Ore no Real to Netgame ga Love Comedy ni Shinshokusare Hajimete Yabai Volume 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Not Good, the Off-line Meeting Turns Into A Harem

◇ Offline ◇

Mizokawa Private School. Now there was still some times until the homeroom started. It was the time students gathered at different seats in class. And I was sitting, facing down the desk at the last row of class.

The first reason was lack of sleep, because everyday I always immersed in ZX Welt until late at night. As for the second reason was the matter last night, surely you’d know about it without being told.


A sigh leaked out when I thought about this weekend. What should I do now………Just when I started going back into the labyrinth without exit, a voice resounds in my head.

“Hello hello. Good morning, Keita-shi. Oh, isn’t it a mascot robot in a certain mecha anime? Now even collecting figure huh? Never see it before. Haha. You surprise me too much. Gahahahaha.”

[氏 – if it’s used as a formal word, read as “shi”, if it’s used as a noun, read as “uji”, means “lineage” (3 generations). And here he say Hello hello in English]

This way of talking zealously in the morning, just hearing them make you want to beat him black and blue. If you pay attention you can see a slightly long hair behind, a boy with black glasses standing strictly in a salute posture.

His name was Kamogawa Kyouya. A typical otaku. The proof was that he had every factor like “unnecessarily loud voice”, “a verbose way of talking”, “always brought a leather glove”.

“Let’s look at my booty!”

Although I didn’t want to care, his seat was right in front of mine, I noticed that he was searching something in his bag, making a rustle. Inside it was a thin book. Its cover was a illustration of a loli wearing a frills skirt.

“Familiar, isn’t it?”

My throat gulped down a bit.

“Fufu……Already noticed it huh? This is a work of Akagi Sakura-sensei, doujinshi ‘Mahou Shoujo Mamika ☆ Majolica’!”


“I had it in the only event held yesterday. Never expect Akagi-sensei to take part in a small-scale event like that. People jostled very fiercely that I was so terrified. Luckily it still had some left so I could buy it. Generally speaking, the event yesterday was very good. In addition the organization committee was very professional, *choeng*.”

Even use onomatopoeia word *choeng*, you usually used *flash* before.

[*choeng* is the sound of a fast light ray/electric current. *flash* is the light reflected on a sunglasses. And here he say very good in English]

That was the reason why Kyouya was  friendly towards me at school. He was also the person who led me to ZX, and that was our common theme. When two otakus wavelengths resonated with each other, they would even scatter more widely than before.

“Let me borrow it.”

“Sure. I still have another anyway. But at lunch time…*choeng* !”

Kyouya just notice something and used onomatopoeia. At the same time, a chill runs down my spine.

This feeling…This scent…seemed familiar…

Having a bad premonition not losing to Newtype, I hastily turned back.

[TN: Newtype: Gundam reference]


I took a long step backwards. A girl was standing there. Moreover she was really close.

A thoughtfully-cared curly hair and natural make-up. Furthermore, an appearance without fussy make-up made her emit the attractiveness of a beauty but I wondered that ‘What’s with this dressing style?’ because right below the miniskirt was a bare thighs being exposed. It made me feel like she was a resident of another world.

Her name was Kudou Misaki. Maybe I didn’t remember other students’s names but as regards her name I remember it exactly. As for the reason, I didn’t want to mention it so let’s forget about it for now.

It seemed like she peeked at the doujinshi from behind. But right now she was acting like she wasn’t interested it. I had never gone through a situation like this, thus I can’t endure interacting with a 3D girl, so my heart felt like it wanting to burst out because of the pressure.

Not only with her, I also felt hesitate when other girls unintentionally approach. And it happened quite often. Why is it like that? I just knew that my body was vulnerable to the opposite sex.

I still stood there, stunned. She “Hmph!”, acting like she wasn’t interested in it but then she turned her eyes to me, whose face was blushing right now.

“W-what’s up……”

“U-uhm, it’s nothing. I just want to know what you are reading.”

When I started to behave awkwardly, a voice called out to her in the class.

“Hey, Misamisa. What are you doing?”

That was a group of girls full of bitches’s smell.

“Ah, sorry. I’m coming right away.”

Misaki-san hastily ran toward their place. And then I heard a voice coming from one girl in that group.

“Misamisa, what did you talk to this disgusted-sagi?”

“Eh? Nothing, I just asked him to show me a book…”

“Sheesh, must be a lolicon book right?”

Shut up, leave me alone! What do you people know about Mamika-chan huh!?

That was the reason why 3D girls are annoyed. Indeed, 2D girls were the best. Yep.

At that time, Kyouya quickly hid the doujinshi and turned his face to me. What a smart guy.

“By the way, hey Keita-shi, you look very tired today. Did you play SWO a whole night?”

“Yeah…Something like that.”

Although my level was quite low, my play time didn’t lose to some high-level players’s. And he also knew how much I was addicted to it.

“Did you have any trouble?”

“The thing is…”

I told Kyouya about the offline meeting at the weekend. He knew clearly about my Nekama status, and also about my circumstances of joining a guild full of girls.

“Keita-shi, what did you just say!?”

He suddenly grabbed my collar.

“Uwa!? You seems surprised more than I thought…Nevertheless…Let me go! Let go! Let go!!”

“Don’t you think it’s too much!? It just likes a happy day off with girl!? And even with many at the same time!! It’s so envious!! You betrayer!!”

“Uhm…I think you seriously misunderstood it!”

I acted like it wasn’t good to make Kyouya stop raging more.

“You…You goddamn Riajuu!”

“Wait, why does your voice sound different from usual, Kyouya-san? From the beginning for us 3D girls are just trivial right………….mhm…mhm…”

My neck was squeezed tighter.

“Oh, s-sorry! I’m just too mad!”

“It’s fine if you understand it.”

He dropped me to the cold floor. Aah, this feeling wasn’t bad.

“…But this very offline meeting is worrying me right now.”

I started telling my worry while sighing. At first Kyouya showed a suspicious expression, and then bursted out into laughing.

“Haha, scared of being discovered as a Nekama huh?”

“Yeah, that’s right…”

Besides this, I still had one more reason…

“If I was you I would also behave like this. They always think of you as a girl, but when everyone meet each other, it turns out that she is a boy, thus it’s hard to face each other at guild the following day huh. Gufufu.”

“Seems like you are having fun when seeing me like that huh?”

I didn’t want to be called a disgusted man. If I knew it beforehand I’d rather keep my mouth shut so being called a goddamn Riajuu by you would be more proud. Ah no…Normally was enough wasn’t it? Though Kyouya was right. Having to face the person deceiving you for a long time wasn’t different from being tortured.

“However…This is a good chance to give up, isn’t it? When you are too immersed in MMO your body will be decayed, isn’t it? Lately I also haven’t played much.”

“But I don’t intend to give up even a bit.”

There was no other way than coming to the offline meeting, but if it was like that I would have trouble not knowing what this Hugues might say to the girls. The result would be the same anyway.

“Is that so, is that so?”

“Are you even listening to me?”

Kyouya nodded repeatedly, with a face similar to the commander sending his vanguard to the battlefield. And then he slowly pulled out something like a white cloth from his bag.

“Consider it my farewell gift for Keita-shi. It’s a very precious treasure but can’t be helped. Please die gloriously okay?”

“Die? Die……Really….Uhm……You are right……”

I spreaded out the white cloth still wrapped by a nylon bag to see. It was a long and thin cloth with a same height as a elementary student. The other side of the cloth ws…

“Waa!? T-this is!”

Seeing my reaction, Kyouya’s glasses flashed.

“Fufu, it’s Mamika-chan pillowcase. I saw it when dropped into Bora bo Ana in my way home yesterday.”

The loli whose face was red looked at me with her wet eyes. Furthermore, her clothes had a high exposure rate. Something like this is sold out there!? The world is really wonderful!

“I will give my waifu to you, make sure to take care of her thoughtfully. Never let her be dirty okay.”

“Really!? B-but………..Then I will gladly receive her with gratitude…….Uhm.”

And thus I accepted Kyouya’s kindness with my greatest gratitude.

No matter what, my daily life wouldn’t change.


All of today’s classes have ended. Because I didn’t join any clubs so I came home early as usual.

My house was located at the suburb. It was kinda quiet. Nothing special. Because my parents werethe kind of people who were always busy with their jobs so they rarely stayed at home. However, it didn’t make me sad. On the contrary, I even felt comfortable. Cooking and washing were my only daily housework.

I spent the remaining time being immersed in online world.

But today I didn’t feel like playing. Because the offline meeting tomorrow kept coming out in my mind. And of course, that remaining time becomes unnecessary.

What do I do now ? When I thought about ‘What about watching anime?’ or ‘Ah, the manga I bought still have some left that I have yet to read’, the idea of a wonderful place popped out. Before that let’s stuff a pillow into the pillowcase I received from Kyouya. Thinking like that, I went to my room upstairs.


I was slightly worried before stretching out my arm to hug Mamika-chan. My number one waifu in my room first was the pillowcase [Totokaru Konoha-chan]. I changed the name so it wouldn’t be a sacrilege to Konoha-chan. Because there wasn’t any pillows left, from now on until I went shopping I would have to apologize to Mamika-chan to use the pillowcase I often used them in the past again. Although it’s obvious, the pillowcase just expands about 1/3.

U—hm, I worried again. But, immediately a idea flashed through my mind.

“That’s right, why don’t I use the cushion at the living room?”

The sofa had about 2 cushions. There wouldn’t be any problem if I borrowed one this time right? Because even if my parents came home they would sleep immediately. I really was a genius.

To give Mamika-chan a life, I quickly ran outside my room. However, right before stepping on the stairs, I suddenly noticed something.

The room next to mine. The door was half-open, there was a rustle inside it.

I forgot to tell you, that was my little sister’s room, Sagimiya Rio. However, it was rarely used. If you ask why then the reason was since middle school she hadn’t lived in this house anymore. It seemed like she had lived at her friend’s house since then.

It became like that at puberty, then do you know what I mean? Simply speaking, she was a girl.

I heard a strange sound from her room. Maybe she was changing. *chirp*, I wasstill her big brother anyway. Because of that, I thought at least I should say something like ‘Already cool your head and come back huh?’. Although I had known the answer definitely was this line ‘Annoying!’.

“Hey, Rio, did you come back?”

I talked through the gap of the door. After that, her face suddenly appeared right before my eyes, made me jump out.

“Uwaah!? D-don’t startle me like that!”

“……….What are you doing here?”

Rio looked at me suspiciously with her head stuck out from the gap. Looking at her eyes anh lips, I could see her displeasure.

I hadn’t met her for two years but this face was still the same.

“……What’s wrong?”

“Eh, nothing, because I haven’t met you for a long time so I just want to say hi…”

For some reasons she didn’t respond immediately. Instead she mumbles.



“D-don’t peek at me……”

“No, I don’t intent to…”

After that, Rio’s eyes glanced at the thing in my hand. A silent space, that was a product which would make the police inquire me if I carried it on the street. When I realized it, I had already lost all of my composure

“Ah…Erm……….This is………..Erm………….”

When I tried to find an excuse, Rio blushed very red, seeming like she would explode soon.

But then the door was slammed strongly.

…Ano…….., this………What does this mean?


Thus the offline meeting had finally come.

After worrying very much, in the end I decided to spend my day off ending this foreshadow crisis by dragging my heavy legs to Ikebukuro.

Unfortunately, it seemed like all of the members lived along Ikebukuro Railway. That was why Ikebukuro was chosen as the meeting location.

I didn’t have any other way than expecting it to be cancelled. I also secretly thought of some strategies. Like the person playing Riel was actually Rio, but because she had business, she was unable to come, and told me, her big brother, that she couldn’t accept me for not coming in place of her. If Hugues said anything strange to them, I would just stop him. Although this strategy was ridiculous, I couldn’t think of any way other than that so it can’t be helped. It’s suspicious but if anything happened I would feign ignorant. I didn’t think they would obtain any proper answer anyway.

Moreover……..I also wanted to meet all members once.

Now I was near Kaizaria, the place chosen as the meeting location.

It seemed like that person intentionally chose a family restaurant just to be able to sit for a long time. All of the restaurant’s employees, sorry for the trouble.

While waiting for the traffic lights to turn green, I slipped through the crowd to come to the front row.

After crossing the road, the destination came into view. Because we decide to meet outside, not inside the restaurant, so my heart beat violently. Thinking again, ah no, no need to, this was definitely the first time I met and talked to a girl directly in real life. Therefore anxiety was unavoidable.

Ah…How thirsty.

But on the other hand, when online I can talk normally. I’m sure about that.

I suddenly watched the front of the restaurant. Among the crowd, there was a person standing, with her eyes wandering. If this was SWO, you could say that I had found the target.

Because there wasn’t anyone like that so it would probably be true.

Even if it wasn’t, I also had to check that ‘too standing out’ person.

What do I mean huh? That was because he was all white. Basically, plain white.

Moreover, he stood out too much among the black crowd.

Speaking more clearly, that was a fur suit covering from head to toe.

[TN: The illustration just shows a coat covering his upper body but the line above is written ‘from head to toe’. Maybe the author and illustrator had different thought but the editor forgot to check it?]

That anime character suit was kinda slim, not different from a pijama. The long and pointed ears on its head, there was a face of a very cute mouse decorated in front of it. A electric plug-liked tail was grown from the bottom.

I immediately recognized it. That was the electric mouse “Gorochu” appeared on a phone game “Punching Monter”, in short “Pachimon”.

[TN: Parody ‘Pikachu’ in ‘Pocket Monter’ aka ‘Pokemon’…

Right now it was the middle summer, there was no one wearing that hot suit. So how can he avoid being stand out?

Although I didn’t want to believe that this guy was waiting for me even a bit, but for confirmation, I gathered all of my courage to call out.

“E-excuse me……Are you waiting for the guild offline meeting……aren’t you?”

I nervously asked her.

And then this anime character suit turns around. Inside it was a girl.


Her big black eyes blinked with amazement. She looked at me, then blushes and shyly nods.

Despite her strange appearance, she was a beautiful girl when you look closely. Her eyebrow was long like a doll’s, her skin was white as snow. Contrary to her skin, her hair was black and glossy. What made me surprised the most was she looked so small. Maybe even smaller than my little sister.

My first impression of her was a bashful girl. I immediately compare her with every members of my guild.

Let’s see, this appearance and personality, hmph…………….

Who is it again?

Of course I was comparing the traits when online, although the personality when online and in real life was different, like me. But at least they have to be similar a bit.


I realized that she still looked fixedly at one spot when I started talking.

Fragile and slender, like a candle before the wind. I passionately gazed at that body unconsciously.

However her timidness was so fierce that my eyes had to turn away.

Awkward. Really awkward.

In short, I can’t leave this atmosphere to last forever.

I had to say something, but what do I suppose to say?

Uhm…………….Uhm……………Ah, that’s right!

“This suit is really lewd, isn’t it?”

Waaaaaaaaaa!? I slip my tounge! How stupid! What the hell did I just say!?

What I wanted to say is “This suit is really white, isn’t it?”, but why did I make such a fatal slip like that?

TN: Keita intents to say “shiro” (white) but instead he says “ero” (lewd).

Damn it, this was because I didn’t usually talk to girls directly so this happened.

I covered my mouth! Ah no, it had to be holding my head right?

Although she trembled at first, but luckily, it seemed like she was inattentive so she can’t hear that line well.

『A pervert?』


I had been left dumbfounded when seeing that word appeared before my eyes. When I looked at it again, in her hand was a A4-size white board shown in this way by a timid hand, on that board was the word I saw not long ago being written in black.

It seemed like she wrote her thought on that board, and the content was the opposite of her shy and timid appearance.

What’s this? So did she hear all of it?

“N-no no no, please let me explain.”

I extended my hand to her, trying to resolve the misunderstanding. At that time, she wrote something in the board.

『Please don’t touch me, you dangerous. Or else I will be pregnant.』

“What kind of reason is that? Moreover where does that way of talking like chemistry’s note come from!?”

『Pregnant.』(ninshinsuru – 妊娠する)

“Why do you have to emphasize like that!?”

『Nintendo believer.』 (ninshin – 任信, short for “nintendo shinja” – 任天堂信者)

“Iyaffu! You probably are a believer of the company that makes game about plumber aren’t you?”

『Pacific lamprey.』(nishin -鯡)

“Yeah yeah, it has many bones but when you finish cooking it will be very tasty…….Nevertheless, the kanji for this word is quite hard, isn’t it?”

Now how will I check the number of anime series when living in prison huh? I can ask Kyouya for it but………….

When I was still immersed in thinking, the white board was shown once again.

『Everyone have already gathered in full numbers.』


When I look back, there were a twintails girl and other two people next to the anime character suit girl. There were four beautiful girls in total standing before me.


It was really bad right now.

The restaurant had air-conditioner, and I was being surrounded by four girls.

Now it was 2 o’clock so the number of customers had decreased. Among them, our guild members had occupied six seats.

I wished I could sit normally, but how could I do that with a 5:0 ratio like this? It was clearly crammed. With two people per side, I was just barely able to stick out to the table.

Due to be the person at the center, it looked like I was leader. Sweating heavily, in short this situation was really bad.

However, I couldn’t clearly grasp this situation. I thought that the first impression had become the worst thing ever since I said that line outside like a pervert. But I didn’t know why I was happy just by talking to her. That was because the girl sitting next to me had developed a horrible argument a moment ago. Although it was still painful, I had calmed down a bit, but if this continued, we couldn’t  go to the main problem.

“Uhm……everyone………I think we should start talking…….”

After listening to my suggestion, the girls discouragedly stood up and sit in a row. Now it was 4:1 ratio. And of course I sit alone. Although it was still extreme, it seemed like a ceasefire agreement had been made.

While the drinks were being prepared, I had some peace.

Ah, right, let me introduce them.

From right to left, the girl who had the impression with the coffee cup in front was Hime. A yellow-red twintail hair, although it was a bit different from the avatar’s hair when online but this ojou-sama’s aura, no matter when online or offline, it was still the same. While she stared fixedly at me with her slanting eyes, our gazes met each other and she confusedly turned away.

On her left. A kind of gentle girl who always smiled at me while drinking her orange juice. Her shoulder-length wavy hair was the same when online. Her white hand exposed from the sleeveless shirt was very bright. There was one noteworthy thing at her appearance, I heard that she is a housewife, but she wasn’t really different from my age. Just how old is she?

At her feet was a paper bag containing a lot of books, I caught sight of some covers of them. Maybe many people didn’t know but I did. That were doujinshis. Moreover, from the covers, I could tell that were BL. I was sure that before coming here she had visited the woman’s place.

Next. The girl who happily drank melon soda with a straw was Ricotta. She seemed smaller than the rest, I heard that she was a middle school student. Her over-shoulder short hair, a hair strand growing from her head looks like a antenna. That was also normal, but……

Her hair’s color wasn’t normal at all! Hime’s looked similar from when online, but this girl’s was exactly the same. Moreover, her hair accessory or something was clearly cat ears. Two people before looked slightly similar between online and offline, but this girl was exactly the same! That silver hair wasn’t fake, was it? I didn’t know whether she dyed it or not. When we first met, that was the first thing I noticed.

And at last. The girl wearing an anime character pijama and drinking milk (put a lot of sugar) whom I met first. She was Shizuku.

But my first impression of her was that she was far different from when online, a very bashful girl. Since when we first met until now she hadn’t said any words. From beginning to end she was just timid. How to say it, I couldn’t imagine that she was short like that. Compared to the game avatar, she looked tinier and cuter. However, it ws too different, isn’t it? Even when seeing my gaze, Shizuku immediately lowered her head, the black eyes continuously blinked.

Anyway I wished she could take off her hood. Does she have any reasons not to do so?

Although there were still a lot of problem, as expected they were all girls in real life.

Hmph, why do I know their names?

That was because while waiting for the drinks, they had introduced themselves.

And……Now it was my turn. Although it was disappointed a bit, I still had to say it. That was why Riel didn’t come herself but her big brother instead. The face of a falsely accused person appeared in my mind.

I took a deep breath. And then,

“Erm, I’m Ri…”

[TN: Keita intends to say “Riel no ani” (Riel’s big brother).]

“But…It’s really surprised right~”


When I intended to say something, Mashu interrupted me. Her voice seemed silly a bit.

“I never imagine Knight-sama to be bold like that~”


“That’s, you can say that even while standing in the middle of the street……”

“T-that’s just a misunderstanding!”

After that Hime talked with hesitancy when meeting my eyes.

“E…e-e…every boy is a beast. Is Knight-sama also like that?”

Although I didn’t wish to be forgiven but, what was everyone talking about?

Uhm, what is this? I’m……


It seemed like they had seriously misunderstood right from the start., I had to correct it quickly. But they talked very rapidly which made me unable to interrupt them.

At that time, Shizuku timidly rised the board, ouch!

『Lustful Knight-sama <3』

She looked really delighted when writing it. But her behavior didn’t fit that line well.

[TN: From now on Shizuku’s line in the board will be put in『』]

Now I thought about it, this board was the reason I said like that. It was really a troublesome thing because I had to read and think at the same time.

Although she was really different from when online, those lines in the board were definitely Shizuku’s.

So teasing people is your habit isn’t it? Isn’t it?

In that case! I will steel myself so you can’t tease me anymore.

“Who is lustful huh!? Don’t say such baseless thing!”

Right after I have denied strongly, Ricotta talks.

“Lustful is okay nyan! If Knight-sama wants, although roughly a bit, Ricotta will still be okay with it nya!”

“Why do you talk like that! And why does everyone look at me like that!?”

For some reasons, other members gave me a lot of sharp gazes. It was really incomprehensible.

“Before coming here, ‘Knight-sama’ had secretly lured me nyan. Did you forget it nyan?”

“Lure what huhhhhhhhhhh!?”

After that, their sharper gazes penetrated my body.

Everyone here thought that I wa Knight-sama, although I wanted to correct this misunderstanding, Ricotta’s line worried me so much.

What’s that………the way she boldly talks was really in opposite with her innocent appearance.

“And your way of adding ‘nya’ is also default isn’t it?”

She naturally smiled when hearing that. If this ws online, I thought her cat ears would wag because of happiness.

“This is the influence of the language from planet Nyanya nya.”

“Nya……? Nyanya??”

“This isn’t because of the setting nya.”

“Ah, that’s right…….it’s not because of the setting isn’t it.”

This girl is crazy too!

“Of course it is because Ricotta comes from planet Nyanya.”

“It’s really cool. And you forget to add ‘nya’ in the end.”

“Ah yeah nya.”

“Too late!”

This girl was undoubtedly a Chuunibyou. And I wa being teased at the level of Shonibyou. It was really funny.

[TN: ‘Middle school 2nd year syndrome’ has many different levels. I just know 3 kinds of it: Shonibyou (小二病, level 1 – elementary school); Chuunibyou (中二病, level 2 – middle school); Kounibyou (高二病, level 3 – high school). I dont’t know whether level 4 – university exists or not.]

If she didn’t say such troublesome things, I would count her as a cute girl. The silver hair aside, her face passed. The smooth skin would be very soft if touched.

But what’s with this? I have a strange feeling about this girl……

“Hey……Is there a chance that we have met somewhere before?”

“Really? That can’t be! T-t-this is our first time”.

“Is that so?”

Suddenly she strangely becomes confused…..Ah, she forgot to add ‘nya’ didn’t she.


“T-that’s just your imagination……Ah, that’s right nya.”

Your lines didn’t fit each other.

While thinking about that, I incidentally catch sight of Hime’s grimacing face.

“Such a sly person.”


“Saying such untrue things, you just want to hit on her, don’t you? Moreover, she is just a small girl.”

“Ah no, I really don’t have that intention…”

“How would we know about it?”

Although she still had that suspecting eyes, Hime’s face turned red a bit.

“I know it more than anyone else.”

“Know what?”

“The eyes of every boy are of the beasts’.”


“That’s, because I’m super cute, aren’t I? You can say that my beauty just show up once in a million people doesn’t it? Ah no, It’s even more rare than that.”

This girl was too self-conceited.

“Whenever I go outside, a lot of indecent eyes look at me. Everyone looks dangerous. If they do that I’m afraid that someday someone might attack me.”

Don’t get cocky!

“And I feel that your eyes are also the same.”

“Haha, where does it look like?”

“Uhm…More accurately, it’s not the same, instead it’s even more than that.”

Another crazy girl……

While chuckling, I see a white board at the other side. Shizuku was showing it to me.

『Do you watch Tragon Ball Z Remaster Editon from the start?』

[TN: Tragon Ball Z – parody Dragon Ball Z]

“Ah, of course I watched from the beginning.”

“Fueee!? O-of course?? F-from the beginning?? M-maa, t-that’s right, b-because it’s me isn’t it……B-but it’s fine if you want to look forever…”

For some reasons Hime’s face turned even redder and she reacted more strongly.

[TN: because Shizuku and Hime sit at the opposite side so Hime can’t see Shizuku showing the board and thinks that Keita is talking to her.]

『What female character (litmit) do you like?』

“Maybe she has to be enthusiastic a bit, perhaps I choose ‘Chichi’.”


Hime hastily covered her breast, starting to be confused.

[TN: Of course Keita was saying ‘Chichi’ –  Goku’s wife, but chichi (乳) also means ‘boob’.]

“Stupid! Pervert! D-don’t look at that place!”


When I turned back, Hime’s hair bristled like a angry cat’s fur.

『’Chichi’ is my waifu.』

“What are you saying about? Did I just decide that ‘Chichi’ is mine?”


Immediately Hime gave off smoke like a pot. What’s the matter?

Shizuku didn’t care about that, she showed a picture from her smartphone.

『This is MAD gathering all scenes of ‘Chichi’.』

“What? Let me see it!”


Because Hime suddenly screamed loudly, the employees and customers all looked at us.

After that she hesitantly said,

“I-i-i-if you want to look that much……I will show you a bit……just a bit okay?”

Hime bashfully puts her in on her blouse.

“W-what are you doing?”


When I stop[ed Hime, her face went stiff.

After that. When knowing that I was talking to Shizuku, her cheek puffed like she was eating a apple.

“Wait! That is because of your indecent thought isn’t it!”

『Is letting other people see such a embarrassed thing?』

“Of course! Being a pure girl but doing something like that will make people misunderstand!? Because I, about appearance, personality or family, am all perfect and noble!”

Her appearance really was perfect, but how could I know about her family? As for her personality………It had to be examined again.

However, Hime’s face that I felt something unusual a while ago suddenly gave self-satisfied smile.

“What? Or do you envy? I’m too right aren’t I? That’s right, I have exposed before everyone. And you, because you are too ugly so you have to hide under the hood, aren’t you? Maybe behind it is……Let see, something horrible like a peculiar hair? I have hit the nail right?”

Hime laughed to her heart’s fullest content while looking at Shizuku’s hood. On the contrary, Shizuku seemed like she didn’t hear anything, I felt like she was trying to ignore it. That attitude made Hime talk more.

“If you don’t mind, let me help you take it off okay.”

Hime brought her hand to hold and pull the hood unhesitatingly. But—

“Fnu, fnuuuuuu! What the hell is that??”

No matter how strong she pulled, there was no sign of the hood being taken off. Simply because Shizuku ws desperately clinging to it.

Despite being an outsider, just by looking I can tell how much her desperate resistance was. If she did’mt have the hood she would die! Something like that. It was like a diver being underwater suddenly had his oxygen container taken. Shizuku bit her lips enduring, her eyes looked kinda wet.

Seeing that, thinking this matter had gone too far, I immediately interfered.

“Hey, if you still do that…”

Right after that, Shizuku became confused and pushed Hime’s hand away, making Hime surprised too. After that she made some movements like wanting to say ‘I’m not ugly!’.


Hime unpleasantly folded her arms, I felt like she still didn’t understand the problem. On the contrary, Shizuku was fixing her hood calmly. After that she turned around and looked at me with her black eyes.

What’s with that? When I looked back, she immediately turned red and hanged her head.

After that the board ws put on the table.

『[Edited] Hime’s existence is a embarrassment.』


Although Hime looked like she has exceeded her limit with (^▽^) face, but right after that she smiled dangerously, it seemed like she had just found something to mock at.

While the conflict was still continuing at both sides, sign of ceasefire appeared in a tray.

“Sorry for the wait. Your potato chips and Chilean pizza is ready—”

It’s Milan and Chilean style at the same time?

The waitress looked at us with a strange gaze. Her confusion forced us to act.

“Ye—s, it’s mine.”

The person saying that was Mashu. And the hot pizza was placed in front of her.

“Waa, maybe I should ‘fuu fuu’ to cool it down~”

Of course? The onomatopoeia added seems like it had some malice.

Generally, the smell of baked cheese was gently wrapping my mind. Anyway Hime had already calmed down and sit down. After that she talked while looking at the pizza.

“This thing contains a lot of calories.”

“I haven’t eaten lunch yet~ Moreover, just eating a bit doesn’t make me turn into a plump woman right?”

“Erm? Do you know the word ‘fat’ ? Even when you looks slender, the fat still piles up in the body a lot, anyway being careful is better.”

“Thanks for worrying about me~ But as I said, I will be okay~”

“Oh, is that so?”



What’s with this atmosphere!

I felt like standing in the atmosphere of the smiles of 2 girls felt like 2 sharp blades clashing into each other. Think about it, I hadn’t eaten lunch, either. So hungry~ Maybe I will order a Focaccia cake. When I was thinking like that,

[TN: Focaccia – a Italian baked bread, search google for detail.]

“Is Knight-sama also the same?”

The diabetes rate in my blood ws increasing to a dangerous degree, Mashu was pushing the pizza ahead.

Although I didn’t know who she was talking to, I immediately realize that it was me.

“So, itadakimasu.”

When saying that, as if I admitted that I were Knight-sama. But I didn’t have any other choices, because I was too hungry.

When reaching my hand, my nose could smell the scent of ketchep.

“Yes itadakimasu~”

Cutting a piece of pizza, Mashu holds it and waited for me to open my mouth. Moreover, her face looked kinda shy.


Isn’t this ‘that’ situation ? The ‘ahhhh’ situation that every boys wish for it?

I thought I heard Hime saying ‘Wait!?’, but Mashu’s act had so much affection, I couldn’t refuse it.

I cautiously opened my mouth and said ‘ahhhhh’, the pizza was fed into my mouth.

“It-o-e-i-i-us (It’s too delicious)!!”

“It’s so good~”

What, this 399-yen pizza was  really tasty. But being fed by a beautiful girl, no matter what kind of food it would become the best.

Yosh, let’s eat all of it. When I wasthinking like that, the pizza suddenly left me. A-re, where did it go? I followed it, and then it stopped in front of Mashu’s mouth.

Isn’t it an indirect kiss? Mashu-san!?

I didn’t know whether it was her nature or her intention.

Looking at that scene, my heart throbbed strongly.


Mashu sounded surprised. Another mouth suddenly appeared and ate the pizza. It was shoved into that mouth.


A unpleasant sound when chewing. The person who was observing cautiously while her mouth was full of pizza was Hime. If it was not my imagination, she blushed a bit, didn’t she? Shizuku was looking at her enviously, her hand moved to Ricotta hopelessly.

Does she want pizza that much!?

Hime was still eating the pizza, finally she swallowed it with a gulp of cold coffee and sighs.

“D-don’t look at me like that. I’m just hungry.”

“If it’s like that, there are still a lot in the dish right?”

“J-just because that pizza looks specially tasty.”

“Hou hou? Really? I also feel like that.”

‘Such a interesting person~’, Mashu’s eyes that looked at Hime made me feel like she wanted to say that.

You were also interesting not losing to her you know. But I had understood a bit. Mashu seemed like a very pure person. That was because she only understood it when Ricotta sitting next to her saying ‘That’s because it’s an indirect kiss!’, seeming like this was the first time she had ever heard about it. I thought that the ‘ahhh’ was just her kindness.

While having a red face, Mashu ate the rest of pizza continuously like rodent. That figure looked so cute.

The uproar a while ago had disappeared, so that the silence had come back to the table.

Everyone of them was as I expected…

Shizuku was an exception, I thought that she was the strongest person in the guild but unexpectedly she was just a normal girl.

But every members had become closer when meeting.

That reminded me, that guy was the root of everything here.

Hugues. That’s you. Why is Knight-sama who proposes this offline meeting absent huh?

I tried to find a suitable moment to settle every misunderstands. And that was now.

I calmly opened my mouth and talked.

“Hey everyone, about Riel……”

“Riel doesn’t come, does she?”


Being interrupted by Hime, I just opened wide my mouth.

“I also hear that.”

Mashu continued.

『Same here.』

Shizuku too.

Drinking a orange juice with ginger, Ricotta also said,

“It’s such a pity but Riel doesn’t come nya.”

What’s with this? I didn’t notify anything about my absence. Moreover, everyone was just disappointed about not meeting Riel, what’s this, this relieved feeling?

When I was wondering like that, Hime suddenly proposed as well as interrupted.

“Why don’t we exchange our email addresses?”

So suddenly. I felt like having already escaped that case.

“I also intend to say that~ I want to have a offline meeting like this sometimes to talk more about our life~”

Mashu had the same opinion. Shizuku and Ricotta also didn’t oppose. Then I exchanged mail with everyone. However, only Mashu inclined her head.

“What’s the matter?”

She looked at her phone before standing up and came at me.

“It seems like I can’t receive it. Can you send it to me one more time again?”

“Ah, sure…”

Because there wasn’t any problem, I happily accepted it.

“Hmph? What’s this…aroma…Eh, waaaaaaa!?”

Because Mashu sit next to me and looked at my phone so her nape almost touched my nose. The soft hair was separated into two sides, revealing her white nape. Because I never observed a girl’s skin this close, I suddenly panicked illogically. As for me that was a dangerous situation!

“U…uhm…….Mashu-san? Do you think that you sit too closely?”

“Is that so? But…Just a bit isn’t a problem.”


Mashu said that made my mind more confused. Moreover, because she wore a sleeveless shirt so I could feel her two bare hands like symmetrical docking, I wasso nervous! But this, maybe it was just her nature.

At that time, I saw Hime, frowning, standing at the opposite with us.

“Can I ask what are you doing?”

“Just as you see, exchange email address~”

“I know that! But I’m talking about you sitting closely!”

“But…That’s because I can’t receive it~”

Mashu’s eyes had tears welling up. Although I did’mt think that was crying but it can defeat a boy’s heart easily.

“Let me borrow it a bit. I can do it.”

We could do it quickly but Hime had interfered before we could.

“Lend me yours. In exchange I will lend you mine.”


Hime snatched away the phone from her hand, and then she sit next to me.

Then…I was being pressed from two sides again. My heart throbbed continuously while Hime used my phone. After that, my email address appeared on the screen.

“What? Isn’t it working normally?”

“Hmph? Is that so? I also don’t know why~”

“Feigning ignorance huh?”

“I don’t have that intention~”

“Hah? Don’t fool around with me.”

According to me, it seemed like Mashu really didn’t understand. The problem lied within the phone. But it seemed like Hime wouldn’t be persuaded with just that.

“From a while ago, that trait of you makes me really annoyed. You are always pretending like you don’t know anything. Like those bitches!”

“W-w-w-what? Why do you suddenly say that!?”

“Because you have married, right? So that makes you a bitch, doesn’t it?”

“I-I-I’m not a bitch~! Because, I-I’m still…”

“What? I can’t hear anything. Generally, I don’t know what meaning it has for you.”

Mashu’s face blushed and hanged down, she quietly looked at Hime with her seem-like-crying eyes.

“Uuuuu……S-so…….W-what about Hime-chan………?”


“You……..a-are the……….same…….”

“Hah!? H-how can it be! Because I’m still a vir(gin)……..What are you talking about!?”

This time even Hime blushed like Mashu.

“More importantly, your act of crying is just fake right?”

“I’m not fake! I’m different from Hime-chan’s breast!”

“What do you mean!? Mine is real thing!”

For some reasons, a war happened at two sides. This atmosphere seemed like it would continue for a long time. Furthermore, if it was still like this, I would reach ‘that’ limit. I thought so.

I had to stop this.

At that time, Shizuku, still being timid like usual, showed the board with a red face—

『A disorder situation LOL.』

“Hey!! But, the content and attitude don’t fit each other!? Adding ‘LOL’ too, it looked really annoyed!”


“You provoke me huh?”

Be angry but never pick a quarrel with a girl. That’s my ideal.

So I ignored Shizuku and returned to Hime’s problem. I thought that place needed a referee. So that they could be stopped and easily turn this problem into a fun dialogue. I stretched out my hands to stop them.

“Stop, you two! At this place I’m…”


“Hmph…What’s this feeling?”

A strange sound. From the start I had never experienced the *boing boing* situation like this so this feeling was so soft.

‘Don’t say that……..?’, I thought.

Because I had read a lot of rom-com novels so the simple situation like this could be predicted easily, but I never expected that it would  happen to me. Was this the negative effect of lacking 3D resistance!?

Maybe some quick-witted people had already known that, the thing in my right hand was quite big, and in my left hand was so big that it didn’t fit my hand, when swaying it created a *boing* sound.

Because I was not destined to it so I didn’t know it was soft like that. Even knowing that by intuition wouldn’t be enough.

Hime looked like she still didn’t understand, her face looks listless. On the contrary, for some reasons Mashu was trembling with ecstasy face. My body had realized the seriousness of the situation and started reacting.


Aah, it seemed like I had reach ‘that’ limit.

The core of my body becomes hotter. My consciousness became all white when I felt I had exceeded my limit.


I was in the WC of the restaurant. I sit on the lid-closed toilet, remorsefully hanging my head.


An overcastting feeling enveloped my body. Because I had never touched a 3D girl so my body completely couldn’t resist. Although I remembered I had said it before, but the excitement feeling when facing the opposite sex of mine was…techno break!!

[TN: Techno break – the unusual symptom of body when secreting too much sex hormones (frankly speaking, it’s when fapping or making love too much).]

No it wasn’t……more correctly, I just fainted. [Female Endurance Deficiency Syndrome], I had just known about it recently.

More specifically, it was right after entering high school. The reason was because I unintentionally interacted with a classmate, Kudou Misaki. It was just an accident. At that time, I had the same feeling but since then I hadn’t interacted with any girls so I didn’t notice.

That was why I hate this offline meeting.

After regaining consciousness, I smiled bitterly and said “I will go to the WC for a bit…….” then stood up and ran here. And of course I didn’t need WC. I just simply thought “I’m done!” and just wanted to run away from that place. And now I was very worried.

However, despite repeating words and acts continuously, if nobody got surprised when I came back, it’d be really strange.

Why is Knight-sama being loved like that? Contrary to jealousy in the past, now I felt anxious.

While I was thinking with my eyes looking at the securely-locked door, the phone in my pocket suddenly rang. There was a message.

“Who sends message at this time huh…”

Reading while complaining, I saw that my mail box didn’t only have Kyouya only. If it was not Kyouya then it’d be just spam or similar. Because that was a suspicious address.

But because I was curious more than scared so I decided to open it. The content was:


[Title]: Hello.

[From]: kishisama666@motmail.co.jp  (TN: Kishisama = Knight-sama)

[To] wan_U-x-U@pocomo.co.jp

<Hello, it’s me. The offline meeting is really fun right. But you suddenly fainted, it made me really surprised. Are you okay?

However, it seems like you have forgotten my confession and is enjoying the harem, doesn’t it? As expected, you have never touched the breast of a lady, have you? This is just my comment. Right, Riel?>


After reading, my eyes opened wide. This tone, and even this ‘Knight-sama’ address.

It was undoubtedly his, Hugues’s message.

How could he know my address? Furthermore, he even knew that I’m Riel.

Moreover, according to the content, he had observed us from the beginning.

I hurriedly answer.


[Title]: Re: Hello.

[From]: wan_U-x-U@pocomo.co.jp

[To]: kishisama666@motmail.co.jp

<Hey, you. How do you know my address?

Moreover, surely you have laughed while observing everything, haven’t you?

You have pretended to be a customer right? Show yourself.

It’s because of you that I have a lot of trouble. Why did you do that?>


I tried to guess. Hugues had come to the offline meeting as expected and hid somewhere to observe the guild members when they met in front of the restaurant. However he suddenly realized there was a ‘boy’ other than him in the group so he pretended to be a customer and went inside, sat on the nearby table so he could hear us talking. Maybe he sent this message because he was angry that I was treated as Knight-sama instead of him…?

Or did he want to say “You have deceived me!” when knowing that I was a nekama……?

I thought of many ways…….Uhmm……There were too many so I couldn’t explain it.

I put my hand under the chin. When I slightly sigh, my phone rang again.


[Title]: Re:Re: Hello.

[From]: kishisama666@motmail.co.jp

[To]: wan_U-x-U@pocomo.co.jp

<Oya oya, you said something really interesting.

Wasn’t I standing in front of you a while ago?

And didn’t I also exchange email address with you directly at that time?>


For the time being I forget my anger and reply immediately.


<Are you talking in your sleep?>


And he also replied with a frightened speed.


<Do you know the phrase ‘2 acc’?>


2 acc……….2 acc…………

2 accounts!?

My head was spinning from his answer.


<Didn’t I tell you? The person called Knight-sama was standing in front of you a while ago—

Is 1 of the guild members?

If we change our avatars, what will we become?

I think you know that more than anyone else, right?>


I finally understand what she was talking about.

[TN: from this point I will change ‘he’ to ‘she’]

Among 4 members appearing at this offline meeting today, one of them also owned the character ‘Hugues’, and controled it. So that the ‘boy’ named Hugues didn’t exist in this world. A while ago we exchanged email address with each other right? If it was that then I had understood why this message had my address.

Wait? If this email address matched one of those I exchanged a while ago, I can know who Knight-sama is right……?

“Are, this is Free Email! *ch—*”

This girl was that careful? But, why did she have to do this?

At that time, a message came.


<Not replying means you have understood right?

So let’s go straight to the main topic okay?

What do you think about your current situation?

Do you want to continue this ‘harem’ state?

Therefore, I want you to become the real “Knight-sama” from now on.

By the way, you don’t have the right to refuse.

Because if you do so, I will spread all of the suspicious files in your PC on the Internet so people will know about it. Internet is very wide you know? You understand it, don’t you?

How can you do that? You liar.

If you think like that then the files attached to this message below will be the proof.

I hope you enjoy the happy life of “Knight-sama”.>


I opened the attached text file with hesitant fingers.

And here’s 1 part of it.


«Melluna, you are the Ursa Major of my life.

In front of your dazzling light, there aren’t any stars which can match up to. Compared to you, they are just dust.

Melluna, what are you looking for? I’m here?

Aah, melluna, melluna, melluna—»


“Holy shit!! What’s this? Poem? Quite moved right……….A-re, THIS IS MY POEMMMMMMMM!! I want to disappear right now!!!”

This was a poem about the trustworthy player of SWO, Melluna-chan. All of my feeling for her was written like a diary.

You could say that, it was the thing that makes me die painfully if I read it again.

Thinking about it, why did I write it?

Groaning didn’t help me anyway. Moreover, it was a proof that my PC had been taken, it meant that every other poems were also in her hand, right?

Stop, please stop it!

If they were spread on the Internet, how can I go outside tomorrow?

However, how could she have them? Did she observe me somewhere?

First of all, I didn’t know her motive and aim. What would she gain if I became Knight-sama? I tried to send a message to ask, but there was no response. Instead she sent me a message with the Account ID and Password of Knight-sama.

“She really wants me to become Knight-sama.”

But considering it, this condition didn’t brought harm to me. I still could be together with the guild members, the nekama thing was also not revealed. I didn’t have any other choices anyway. Standing in front of this difficult situation, I just had the option to agree obediently, right?

I opened the door with unpleasant feeling. I washed my face, adjusted my feeling and headed out.

I went to the table where 4 beautiful girls were still waiting for me. Shizuku still had that poker face. Ricotta greeted me. Mashu didn’t smile as much as before. Although Hime sulked, she still remained at that place.

If it was normal my heart would throb strongly when being with 4 girls, but on the contrary, when coming back, I felt like everyone was suspicious.

Because within this 4 people, 1 person was the real Knight-sama.

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  1. thanks to Minh Duong and editors 😉


  2. happinezz001 says:

    frankly speaking i was kinda lost when they started talking at the restaurant


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  4. Nyesh says:

    Just recently found this one. It is amusing, and I suspect it will be a more polished and maybe better version of the other (first) LN that follows this pattern.

    My first guess is that the girl who asked twice for the contact is Hughes, but that is too obvious. Also, there must have been times in the past when Hughes and that girl’s (other) character acted together, which would be difficult to manage (believably) without raising suspicions among other members of the guild. But what if there are multiple people controlling Hughes? Maybe Hughes is a 2nd account controlled by multiple girls – which one being determined by which one is ‘absent’ or (if all are present) then whichever one is not currently busy.

    But that would mean that 2+ girls are working together, which considering at least 2 of the girls seem borderline stalkerish seems unlikely (as yandere – even if only borderline – rarely work together). Granted, when they do they are exponentially more dangerous, and this could be such a situation.


  5. Browser says:

    My suspicion from the start was that Hugues was a female player, and knew that Riel was a male player. I hadn’t guessed the second account part, though (although I did think it odd that everyone but Hugues was in the guild hall meeting).
    I also noticed that MC apparently met Ricotta somewhere (offline) before. My guess is that it is his sister, which would be a convenient plot device to get Hugues access to the MC’s computer as well as explaining why the sister is visiting home.
    Overall, it is a real chore to read through this… I feel so much embarrassed pity for the MC….. Enjoying it though.


  6. zarvii says:

    I also think the same
    The offline meeting was a plot of all the 4 girls
    I might have missed a lot of things but my reason being

    1. Hugh treat the guild as its owner, but the guild master is shizuku.
    2. The one he exchnaged contact info are mashu and hime.
    3. Ricotta is in disguise and knows him on personal level. My guess is she is her cousin that’s why she was able to get the data from his pc.
    4. Lastly, all the 4 girls treat him the same as they treat Riel online as if they are all aware of Riel’s identity from the start.

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