Giant Killing Dark hero Volume 1 Prologue



The young man had nothing.

He wasn’t someone gifted , he was someone who had nothing, a failure, a loser.

No matter how much he reached his hand, his hand never reached anything.

No matter how much he struggled, his efforts weren’t rewarded.

The blood in his veins was enough for him to stand at the top, he was personally trained by the one who had the title of the strongest…..

But he couldn’t even reach the level of an average man.

Finally the young man who wasn’t gifted with talent to the point of despair, couldn’t get out of his inferiority complex.

After all , fate is so merciless and the world is too cruel.

The boy mourned his own incompetence, he despaired to the irresponsible people who surrounded him, cursed the cruel fate and ……..finally he sworn to take revenge against the world.

An average man can’t win against a genius.

The weak can’t win against the wrong.

To turn over those inevitable rules of the world , he would make fun of this unstable order of the world.

He will use everything that remains to him only for the sake of revenge.

And for that , he will use any means……‚

“Perpetual night Island”

The artificial island that floated above the pacific ocean, it kept that name from the time when it was still a military base.

About half a century ago , the same island that overflowed with death and fights everywhere was now after being reconstructed by various companies into a marine tourist city with a lot of people.

At the eastern end of the island, there was a huge school.

The giant school that occupied about 1% of the total size of the island is called Seikai  Private School.

The school that was founded to train competent magic knights was about to open its doors again today.

“Now! This season comes again this year , the huge tournament where every magic knights from the whole world will fight to attain the top…[The Carnival Exorcist Festival]……And those preliminaries will start today!”


*clap clap clap*

“It’s been only around half a century since the war with the devils ended….In this year that will be the memorable 50th anniversary of our school, who will will and become the representative of our school? Oh by the way, today fourth stadium live commentary will be made by me, second year Fumikura Tsubame! And the explanation……will be made by our Seikai Gakuen’s rank 6 , our school idol “Kami Yun” or should I say Kamine Yun-sama!”

“Please stop Tsubame-chan, it’s embarrassing.”

The voices of the two girls sitting in the live seat resonated through the whole stadium. Though it didn’t reach ten thousand, the number of students in the stadium wasn’t that far.

“I thought there would be less people , the preliminaries where there is no rankers should be less popular though, just getting half the stadium full is already hard enough. Then is it because of the beauty of our popular Kami Yun that so many people came?”

“Mou , it’s different Tsubame-chan!”

“Ahaha, I’m sorry. It’s true that it’s not like there isn’t any fan of Kami Yun …but it seems like most of the people are probably here because of her.”

Just like the commentary girl said, most of the crowd gaze was gathered to a girl in the center of the arena.

A beautiful girl.

She had a dignified look , with golden hair that reminded you of the thunderbolt. Her face that still held some childishness , her body enveloped in the GP suit…everything together exuded an unspeakable beauty.

The tournament where magic knights fight each other….Swordow, according to the rules of the tournament, she had many “marks” ( targets) on her suit.

Right hand, Left hand, Right leg, Left leg and Chest.

She was holding a small sword under her right arm. This was also according to the rules of the tournament a six chambered revolver ( magic sword ).

“The lightning knight Riza Crosfield ! She just joined Seikai Gakuen this year, she is the famous new student! Everyone you already know about it…..the Lady of the Cros Family , the champion of last year’s European middle school tournament! Everyone seems interested in the first round of the super rookie.”

” Hmm….Stupid”

A girl boasting a brilliant beauty…Risa was making a really uninteresting face to the loud commentaries about her.

“There is no meaning to our personal history or family here. Since the moment we stand on this battlefield , win or lose , only that result is important , that’s everything here.”

After murmuring to herself, she shifts her eyes to the guy who was her opponent.

“I heard it, you have PE right? ”

In her mouth , she had a mocking smile.

“I heard that you can’t endure it at all……Wan. For a man you’re pitiful. If you want to retire , it’s now you know ?”


Even being provoked , the man with an Othello like face kept his silence.

His whole body was covered in black. The five “marks” that was shining on his GP suit , the two six champered revolvers ( magic swords ) that were on his both hands were also black. In contrast his hair was white.

White hair liked a colorant came out , the contrast between his pale white hair and the shining blonde hair of Riza was huge.

The man whose appearance was a contrast of white and black, whose long white hair was being swayed by the wind , was standing here on the battlefield like a ghost.

“The opponent of our famous Crosfield Senshu is…….Third Year Agisou Shirou senshu. Etto, we have no informations about Agisou senshu. Since he joined , in those three years he never fought once.”

(TN: player / fighter but it sounded a bit weird to say that so kept the japanese word )

“Not even once?”

“Yes formal and informal included, not even once. It’s also the first time he participated in the preliminaries. Well also in his case , as a magic knight his resourcefulness and ability are not at the level where he can fight.”


“His talent is also at the worst level, category E. His grades are also bad. What’s more his activation time for the basic skill Flare is so short that he got the alias “PE knight”.

“Aah , I also heard about it , that there was a senpai like that in third year.”

“It’s a bit bad to say it like that but I think that Agisou senshu is participating to make some memories.”

“I see. Even if he is just making memories, I would want him to do his best. If he doesn’t give up till the end , maybe a miracle will happens.”

“That’s right , We also want Agisou senshu to put up a fight , if he can destroy even one “mark” of the super rookie , that would already be something awesome.”

The two commentators were talking and making remarks like Riza victory was assured.

But they were probably not the only to think like that.

Most of the people in the hall , Riza Crosfield……In the future the rival who would fight against them , they were here to see her fight.

No one was interested in the result of a fight that was already settled.

” Pff. I don’t know if you’re here to make memories or not but those who are standing in the battlefield with a weak resolve like that are the type of people that I hate the most.”

After saying that aggressively , Riza released all the magical power that was refined in her body.

A shining golden aura enveloped her whole body.

From her head to her toes , her whole body was covered with magical power. Every cells of her body was strengthened. The magic power that was being emitted was circulating in her whole body without stagnation.

“Oooh , Crosfield senshu released the flare skill without any magic bullet! I heard that it’s indispensable to be able to do that at the international level , Although it’s flare with no magic bullet……As one would expect from the European Queen, she is doing it with ease.”

“It’s said that we being as a magic knight with flare and end with flare. Just by looking at the current flow of her magic power , we can understand that she is a top notch magic knight. To use the magic power accumulated in his body and releasing it to form an armor covering the whole body. During the era when devils were rampaging , the battle skill that humans used , a battle skill that is only usable by Kiara (compatible people). That is flare.”

“I heard that there was a proverb like that in this country “A lion is using his everything even when hunting a rabbit. Fufun. It’s a good proverb. Me too no matter how weak my opponent can be , I will never hold anything back and will use everything I have to destroy you so you’d better prepare yourself !”


The white haired man as expected didn’t open his mouth.

Finally the buzzer indicating the start of the fight sounded.

Sekai Gakuen First year Riza Crosfield.

Sekai Gakuen Third year Agisou Shirou.

For both of them this fight……was the start of everything.

From now , the world would know about the “worst” named Agisou Shiro.

The weakest and the lowest , they would be forced to realize about the “worst” existence.

The summer of this high school year.

Swordow, the world high school fighting tournament…..The Carnival Exorcist Festival , this was the first and last chance to win it.

Just for this summer alone , he bet everything.

Even when he was being despised as a bad student.

Even when there were gossips about him as the PE knight.

While spending his whole student life like a blockhead, he kept sharpening his fangs.

To point them at the necks of those big shots with a smiling face ——– !

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  1. Love this can’t wait for the next chapter! Keep up the good work Kuronairo.


  2. PaulNamida says:

    Wow, this seems like it could be a good read, thanks for the hard work!!

    PS: I didn’t really get the “PE Knight” nickname, are they dissing him for only being good at PE and not magic or something??


    • PaulNamida says:

      nvm, got it already after looking at the raws ~w~U it really didn’t come to mind.


      • Kuronairo says:

        I was also bothered by that at first , it seems like they are calling him like that because he can keep flare only for a short time , like those who have PE can hold out only for a short time :v

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      • PaulNamida says:

        btw, I’ve been looking at the raws and in the synopsis they refer to him as “Soushirou” at one point instead of just “Shirou” and on the character profiles on vol. 2 his name in romaji is written as “AGI SOUSHIRO”, also Remoko refers to him as Sou-kun so I’m guessing they fucked up on the character profile for vol. 1 and his actual name is Agi Soushirou.


      • kuronairo says:

        Oh so it wasn’t me then , actually I thought he was called Soushirou but the romaji of the character profile called him Shirou so I thought it was just me who was wrong.


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    raw link please???


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    It’s gewd


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