki, we finally flew out of ‘Valhalla’. The defense squad below us which was led by Frey-sama had begun their fight with the Einherjars that seemed like a replacement for the starting signal of the battle.

(Ah… damn, it seems like it had already begin.)

In reality, there was no one who wanted to fight. I had realized this again that we should not make light of death even though we can revive. I wanted to inform everyone and Beruze-san about that as soon as possible!

According to the information from Gerhi-sama who had scouted beforehand, the rebellion main army which was led by Beruze-san was located at the centre of the ‘Asgard’, ‘Vígríðr’. That location was the most fitting place for battle since it was just an open space with nothing standing out there.

“Um… Sei-san. It’s a bit late for this but… are you really okay with this?”

Since we cannot go use the road, we flew through the sky. Brynhildr-sama who seemed like she had something to say finally asked me while carrying me in her hand after I reverted back to my boar form. It seemed like Weisse was also concerning about it since she purposedly got closer to us so that she could hear it.

“Um… does that mean that Brynhildr-sama is definitely objecting this? About the matter of me joining the battle.”

“It’s not like I am objecting it… no, that’s not right.If I had to put it, I object it. Sei-san is a courageous person, but most importantly, you are very kind… which is why I thought that you are not suitable for battle.”

Putting aside whether I was brave or kind, I couldn’t reject the opinion from Brynhildr-sama. Weisse who was beside us also nod her head.

If I were really that kind, then that kindness was the main reason for me to join this battle. That was because I had already carried the responsibility of the inseparable strong thought.

“It’s true that I hate war. But, I hate fighting the most. If it’s a war is needed to stop the fighting— then I will join the war without running away.”

“A war to stop the fighting… I see, that way of thinking is really nice!”

“Yup! Sei-kun is really a cool person! Hildr-onee-chan, when will I recover from my cold?”

“Cold? Sorry for my intrusion from the side but Rossweisse that is actually love instead of a cold.”

“Ahhhh!? Sch, Schwertleite, we are in the middle of a mission!?”

“Hm, that is true. I will concentrate on the mission from now on.”

“Thank god… in just a moment after I took my eye away from you guys, it seems like your surrounding had become colorful in a different meaning.”

“Before I even realized it, it had become something like this… That’s right Loki, I have a request before we reach ‘Vígríðr’.”

“What is with this all of a sudden?”

Loki tilted his head after showing a serious look. I had a certain request and informed Brynhildr-sama to hand over Mimung to Loki for a while.

“The Mimung which I am entrusted from Witige-san, um… what is it called? The rune that enlarge the ‘sponge gourd sword’.”

“Ah, the rune of ‘Berkana’ is it? The growth rune.”

“That’s it! Can you use the rune of ‘Berkana’ and engrave it on Mimung.  After that I will insert my magic power into it and activate the magic.”

“I don’t mind at all… but what are you going to do with it?”

“He he, that is still a secret. Let just said it’s my own trick. If I had to put it, I am the God Realm trickster — Loki’s friend. The miracle that I will show always has some variety in it, so don’t forget about that!”

“I feel like I had heard that phrase from somewhere… For god’s sake. I’m not sure what you are thinking but it seems like I cannot make light of you, seriously.”

Toward me who began to be more provocative, Loki shrugged his shoulders and showed a smile that was filled with half amazement and half expectation.

And then —- we finally arrived at our destination.

The end point of the crazy sky which the sun set endlessly. The location of the decisive battle — ‘Vígríðr’.

“Just when I was thinking who came… I didn’t think that you will be in the group that came here… Saehrimnir.”

Sitting cross-legged on the driver position of the chariot, the leader of the rebellion army, Beruze-san said that in a righteous manner.

Instead of the gods, the honorable Loki, it was something unexpected since I was the first one to be commented on. Maybe Beruze-san was someone that was out of my expectation since he prioritized things differently when compare to the other Einherjars.

“Let’s stop this, Beruze-san. Odin-sama had already acknowledged that he was being harsh toward other due to his own impatience. I think that he will forgive you this time if you ask everyone to surrender right now, he will hear your opinion properly now!”

I tried my best to appeal to him. Since the rebellion had already started, maybe they might have already lost their loyalty toward the gods. But it was still possible to start over again.

That was because this was the type of people that Odin-sama desired. As the Einherjars was the vanguard to fight against the Giants, they should have at least the power to resent the Gods, or else they had no value at all. It should be something happy since they were properly trained — in another word, this rebellion was also one of the miscalculation to be happy.

But… based on the thought of Beruze-san, this wasn’t what it meant.

“What is the point if Odin-sama reflects on his own actions now? Right from the beginning, we were not serving as the vessel of the king, this is the only thing that I want to say. It is quite fortunate that he was able to realize it now.”

“Hey, I won’t keep quiet and listen to you… in other words, you are talking about that. The human who was chosen by the god, is now choosing his own god right?”

“….Choose? Ha! Are you a fool. Since it come to this, let me say it properly Loki, and you too, Saehrimnir! This is not a half-hearted rebellion… this is an invasion! We are going on a raid! Slaughter the gods! Violate the goddess! After all— the king who will rule over this world, is us!!”

Beruze-san said that with a loud voice, the abnormal dangerous thought. At the same time, the shout from the barbaric man caused a wave that overwhelmed us.

“Hey Sei. Do you think there is still any point of negotiating with him?”

“Wait, wait for a moment, Loki! Beruze-san is not the type of person who will said that seriously, please give me a bit more time to negotiate with him.”

Even though I said that… maybe it was due to this power to be able to kill a dragon, or the fact that he had the ability to resurrect infinite time, the current him was becoming excessively arrogant. To be honest, maybe it was pointless to use only words to make an army to retreat.

… if that was the case, we definitely — need to let our fists do the talking?

“Beruze-san, hear me for a while.”

“…Hmph, I’m listening, Saehrimnir. After all, I am different from Odin.”

“Thank you. Then, I have a request… Beruze-san, will you have a one-to-one match with me?”

“Eh!? Se…Sei-san, why are you saying this so suddenly….!”

Brynhildr-sama was the first one to react in surprise to the suggestion that came out of my mouth.

The others were also surprised. In that moment of silence, I continued my words.

“Beruze-san, aren’t you dissatisfied that I was given special treatment by Odin-sama? The fact that I continued to build up my achievement and becoming more arrogant.”

“… It’s your own convenience that you were able to grab the chance, I don’t even care whether you are arrogant or not. But, it’s true that I am dissatisfied. On the fact that the chance should be equally given. Since we are the same Einherjars after all.”

“That’s not it.”


Beruze-san replied that with a blank face. What I said from now on would definitely irritate him. Nevertheless … I thought that it was something that I have to say it now.

“Please don’t misunderstand about it, Beruze-san. I am not the same as you. Since I am the very best and far more outstanding than you.”

I said that while looking up which was not something I did often, and both Loki and Brynhildr-sama knitted their eyebrow.

Of course, this was not my true feeling. But I had to do this. For the sake of minimizing the sacrifices in this battle.

“Hey, Beruze-san. If I was able to win this match… can you obediently ask your army to retreat?”

The moment when I finished saying that, Beruze-san suddenly stopped his movement. I thought that he was trembling in anger, but it was the opposite. As if he had forgotten to breathe, Beruze-sama did not make any movement at all.

“….. Ah. I will take you on, in that match.”

The silent anger concealed was blowing out from the body of Beruze-san. I understood that this large amount of hatred which was identical to what I felt from Nidhogg, was directed toward me.

“I will kill you, you boar bastard!! I will make minced meat out of you and deliver you to ‘Helheim’! That will be my first achievement!! All of you, don’t you stick your hands in this battle!!”

Beruze-san thruster the big sword that he was carrying on his back to the ground and shouted like a beast.

Okay… I managed to persuade to a one-to-one match. Furthermore, the other Einherjars wouldn’t be fighting, I managed to avoid them from the cycle of dying pointlessly and resurrect.

As a compensation, it seemed that I caused Beruze-san to be excessively more furious than what I expected…

“Well then, Brynhildr-sama, can you hand me Mimung. Furthermore, I hope that you won’t interfere in this battle. The opponent of the rebellion leader, Beruze-san… will only be me.”

“Se… Sei-san, are you really fine with that!? You will be fine right!?”

“There is no need for you to be that worry, Brynhildr-sama. I am still an Einherjars after all. I had said this before, I have a chance of winning this. That’s right, it’s all thanks to Weisse.”

“Eh? Me? Did I do anything for you Sei-kun?”

Weisse was flustered since her name was called out all of a sudden. It can’t be helped if she was unable to remember it, even though I said it was thanks to Weisse, it was not something that she did, but it was the result that rose from that.

“Okay, let’s start now, Beruze-san! Even though the Gjallarhorn won’t be sounded, perhaps this is — our ‘Ragnarok’!!”

I shouted out as if it was the signal to start the battle and I begin to chant my hidden technique by using all of my magic power.

— I will put my stake on everything, and stop his heart that is filled with hatred—

This was the only thing that I could do for him now.


I closed my eyes and chantedas if I was trying to filled this world with my voice… and etch words in it.


My magic power was mixed with the letter by Loki, now… the two runic magic became one.

All of the gods were shocked when I was in my dragon form. If they saw my current appearance… they would certainly be unable to stand up due to fear from any part of this world.

“To those who are shocked, my name is — ‘Magic Wolf, Fenrir’!!”

The sky and ground in the holy land of ‘Asgard’ was filled— with my destructive thunderous roar.

“How… What is that… it’s not funny… this is not something funny…!!”

Completed filled with fear, Beruze-san was unable to take a single step. That was obvious, I would respect him if he were able to move. He might be a real hero on the point that he was able to let out his voice.

“Hey, hey Sei… I didn’t hear anything on this—. What is the meaning of that appearance?”

While all sight was being concentrated at a single point in this ‘Vígríðr’, Loki asked with a tremble voice. If I told Loki, he would say that I borrowed the appearance of his son on my own convenience.It seems that it was bad that I kept silent on this.

“Loki, you know about the runic power of the ‘mannaz’ rune right? It’s a magic that allows you to transform into another living being.”

“Ah, ah, of course I know that….”

“This is that rune of ‘mannaz’ isn’t it.”

“That is not a reasonable reason at all!!”

Loki retorted in a screaming manner before I finished talking. Argh, okay… as expected this was an expected reaction…

“It will trouble me if I had to explain it. Since this is something similar to my dragon form. There is an agreement magic before the runic magic of mannaz, a conversation is necessary for the agreement magic. My assumption of the rune of ‘mannaz’ is that I am able to become everything that is able to converse with anyone.”

“There is a bit of mistake in your reasoning, since you had already destroyed the assumption for it! The rune of ‘mannaz’ only limits you to transform in to an ‘uncrowned’ living being. For an example, you can transform into a normal horse, but you can’t transform into Sleipnir or Grani, you can transform into a boar but not Gullinbursti. That is the regulation for the rune of ‘mannaz’. You are also not supposed to be able to transform to an aerial type, god race or a Giants. To think that you were able to transform into Fenrir that easily… it’s like you are at a level that has both strong and weak points!”

“It… it’s not like I can be anything that I want though? That is because as you said, Loki, I can’t become Grani-kun or Gullinbursti.”

“I see, that is something good. Then? What is your trick that allows you to transform into Fenrir? If you don’t mind, can you please tell me the specific detail for it?”

Is Loki… angry because I had destroyed his title of ‘The master of transformation of the God community’?

“No, to be honest I’m not even sure on the specific detail on it… if I has to said it, I suddenly have a self-consciousness that ‘I can become Fenrir’ after we had finished the matter with Fenrir.”

“The matter with Fenrir?”

“Um… you see, before this, we took the sword out from his mouth… that’s not it! We did have lunch together right? That’s it.”

Dan… dangerous~ the matter that we took the sword out of Fenrir mouth was a secret to everyone except Loki and Brynhildr-sama. It almost slipped out of my mouth.

“Ahem! That the gist of it, it thanks to Weisse that I am able to meet with Fenrir by chance, thus it seems that I am able to transform into him.”

“Ah, is that so! So that is what you meant when you said thank to me!”

Finally understand the meaning behind the word I said, Weisse clapped her hand as if she understood it. It seemed that the others show no sign of comprehension.

“Yo Sei. Based on your theory, does that mean that you had met Fafnir before also?”

“Ah… since you put it that way, I wonder what is it…?”

But I was able to transform into my dragon form ‘Fafnir’, the moment I realized it.

…it’s more like… I should say that I realized it after I managed to transform into it.

“I didn’t meet with much dragon other than Nidhogg? It’s just that, I am not sure about what happened before my current parent found me. That was because I had no memory about the things before that.”

“Huh!? Those boar parents are not your real parent!? Furthermore, it’s the first time that I heard that you lost your memory! Seriously, to think there is more mystery on top of this mystery at this point of time…”

“Um… that…. Let me apology first.”

Well, it can’t be helped. If we continue talking this, there won’t be any progress and it would be bad if I run out of magic power and went back to my original form, so I need to finish this battle first.

“Um… let’s start now, Dragon Slayer, Beruze-san. Let me say this first, I won’t hold back. It seems that you are only able to keep up with this form… for just a short moment only!

After I shouted that, I use my mouth to bite on the handle of the huge sword that was thrusted on the ground beside me and pull it out forcefully.

That sword which I asked Loki to carve the rune of ‘Berkana’ on it, so that it could become perfect size when I transformed into the Fenrir, the beloved sword Mimung. At the same time, I hold that horizontally and adopted a position that lowered my body, I moved my limb and started to dash to ‘Vígríðr’!

“Damn… it just a deceptive appearance!”

While facing Fenrir which even made the gods tremble, Beruze-san who held his large sword try to challenge me timidly. That was no longer courage, it was madness. He armed himself with a strong resolution that he didn’t mind dying, maybe he was a warrior that surpassed the great hero.


“… You…!!”

He twisted his head against my slash. There was only a paper thin difference in the dodge and Beruze-san began his nimble counterattack.

I curled up my body and did a somersault backward to avoid it, severe earthquake occurred  when I landed and I swung the sword back with an indomitable spirit.

“It’s not over yet!!”

I was starting to lose control of this flexible wolf body since it looked as if it wanted to accelerate to anywhere. The initial velocity from the steps of this tough limb surpassed the chasing wind, and I threw myself toward Beruze-san in an extreme speed.

I was not able to swing the sword skillfully in a body that I wasn’t used to, but still I would not be discouraged by it. That was because each time the sword struck, I could get the real feeling of my growth.

“I am able to grasp it! The method to fight!”

The body which was able to dodge the attack skillfully. I used my claw to pierce the ground to act as fulcrum to help me to roll over immediately and I used my long tail to help my balancing. The claws acted as a brake and the tail controlled my posture. I made full use of the superior part of the wolf to attack Beruze-san incessantly with the slow and fast continuous attacks.

“Don’t joke around! You just a huge… dog aaaaaaaa!!”

Towards it, Beruze-san movement was not something ordinary. To not recklessly overtake an enemy which you can’t overtake, this sword handling technique that was born from the experience and intuition gain from fighting, this was just like an initiation of the ‘Black Sword saint’. This amazing Volsung sword technique, which was literally obtained from sacrificing his body, did not waver at all in front of Fenrir.

This fierce fight had become more severe, the sound of the sword fight could be heard throughout ‘Vígríðr’. The fight not only had power. From this extremity exchange of sword that also contained skill and tactic, I felt that Beruze-san was holding his honor but also threw it away at the same time.


At that moment, I released the wild instinct that I locked up. From now on, it was not about winning or losing, it was about hunting and being hunted.

The ground that I placed my pivot leg gave off a thunderous roar and it was all smashed up, with an explosive step, I closed the distance between us.

“!? So fa—”

I appeared behind of him, in just a flash. I used the Mimung to mow down Beruze at his stomach in which he had barely managed to stop it, I guess this is it.

The large sword on his hand split into two, due to the impact and the wind pressure, Beruze-san flew up like a leaf.


While being immersed in the powerful impulse, I released some additional attack by swinging downward.  The powerful attacks were as if it was a punishment from God, had brought an end to the decisive battle at ‘Vígríðr’.

In the midst of the thunderous sound and the smoke, I ran out of magic power and my Fenrir form had ended.

It was really tiring and I can’t even move properly now, I had already gave it my all. Before the battle I purposely made him angry… but since Beruze-san was a skilled person, he would definitely be able to realize my true intention in this battle.

“Fuuu… how… how is that Beruze-san. This match, is my victory right? As promise, will you retreat your army?”

After I found Beruze-san who was facing up beside the source of the destruction, I crawled toward him while asking this.

According to my plan, Beruze-san would keep his promise and stop this war, and after he restored his relationship with Odin-sama, it would be a perfect ending.



While lying on the ground, Beruze-san took out a short sword from his waist. The moment when I was thinking about what he was planning—- Beruze-san slit his own throat.


Normally this was an action that you won’t do. But in a way, this was the most appropriate action. That was because he was an Einherjars after all. When the sun set, he will be able to… came back to live with a new body.

Please understand, this was in the middle of a fight. If you have no intention to surrender, then it was obvious that you wouldn’t like a body that can’t move.

But… but… was he doing that because he knew that he could resurrect, this guy was…!

“Damn… it really is quite tiring due to the consumption of magic power, well it’s just some small detail only. Hey, Saehrimnir, do you really… think that you have won just because of that? The battle has only begun right now!!”


Beruze-san who had just resurrected and was able to move to his satisfaction, stepped on me who was unable to move due to the fatigue, without having any second thought.

“It’s true that I was overwhelmed just now. I gave up. But… for us, Einherjars, we became serious after we died! The reason for the continuous sun set is for this!  Look at that! You will also die! Let start all over again after you die!”

My whole body was being trampled on by the downpour of his feet without holding back.

It was useless… if this continues, I would die.

But I couldn’t to start it all over again. Even though I would be in a newly formed body after I revived, but in that newly formed body, only my magic power would be consumed due to the resurrection, which was the rule of ‘Gullveig’. Due to the consumption of the magic power immediately after the resurrection, I wouldn’t be able to transform into Fenrir.

No matter how many times I revive… I was no longer capable to defeat Beruze-san.

“Stop it! I will not forgive you if you continue your action!”

I moved my eye toward the source of the cry of sorrow, what I saw was Weisse who was already in her God Technique form, Kornmöhme. Brynhildr-sama who was standing beside her, was in the state of preparation to release her God Technique. Schwertleite-sama and Loki were staring at Beruze-san with their eyes filled with killing intent.

“Oohhhh? Are you planning to waste your magic power this fast? For our side, we are able to resurrect as many time as we want, you will only hasten your death if you do that.”

That was right… even though it was  annoying but it was exactly as what Beruze-san said. We should calm down now and remain in the state of preserving our magic power. Until Thor-sama could secure the apple… until Baldr-sama rescued Sola-sama, we must not be intimated by him.

Everyone please try to control your magic power and clench your teeth. Beruze-san raised both of his hand toward the sky with a smile as if he was boosting his victory and shouted.

“Kuhahahah! This is it! A war is not a war without violence!! Know your own incompetence! Experience the despair! The era of the God ends now!!”

“Ara, is that so?”

“… Ah?”

At that moment — in the ominous sky that was decorate by alternating red and black, a single Valkyrie descended down. That green armor and the elegant move, it was Gerhi-sama.

“Ha~, it seemslike the numbers had increased. What is your reason for coming now?”

“How could you say such unkind stuff, you should be a bit more grateful instead.  –- The pretend play of ‘Ragnarok’ has already ended–- which is something that I purposely came here to inform you of.

“… what does that mean?”

Gerhi-sama gave a scorn as a reply toward Beruze-san who inquired about that, she looked down toward the area under her sight and made a single announcement.

“To all the Einherjars! If you value your life, then surrender now. The power of resurrection, ‘Gullveig’ which you thought is limitless… it seems like you are only able to resurrect once per day after all?”

After hearing the announcement, the battlefield become quiet suddenly as if it was shrouded by silence. In the silence while they were thinking about the meaning of the sentence just now, the moment when they understood it… the battlefield turned into a state of confusion.

“Be quiet, you fools! You shouldn’t believe in this random speech!”

“Ara, it’s a pity, we are showing our kindness from our side. It’s fine that you are suspicious towards me, thus you’d better not regret it if you were to die for real okay? If that is the case, is there anyone who dares to try it out?”

After hearing the challenge from Gerhi-sama, the rebellion army maintained their cautiousness and looked toward each other.

What was reflected in their eye swere obviously the sign of confusion. The change in the stalemate battlefield — happened right after that.

“Argh!? Beruze…what are…”

All of a sudden, one of the Einherjars dead after his chest was impaled by a short sword. The one who caused his death, was the person that was mention by him — Beruze-san.

“… Okay, it seems like he was resurrected as plan. Let’s see… let’s try to execute the question again.”

“Hey, hey, wait for a moment!! If there is no second time, gah!?”

The warrior who resurrected after dying once, was dead for the second time by the swing of the berserk sword.

What… what was he doing…? I was unable to stop the incident that was right before my eyes from happening. How… how can this person kill off his friend this easily?!

“… It’s not coming… it’s not happening! The revival! What is happening for real?”

This tragedy had proven the advice from Gerhi-sama. When the truth was revealed in the battlefield, the sound of weapon dropping here and there could be heard one after another.

Gerhi-sama descended toward the ground sadly as she felt that it was her fault that a single Einherjars was sacrificed due to her announcement, and said softly.

“I am not sure about the detail but… Frey-sama and Tyr-sama who was facing the assault team in ‘Valhalla’, the team was almost in the brink of destruction when they realized it. They understand from that, it was true that they were able to revive when they died in this battle… but it was only a single use only. In the case that a person died after being revival, he won’t be resurrected. In other word, you are unable to resurrect for the second time. Even if there were multiple sunsets in a single day…”

“Fo… foolish…”

Beruze-san face turned pale and he dropped his knee onto the ground as if he lost balance.

All of the Einherjars surrendered immediately since they had lost their trump card which was the ability to resurrect infinitely, the only one left now was just Beruze-san only. I believed that the suppression team that was securing the golden apple and the intimidation team that was guarding Sola-sama which were not present here would surrender if they found out about the truth.

Since it came to this, it seemed like Beruze-san was now fighting alone without any assistance. Maybe it was due to the despair, as his shoulder started to tremble and he gave a sinister laugh.

“That’s not correct, that is not correct, hey… it’s true that we never try to die two times in a day but… it’s a fact that we die every night. No matter how many times we die, we will definitely be resurrected!! I thought that we are invincible after acquiring the power that could rival the god, on top of that, we got this resurrection ability… but how did it become like this in the last moment! This is laughable, it is so funny until I can die from laughter! Ha ha hahaha!!”


The broken laughter resounded throughout this deserted land of ‘Vígríðr’. I didn’t understand what he was saying. It was more like there was no point to understand it.

But right after that — the laughter stopped all of a sudden.

“Tch! …Ah? Wait a moment, isn’t it strange? During the endless sunset event, Saehrimnir was able to fight Nidhogg while dying. Why is it that we are unable to do the same thing? That means… the resurrect ability that we believe is from the Einherjars, actually belong to Saehrimnir? Since it originally belongs to Saehrimnir, that means that we just happen to be able to use it once per day only…”

“Hey, what were you muttering about up until now? Are you going to surrender or not?”

“The resurrection that is only limited to once per day, we are being tied down by this once per day. Is there any connection that ties us with him? The opportunity that we deepen our relationship once per day, the thing that was continuously done every day from the day since he came to ‘Valhalla’ is…! Haha, hahahaha!! I understand it! I finally understand it!!”

“!? Be… Beruze-san, what are you…!?”

While giving out the strange and crazy sound out of a sudden, Beruze-san reached out toward my body.

It would be bad if I was caught now. In order to not be a burden to everyone, I tried my best to retaliate but I was unable to move my body perfectly since it was worn out by all the trampling.

Beruze grabbed a hold of me who was retaliating tightly, and started walking as if he was going to tumble. The place where he was heading is the ruins that could be seen right beside us.

“Hey, stop your movement now! Tch… Brynhildr, I want you to follow me. I want the others to capture those who had surrender!”

After I heard Loki panic voice, I was at my wit’s end since I was taken away as a captive.

It was easy for me to curse myself for being powerless and unable to do anything. If that was the case, before I cursed myself, I believed that Loki and the others would surely come and help me.

After that, I would not give up. Beruze-san might face a grave punishment as he killed his friend… however, I still believe that there is a way to regain himself.

Inside the ruin which the floor, the wall and the ceiling was full of hole due to weathering, Beruze-san was running like a beast.

He seemed like a real beast as he was breathing heavily while giving out a moan with bloodshot eyes. I was not even this rough even though I am a boar.

“Beruze-san! Please stop, Beruze-san! There is no need for you to run away, since the battle is already finish!”

“Shut up, boar! There is no need to run away, you said? Don’t make me laugh! It is a difficult case since I am the culprit behind this rebellion! Odin is not the type of fellow who will forgive me… since it was known that we can only resurrect once, there is no more continuation for me who had killed myself once!”

“We are not sure that he won’t forgive you yet! Moreover, it’s the same result even if you run away! It’s impossible for you to run away from the Gods. Since that is the case, it is better for you to show a bit of your loyalty so that you could gamble for their forgiveness!”

“Shut up, shut up, you piece of shit!! There is no point to gamble on it if you are unable to win! I will be executed once I get caught, if… if that is the case, it’s better for me to try it out. Is it possible for us, the human Einherjars… ‘To be able to revive for the second time’.”

Eh… what did he mean by that…

“!? Aaaah!!”

My scream echoed in the inner part of this abandon ruin. I felt a tremendous pain on my back and used my crushed limb to withstand the pain.

The large amount of blood that was flowing out told how terrible my wound was. My back… was being bitten by Beruze-san.

“Ge haha! The raw feeling doesn’t taste that bad. I want to take another bite but…”

While Beruze-san was in the middle of chewing the meat, he looked toward the wall where the evening sun was visible. What appeared there was Brynhildr-sama and Loki with a complicated facial expressions.

“Sei-san, the scream just now was…! How cruel…! What had you done!”

“Ku haha! It’s cruel? What is it that is cruel, Valkyrie, I am just eating meat. My last dinner should be magnificent after all!”

“Sei-san… is not a food before Sei-san was cooked into a meal! Don’t you even have a bit of conscience inside of you!?”

“Conscience? Huh! I don’t have such thing!”

He didn’t have conscience…?  No, that was wrong. Beruze should have some kindness left inside of him.

“Beruze-san… , you shouldn’t become desperate. You still have… goodness inside of you. That is because you… didn’t deal the final blow to Witige-san.


The moment when I said that — the expression from Beruze-san face had gone away.

Eh… What is it? What is with that reaction? Hold it… for him to reminisce it with such a serious face, does that mean it is a good thing for Beruze-san?

“? … Ah~ Ah~ that! Nope, you… of course I can’t deal the finishing blow. That is because —“

Beruze made a pause and twisted his neck to look down at me.

The expression that appeared at that time. It —

“He will be revived immediately if I kill him that time. Isn’t it bothersome?”

That was no longer… a human anymore.

“Beruze… you…you…!”

I believed in him… and I had to take that back… I had to start it all over again!

Did that mean that this guy was this rotten up until now!? Was there no longer any fragment of light in this guy heart!!

“Oh? Don’t tell me, you are angry? It’s my bad, does that mean it’s better if I kill him? Please rest assured, after I’m finish with you guys, I will go and kill that old man for sure this time!”

That attitude that was blasphemy to the whole world. Both Loki and I were angry to the point of being unable to speak.

In the midst of that, the first one to rebuke against the speech of the corrupted Beruze-san was none other than the pure Valkyrie, Brynhildr-sama.

“This mad man…! I will not let your words corrupt ‘Asgard’ more than this!”

The sword to judge the heretic cut through the darkness that was projected by the sunset. The short sword that Beruze-san used to block that attack gave off some spark, and he relied on his strength to push Brynhildr-sama back.

“Isn’t this nice, Valkyrie! I always wanted to have a fight with you!”

Beruze gave off a berserk scream and swung his short sword around. On the other hand, Brynhildr-sama remained calm against that. After seeing through his bloodlust attack, she deflected it one after another, eventually this caused him to lose his balance.

“This is it!”

Brynhildr-sama swung his sword in a flash after seeing the small gap.  Beruze left hand which was holding me got cut off from his body, and finally I was able to escape from that hand by rolling on the ground.

The next swing of the long sword cut Beruze chest horizontally. Beruze while coughing out blood, staggered to his feet and he finally collapsed on the spot slowly.

“Argh! Hee, this, it so… nice. Kill me, once you had decided…. Come and kill me, you third-class…”

“! Hey…! Ah, what the heck is this person thinking! He’s doing that again!”

Brynhildr-sama sword who should had only robbed his freedom and battle spirit away from him but once again Beruze put the short sword near his neck and took his own life again.

This was the second death… which mean, Beruze cannot revive any more than this.

“Fuu. We really cannot look down on this guy… That’s right, Sei-san, are you okay? It seems I took a pretty rough method to rescue you…”

“Ah, yes, I’m fine… to be honest, I’m no longer able to feel anything anymore.”

While putting the sword back to the sheath, Brynhildr-sama walked toward me and I looked up toward her vaguely.

(Huh…? Hold it, something is strange. Beruze was so afraid up until now that he might be executed by Odin-sama, but how could he take his own life that easily….?)

While sensing this complicated feeling in my chest, my consciousness was fading away rapidly. Haa, to think this happen while I was halfway through the end of this situation. It seemed that my consciousness was lacking endurance.

But this was a given… since there was so much blood flowing out, I won’t be able to last long if this went on. Well, since we were in the middle of the endless sunset, I would be able to revive immediately after dying…. Haha.

In that manner — the moment when I was able to see the footstep of death approaching me faintly. At the end of my consciousness that I couldn’t contain, I heard a scream from Loki.

“! Brynhildr!! Behind you!!”

Toward me who looked down on the importance of life — is this the punishment?


While I was trying my best to maintain my consciousness, I saw a certain sight with my hazy eye.

That was the scene of a short sword pierce through the left chest — which belong to Brynhildr-sama.

Picture 8

“Se… i…-san…”

While spitting out blood from her trembling lips, Brynhildr-sama called out to me. Tears dropped down from the light purple iris and Brynhildr-sama slowly… collapse toward the ground.

“A…E…? Hold it, that … Brynhildr-sama… BRYNHILDR-SAMA!!!”

I wanted to go over there and hold her immediately but I was unable to move from this spot at all.

Why… why can’t I move at all! It was only just some broken bone, but Brynhildr-sama, Brynhildr-sama…!

“…I am….sorry…. that ….please don’t….be sad….”

“! I… I am not sad at all!! That is because Brynhildr-sama could still be saved! Look here, the wound is not that deep! I am sure you will be alright! I will help you now!”

I tried my best to crawl, so that I could get closer to Brynhildr-sama. I had to hurry, Brynhildr-sama was extending her hand toward the direction of my voice.

Okay, just a few more steps. Just a few more steps, the hand…!

“Fuu… until the end… you are so kind… Thank…you…and…. Good…bye—”

The moment after our hand touched… The hand that she extended become lifeless.

After she gave off a sigh as if she was breathing out all the air in her body— Brynhildr-sama did not move at all.

As if she had died. It was different from me.

She would no longer…. Open her eyes any more.

“This is… a lie… A lie… a lie… Uwaaaaa…aaaaaaa!!”

I couldn’t express this through word. I also couldn’t express this through my thought. Inside of me, there was some muddy black sediment pile up.

Was it due to the sediment that my sight was dyed up by a dark color. Or was it because Sola-sama was successfully rescued and the endless sun set was put to a stop…

… — Are you stupid? It doesn’t matter anymore. That matter—

“….He….hehehe, HAHAHAHAHA…!”

It seemed my heart was starting to deteriorate. Was that the thing that I should think now?

That was wrong right. I just… hoped for his death only.

Hey Saehrimnir. I was able to hear you for a long time, you know? It’s okay if you ignore me. I was able to hear you from the beginning.

Now, close your ear. For the purpose of saying the curse word that was born from the world darkness.

“Okay. That’s one down. Ha, it seems that it’s quite fragile than I thought, the Gods that is.”

After licking the blood off the sword, Beruze fiddle with the short sword while humming. After seeing that, Loki took a step forward while being peacefully angry, and enquired.

“You… it does not seem as if you had taken another form. Then that means it’s “Gullveig”.”

“Kukuku, That’s right. It seems I won my bet, hey Saehrimnir.”

He answered while swing his hand, once again Beruze picked up Saehrimnir. This time he bit on his left back leg.

Even thought my meat was being bitten, I no longer feel any pain any more. That was a given. That was because this Saehrimnir didn’t have that function from the beginning.

“Fu~~ delicious! …Let’s see. It seems like I am not yet prepared.”

“Prepare? I would like to hear that, what are you preparing?”

“Geh! Do you think that I am that friendly, Loki? After I killed you, I will let you hear about it as much as you want!”

“Hee, it seems like you want to fight me. I am actually prepared to boil some gut… You will die a thousand times!”

“Then I will resurrect a thousand times for you! As long as I have this boar, I am immortal! No one will be able to kill me! Since this thing belong to me now!!”

In this moment, Beruze lifted up Saehrimnir up high and made the declaration of ownership.

Congratulation, Saehrimnir. Was that the suitable phrase? … Since it was something that you hoped.

“You— are the owner of Saehrimnir?”

“Huh? Then what are you planning to do? In the matter of fact, why are talking in such an effeminate manner? Ah~ did I manage to anger you by killing the girl? Hyahahahah!!”

…. What a disgusting laugher. There was no point in listening to this nonsense. Saehrimnir activated the rune of ‘mannaz’ and transform into his human form.

Beruze put some distance as he was surprised by that, he immediately showed a sinister smile and got into a battle posture with his short sword.

“Ah! What, you plan to fight? Geh! With that worn out body? You can’t even walk with that, and yet…?”

After Beruze stopped his sentence halfway, his expression warp between a shock face and a frighten face.

I wondered what caused him to panic? It was quite easy to control the body as long as you had the minimum requirement of muscle, bone and nerve. I was grateful that a living being was made up in such a simple way.

“Hey, you did say that this Saehrimnir belonged to you right? “

“… Shut up! What will you do if that is true, you are only a mob!!”

In that moment, the scream was accompanied by some accurate thrust.

The thrust that stabbed through the heart with just a strike. Since it was not necessary for me to avoid that, so I just let the thrust stab me.

“….Hey… what is this….. what are you… why won’t you stop…!?”

Beruze heart was slowly being eaten by the fear which was known as ‘can’t be kill’. The thrust from the sword which was a result from the fear and confusion cause Beruze to break each time the reckless thrust managed to thrust Saehrimnir.

“It won’t die… it won’t die…! What is this… what is this… what are you!”

Beruze finally threw the short sword and curled up like a ball.

“If you are the owner of this then—-”

Within the firing range. Saehrimnir used the index finger of his right hand to push Beruze’s forehead….

Strangely, the person who called ‘Sei’ [1] announced this.


Picture 11

That was not an order but it was not a wish either. The announcement was something that was determine by fate in this word.

The black sediment that came from the body of Saehrimnir, was entering toward it new owner. As long as you were living in this world, there was no escape from that sediment.

This was because that was … the fragment of the ‘destruction’ and ‘ill fate’ that belonged to the world.

“Gah!? You… what did….you do…?”

Beruze wandered aimlessly while holding his chest. First, the skin would inflame and came off. Next, the hair would drop off slowly, the eyeballs and teeth would fall out, and blood would come out of the hole that could be found in each part of the body.

“Cough! What… no, help…help….Argh!!”

The bone melt, the whole body would rot, and pain could be felt from the muscle bending backward that surpassed the normal range.

After that, at the end of the painful spasm that could be felt continuously — Beruze finally died.

“… What… this way of dying… this is still, too terrible… Sei…you, what happened to you…?”

This was the world’s most gruesome way of complete death. Loki who saw this, covered his mouth and faced the other way.

Hey Loki… it was unfair that you averted your eyes away from that. Look at it properly. Since the appearance of the pitiful and miserable remains were the truth of this world. Furthermore, this truth, would always exist somewhere.

Ah—that’s right. This world is completely dirty, unreasonable and rotten.

After that, I realized something. That this world had already ended a long time ago…

I was on top of a soft and warm bed when I regained my consciousness.

I was able to tell that it was my room based on the smell and the fact that my whole body was wrapped up in bandage.

No matter how worn up I am, I was confidentin my sense of smell since I had was used to smelling the air of my room even with my eye closed. But among the smell now, an unfamiliar smell was mixed in.

“Is there someone there…?”

While I enquired that, I opened my eyelid slowly.

“Fuu…? Ah!! Sei-kun woke up!? ~~~ that’s great, I thought that you wouldn’t wake up any more.”

After showing an expression of relief, the one who fell prostrating on the bed was the ninth sister, Weisse.

For some reason, it seemed that she was nursing me all this time.

“I’m sorry, Weisse, it seems I cause trouble to you…”

“No! It does not bother me at all since you are awake now! “

“Thank you. Since I am able to revive if I am death, so there is no need for you to worry….ah.”

Oh, oh no, this was a taboo word for Weisse. It was too late when I realize my slip of tongue, Weisse’s eyes were full of tears and she slapped me on my back.

“…. Huh?”

I thought I was slap but there was no pain at all. It seemed that palm was just approaching me gently only.

“Even though I know you are able to revive… it still make me worry about you. Since I really do hate the fact that someone will die.”

“That… I sure everyone feel the same way also. I also feel the same way.”

As an agreement I nodded my head to reply her, but Weisse still did not lift up her face that was facing downward. The moment when I was thinking about what happened — some transparent liquid fell on top of the bed.

“…Therefore… it won’t come back to life anymore, it is much more painful… when I am thinking about it.”

The trembling voice dissolved little by little in the room. In that moment, I felt a sharp pain in my chest.

I was unable to cover my ear in my boar form. The word that appeared after that… was something I didn’t want to hear at all.

“Big sister…. Hildr-onee-chan…. Is dead…!!”

I had a faint memory of that scene, so I thought that… it was just an illusion.

But there was no such thing as a convenient bad dream. The thing that I saw that time was definitely a reality after all.

The sadness that was unable to get rid of completely was slipping into Weisse and my tear. I kept on continue crying until I used up all the water in my body.

Just like that both of us keep on crying… the moment when I felt my thirst is the moment when I finally felt something other than my sadness.

“Um… where is Brynhildr-sama’s body…?  Did you go and retrieve her body properly?”

“… Yes. We have not held a burial ceremony yet, she was carried to the ‘Valhalla’ enshrinement room. …Sei-kun, how much do you remember about the fight yesterday?”

“I think… it was until the moment when Brynhildr-sama was stabbed by Beruze. After that it seemed like I lost my consciousness due to the shock and the fatigue from the consumption…”

“Then… that mean you didn’t know what happen to the rebel leader, Beruze right?”

“Yes …that’s right, what happened to him in the end?”

“… It’s better if you don’t know about it. Loki said that he died after receiving an appropriate punishment.”

An appropriate punishment? What was that, I would not give any atonement of forgiveness to that fellow who killed Brynhildr-sama was. If he was still alive, I would make him meet his end regardless of what others said… but about the revivals, I believed there was no such thing as a third revival after all… I wondered what exactly the reasoning behind their revival was.

“Let’s see… it’s time for me to leave now. Odin-sama told me to inform him once you woke up.”

Weisse stood up immediately and pat me once on my head before leaving the room. Even though she showed a smile at the last moment… it seemed that her true smile might never come back any more.

A few hours after that. It was a mystery on how I spend my time since I was just staring out of the window from bed when the morning changed into dawn.

At that moment, Weisse who came back to my room again, was now carrying me to the practice ground of ‘Valhalla’. All the Aesir Gods except the watcher, Heimdallr-sama was gathered here, and formed a black line.

What was happening next now was — the funeral of the eldest sister of the Valkyrie, ‘Gods War Armor’, Brynhildr-sama.

“We will never hold this funeral before you were awake”

Which was what Loki said.

I had to thank him from the bottom of my heart for the consideration. No matter how sad I am, I still had to say my last goodbye to Brynhildr-sama properly.

After Odin-sama expressed his condolence, the funeral progressed without any delay. When the flower offering started, Freya-sama was first on the list followed by the Valkyrie sister which placed the offering on the body one by one.

Next was Loki, Thor-sama and Baldr-sama and etc, and finally it was my turn.

The setting sun was slowly approach the horizon which increased the level of darkness and sadness for this funeral.  The moment when the Chef Head took a step forward while carrying me who was unable to walk… a humble voice could from behind of us.

“You have my condolence. This seems like a grand funeral, may I know who the deceased is?”

“*Sniff*… Ee… it was someone dear to us. Did you just arrive today? It seems that you are still able to make it in time for the flower offering…?

Huh… it was my misunderstanding? This pattern, I am pretty sure I had experience the same situation before this too.

The moment when I remembered this awkward feeling, suddenly the whole particle field livened up. There were voice of surprise and there were also voice of confusion… then, the most important was there was voice of joy.

That means, it can’t be… but still that was not possible! That was because she is an Aesir god, she was neither a human nor a boar. She was different from me and the Einherjars, she was unable to revive after dying!

“Stop being so stubborn Sei-kun. Open your eye and look in front of you.”

Chef Head voice said that while trembling to a certain extent.

Chef Head who was holding me had already turned around, if I turned around now, I was able to look at the face of the owner of this voice. But…

“Sei-san. Can you please let me see your face?”

This was the voice that I missed extremely even though no much time had pass in reality.

“… it’s just auditory hallucination after all right?”

“It seems that everyone was able to hear me properly.”

“Anyhow this is a dream right?”

“I’m quite honor that I am able to appear in your dream but this is reality.”

“Let’s see… then you are a spirit.”

“If that is the case, then please touch me. See.”

The front leg of my body which was warped up by bandaged, was guided toward a warm and a soft place. Since I was curious about that… I finally look in front of me.

“Hehe… I’m back, Sei-san.”

“We…welcome back, Brynhildr-sama.”

What is this… I really can’t believe this. That a miracle like this could happen?

The thing that was standing in front of me was Brynhildr-sama which my front leg was touching her forehead.

After that, as if that exchange of word was a signal, tons of cheers resounded in the night sky of ‘Valhalla’. The one who rushed in front of the Chef Head and me were the eight sisters of the Valkyrie who flew toward her chest earlier than me.

“Nee-sama!! Look, as expected I’m the first to arrive! Please praise me!”

“Hey, Gerhi-nee-chan, you are blocking me! You are taking too much space!”

“Ara ara~, everyone is so merry, it seem like all of you are being a spoiled child.”

“Even though Nee-sama said that, aren’t you are hogging her right hand to yourself? Then the left hand is mine.”

“If that is the case, then the back belongs to Linde.”

“Uwaa as expected there is no place for me…”

“Look Grimgerde, it’s fine if you hold her hair. It would be nice if you let me some of it.”

“Hey~~ Onee-chan! Hildr-sama is troubled since all of you are holding her so tight! Hildr-onee-chan, did you felt any pain? Did you manage to revive properly? But how is that possible? Is it because of the sun set?”

“That is because… I am not so sure about that either. But I do remember the fact that I had died once, but there was no wound on my body. As if this is like the revival of Sei-san?”

After saying that, Brynhildr-sama looked toward me. As a nature response, everyone looked toward me. No matter how many people looked at me, I didn’t know the answer for that.

But— for the current situation, there was only one comment that I had in mind.

“Um… a good child should not mimic this?”

With that single sentence, laughter could be heard in the practice field. No, that was not it, it was not something funny? This sentence.

The lesson up until now. “Even if you are able to revive, you must not make light of dying.”[2]

The only one who was unwilling but giving into that was …. ‘The dinner of Valhalla’, me.

Translator’s Notes and References

1.Written as live, pronounce as Sei

2.That means dont feed the enemy team!

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