Valhalla no bangohan Volume 4 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – The Colour of the legendary Siegfried

After Loki activated the rune of rad, the light of transition extend up to the sky.

We arrived at the underworld ‘Helheim’ as if we were guided by the light. This was the country for the dead as mostly living being would arrive once they die.

“Shiver… it’s cold as always. As if I could get a cold in this instant…”

I thought of this when we visited last time but the coldness of this world was not normal at all.

This coldness that was shrouded in the darkness, the ground was cracked and the fallen boulder become pure white from the falling snow. The plant were frozen down to its core and it became a magnificent ice sculpture. When we were teleporting, if Loki didn’t cast the rune of sowelu (warmth) on us, I believed that we had become frozen food right now.

“This is… is there any chance that this is ‘the spring of Hvergelmir’?”

Among this silence that had gathered, Brynhildr-sama muttered a few words.

I also started to look around me after I heard that and it seemed that we were inside a dim cave. There was a divine space created with the slight reflection from the ice spring.

There was no mistake of it. This was the location when we fought the evil dragon Nidhogg during the accident to collapse the world tree.

“During that accident, I deliberately craved the rune of ‘rad’ here so we can only teleport to this place. I did this when Sei was fighting Nidhogg alone.”

“Loki… to think that you were doing this when I was trying my best while dying…”

This shocking truth that was revealed now. I felt less motivated after hearing that but I’d forgive him if I thought that we were able to enjoy our trip to ‘Helheim’.

Based on what I heard from Brynhildr-sama previously, it seemed that the rune of ‘rad’ was no omnipotent at all. That was because even if we had been to that place before, it seem that we couldonly teleport to the location where the rune was craved in the end.

“But this is strange. To be honest after that incident, I came here once and same as last time, Nidhogg is missing. I wonder did he move to somewhere else after giving up on living at ‘the spring of Hvergelmir’.”

It was exactly as what Loki say, I couldn’t sense the presence of Nidhogg in ‘the spring of Hvergelmir’ at all. If he was here, we would be able to discuss with him but…

Well, let’s just put that aside. If it was about the heart of the dragon, I believed that could be solved immediately if we asked the great hero, Siegfried.

“Brynhildr-sama. What should we do in order to meet with Siegfried?”

“Let’s see… if it’s him, he would mostly be doing forced labor somewhere in ‘Helheim’. We will know about it if we ask the queen of ‘Helheim’, Hel-sama.”

“Ah, that’s right. If that’s the case, how about we head there right away? To the mansion where the Queen Hel lives, ‘Eljudnir’!”

“? Loki, aren’t you being a bit too excited?”

“Hmm, is that so? Well, I don’t see there any problem! Then, the mansion is over here!”

Loki took the lead in an annoying lively manner and we headed toward the north of this frozen land. The place we were at now, ‘the spring of Hvergelmir’ was at the east side of ‘Helheim’ and it seemed that our destination, Hel-sama mansion was located at the north east side of ‘Helheim’.

“Hm… of all place it had to be at the north direction…”

—Deep underground the human realm ‘Midgard’, a straight huge chasm, ‘Ginnungagap’ could be found.

The land that was on the north part of that chasm was known as ‘Helheim’. In another word, it was located at the most north part out of all the nine world. Normally, if we headed toward the further north part of that world, it would be treated as a suicide attempt.

Why? That was simple. Opposite of here which was on the south of the chasm, a scorching hot land, ‘Muspellzheimr’ could be found and it helped to maintain the balance of the weather of the world.

If we headed toward the north— in another word, the further we were from ‘Muspellzheimr’, the further we were from our warmth.

The further we walked, the colder it was. This frozen scenery remained the same. The uneasiness of me when thinking that we might get stranded started to become bigger in my head.

“…! Hey, look over there!”

We started to see a flickering red light in that direction. There was numerous lighting from the burning brazier… in another word, it meaned that there was someone living in that building.

“Fuu~ I would like to thank you two for your effort, we had arrived at our destination.”

All of a sudden, Loki stopped his movement and gave a smirk while looking in front of him.

The thing that was standing there was a big blood stained metal gate. Once I looked at the door, my body started to tremble as I began to feel something other than the cold.

My body reacted to it before I could start to think about it. This palace that was colder than death was —

“Welcome, partner. To the mansion of the queen that ruled over the death …. ‘Eljudnir’.”

In that moment, the gate started to open as if that voice was the signal.

A lukewarm air flew out from the space that was produced by that. The air pass through as if it was patting the nape of my neck which caused me to shout out unexpectedly in a pathetic manner.

“Argh, it’s so warm~!”

That air was something like a paradise to me! What the heck was this, wasn’t it so warm that made it easy for a people to live with! I immediately forgot about the fear that I felt just now and without giving a second though, I rolled inside the mansion.

“Ku ku ku! Of course. If a cold place remains cold, even a deceased will die. So, you should come in too, Brynhildr. You can be at ease here.”

“Yes… Hm, to think that ‘Eljudnir’ is a mansion that had such a warm atmosphere. It seems that I had made a small mistake on this.”

After Brynhildr-sama who entered with a bewildered face, the door of the mansion closed automatically.

Well~ I had the same opinion as Brynhildr-sama. I thought that the mansion for the queen of death gave off a cold impression on my own but… that was not true at all.

The extravagant chandelier, the soft red carpet and even the wall had a magnificent banner. All of them were in warm color which gave off a warm feeling just from the look of it.

“The rune that was written on the banner is, sowelu right? I see, that mean that this building, ‘Eljudnir’ had tons of rune of protection carved on it.”

“You have a pretty good eyesight, Brynhildr-sama. That right.”

While saying that, Loki released the rune of sowelu that was casted on us. After he gave out a big stretch, he started to dash toward the inner part of the mansion. Hm… it had a feeling that he was doing as he pleased as if it was his own house but maybe Loki got used to commuting in here?

Then, in that moment when I thought of this question.

“Um… dear guest! It will be a problem if you walk on your own… oh, isn’t this Loki-sama! I would like to welcome you since you had come from afar! But, this time… did you made a proper appointment?”

“‘Ganglot’ is it? Is an appointment something necessary? For my case.”

“No, that is out of the question! But my master will get angry if you came here all of a sudden and she will be angry at me…”

Out of nowhere, the maid sister gave a miserable response. Is her name, Ganglot? For some reason it sound quite cool.

Long black hair, bright red iris, tan skin and the long pointed ear… based on her body feature, it seem like she is a ‘Svartálfaheimr’. Maybe this is my first time meeting a dark elves…

In that moment, I met eye contact with her while I was staring fixedly at her.

“Oh? This boar is… thank you for your gift, Loki-sama! I will made gibier as tonight dinner right away!”

“No no, you wrong! I’m not a souvenir at all! Since I am a respectable companion of Loki!”

“An offering?” (Companion and offering had the same wording)


“Ah~ I see, you are an attendant to Loki-sama! Is the person over there an attendant as well?”

After saying that, Ganglot-san gave an intensive look toward Brynhildr-sama. Brynhildr-sama gave a slight bowrd to show the meaning of affirmation.

“I… I am sorry for being so rude! I am Ganglot, the maid servant for the Queen Hel-sama. I believe that there is no need for me once I had gave you my guidance so it will be fine even if you don’t remember the name of this valueless existence!”

“What a pitiful self-introduction….”

I unexpectedly felt sad toward the personality of this admirable supporting character. Well, it seemed the only merit was that the person herself didn’t realize about this.

“Come, please come here! I will guide you to the audience room!”

Ganglot extended her hand toward the corridor and guided us in a cheerful manner.

But… I didn’t know of it at that time.

That she exceeded my expectation as a valueless existence…

“Haa… haa… it’s here, I am pretty sure this time! That this is the audience room!”

“Um… no matter how you look at it, this is a toilet but… how strange, are we the audience to someone excretion?”

— An hour had pass since Ganglot began her guidance.

We had walked all over this huge mansion and we kept looking at the toilet of this mansion. If I had to count it, it had exceeded ten time.

“Aren’t… aren’t all the toilets seem so clean since I took time to clean it properly?”

“That is truth but if it’s possible, I wish that you can bring us to our destination right away.”

“…. I somehow understand how big this mansion is since there is more than ten toilets but the truth is… I don’t know the route to the audience room from the entrance…”

As expected. If that was not the case, it was impossible for her to get lost for an hour in her daily work place.

“But on the other hand, it seems that you are quite knowledgeable about the toilet?”

“That is not the case, if I am not knowledgeable about it, it will be hard to find one during a function! Since it was seriously a close call during that time!”

“What function is it and what do you meant by close call!”

No, I could sort of guess what it was without needing her to answer it.

But we were in a bind right now… since we had no idea which part of the mansion we were at right now thanks to Ganglot. Since this was the case, it was even difficult for us to return back to the entrance…

“Let’s see, it almost time.”


The sudden mutter from Loki cause me to look up unexpectedly. Then, I could see a young guy walking toward us from the corridor in front of us.

“It’s been a long time, Loki-sama. I had come to meet you since the preparation for the meeting had completed.”

The guy who dressed strictly in the black tailcoat, lowered his head respectfully. He also had the same feature of the Svartálfaheimr. The atmosphere around him was the direct opposite but perhaps this person was…

“Wah Onii-chan! You had come to help us.”

“…Ganglot. I told you for a numerous time that you should stop talking in a casual manner. Do you plan to cause trouble to me who is your brother?”

“I’m… I’m sorry Onii-sama.”

Ganglot shrank as she was scolded by the guy who seemed like her brother.

Putting that aside, he did not forgotten the after care. After he gave her a pat on her head while she was looking down, he immediately looked at Brynhildr-sama and me.

“It seems that this is our first time meeting in regard to Loki’s companion. My name is ‘Ganglati’ and I had swear my loyalty to Queen Hel-sama as a servant. I’m please to make your acquaintance.”

Ganglati-san closed his eye and while folding his right hand to make an L-shape, he gave a proper bow. That artistic behavior gave me a feeling that he was an earnest butler.

“Then, had Hel finish with her preparation? It seems that it took quite a long time this time.”

During the journey to the audience room for sure this time, Loki asked Ganglati-san on his honest opinion.

“In order to answer Loki-sama, I would like to let you know that my master is quite a busy person. Normally, if you came here without an appointment, you won’t be able to meet her in a moment notice.”

“Tch, as always you are a guy that likes to lecture people. Since I am aware of that, while waiting, I gave in to being lost with your sister in order to kill time.”

“I would like to apology on that embarrassing matter. I had gave my sister a test to see whether she is able to guide the guest to the reception on her own.”

“Huh!? I… I was being tested without even realizing it!?”

“Yes. It’s a pity but the result is below the passing mark.”


Ganglot hold her head and crouch down. Hel-sama might unexpectedly had a big heart since she was willing to use a person like Ganglot as her maid servant.

Then… we had arrived in front of a remarkably large door in the meantime. This heavy and stiff atmosphere I felt, without even asking I understood that this was the audience room.

On… on the opposite of this door, the Queen of Death, Hel-sama was there… ah, I was so nervous.

“Master. I had bought you the guest.”

“Understood. You may enter.”

The voice that responded to the servant was unexpectedly younger than I thought. But despite that, it had a majesty personality that made me want to prostrate involuntarily.

The door in front of us opened with a creak and we saw a magnificent throne. But it seemed that a bamboo screen like thing was hanging there and we were unable to see the appearance of the queen.

I entered the room while imitating Loki and Brynhildr-sama and I knelt down properly without making a careless mistake. After Ganglati-san and Ganglot-san took position on the left and right of the queen, Hel-sama finally began to talk.

“It doesn’t matter even if you lift your face up.”

“Haha! What do you meant by it doesn’t matter, aren’t you the one who is being formal!”

Loki said that all of a sudden and begin rolling up the cover that was covering her which expose the appearance of Hel-sama who was inside.

The color of the long hair that resembled Loki and the quite childish facial feature. The bare foot that was expose from the see through angel raiment was alluring that it took my breath away but the color was different as it was quite pale when compare to her upper half.

Right… it is as if her bottom half was dead…

“What!? You fool… to think that you went and destroy this solemn atmosphere right away! To think that you can’t even hold it for five minute, even though you are my father, you are also quite an unexpected disgusted person!”

Hel-sama was furious as the formal meeting had become a waste. No, anyone would be angry if such a disrespectful conduct was done all of a sudden.


“My bad. I had decided to play along since it seems that you were somehow in a high spirit but I am unable to restrain myself.”

“I doubt that you had any intention to restrain yourself! I believe that you were going to treat me like a child!”

The dispute had expanded all of a sudden. Huh? I knew that Loki was quite popular but… to think that he was an acquaintance with the Queen of the underworld, Hel-sama.

“Sei-san. Hel-sama is Loki-sama’s children.”


Brynhildr-sama whispered to my ear secretly. Her breath tickle my ear which caused me to say such an insolent word. I had no choice but to shout that out while all my fur stood up.

“That… that means that she is either the elder or younger sister of Fenrir?”

“! Ho ho, to think my honorable elder brother allows a boar like you to call him without any formalities. It seems that beast who is famed as a magic wolf had surprisingly become quite a mellow person.”

“If what you said is true then does that mean you are the younger sister of Fenrir?”

“That’s right. Since it’s pointless for me to hide it, I am also the eldest daughter of this trickster god, Loki.”

Woah, there is no room for doubt since she had said that on her own.

The strongest wolf and the Queen that governed the underworld that appeared from the prophecy on the destruction of the world… what the heck was this, it seemed that Loki family consists of quite some unexpected member!

“Ku ku ku! Were you surprise, partner! I am actually quite an amazing fellow?”

“Yes, you are indeed amazing! As expected of the number two of the god realm! It’s a bit late but, I wonder if it really okay for someone like me to become your partner…”

“Come on, you can’t be abject now. Let think on the bright side. The moment when I had acknowledge you, you are no longer a normal person already.”

“Okay~… if you put it that way…”

Actually what was the trigger point that allowed me to catch Loki attention?

If I was not mistaken, he just had an interest in my dragon transformation only from the beginning. It seemed like that was something amazing but I was not able to boast it since I thought that it was something normal…

At that moment, a warm hand touch my back when I was worrying about this. The owner of that hand was none other than the Brynhildr-sama who was showing a gentle smile.

“There is nothing for you to worry about. It’s fine for you to be proud about this. Did you remember about this, Sei-san, on the accident that happen on the first day when you arrive at ‘Valhalla’?”

“My first day? Of course~ I will never forget about it. That is because I was burn to death due to an accident on my first day of work…”

I’d never forget about it. That day— I came to ‘Valhalla’ to become a meal but I died before I was even made into a meal.

Heizu who tried to make a flambé and failed which started the fire and Brynhildr-sama who was unfortunately trap in the fire. I tried to save the both of them alone but as a result I had delayed my escape…

“It seems that I am quite uncool right from the start… seriously, I am such a careless boar.”

“You’re wrong! The reason that you end up like that is because you tried to save Heizu-chan and I!”

Brynhildr-sama increased her tone halfway and I looked up toward her in an astonished manner.

“Sei-san, you literally gambled on you own life just to save Heizu-chan and I who were caught inside the unexpected firestorm. You were quite brave and it was an action that deserved to be praise. Even though you are such a small and cute boar… but you look like a great hero to me in that moment. I truly… want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

While saying that, Brynhildr-sama light purple eye started to become a bit wet.

…To make the women that you loved to said that, I had no choice but to puff up my chest. I made a sound with my hoof gallantly in order to cheer up myself.

“Hmm? I am not sure about the detail but it seems like you are quite a trusty boar. Well, if that is not the case, you won’t be here anyway. So, my honorable father, since that had took some time, why don’t you tell me your affair immediately? It’s not like you purposely came here just to introduce one your few friends to me only right?”

Since it seemed that Hel-sama had a grave interest on the course of event, she asked Loki with an abusive language.

“Argh, that hurts me… well, there is one thing we would like to hear from you this time. The great human hero, Siegfried— do you know where he is?”

“Siegfried? Ah, the dragon slayer that had a bit problem in his brain. He is located at the mansion of the deceased, ‘Nastrond’ and he is also acting as the corps commander.

“Oh. That means we will meet him if we go to Nastrond.”

“That’s right! If that is the case, let’s go there right away Loki.”

“Right but… hold it! That is impossible!”

The sudden shout. Loki was showing a rare trouble expression for real as if he was saying ‘Damn it’ through his facial expression. What… what was it? Was there anything wrong with that?

“… We are unable… to go to ‘Nastrond’.”

“What’s the matter? Siegfried is just right in front us.”

“No… other than Siegfried, ‘both of you’ are also there…”

Both of you? What was that, why was he using the plural form? Was he talking about Brynhildr-sama and me?

“Ah, ignore what I said! Anyway, it’s impossible! Well you see, it’s hard to walk in the cold right? Moreover, we will have a long time once we met with Siegfried. Since there is no rune of ‘Sowelu’ carved in ‘Nastrond’, it will be much better if we call him to come here instead.”

“Well, that is truth. Since I am a busy person, I don’t have the time to accompany you any longer but I will lend you my reception area. If you plan to call Siegfried here, then do it in that room instead.”

After Hel-sama said that, she gave order to Ganglot-san and Ganglati who was standing beside her. Ganglati-san took out a small horn from his pocket and went out of the room while Ganglot-san guide us to the reception area. Of course, it did seem that we had lost our way but thanks to Loki who asked the route in detail beforehand, we managed to reach our destination without any problem.

“Brynhildr-sama. It seems that we will get to meet Siegfried-san soon.”

After I jumped to the comfy sofa in the reception area, I asked Brynhildr-sama who was sitting beside me.

“Yup, it seems that way.”

Brynhildr-sama answered me with a smile but her words were quite few. So, I tried my best to continue the conversation.

“What kind of person is he like?”

“Let’s see… I didn’t talk much with him but purely based on his appearance… he is a cool and hot-headed person.”

“? Which is it?”

“Maybe it’s because he dress in a cool manner and a passionate person. Anyway, he likes to boast about himself and he will be happy if you listen to him quietly.”

“He… he seems quite childish, the great dragon slayer…”

“That’s right. He is the direct opposite of the modest Sei-san.”

The direct opposite was it…. I wondered which type does Brynhildr-sama prefered the most. Putting that aside, instead of being modest, I might be more of an abject person.

No matter what I said, I was a bit excited to meet him. I wondered if they could bring him here a bit faster~… but it’s impossible for him to arrive this fast right?


“Whoa!? What was that just now!”

A big earth tremor occur out of nowhere. After Brynhildr-sama picked me up since I lost my balance and fell from the sofa, she immediately unsheathed her sword and stood on the side of the window.

“! That is…!”

The voice of astonishment can be heard in the room.

Outside the window, there was a large dragon that was carrying a mansion while spreading its wing in the frozen darkness.  There was no mistake of it. That fellow was the one that I had a fight while dying, the king of the thousand serpent—Nidhogg.

“Hmm? He he he… To think that the trickster god, Loki is here! And this woman is… I see, you are the elder sister of the Valkyrie. And… hii!? Booooar-sama!”

The moment he saw us who went out from the window, Nidhogg suddenly lied face up to show his obedience. Come on, it wasn’t like you were a dog.

“Nidhogg, it’s so rude of you to be so scared of me. Aren’t we friend?”

“Ah, did I hurt your feeling!? Please forgive me! By all means!”


Sight, this dragon, I wondered what happened to cause him to become like this. Well I guessed there was no helping it since he was slash and stab excessively but….

“Oh. To think that you manage to instill fear into a dragon who is known as an immortal… who are you?”

At the moment, this was the first time I heard this voice. The voice come from Nidhogg hand.

After all of us look at the owner of the voice at the same time, a shadow could be seen jumping up from there. After drawing an arc with the somersault and landed magnificent with his left hand on the ground while his right toward the sky, a mystery knight in full black plate armour appear.

Perhaps… don’t tell me that he was…

“Sorry for keeping you waiting. Well, there is no helping it since I am a star performer. I am the living legend, no, the guy who will keep building his legend in the afterlife. The great dragon slayer, Siegfried… that is me.”

After he took off his helmet that was decorated with fancy ornament, the great hero face was exposed.

The red hair and red eye as if it was a burning fire, the shiny white teeth and cool appearance. This handsome guy… he seemed quite young from his outer appearance but exactly how old was he when he died? Did he somehow manage to master a mysterious breathing teachnique?

“Thank you for your hard work, dragon. How about it? If you are fine with it, why don’t you become my dragon knight?”

“Huh? Stop with the nonsense human. In order to fulfil my promise with the boar-sama, I just listen obediently to the order of Hel-sama only. I hope that you don’t look down at me that much.”

“What a boring reply, but I’m fine with it. That is because a dragon is a hindrance to me. I will grasp the victory by running in the universe with my body alone. That is my way of living as a guy.”

“That is wrong since you had already die! …then boar-sama, I will wait here while you finish talking with this fool.”

“Ah… um… thank you.”

Hmm… somehow I had a feeling that this great hero-san had a bit problem in his brain…

Instead of thinking about that, let’s return to the room now. Since I jumped out of the reception without the protection of the rune of warmth, I was freaking cold right now. The feeling of your warmth that was getting absorb by the surrounding was quite scary.

This seemed a bit rude but we, including Siegfried-san, returned to the reception area through the window. The one in the room was just Brynhildr-sama and me with Loki and Siegfried-san. We asked Ganglot-san to step out of the room for a while as she was only useful as a lost child.

“Okay then let start off with self-introduction first. I’m Loki, a member of the Aesir God Tribe. I’m am the number two of the God realm ‘Asgard’.”

“Oh. I see, you really are strong. I feel a tremendous magic power from you.”

“Thank you for that. Then, next is… it your turn Sei.”

“Ah, um… I’m Saehrimnir. Everyone call me by my nickname Sei. I am the boar that work as an ingredient an also as an apprentice chef in the palace which is known as ‘Valhalla’ in ‘Asgard’.”

“Hm… it seems that this boar can talk. But it seems that he is not so proficient with his words. I don’t understand what he meant that he is both the ingredient and also the chef.”

“No, that is literally the meaning. Since I am working as the ingredient also.”

“What…? That is nonsense, you should die when you get consume. Don’t tell me that you are able to come back from life?”

“Well, yes.”

After hearing my nonchalantly reply, Sigurd lost his expression and stood there. He pointed toward me while being speechless and he look toward Brynhildr-sama with awkward movement.

“Fu fu fu that is not a lie. He really did came back to life for numerous time.”

She answered in a manner as if she was somehow proud of it. Well, I also wanted to boast about it.

“I see… okay. Let put aside the theory, I will believe you since you put it that way. Since you are not the type of female that like to joke around. …It’s been a while, Brynhildr-sama. I’m happy that we were able to meet again.”

“Indeed, it had been a long time, Sigurd. I didn’t ever thought that we will ever meet again,”

After answering it, both of them looked at each other without saying anything. I wondered what feeling Brynhildr-sama was having now. It was a pity but I am unable to imagine it at all.

But well if I got the feeling that there was wave of romantic comedy between them, I’d do my best to stop it immediately.

“Okay, I had understand your true identity now. Since that is the case, it’s my turn now. It just as my self-introduction just now, my name is Sigurd. People normally call me in deep affection and aspiration as ‘Siegfried’ (The great dragon slayer hero)!”

Sigurd said that while hitting his chest and giving a snort.

Siegfried Sigurd, I can’t believe that we were having a conversation like this. The strongest warrior in the history of the human realm ‘Midgard’ was right in front of us now.

“… I see, Sigurd. That is why we had come here to meet you.”

“Ho, that is… does that mean that you want to hear the story of when I became the dragon slayer?”

“That’s right. Long time ago, Sigurd, you told me about that right? The story of the battle between you and the dragon. I hope you can tell us that story in detail now.”

Brynhildr-sama lifted her waist a bit from the sofa and enquiry Sigurd-san with the previous merry feeling. After being asked, Sigurd-sama gave out a long sigh to assume importance and brushed his bangs and he say this while stood up energetically from the sofa.

“I see… is that so! Since you put it that way, then listen to this! The story of this great hero from A to Z until you will get sick of it!”

“Um… no, we are fine with the dragon slayer story only.”

“It’s a freebie! Come on, there is no need to for you to hold back with the extremely long story.”

Ah, he wasn’t listening to us anymore…

Well, there was no helping it since he seemed like a person who liked to boast. Let’s just listen to his story obediently.

“I… grow up without knowing my parent face. Since I was raised by a Dwarf blacksmith and he told me his name is ‘Regin’.”

Regin—-. Just yesterday, this name was mentioned by Witige-san.

If I thought about it carefully, that Regin ws an amazing person. Since he was the master of ‘Wayland’-san —who was the creator of the ‘Victory Sword’ that held the key to control ‘Ragnarok’.

“Maybe it was naturally as he is quite an eccentric old man after living for a long time. I was trained in a stern manner by him and built my foundation as a warrior. But by the time when I was able to adequate strength to protect myself… Regin told me this. I had a special blood flowing inside of me, and I had to find an exploit that is suitable for it.”

“Special blood… is it?”

“That’s right Loki. My mother is the queen of a certain country and my father is also a member of the royalty. Moreover, my father is a great warrior that was favored by the god. Regin ordered me to slay a dragon in order to fulfil the hurdle of the exploit. To slaughter the greedy dragon in the old ruins of ‘Gunitaheizu’ and take all of his treasure. Of course that is the famous magic dragon, Fafnir.”

“Fafnir… if I’m not mistaken, that is Regin’s brother right?”

“Hm? Ah, that’s right since Regin said it by himself. You sure are knowledgeable, boar.”

“Not at all…”

Just like I thought, it was exactly as what Witige-san said. No, since Witige-san didn’t heard this from Sigurd before.

But… I had a bad feeling about this. Even though he had turn into a dragon, to kill his own blood-related brother was a bit… was Regin really that desperate for the treasure? Why was it everyone was so desperate for the treasure….

“Since I was young at that time, I become hot-blooded by the vigour of braveness and went to challenge him immediately but I was unable to beat him. Since I was unable to put a scratch on him with a superficial sword, I tried to pierce his left chest but it didn’t work.”

Um… pierce his left chest…?”

Hm… then as expected, did that mean that Fafnir didn’t had any heart?

“In the first place, dragon is an immortal being. They had inexhaustibly life force that allow them to regrow their limp and tail after it was chopped off. But… no matter what type of living being it is, they will surely die if the head is chopped off. As this is a proof that it is not a completely immortal being.”

Yup, I understood it with my body already. It was a different case if I undone my dragon transformation but I was pretty sure that I was killed by Loki in that way while maintaining my dragon form.

“But that fellow neck is quite tough which cause me to face some difficulties chopping it off. Moreover, other than the heart, the brain of the dragon is also one of it weak point but that fellow wear the helmet, ‘The helm of terror’ that he made it himself. That is why I have no choice but to pierce his heart. How is that? Isn’t that a ridiculously difficult hurdle? For a dragon slayer.”

“Yes… to be honest, that is something hopeless for me.”

I wondered how the hero Sigurd overcame this hurdle. Somehow I had a feeling that the hint to the dragon heart was somewhere along that line.

“To know when to quit is also one of the trait of a hero. I immediately discussed with Regin after I returned. Then, Regin crafted two swords for my sake. One of the swords was a memento from my father that he repaired, the God sword ‘Gram’ and the second one was… the magic sword that was able to pierce through a dragon heart ‘Ridill’.”

Oh, ‘Ridill’! Finally, the name of the problem was reveal.

“I faced the magic dragon again with my two swords. By using ‘Gram’, I sliced off the dragon scale and by using ‘Ridill’, I managed to pierce through his heart… with this I finally managed to slaughter him.”

Hee~~… so, huh!? Wait for a moment, I missed this since it was said nonchalantly but just now… he did say that he pierced through the dragon heart right!?

“Wait for a moment! A dragon shouldn’t had a heart from the first place, how did you even managed to do that!?”

“Don’t have a heart? Ha ha, that is a big mistake, boar. Dragon do have a heart. But when I was aiming at his heart, due to his protective instinct, it was move to another part of it body. In another word, it’s not always in his left chest. But ‘Ridill’ is a magic sword that that will definitely find the heart and pierce it. Well since there is a magic casted on it that will stop the moving heart at the spot that was pierce.”

“Hoo, I see, to think there is such trick. Thanks, this is a big help for us!”

Loki smile while rubbing his chin.

The magic sword ‘Ridill’ that would stop the moving heart… somehow it seemed our next objective was to obtain that sword.

“Then? How will we get ‘Ridill’ now?”

“Beat me. There is no need for me to know what happens next after I killed it.”

While answering, Sigurd-san looked down with a gloomy expression. I see… based on what Brynhildr-sama told us, Sigurd-san was assassinated by someone and ended up with an unnatural death…

“But there is nothing for you to worry about. If you follow in the footstep of my heroic story, there is a chance that you might find it.”

After changing his gloomy expression to a bright one, Sigurd-san his both of his hand. Ah, it seemed that he really did intend to continue his story since he had declared it from the start…

“After I slaughtered Fafnir magnificently, I burned his heart so that he wouldn’t resurrect for a second time. But in that moment, I experienced an amazement change in my body. Do you know what it is?”

“As if I know that. Just cut to the chase and said it.”

“Okay, I see that you are quite interested in it. Let me said this first. The moment when I voluntarily licked the lard-like that dropped on my finger from the heart, yes exactly in that moment. Somehow I obtained the power to understand the language of the wildlife! Then, the Parus Major whispered to me that my foster father was after my life! He planned to assassinate me so that he would be able to take the numerous treasures that I brought back to him after I defeated the magic dragon!”

(… Brynhildr-sama. Isn’t that a reckless remark of him, so that he will be able to hog all the treasure…)

(Ah~… that might not be true, but it’s a fact that he is able to hear the voice of the animal.)

“Both of you! I am getting to the good part so please refrain from having private talk!”

Argh, it seemed that he was quite angry at our secret talk. Unexpectedly this great hero had quite a sharp ear…

“The night after my triumphal return… it’s true that Regin tried to attack me while I slept. It was needless to said but I struck back and chopped off his head and headed out on a journey to gain more achievement. Right after that, I met with the blue Valkyrie— Brynhildr-sama.”


What!! The story from now on was something that I personally had an interest in!

I’d put all my effort in to listening to this episode that I had waited!

“During my journey, I heard a certain rumour. In the spiritual mountain ‘Hindarfjall’, there is a mansion that was surrounded by fire… and there is a beautiful women sleeping inside it.”

“And that is Brynhildr-sama!”

“Keep your mouth shut, boar! Since there is a procedure for the story!”

“I’m sooooorry!”

Hii, It seemed that I made him angry again. I had to behave myself since I wouldn’t be able to hear the story if I spoiled his mood.

“But only a person with true bravery can overcome the fire that surrounded the mansion. In order for me to test my own qualification, I headed toward that mansion. Then… once again I had reconfirmed that I was an awesome hero. After I overcame the fire easily, I found the women who was sleeping with the countless of shield as if it was to protect her inside the mansion. And that was Brynhildr.”

“That’s right~ it’s quite nostalgic. But Sigurd, isn’t it a bit cruel for you to destroy all the shield without leaving any intact. Do you know that that it was my sacred treasure? Because of that, I am troubled since my God Technique is not completely prefect now.”

“Well, there is no choice since I wasn’t aware of it. In the first place, why were you sleeping in such a place? I didn’t care much when I was young but I am a bit interested in it now.”

“Well, that is… that is because I… went against Odin-sama order.”

While fixing her sight at the carpet, as if she was wring it out Brynhildr-sama answered us.

Huh? Perhaps was this… an opportunity to hear Brynhildr-sama past?

“In the past, I followed Odin-sama order and went down to the human realm ‘Midgard’. Then, I was supposed to do some secret manoeuvres so that I could invite a specific person as an Einherjars. The name of the person was ‘Sigmund’. In the human realm that time, he was the boasted as the strongest swordsman of the Volsung tribe.”

“Hmm? What a coincidence. Isn’t that my father?”

“Eh? …Eeh!? Is that the truth!?”

The shocking truth that was reveal at this time. It seemed that Brynhildr-sama was an acquaintance to the real father of Sigurd. Somehow… this world was quite small…

“Ha ha, it’s just something trivial, do continue.”

“Tri… trivial? Well, if you put it that way since you are his son…. Um… so, my objective was to have Sigmund die in a battle. Sei-san, you are aware of it right? Since that is the job of a Valkyrie.”

“Of course. I saw it when I accompany Gerhi-sama on her mission previously.”

In order to be invited to ‘Asgard’ as an Einherjar, the target warrior would need to die in a battle. In a way, that was something terrifying but… to the warrior who was invited, it was without a doubt that this was something honorable for them, so most of them were quite delighted by this.

“But… that time, the friendship between me and his wife, ‘Hljod’ is not as weak as you thought. She strongly wish for her husband to stay alive and I… ended up listening to her wish. I let Sigmund escape from the battlefield that was purposely created by Odin-sama.”

“Hee~ this is something unexpected. To think that Brynhildr-sama who was always loyal to her mission went against Odin-sama…”

“This… this is an embarrassing matter to me. I think it because that I was still naïve at that time…”

It seemed that Brynhildr-sama was really embarrassed as she curled herself up.

Ah, I wanted to see it. Even though she was maintaining her current youth thanks to the effect of the golden apple but I wanted to see it with my own eye the time when her mental was still immature…. I wondered if Siegrune-sama or someone that had a high magic proficiency, had a grand spell that can send me back in time?

I’d ask her when I had the chance next time, for now, I had to concentrate on Brynhildr-sama story.

“Odin-sama who was furious on the fact that I disobeyed him, he took away my divinity. While I was unconscious, I was placed in ‘Hindarfjall’ and a certain curse was placed on me. The curse was that I had to married the first person that wake me up and stay with him for the rest of my life. At least it was a blessing for me that the mansion was surrounded by the fire. So that the person that I’d be wed with wouldn’t be a worthless fellow…”

“Understood, to think that Brynhildr-sama had such a past… eh, marry!? Um…, diiiiiid you do it!? I mean marriage!!”

Whoa! This was something that I couldn’t ignore! To think that my Brynhildr-sama had already be wed…!

“I… I did not do it! I did not get married at all! Since before I had the chance to inform Sigurd about the curse, he immediately went off to his next adventure.”

“Huh!? What the heck are you thinking, Sigurd!? If you are aware about that, you can get marry right away!! If it was me, I will first take advantage of this and”

“Hey, calm yourself down, Sei! You do aware that you had just said something unthinkable right!?”

“Haa! … Thank you for stopping me, Loki that was a huge help…”

That was close, I almost exposed an action that was unworthy of a gentleman.

“Take advantage of this and…?

Huh? For some reason, Brynhildr-sama seemed quite interested on the latter half….

No! That was not something that I should said! If I told her firmly, Brynhildr-sama would feel reluctant and leave.

“… It seems that we went a bit off track but let’s continue back to my heroic story. I who was not interested in the affectionless wedding caused by the curse, I started on journey to look for the clue to dispel the curse that was casted on Brynhildr. In the midst of that, I was involved with the war between the Hun and the Burgundians, I crossed sword with that ‘Black Sword Saint’ but…the journey was roughly going as plan.

The Black Sword Saint! I see, it seemed that it was around that time that the battle between Sigurd and Witige-san ended up in a tie.

“But my planned journey ended there. It happened exactly when I approached the riverside of Rhine. After I was invited to King Gjúki castle who governed that area, I made a blunder as I drank the drug of forgetfulness. As a result of that, I lost the purpose of my journey and I served the prince ‘Gunnar’ as a clown. He wanted me to introduce him to the lady in ‘Hindarfjall’— in another word, Brynhildr but… right after that… I was killed.”

“Eh… why did that happen…?”

I believed that Sigurd was unable to answer what happened afterward even if he tried to think about it. Instead of Sigurd, the one who answered my question instead was one of the related party that rime, Brynhildr-sama.

“Due to Gunnar who broke the rule when he proposed to me, the curse activated by itself in another different manner. If this continue, one of us between me, Sigurd and Gunnar must die. The moment when he heard that, he immediately stab Sigurd without any hesitation.”

What… to think that this happen…. That Gunnar was really the worst guy…

“Due to the death of the ‘Destined person’ who was the one who woke me up, the curse was lifted and I was able to regain back my divinity. Gunnar who did such an extremely inhuman act was sentence to ‘Helheim’ and I returned back to ‘Asgard’ but… it seems that all of the heritage of Sigurd was given to King Gjúki, then I heard that the royal family was destroy in just a short moment.”

“Huh, destroy? Don’t you mean prosper? Is it because they were in possession of the heritage of the great hero?”

“Yes. It was a gruesome end to both the royalties and the citizen. According to Gerhilde who went to inspect it, all of the corpse didn’t remain in their usual form.”

“Didn’t remain in their usual form? What do you mean by that?”

“… This is not something pleasant to hear. I was told that their skin rotted and fell off, their bone was melted and it changed into a swamp of death that gave out a strong stench…. It was as if it a condition where all the death in the world was condensed in that place.”

“!! Corpses that didn’t remain in their usual form… condensation of death… is it?”

“? What’s the matter, Loki…?”

In the midst of listening to Brynhildr-sama, Loki made a complicated expression. I wondered what it was, maybe there was something that he had concern with.

“…Previously in the rebellion of the Einherjars… the mastermind, Beruze died in the same manner. His whole body was folded, rotten and melted. It was as if all the death in the world was thrown at him…. This… this is just a coincidence right…?”

While whispering something, Loki looked toward here through the gap of the palm that he used to cover his face.

I wondered what it was…. His eye was not looking just looking at me, but I had the feeling that he was looking at me with those extremely frightful eye as if it was trying to search for something deep inside me.

“… Well, let’s talk after this afterward. Thank you, Sigurd. Thank to you, we were able to learn a lot of stuff.”

“Hmph, it’s fine as long as what I said was useful to you. Then… since we had done here, it’s about time for me to leave. Unfortunately, I am also quite busy until the degree that I didn’t even have time to sleep recently.”

“Ah, I’m sorry for bothering you in such a trouble time. But may I ask what cause you to be so busy recently?”

“All of the guy in ‘Nastrond’ are making a boat. A huge boat name ‘Naglfar’.”

“Hee… what are you planning to do with that?”

“We heard that ‘Ragnarok’ is approaching. That’s why all of us in ‘Helheim’ can’t be that easy going as well. If the time come, we might be foes as well right? If you don’t like that, you are welcome to fall down to here as well. Since we are ready to work someone hard.”

Sigurd-san said that with his back facing us, a daring smile can be seen when he turned his face.

I heard that we would be fighting against the Jotun in ‘Ragnarok’ but I wondered would we be fighting against the military force of ‘Helheim’. It gave me the fright just by thinking that the peerless great hero was our opponent. I’d pray with all I had so that wouldn’t happen in the future.

“Loki, what is our next plan?”

I asked Loki who was the main planner for this. Then, Loki answered me calmly as if he had decided the next step.

“Of course, we will go and obtain ‘Rigel’. But… since the royal family who obtain Sigurd heritage is destroyed, it won’t be easy for us to get the whereabouts of the sword in ‘Midgard’. Thus, we should put that aside first and search for Regin himself in ‘Helheim’ instead.”

“Ah, Regin-san is it. He is the foster father of Sigurd-san right?”

“Yup. He is also the one who created the magic sword ‘Rigel’. Since he is the creator of ‘Rigel’, we can just ask him to create another one right?”

“That’s right! We still have that choice!”

I was sure that Regin-san was somewhere in ‘Helheim’ since he got himself killed when he tried to attack Sigurd-san. I was aware that she was quite busy but we had no choice but to ask Hel-sama on his whereabouts so that we could finish this task immediately.

When I was thinking about that, Sigurd shrugged his shoulder in an exaggeration manner and told us this.

“It’s a pity but that is not a simple task. Even though I was being used, he is still the guy who taught the foundation of a warrior. In order to meet him, I asked Hel for her help but… even that Hel told me that she didn’t know where Regin was. He is probably hiding somewhere while planning to do something bad.”

“Is that for real… he must be quite a professional since he is able to deceive the proud eye of the “Hidden Goddess’ of the underworld.”

Loki dropped his shoulder as if he had given up. Even though I said that, it wasn’t like we can afford to give up that easily.

“There is no helping it. Please leave Regin to me, Sei, you should return with Brynhildr-sama for now.”

“I can’t do that, let me help you out till the end. After all, the Chef Head said that there is still plenty of the preservative meat left.”

“It’s fine. I had already imagine the worst outcome that is I won’t be able to find him in the end, that why I want to request you to search for ‘Rigel’ when you return to the top. …Will you take up me request?”

I see, this was a more effective method of splitting the task.

In term of the cooperation, there was no doubt that I’d help him. Thus, I immediately accepted Loki request.

“Even though I am involved in Fenrir affair, I am unable to do anything openly but… I will try my best to help also, Sei-san.”

“I would like to thank you, Brynhildr-sama!”

Whoa, I was quite grateful with that reassuring statement of hers! Even though I had declare impressively about this, there was still a limit on the thing I was able to do alone… at the same time, I was eager to spend the time with the two of us only!

Then, since we had decide on the next step, there was no point for us to stay here any longer. Brynhildr-sama and I rushed out of the room so that we could return to ‘Asgard’ immediately.

At that moment.

“By the way, Brynhildr. And the boar.”

At the same time when Sigurd-san planned to leave through the window, unexpectedly he called out to us. Then, he… said some tremendous thing.

“Actually recently, I had a feeling that I had seen you from a far in ‘Nastrond’ but… is there any chance that you had come here?”

“…..EEEEHHH?” x2

Both Brynhildr-sama and I shouted out in an innocent manner.

This was the second time that both of us had come to ‘Helheim’. I didn’t remember that I had ever came here after the battle with Nidhogg until today. But what did Sigurd-san mean when he said that saw us recently…?

I wondered how that happened. It was normal if he saw me since I was a normal boar but it was impossible that there was another that was as beautiful as Brynhildr-sama. It was impossible that this was just an accidental resemblance only…

“I believe that it just an accidental resemblance only.”

Loki said that out of nowhere from the side. Those were the words that I was thinking right now but if I was unable to say it clearly, it’d just backfire at me.

But… was that the truth? I wonder… was it fine if we leave it like that…?

“Ah, I get it, if you are so interested of it, I will search for it. For now, you need to leave immediately. Since I had carved the rune of sowelu, you need to go back within the time frame of three hour. I will leave Sei in your care, Brynhildr.”

“Ah, yes! Please leave it to me!”

Loki uttered us to leave. Somehow that action seem a bit unnatural for me.

I wondered what the thing that Loki washiding from me.

I was interested about it but… I thought that it was not something major. That was because…

That was because this was the country for the deceased. Since this was an indifferent country for me who had determined that I wouldn’t die.

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