Cross Connect Volume 1 Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Only One

After having understood Harukaze intention, this time around, I continued log into ROC.

Heading forward the just swapped me, a bullet was fired at a perfect time.


While letting out a voice as if someone who had just fall out from the sky I dodge it, escaping through a think hair’s breath…………. Ah no, escaping through a hair breath was a lie. It actually went through my silver hair.

Staring at the one who just attacked me I clicked my tongue, I saw his look a little familiar.

「Izayoi Kozuki………….」

「Ka-ha. Hi, it’s been two days right, Tarumi Yuunagi. Are you still healthy? Now then “good bye”」

Izayoi laughed amusedly, while greeting, he aimed and fire.

Continued firing——————The metal bullet flew right passed me and dug deep on the ground.


This ROC game was definitely created to “destroy” Harukaze, but not only Sphia was the enemy. The battle in PVP, that was the nature of Ura-game. There was no rule that said you couldn’t attack the player that had just log in.

Of course, many people “vs” 1 would be consider dirty but, that scorn didn’t have value in here.

「Ko,Ko Ko Kozuki-kun. What, what should I do now!?」

The one who just spoke up next to Izayoi was Rikka. Holding that extremely big sword that didn’t match her high any bit, her appearance looked like a reluctant warrior.

………….If I looked closely, I could see that small legs were trembling, her face was pale, and her fingers were clinging on to Izayoi’s coat.

On the contrary Izayoi was only feeling annoyed and threw her and off.

「Aa ? What, that much you gotta figure it all yourself. Just like you’ve just graduate grade school」

「W———-what did you say!? I myself am a High – School – er! I’ve graduated higher than grade school! Stupid, shitty, Kozuki-kun is an idiot! Final grade school license————-Ah, that hurt!? That hurt, do you know that hurts Kozuki-kun!? Don’t randomly throwing that gun!」

「Shut–up ! As long as you could fight that’s okay. If you don’t understand anything just randomly swinging that sword, I’ll back you up behind. Ha, if I did friendly fire I’ll take responsibility.」

「Ah, um!…………..That’s not it! Friendly fire your head! What if you shot me!? Haa, now then Kozuki-kun, I also don’t want to take all the price that’s meant for someone who’s extremely smart, I’ll lose myself?」


「Um………..A, that, that I know. This extremely violent, annoyed, and stupid of delinquent-san…….That right, it was the kind of wall slam confession—————–」

「Stop dreaming!」

「Au au—————!」

Her head was being held by that big hand, a Rikka who was groaning quickly crouch on the ground and tearing up. Different than Izayoi, it seemed maybe she couldn’t fight. Staggeringly, she took almost 10 second to get to me.

At this moment.

Ignoring the girl Rikka, I focus my eyes on Izayoi and active my device.

Glancing through all the card in my card slot. There was totally 5. Other than《Great Bondage》and the short knife I had 3 normal spell card 《Enhance》《Teleport》《Delay》.

With this much…………I didn’t have many options. 《Delay + Teleport》was already exposed, in the worst situation I had to use  《Teleport》to come to a random location, that was also a necessary factor.


「Gulp !」

While I was thinking so, in that moment Rikka had aim at me and used all her strength to swing down that big sword. Even if there was no strength nor muscle, but with my HP only need to touch it I’d be blown away.

My long hair flutter on the wind as I ran backward to dodge it—————-In no times at all Rikka had become staggered and fell flat on the ground—————-However, when she resisted that fall meant I had guessed wrong.

「Why are there so many openings」

Bang, that ridiculous gunshot resounded. The bullet fired with the speed of sound as if cutting the air. In order not to let it pierce my heart, I quickly ran to keep distance.

After that I did an action that made my body look as if flying, it was no different than a gamble.


「U hyaa !?」

I closed in and stepped on Rikka. Thanks to that my posture changed a little.

Right after that, I could feel the shockwave of the bullet passing at me in a close distance.

「Hyuu——————-Not bad Yuunagi, white. You really go at it」

「…………..You, how dare you peak at other’s “pantsu”, I’ll kill you.」

「Ha, you’re the one who showed it. Though, even underwear you chose something so pure. How freaking funny.」

Why pointed his gun at me, Izayoi continued whistle in a disgusted way.

A completely confident face. To someone who self proclaim a game genius like him this was just like child play.

If so then what should I do. What should I do to overcome this situation—————–?

「Mu, mumumu………… !」

Even Rikka had also stood up and made a posture as if mocking me. Ignoring that big sword, she started activating her device.

And then, only in a few second, she started puffing her chest proudly.

「Fufu ! I am not an idiot. Comparing to activating a spell normally, I also know how to use it! Because I saw Kozuki-kun did it, so I also know how to use it!」

「………….Ah? Hey Rikka, do what I did? Idiot, don’t do that」

「Cast 《Enhance + Speed》! Now to pick up the weapon———–!」

Ignoring the warning of Izayoi, Rikka just like that rushed in to attack me. 《Enhance + Speed》, a useful combo helped to enhance speed and attack. Thanks to that holding weapon didn’t become hard anymore, with that demeanor, she became a different person.

However——————-To someone who wasn’t used to fighting like Rikka she would definitely didn’t understand it.

The spell card “status increase”, the bigger the effect the bigger the punishment when the effect wears off!

「Cast《Enhance + Delay》!」

「Nyaaaaa !?  What is this!? So heavy, what this weapon’s so heavy!」

Along with my cast, a Rikka who had just function flawlessly continued to tumbled down.

The combination of 《Enhance》and《Delay》. Its effect was lower SPD to the lowest, or was it remove all enhance. Well, whatever it was she couldn’t move anymore.

「Haa. Really. Didn’t I tell you so, Baka-Rikka」

As he had already guessed my move, Izayoi didn’t become surprised and only heaved a sigh. Provoking a groaning Rikka who was complaining “Uw uw…”, he didn’t look any tired as his fighting strength was lower.

……….Wait. That couldn’t be, A-re.

Looking at that scene, my line of thought suddenly moving in a dizzy way. I put my hand behind the back of my head as a habit.

No. Not right, not right. Lower fighting strength? That was completely not it. Because, Izayoi knew too well Rikka could never fight. But he took the trouble of leading her here.

For what————-? Even if it was to collect hidden treasure, or even if that was he kept stalking Tarumi Yuunagi, letting Rikka follow him doesn’t have any meanings. If it was worrying about what happened before he should have avoided letting her log in.

Then it would be simple.

Izayoi intention was to drag Rikka into my side.

In order to make her submit to me, he kicked off a PVP.

「Hey, don’t tell me——————you」


As I head up with my just realized theories in my head, he answered me with a weird voice. His voice was as if being restrained. “What is it”, I was about to complain with him like that but, Izayoi had moved his eyes to the “position” as if it was his command.

「——————Hey. You are Rikka right」

「Eh, me? That’s right, do you have anything………..E-to ?」

「Next time, if we meet each other in the real world I’ll apology to you. If possible I’ll treat you to barbecue meal.」

「Eh, e-to, a-no, if you didn’t say it clearly I wouldn’t understand, but, I have a bad feeling, like I have to quickly run away, or this person’s cute face is really scary.」

「Please die for me」

「As expected—————————– !?」

Not minding Rikka sceam, I stabbed her through the chest. As she received a fatal blow, she disperse into particles. Now she probably wouldn’t feel any pain.

And now, nothing could stand in the way of Izayoi Kozuki.


Really, what a guy with horrible hobby. Because his type was bad he didn’t seem to be affected in anyways.

I stayed silent, as I pointed the tip of the short blade to Izayoi who was smirking provocative—————-I just “Answer” to make clear of that annoying situation.

「You also don’t have any intent of killing me right」


「Pufu………..Kuku, kahahaha !」

Because no need to be on guard Izayoi started hugging his belly and laughed, then I fixed up my card slot.

Exactly as I’d predicted——————The card I got from Rikka after PVP là 《Press into the Void》. Completely not the kind of normal or rare spell, it was a “Cursed hidden treasure” card.

「……….From the start I had felt it was strange. If you’re serious then, you would never fight while I was missing card, and then you went easy on me was pretty obvious」

「Kaha, it was exactly as you said. Nothing’s wrong. But the reason? You know I’m someone who hates losing. It also wasn’t my swinging moods that I let go of a battle.」

「I knew that. Because I said your hobbies are suck—————-From the start you brought Rikka was for me to kill her.」

While spitting out those annoying words, I felt Izayoi laughing tone had become heavier.

「Hooo, why should I do that」

「First, you and her had planned to quite this game. And second was even more simple, you want to annoy me.」

「What kind of harsh tone is that. It’s your period?」

「What, you battle crazed hentai—————–And now, this is the real reason. You had arranged it so that Rikka who was holding 《Press into the Void》being defeated by me, and indirectly putting it into my card slot. That means you pretend to transfer it. Is there anything wrong.」

Transfer, or to be more precise, it could be said that he wanted to repay the debt with me.

That meant this guy, he planned that sneak attack was to re pay “the debt” related to Rikka.

「………No? It’s exactly as you said.」

Saying so Izayoi rose both of his hand up tiredly.

「A hidden treasure card. I don’t know if this much would help you. But, before I’ve said it, this thing belongs to personal value. So I had planned to give it to you since before. Kaha, quickly bow down and show your gratitude, you cosplay freak.」

「I said it was not like that. ………Anyway, thank you. Then from you the start you should give it with a bit more sincerity.」

「What are you saying, that would be boring. A real battle would be saved for another time but, just now, in order to see “how much have you seen through my strategy”, I also deploy a battle at the same time. But I couldn’t believe in the end I was still exposed. As expected of Yuunagi, you definitely are my only opponent.」

「Uwa, a delinquent like you could say something like that. Saying words like opponent doesn’t suit you a bit.」

「Shut up.」


Since who knows when, Izayoi had came close and put his hand on my shoulder, because I couldn’t help it I let out a voice like a girl.

「………….What kind of cute squeak is that. How ridiculous.」

「Aa moo, dammit, shut uup you pervert! Don’t put your hand on my shoulder and close your face in, stay away!」

Kicking Izayoi who was grinning widely before my reaction, after that I pushed him away with all my strength. ………Damn, this different in high was no good. The feeling as if I was about to be eaten, I didn’t feel like talking about it.

While I was being angry and hold down my continuously beating heart, Izayoi waved his hand annoyingly and turned his back.

「Yea yeah, just do as your highness wants. Well, you don’t need to tell I’m going back. I just leave Rikka there and made her sad. That then, let fight some other day, Yuunagi.」


「A ?」

Izayoi turned back after he heard me making a small sound. Even though I didn’t have any intention but I had already called him. …….. No intention? Not really, how should I say this. Actually there was a little “intention” but…

It just that I deny myself for a few years so I was hesitated to admit it.

However——, now I didn’t need to hesitate anymore. Right now I needed to move forward. If it was this me that was influence by Harukaze purity, I could definitely do it. Therefore….


As I spoke up, once again my throat trembled.

「………….A? What, you have something to tell me」

「No, calling it something but actually……..….Right. There’s something I want to ask of you.」

As if feeling like there was something behind my words, Izayoi turned back and made a serious face. Although a little stuttering but, I was trying not to look away.

「Lend me, a hand」


Izayoi seemed stiffen, his face looked as if a pigeon being hit by a rubber bullet (This was the first time I saw it).

Although I felt a little let down with that reaction but, suppressing my spirit or letting go of both my hands and look down. If I did that it meant I had already gave up. I couldn’t let it happen.

「I said……….Lend me a hand! Is that okay? I had a way to finish ROC. A way to do it. But I alone cant finish it.」

「Hoo, then?」

「Since, since, though it was a little reluctant but——————–I want to call for your aid, Izayoi Kozuki. That’s what I mean」


For a short minute, Izayoi only observed me without saying anything.

A quiet atmosphere. Because I was becoming impatient I was about to complain to him——————-suddenly I felt a very familiar laugh from him 「Ka ha.」

「What, something make you changed? That look is different than before」

「…………Don’t know, how should I say it. It was still me as usual」

「Ha, don’t mind it. ……….Maa, it’s fine if you want me to lend a hand. Instead of it, this time you also have to help me.」

「A, that’s fine. I will definitely repay this debt. By the way what do you want me to do?」

「Nothing special. Just that, someone wants to bend my will. A very interesting guy———-. I couldn’t care about his failure but I definitely won’t forgive that Tendou Byakuya guy.」

「A greedy man like him is definitely no good. He always ask for too much compensation.」

「Oh ? The way you confirm it is good. ………Kuku, kahahaha. Interesting! Even if you were bluffing or not, other than me there was another idiot wants to “defeat Tendou Byakuya”, as expected this world is still not worth giving up!」

Izayoi said it with full interest and bring his right hand fist in front of my face.

After acting a little puzzled, at the same time I denied his words with「The only fool is you」, then I punched at his feet with my small fist.

And then, both laughed as if those who were “scheming something”—————–


「……….you, you two are really close, Haru-chin and Izayoi-kun」



The time when counting Izayoi as a teammate then, the collecting of all of hidden treasure had finished.

From the start, if “only need to steal” hidden treasure it wouldn’t be any difficult. If Izayoi had a good skill in this game the chance of losing in a PVP was very low, and the opponent also lost 1 slot because of keeping a hidden treasure. Even if the enemy could《Return》but if sneak attack the chance of success was pretty high.

In fact, thanks to those god-like actions of Izayoi that in a blink of an eye we had obtained the final hidden treasure.

However, the problem was the opposite.

『Collecting 5 “cursed hidden treasure” scatter across the wall, then offer it to the old altar』———-, the main point was the the latter part of the wining condition, the thing about not being able to trade card without going through the weapon shop in this game was a big barrier.

「………..Yoo Yuunagi. Now you should tell me. How are you intend to win this?」

In the dining area inside the shopping center outside of the weapon store, on a table for 4, Izayoi said immediately after he crossed his legs on the table, that style that ought to be said extremely impolite.

「I had think carefully about it, in the end it was still a dead end. It finally come here don’t tell me you would say you don’t have any plan」

「That’s right Haru-chin」

Himeyuri who was eating crepe sitting right next to me also said.

「Now we have to depend on the weapon shop, om.」

「Don’t talk while you’re eating.」

Because feeling a little tense I heaved a sigh.

However, it was exactly as those two had said, a worthy concern. The final big wall that was preventing us was the players who were aiming at the “cursed hidden treasure” to finish the game.

—————-And now all 5 hidden treasures were here.

Saying all but actually I myself couldn’t carry them all. 《Hunted Evil》was being hold by Izayoi, mine were 《Great Bondage》and《Pressure into the Void》. And about Himeyuri were 《Corrosion Time》and 《Deadly Mist Trap》, we three divided them evenly between us.

“Why don’t we unite them right now”…….Maybe that was the first thing everyone thought. However, if looking at the effect of each “Cursed Hidden Treasure”, surely everyone would have a headache just like us right now,

《Hunted Evil》————-Reveal to all player about your card slot and map location.

《Great Bondage》——————-You cannot log out from the game.

《Pressure into the Void》————Consume 3 of your card slot.

《Corrosion Time》————-Make you take 10 damage every 5 second.

《Deadly Mist Trap》—————The first time you obtain this card, your hp will turn to 0.

「With all this we couldn’t finish the game normally」

I complain with a wry smile on my face.

No, actually, the only bad point was only at one card, if we could remove《Deadly Mist Trap》then it wouldn’t be a deadly point. Because that 《Deadly Mist Trap》, if we took caution and deal with it with a rare spell card 《Revive》, only one and it’ll become harmless.

However, the problem would still be “once you have it”.

It was like this——————The player who had gathered all the card, then he’d stay in the condition of having no slot left slot, continuously taking damage until he died, and then he had to get to the “altar”.

「No, don’t you say it’s impossible」

While resting his head on his hands which were at the back, Izayoi spoke up without the feeling of annoy or anger.

「For now you could hold materialized weapon but, the spell used in PVP you couldn’t hold any right? At that time I was simply become a target. Also going from the weapon shop to the altar was also very far.」

Knocking on the map with his silver finger ring. Looking at his finger tip it was the location of the “Altar” that was reflected on the map was no way near from here, across the several kilometer longed river and have to walk a bit more.

Opposite to me right now, even if bringing all these hidden treasure I couldn’t make to half way of it.

Really , Izayoi sighed with hints of getting bored.

「Though, from the start your weak physic is really bad luck. You only have 50 HP, just a little touch and you could die. …………A, right. However your speed is rather high, you only need to become an athlete who ran at the speed of 200m/s then wouldn’t everything be solved? Kaha, as expected I’m a genius」

「Are you stupid, how could I do that」



「Um, mumumu__. ………Ah, right!」

Interfering into our looks as if they were fighting of me and Izayoi, a loud sound cam up as the chair tumbled. Over there was a Bishōjo , Himeyuri with a triumphant face had stood up since who knows when. Maybe because she pounded up to hard that she pushed the chair down.

「A, e-to. Nihihi, there’s still some cream. Chiu pa」

And for some reasons (really for some) reason she started licking her fingertips. While making the erotic sound of dripping saliva, she licked it as if licking candy, she was putting it in exposing her soft lips


It was normal since both boys became silent when seeing that sight, we cleared our throats and looked the other way.

——————–Ehem. Aa, the sky is beautiful today. Because I was indoor I couldn’t see the sky much.

「Um———? What happened Haru-chin ? Are you looking at me? Just now you looked at me intensely right?」

「No…………..nothing of that sort. I was only playing stupid competitive game with Izayoi. Though, if you got dirty you only need to wipe it with a tissue.」

「Nihihi, Haru-chin not only honest but also cute too」

Himeyuri commented on me with hard to understand words. She bloomed a mischievous smile and sat down, then she spoke up as if remembering something「A, something like this?」

「This is only an idea. Anyways we have 3 people here, why don’t we divide and deliver the hidden treasure and then rendezvous at the altar? A good idea right?」

「Maa, that we could do. …………..but, how ?」

The one who answer honestly was Izayoi. Himeyuri blinked her eyes and continued talking.

「Eh? It’s like, first we let Haru-chin hold 《Great Bondage》,《Void》and《Deadly Mist》? I and Izayoi-kun will hold the remaining 2 cards? Then it’ll be finished. Even if the card《Hunted》make us be reveal it wouldn’t be dangerous. 《Corrosion》 we could use recover, so it wouldn’t be a problem!」

「No, that’s the problem. Transport them to the hidden treasure to the altar? The place where there’s no weapon shop then how. If it was that easy we wouldn’t be this troubled. Are you planning on doing some magic.」

「U. N, if so then 《Deprive》—————-Ah, right」

Himeyuri lowered her head in depress. ……………If it was inside a manga, except the “not possible to execute” then her recommendation would be a perfect strategy.

Therefore somehow it’d be a simple method, from the start to obtaining 《Deprive》was really hard. According to the cold blood librarian hag said, 《Deprive》was a rare spell card that there were only 9 remaining in this ROC. In order to not have any bad effect to the owner, if it was weak the collecting of hidden treasure would be very hard.

Um, in contrast with Himeyuri who was being silent, this time Izayoi spoke up.

「Then let me ask, not with《Deprive》, but it was in a PVP then what? Comparing to the method of 《Deprive》then letting “Yuunagi kill us both” wouldn’t change anything」

「A…………..sorry, that wouldn’t work. Because, I’m not an official player? Therefore even if I was killed the card wouldn’t drop out, something like that ………..?」

「A, is that so, how annoying. A———? How about we let Yuunagi hold 4 and me hold 1……….No, that wouldn’t work. Holding all 4 including 《Hunted Evil》 then it wouldn’t be any different than a suicidal action, and you couldn’t hold 《Corrosion》right」

Sighing tiredly Izayoi closed his eyes. Looking at his swing legs had become heavy, I felt now I had to use my brain to the full extend.

The curve smile he usually had on was no more, instead it was a serious expression, looking at an angle he looked like he was ridiculing himself.

「Now there’s no meaning in diving anymore. Although I don’t know any other transportation method, but at least I could ensure if “only bringing this 《Hunted》and go to the altar”. No matter what the card effect is it couldn’t obstruct me. Also this is not a game for 1 person, we also need to mind that

「A, you’re right. If completing the game in that condition we wouldn’t be praised」

The action of the players were also troublesome—————However, I wouldn’t mention about it. The expression of annoyed, the words to praise in this situation. Though I didn’t want to praise her at all.

「Muu~~~~~~~~u, I don’t understand anything! Nee, nee, what’s the meaning of this? Haru-chin」

Himeyuri started become impatient and looked me. That bright eyes hidden beneath her red hair looked as if they were hoping for something. And the guy Izayoi seemed to have surrendered, he annoyedly shrugged his shoulder .

That means, he was leaving all the answer to me—————After I collected the mess in my head, I started talking.

「A, it’s as you’ve said. Surely I couldn’t finish this game. No matter how breakthrough it is this is still impossible. ……….. Therefore, the one who will complete it would be me」

And then, the girl with the twin tails blinked in surprise.

「Himeyuri, it’s you.」

「————I realized the “setting” of Himeyuri is the one who could guarantee this role the most」

Holding my beating heart deep within me, I started explaining to break the silence atmosphere.

「”When dying you wouldn’t lose card and also teleport to right next to the princess”…………. Or to be more precise, you are an exception case that could appointed as the destination. If so then it’s simple right? Other than using the weapon shop to obtain the card, Himeyuri could defeat Izayoi in PVP to obtain 《Hunted》. Then you only need to time for 《Corrosion》to kill yourself. Before that 『Kumoi Haruka』would go to the altar, and then we could complete the game.」

Oo, only Izayoi expressed his amazement.

Completely opposite than him, Himeyuri became shaken and removed her hands from me.

「What, what are you saying Haru-chin !? If we do that you’ll be executed!」

「That was only in the condition if there was a betrayer (player) that fulfilled the condition. Therefore no way the princess would be killed when her “partner” is doing a revolution. Sphia would never overlook such script like that?」

「It’s true but………I’m not like player!? Even though I didn’t participate in this game I could also finish it————————-」

「”The one who could fulfill one of the condition the fastest will be the victor in this game. There are the total of 100 betrayers——————-Including you would be 100”」

「…….Eh, e-to….. That was the first words of ROC? What’s the matter…….?」

「The one who fulfill the condition the fastest win. There are 100 players」

「Eh? Um. You’re right. ……E?」

「———–It’s as so」

Before a Himeyuri who was being confused, Izayoi started talking as if laughing.

「”The one who fulfill the condition will win”, but it didn’t say exactly who, if only need to complete the condition then even dog can be a winner. Something like that?」

「Ah, exactly as so. In this ROC it doesn’t matter if it’s player or NPC, everyone could complete the winning condition.」

「A——————-………But, but, but!」

It seemed Himeyuri couldn’t follow this unbelievable story, she became confused, and her mouth kept opening and closing as if looking for information to deny it.

「A, right, the reward. If I completed Haru-chin wouldn’t receive it. Kyaa」

Interfering her words, I put my hand on her thin shoulder and pulled her in. Hyuu, staying near me was whistling annoyingly. Because of that Himeyuri inside my arms had become stiffened, also her cheeks had dyed red.

Because we were both girl so it was okay, while chanting that line in my head from time to times, I started telling her straight.

「Even so, even those thing. Only you could do it Himeyuri. Lend me a hand—————–The one who should complete this ROC is you.」


She couldn’t spoke up. Only a small sound was enough to break this quiet atmosphere.

Himeyuri just like that stiffened her face without saying anything, after a few minute passed, she let out a groan which I didn’t know if it was breathing or voice.

「O, Oh………..」

「………what happened?」

「Wait, wait up Haru-chin, right now I’m really confused. I’m really nervous? No one had ever pulled my chin up like that. Wa, what should I do, come late. Why am I the one who come late. Suddenly it was beating so much. Nee, nee, do you want to try it? Haru-chin touch it to?」

「What are you saying idiot.」

Maybe she was too excited, and here I was being worry about her like an idiot.

Gulping down the water cup in one group I immediately stood up to deal with everything. The rest was left to Himeyuri then it would surely be done.

And then, right. In the final moment of ROC maybe I should leave it to the real “princess” right.

—————————–Anyway it wasn’t over.


While resting my back to the weapon shop wall, I was waiting for the next order from Yuunagi-kun.

Next to me, Izayoi-kun looked free, although I didn’t care much about him. From the start the connection between Izayoi-kun and Sphia was complicated. …………Maa, as the role of “Himeyuri Nanase” it wouldn’t like I hated Izayoi-kun but, I felt like I couldn’t bring myself to like him.

After lowering my head to avoid his look, a very interesting scene entered my eyes.

They were piled up———————Or to be more precise, a lot of weapon were piled up.

This was also one of the secret plan of Yuunagi-kun.

Although it was a story from before but, because the cost of one “cursed hidden treasure” was 18, so trading in the weapon shop you need 6 rare spell card with the cost of 3. And the limit of card slot was 7. No matter what after the third hidden treasure it wouldn’t be obtainable through the weapon shop.

…………That right, normally people would give up.

But, it seemed like Yuunagi-kun had realized it. There was one exception with trading in the weapon store, it was the weapon. If you materialized the card you could freely brought them together, we wouldn’t lose card slot and could keep them with the same cost.

Hey there. Aren’t that a wonderful thing?

Of course, in order to born a high amount of 《Recovery》we would have to fly a lot of time but, but it was only a small problem. Because, that trick even the uncle, the shop owner didn’t know. As expected, Yuunagi-kun was a player that even Sphia also “couldn’t predict“.

Therefore—————-before I became petrified when I heard his enthusiastic confession.

「It seems We would complete it perfectly」

Through the AR system in ROH, Yuunagi-kun had said those words to Harukaze-chan.

Just remembering it I’d felt nervous…………Aa, Yuunagi-kun was really interesting. He was even beyond Tendou Byakuya, the one who was called the demon genius of Sphia? That was great, if it was like that I definitely must witness it. No matter what happen.

The method to win with all the turnaround of Yuunagi-kun, even I couldn’t see that coming, really? Someone who had been inside ROC from the moment it opened like me, I couldn’t interfere in the game system to help Haru-chin.

That right, Haru-chin—————It was the girl Cyberbrain Shinki number 5 – Harukaze (Bug number – Code epsilon)

Cyberbrain Shinki, or that was an AI own by Sphia, the series born with a special background. Although I didn’t know clearly but, the genius group that was called “the head” of Sphia had all brought ideas together, and the result an abnormality had been born unexpectedly.

One of which was Haru-chin.

And then Tendou Byakuya, because he was too obsessed about the plan so he had started scheming something with her, ROC was exactly the reason for that.

It seemed it was to use Haru-chin’s special “Ability” or something something. Even though I had accidentally heard but, I didn’t understand what kind of strange thoughts flew in that man head. Though, I wasn’t very interesting about that.

Because, from the start I didn’t care about the content of ROC, no matter what “Tarumi Yuunagi” would finished that game with this maniac difficulty somehow.

After that————–Oh, incoming message.

「Maybe it’s time.」

While holding off those thoughts, I picked up a sword at my feet. Then gathered all the remaining weapons to make trading material, to trade 2 “cursed hidden treasure” of Yuunagi-kun.

And then————–I had to aim at Izayoi-kun’s chest who was standing in a kind of stylish stand.

「Nihihi, if you feel hurt then sorry?」


I was only planning on joking a bit to lessen the atmosphere, but Izayoi-kun only frown his eyebrows. He smirked and said with a mocking tone as if looking down upon me.

「Are you stupid. I’m ready for everything the moment I step foot into this ura-game since a few years ago. Don’t prolong it anymore and finish it, stupid maid girl.」


As expected, I hate this guy.


「Wa pu」

“In the case of dying I’ll be reborn next to the princess. After following that setting and immediately move, a faint sweet scene had covered all my body.

A little late but let me explain about the situation, that was. ……………I hugged. And kissed. I buried my head into Haru-chin’s C-cup bossom.

「Fumu fumu. Nihi, maa, this is unavoidable, unavoidable right? Funi funi funi funi」

「A, stop———–Hya」

In a moment, Haru-chin face had become beat red, only the action of pushing me away was extremely cute, if I lost control for a bit I’d fallen already.

After satisfied my craving, I let go of her.

Avoiding the look as if crying plus a bit of scornful of Haru-chin, I looked around playing dumb………….On this small hill, probably. A place with comfortable wind blowing. Other than me and Haru-chin there was no one else.

There was something like a pedestal placed in the middle of this sacred place.

…….A no, not look like it but it was it. Right I was a very smart girl. The legendary sword was an exhibit that was placed there, it looked like it was dragged out from a RPG game about medieval age.

As I expected, it’s an “Altar”.

After nodding satisfyingly before my talent I turned around staring into Haru-chin eyes.

「Nihihi. It’s been awhile we haven’t talked to each other」

「Yes……..Himeyuri-san. Though, there’s no other way. Himeyuri-san is the people from Sphia」

Wonder white silver hair flying in the wind, Haru-chin called me by the sakura color lips. After she laughed shyly………….C, cute. Cute to the point I wanted to commit a crime. I was extremely, extremely, extremely wanted to eat her.

However, a pity right now I didn’t have the time. Therefore I wasn’t allowed to do any trivial stuffs.

「……..How is it there ?」

Swapping with Yuunagi-kun, going to the real world and fought against ROC (Sphia)…….How did it go?

That was a question full of question. In any way I would still bend everything, even if I belonged to the third technology development department of Sphia. Because I was Tendou Byakuya subordinate. I couldn’t deny it.

But, even so.

I felt very relieved when I saw Haru-chin bloomed a smile.

I didn’t care when my heart become flinch before her, because that was my hobby, that was the true.


「………………Yes. I was happy. Ah no, e-to, that’s wrong. I’m happy! Even now, or even afterward——————I’ll always be happy.」

「……..Nihihi, is that so. That’s good」

While I was shaken before her answer, I took Haru-chin’s hand and walked to the altar. Then I rised my device.

Completion condition started——————–By offering the device to the altar, with all the “cursed hidden treasure” inside, the “Scarlet Sword” sealed by the first king had awaken before my eyes.

Um, maa, in general, a sword with a words looked like a flame carved on suddenly appeared.


Seemed like Haru-chin hadn’t heard anything from Yuunagi-kun, she opened her eyes wide looking at the sword.

Looking like that only made me want to protect her more…………, this mischievous heart was beating nonstop.

「Haru-chin Haru-chin, since you are already here, pull it with me.」

「Eh? But, but, is that alright? Shouldn’t the one who complete the condition pull it」

「Mu. What is it Haru-chin. A weak girl like me couldn’t possibly hold this sword, you mean you want to see it crash on me?」

「Wa, wa, I can’t let that happen! Let me help too!」

I hold tight on the handle with the puzzling hand of Haru-chin.

Um, as expected it was really heavy. If wanting to use it again we had to set its weight in a more suitable measure………..……well, whatever.

We used all of our might to pull out the scarlet sword and ended this world (ROC).

《Non-player – Alias: Himeyuri Nanase

Status of collecting “Cursed Hidden Treasure” 5. Status of forming “Rebellion” 3.

Status: Confirm obtained “scarlet sword”, complete the first winning condition 1

—————————-Finish ROC》


I returned home after logging out of ROC, a bit afterward, suddenly the phone inside my pant pocket rang.

It was just a notice. To be more precise, it was a message noticing the ending of service of ROC.

Now even if I tried I couldn’t connect to the playground of ROC anymore. Even the AR mode of ROH was the same, no matter how I looked through it, I couldn’t see any trace of fighting. The only thing reflected was simply my lovely real world.

That right, ROC had ended.

The end result was a revolution by the captain of the imperial guard (Himeyuri), just need to be her partner and the princess would not be executed.

Not a bit of doubt , this was a happy ending. An end without lost.

An end, but—————–It didn’t seem right?

It was true that Harukaze wasn’t aim at anymore. However, because existing in that game she would be left in there. And then, once there was no ROC anymore, I and Harukaze would have to cut that fragile tie of our.

If so then whether completing the game or not didn’t have any different.

“Striving your best in vain, you did a good work”, I could imagine that damn GM mocking me like that.

「………..From now on the princess will live happily ever after, how joyful. Guess that couldn’t be said for sure.」

While complaining I opened the swapping diary. Skipping the pages about the effort of Harukaze in the real world, looking at it I only wanted to smile wryly——————-And then, I stopped at the final page.

Comparing to other pages, the line in it wasn’t too long. One line with house address, capital, district, city. Living address from somewhere with post cord in a polite manner. Right below that was a thick line, hard to believe since from birth my fingers could write these pretty words, it was written like this.

“You definitely have to come and save me.”


Because the influence of Yukina? Harukaze was also started become thicken. Moreover, she knew clearly my personality. Though, from the start I didn’t have the intention of backing down, but even so I was suddenly being asked for help.

Closing the book, I breathed in deep and made a challenging smile.

「Just you wait, Tendou Byakuya, right now I’m coming to your place.————-I’m gonna take Harukaze home.」

Holding the page tore out from the book, while I was walking near the park, there was a voice coming from above my head.

「You, wait up.」

Bop, the sound her gentle landing. The scene of jumping down from the tree was all too familiar. Ruri-senpai came close to me with a twisted mouth in discomfort.

While backing down a little, I raised one hand up and answered.

「You’re late, Senpai. I’m waiting for you」

「…………..Hm, you don’t look surprised at all」

She tilted her head wondering in a bored manner. The lollipop stick in her mouth also changed position.

「And you were waiting for me? It seems you have guessed that I would appear right? Or are you hoping so. If it were the later I’d be happy.」

「Um………both are correct but, if talking about the most correct it would be the former. Because, wasn’t it you who sent the invitation? And I was just normally walking out.」

「Invatation?  What the heck are you talking about———————」

「That’s enough, Himeyuri.」

She stood motionless before my sure as heck words. Her cherry color lips were opened in bewilderment. I extended my hand to touch her head and slightly brush.

「Now there is no need for playing dumb. ……….Though, using impolite speech with you seems kind of strange」


And then, I brushed of that hood. Ruri-senpai covered her up with her hands as reflex, however she was not fast enough, that lovely face had been exposed.

As what I’d expected———————–Other than the color, even her figure and face was exactly like Himeyuri Nanase.

「You, you evil………Suddenly brushed off my hat in front of everyone like that. You wanted to play like that? Really, what a pervert」

「I, I didn’t do anything, Senpai. I only want to confirm.」

「That’s the reason for you to take off a girl’s cloth? Then would you pull the skirt of some Trap and tell them “I want to confirm whether you are a girl or a boy”? By the way, almost never have I let down my hat when going outside. This is my first time. My first time.」

「I’m sorry」

Good, she nodded and let it go, however, although it was a glimpse but I saw her smile. Maybe her mood had gotten better after bullying me. Turning and twisting the candy inside her mouth she heaved a sigh. And her neck hanged down looking as if having no strength.

「Um, you’re right, extremely right. I was the one “inside” Himeyuri Nanase. …….But, since when did you realize. I didn’t intend on exposing myself.」

「About that, to be more precise………From the start, I felt the view point of value of Himeyuri and you are very alike. Only with the line “not interested” alone I could have guessed somewhat, and your style was also unique.」

「That’s strange」

「Really strange.……… Didn’t you also know about Harukaze. Moreover, someone who cared about me in the real life there was, except my family and Yukina, only you. It was a exclusion method.」

「I see. Because your relationships are little you can easily guess I was the culprit.」

Ruri-senpai looked at me and smile wryly. Even though it was a bit different than usual but, afterward she smiled her typical smile「Nihihi.」. A person who was very fitting with a mischievous look, maybe because she was with me all the time her facial expression since when had been released.

And then senpai, no, Himeyuri took of her hat.

Looking at that silky black long hair, I became petrified for a moment.

「I’ve been seen through! Um, once again I’ve been exposed by you? It can’t be help since I was exposed. I’m the head made that was pretending to be a player, Ruri-chan in the body of Himeyuri Nanase ☆」


「Na, Nanase ☆」

「No, not like I didn’t hear you」

Maybe my answer was a bit anti climatic.

That couldn’t be helped. Suddenly there was a Bishōjo with a dangerously long black hair making a yokopisu pose, and she also stuck out her tongue as if adding a ☆ . It completely made me dead quiet. Therefore I could only answer like that.

…………..Well, she looked cute.

「Though, wh-, why must you acting like that? If you don’t want to be exposed just keep that hat on」

「Um, you’re right. That’s right, but, I couldn’t stand before other without my hat on.」


「Because, if I don’t cover my face it’d be embarrassing, if so I couldn’t go outside. Also couldn’t talk to other. But in game if I just kept wearing hat I’d become a suspicious person? Therefore I have to change my personality. To become a vivacious, perky and calm!」

She smiled happily, as if she was imitating the old anime. She looked kind of funny, but even if I said that, if it was Ruri-senpai she would definitely answer something like “Is that so”.


And then. Suddenly she said in a harsh voice as if punching into my eardrums.

As someone who had a wonderful sense in sensing distance. In a moment, a “heat” wave as if burning everything had manipulated the surrounding.

「You have it? A plan to not make me dissapointed」

That twinkling eyes were looking filled of hope.

「….Maa, you just watch」


Coming to the location of Harukaze as the guide of Senpai, there was a big house built in the corner of Tokyo.

Through the door I went to the reception. In a moment after seeing me, the receptionist woman had made a very surprise face, she immediately picked up the table phone. Not long after, there was another strange woman who looked like a secretary appeared from the elevator which had just come down. Then she told me 「Please follow me」

And then, I and Senpai were brought to the highest floor of the headquarter.

On it was a big space. Inside there were PCs lined up on the table linked with each other, all were being used as if calculating for some kind of equation. The job looked like making a big map of the world with the smooth movement of those cube.

A scene which could be called as “extremely magnificent”.

However, on the contrast with that big and grand, inside this headquarter it was completely empty in a human sense.

Maybe, normally this place was use for researcher but————–At least, right now there was a man standing in the middle of the room.

A white suit without any stain. A tall, slender build. Elegant look with borderless glasses. Silver hair neatly with shoulder hair long.

He smiled on the corner of his mouth as if having both calm and might. A genius like no other.

「Tendou, Byakuya…….」

「Ah, it’s me. And you must be Tarumi Yuunagi-kun. Welcome to the office of third technology development. I am Tendou. Thank you for going all the way here.」

Tendou answered with a calm voice before me who was acting trembling. His attitude could only be said as very calmed and collected. He was spreading his arms welcoming us.

There was a different PC with the desktop screen placed next to Tendou.

No, the PC itself didn’t have anything special. From the start in this room there were dozens of it. Therefore, the problem wasn’t the outer appearance, it was what was inside it————–There it was showing the sight of a girl, a girl who I was too used to.

『Yuunagi-san, You’re finally here』


While calling her name, I breathed all and felt relieve from the bottom of my heart.

A strange feeling. After ROC ended, the connection between me and Harukaze was also shattered, although it was not long since I had also confronted her once. And that time it wasn’t a real confrontation.

Even so, when looking at Harukaze who was opening her arms wide inside that screen, I felt so relieved.

The anxious that was straining me was as if relieved. A invisible “strength” inside me was as surging.

「———————First of all, congratulation for completing it」

Tendou’s voice resounded interrupted my look and Harukaze.

Stepping up a few steps. He placed his middle finger on the frame of his glass and said as if he was acting.

「Actually, you’ve gone beyond what I’ve expected. Having “the princess” standing in an extremely poor position in ROC. The road to complete the game was there but it was very small. But even so you’ve completed it perfectly. Really, how unexpected」

「I thank you for that」

I shrugged my shoulders and answered.

「Though, the one who completed it is not me, it’s Himeyuri」

「That I knew. Or to be more precise, I was the one who designed that remaining method. Therefore, the way you chose was also the best method. How wonderful. ……..Ay da, you don’t look any happy.」

「Maa………How could I be happy with that.」

「Hoo ?」

Tendou frowned, while feeling like I’d provoked him, I pointed my finger at the thing next to him. Over there was the appearance of Harukaze, a princress in captivity.

「Ah, about this」

Before my answer, Tendou murmured in a bored manner.

「Um………..Right. It’s okay for me to explain this but, let’s see. In this situation how much have you understood? ………. Fufu, what’s this. What’s with the glare.」

「Being provoked like that I’m not so patient to be only glaring.」

Spitting out harsher words than usual, seemed like my heart had kept its calm.

Tendou question was filled with provocation. Or in other way he was referring to. “Why did it become like that? Why was Harukaze imprison? Or perhaps this was a plan?”

———————————I decided not to use polite language anymore.

「What do you mean. From the start you didn’t care about 『Kumoi Haruka (me)』could complete ROC or not」

「Hoo? Since when?」

「This time Ura-game, it was deployed just to plant the seed of negative feeling inside Harukaze. First was isolation, then fear. However, it was not enough. Why? It’s a hope unto despair. Therefore with the first step of “despair”, in order to let her feel like she could complete the game, you nominated me」

In the Ura-game before, even though I hated it I still bought it, what a joke.

「However, in the end it was still the problem of principle. Though obviously it was so? If I completed ROC then Harukaze will be release as the script. But even if I could finish it, because Harukaze was an AI, she would still suffer from loneliness, despair inside ROC. ……..Haha, what a bunch of genius」

That right—————–From the start it was Sphia plan.

Plan A was for 『Tarumi Yuunagi』to play the role of the knight and then “fail”, and plan B was moving to “completion” perfectly. No matter what it was Harukaze couldn’t escape from the system.

Therefore, the moment ROC closed it would already be too late.

I was no different than a pawn in the hand of Tendou.


Tendou clapped joyously, he curved the edge of his mouth seemingly interested.

「As expected of Tarumi Yuunagi-kun. That was an excellent answer.————Exactly, the target of ROC was “reverse benevolent” of code number Harukaze”. To dye despair onto this thing which has “positive” feeling to the extreme, in order for it to become a cruel GM, absolutely merciless and completely devoid of humanity.」

「………..Then, from the start there is no need to creat an AI with that set up emotion! Moreover, Harukaze wouldn’t have to face such misfortune——–」

「Um? A, right, maybe I need to explain more.」

My speech been interrupted with a vague tone, then Tendou did a gesture of moving his hand to the frame of his glasses as if acting. He started to talk about something I couldn’t believe.

—————-It was.

Harukaze was one of those AI called Cyberbrain Shinki (Bug number).  All of them was abnormal. “The accident of losing control of the system” happened in the place where the head genius of Sphia was having a meeting—————Artificial intelligent was born with “mysterious code number” in one of the remaining interacting computer.

They were different than normal AI in one different point.

It was that they possessed emotion which was never could be set since before now.

And then, because they couldn’t explain this abnormality, they’d interfere into the cyber world.

About “Harukaze”, a cyberbrain shinki – code number 5 (Bug number code epsilon) made by Tendou Byakuya, a part of that power was already there. At that moment, her existence was really fragile but, after continuing fixing, she was able to understand the game through internet.

Just that her “benevolent”, the kindness she had was interfering. Therefore, Tendou had decided to destroy Harukaze through ROC, in order to make a perfect GM—————


I had stayed silent while monologue with the thought inside my head.

The way Tendou spoke didn’t look like he was acting at all. Ruri-senpai also didn’t deny it, everything he said was the true …………Until this point I wasn’t any surprise to things like that. Even though I didn’t know the reason but, something like “if it was Sphia anything could happen”.

ROC or other Ura-game, the factor like me could never change this obvious true.

「—————————By the way, Tarumi Yuunagi-kun」

My fantastic thinking had been interrupted by Tendou’s voice.

「Your answer was wonderful. However, a pity you make a big mistake.」


「A, right ………..if I heard you wrong then let me apology, but just now you said “whatever” right? You thought, with your interference to us it wouldn’t make any different right」

「Right. What about that?」

「—————-Whatever? With you? There’s no such thing!」

With a voice as if it was pressed down, suddenly Tendou clenched his hand into a fist and yelled. The glittering eyes behind those glasses, that “super cool” figure of him disappeared.

「Wrong, too wrong. It was right that this doesn’t have anything to do with the despair of code number Harukaze but, however—————You, to a game master like me, what do you think about something you could hardly obtain? A new idea? A complicated system? A machine with high capacity? No, all is wrong. The game I spent all my effort to make, putting in all enthusiasm, if there was one player who could effortlessly conquer it then, I could never call it a success!」

While declaring, Tendou brushed up the end of his coat.

Maybe he was being excited his tone gradually became faster, and his cheek was dyed a bit red.

「Tarumi Yuunagi-kun, you are a wonderful player. A genius as I want. I knew a bit of your talent in the game 4 years ago, even though I want to experience one more but…………I didn’t have the chance. I had waited a long time.」

「Chance? You could force log in me into Ura-game at any time」

「No way, that’s going against my “beauty concept”. A death game or something that‘s inevitable or something like that, it’s not my style. I would never force anyone to participate. No matter what happened I would still give the reward to the winner. Something couldn’t be budged.」

I would not make a game that goes against the rule or cast aside my prestige—————-Maybe Tendou himself had always thought like that.

Maybe what he said wasn’t wrong. According to what Izayoi said, even the game in the past, there was no such thing as he would “discard the benefit” of the player. Even this time too, after using 《Return》if I didn’t log in another time then everything would be over, from the start there was no penalty at all.

Of course, other than the princess everyone was the same.

「Are you in anger? Maybe you don’t like being dragged into things like this」

As if understanding my feeling, Tendou smiled and said. The he raised his hands up as if surrender and continued with a calm voice from the start.

「About that let me apology. I planned on officially invited you to the game, but in the end forcing you was undeniable. I would not do it again, I promise. If needed I’ll even do a commitment .」

「No need, that’ll be troublesome.」

「If so then, this will be my personal warning………..However, let’s see. Thanks to you ROC had become very interesting. Therefore————Of course it would not be forcing, but a simple commendation—————–If possible could you participate in the next Ura-game? This time there won’t be any evil story. Even this thing would undertake the role of GM as plan」

「——————-That’s enough, shut up!」

Interrupting his words, I became angry with the arrogant man who was pointing at Harukaze.

However, Tendou only tilted his head not understanding.

「Shut up? What’s the meaning of that. If you want me to shut up I’ll die.」

「I don’t care about your extreme personality. ……..Interesting? What interesting? Haha, there’s a guy who likes the interesting of ROC which you spoke off, but unfortunately you don’t know that Izayoi guy, though he was only an idiot. A big idiot.」

「Um. So you’re not going to participate?」

「A, maybe not. If there were anything like this I won’t be so polite. Even if it’s something pointless, but let me say it agin, quickly and stop. Don’t drag Harukaze into your games anymore.」


In a second, Tendou looked at me with a strange look of a rare species.

An then he murmured—————「That’s strange」

「Strange, so strange. If you hate my game so much it can’t be helped. I only want everyone to be able to enjoy the most wonderful game, but if I was asked about how to make or complete it I would answer no. Why, whether or not it’s interesting or not was only my personal idea, in other to have unity is impossible.」

That voice as if compressing, even so it still spread to all the corners of the room. Maybe this was the way the leader speaks. A voice that could attract attention of anyone.

「By the way, I wouldn’t care about how other thinks about my game. Only taking in the important idea would be enough. But, I’m really mindful when those “idea” was put on other. Because it was right? Everyone has the right to speak. However, to condemn other would be different. Therefore, your desire couldn’t be passed.」


「The more you hate Ura-game the more I like it. Moreover, there are around 50 thousand people who are enjoying it. Because of that, your desire of “destruction” is only a conflict in view point of value……….. Ah, right, the conflict inside is also not a bad thing. It’s just that there will be other who will feel disagreement about it. And that would be me.」

After finishing his long talk, Tendou fixed his glasses and silently staring at me.

A silent atmosphere to the point I could hear sounds of saliva swallowing, was it Harukaze or Senpai, or it could be mine.

————————Conflict about the view point of value. I see, as exactly as what he said. Tendou always thought his game was interesting, so he inherited the will to discard all other idea. And I was the one who didn’t recognize “that”. I thought from the bottom of my heart he wouldn’t like it.

However, I remember this conflict.

“The thing” that I completely refused, or to be more precise it was “Harukaze being dragged into Ura-game”. No matter how far apart I and she were……

But, if so I didn’t need to spill out curse words before Tendou answer.

「Tendou. You hate forcing the viewpoint of value right. You also never force an idea. You said it right.」

「Ah, right. “Force” or “Restrain”, those ugly words don’t exist in my dictionary.」

「Then I want to ask you something———————What do you think about Harukaze ?」

Tendou calm face was as if exposed before my question.

Didn’t wait for him to answer, I continued saying.

「That’s strange. If you had such a strong believe, why could you ignore and destroy the personality inside Harukaze. Didn’t you hear her voice? She had to scream in pain. She was bullied by you that she cried till her tears was dried. Wasn’t it a little contradict」

「Contradict. Contradict you say. ……..Now, where is such thing. The words you said seems hard to understand」


「Um, maybe you had misunderstood somewhere——First of all, let me say it again. The business of code number Harukaze is really important to me. A cyberbrain shinki shrouded in mystery without any answer, a very precious thing. This has to do with the development, time effort or love are two completely different thing, therefore it’s completely not reluctant」

Just that———- Tendou continue talking. He spoke with a normal tone as if there was nothing special.

「This thing isn’t human」

「……………… !」

「Ah, to me this thing is like a toy with emotion which was famous with kid. Looking so cute I couldn’t bare to throw it away. However, in the end it’s only a pawn. Even if it owned something like a heart, but it’s not real. It’s only a fake thing. Therefore, instead of worrying about this thing, why don’t you think about is it important or not to develop the game.」

I could only remain silent before those ugly and disgusted words.

I see……… So that’s why, dammit. That was the reason why the situation of Harukaze was so inequality. That was the reason why I misunderstood.

From the start, he didn’t see her as a human.

A meaningful existence was not recognized.

On the opposite of me who was looking down avoiding, Tendou didn’t lose his calm, and the first thing since I walked in here, he looked at Harukaze. A cold look, looking at her like nothing more than a tool no more no less. Since when, his slender fingers were typing on the keyboard, input the command “access” the absolute compliment on the small girl covering herself in the screen.


「……….That’s strange」

Hearing those unexpected voice from Tendou, I unconsciously look up.

Harukaze was inside the screen, for some reason she wasn’t moving, despite all the command input be the producer. She crouched down, hands holding her head as if fighting back.

Suddenly, Tendou frowned, opening his mouth in bewildered exposing his red tongue.

「Refusing the command from the main computer………? How stupid, the function of this code number Harukaze」

Tendou became impatient, he snatched the PC closed to him and started doing something. Behind that aghast was a scientist, of course he didn’t pay any attention to me. The sound of typing continued to sounded.

And suddenly becoming free, I looked into that PC, where Harukaze was waiting in there.


My eyes met with hers. Harukaze was sneaking a glance through her fingers, seeing me, her face became  brighter. When I tried to touch the screen, Harukaze had risen her hand as if she wanted to be pulled out, then she smiled.

……….Aa, right. That right. In the end I was the one who was saved.

「Hey, Tendou」

「Dammit…….that’s strange. In the end what happened. Losing control of the mysterious code number? Or losing control? But, why now———————What is it, Tarumi Yuunagi !」

While feeling satisfied with the smile of Harukaze as usual, once again, I stood in front of Tendou Byakuya.

Facing each other, our position could only be said so. I stared into that emerald eyes as if challenging him.

「About the reason of your failure, that’s you look at her as an object with consciousness.」


That eyes narrowed down, he started analyzed my words. However, no need to wait for the result, Tendou said with a smile as if ridiculed.

「Unbelievable. Winning ROC wasn’t that was because of your own talent? And this thing didn’t help a bit. Not only just that it’s a shackle to you.」

「No. That’s not a game. That’ your plan—————A project to make Harukaze become despair.」

「……….? If so then I still could not understand. About using the word reason for failure, which means you want to say my plan had failed? How silly. Thanks to you playing the hero role too well, therefore once again this thing will dwell inside despair and isolation.」

「That then, it will be so if things develops in the way you predicted」

「………….What the, that logic of yours seemed long.」

Tendou curved his lips as if being angered. He spread his arms to show off his dominance. Exaggerating the action without any excitement, this was the authority of a GM.

「Okay? The game is over. In this situation where a mere player like you was going against? Ah, you did well. However, your victory road only to here. Wasn’t your desire freedom」

「It is so」

But—————That was enough, I had reached the limit of my endurance.

「This thing that thing, shut up, you windbag! Your story or your ambition anything, I don’t give a shit. You want to create an interesting game and new? Ah, then just do it. I don’t care nor do I have any interests. But, about how you treat Harukaze I could not leave it alone.」

「……….What are you trying to say」

Tendou was just showing indiscreet, looking at me emotionless.

「Didn’t I say it? The game is over. The place where you belong is no more.」

「『What are you trying to say』? Haha, what are saying, that’s my line. You still don’t understand the problem. You left the last card since a while ago」

「………….. What?」

Tendou frowned, sinking in thought as if analyzing the words I’d just said. He was called a genius, definitely in game, or to be precise today, right here he had remembered all I did and said. Therefore he was searching inside his memories.

However, he still couldn’t find the answer.

「Director.—————-Though, maybe calling you that now is a bit strange. Hey, Tendou Byakuya-san」

I, Tendou and Harukaze who was inside the screen, all three was looking at each other in a circle, suddenly there was a carefree voice interrupting the tense atmosphere.

Was a “winner” in ROC. Ruri-senpai, or to be more precise Himeyuri Nanase.

「Although it’s not exactly correct but, can I get my victory reward first? Or to be more precise, I’m still counted as the winner right? Nihihi, Haru-chin please bear with it」

「Ah, that’s fine」

Answering Himeyuri coldly. Like I said before hand, I didn’t want anything.

But on the contrary, if it was Himeyuri I wonder what she wanted.

「……….Of course it’s fine but」

Saying it in a vague way, more or less Tendou was feeling annoyed, immediately he regained his composure and answered.

「Then what is it you want. A superior device? The right of next GM? Whichever it is a promise is a promise. With my credibility and my pride, once I swear I would ready to——–」

「Sorry director, those aren’t correct」

Without hesitation, Himeyuri interrupted Tendou’s guesses. She smiled 「Nihihi」without any bad intent, then while she blink mischievously she rose her index finger.

「I’ve said it before? What I want. The device or the right, I don’t need something so low.」

「…………What are you implying?」

The appearance of Tendou suddenly became darkened.

「The winning prize. A-re, don’t tell me you don’t remember director? Seriously. I had declared before. Declared」

「…………………………….Don’t, tell me」

In a second, Tendou facial expression had become pale. ………. Did he by someone way guessed? If so then he had a wonderful memories. Even me, if I was not someone related I couldn’t be able to remember.

A stupid request.

「—————-You want A BODY」

And then, Himeyuri twist her finger happily and said.

「Nihihi, you still remember it right? I said it right? I remember the first time talking to Haru-chin, I’ve said so. I’m not kidding..…….That right, the thing I want is a body for Harukaze-chan. Of course, even the part she could walk in the real world.」

「Gulp!? Bastard, what did you say!?」

「You don’t have the right to complain」

Interrupting the words as if compressing of Tendou, I looked at him and bloomed a despising smile.

「The price of Ura-game, you can have whatever you want right. If so of course a bone and flesh body also counts. Therefore as the producer, use whatever you have, all your strength, intelligent, property, mind and also your maniacal to make her human」


I used all my strength and spit out those cursed words, Tendou widened his eyes behind that glasses, once again, Harukaze slightly opened her mouth. Because feeling a little embarrassed before the look which was about to cry of her I turned away. Inside the screen, she was staggering toward me.

「I don’t have any right to interfere? How stupid, because if you go fishing with bait you have to let go of the bait. Where is your beauty concept? Where is your unchangeable faith? Did as your absolute vow of no coercion, wasn’t the prize you decided is “anything”. Don’t tell me you couldn’t do it.」

「You……..don’t get ahead of your self」

Eyes as if dying, for some reason he was looking at me but not Himeyuri.

「Whatever, I’ll give you anything you want! Ah, as exactly whatever. A big amount of money! Even fame or position is of no exception! And if you want to use this mysterious code number, the resurrection you wanted before it’s possible! Even so, you still want this thing? You intent to let this doll that only knows how to move and talk to appear in the real world? I couldn’t understand. What a headache, for what! Why! Is this thing so important!?」

「Didn’t I already say it」

Saying so I took big steps, coming closer to Tendou, then I snatch that necktie which was done neatly on his neck.

Like this he couldn’t say whatever he wanted…………Even if it was a little, but if I didn’t retaliate it wouldn’t worth any.

「About the reason for your failure, it was that you didn’t take in mind her existence. You have perceived wrongly about her value. The possibility of Harukaze wanting to be “freed” is a very normal thing, but even so you couldn’t see it. Or to be more precise, to you it was something illogical.

Well, maybe now whatever I explain to you, you probably wouldn’t understand. What she likes about me is my viewpoint of value. That’s completely different than yours」


As I gently let go, Tendou just like that fell down on his knees.

A king of game (game master) although a little stupid but he was the one standing on top of the world. He only lost because the princess (Harukaze) was his biggest weak point—————-Looking at the scene which he kneels down was so ironic. He himself as if he had recreated the ending which was written in the opening of ROC.

Silently walking away, I stepped out of the door which the secretary was opening. After that, I waved my hand to Harukaze while she was blusing.

This wasn’t a goodbye, but this much was enough.


Right. Instead of that, although I couldn’t say it was effective but, I left him some words like this.

「At some point, as a human you should try talking to her. Who knows your view point of value could change………… Just like me. 」

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