Giant Killing Dark hero Volume 1 Prologue




The boy had nothing.

Not the chosen one, nor holding on something special.

He was someone who was a failure by nature, and a laughable loser.

No matter how much he extended his hand it reached nothing.

He struggled and struggled but there was no reward.

Not being born in a bloodline worthy of standing at the top, nor taking complete guidance from the selfishly called themselves『the strongest』── he didn’t reach outside the scope of a normal person.

The boy that helplessly wasn’t blessed with any talents, in the end couldn’t break free from the inferior border.

Since fate was pretty merciless, and the world was cruel.

The boy lamented his incompetence, and despaired at his irresponsible surrounding, he glared at the cold hearted fate──


And then he swore to take revenge on the world.


Ordinary man couldn’t beat the genius.

The weak couldn’t beat the strong.

He raised the banner of revolt toward that inevitable principle, fooling the instable world system.

He decided, to throw away all his remaining life only for the sake of revenge.

If it were for that sake, he wouldn’t care a bit about the method──



『Tokoyo island』

The artificial island that floated alone in the pacific sea, it was called like that since it was still a military base.

Around half a century ago this island was filled with death and strife, even so right now due to various companies advancing the redevelopment, it was crowded with great amount of people who lived on this tourist city island that floated on the sea.

At the eastern tip of the island was──an institute boasting its vast site area.

The gigantic institute that occupied one percent of the island area was called private Seikai institute.

That institute, which was created to train competent assault magic knight──today, was welcoming the start of a wild enthusiasm.

『──Now! This year too the blood boiling meat pounding season has finally came, everyone from school! The valor festival which the assault magic knight student from all over the world compete for the top of supremacy──「Exorcism festival (Carnival)」! This here now is the in-school selection matches in order to choose the candidate team for that festival──The qualifying round, starts today!』

『Waー, clap clapー』

『The battle with the devils that ended at the early half century ago……In this year, the 50th anniversary of the memorable postwar period, the one who wins through the in school selection matches sure enough will become our representative, who shall it be!? Ah. By the way, today the one who will be doing a live coverage at the fourth arena (stadium) will be me, second year, Fumikura Tsubame!  The explanation will be done by……the rank 8th of Seikai institute, our school pride famous Idol.「Kamiyuーn」, Kamine Yun-sama!』

『Sto, stop it、Tsubame-chan. It’s embarrassing if you put it like that……』

The voices of the two girls sitting on the live coverage seat were resounding across the round shape arena.

The audience seats that salt filled wind was passing through didn’t have all the seat taken, but a reasonable amount of students was sitting on them.

『Unexpectedly the amount of student is a lot neー. In this qualifying round that no high ranker participate, it would be nice if one fourth the seat was filled though. This is certainly, in order hear the beautiful voice of the singer who debut this summer「Kamiyuーn」, the amount of people gathered here is many right?』

『Mou, it’s not because of that, Tsubame-chan!』

『Ahaha. Please excuse me. That’s right. Although「Kamiyuーn」’s fan is also many……but the many people’s main objective today is, certainly that girl ne』

Just as the broadcaster’s word, the eyes of the students who gathered on the mortar shaped audience seat were focus on the lone girl standing at the middle of the arena.

She was a beautiful girl.

Her blonde hair that reminds people of thunder gushing out, and she had a cold gaze. Although there was still some childishness remained on her looks, as her body which was wrapped tightly in the GP (game playing) suit was intensely showing undulation characteristic of female, she was reducing an indescribable mysterious beauty.

In this game the magic assault knight would both fight with weapons on their hands──following the official rule (Office-issue) of『Sword Vow』, on the girl’s body five 『Mark (life)』 were deployed.

Right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg, and on the belly.

On her lowered right hand, she was gripping a slender sword with gorgeous ornament attached. This too was also according to the rule of the tournament, the six chamber magical sword (Revolver).

『「The Lightning Flash Knight (Orb Lightning)」Riza Crossfield! She entered Seikai institute this year and is the freshman who is the topic of talk! The big enterprise that everyone knows──she is the lady of the Cross company, and the champion of the European middle school tournament last year! As the first battle of the fanfare super rookie, most people seem to be interested in it ne』

「……Fun. How trifling.」

The young girl that boast her brilliant beautiful face──Riza, toward her own information that was announced in loud volume, snorted looking like being bored from the bottom of her heart.

「Something like personal history and birth rank, those things have no meaning. Because once standing on the battlefield (here), the result is either win or lose」

After she muttered to herself, she changed her eyes to the man who was her battle opponent.

「I heard that you──have PE right?」

(PE: premature ejaculation)

On her mouth, there was a smile as if mocking.

「They said, you can’t endure it all, and immediately called quit……. Han. Despite being a man you’re pathetic ne. You should retreat now while you can though?」


Even though receiving mockery he returned with silent──the man was having an Othello expression.

His whole body was clad in black. Even the five 『marks』which were glittering on the GP suit, and the six chamber magical sword (revolver) which he was carrying, all was unified in a black color.

In regard his hair was──white.

As if a pigment that fell out from the rest, his hair was white. The cloudy hair that gave a somewhat slightly dirty impression was contrastive from the brilliantly glitter hair of Riza.

『Our hottest participant Crossfield’s opponent is……the third year Agi Soushirou. Eーtto, there is absolutely no report about participant Agi. Because in these three year, he didn’t even fight once』

『Not even once?』

『Yes. Formal and including informal, not even once. Making his entry in the in school qualifying round too, this was the first time in his final semester ne. Or perhaps should I say from his position, as the problem of wit and ability from a magical assault knight, they’re not in the level that he could fight……』


『His conformity (Carrier) attribute is the worst category E. His academic result is also terrible. His operation time on the basic skill flare is also very short, therefore at one part he is mocked as「PE knight」or something……』

『Aー, I think I heard it. At the third year, there is such a senpai』

『Although I don’t want to say it……but it makes me think that the participant Agi’s objective is maybe to make some memories』

『I see neー. However, even if he joined to make memories I wish he would do his very best naa. If he didn’t give up until the end, miracle also might happen ne』

『You’re right. As for participant Agi, we surely want a good struggle in some ways. I think that if he could destroy one of the 「mark」 on the super rookie, it would be splendid』

The two broadcasters were repeating the statements as if Riza’s victory was certain already.

And it wasn’t just them that thing so right.

The majority of the people in the arena, and the people who gathered here in order to see Riza Crossfield ──who eventually might become be their own opponent.

Something like the result of the fight which was already decided, no one had any interest in it.

「Fun. I don’t know you’re here to make memories or something, but if you depend and presume upon other’s benevolent and stand on this battlefield, I hate that the most」

Declaring her hostility ──Then Riza released the magical power well kneaded in her body at once.

The golden glittering aura wrapped the whole of her body.

From her head to the tips of her toe magical power spread thorough, she activated all the cell that made up her body. The magical power that was released to the outside circled her body surface without stagnating.

『Oーtto participant Crossfield, without consuming any magical bullet she has gone to the magical releasing state (Flare)! It is said to be an essential skill at the national level, although it’s flare without using magical bullet (Norvalets)……as expected the champion of European, she did it with ease』

『Beautiful flare……. Although they say「A magical assault knight starts with flare and ends with flare」, just looking at the series of flows of magical power right now, you could understand that girl is top class ne』

Using the magical power whirling inside the body as the source, then converting the magical power surging outside into armor.

The human who were compatible with magic which had been overflowing in the world before the arrival of the devils ── unique only to the conformity (carrier), one of the battle technique of offense and defense. That was flare.

「Isn’t in this country there is a famous proverb? Something like『The lion will use all of its strength to hunt the rabbit』. Fufun, well said ne. Me too, no matter how much a small fry the opponent is I will never cut corners. I will thoroughly crush you, so get ready!」


The white hair man, as expected didn’t open his mouth.

Finally it was time, the match starting buzzer announced the signal to start the match.



Seikai Institute first year Riza Crossfield.

Seikai Institute third year Agi Soushirou.

The fight that would become both sides’ high school debuts was ── the start of everything.

After this the world would come to know the name Agi Soushirou as『The worst』

『The weakest』and『The lowest』, they would be reminded of『the worst』existence.

The summer of high school last year.

The world tournament of high school student『Sword Vow』──for the sake of participating in the『Exorcism Festival (Carnival)』, this was the first and the last chance.

For the sake of that one summer, be bet everything.

Even though he was despised as a bad student, being backbiting as『the PE knight』, and while he lived his student life as a not-talking blockhead ── he continued to sharpened his fangs with eagle eyes.

In order to point them deeply at the necks of the big children who lorded over others as if they own the place ──

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  1. Love this can’t wait for the next chapter! Keep up the good work Kuronairo.


  2. PaulNamida says:

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    PS: I didn’t really get the “PE Knight” nickname, are they dissing him for only being good at PE and not magic or something??


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      • kuronairo says:

        Oh so it wasn’t me then , actually I thought he was called Soushirou but the romaji of the character profile called him Shirou so I thought it was just me who was wrong.


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