Kare to Hitokui no Nichijou Volume 3 Chapter 2

Chapter 2: He and the Man Eater and the Transfer Student Ordinary Days


It’d been three days since Aoi transferred to this school. Aoi had been very familiar with Tooya and the others thanks to her straightforward personality. Her friendship with Mashiro seemed to be good too, it seemed she did not care about being isolated by other classmates and still got along very well with Mashiro……so she looked to be a very extreme person. Although it was something glad for Tooya that Mashiro was able to make friends, but Aoi did not make friends with her classmates just because of Mashiro was like……..it should not to the extent of declaring a war against the whole class. What Aoi did was like trying to tell the whole class how fickle they were so there was no reason for her to make friends with them, or something like that.

And so, what Tooya worried about came true……

[I am feeling very bad today.]

Aoi looked like in bad mood. She had been staring at her lunch box for the whole time even though she took it out to have her lunch……..there was a feeling that she and Akane were indeed sisters based from their appearances. Her expression and face was exactly the same what Tooya often seen from Akane.

[Nothing, I am just a little angry……..even though I have prepared for today.]

Aoi was just talking to herself. While Mashiro who was sitting beside her looked over here and showed a troubled expression.

[Actually, there’s something in class……]

Mashiro hesitated for a moment and said.

[What happened?]

[Although it was not like what happened to me.]

Mashiro said that at first. It seemed not like a big problem like before.

[Aoi was stumbled when she was walking out the classroom. Although there’s no injury……but her lunch box……]

[Oh, I see……so that’s it.]

Aoi put a very unpleasant expression after she opened her lunch box. What Mashiro said happened when they were going out from the classroom,that means Aoi was holding lunch box in her hand at that time…….and then, the lunch box became a mess when Aoi fell. From what Aoi said when she was mumbling, she seemed to have spent a lot of thought on her lunch box…….it was reasonable for her to be in bad mood when her lunch box became like this.

[I’m sorry Aoi-chan……it’s all because of me……]

[It’s not Mashiro’s fault.]

Aoi said immediately.

[It’s my own choice to be a friend of Mashiro,it’s not Mashiro’s fault that I got stumbled. If they don’t like me then just say it out…….instead they go and do such petty tricks.]


[In fact, I don’t care about it. Karma did really exist oh…….soon that fellow will be retributed.]

After that, Aoi sighed again.

[Because Mashiro will be troubled so I am not angry anymore……it’s just that I am a bit sad that my well prepared lunch box became a mess, but it’s time to give up that feeling and eat it.]

Aoi untied the cloth wrapping around the lunch box and opened the lid before she finished her words.

[Uh…..I’m still a bit frustrated.]

Since the impact was external, the content in the lunch box must have been a mess—-And as expected, it was in a messy state. Beautifully arranged dishes mixed into the rice, and the tomato sauce prepared for the fried chicken was all spilled on it, the food dyed in red colour.

[………You can trade with me if you don’t mind.]

[The taste will not change anyway……]

Although all the food in the lunch box were taste of tomato sauce only.

[At least give me some dishes.]

[Ah, me too!]

[Although I am very grateful to you two…….but you will get fat.]


It was really bad to continue to persuade her when she had said to this extent.

[Then trade with me……]

[I don’t really want senpai to evaluate my cooking skill based on this messy thing.]

She went into a dead end……..Aoi wryed up.

[Actually it’s not a big deal. It’s not to the point where you can’t eat at all……besides isn’t there’s someone senpai need to care more about?]


[Kuroe-senpai is your fiancee right?I heard that you two are in cohabitation from Mashiro.]


Tooya turns his gaze to Mashiro.

[Sorry, because she inquired me about all kind of thing.]

Mashiro laughed.

[Not that…….well, forget it.]

Tooya was not trying to seal Mashiro’s mouth, after all he also knew that girls liked this kind of topic.

…….Just, well, Tooya felt a bit annoyed regarding that information was assumed as real and spread out.

[Kuroe-senpai is a beauty ne.]

[Kind of……]

She did have a beautiful face, but only her face.

[I think a normal boy will not leave Kuroe-senpai such a beauty alone……like today, won’t Tooya-senpai concerned about Kuroe-senpai?]

Basically, Tooya had lunch on the rooftop every day, but Kuroe would occasionally have lunch in class. According to what she said that was for class communication, and Tooya allowed it since he felt more relaxed without her being around. This situation did not change since they started having lunch with Mashiro, and Kuroe did not intend to change even if Aoi was blended in this group right now.

[Well, because I believe her……]

Although it had a different meaning.

[And our engagement is quite widespread.]

[Is that so…..but you can’t be too careless because of the situation.]

[……You really like this kind of topic.]

Tooya really wanted to leave if possible.

[Because Tooya-senpai acts very cold towards Kuroe-senpai.]

[…….Is it?]

[Kuroe-senpai was obviously very active towards Tooya-senpai, but how Tooya-senpai treats Kuroe-senpai is totally different.]


Well, maybe what she said was correct…….after all, Tooya did not pay any attention regarding this. Because Tooya was totally oblivious to the opinion from the surrounding, so he simply set aside his fiancee, and Tooya did not think of cooperate with the act. As a result, he did not care at all like what he said………however, the situation seemed to have changed—-

[Since you two are marriage partners, Tooya-senpai should also give a proper respond towards Kuroe-senpai’s feelings.]

Because, here was another person spoke with a sense of empathy.

[Well, about that……]

[Or there is another person that you like?]


Tooya’s heart pounded vigorously at the moment of hearing that sentence.

[Well, a dubious response……is it true?]

[No, there’s no such thing Aoi-chan!]

Suddenly Mashiro interrupted.


Tooya looked over there,Mashiro was saying with a desperate look.

[Although Tooya-senpai usually did not show it because of embarassment, but actually he and Kuroe-senpai are very lovely-dovey!]


Tooya could not help but stare at her super-serious face. This was the first time Tooya have heard of such a thing.

[Is that right?]

Aoi asked.

[Yeah, Tooya-senpai is very lovely with Kuroe-senpai in their home! They sleep together and even bath together……..maybe they have did this and that too!]

[Umm, Mashiro?]

Tooya tried his best to remain calm and asked.

[Where did you heard that from?]

[Of course it’s from Kuroe-senpai…….ah, I forgot I can’t tell Tooya-senpai about this!]

[………Ah ah, I see.]

That bastard, I am the only one that knows nothing?

[Is it true,what Mashiro said?]

Aoi looked at Tooya.

[……..It’s real.]

There was no other choice other than this.


[You, what did you actually instilled in Mashiro.]

The class for today was over, and now was after school time. Tooya, as usual, walked out of the classroom and confirmed that nobody was around and spoke. Because he immediately rushed out after school ends, so the flow of people in the corridor was still sparse.

[What’s with you ne, said that out all of a sudden.]

[When did I act lovey dovey with you at home before?]

[Uh huh.]

Kuroe looked away as she understood what Tooya said.

[Even though I told her not to tell master.]

[You, so you think you can just simply said it as long as it’s not exposed?]


[Don’t just nod and agree……]

Tooya felt discouraged.

[In the end, what is your intention to instill that kind of things to Mashiro.]

[Because she came to ask me, so I answered her questions.]

Kuroe said it casually.

[Because she asked……]

[How we actually interact, how we spent our time at home, and so on…….after all, Mashiro is a girl that reached that age, so naturally she will be interested a love affair between a boy and a girl.]

[……..And so you answered her that way?]


Kuroe nodded.

[Master and I are in engagement, it’s natural for us to act lovely-dovey at home right? If we will only act lovely at places where others cannot see, then it can be explained why we are acting cold to each other at school.]

[……It sounds like a setting you’ve made without my permission.]

[To muddle through our relationship is with most troubling thing to do…….didn’t master does not deny this because you know it too?]


The person that made him unable deny it………it was unnecessary to deny her anymore.

[Then everything’s fine right?]

[………Well, even if you say that.]

His reasoning can understand that this solution was better. But he disgusted it mentally deep into his heart.

[Master is still as cold as always ne.]

Kuroe shrugged.

[That is because you have done many unnecessary things that made me hate you…….eh.]

Tooya suddenly stopped. There seemed to be some commotion at the corridor……… nearby the stairs. There were some people gathered there.

[It seems like something happened.]

The atmosphere over there did not seem bright.

[It seems that someone fell down.]


Tooya could not help but stare at Kuroe because he heard something unbelievable. With Kuroe’s hearing, it was not strange for her to able to hear the conversation from here which had quite a distance.

[Because many people are talking at the same time so it’s a bit troublesome to make it clear…….it seems like someone fell down from the stairs and was injured. She seems to be a first year student.]

[First year…….is it……]

The scene of Mashiro’s hand with bandage emerges in Tooya’s mind.

[Wait wait…..three people? They said three people were fell down. Seems like they fell together while walking side by side. But not sure if it’s because one person fell and pulled the others along.]

[That means not the two?]

If it was two people then he can consider the possibility of Mashiro being with Aoi, but three people then he couldn’t think of that.

[Most of the reasons they said are just speculations, so there’s not much credibility in them. But it seems they are not being pushed by someone.]

[Can’t you get the names of those three people?]

[Looks like there are some onlookers over there……why don’t we just go check it out?]

[……..Do their injuries look serious?]

[It’s not to the extent of needing to call an ambulance. Just a slight swelling, it seems they have been sent to the infirmary.]

[Is that so……..then can you confirm it?]

[You want to use clairvoyance?]

Kuroe said like she felt troublesome.

[I am very concerned about it.]

[Then you just send a mail.]

[Okay…….this is an order.]

[Yare yare, you only order me for the sake of convenience, such a mean master ne.]

Kuroe shrugged and closed her eyes. Although Tooya did know the details, but he guessed her vision switched into the infirmary.

[Well, it’s not the two of Mashiro after all.]

Kuroe kept her eyes closed.

[I see.]

Tooya took a breather.

[But their faces look familiar……hugh.]

Kuroe said it like she remembered something.

[They looks like the remaining three of the five people that surrounded Mashiro before.]


[I am sure of that ne.]

Kuroe asserted and opened her eyes.

[Maybe it was karma, for them to meet the same tribulation.]


Tooya did not answer.The sense of easiness when he heard that Mashiro did not get hurt is gone.Is it just a mere coincidence for them to meet the misfortune…….and there were also someone said it was karma like what Kuroe stated.

[It’s just a coincidence.]

Kuroe said.

[Although to think everything that happened do not matter to yourself will be a problem, but the thinking of opposite is also a problem ne. If you feel that everything happened have something to do with yourself, it will only make you feel doubtful all the time.]

[And in the end I will be the enemy of the entire world?]

[Although what you say is an extreme theory.]

Although it was different from what Tanaka said, but he would also face the result of mental collapse.

[It’s just an accident from what we saw right now……but the timing is a bit too good, ne.]


[Didn’t we talked about karma just now?]

Kuroe repeated the word, karma. It was something Tooya still have memory of. He remembered that Aoi also said something the same during lunch break.

[How did you know that?]

Obviously she was not at the scene just then.

[Why do you think I won’t know it?]

Kuroe asked instead.


Tooya sighed.

[Well forget about it……..what you are trying to say is, one of the three of them are the person that tripped Aoi?]

[The possibilities are very high ne.]

If you ask who was the most displeased with Aoi’s attitude, then it would be the people that bullied Mashiro. Although Aoi and Mashiro did not make it clear, but the odds were high.

[So Aoi is the one pushed them down……….?]

[At least they were not being pushed by anyone. Although it’s after school time, but there’s still a lot of people at that time, it is very difficult to push them down in secret.]

[Is that so…….]

It was impossible for her to that according to common sense………if he considered the common sense.

[Therefore, it was just an accident for now.]

Then, Kuroe smiled. She denied it while trying to emphasize her agreement at the same time.

[…….By the way, I haven’t heard your answer yet.]


[What do you think about Aoi?]

[I remember I answered it before.]

[You are just trying to hit around the bushes at that time.]

He did not know Kuroe’s opinion at all.

[It’s fine to just say you hate or like her, I want to hear what you think.]


Kuroe put her finger on her chin like she was thinking.

[A spoiled child, ne.]

[…….Is that your impression on Aoi?]

[It’s totally just my own impression. She will just totally rely on someone who she can, kind of like that.]

[Although she doesn’t like such a useless child at all……]

But maybe that was why she acted very friendly with everyone.

[There are many kinds of spoiled people in this world. As for that child, she will just do whatever she can on her own without permission, if she is continue being spoiled then of course she won’t become the useless person that master thought of.]

[Is that so…….]

A monster that was deeply interested in mankind and did not mind to make a contract that had disadvantage to her own. Her opinion should not be wrong.

[So you hate Aoi?]

[Is it necessary for master to stick to this?]

[It’s a reference for your further comments…….this is an order, answer it honestly.]

[It seems I don’t have any credibility at all ne.]

Kuroe shrugged.

[If I must choose, then it will be hate.]


[She looks like someone I knew before…….and it’s the type I hate.]

[…….Are you sure it’s not just simply anger?]

[Well, you are not wrong too.]

Kuroe replied indifferently.

[But it’s my freedom to think whatever I want right?]

[Although what you say is correct…….]

There was no way for him to simply accept it.

Thus, Tooya thought he couldn’t be careless.


Aoi lived alone in a room in a small apartment. Although the room was not vast, but it was enough for one person to live. And the apartment was not some ancient building so the room was decorated well. The furniture were not completed because she just moved in. But there were television, bookshelves, wardrobes as well as a small table. There was nothing seemed colourful in this room, it seemed too monotone as a girl’s room.

[Well, that feels good.]

However, Aoi seemed not really care about it and lied on a soft cushion while mumbling on her own.

[Although I didn’t expect all three of them to fall together……….it’s so mean. Dragging her friends down so that she can be saved. And it was not only one but two people.]

It was so mean, although she thought of that, but her expression was saying that she couldn’t accept it.

[Well, they deserved it too since they did something bad to Mashiro before this……ah, I know. I won’t do it next time.]

Aoi’s expression eased off after being warned by somebody.

[It will surely be doubted…….eh, it’s fine right? Yeah, since there’s no big problem even if being doubted. And they are the one at fault, senpai should be able to accept……..because he—-]

Ding dong

The conversation was interrupted by the doorbell. Who is it? Aoi thought. It was not even a week since she moved into here. Mashiro and Tooya did not know her address yet, and the others that knew her were not around……..so it was probably some salesman. Maybe they came here to advertise their newspaper after knowing there was a new tenant.

[……..So annoying.]

She really wanted to ignore it. Since the televison was not turned on, it seemed she can just ignore it.

Ding dong

However, the doorbell was still ringing.

Ding dong

It still continued.

[So annoying……..ah,I got it. I am coming.]

Aoi stood up and walked to the entrance while answered impatiently.

[Here I am, so what you want?]

Aoi unlocked and opened the door.


She was surprised by the person standing over there.


Inaba Akane was standing at the outside with an expressionless look.

[Big sister……]

[You should be more careful since you living on your own. You should confirm the visitor from the peephole first.]

Then, Akane looked at his sister again.

[Or, you are living with someone?]

[……..I live alone.]

[Is that so, I seem to hear that you are talking to someone just now.]

[I think I am on a call just now.]

[I see.]

They just stand there after answering.



Still standing.

[Come in……it’s not good to talk while standing.]

[Ah ah.]

Akane nodded and entered the room. And so they sit opposite to each other on the small table.

[So, why did you come here?]

[Do I need a reason to meet my younger sister?]


[That should be my line…….why did you come here?]

Akane stared at Aoi.

[Why……because I transferred school.]

Aoi answered as if to hide something.

[Is there no other reason for you to transfer at this timing?]

It was impossible to not have one according to common sense.

[Say it, your reason.]

[It sounds like you are interrogating…….that’s not how you treat your younger sister.]

Aoi emerged a lonely expression.

[You are always like this since before. Always trying to avoid me at home………not gentle at all.]


Akane did not deny.

[But now is not the time to say that, I am here to listen your intention.]

Akane remained staring at Aoi.

[……..It’s a mission.]

Aoi whispered.


[That’s right, a mission that handed down to our shrine from ancient times, I came to this town in order to complete it.]

[……..That two people?]

[Which two?]

Aoi asked like trying to act innocent.

[I thought our family mission is to protect that thing.]

Akane stopped asking and continued.

[That was just one of them……..you shouldn’t know since you left the home before finished the training. Our mission is to protect that thing and also resolve the disaster that happened.]

[………Seems like it.]

Akane showed that she was convinced.

[The intuition that you’re best at……that means you can trust me right now?]

[When it comes to our family mission, ne.]

Akane emphasized it.

[I think that it’s strange to send only you for such an important mission. As far as I can tell, our father should do this by himself.]

[I came here for observation first.]

[Although it’s been two months since the seal was undone?]

[We were late when we found it.]

[Do you think that kind of lies works on me?]

Akane still stared at Aoi.

[I will be more than enough, he allowed it after my persuasion.]

Aoi replied Akane’s stare directly.

[Persuade, huh.]

[Yeah, father is surprisingly straightforward as long as you talk nicely with him.]

[If so, then I won’t be running away from home.]

Akane pulled out her handgun and pointed at Aoi before she could even respond. She did it naturally.

[What’s with that hard object.]

Aoi asked.

[This is also a persuade…….although it is a form other than language.]

Aoi remained looking at Akane like she couldn’t see the gun that was pointing right in front of her.

[It seems that you don’t know there’s another way of convincing other than negotiation.]

[What you do right now is not convincing but threatening right?]

[We are negotiating. But I will just pull the trigger if I can’t get the answer I want.]

[Although you won’t do that.]

Aoi smiled innocently just like a child.

[Because you will never shoot me.]

[Although I am not a gentle elder sister like what you said?]

[Yeah, even so I can affirm that you will never shoot me.]

Aoi said like she got advice from somebody.



Akane clikced her tongue and removed the muzzle from Aoi.

[If you can shoot me right now, then you had done it long ago, or so I say.]

[……That is because of some bastard over there.]

Akane glared at Aoi—-glared deeply.

[What is your intention?]

[Like I said, it’s for the mission.]

Aoi replied.

[And the details of the mission?]

[I won’t tell you who ran away from home.]

[Tell me.]

[…….So you still look at me that way huh.]

Aoi showed a lonely expression to Akane who was staring at her.

[……Just say it.]

[If you want to know, you can just call father.]

Aoi answered.


Akane clicked her tongue.

[…….That two people are under control of the order of black magic. If you simply take any action then we will also have countermeasures.]

Akane stood up after leaving this sentence.

[I am going back.]

She walked to the entrance.

[Okay, goodbye big sister.]

Akane walked out of Aoi’s room without even looking back.

[My elder sister has not changed at all.]

Aoi said after Akane left the room.

[Well, to be honest, I was really shocked when she pointed the gun at me. Of course I believe in what you said…….but I still felt terrified and lonely when being pointed. She always acts hostile towards me since last time, but I do not hate her.]

Aoi showed a lonely expression.

[……Yeah, I know. It will be solved as long as our purpose is fulfilled. That’s why I received the spell from father and came here on my own, and I have no intention of giving up……..yeah, I believe you.]

Aoi smiled after being encouraged.

[But my elder sister already knew it, if I don’t act quickly…….well, yeah. Although it’s better if we are more intimate, but I will still do it before the vacation. That way that person will be more easier reminded of ordinary days.]



Tanaka showed a confused expression which is very rare. It was not a problem that she entered the room rudely. Since she would just break into the room if he locked it so he just handed the key to her, and basically the room was not locked when he was here. It was also usual for her not to greet and just lie onto the sofa…….except her expression.

Very depressed. This phrase suited Akane’s expression very well right now. From the view of Tanaka, Akane seemed being crushed down by someone.

[Today’s work is over, so I thought you went home…..]

As far as Tanaka knew, Akane left the order of black magic three hours ago. Then she directly came to Tanaka’s room after doing something outside.

[What happened?]

It was a sure thing that something happened.

[I went to meet…..my sister.]


He told her the address the day before yesterday, so Tanaka did not feel surprised.

[There seems to be nothing good based on your expression.]


Akane nodded.

[Can I know what happened?]

Tanaka did not know very well about Akane’s affair. Although he would gather the intelligence of others without hesitation if necessary, but he was not a person who would inquire about the personal lives of his colleagues if not necessary. Although Akane brought many trouble to him all this time……but he would be already be avoiding her if he hated her. Tanaka still had the tolerance of listening to her trouble.

[Tanaka, do you have brothers?]

[I have a younger brother.]

[…….Can you kill him?]

[If it’s absolutely necessary.]

Tanaka answered without hesitation……in general, he should at least hesitated since it was his brother. However, if things developed to that extent, he would do it like he said without feeling hesitation nor regret in it.

[I see……I can’t do it.]

It was already her limit to put her finger on the trigger…….she did not even open the insurance bolt.

[……..Sorry, I don’t know what you want to say.]

Tanaka showed a confused expression.

[It doesn’t sounds like just a quarrel between sisters……what you did after meeting with your sister?]

[Had a conversation, took out the gun and came back without a shot.]

[…….At this moment, let’s forget about you taking the gun out without permission.]

Of course it was prohibited.

[Wanting to kill your sister just because of a quarrel, even you are not impulsive to that extent. Are you convinced that there’s any reason causes you have to kill her?]


Akane did not answer.

[Didn’t you come here to talk about this?]


[So you want me to investigate on my own without any explanation huh.]

It was better to say that this was the purpose of Akane coming here. Because she couldn’t say it, so she came here and tried to make Tanaka to investigate it.

[…….No, can you wait for awhile.]

Akane spoke.

[Just wait a little longer, I don’t have enough resolve right now…….a little longer.]

Akane was trying to rely on Tanaka.

[That means your sister will do something soon?]


[In order to contain her when the time comes, I will interpret it that way. The conversation can’t go on if you have not any response.]

Did she want to say it…….it seemed not. It was confirmed that Akane knew something. He needed information from Akane in order to know what happened. Since Tanaka did not know anything at all, it was the most efficient to ask the informed people.

[I will be able to do it at that time.]

[So fast?]

[Because I’ve been there.]

[…….Is it.]

Tanaka felt relaxed.

[Like I said before, there’s no reason for the order of black to act right now. And I don’t have the habit of invading the privacy of my colleagues unnecessarily.]

[…….It will be a great help.]

Akane stood up after a short thank.

[Going back now?]

[Going to have some drink before going back.]

[Is that so.]

Although Akane did not made it clear, but Tanaka could still understand to this extent.

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