Saijaku Muhai No Bahamut Volume 5 Prologue


Prologue: The Girl’s Long-cherished Desire

Habakiri Yoruka who was born as the princess of Ancient City killed a person at the mere age of five.

Her opponent was an assassin hired by a noble’s mistress.

She dodged the black clothed man’s swung blade and stabbed a single bamboo skewer in his throat, ending his life.

Assassination, murder, stealth elimination.

In the Habakiri Castle──the royal family, the central figure of Ancient City, was in a state of utter turmoil and unrest.

──However, the reason why Yoruka was rejected by everyone around her was not due to her continued murder, but because she struck down every single assassin sent after her all by herself.

『You ──……Someone like you is not a person!』

Yoruka smiled with a chuckle and suddenly opened her eyes in the darkness.

Even though she couldn’t remember her father’s face in the slightest, for some reason only his frightened words remained in the girl’s memory forever.

Possessing an imperturbable heart ready to harm and kill without a shred of hesitation.

And an unusual talent for battle far removed from the realm of nature.

Yoruka attained full mastery of martial arts from the swordsmanship instructor and was feared by everyone in the castle. On her ninth birthday, she received the unspeakable name『Kirihime』.

Two years later. Yoruka joined the Arcadia Empire after the war where they started invading Ancient City.

She made a single contract and pledged loyalty to the emperor.

That Arcadia Empire was also destroyed──but, the imperial blood had yet to die out.

──And now. Yoruka broke into a shallow smile while looking at the silver haired boy in front of her.

It was rather unexpected for Yoruka to harbour such strong feelings towards others.

Yoruka has no concerns or attachments whatsoever, hence her imperturbable heart. Having such a strong interest for that boy was probably a first to her.


Lux slightly opened his eyes as he roused from deep slumber.

While his body still seemed listless from sleep a girl’s white bare body entered his view.

(Is this──a dream……? )

Amidst the midnight air. An unfamiliar figure was visible in the infirmary scenery dimly lit by a lamp.

There was a half-naked girl clad in an unravelled black kimono straddling the sleeping Lux.

Lux’s heart started pounding audibly at the refreshing feeling of her plump thighs and swelling breasts, which kept their beautiful shape while pressing on him, such a well-proportioned body reminded someone of an exquisitely crafted piece of silverwork.

「I could meet you at last. Aruji-sama──」


A beautiful girl with eyes of different colour and long glossy black hair muttered so in a somewhat feverish voice as her fingers caressed Lux’s chest.


The sweet scent of a girl faintly tickled Lux’s nose sending shivers down his spine.

「It seems you are rather tired Aruji-sama. Tonight, it’s enough just to be able to come and see you」

The girl’s presence suddenly started to dwindle and her figure dimmed in the darkness.

「Look forward to it, Aruji-sama. I’ll show you how I take back the Arcadia Empire with my own hands──without fail」

The girl disappeared leaving only those words behind.

Like that the night at Cross Field came to an end with no one aware of their meeting.

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  1. Raze1313 says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the sound of “Aruji-sama”, but what does it mean exactly?

    As the anime used “Master”, I’m assuming that but in what context? (like how “Goshujin-sama” and “Shishou” both translate to “Master” but one is used by servants and the other by disciples)


  2. GM_Rusaku says:

    ( ・∀・)つ ∑>+++{ ゚ )
     ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄|
    Thanks!! Nepu!!!   |


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    Thanks for the chapter. I surprise he did not think it was dream after their 1st meeting.


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