Ore no Real to Netgame ga Love Comedy ni Shinshokusare Hajimete Yabai Volume 1 Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Not Good, The Cat Girl Looks Like an Alien


That was an unexpected meeting.

That day, the weather was unusual from early morning, when I just got home from school then I saw a suspicious shadow that was hiding at the door.

After the burglary incident last time, I had bought and set up a simple security system from Home Center.

It was set up so that the shell of the key was also an important part of the lock, it would take a while to open normally. Looked like the person who was trying to open it was struggling for a long time.

That suspicious person wore a cap that covered both eyes. However, the small body and that sailor uniform, a glance could also see that it was a girl.

In my head I was thinking of one person. The person who burglarized my home. Yes, the real of Hugues. I finally catch you on the scene. This will be an unexpected blow for her. I will catch her!

However, if I were to yell out right now then she would run away. I thought the best way was for me to hide behind the shadow of the gate, sneak behind her back and “Caught you!”. But if I were to do so then the action of me tightly hugging a girl would not be too good for my immunity. Therefore, I decided to use the umbrella that I had to lock her arms, and would reduce accidents.

I held the umbrella in a low posture and slowly moved toward her unsuspected back.

And then, when I touched her dedicated arm––


Along with a dizzily yell, her body was as if frozen. How to say this, instead of the targeted arm, I had touched her waist.

“Ah, sorry sorry!”

I hurriedly apologized about the accident caused by my unintended action.

“W-what?!? O-oh, not good!”

Because everything was happening so fast, her cap fell down. Immediately after, the silver hair inside got exposed. An ahoge stood straight on top of her head. There couldn’t be mistaken with this hair color. A familiar face was blushing furiously underneath that silver hair.

TN: Ahoge is the string of hair that pop up on top of the character’s head.




She hurriedly touched her head and realized that her cap was not there anymore.


Looking at her surprisingly, I thought ‘It’s really Ricotta?” while the weird sensation I felt during the offline meeting appeared again.

“Hmm… looks like I was right when I thought I have met you from somewhere.”

“Hah? H-How could that have happened nya! No way nya! Ehehe…”

She talked using her Cat-Mode speech and smiled nervously. But I stood my ground.


I stepped forward on step and looked straight at her.


She blushed and gave out a sound as if she was breathing hard, but I didn’t care.


I closely observed while holding back.

I remember that I have seen this face structure from somewhere. Feel like it is in my memories a long time ago but I did not see it for a while, for example.

Furthemore, isn’t that the uniform of the middle school in my town?

Besides, those teeth and that voice slowly caused me to remembered of someone in my subconscious.

“Umm… i-is true… that you are… Rio?”

“W-what!? Rio? W-who is that nyan?”

Although she opened her mouth to deny but looking at her unkempt appearance. There were no more doubts.

Look like my weird feeling during the offline feeling was not mistaken.

“It’s you! Sagimiya Rio, my little sister, right?”

“Don’t just suddenly decide someone is your little sister nya, I don’t like it nya.”

“Hoho, is that so?”

After I calmed down, I suddenly grabbed her hand.

“Come inside to talk with me for a bit.”

“Fuee!? W-wait!? No, let me go!”

I dragged the struggling hand of Ricotta (Rio) into the house.

A moment later, Ricotta and I… ah no, Rio, was sitting in the living room.

Even if I was her older brother, I could not recognize my younger sister face. However, from her hair style to her behavior and gestures, to even her voice was completely different from the Rio that I knew. I heard that women could transform themselves by makeup but I had never saw that before. Even more, nowadays we were selfdom meet so this may be a good opportunity.

“Even though I was almost did not recognize you but… what is the meaning of your current appearance?”

“Nyanya? What’s wrong nya? I don’t understand what is Knight-sama talking about nya.”


The action of pretending to have cat paws of my sister caused me to be a little worried. It was true that it was very cute but stop thinking that it could distract me.

“Fine, then I have this method.”

I held onto her ahoge and pulled strongly.

“Eii, I will tear away this disguise cover!”


Immediately, she yelled out.

“I-it is real……ah!?”

I stood there blankly with my hand released. But, I truly could not understand, she was clearly my little sister Rio.

“Hey… although I don’t know how you do it but you surprised me. Even your behaviors are different from Rio. Anyway, can you stop this play? Even if to you I am just a useless older brother, but I would rather you hate me than to transform yourself like this, right?”

“I told you I don’t know who is Rio nya? And why would Knight-sama get hated nya?”

“Still continue… you hate me enough to not want to stop this?”

Although her behavior was as if forcing me but her appearance became brighter than ever.

“Huhun♪ Did something wrong happened to you nya? Like I have said before, isn’t Ricotta an Nyanya alien came from the Nyanya planet nya?”

Is my little sister a necromancer? Did she possessed an alien to come back? Or is there something wrong with her head? But anyway, letting this continue would not be good.

Thinking so, I decided to become dignified.

“I don’t care what you are saying but if you continue to pretend like this, I will cut off our relationship.”

“Eh♪ Really so nya?”

“Why are you look so cheerful!?”

“Because––if do so then I can freely flirt with Knight-sama without worry about us being siblings nyan♪.”

“Hah?? What-did-you-just-say!? That last sentence is no different from admitting that Ricotta = Rio!”

“Ufufufufufufufufufufu……fuu—, fuu—”

“What the heck, what with this laughter and breathing that sounded like they are coming from a wild animal!?”

“I am just satisfied by imaging the happy future life with Knight-sama nya.”

“Satisfy my ass! What the heck are you thinking about!?”

“Thinking about a lot of things nya. Like how we will have at least 5 children for example.”

“You…! Do you know what the heck you are saying!? We are biological siblings? Retract what you said! Retract it!”


“This matter is unbelievable!”

I truly didn’t know what the heck she was thinking.

“First of all, why are you dressing like that, and that weird behavior? You look completely different from the Rio that I knew! It is true that we have not meet for a while but… at least you did not look like this before.”


“Eh? Ehh?”

Suddenly, her tears began to roll down. And I still didn’t understand anything. Did I say something wrong?

“Because…uu…it’s not like I want to be…like this…sniff…”

“Aa……did I say something hurtful to you?……I-I am sorry.”

Her shoulder shook slightly while her tears were rolling down.

“Ricotta…like onii-chan a lot…… This is my real feeling. But because we are biological siblings so having feeling for each other is a little not good……I thought so. Having to meet each other every day, I couldn’t control my feeling. So I decided to live far from home. However…”

Her voice became hesitant.


“Right now I have a reason to not have to hold back anymore. Ehehe.”

“What kind of reason is that!?”

“Therefore, can you call me Ricotta?”


My nose blushed, I couldn’t say anything in front of that stare and those eyes that were still wet with tears.

Maybe it is better if I try to do what she said…right?

This maybe a good opportunity. If I do so then I may be able to cross that small separation that have prevented us from speaking in recent years.

“Ah, umm… you are Ricotta, a Nyanya alien from the Nyanya planet, right?”

“Right nya.”

Even though I felt like that setup was kind of nonsense, but from now on I would call Rio as Ricotta. And Ricotta looked really happy! That was conveyed by every gesture on her body. If she had a tail like in online then right now it would be swinging constantly out of happiness.

“But why are you must be an alien?”

“Because if I did not do so…… onii-chan would not accepted me, right?”


I pledged my innocent by asking back.

“If I am not your younger sister than you will push ahead instead of back down, right?”

“Haaaaa!? Push ahead my butt! You are my little sister! That is the truth! Even if you are an alien it would be the same!!”

“Knight-sama is a person who more interested in 2D girl than 3D girl nya, therefore I thought you would like weird girl like this nya.”

The “brother” guy inside your head is truly the weird one, I thought.

Ricotta slowly stood up from the sofa and sat down next to me. Then she tightly hugged my arm and lied on my shoulder.

“H-hey……what are you doing?”

“Expressing my love nya.”


Ricotta coiled herself, looked just like a cat.

“W-what are you thinking!? We are…”
“Ricotta and Knight-sama. Is there any problem nya?”

“No no, isn’t this really bad? Face reality already!”

“Then you just need to say that Ricotta have no biological relationship with you, only stepsiblings then I would be fine.”

“Stepsiblings… how can this be solved like that! But hey, s-stop right now…”

“Ufu, ufufufufufu……”

Ricotta lied her blushed face on my lap.

“Uh, h-hey! I can she your chest underneath the collar of your school uniform!”

“You can look as much as you like nya.”

She looked at me with a “Was there anything wrong?” face, and even pulled down her collar further. The girl in front of me, whether is Rio or Ricotta, isn’t still my stepsister, right? While I was thinking so then, a strain of silver hair floated across the tip of my nose, releasing a fainted aroma.

Think about it, I had this feeling from before. In the family, only she has different facial characteristics, causing me to always thought that she did not share the genes from the 3 of us (my parents and I). Because of that, if it is true that Ricotta is only my stepsibling then that kind of thing completely is possible…

No, no way that can happen! No way! At that time, a very familiar feeling ran through my bones. I-if this continue then it will be bad!


I pushed Ricotta away while standing up. Because it was too suddenly so she was surprised, I also did not know what to say, the two of use stayed quiet.

Why does the atmosphere suddenly become like this, what do I have to do?

“Ah, that’s right. Do you want to eat ice cream? Today the weather is too hot. Ahaha…”

I could only have thought of that one pathetic thing.

Anyway I still walked toward the fridge and got a pair of Pabico (yogurt) out. I quickly returned to the sofa, broke it into two and gave Ricotta half.

“This is yours.”

“……a, thank you nya.”

She accepted it embarrassedly.

After calming down, I tore open my tube and began to suck the inside.

Remember before the two of us would often eat together like this. Those time, Rio have never been able to open it herself……right?

“Mmm–– uu––……”

I thought I heard a sound like someone was trying too hard. Of course, is she still trying to open her Pabico tube? Truly have not changed……at all?

“Do you want me to help?”

“I can do this myself.”

She stubbornly denied and continued. Truly was the worst habit.

“Ah… don’t use so much strength like that!”

“N-no problem, it will be…fine­­––fine!?”


The ice cream inside blown away like mayonnaise.

I have told you.

“It gets all dirty…”

Ricotta made a face (><) with ice cream stuck all over her.

Truly was still clumsy like always.

“Just keep it like that for a moment. I will go get the towel.”

I left her there and ran toward the restroom. But there was only my and my parents’ towel, so I had to spent more time looking through the closet. When I just came back into the room with the new towel in hand then,


Ricotta had disappeared.

In return, I heard some sounds coming from the second floor. Probably because I was too slow so she has gone up there, I thought so while going up the stair. Of course the ruckus was coming from Rio’s room.

More clearly, if one’s clothes got dirty then one will change clothes, that was normal.

And the person who stood on the other side of the wide-opened door was Rio.

When I was asking myself on why did she have to take off her lower part first then the picture of cat printed on her panty hit my face. This taste, truly she is still Rio from the past, I thought so while her body froze like a statue, hand holding cat ears, face redden like a tomato.


I knew she wanted to say something but I lost my consciousness before I had heard them.

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