Kare to Hitokui no Nichijou Volume 2 Prologue

Prologue: The Unknown Circumstances of Someone He Doesn’t Know

It was walking slowly. Its hair was down to its waist, flowing casually, and moved through the town like a floating ghost. The bangs were grown long as if to conceal its face, and from the gap, it was looking around its surroundings like a beast with eyes that shined and wavered.

The surrounding was dimly lit, but the eyes showed precisely what it wanted.






Everything walking around there was a prey for it in its viewpoint.


I want to cut.


That only emotion was overflowing.

But at the same time, it knew that it was also on the side of being the hunted.

Therefore, it knew it had to hide.


I want to cut.


For that reason it lurked.

In order to kill as much as possible, it let off the prey that were in front of its eyes.

But, those eyes stopped. One of the preys stopped moving.


I want to cut.


The emotions were overflowing intensely.

Those emotions layered on top of each other and came overflowing.


So, I slashed down.


Therefore, it cut.




The girl laughed.

Just like a baby who knows nothing.

But knows what is malicious.

Laughing innocently.

She simply laughed, even without understanding the meaning of it.

As if it was dreaming.

As if it dreamt.



Unwittingly laughing.


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