Valhalla no Bangohan Volume 2 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Color of The secret shady deals

I welcome the morning, after a night that was much more troublesome than usual, without any grief I while was slumbering and tossing around in my fluffy bed.

Argh… that’s right~ it was really a troublesome night. That was because Rossweisse-sama, who shut herself in her room, was finally serving alcohol after all this while, it wasn’t strange for the Einherjars to be enjoying it since they like alcohol and cute girl. It’s the same case for me as well.

That’s why… Gullinbursti that always gave off a cool impression was enjoying this more than anyone, but it was something that couldn’t be helped after all. If possible, I hope you could overlook this situation with some tepid.

“It seems that everyone is enjoying this so much.”

Rossweisse-sama popularity was quite high even though she had been absent for a while.

I thought I could be proud of myself with the one-thousandth of her popularity as the person who assisted in her revival… but I didn’t see that way, which was a huge misunderstanding on my side. I tried to sleep as low as possible with my pillow on that night, as it was my fault for promising her without having a second thought in the first place.

“Fuwa~. Okay, it’s time for some jogging!”

I was neglecting my daily task this few days as I was busy and I didn’t feel like doing anything. If I were to continue neglecting this, all my hard work up until now will be wasted and I would end up right where I first started. After I had firmed my decision, I dashed out of my room and went to the regular starting point.

“Hm…? That, if I am not mistaken he is… Beruze-san?”

I started running toward my designated place but I saw a someone when I entered ‘Valhalla’.

That person was the hundred man killer, Beruze-san. I could talk with him for a while before this, but I had a feeling that his brain tissue or his muscle was at the point of collapsing.

“Did you just come back from going outside? Does that mean you stay outside all night and come back in the morning? What did you do up until now…?”

Moreover, it seemed like he felt dissatisfying as I looked at his back appearance after I sent him off. Is the reason why he feel disappointed… because he tried to sneak inside ‘Vingólf’?  Damn him, even if the God forgive him, I will never forgive him! NEVER!

“Based on his look, it seems he couldn’t go inside. Does that mean he was rejected by a female?”

I was unable to know the truth. I wished to offer him my condolence if that was the truth but to be honest it didn’t bother me at all.

That was because there was something I wanted to do today. After I finished my jogging and my breakfast, I planned to go to ‘Vingólf’ and meet with Brynhildr-sama. For your information, I was going to visit her using the front entrance instead of sneaking in.

“Okay! Let’s start!”

After being gung-ho and motivated, I enjoyed my morning jogging under this clear blue sky while experiencing the sun from Sola-sama.

After that, as plan I finished my breakfast without any resting and to avoid the busy time slot, I fixed my appearance in my room and went to the regular place which was the ‘Rainbow Void’.

….. Which was what I normally do but something happen that forced me to remake my plan.

“Ah, Sei-san! Good morning!”

“Sei-kun, good morning!”

“Huh? Brynhildr-sama!? And Rossweisse-sama! Go… Good morning!”

After I came out from the worker dorm, Brynhildr-sama descended from the sky. Moreover, the energetic Rossweisse-sama was with her. I couldn’t believe it, the weather for today was so nice!

But both of them were in their breastplates, did that mean they have some work after this? If that was the case, why did they purposely step here… I meant fly here.

Brynhildr-sama answered my question without a moment delay when I got excited after seeing them.

“To be truth, yesterday… to be precise, the matter ‘up until yesterday’, I want to thank you properly. Thank you very much, Sei-san. As a representative from my sisters, all of us appreciate your help.”

“Yes, thank you very much! Sei-kun!”

“This is nothing, I don’t deserve these words! Since I am doing the thing that I want to do!”

“Haha, Sei-san is really being too modest. You should be more open!”

“Come on, I’m not being modest, since I did not did anything major…”

“Is that so? … You did have your arm chopped off, you know?”

“! Brynhildr-sama that is something….!”

In order to break the Hymir cup, I went and did some self-sacrifice again. It seemed that after Rossweisse-sama heard of this, she was not bother by it and remain silent but…

“There is no use to hide it, Sei-kun. Since I had heard about it already.”

“Eh… is that the truth?”

I was surprised that Rossweisse-sama came to know on the truth of that matter. To think she was able to accept that after knowing it.

“You see I… realize something. Everyone said that I am kind but… that is not the truth. I am actually weak after all. I hurt Sei-san and I also hurt myself…and blame it on others. That is not something kind, it is just something for my own sake only. I was arrogant up until yesterday.”


I wanted to say that, that wasnt the truth. But, Rossweisse-sama was trying to change herself. She was trying to be both kind and strong. After I realized that, I tried to swallow those words.

“Sei-kun. I will become much stronger. If there is anything that forces Sei-kun to make a decisive decision… at that time, I will not be an existence that will reduce Sei-kun options. I want to share the same pain and suffering that Sei-kun is feeling to prove that that I am already become strong!”

This was proof that she already had power as she revealed her thought frankly. This declaration managed to reach deep down in my chest, from now on this will be my source of encouragement.

I understand it now. This is surely what it meant by sharing your happiness.

“After that? Sei-kun.”

“? Is there anything else Rossweisse-sama?”

“Um, that… Se…Sei-kun…do… do you have anyone that you like…?”

Picture 7

“Huh? ……..Huuuuuh!?

Eh, wha… Wai, what are you saying so sudden…!? Is this the reason why you become so bashful! Woah, what should I do!

“Ros…Rororosrorosuweisse!? What what are you saying?”

Woah, for some reason Brynhildr-sama had lost her composure.

Well that can’t be help. This was because the sister that she adored a lot and thought that was still a child said something unexpected.

“That, that’s because I… might like Sei-kun… that is because he tries so hard for my sake, he cares for me, he treats me so nice… once I think about it, it make me feel uneasy in my chest. That why I thought for sure this is LOVE! Kure-onee said the same thing too!”

“No, isn’t that because you have a fever? Seriously, that Walküre is being so irresponsible, come on, show me your forehead. Ah, as I guess, you are really feverish, let’s go buy some medicine now!”

“Wai, that, Brynhildr-sama…?”

For some reason, Brynhildr-sama just smashed the romance between Rossweisse-sama and I with all her she could. No, actually I didn’t mind at all? Rossweisse-sama confession actually troubled me as I had devoted myself to Brynhildr-sama.

For her to be so frank about it, somehow it made me feel a bit sad… it seemed like Brynhildr-sama was treating me like a pest who was getting close to her adorable sister…

“Hildr-onee, do I have a cold? It’s not love?”

“Um… that… probably. Let put that aside and think about it next time? … Isn’t that right Sei-san!”

“How about if I just reject her.”


“Yes! Brynhildr-sama!!”

Somehow I had a feeling that she was forcing me to say it, but in reality it was hard to understand love.

It was simple if it’s love at first sight like me and Heizu but the feeling that was accumulate over time might be an omission as it could be the feeling of admire, respect or just friendship.

Since this just happened recently, it is necessary to take some time to confirm the feeling. In the case of Rossweisse-sama, there was a huge possibility that she mixed up her feeling of appreciation with love.

“Oh, so it’s not love after all, I’m a bit disappointed at it. But this isn’t confirmed yet right? There is a possibility that I might develop the feeling of love, let’s be on good term with each other forever, Sei-kun!”

“Yes! I will be in your care too!”

“Ah, that’s right, that. Hey Sei-kun, you can stop using the honorific already. Let’s try to talk normally from now okay? That is because we are on good term with each other now!”

“Huh? Eh? Ah, um… I understand… I get it.”

“I would like you to call me as Weisse from now on! As proof of our friendship!”

“Eh!? No, I can’t possible do that…”

“Eh~ why can’t you? If I’m not mistaken Sei-kun call Gerhi-onee as Gerhi right? If that is the case, then I want you to call me as Weisse! I beg you!”

“Yes, I understand, Weisse-sama.”


“O…Okay, Weisse”

“Yea, okay then Sei-kun! Let’s maintain this level of friend ship from now on!”

Ah, haha… I am overwhelmed with happiness… But this pace, it was similar as that time when I became friend with Gerhi-sama. If I am not mistaken, Brynhildr-sama neglected me for a while after that…

Out of curiosity, I tried to peek at Brynhildr-sama quietly.


Hiii!! Brynhildr-sama was puffing up her cheek as if she was stuffing walnut in her mouth like Ratatoskr and it seemed like she was moaning! I begged that you won’t neglect me this time!

… When I was begging the God and the Goddess.

“Oh Sæhrímnir. Aren’t you quite the guy with two Valkyries surrounding you?”

This familiar voice is coming from the group of guy nearby. That group was led by the hundred man killer, Commander Beruze.

“Beruze-san, good morning. Um… I would like to apologize if I cause your mood to be bad.”

“! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it that way…. But if you put it that way, I should be the one who apologies. I was in a bad mood just a while again, so it seems like I lashed it out at you.”

“It’s fine, you don’t have to worry about it. Is the reason why you are in a bad mood related to what happened this morning?”

“…. How, did you see it? That’s right.”

It seemed like my guess was correct and Beruze-san was biting his lip tightly as if he remembered his disappointment.

“During the banquet last night, I heard that you had achieved another great feat. You got the God of the sea, Aegir-sama to be interested in you and got a discount voucher on the purchase right?”

“Well. That’s right, but I’m not sure how did it end up like that…..”

“No matter how you did that, it’s a fact that you managed. Let’s put that aside, after hearing that I couldn’t keep myself quiet so I went to “Valaskjálf” with a firm resolution to direct appeal with Lord Odin. I asked Lord Odin to give us human Einherjars chance to earn some achievement.”

“Th… that is really some resolution… then, what happen?”

I knew what happened after that without hearing it. From his appearance just now and also this morning, it was obvious that something unpleasant happen to him.

“… Be quiet and just follow my order. In the end…. That guy didn’t even give a glance at me. I was afraid the whole time, since it is a mystery whether he would listen to me or not. I think to that guy, we, Einherjars might just be some disposable soldiers only.”

“That is horrible….”

The number of times I spoke with Lord Odin is uncountable with my hand alone. But, to think that he is actually that rude? Maybe he was in a bad mood during yesterday night?

(But… I am not good at this type of stuff.)

It was a fact that Lord Odin hurt Beruze-san regardless of his mood. I felt that if I didn’t do something, this might be the source of any future problem…

“Hey Beruze, what are you doing, time to go to the practice field as I’st almost time for the morning greeting… Huh? I didn’t expect that the Valkyries-sama are here and also Sei-dono. Good morning.”

At that time, a half dwarf old man came out from the main gate of the ‘Valhalla’ and greeted us after he saw us. He was none other than the strongest strained back, Witige-san. In both of his hands were two warriors with sleepy eye which wasn’t a good thing, it seemed like I was being influence by them. Does this mean that, Witige-san went and wake these two sleepy heads up?

Seriously… I can’t believe that this two actually asked the black sword saint to give them a morning call, you need to have the courage of a legendary hero class to do this.

“It seems I had disturb your conversation, is something the matter?”

“It’s not like you disturbed us. For god sake, see you later, Sæhrímnir. I understand that you are a capable person, but it would help if you leave some achievement for us.”

Maybe he was being careful as to not be sarcastic, Beruze-san and his follower left the place while saying that in a playful manner. I sent him off with a bitter smile and Witige-san opened up his slender eyes.

“…I wonder what careless mistake that he did?”

“Nope it’s nothing. It’s just…”

“Eh… it seems the resentment that is piling up inside him is not a small amount. It’s exactly as that guy said, seems like Lord Odin isnt in a good mood recently…”

“During the last time when I met him, didn’t he seem to be impatient instead of anger?”

I shifted my sight toward Brynhildr-sama and Rossweisse-sama… no, it’s Weisse, as if I was asking for their opinion.

Is Lord Odin in a bad mood or is he being impatient.

Don’t tell me that we are… getting closer to ‘Ragnarok’?  No, if that is the case, there will be an uproar happening now.

No matter what, it was pointless for us to think about it now. I didn’t see him recently, but if I met Loki this time, I would surely ask him about the current matter.

Until that happens, I would just focus on completing my own objective which was my main priority.

“Brynhildr-sama, to be truth, there is something I would like to ask you, Brynhildr-sama.”

“Me? Yes, what is it about?”

“I would like to go and meet Fenrir so that I could thank him properly for his help this time. But to achieve that, I would have to go ‘Lyngvi’…”

“That means you’re searching for a method to go there right?  I understand, if that’s the case, please leave it to me. Let’s use the rune of ‘rad’ again to reach there immediately. But… I’m sorry Sei-san, I had a mission with Rossweisse to go search for the Einherjars today, we can only go there in the afternoon maybe.”

While saying that in an apology manner, Brynhildr-sama put her hand together in front of her chest. Damn, to think that I used this timing to ask her about this when there was some hint that she was going to do her mission, I was really a ….

While I was cursing my foolishness, I immediately kneeled down. But I managed to hear a good idea from Weisse.

“I’m fine with doing this mission alone! Hildr-Onee-chan, can you please accompany Sei-kun?”


“I will be alright, since I caused trouble to all of you while I was being a shut-in, now it’s my turn to give it my best! This way I will be able to repay the favor from Sei-kun… right?”

“Yes! …That’s not the case, um… this is more than enough already.”

“Hehe, it decided now! Hildr-Onee-chan, I leave Sei-kun to you!”

Weisse flied off from here forcibly leaving her indecisive Onee-san worried. Ah, she was really a loveable child as she cared for her Onee-san, she was really like an angel.

“Hoho! It seems like it was decided. Okay, time for me to leave and I leave the rest to both of you youngster now.”

Witige-san who was peeking at the result took his leave while showing a smile of relief.

Both of us youngster…but Brynhildr-sama who had a long history in the God community was properly much older than you thought right? Witige-san.

“Hm… it seems like that’s that, Sei-san, it seem like I am able to accompany you now.”

“It seems so. Then, I will be in your care for today….”

With this sudden and without prior notice events, I was able to spend the time alone with Brynhildr-sama which was one of my dream.

Huh, isn’t this the first time that we are like this? No, there was countless of times where we talked with each other only, I confirmed that this was the first time that we were going somewhere with just both of us only.

(Do… does…doesn’t this seem like a d… da….date!!)

After I thought of that, I looked up to Brynhildr-sama from the side, for some reason it seemed that Brynhildr-sama was blushing and her face was bright red!

Don’t, don’t tell me that… Brynhildr-sama was also conscious about this!? Or maybe Weisse really did have a cold and she caught it…? I surely hope that it was the former one, but I wonder which was the correct answer?

Instead of giving me the look as if she saw through my behavior, Brynhildr-sama looked at me with a straightforward look and said this.

“Um… that… Sei-san. Is it okay if we stop by at ‘Valhalla Kitchen’ before we meet Fenrir?”

“Ah, ‘Valhalla Kitchen’ is it? Of course, I don’t mind since I also have some matter to do there too, so I consider this as a good timing!”

“Is, is that so. Then let head there now, Sei-san.”

Brynhildr-sama was trying to avoid eye contact with me. But this awkward feeling was something new and cute too.

While holding the hope that I would be able to look at a different side of her, we headed toward the kitchen.

Once we reached the kitchen, I head toward the backyard to pick up the small freezer that was left there. You might be surprise but… in reality one of my spare was store inside this freezer.

Oh, please don’t get the wrong meaning. When I said spare, it meant my spare rib, it wasn’t like my whole body is store inside.

Actually I had decided to do this since then, which was to have Fenrir to have a taste of my meat.

Since the Einherjars said that my meat was delicious, the Chef Head said the same thing even though he had experienced a lot of others delicious dish due to his work and Heizu who should be an herbivorous smacked her lips after she ate my meat. I believe that Fenrir would enjoy my present that I would be bringing to him since he was yearning for delicious food.

“Ah, are you going to bring that? Sei-san.”

Brynhildr-sama enquired me after confirming that the preparation for the meal progress.

“Ahem, this is the leftover spare rib from yesterday night. I want to let Fenrir have a taste of it.”

“I see, what a nice idea! Sei-san meat is really delicious after all, I believe that Fenrir will enjoy it also.”

“Hmm? Brynhildr-sama, did you eat me before?  During the time that I was invited to ‘Valhalla’ I heard that you couldn’t bear to eat me…”


After I pointed that out, Brynhildr-sama suddenly make a “Oh no!” type of face. It really did seem like her to answer me on the spot after I enquired her on this.

“To be honest, Sei-san is really so cute until I feel like eating you… but I couldn’t bear to eat the Sei-san who had become a meal since it will make me feel horrible. Moreover, since everyone said that it was delicious… and the Einherjars invited me to try some when I was serving them mead, so I ended up trying some of it. After that, I end up eating it secret sometime since I was addicted to the deliciousness…”

Come on, that honest and pure Brynhildr-sama ended up eating me secretly now…? You see, a different side of her can be seen in this short moment!

The expression of Brynhildr-sama who was looking around her restlessly and stuffing herself with some of my meat in a quick manner… it was without a doubt that was is cute without any need to imagine about it. Ah, I am really a sinful boar.

“Let, let me said this first Sei-san! I’m not the only one who is eating secretly!? Everyone think they were doing it skillfully but it was being rampant even after I found out about it! It is without a doubt that all of my younger sister is doing it too! That, that’s why… please don’t think of me as a gluttony…. What, what am I saying now… *sniff*”

Picture 4

Brynhildr-sama who wished to lessen her guilt by exposing her sister wrongdoings, was cute. The Brynhildr-sama whose face was bright red while she was ashamed of her own action was also very cute.

Nope, you don’t have to put it that way since there was nothing wrong with it… it was better if you can eat without any worry so that you are able to have a proper taste of it.

“Putting that aside, Brynhildr-sama what are you doing?”

“Ah, I’m making some bento. We will be able to arrive immediately at ‘Niðavellir’ if we use the rune of ‘rad’, but after that we will have to use the rune of ‘ehwaz’ to reach ‘Lyngvi’ and since it only me this time, I think that the moment we reach there it’d the perfect time for lunch, so I am making it for that moment.”

“I see, so this is for that. …Brynhildr-sama, if it takes that much of time when using the rune of ‘ehwaz’ alone, why don’t we just ask Grani-kun for help this time…. Ah! ”

You fool! Why am I prioritize on time that much! Since this is the chance for me to go out with Brynhildr-sama only!

“Ah…. Eh… to tell you the truth Sei-san. Actually Grani… is not feeling well lately. So I want him to have a proper rest now.”

“Ah~ is that so! If that is the case, then we don’t have any other choice!”

I glad… what a nice timing to feel sick Grani-kun. As expected of the beloved horse of Brynhildr-sama, it’s good that you are as nice as your mater is.

“Oh, master. I didn’t expected to find you in this place, here, didn’t you forgot this?”

At that moment, an energetic voice could be heard outside of the kitchen window, and it was a one headed horse which was holding a handkerchief in his mouth.

Eh… isn’t that Grani-kun? Something doesn’t seem right, according to what Brynhildr-sama said just now, he should be resting as he was feeling under the weather…

“…. Is that….?”

When I looked toward Brynhildr-sama, she used both of her hands to cover her face. The moment Grani-kun saw that, his face suddenly turned pale for some reason.

“! Somehow, um… didn’t you call for me? Ah, is it the cold? That right, I probably have a caught a cold! Cough, cough… A~ it seems I have a fever now… master, I will leave your handkerchief here…”

After leaving the handkerchief at the frame of the window, Grani-kun left the place while coughing badly.

Cool… you are so cool Grani-kun…

“Ah, that, Sei-san what happen just now is.”

“Awesome! Grani-kun is really an awesome guy! Even though he is not feeling well, he still determines to deliver his master handkerchief — he is really a role model for the servant!”

“Ah…. That right! He is my beloved horse after all! … Yup~, I’m really not sure whether Sei-san is perceptive or a thick headed person….”

After Brynhildr-sama showed a trouble face for some reason, once again she continued to make the bento. I think she mumbled something at the latter half of her sentence but I wasn’t able to hear that quite well. For your information, Brynhildr-sama was actually making some Crostini, which is small toasted bread that came from the western side.

Olive oil was brushed on top of the small piece of bread after it was cut of loaf of bread, and thin pieces of tomato, cheese, anchovies and raw ham were place on it, this is a simple menu where there is a lot of different variation for it.

Even though this was something simple that was made by Brynhildr-sama, but to me, was is something like a full course meal that I can enjoy myself with.

“It’s done! Okay, let’s depart now Sei-san.”

“Yes, please take care of me!”

The Crostini that was place inside a basket, the small freezer which was wrap by a Furoshiki(a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth) and me… somehow I feel sorry to Brynhildr-sama for this excessive amount of luggage but if I have to depend on her this time. Even if I used the rune of ‘mannaz’ to transform, I wouldn’t be able to manage the transform for a long time due to the amount of magic power I have.

It seems that Brynhildr-sama enjoyed herself through the whole trip. That was due to her scent fetish, since she was sniffing me while carrying me the whole time.

During that time, I was able to feel Brynhildr-sama breath on my back which was something happy to me but… due to that, we were unable to saying anything at all…

During the flight, we also didn’t talk about anything and just like that we reached the island where Fenrir was quarantined, ‘Lyngvi’.

We landed in the middle of the lake that gave off the mysterious blue illumination and Fenrir noticed our presence and lifted his head that was leaning on the big rock.

“This smell… you are the little one from before. I see, this is your true form.”

This time I come in my boar form but it seem that Fenrir was able to recognize it was me immediately based on the smell and nod his head while showing an understanding expression.

But… there is an unexpected guest that is standing in front of Fenrir.

“Argh!? Seriously…. Why did you come here, Sei? You also, Brynhildr.”

“Huh, aren’t you Loki! It’s been a while!”

The identity of that guest was Loki. If I wasnt mistaken the last time we met was on the day when I was invited to Thor lunch party… Woah, it’s really been quite some time since then. I didn’t hear from him since then, so I didn’t expect to meet him here.

“Loki-sama, what are you doing here?”

“Didn’t I ask you first? Brynhildr.”

“Pl…Please accept my apology! We, um…”

“Wait a moment Loki, please don’t tease Brynhildr-sama that much. Fenrir helps us before so we come here to give our thanks.”

I stepped up to help her since I feel like he was blaming Brynhildr-sama. When he saw that, Loki gave a small sight and while rubbing his chin,

“… Is that correct?”

And asked Fenrir who was behind him.

Fenrir shrugged his shoulder without making any movement and deliberately answered in a bothersome manner.

“I don’t remember helping you at all. I did have some idle talk with you to kill some time.”

“Idle talk? … Hee~ you had an idle talk even though you are shy… Hahaha!”

Loki laughed out for some reason while Fenrir gave out a sigh to show his sulk. Somehow I felt like this two were giving off an atmosphere that showed their amiable relation.

“Perhaps, both of you are close to each other?”

“It’s bad.”

“Hey what exactly are you saying — my son. Papa is very lonely you know.”

“Papa…? Huh, eh? Loki is? Fenrir?”

After hearing my question, Loki gave a serious look and shook his head vertically. Ah, I couldn’t believe this. While thinking about that, I looked toward Brynhildr-sama and she also shook her head vertically.

“Fenrir is the son of Loki!? That right, he did say that his father is a half between a God and a Giant…  I see, that’s why you were able to talk so freely with each other.”

“Damn… to think that you know my father. That explains why you’re having a casual talk with him.”

“Ahem, that’s right. Let me introduce myself again, I am Loki best friend, Saehrimnir.”

Somehow I reintroduced myself with a slight arrogance. Well, this made me happy seriously since Loki was laughing instead of denying the statement.

“So, Loki what are you doing here?”

“Hey, do you seriously want to know about it? Sei. I came here because I want to meet my beloved child that’s all.”

“Huh, what are you saying, you tricky God who is only good with this mouth. You didn’t even bother to show your face up until now.”

For some reason, Fenrir was not happy even though he had a reunion with his father.

I believed that this type of passing each other was not good… if Loki is Fenrir father, then that means this is the reason why the word that I told Fenrir last time was formed.

“Hey Fenrir. Do you remember the poem that I told you last time, the author for it is actually Loki?”

“Poem…? Did you tell me that?”

“It’s that, it’s about…‘it’s better that you are still alive’.”

“! … That, is that so… Ah, I see…”

The sudden disclosing of the secret cause Fenrir to wag his tail. It seemed that he was able to sense the love from his father, this was something good.

“Hey, what do you meant by I am the author of the poem? I don’t remember that I said any poem before this.”

“The wise saying of a jewel is always hidden under the rubble, Loki. Even if the person forgot that he said it, there will always be a person who will have a deep impression about it.”

Loki shrugged his should and show an unconvincing expression while looking down on my proud answer. Even Brynhild-sama tilted her head while show a smile, I guess this can be understand by those who understood it.

“Putting that aside, Saehrimnir. You said that you came here to thank me but unfortunately I have no idea why you’re doing this. I’m sorry to said that but I don’t need any thanks that my body won’t remember, if you are done with your task, I hope you can leave immediately.”

“No, I remember properly even if you don’t. I won’t be able to be at ease without showing you my gratitude, I will force myself to do it even if you don’t care about it.”

“Hehe! Fenrir, it’s better for you to give up since he is this type of a person.”

“Damn… to think that my father got interest in this stubborn fellow… I bet that this fellow meat is hard.”

“What a disgrace! Don’t you know that everyone said that I’m soft and easy to chew!?”

“Huh? Ah, is that so, that is my bad then…”

While looking at Fenrir who was unable to say anything astonish, I unwrapped the Furoshiki of the small freezer. Then, I took out my spare rib from the freezer. After that, I asked Loki to use the rune of ‘kenaz’ to defrost the meat and with a confidence smile I pushed the dish toward Fenrir.

“Here you go! This is the thanks that I prepared, this is a popular three star dish from ‘Valhalla’! Please feast on it!”

“Hoo… this is BBQ meat. Let me ask you first, what type of meat is this?”

“Hehe, this is my meat.”

“Pork is it, seems like the usual thing.”

“No, the meat is “ME”! It’s not pork! It’s boar meat!”

“Ah? What the heck are you saying? If you were made into a meal then who is the one that is standing right in front of me?”

“I am I, this is also me. I am the unlimited ingredient that was able to revive infinite time during sunset— which is also known as ‘Valhalla’ dinner.”

After Fenrir found out about my secret, he was so shock that he was able to close his mouth that was open wide which was something common to me. No, he was unable to close his mouth in the beginning due to the sword that stabbed through his mouth.

“I see, this sword…. will be a bother if this goes on.”

I didn’t think he would be able to enjoy it even though I had brought my meal here on purpose. Somehow… I felt like that thing had desecrated this meal. To us as food ingredient, there was no point if we were just made into a meal that simply, our meaning as a food ingredient was to be able to be eaten in a delicious manner. As a representative of the food ingredient, I wouldn’t allow the current situation!

“Um… Actually is it okay for me… to set Fenrir free?”


After I said that nonchalantly, not only Loki but Brynhildr-sama and even Fenrir himself had their breath taken away.

I understood why they acted that was why. That was because this sentence… was the greatest taboo in this world.

“Sei-san, I don’t think that is something that can be accepted easily! I feel bad to say this toward Loki-sama which is his actual father… but the God didn’t pay a small amount in order to bind this person. All of it was used to get the binding equipment that was specially made by the Dwarf, if we released this magic wolf that bitten off Tyr-sama right arm after he was bind, I think that Sei-san should know for sure… what will happen to this world!”

Brynhildr-sama tried her best to warn me about the risk that would occur because of my action. But… I’m sorry. About the risk… I had no knowledge about it at all.

“Did the Gods…. Have a proper talk with him before they paid the price?”


“Please think about it from another perspective. To bind this “innocent” wolf because of the prophecy from Mimir-san, it won’t be strange if he goes on a rampage when he escaped right?”

“That… that is…”

That right… you were unable to answer this. That was because this was a natural instinct to protect oneself. This type of action would also be produced by anyone since it was a resistance against these irrational actions.

“Brynhildr-sama. You come this morning to thank me right? Actually the one who you should thank is not me, but Fenrir. That is because the one who solve the riddle of Rossweisse-sama… Weisse rampage is none other than him after all.”

“! Is Fenrir…?”

Because of his advice, Weisse was able to control her God technique properly. She was be her energetic self again, accepted the fact that she was weak and made a decision to become stronger.

All of this did not come from me alone as Fenrir did assist me in this…

“Let me ask you this, Brynhildr-sama. Is the Fenrir here… seems bad to you?”

Brynhildr-sama closed her eyes and kept quiet while facing downward against my question. Her beautiful brows that were facing me, the soft lips that were making a troubled look, it seemed that she herself was unable to come out with an answer for this.

That answer… that seemed to carry the intention of the head of the Aesir, Odin.

“…I… am unable to agree nor help with this. But… I am able to pretend that I never heard of this.”

The answer that Brynhildr-sama chose was to remain neutral. But this was more than enough for now, this meant that she had accepted that fact.

“Thank you for listening to me… Hm, that means, it’s better if you didn’t heard it right…? It seems like a troublesome thing but in the end it’s better to release Fenrir right? Right Loki. Huh. Where’s Loki?”

Since I was unable to get the assistance from Brynhildr-sama who chosen to remain neutral. I turned to ask Loki for assistance but it seemed that Loki himself was looking me with a dazed look and was standing stiff at the spot. What, what the heck is this?

“Ah, no, forgive me. I didn’t think that you would suggest such thing.”

“By suggestion, you are talking about to let Fenrir free? Is that really such a shocking matter? Isn’t it something normal if you are thinking about Fenrir?”

“That’s not it, I’m talking about there is a person that would care for Fenrir. It is impossible to oppose Odin intention once he received the prophecy from Mimir which is quite accurate. This is an unspoken rule in ‘Asgard’ that must be followed in order to avoid Armageddon. To think that you want to set the monster free… if you thought that is something normal, then you really are a outstanding fellow maybe… Geez, I am so scared until I am trembling.”

“? I still don’t understand anything even after you said that… but is that a praise?”

“Of course, it is coming from this Loki-sama after all.”

Loki answered that with a daring smile, went in front of Fenrir and lowered his hip to sit cross-legged. While gazing at me with those eyes that were fill with glitterings, Loki revealed in a straight forward manner on his opinion that he kept to himself.

“Sei. I will reveal the truth to you since you are able to say that kind of thing. The reason I came here today is not to see my son. No, it’s not totally wrong either, the truth is I came here to tell Fenrir directly on the matter of releasing him.”

“Eh! Is, is that so!?”

“This, this is the first time I heard this. Father, you should skip the preface and told me that earlier.”

To respond Fenrir who was waving his hand to criticism him, Loki continued his topic.

“I think that Brynhildr knows that I often sneak out of ‘Asgard’ before this to visit different part of the world. For your information, I am not going on a sightseeing tour. I… keep searching for a sword that was able to cut the ‘Gleipnir’ that was binding Fenrir. No, it more accurate to say… a blacksmith that was able to create that sword.”

“Is, is there any blacksmith that was able to create that superb sword?”

“Since the creator of ‘Gleipnir’ was a Dwarf, so I thought that I have to search for the same Dwarf blacksmith. But since they were quite caution in their nature, they went into hiding as they were scared of the God community, so I was unable to find them at all.”

“That is right, the reason why they were so scared of the God community is because of you are Loki-sama…right?”

“Huh!? That is not entirely correct. It’s true that during the time the six masterpieces were born, I did various things that led to the critical moment where I could lose my head but the matter with Andvari was done by my brother.”

The sudden few words by Brynhildr-sama pierce through Loki chest. Due to this, Loki was being more open and all sort of excuses came flying out, but unfortunately… it was not enough to justify his action.

“Let, let’s just put that aside first. Let’s get back to the topic on the blacksmith. What I wanted was a standard item that can cut ‘Gleipnir’, of course it’s not like every Dwarf is able to do that. It would be much faster if I were able to request Wayland who created Frei’s Victory Sword to do it but he is an employee of my brother after all. He might spill the bean unconsciously while thinking about the content of my request. That is when the one that caught my attention is the, former famous ‘Ívaldi’. I was able to get a hold of him recently after following the rumor that he is living a secluded life somewhere in ‘Niðavellir’.”

The dwarf blacksmith ‘Ívaldi’ — I had even heard before about the greatness of his name. If I am not mistaken, among the six masterpiece of the Dwarf, it seem like these three masterpieces, ‘Sif hair’, ‘Skíðblaðnir’ and ‘Gungnir’ was created by ‘Ívaldi’’s son. But the three treasures that were created by them, in overall, was slightly inferior to the three treasures that were created by the other brothers….

“‘Ívaldi’ had retired from being a blacksmith due to his old age, but he decided that before he dies, he would clear up the disgrace of his son and while being motivated he gave two okay. After that, he quickly makes preparation to make the sword but… it seem we are stuck there.”

“Eh, what’s the matter?”

“It’s the material. Isn’t it obvious that to make an outstanding sword, we need some outstanding material? But it won’t be easy to get those. The materials that we required are… I’m sorry but I don’t plan to reveal it. It’s not like I don’t believe you but you are only a boar which has ability to revive only. When compare to us the God tribe, you have a lower resistance to the rune magic. If you were caught by the rune of ‘inguz’ by someone’s plan, you will be naked with one shot only, that won’t be something good right?”

“That’s right, that is really a bit scary.”

Well, let’s just put aside the fact that there will be people who will be searching for a small animal like me for information… I heard before that Loki is the type of person who is prepare for all type of situation so I have no objection to this.

“But Loki. You will… tell me about this soon or later right?”

“Hee, of course. When the time come, I will come and ask for your assistance without any second thought, so your better be prepare for it? My partner.”

Loki extending his hand and make a fist in front of me. To match his action, I lifted my hoof, and confirmed our trust and friendship.

“For the meantime, can’t we just pull the sword out of his mouth?”

“What is with this sudden thing!?”

Loki immediately depended on my wisdom while using his thumb to point over Fenrir shoulder. Hey, no matter what I said just now, it wasn’t like I can firm my decision in this short amount of time!

For god’s sake… well I will think about it first. Fenrir himself did ask for my help before this also.

“Let’s see… wouldn’t it be easier if all of us pull it carefully? Based on the appearance, it doesn’t look like it is fixed.”

“That would work if it is to pull it out. The problem is the thing after that. What would you do if someone found out that the sword was pull out? Of course, brother will be on a lookout for the criminal in frenzy and Fenrir will be interrogated for sure. Since we are going to pullout the sword, we need to make sure that it won’t be found out by anyone. If we are able to do that, it would be an ideal result.”

“You’re right… it’s true that is an ideal result but isn’t that an impracticable theory instead of an idealistic though? To be specific, how do you plan to achieve that trick of yours?”

“Let’s see, how about… camouflage it?”


Loki continued his sentence while I tilted my head and repeated the words like a parrot.

“Ah, that’s right. If we don’t want to let other know that the sword was taken out, all we have to do is to insert a sword in his mouth. But we want to take the sword out. In order to achieve these two result, we just have to use another item as a camouflage to replace the sword. To be honest… we need a sword… that he is able to take out easily when needed and is able to put it back immediately on his own.”

“A sword that can be taken out easily… doesn’t that mean we need a limpness sword? Something likes jelly.”

“Hm~ it’s not a bad idea but that is too soft. Moreover, won’t the shape change once it’s taken out? Can’t you think of something that is a bit tougher and elastic? It not like it has to be a sword, as long as the shape is similar, I can use my rune of ‘Wynn’ to make it look like a sword.” (Wynn means illusion)

“But, how about the size? It won’t be easy to find a sword that can fit Fenrir mouth.”

“Ah, you don’t have to worry about that. I can use the rune of ‘Berkana’ to change the height of the object.” (Berkana mean growth)

“Argh…. If you put it that way…”

This is a typical result when Loki is in charge. We need to find something that is long and thin like a sword with a suitable softness and elasticity….

Woah, this is really asking for the impossible with that kind of condition. I will be amazed if we can find that perfectly correct item here…

“Ah….! Ah, no, that…”

? What is it, it seemed like Brynhildr-sama who is sticking with being neutral, raised her voice as if she had an idea for it….

After Loki saw that as usual, he showed a sinister smile and got closer to Brynhildr-sama.

“Hey Brynhildr. In order to shut our ears, can you sing us a song?”

“A song… is it okay if I sing a phrase….”

Somehow it seemed that Loki and Brynhildr-sama was talking in an indirect manner. In short, they were saying something like ‘Tell us what you thought just now.’, ‘Is it okay if I give you a hint….’ I guess? Damn, somehow it seemed like they were connected to each other closely, which made me a bit jealous….

“The object that is suitable to Loki-sama condition, it exists. It’s very easy to obtain too. Let’s see… you might be understand it if you ask the Chef Head Ando, but it does not seem….”

It seem like she was being evasive but the hint that she gave was quite direct.

To think that she was being kind in these kind of matter, Brynhildr-sama was really suitable to be a holy mother.

“I understand! I will talk with the Chef Head about it when I go back. Is it okay if we leave it like this, Loki, Fenrir?”

“Oh! I understand it somehow. You can call on me anytime.”

“…well, I’m not expecting anything though.”

Even though I receive two extreme polar answered from both of them, it seemed that Fenrir was wagging his tail which exposed his inner feeling, when can you tell me directly what you want…..

Putting that aside, we had decided on our next plan. After going back, I will make full use of the thing that Brynhildr-sama gave….. but before that, we still had a big problem with the leftover in the basket.

“Let’s eat our bento before we head back.”

“Ah, that’s right, let’s do that.”

The long awaited lunch time. I believe that I waited so long for this until I became a more monster like than Fenrir, which had a long neck and the stomach was sticking to the back. In order for me to return back to my lovely appearance, I invited Loki to join us to enjoy this ultimate skillfully made bento.

I gave my spare rib to Fenrir to enjoy it, I was amaze that he was honest when he said it was delicious… but he is unable to enjoy the true deliciousness of it since he swallowed it without any chewing.

(Please just wait for a little more. It will be over soon.)

That’s right— I will surely make your meal much more enjoyable.

That night. After I had been made into a meal as usual, I immediately went to ask the Chef Head about the sword… which was what I planned, but I couldn’t to do that.

“I’m really in a bind… if I think about it, this is not something that could be asked easily…”

The main problem was that it was related to Fenrir. In other way, I was about to ask for some top secret information. If I was questioned “What do you need it for?” during the conversation, it wasn’t possible for me to tell him honestly.

Ah, how should I bring this up naturally to dodge that problem? I was really a foolish person… that was not right! I was too honest which was why I was afraid that I’d accidentally leak out the motive.

Then, in the corner of the kitchen where I was moaning, a goat named Heizu came toward me.

“Se-tan, what happen? The toilet is over there.”

“No, that’s not it.”

“Did you poop or piss in your pants”

“I can’t believe that you are able to say that normally!? It’s a good thing that you are in your goat mode!”

No, my reply was also quite rude. As an apology, I would be a bit honest with Heizu.

“Actually… I, have something important to talk with the Chef Head, but I’m not sure on how to bring it out.”

“You can’t do that. Only Heizu can do the proposal.”

“I won’t be doing that! So you can rest assured and tell him that!”

“Okay, I will do that.”

After Heizu gave a short response, she went toward the Chef Head who was washing the chopping board at the sink.

While she was walking, she activated the rune of ‘mannaz’ and transformed into her human mode, it seemed that Heizu had some knowledge on the seducing act now…

“Darling, do you like the ‘chopping board’?” <- (flat)

“Woah!? Ah, Heizu-kun. No, it’s not like I’m washing the chopping board because I like it.”

“Then, that means you prefer big one. Heizu is confidence about herself.”

“Is that what you’re talking about! I won’t reject that but…. Wait a moment! That doesn’t mean I like big one either? Heizu-kun, it’s nice that you have confidence on yourself.”

That was wrong, was it okay for you to leave it like that? Chef Head.

“Actually darling, Heizu had something important to tell you.”

“Ah, no, I am a bit busy at the moment.”

“Then, I will wait.”

After saying that, Heizu get into a waiting posture beside Chef Head. Hm… this meant that I’d also have no choice but to wait for them.

There was no choice. I couldn’t wait for that long, it seemed I really had to use the usual ‘tactic to do whatever I can’. I should have just done this from the beginning.

“Chef Head. Actually I also have something important to tell you….”

“Stop that Sei-kun, I told you before that I have no interest in that sort of thing.”

“No, I am not going to propose to you! Why is everyone thinking about that in the first place!?”

“Ah, I’m sorry, I got caught in the flow. Then, what is it you want to talk about?”

“Um… do you have anything that is straight like a sword, and it is also soft and elastic?”

“What, what the heck is that? Is that a riddle?”

That was right, it was a riddle. This was a challenge letter from Brynhildr-sama that even I nor Loki can solve it.  According to Brynhildr-sama, it seemed that the Chef Head was the person who could solve it…

“Okay, I don’t have any idea on it. Is there any hint to it?”

“Hint? Hint… probably it is…. Related to food? Meal? Or maybe it… related to the ingredient?”

Although it seem like I am saying something random thing but in order for Chef Head to solve this question, it should be something related to him right?

Hmm, or did it mean that it was related to his birth place ‘Midgard’?

“A straight, soft… meat… bone… fish… vegetable…Ah, is it a radish? But it’s not something soft. It should be soft if I stew it but… Hey Sei-kun, when you said soft, how soft do you want it to be?”

“It would be nice if it can enter the mouth easily, and there won’t be any pain when you are biting it.”

“Ah, please wait a moment! I understand it already, I know what it is now.”

“Eh!! Is, is that really!?”

Amazing, was there really that much hint in the conversation just now? I still had no idea what it was though.

After the Chef Head saw that I was looking at him with a great expectation, he showed a confidence smile and answered.

“That’s right, it is like a sword which is thing and straight and soft, furthermore it also has a bit elasticity. In other word, that thing is —- ‘Hechima’! Hey, is that right?”

“A sponge gourd? It’s true that it leaves an impression that it’s something straight but is that something similar to a cucumber? Which part of that is soft?”

“Sei-kun, don’t tell me that you don’t know about that? If you boil it, peel it and dry it afterward, strangely it will become a soft and elastic sponge gourd! If that’s the case, do you want to try to make that together?”

“Let’s do that!! Let’s do it tomorrow!!”

The Chef Head was surprised toward me who answered excitedly. Well, it couldn’t be helped after all! It was a given that I would be over joy since I could find the object that perfectly fit the requirement I needed in such a short time!

“If I’m not mistaken, there is some sponge gourd that is growing in the farm behind Læraðr right? I will go and harvest it, so let’s do it first thing in the morning!”

“Ah, okay, I don’t mind doing that but… Sei-kun, why do you suddenly want something like that?”


I went and done it~ It really did come, that question.

“Um… Um… actually…Ah! That’s it! Actually I did not have a nice sleep lately, so I was searching for a replacement for my hug pillow!”

“Won’t it be better if you go and buy those that are on sale?”

“Um… I would feel much at ease if I’m using a handmade one that is filled with love!”

“I see, that ‘s a point. Haha, if that is the case, you will need a cover for the hug pillow right? If you are using a cover with an illustration of Brynhildr-sama, I believe that you will be able to have a peaceful sleep!”

“Let, let’s not do that, Chef Head. If the cover had that illustration, I would be too happy that I’m unable to sleep.”

I will keep that idea! I will ask Witige-san to draw it next time! He is both an Einherjars and a brilliant artist!

“Hm…? Woah!?”

When I was in the middle of thinking about my bright future— I saw it. Heizu woke up when I was thinking that she was listening to our conversation obediently, and something happened.

(Heizu who always has a drowsy eye is opening it widely! This is the mark that Heizu got an impression! Let it begin, the dreadful plan by Heizu…!”

“Instead of an illustration of a cover, isn’t it better for the cover to be the real person… Hehe.”

I didn’t expect for Heizu to thought of something like this! There is no point for the cover right?

Putting that aside, I would just ignore the fact that I heard that dreadful plan… since I had obtained the consent from the Chef Head.

I planned to inform Brynhildr-sama that I had solve dthe riddle immediately and asked for her presence when I made the sponge gourd.  Other than being a reliable person, I felt a bit bad for using her as a transport, but this will ensure that I could to reach ‘Niðavellir’ without any problem.

Now I just had to inform Loki about this…. That reminded me where did I need to go to find Loki?

Good grief, since he was an unemployed God which didnn’t have a fix address… I gave off a sigh and I saw some movement in the corner of my perception. Is that a rat…? No, that wasn’t right, that was a squirrel! That was a squirrel with fluffy chestnut color fur.

There was no mistake, that was the person which triggered the ‘The incident on the attempt to collapse the World Tree’, in a way, he was also the culprit—


After hearing that I called out for him, he tilted his small head as a response.

“Hee? Ah, young master! No, this greeting is no longer suitable, I will use a friendly way, so please let me call you by master Sei. Then, master. Is there anything that I can help you with?”

“Yes, it a good timing, actually I am searching for Loki… if possible, can you help to pass my message to him?”

“Hee, just let it to me! What is the content of the message?”

“It should be something like ‘Please come to ‘Valhalla’ tomorrow morning.’”

“Roger, let me repeat the message for confirmation sake. ‘You better come to ‘Valhalla’ tomorrow morning so we could settle our problem!’ Is it something like that?”

“No, isn’t the latter half of the message a bit weird!? Don’t go and add unnecessary content!”

“Is that bad? I just want to inform him your true intention….”

“Please don’t go and do something unnecessary!”

This squirrel, can instigate thing naturally… isn’t the reason why Nidhogg began to bite on the World Tree because he was using this fellow as a messenger?

“I understand, I will tell him normally.”

“Please do that by all mean.”

Then! Ratatoskr gave a cheerful bow and with a jump, he disappeared from the spot and left some rainbow color illumination. To be able to freely teleport to anywhere in this world…  I knew that I didn’t deserve to say this but what an awesome skill.

“Okay, now I just have to harvest some sponge gourd and wait for dawn. Ah, sponge gourd, I know it for Fenrir sake but somehow I feel so excited!”

After I had found the best sponge gourd in the farm of ‘Valhalla’, I wasn’t using the non-soft gourd as a hugging pillow and fall asleep anxiously.

In just a short time, dawn break signified the next day. I had been pulling the Chef Head who was trying to escape from Heizu from being a pillow cover the whole night, and now I was waiting for Loki and the others from the servant dorm.

“Ah, good morning, Loki! Come here!”

Great, it seemed that Loki came on time. Seems that Ratatoskr fulfilled his duty perfectly.

“Hey, Sei. I heard from Ratatoskr? It seems that you plan to defeat and dominate me no matter what. Is that correct?”

“He said something that is much worse—–!?”

No, I actually expected this to happen. Before I went to sleep, I had thought of how should I deal with this situation to calm him down, while I was trying to clear up the situation, Brynhildr-sama had arrive at a perfect timing.

All of us went to the kitchen in that manner, we focused on the Chef Head who managed to extract the dietary fiber out from the sponge gourd successfully. In the middle of the drying process, I gave my thanks to the Chef Head and went to meet Fenrir with Loki and Brynhildr-sama. Of course, we can’t leave out the bento right?

“… To think we managed to finish this task so soon. Have you found the item already?”

Fenrir opened his eye wide in surprise since we could solve the problem, which we were struggling, in just one night.

“He he he, we won’t come here if we hadn’t solved it, furthermore this place is so far so it not convenient.”

I gave a snort proudly and looked up toward Loki who was beside me, Loki walked forward and gave a nod at the same time. While kneeling with one leg, Loki placed his hand on the sponge gourd that is on the ground. The moment I sense the presence of magic from his hand, Loki began chanting a spell.

“<> Disguise…. As the mouth gag, the punishment dagger!!”

After Loki finished the chanting, two runic words appeared at the same time and the illumination dissolved on the sponge gourd. Then, the sponge gourd gave off a bright light, and slowly became bigger. After that, the appearance change to become the exact dagger that was inside Fenrir mouth.

“This, this is the power of rune of ‘Wynn’…?”

“Sei, tried to hold it. It’s still quite light even though it looks this big, and it’s still a sponge gourd even if it looks like a sword.”

After I was told that, I tried to bite on the handle of the sword. It true, it really is quite light, and it also quite squishy and soft!

It went back to its original straight appearance after I bend it a bit, now even Fenrir who got his movement restricted, can easily put this in and out of his mouth easily!

We worked together to carefully pull out the sword out of Fenrir mouth since we had already found a replacement for it. I transformed into my dragon form and hold on to the sword while Loki and Brynhildr-sama slow take out the sword from its handle… thus, we were able to pull out the sword out of Fenrir mouth without any problem.

“Okay~ we took it out. Hey Loki, what should we do with this sword?”

I asked Loki while pointing on the huge sword that I am holding.

“There is a lake around the island right? If you find a perfect place to sink it, then it won’t be discovered that easily. Since you are in your dragon form, it would be a bit bad but I will leave that to you.”

I pulled the sword triumphantly as I was given a rare task that required physical work, by using my tail I throw it toward the lake. Okay, now the evidence had been disposed.

“Thanks for your hard work. Let have a cheers since we were able to accomplish our mission! You should join us too, Fenrir!”


While I was busying throwing the sword, Loki and Brynhildr-sama were preparing for lunch. After I deactivated my dragon form and changed into my human form, I walked toward Fenrir with my meal which had already been defrosted.

“Here you go, this is the meal yesterday which I was fully roasted. I only managed to bring the leg part but… this time, you could chew it properly now.”

Fenrir, whose mouth had been opening for a long time that I couldn’t even imagine, was mumbling as he might not be used to the current condition.

“Then…. Let’s start…”

Loki was smiling happily, Brynhildr-sama was watching over the situation in a worry manner and I was looking toward Fenrir who was chewing the meal on the plate that I brought over to him.

To be honest, I think my meat was quite small for Fenrir who had a large body. But Fenrir still chew on it carefully, it seem like he was finally able to enjoy his meal properly now.

“…How was it?”

I enquired Fenrir. But… it seemed like that enquire sounded a bit mean.

That was because, even without asking him, the answer was quite clear. Instead of the eloquence of word, drops of water came pouring out from both of his eye.

“Delicious… Ah…it is delicious…! To think it is like this….. So it was like that….!”

After a long long time, he was finally able to chew thoroughly.

That was not even an exquisite meal.

What he felt was just —- a small happiness.

— Later at night on the same day.

During the moment when the quarrel of the banquet ended, and the plants were quiet…. I stared out to the night sky from the window of my room as I was unable to fall asleep.

“What a great smile…. on Fenrir.”

That was a wolf, while I was a boar. Even though we were from different races, it wouldn’t be easy to spot the changes in expression, but I was pretty sure that I felt Fenrir was happy.

To think there was people who enjoyed it when I risked my life to be a meal. There was people who really said that it was delicious —. Okay… I believed there weren’t any other food ingredient that can get these blessing.

“I will do my best from tomorrow also.”

I thought I finally understood… when Hildi mentioned to take pride on your own job.

I wondered what was the reason that I could only say such admirable thing now. No matter how much I triedto keep up my appearance, I still hated the fact that I had to die since it was quite scary.

“Well, let’s leave it like that… I wonder what this is. This feeling…”

Actually there was one more reason as why I can’t sleep. That was the stimulation that was coming from deep inside from my smoked body.

I looked quietly at both of my hind leg. What I saw was my usual hoof but I can definitely feel it. That a new power was sprouting inside of me.

“This feeling— that’s right. When I realized I could become a dragon…. Transform into ‘Fafnir’, this feeling was quite similar as that time…”

“… Huh?”

At that moment, I shifted my look from the hoof to outside of the window.

There was a shadow of a person who was walking toward the main building of ‘Valhalla’ as if he came back from somewhere… isn’t that the macho man of the hundred people killer, Beruze-san.

“What is he doing outside at this late time…?”

He did come back early in the morning before this, I wondered was it due to the same reason as last time? If that was the case, then that meant Beruze-san went and complained to Lord Odin again.

(His expression seems a bit dark. Maybe he got the same treatment again…)

I understand that was meddlesome. I still rushed out of my room unconsciously as I was interested in the result of it.


Inside the Einherjars dorm which was located at the ‘Valhalla’ main building. I called out to him quietly as I chased Beruze who was returning to his room while looking down.

“…Oh, it Saehrimnir. It seems that you are quite bored too, since you are still awake at this time.”

I couldn’t sense any aspiration from Beruze-san voice when he answered me. As I guessed, something unpleasant really did happen…

“Um…by any chance, did you went and meet Lord Odin?”

“Lord Odin? I didn’t get to see him.”

“Eh? Ah, is that so. I thought of that since I saw you coming back from outside.”

“I didn’t get to see him.”


He said that as if he was trying to interrupt me by overlapping our voice together which caused me to said that unconsciously. Beruze-san told me with a low tone while looking at me which his disheartened eyes.

“Don’t you understand? I was refused at the door. The words of mine… no…. my presence is like worse than a speck of dust to that great person. I’m not even worth to be paid attention to. To be honest, I am quite disappointed… to think that I got treated like this.”

“That…. Maybe there was some misunderstanding….”

“Ha ha, those words…. Can you understand how I felt when I said that multiple times in front of the door of ‘Valaskjálf’? You don’t have to worry about this, since you are the favorite of the Gods, while I am just a trash mob. I never thought that we are on the same level.”

He showed a smile as if he gave up on anything, he threw off everything. While I felt some pity toward him—- I started shivering as if my whole body was cold.

“… There is a limit on how a person can be looked down on… right.”


Picture 5

While the killing intent that was able to freeze a body dispersed, Beruze-san disappeared into the room.

This feeling of defeat, is it a momentarily? Or is it…

“It… it should be okay…. Right? That is because, Beruze-san had friend that he could talk to about this manner. He got person that is like a family to him…”

I looked out toward the star of the night sky to inform on my though which also included my prayer. But…

I felt like the monologue that was said as if it was on purpose, and in a discord manner…  it slowly got left behind in this dark world.

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  1. Mischa says:

    Woah, instant bad guy transformation. So maybe he will find the sword and challenge Odin.
    Thanks for that chapter and merry Christmas.


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