Cross Connect Volume 2 Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The things which were hidden

Discovering Mitsuji Koori’s real identity and then the unwanted reunion with Izayoi.

Many things happened yesterday and that night, I ceded the log in to Suzuka because she said 『Today, no matter what I have the rights to play the game』, including the break day it would be exact three days I’d been to school.

Right now it was lunch break. Because of the incident “intruding into the girl changing room” that I was called to the teacher room and being glared at by the girl with glared with scornful eyes, even so since I was continuing to endure it, looking down while looking it had a noticeable effect as those killing glare pointed at me slowly decreased.


「Mu ? Ah, Yuu-kun Yuu-kun, today you’re not going with Haru-chin?」

「………I did but, seems she’s buying stuff with Yukina. Though you are too close. Quickly get away for a bit」

「Nihihi. What is it? Your face is beat red, are you being wavered by my attractiveness that you want me to stay away? Um, no way about it, embarrass yoo」

「You my arse! And don’t come any close—–」

「Ah ! Though Yuu-kun, for a while now why don’t you call me senpai? That’s no good? If you are delinquent-kun I’ll punish you」

「Hey, wait——-」


It was no good how much I retaliated, I was being captured completely by her. From the opposite of the desk, she grabbed me with both her hands and started rubbing my cheeks. ………….. So this was the “punishment”. Even though it was not painful nor having any bad intent but, it was very effective in agitating other.



——–Those icy cold glares once again pointed at this me in classroom.


In that situation, I only lightly turned my face away. As if I was “sitting on needles”. Now even if I ran away the only thing I’d get was clinging malevolence, therefore instead I’d try to direct my intention at her and retaliate while complaining.

「…………..Really, you are」

「Um? Nihihi, what what? Just only that and you heaved a long sigh, in truth Yuu-kun is really interested right?」

「No. Not that. I have no interest at all」

For now I had to endure this bully.

———-What a carefree girl.

The simple uniform was loosened up to be revealing, the short skirt which was a few centi away from her knees. The reddish twin tails hair in mischievous style were swinging on her shoulders, should I call this the picture of a little devil or a very attractive girl, all and all she was smiling sadistically.

「Nihi. Mou, Yuu-kun is being so shy huh, really now.」

Himeyuri Nanase———–that’s right, she was sitting in front of me and swinging her attractive bare foot, a member of Sphia who helped me completing ROC – no one other than Himeyuri. As a subordinate of Tendou Byakuya, a high school girl with full of rumors and mysteries. Her vague personality, sluggish attitude, a girl who could master “the sense of distance abnormally” had resisted my retaliation.

Putting it that way but simply it was still a fiction character, bright as the “sun” light created in ROC, the real name of this active neet was Ruri………However, after the game ended, for some reason she went to school with this appearance.

Well, if wanting to know then the only way would be asking.

『Before I don’t have any interests, but now I do, about school. Moreover I’ve said I could not leave my hood, if I took it off I’ll die of embarrassment. So it comes to this, what do you think?』

As she said. By the way outside her black hair was a wig, and that small breasts had to be stuffed with pads. Although the latter was only my guesses but, it seemed Himeyuri and Ruri-senpai had different breasts sizes. You were flatter than I thought…………..senpai.

「————-A, Himeyuri-san ! Himeyuri-san is here !」

「Uh eh?………Ru, Ruri-senpai !?」

At a nice timing, Yukina and Harukaze returned, I stopped the dark thought in my mind.

Their reactions were completely opposite when seeing Himeyuri. Harukaze came close to us with sparkling eyes, while Yukina tightly hugged her body with red face, and she hid behind the classmates back who were standing around and shrieked as if threatening back.

………Maa, that reaction was a given. Because the confrontation 3 months ago, she was bitten by Himeyuri poison fang.

「Ay. Really now, both Yuu-kun and Yukki are so shy.」

Himeyuri pouted while looking at Yukina, but this time she didn’t give chase. Instead, she spread her arms wide and grabbed Harukaze.

「Ya ya. Nihihi, it’s been awhile. That oughta be 1 week I hasn’t replenished the Haru-chin supply, I’m about to die of thirst. How are doing? Are you sad not able to see me?」

「Ehehe……….That’s right. Without Himeyuri-san I’m a little lonely?」

「Waa! As expected Haru-chin is an angel! I’m sorry? Because these days I’m really busy. I don’t know if I could make it tomorrow…… Nihi. Now, why don’t you come here and say gyu?」

「Gyu, gyuu? Yes, e-to…….lik, like this……..gyuu」

「Nyaaa, as expected of Haru-chin, feels so good, so so good………..Sniff sniff. Mumu, smell good. Hey, let me touch you? Let me comb you?」

「Eh, a, you can’y……….」

「You also feel good right? Let me eat you? Nothing to worry about right? *bite」

「Y, yes………e, hyaa. A, a-no, Himeyuri-san, ear! My ears——hyaa !」


Being hugged tight and sexual harassed by Himeyuri, Harukaze started to become dizzy. That scene was a little kinky. The sexy breathing sounds with passionate voices started to come out.


Even so, Himeyuri still didn’t stop her barbaric actions. While skillfully hiding her body, Harukaze shut down the look from outside by hiding her face with her soft silver hair, while senpai’s left hand started to undo Harukaze’s button in oder———-

「————–Hey, since when are you planning to look, Nagi !!」

A movie footage that made everyone look away, even so.

Since who knew when, Yukina approached and hit my head ( and even Himeyuri’s) with a folded book, in the end I couldn’t be satisfied only witnessing that scene.

「How’s the situation with Suzuka?」

———–After around 10 minutes had passed since the shocking sexual harassment.

Because the secrecy nature I and Himeyuri changed the location of the talk, we sit on the bench in the school yard.

Before my suspicious tone, Himeyuri took a sip at her ice tea while nodded.

「Um, let’s see. Actually, I’ve met before? So I start to feel a little interested. But the game this time has nothing to do with the third department.」

「Ah, that the librarian also said. ………Ah right. Why didn’t you contact me these past few days. Thanks to that I met a lot of unlucky situation.」

「Nihihi. What is it, what is it? Yuu-kun feels sad for not receiving my replay?」

「There’s no way」

「Really now, Yuu-kun is still can’t be honest. ……….Nihi, sorrry. I had something to do because of the directive of the director. Because being too busy I had to postpones it.」

「……Work from the directive of Tendou? Even though it’s not aiming at the running of SSR ?」

「Um um. Ah, but I can’t reveal the details? Because in the terms I had the obligation to keep secrects?」

Putting her index finger on her lips she bloomed a mischievous smile 「Nihihi」.

I quietly heaved a sigh while looking at her. Well, from the start I didn’t think she would tell. Moreover, I and Himeyuri had nothing more than a partner relationship.

E-hem, I cleared my throat and changed the subject.

「Then, about Suzuka’s situation. ………Let’s see. I don’t quite understand if she’s the arrogant type or like to put on fronts. Mostly I accepted all the terms for swapping, but even so she did what she likes both in real life and SSR. Thanks to that the completion of the game didn’t go to nowhere. And My normal life is destroyed. To be honest it was a terrible time.」

「………Fu ? But but, if so aren’t you angry?」

「No of course I’m angry. It could be said I was really mad….……But, I don’t hate her. How should I put it———-because, she looked very happy. Even though all her actions was very selfish but she didn’t have malicious intent, therefore……..maa, although it was a little too much to take but I could not hate her.」

「………..Hm. Hm hm」

「………..why are you angry」

Every time I said the name Suzuka she became upset and started pouted her lips. No……. I understood nothing. I was only debating, why she was having that attitude.


Crying out like that as if to fix her mood, after that Himeyuri stood right up.

However, because the skirt was so short and my line of sight was high so immediately, her white thighs entered my eyes. A very attractive sight in close distance. Unconsciously, after I turned my face away she smiled satisfyingly, clapping her hands at the back she made a tilted head posture.

「…………Wh, what is it」

「Um? Ah, nothing. It’s just that I’ve completed my mission of charming Yuu-kun?」

「Haa? When did you complete it. As if I’m so easily charmed」

「Mu. As expected Yuu-kun truly doesn’t honest with himself………..Nihihi, I’m just joking. Actually, there’s something I want to ask you」

Saying so she suddenly changed her expression. A delicate nuance completely different than her vivacious before. A gentleness, earnest, moreover that smile dyed with a little sadnessn.

「Hey, Yuu-kun. About Suzuka-chan 『Looked happy』……..what do you think about it?」

「……….Ế ?」

「Looked happy, what is that? Looking from your view point then, does it mean Suzuka-chan is always looked shining and enjoying life with all she has?」

「A, ah……..that’s right」

「Then for what reason? Why is she so happy? What is she happy about? ……….Um, about her wanting to play in this world I understand. Anyhow this side is a different world to her, who wouldn’t be excited. However, even if it was this world or in SSR—— Suzuka-chan always keeps her abnormal happiness right? About that…….don’t you find anything strange?」

While saying Himeyuri stared at me. Although her tone was gentle but her eyes were very serious.

「……….It maybe so, but about that.」

「You assume that’s because of Suzuka-chan’s personality? Um, that’s right. If looking from Yuu-kun’s view point it could only be thought like that huh. However…….it’s not so. Because, the “cyberbrain shinki code number 2” girl who I met before was a very kind child? Always being shy, quiet and could not say anything———Um. If based on my view point, she was a boring girl. It could be said, the one who talked to you before, I could not believe she was “Suzuka-chan”.」


In front of her full of concern, worried gentle voice, I could only remain silent.

……….What is this? What does that mean?

It was not like Suzuka was being controlled by the darkness creeping inside her happy appearance, the darkness she exposed was the core, trying to hide it while being haughty with me———That meant she gave up her meek appearance before when she talked with Himeyuri. I was not surprised about Suzuka’s true identity, it was about how she was forced to change.

But……..supposed if that were true, then what was the reason?

For what reason she always had to show her happiness, for what reason was she so obsessed?


While putting my hand to my nape I bit my under lip.

I don’t know———I completely don’t know anything, but if she was also trampled like the case of Harukaze then I could imagine why she hid all her miserable state. The picture in the invitation, it was not simply a threatening remark. Although I couldn’t see, couldn’t hear but definitely Suzuka must be fighting very hard.

If so……..then I will.

「A———B, but it’s not really like that!?」

At that moment, Himeyuri franticly stretched her hands to the me who was lost in thought.

「Just now it was simply my intuition, so maybe it could be a misunderstanding!?」

「Is that so. However your advices show that the GM this time is pretty troubling」

「Uh!? Yu, Yuu-kun has a really good prediction!?」

Himeyuri looked at the sky and yelled as if screaming………Even though on the pretext she was asking about Suzuka’s situation, but from the start the warning was the core of all these problem……..Himeyuri was not wrong. On the contrary she was very observant.

「Oboro Tsukuyomi———-right. Is he that bad?」

「Um, bad or could be said he is very dangerous…… Always envy and jealous, he considers himself the center of all thing, he’s the kind of man who will do anything to achieve his goal. You should be careful Yuu-kun. Different than the director, Oboro Tsukuyomi doesn’t have any dignity or pride——Nihihi, theerefoore!」

Stopping her words, after that Himeyuri swinging her twin tails and put her face close to me in a back bend posture. The eyes that were looking directly at me were full of enthusiasm and expectation just like that day, such strong sparkling eyes.

「You definitely have to win perfectly!」

———–At least, it would be a lie if I said my heart didn’t waver before those words.

『Moshi moshi, Tarumi? Are you free. Hey, I got good news!』

After parted with Himeyuri, on the bench I was sitting on suddenly I received a coming call.

Everytime she contacted me arbitrary, Suzuka’s contented face appeared on the small liquid screen. Calling at this time made me feel unease, even so I still opened my mouth and prayed inside my soul.

「Good news? What, you grow a few centi taller?」

『What stupid are you spouting. My body is top notch, no need to grow anymore.  So that isn’t a problem———-it’s this! 』

「………….What is it」

While blinking her red shiny eyes, Suzuka said full of confident, however I still didn’t understand what she was talking about. Her look was the same as yesterday………..Ah no, if looking carefully her arm was wrapped by something like a piece of cloth. Was that it?

While I tilted my head being confused, Suzuka only smiled happily.

『Really now, you are such a slow poke Tarumi. If you still don’t understand after looking I have no other way but to explain it for you 』

「It would just be a normal explanation wouldn’t it……….」

『Only you think it’s normal. Now I’ll tell you in order so listen carefully. After that you can praise my wits and kindness』


I answered expressionlessly as response. After that Suzuka looked at the screen and nodded 『Um !』with a very optimistic face. When she was being friendly she looked cute——Hands on her waist, making a content face she started talking about the “good news”.

『In the winter cold day.』

「Just tell the damn story from this morning, no need to go back in time」

『Then this morning story. As usual I was taking a stroll on the street. Because today is the omurice day in my favorite restaurant I timed it so that I’d arrive at noon.』

「…………..Hey, aren’t you being a little too long winded? I completely don’t see the end of it.」

『Fufu, it’s about to hit climax. Don’t worry.———-That’s right, it was at that moment an accident happened. While I was walking, because feeling hungry I entered the sweet shop and ate anmitsu, finished that I continued to stroll with refreshed mood, the result was after it』

「After that omurice had sold out」

『No, because feeling full I didn’t care about the omurice anymore. So your answer is completely wrong. Too wrong———right? It was suddenly a player dashed out from the alley.』

「……………What ?」

Listening to this my thought returned to the game.

Confrontation with other player……? Who? For what reasons Mitsuji had “let” me go, moreover players that could be trouble for Suzuka were basically non-exist. Other than Mitsuji there was still Izayoi, even so the one with highest possibility was Mitsuji

And the result was as I’d predicted.

『———–it was the hero, so she claimed. Short figure, water colored hair, she looked like Mitsuji in your tale.』

「Gulp………….Then!? Are you attacked!?」

Unconsciously I shrieked. At that time, although she said “don’t want to kill me yet” but, in the end the hero like Mitsuji whose motive was only to destroy the demon king. Therefore it was nothing strange if she pointed her fang at me.

『Nope, I was not attack』

However, Suzuka only shook her head as if nothing happened.

『I didn’t feel like she came to attack me. Moreover she was licking ice cream happily with her expressionless face, maybe she was off?』

「O, off what……. Although I don’t understand much but, in short if there was no battle happened it’s good? At least we are not game over.」

『Maybe so. If I were game over then I’d——–Ehem, nothing. E-to, there’s no battle at all. The hero only bowed and left.』


Even though to the end she still didn’t change her perspective about destroying the demon king, even so today’s behavior was different than yesterday killing intent. In the end what were the different between today and yesterday———————-Ah no.

There was only one thing. That was right, it was the inside of the demon king today was different than yesterday………..But,  that could change the hero attitude? If it was true then——-could it be.

『you’re worrying about me right. I understand.』

「Not gonna happen.」

『Hm, what Tarumi. I’m praising you so no need to be formal. Moreover, I said it was good news right? No way I’m “game over” right』

「Ah, well that’s true………However, can you tell me now. Don’t put on an act anymore.」

『Fine. Then listen carefully, after that you’d better feel grateful.』

Inside the smart phone little screen, Suzuku pouted her chest as if all knowing and said.

『When confronted with the hero, suddenly there was a flash of idea as if this was the chance. It was right now! Therefore I did not hesitate and used 《Force Due》right when the hero was leaving.』


Unconsciously I stood up when hearing those unimaginable words.

She used 《Force Due》………? Even without commencing PVP? Ah no, if PVP really happened then skill like 《Accel》or《Power》as necessary.  There was no reason to use role skill and spent pt in a stupid way.

「Wait……..hold on a minute. In the end what did you steal with 《Force Due》?」

『I said “here” didn’t I. Really, I showed you for a while now and you still didn’t realize it』

Saying with a frowned face Suzuka extended her left arm before her body. Thanks to that the cloth I saw before appeared in the middle of the screen……..Um? Not right, this is……..not a cloth?

『Like I said. I took the hero’s panty!』


Hearing the might of those words, my body became dizzy and I sit down lifelessly on the bench.

Taking many deep breaths I tried to calm my mind, then I mustered all my strength to reply

「Y, you………are you serious ?」

『Of course I am serious! Right after seeing the hero, I made a big play with《Force Due》………..Um, as expected I’m a genius. Kufufu, although this action was a bit shameless but she was red on the face! She ran away in embarrassment! It’s a shame you didn’t see it, Tarumi !』

「~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ! Aaa mooooo, shuuuuuuuuuttttttt uuuuuuuuppppppp!」

Not only she didn’t apology, but on the contrary she made a proud face, when I came to notice I yelled in my anger.

T…….this girl, because she had no evil intent I could not scold her,

「Why are you being so proud! So weird!? Ah no, actually I’m really grateful for confronting the hero and still stayed alive. I’m really grateful. But, the damn way you overcome it! You don’t need to do that! If you ignore her you could be safe!」

『Eh? What did you say. Don’t tell me you are such a cheapskate? Wasn’t that very smart!』

「The smartest action at that time would be doing nothing! Do you know the price of using《Force Due》!?」

『It’s only 2000 pt』

「Y………….yes that’s right. ……….Haaa」

In front of an answer as if it was nothing big from Suzuka, I frowned and heaved a sigh.

2000pt——–it was 2000pt. The drawback of losing resources at this point was not small. As if being urged by haste, I subconsciously put my hand to my nape and took a deep breath to calm down.

And then at that momeny.

『Ahaha………so fun. It’s really…… fun. 』

Suddenly she spoke out as if couldn’t control herself, I heard her small mumbling coming out from the device. The way she spoke was like she was trying to convince herself to be happy, an unnatural expression.

Speaking of it I remembered the talk with Himeyuri.

Why Suzuka had to be “happy like that”.


『? What is it Tarumi, what happened?』

「No, nothing. Ah, can I log in now? Anyways you used all the pt with 《Force Due》anyway. Letting you continue in that state I don’t feel at ease at all」

『Wh, what. You don’t trust me. ……….though Tarumi, aren’t you angry ?』

「I’m angry but after hearing those words I feel like your face is really thick skin……..But, to be honest I’m not angry. As long as we are still in this swapping game, from the start I’ve prepared for this situation……..Moreover.」


「Even if you don’t accept it…….. for now we are still partner. Taking care of your air-headness is my reponsibility. Therefore let’s quickly and swap again」


Even though it was just a little, but Suzuka had reacted at my statement.

However, she didn’t add anything and only nodded meekly replied 『okay』——-right before the swap.


Scream came out from the phone’s speaker.

「………..Suzuka ?」

Feeling something strange I called out to Suzuka but there was no answer. Instead, the camera mode had changed back from inside out. At the same time a different character showed up………a weird figure. Creepy white clothes. The face was twisted as if being cramp.

And in that moment

『”The Executioner” pays you a visit.———Hello demon king. If you are free do you want to play with me?』

That girl, the executioner smiled dangerously.


First of all, the one who actively approached was that girl.


Laughing loudly while kicking the ground, in a second the girl in white clothes closing in Suzuka. Raising her right arm, the executioner immediately slammed on Suzuka’s neck with the palm of her hand.

『A, Ac!』

With that groan, that small body was blown away, her pink hair fluttered.

The executioner quickly locked Suzuka tight from behind and activate her device skillfully. With command 《Deploy》, she used the blade which just appeared to pressed against Suzuka’s neck.

『Hyaha.——–how do you feel when you’re suddenly attacked, demon king. Because I am someone with no rules, then where’s the one you met this morning』

『H…………how should I know!』

『A ? Ha, what the, your voice is really sweet! I can’t take it anymore』

While saying with an excited voice, the executioner gently slapped Suzuka’s cheek with her blade. Of course, the blade didn’t deal any damage. Even so, every time she moved her hand Suzuka’s expression became distorted as if under immense pain. Her face became pale, both her arms were shaking and held the hem of her skirt in fear.


While looking at that dire situation through the screen, I tried think calmly.

———–What is the goal of the executioner.

No………it would be a little wrong if I didn’t know that. If it was the surface meaning then it was too clear. The winning condition of the executioner was the desertion of judge – demon king – priest. Therefore the attack on the demon king was nothing weird for her.

However, with a little thinking it’d be understandable. Because the demon king was unkilling. If still having that intention, first of all she needed to defeat the undefeatable hero, someone who owned a cheat skill level 《Auto save & load》.

This was also the reason I didn’t interfere yet. Definitely Mitsuji was standing somewhere watching this. If someone tried to kill Suzuka, she’d shot them immediately. Mitsuji Koori was really strong. Under her observation, Suzuka would definitely be safe against other SSR player.

However I still didn’t understand———the executioner, in the end what was her plan attacking the demon king?


The executioner looked at the screen and laughed out as if disdaining my line of thought. Using her whole arm to tightly held Suzuka’s neck, suddenly she yelled with a hoarse voice.

『Hey! Are you listening, hero !!』

「………..Eh ?」

Because not understood what her intention was I let out my voice in surprise——-Although, even if it was a little slow but I’d realized.

I see……..ah no. It was a little different. Because the hero had become the demon king’s shield so the demon king herself would be the only weakness of the hero. And once she was the weakness she could become a hostage. From the start, the executioner made use of the connection between role to turn the table and push both the demon king and hero to the wall.

『Hyahaha. Hey hero, are you still watching? Do you understand the problem here!? Just now I was only affected by “Linker mail” through this girl body! This girl, herb body is linked with another player, every time the other party takes damage she will suffer 25% of it, what a cursed item. Well, sounds easy to understand but its productivity is rather vague. Simply it’s not usable at will———』

『………A, what the. What are you saying!?』

『So wonderful o demon king, this thing is really effective at conquering! Hyaha…….that’s right, all is because of the executioner role skill. 《Remodeling Aptitude》———–the skill that could freely renovate used item in SSR. Ah just like that, this “Linker mail” is a special merchandise. It’s what I’ll use to beat you, the damage I take will be x256 on you』

『…………….. !』

『Ha. What, what are you afraid of? It’ll only be a passing death so just enjoy it!』

『No, not tha………….』

The executioner distorted her face in annoyance when seeing Suzuka turning her red eyes while struggling. The sharp blade on her hands sometimes sliced Suzuka’s outfit. She looked fluent at this. Looked like a thief.

「Dammit………Suzuka. Hey, Suzuka !」

I called her in anxious.

Although Suzuka was shutting her mouth, but after a bit she opened her mouth a little with a sigh.

『………what, is it』

「Quickly swap with me. Your face looks horrible. How could you think of anything with it.」

『Hm. You talk as if you could manage it.』

「At least I’m calmer than you right now. Therefore quickly and swap ———-」

『Don’t wanna!』


『S, sorry, Tarumi. ……..But, I’m not changing my answer. I don’t want to. Definitely I will not swap. If you casually log I’ll return to who I was before immediately.』

Suzuka tough words echoed through the phone’s speaker. Contract to that strong declaration, her legs shown through the screen were shaking……….. this powerless me right now could only bite my lip.


Suzuka slowly raised her head with challenging tone.

『What are you hoping to gain? Even if you killed me this isn’t going to be over?』

『Um? Ah, right. Since the moment I got “Linker mail” I could kill you anytime anywhere, maybe I could leave you for last. But the one I aim at right now is the judge.』

『The Judge ?』

『Ah. Because the priest died I’ve completely one step. If I don’t deal with it here I could not win——–something like that. You’re protected by the hero so you’re hard to kill, therefore I have to kidnap a piece of useless like you for a shield until I kill the judge and make a door to victory.』

『………No way, what are you going to do to me?』

『Hyaha. Rest assure. You are simply someone who provides pt for me. 』

As if having full faith in her advantage situation, the executioner talked about her plan.

Restricting the hero’s action with the curse “pain sharing”(Linker mail) on the demon king, and using the demon king in submissive position to kill the judge———-True it was a perfect plan. With a click the damage taken would be deathly, therefore Suzuka could not retaliate even for a little.

『————Well, if that didn’t work I’ll use my final card.』

『Final card ? ………..As expected, even if it was a high class item you could not find the location of the judge right? What are you planning to do. You wouldn’t be able to fight if you didn’t know his location.』

Not minding her dire situation, for some reasons Suzuka questioned with a careful tone.

And then I noticed. Suzuka eye lines were not looking but looked like she was looking at the executioner. Actually she was directed at me through the screen. Speaking of which, just now Suzuka’s words were all about questioning. No way was she stalling for me? Even though she had just rejected but she was putting her faith in me?


If it was so——–I had to do it.

Something, was there something to break this situation? To break away from the executioner then, even if it was pt, item or even skill it’d do. I dug up all the memories since the beginning of SSR till now. 《Force Due》would have no effect at this point, however it was not exactly useless. “Linker mail”. The sharing pain curse. The answer was only one.

「Ah, I remember………..that’s it」

————-That was it.

I raised my right hand and touched my nape as my thought changed. Ah that right, no wrong about it. With it we could turn the tide. I could rewrite this rotten development.


Lightly nodded I got back to the SSR problem. Right when the executioner opened her mouth as if being annoyed and answered Suzuka.

『I could not fine if I don’t know his location? Hyaha, there’s no such thing』

『……….What do you mean?』

『It’s simple………’s just like hiring someone to fire paper flare.  Even if it was Sphia, if poking at a point it’d make a hole right? From there I could get the personal information of the judge. Hyaha, toture, kidnap, threaten, imprison, etc… Illegal activities at this time would be very convenient. Moreover, I could use your stupidity. No matter if it was the judge or the hero, those who can’t do dirty work in SSR world will be trampled in the real world!』

『…………….! Ho, how……..could it be!』

『You think that’s evil? Heretic? What about it, I’m a cunning devil! What’s wrong about underworld rule. Nothing bad about using everything you can! Hyahaha, isn’t that the best strategy! In the end SSR is only a simple game!』

The executioner declared her determination. It seemed it was not the first time she thought like that. Definitely the game before she had adapted this method.

『……..S, sto………』

Right now, while being in her arms and restrained by the blade, Suzuka completely had to hang her head in admission. Her light pink hair drooped down in hopelessness. Those red scarlet eyes were glaring through the gap of her hair.

This scene reminded me of the “despair” of Harukaze which I’d seen before.

「………….I’m swapping, Suzuka」

As if being burnt by that feeling, I clicked into the log in icon of SSR without caring about Suzuka’s answer.


Executioner——— you had given me a great information.

A virtual reality like SSR, exactly because it was “a simple game” we should not ignore the details related to the real world. It was not a completely independent world . Therefore I didn’t need to think much about what was happening in the game.

Ah, maybe I needed to give a little blessing to her. This would definitely a very necessary viewpoint to finish this game, a “policy” of the GM……….However, how should I say it.

Whether or not I’d forgive the executioner, it’s another problem.

In a blink, my eye sight changed.

Right when I logged in SSR, I felt some weird thing pressed against my neck. At the same time, my body was being restrained by a strong force. The goth-loli dress had been torn so much it could no longer retain its beauty.

It seemed it was about limit. I wasn’t clear about Suzuka’s expression as how she felt but, there was a drop of tear lingered on the corner of the eye and blurred my vision. The cold tear rolled down the cheek carrying a lot of confused feeling.————That’s why I will.

「Hey, executioner」

「Haa? ……….What is it, suddenly you draw my attention as if trying to retaliating—-」

「I have something to tell you」

「………….Hee? Tell me then」

I felt like the executioner was smirking from behind. She put all her strength in the short blade on her right hand and pinned me. Being in this state made me a little hard to breath.

Not minding those trivial things, I gently spoke.

「Your strategy, that is all of it?」


「Ah, it’s not like I’m saying it’s bad. A very simple question…… Those strategies you just told, did you tell me everything? If that were true then———-aren’t them a little boring?」



Just finished speaking, she hit my temporal region hard with her hand which wasn’t holding the weapon. The pain in my head felt like it was bursting…… However, I succeeded in escaping the executioner’s control.

Pressing the blood on my head with my hand, I stared at her and smiled provokingly.

「Now what. How could I escape? If you want to make me your puppet you should take all of my owned items. You supposed to be more careful. Leaving that out will be your undoing .」

「Owned item? Ha, what are you talking about! My plan is in motion. It’s no use saying or doing anything now. You can’t turn the situation! Hyahaha !」

「What are you hya hya about, what an annoying way to laugh. I’ll get back at your words———-Use your brain. You have it don’t you. It’s because thinking about boring stuffs that you couldn’t see it.」

I continued my words.

「”Curse removing”」

While calling the name of the item, I gently lifted the necklace on my chest up.

In a blink, it floated on the air and started emitting a bright light. The kind of pure silver colored light. The kind of blinding bright light. And then……..”crack”. When the sound of breaking sounded, it turned into pieces and fell down——-.

《Used item “curse remove”. Dispelled the effect of “linker mail”》


The executioner was utterly surprised.

「Y, you! How could you have that curse remove item.」

「Coincident. All is just coincident, but not properly investigate was your fault.」

「Damn……..shit, shit! How could it be so eay! Why, why did my plan fall apart because of that damn lucky thing!」


Muttering a little agitated, I took a step forward. Immediately opposite of me, the executioner took a step back. A step. Then another step.

「It seems you are misunderstanding so let me tell you this———-You planned to kill the hero in the real world? Hey look. If it was that method both me and the battle maniac Izayoi have already realized. It’s just that we won’t do it.」

「Haa? W,why. Even now you still want to play the honor student!?」

「It’s not like that. It’s just that, if I do it then this wouldn’t be a game anymore. Underworld rule or forbidden method, these things specially violate my rules. Moreover, I also don’t care about judging you or other players. If you like to become a criminal then why don’t you kill people from the start.」


Slowly retreating like that until she was back into the corner of the wall, she clicked her tongue and glared at me with a bend down posture. Holding the shaking blade in despair———Suddenly. She screamed loudly and ran to me.

「Hyahahaha! Don’t tell me you forget you don’t have any weapon!? That’s enough, that damn arrogant, conceited mouth, I’ll silent it with a cut of my blade right now.」

Dashed quickly on the stone paved road, the executioner spouted out vulgar words.

Looking at her incoming figure, I only sighed.

「………Hey. Isn’t it you who forget something?」

「Haa!? Ha, how long are you trying to be smart. If it’s about the hero I still remember it clearly! Unfortunately, inside this alley is a blind point———No matter how good a player she is she could not hit me!?」

「Well, that’s true but……..if that were normal」

However, unfortunate for her that hero was not normal at all.

《The hero used the role skill “Auto save & load”》

Suddenly someone appeared right next to me with the system message as I’d expected. A girl with water color hair and slender figure, right, it was Mitsuji. Holding the sniper rifle with emotionless expression as always, without losing a beat, she had head shot the executioner while she didn’t understand what was happening.

「The call, has come」

「………..What was that」

Spitting out those word tiredly, I sit flat down on the ground without thinking anything.

Always outside of expectation…….as expected it was a cheat, this hero girl. About the strange behavior just now, maybe she committed suicide to meet the condition to activate the role skill, and then resurrect right next to me. Force her way in by using over powering resurrecting skill. From the other people’s viewpoint this was definitely a mad move. However, maybe it was the only way to save me in that situation.

Haa, while letting out a small sigh I looked at Mitsuji.

「Sorry…….for making you save me. Though even I said so, I know you did it not exactly for me」

「Um, that’s right. It’s for the common good. So you’ve no need to thank me. …………Moreover.」

「? Moreover ?」


Mitsuji stared at me, saying nothing……once again. Mitsuji did the action which I didn’t know how many times it was. That colorless eyes of her was looking for “something” inside me. While swaying, her cold expression was as though it was tinged by some sort of color.

Every times she opened her mouth trying to say something but then she closed it, just repeating it like that.


In the end Mitsuji left without saying her problems.


《The hero destroyed the executioner》

Hours passed after that insipid message appeared on the world log.

Retrieving the short blade from the executioner and 《Store》it, after that I opened the screen of the device, while tapping on it I tilted my head wondering.

「Communication error ..… ?」

What was appearing in the middle of the screen was a string of characters like that. I planned to contact Suzuka because I was worrying about her condition, but the message source of the device couldn’t connect.

「……….Um. Can’t be helped, if I couldn’t call, let’s try messaging.」

Removing my hand from my nape, then I clicked at the icon in the call column.

There was still thing I wanted to ask but ……let put them aside for now.

『Are you okay? Just now you looked very shock to me.』

Suzuka expression became very weird when questioning the executioner. Her despairing appearance didn’t look like she was effected by human’s killing intent. Maybe in battle, there was something which affected what Suzuka was “hiding”. Something she couldn’t turn a blind eye to.

I closed the device screen while having a vague, unclear feeling———-and then suddenly.

『——–Hey Tarumi. You want to complete this game right?』


Unconsciously I frowned my eyebrows as I saw the message line suddenly appeared on the device.

This was…. the reply. No, this context completely didn’t fit. Moreover, it was not a spoken line but a written one, someone who was always happy and active, why suddenly became so serious.


Squinting my red eyes in doubt, I typed my answer.

『Ah, something like that. Because I’ve joined so I must win』

『Is that so……….Um』

『What “Um”. 』

『Of course.  Furthermore from the start I didn’t want to connect with you. Ah, this will be the last thing I’ll say to you.』

『? What……Though, what do you mean final, in the end what are you———-』

『As expected, I still hate you』

———-After that, I saw a transformation like a slow motion film in front of my eyes.

I didn’t do anything special, but even so my line sight was getting fainted, and the scenery started to be blurry in the swap. This was school. The long bench in the school yard. And I was sitting there alone. However why was that, why was my school uniform pant soaked with tears.

「Eh…….why was I.」

Forced log out———No, it was because Suzuka had casually log in together with her declaration.

After wiping the tears rudely with the my sleeve, I quickly took out my phone and repeatedly tap the SSR icon to see if I could log in………However, its response was 《That action cannot be done right now》, the “inside” of me could no longer go to SSR again.

「And, not only calling, this time even texting could not be done.」

Closing my phone, I heaved a long sigh, leaning my back to the bench and listlessly looking at the wide sky.

「What the hell is this………so frustrating」

The thing which I was worried about the most happened. Even though I didn’t know where was she hurt but, if being cut out one-sided like this, I had no way to contact again. This distorted link between us, well because it was distorted it was easily severed like that.

———-Speaking of which, back then I was in the same situation.

Being denied by my partner, Harukaze had also set the system to prevent me from logging in ROC. Both the other time and this time too, I was kicked out by the cyber brain shinki.

However, the problem in the second case was completely different. Unlike Harukaze, because wanting to protect me she chose to stay in the game world by herself. And Suzuka completely closed the door in the real world with clear hostility.

Then what’s the reason? For what reasons she saw me as an enemy?

Remembering about it, from the start Suzuka’s actions were all very weird. She spoke pompously, her expression was joyous when SSR had just opened, in fact she looked like she just wanted to have fun rather than caring about the game at all. Always hindering me. As if she didn’t want me to complete the game——–


While leaning my back I touched my nape with my right hand. Closed my eyes and lost in thought quietly.

It was only a guess but———- maybe what Suzuka “was hiding” connected to the GM of SSR.

And supposedly if it were right, however the problem she was facing I wouldn’t be able to solve.

「……..Well, that’s possible. Even for a little, if my feeling is not wrong, definitely she has to be fighting really hard just like Harukaze. Definitely she has to be looking for a salvation. But Suzuka doesn’t do that. Maybe her imprisonment, from the start I couldn’t interfere.」

I didn’t want to accept this hard truth. Since when, my left hand clenched.

———-Say, is it good to just leave it like that, Tarumi Yuunagi.

「Of course not」

I wanted to save Suzuka.

Even if she didn’t ask me to, even though she didn’t rely on me, but I still wanted to save her. Someone who was about to be destroyed by “something”, someone who could not receive help from anyone, therefore I would take her away from Sphia’s hand.

But the way for me to reach it………As expected there was only one way which was to complete this game. “Selector of Seventh Roles”. The destiny of someone who was selected for the role of demon king in 7 roles like me was to defeat the undefeated “hero”.

However the ability of the hero was a big hinder. 《Auto Save & Load》——–A cheat type auto respawn skill. Different to the 《Force Due》of the demon king, a kind of skill that could steal a possessed item at will, but for now the only thing it had stolen was the panty of the hero. In a glance it was nothing but a useless skill.

However, I could see it. I could describe it.

All the existing information. All the entanglement in this game had tied with each other. I’d one by one untie them to finish SSR. Icy Queen———the player with high level skill like Mitsuji Koori would be a big obstacle, but overcome her and I could achieve victory.

Though, in order to do that, I needed another piece.

One. Only one but, my part could not fulfill it. Against a powerful enemy like Sphia no matter what I’d do I could not swim against the tide, just like that I’d definitely lost.


「……………Damn………that would be dirty. Even though it’s dirty I have to bear with it」

I stood up from the long bench, while muttering curse words I took out the phone. First I’d rely on the “Usage” of Harukaze, then I clicked on the phone number of one of the few people’s I saved in my contacts, taking a deep breath and started the call.

The target was about to appear.


I am cyberbrain shinki code number 2————”A failed creation”.

Just like that.

Ah, um. Even though I said that but my ability was not exactly bad, I think. Since the discovery of mysterious code number, soon after code number 1 was born, next one was that person………code number 2 was designed due to the rivalry of Oboro Tsukuyomi. A cyberbrain shinki harbored human emotion and had the special ability to interfere electrical devices.

However. Even so. I…

From the start I was created as a fault copy of code number 1, my ability could not compare to the original, because usually having bugs I had to be maintained regularly or my existence would be in danger, therefore all the time I had to bother that person———–the failure of the century.

Ahaha. Hard to believe right? If not for that person I could not survive for more than 3 days.

But, for things to become like this, it was not the problem of that person’s capacity, all was simply because I was garbage no more no less.

Right ?

Actually…….what an irony.

But no matter how ironic it was, to Oboro Tsukuyomi this was an undeniable truth. One of the leader of Sphia, a self proclaimed genius with competitive will and very arrogant, the type of people who considered himself as the best and his verbal sentence was「There’s no way I fail」

Exactly because of that nature… therefore that person could not accept it when other people completed the cyberbrain shinki before him. And I was created in that competitive, however haste lays waste, that person didn’t have the talent to handle the mysterious unidentified code number———So this failure was born.

That right, a failure.

Those in the industry could see it clearly, that I was just a puppet with a disability.

Oboro Tsukuyomi slowly became discourage after I was made. Then I was abused, insulted with poisoning cursed words. And then———he decided to do nothing but locking me up inside a small boxed world.

A lone in a lonely world with no one visited, I had been isolated completely by Sphia.

The place I was isolated…. It should’ve been around 2 years.

Ahaha. Since then onward, everyday was like hell to me. I only knew walking, walking and then walking again in this city with no one, and just like that a day ended. I’d spent hundreds of days like that.

Without any event. Ah there was. Every 3 days that person brought me under maintenance. That person———-Oboro Tsukuyomi always had to suppress his frustration when there was a meeting with Sphia’s real genius group.

That person always repress me, always looked at me with dark eyes and said.

——-A failure.

——-Because of this pathetic, worthless creation my reputation has gone down the rain.

——- It’s all because of you, because you are a piece of worthless garbage, because of you I was made fun of by them. Don’t joke with me. I am a genius. Definitely I am better than them a thousand times.

——-Even so………because of you!

Ahaha. Then why don’t you kill me off, though even how many times I thought about it I couldn’t understand. Fundamentally, I was only a slave. A convenient tool for that person to relieve his anger. This full of flaws product like me was very useful in being a “sand bag” right……..Don’t joke with me. Weren’t you the one who created me.

However———-about 3 months ago a big turn point happened in my life.

ROC. The game with the name Rule of Casters had ended out of expectation. Saying it in Sphia’s perspective, it was simply “an ura-game had ended”, but to that person it was not so. To Oboro Tsukuyomi, for ROC to have that ending was the failure of Tendou Byakuya. And even so the cyberbrain shinki he was taking care of had been stolen, a complete defeat.

So, that person had this thought.

If I could destroy Tarumi Yuunagi, the one who defeated Tendou, then I can prove that I’m the one who is “above” him.

………..Really now.

How stupid, that person was even stupider then I thought.

But no matter how degenerated that person was still the leader of Sphia. After finished determining his method, he started to act and it seemed everything was going smoothly. Agitating the third advance technology development department of Sphia. Replacing the ura-game which was planned to deploy the next game.

And, “the game which replaced” was Selector of Seventh Role——–The ura-game stage in the boxed world I was gifted.

Right before SSR started, that person called me and said.

——Hey garbage. Wake up, I’ll give you a chance.

——SSR is about to be held, go and join as one of the player.

——If you win, I’ll free you out of this box. Of course if you lose there is no downside for you. That’s the biggest concession I could give you.

——-What the, this failure cries because feeling happy.

Ahaha. Because it was interesting. My tear flowed out unconsciously. If I won, I could leave this world……….Eh, what, am I stupid? If I don’t go through maintenance I can’t survive. Even if I escaped from here I’d disappeared, but even so.

Even so———even so I was very happy.

Because this boxed world would become the stage for that game? This place would not be filled with only NPC anymore, player with their own free wills would come here? Wasn’t that wonderful. The world isolated for 2 years suddenly was liberated, to me it had a very strong appealing just like drugs.——–Therefore.

My only wish was to keep the game going until the end.

Only so.

I didn’t care about completing the game. Um, or to be more precise I didn’t want to. But I could not let anyone complete it. Win or lose, if I had to return to the life before, I must not let this game end by any means.

Therefore, right when SSR started, I planned to obstruct other players while trying to enjoy the game as much as I could. I planned to wholeheartedly praise, extolling this little world when it became more bustling.

Hey do you know. SSR is wonderful. In the data base I collected after Sphia started the ura-game, truly the invitations were only sent to the player with top tier achievement. Because feeling nervous I thought I had to prepare my counter-measure. And then I always wondered “it’ll be fun”.

Of course, amongst them there was someone I took special interest in.

Tarumi Yuunagi———the player who completed Rule of casters. Because I considered this person the enemy, I had thought this one was the biggest threat. Then I made a lot of plan to prevent him from completing the game…….Ahaha.

Even so I became him, an unexpected situation.

To be honest I was shaken. Other than that person, I didn’t know of anyone, I also didn’t hear about this strange meeting. So I became confused. I was very shock panic, when I tried to touched the face reflected in the mirror I felt a little rough on my palm.

But, if thinking deeply about this swapping, to me it was truly an advantage condition. Because if I were that person, I could easily obstruct him without too much effort. At least, such thing would become simple than ever, even if it were a strong opponent who I didn’t know about.

And then, somewhere in my heart bloomed a wicked smile….I thought so.

——-If there were something wrong, it was definitely my emotion.

Because being hurt extremely badly by that person I became very feeble. Knowing about “the world on the other side” by Tarumi’s recommendation, I was very happy, just by talking to Tarumi, Harukaze and Yukina only but deep inside my heart I felt warm.

Therefore…….when playing game with Tarumi, it was very, very fun.

At the same time I felt very sad.

Because that happiness was gate by times. A fleeting dream. Right, from the start I had always wished for it in this game.

Even so, even so to me this dream was too realistic. A blinding bright dream that I thought I was hallucinated, a dream I always wanted to hold it tight in my arms.

But I had misunderstood.

The happiness Tarumi made for me, I thought I could catch it.

Ahaha, I was an idiot. No matter how happy I was right now, if the game ended I’d to return to that place, alone all by myself, I was too happy I forgot about that thing. Chatting, playing like idiots, and with only one sentence from the “executioner” I had been dragged out of that illusory dream……Yes. This world was a game, not reality. Surely I could never take back the happiness I had in the real world ever again. Just with that sentence I’d realized, I remembered everything.

Therefore I hate it.

The faint hope of Tarumi which I had overlooked………I extremely hated it.

————Someone with a pathetic body which must be maintained periodically.

「Haa……..what am I doing.」

I leaned on the rock cliff, first of all let’s use recovery skill 《Cure》. Those violent acts today were over, I needed to find a place to rest. Moreover, different to the other day, this dress was tattered by the executioner. And now I didn’t have to care about Tarumi anymore. …….Just thinking about those beautiful time made me myself felt sad, I slapped the face which was embraced by this pink hair “bop”.

Slightly lowered my face, I started thinking about how to keep the game going to the last.

There wasn’t much time anymore, surely Selector of Seventh Role——–SSR was in the late game period. As the priest and executioner had deserted, that had the same meaning as the revolutionary was very close to victory. Moreover, it seemed the tracker had gathered quite a decent amount of pt when lending the judge her hiding skill. By now it must be close to 9000 point.

「Am I mistaking something」

I tried to contemplate SSR with this bird brain of mine…….I surely had prevent Tarumi from finding pt right, um. Receiving the cooperation of the strongest player Tarumi Yuunagi, I had obstructing him from his quest of completing the game. The strategies I developed from before the game started, I think I had executed it very well. Even so it had become useless.

「If, if from the start I’d told everything to Tarumi then…. um. It’s not possible.」

Ahaha, while smile wryly, I stared at the device, which I had cut communication to the other world with listless eyes. This device would never have another incoming call.

Moreover————–I was also at my limit in this “prolong” game. PVP battle would soon happen.

And so SSR would come to an end. At the same time, my short happiness would also end.

「But……… Anyways I had my fun……….it’ll probably be fine」

Leaning my back to the rocky cliff I sat flat down, self mumbling.

………..In truth nothing was fine. Completely nothing could be said as fine.

Even though spending a few days with Tarumi but I was very happy, because of that I wanted to swim inside that dream forever. But I knew it was impossible. Because I knew it I didn’t welcome it. Because even if I welcomed it, it would be useless.

「Ahaha. Moreover, that’s right. Whether or not I give up the game would end. Therefore——–」

「————That’s not going to happen」

「……………Eh ?」

Suddenly there was a voice interrupted while I was monologuing in despair, couldn’t say anything, I only rounded my eyes in surprise. And then, I immediately notice. There was a silver haired beauty standing in front of me since who knows when.

「E-to. Just, a little. A-no, wait a little bit…………Ke-ho」

Hands on her knees, she was breathing heavily “haa, haa”, a while later her sweating face looked up at me and smiled gently.

「Thank you, I’ve calmed down………Ehehe. I was a bit worry. It’s just that back in ROC, because I was the one being looked for so I felt a little fresh being the one who’s looking.」


「But, I’ve found you. Finally I’ve found you」

The one speaking while confronting me was———–Harukaze.

The cyber brain shinki code number 5 that was deprived by Tarumi  from Tendou Byakuya through ROC. Because of that situation, in fact I was very jealous and always thought of her as an enemy. But unknowingly when staying with her I felt very comfortable, I could not hate her………..Such a strange girl.

She continued to speak while smiling gently.

「That won’t do, Suzuka-san. If you give up now it’d be a waste. However, as someone who knows only of running and running in ROC like me speaking these words is a little weird」

「Wai, wait a minute………..How could you be here in SSR? Isn’t that strange. You have to go through ura-game to get access to this world——-」

「Ehehe, you’re right. I only jump over to this side for a bit. With the power of cyber brain shinki code number 5, my body could rewrite my own setting. ……..Actually right now I’m a seasoned player and very strong.」

「Ah……speaking of which you have that special ability」

I knew that, but my voice starting to become rougher. I knew why Harukaze was here but I could not stop the harsh way that I spoke.

「….Hm. No matter what I will not change my mind. Though what can you know? I’m not going to giving up or anything. From the start I had no intention of fighting back. Since the beginning there was nothing to begin.」

「There’s no such thing. Not at all. Because wasn’t Yuunagi-san there. Wasn’t he with you!」

「What then……….! Really now, what’s this, you believe in him that much. Listen, I know Tarumi is a great player. But, I don’t care about it. It’s irrelevant! Even if he completed SSR it would have——–」

「Eh ? A, a-no, you’re mistaken, Suzuka-san.」

「——-no meaning, ………..what now, Harukaze. What do you mean?」

Suddenly interrupting my words, Harukaze titled her head in puzzlement.

However for some reason, she started raising her right hand index finger and puff her chest conceitedly.

「E-hem, there’s no such thing. Yuunagi-san is not a great player or anything. Ah, of course he’s really good at turning the table, but that’s something normal for veteran players right. ……But Yuunagi-san’s “nature”  isn’t it.」

「……….then what is it?.」

「Ehehe. About that.」

Vaguely saying it Harukaze closed her face to mine. Those eyes were glittering with light as if they were precious treasures. Not paying any heed to me who was being suppressed by the overwhelming heat, she just continued to close the distance like that.

And then she started saying lightly.

「It must be——stubbornness right」

Even though I remained silent, even though I didn’t answer she still gently continue speaking.

「Yuunagi-san would never give up. No matter how tough it is, he would never accept defeat. The same back when rescuing me in ROC. Maybe he was at a disadvantage, maybe we were at the edge of despair but those things were completely irrelevant. He will “play the role of hero” until the final moment.」

「………But that’s you two story. However I always hinder Tarumi. I’ve decided to not let him comeback anymore.」

「A-no, Suzuka-san. Do you really think so?」

Being looked at by the stare tinged with a little mischievousness left me with no option other than looking away and groaned 「Gulp」………..Actually I didn’t know. What myself wanted to act, or what I would do, in the end the feeling of not wanting to be abandoned in me was always held back by Tarumi.


Harukaze once again smiled to me who remained silent——-then she clasped her hands together as if praying.

「Just for a while. Please listen to me about the story of Yuunagi-san. Please? Onee-chan.」


The eye burning sunlight was about to set and made way for the incoming night.

In the room of the house in the urban area, I made a promise to meet with someone.

Although I didn’t understand much about that silent appearance, but at the very least he didn’t look annoyed to some degree. The one who came here with him was Ruri-senpai——-Because it was outside of school that one was now in the guise of a suspicious person with her hooded coat, flat chest and black hair———Just appeared behind me, she had became puzzled, restless.

「He, hey you. What do you want suddenly called me here?)」

「(Eh? Ah….sorry, senpai. It’s a long story, first of all just suck on your candy and please look at this)」

「(… lately, I feel like I’m treated with less respect. It’s like being looked down upon.)」

Gentle taking out the lollipop from her coat pocket, senpai continued to suck on it like always. After suffering her complaints from behind, once again I turned and looked at that figure. Taking a deep breath then I said.

「——–There’s something I want your help with」


The man’s attitude didn’t change, however only for a little he did knit his eyebrows in doubt. Well, if I said it vaguely of course he wouldn’t understand. I continued my words.

「………….First of all.」

However at that moment, there was a strange noise suddenly sounded and blew away the silent in this space.

It was the vibration of the cell phone. “ii—,ii—” that sounds as if being strangled in the pocket kept on its muffling noise. Maybe it was better to ignore it in this situation but……The man standing in front of me gave signal as if wanting to say 「quickly take it out」.

Therefore, I had to put my hand in the pocket and take out the phone.

「Moshi moshi」

『A, moshi moshi Yuunagi-san』

「…….Harukaze? What is it」

『E-to………Something like this. I logged in the SSR world like Yuunagi-san asked and somehow I found Suzuka-san but……convincing her is a little difficult』

「Ah, and so you called me」

『No, it’s just…..this is a little hard to say, right now Suzuka-san is in the absolute stubborn mode. She doesn’t want to contact or talk to Yuunagi-san. She’s really hard headed…….Um』

「…….Then what should I do? If she doesn’t want to talk then I don’t know what to do.」

『Listen, Yuunagi-san! I thought carefully. And finally I realized. Ehehe, it’s a very good idea.——-Yuunagi-san, can you log in SSR right now?』

「Eh? …….I could still log in? Ah no, even if I could log in, but in the end it was only switching, I could not meet Suzuk——-」

『It’s okay! Don’t worry just try it, Yuunagi-san. I said it’s okay then it’ll be okay! Teehee!』

…… To be honest, I was feeling extremely anxious.

Extremely, but———-however Harukaze had declared strongly so let’s try it and see.

「Understood. I’ll be right there」

Heaving a quiet sigh, I spoke briefly to Ruri-senpai and the man standing in front of my face, after that I tap SSR’s icon.


「……..I see, it’s a good idea」


The one who let out that word in surprise when I had just logged in was not Harukaze, it was Suzuka.

Without saying anything, I stared at my body. The chest which was a little smaller than Suzuka’s, the skirt with frill, beautiful silver hair as if it was ultimate high class silk.

No way around it——–right now I was in Harukaze’s body.

Even though I was a little surprise and didn’t understand much about this phenomenon, but with just a little thought I could get the gist of it. Maybe when I logged in Harukaze had used her cyberbrain shinki power and rewrite the setting on herself but not Suzuka. Now I was facing Suzuka thanks to this cheat plan.

Really, what a powerful princess.

「Wh, what is it Harukaze ?」

While smiling wryly, I approached Suzuka who was in doubt………It seemed, this was the first time I confronted her. I felt a little anxious.

「You looked as if you were changing your attitude……..Is it because, because I refuse to meet Tarumi so you became angry?」

「No, not that. It was true I was a little hurt but not to that degree」

「? I understand why if you were angry but why are you hurt. I don’t get it. Aren’t you a bit too synchronized with Tarumi?」

「Synchronized. …….Maa, it is so. 」

「Eh, you agree to it? I was only poking fun at you for a little」

「No no, because I am Tarumi」

「What are you saying, that’s funny」

Damn, I’m not a clown.

Heaving a long sigh I explained the situation to Suzuka who was laughing without understanding anything. The ability to rewrite setting of Harukaze. It could even rewrite the partner.

After listening to it, Suzuka’s facial expression turned pale.

「Eh, then don’t tell me…. you are, Tarumi ?」

「I just said that」


Being silent after my answer, Suzuka was trembling while turning her face away. Her facial expression hidden behind her long hair was a series of confuse, puzzle. Had Harukaze’s persuasion taken its affect, at least for now she didn’t look like she was avoiding me.

However, in the next moment——-a shinny blade was sheathed in front of my eyes.


「Wh………..why did you dodge it!?」

「How could I not dodge it, you’re trying to kill me!」

「Shut up! Shut up shut up! I said I didn’t want to talk with you! What the hell are you trying to do!? I thought I was talking to the kind Harukaze, and suddenly here you are! Looks like you changing to girl like changing clothes!」

「About that I can’t really retort!? But the problem of switching I also feel embarrassed you know!」

「I don’t know! Resolve yourself——-after killing you I’ll die as welllllllllll!」

Spitting out those words in agony, Suzuka swung the short blade———the weapon I picked up from the executioner.


Timing right and approached Suzuka, I put my hand on her shoulder in that goth loli dress and pulled her in close, we were face to face as if embracing each other.


Suzuka let out a small groan, then she lost balance andtfumbled at me. “Pomp”, her face bury in Harukaze’s (my) breasts. Her pink hair spread out. Her breathing was rough, not saying anything, a while after that face looked up and looked at me with red eyes as if about to cry.

「You…what are you doing, even dying you would not let me? You evils」

Her breathing, her voice and even the hand touching her cheek, at this point I realized our postures weren’t right. After removing the weapon on Suzuka’s hand, if someone looked from the outside definitely they would see us as nothing but a flirting yuri couple. My thought slowly became paralyzed because of the sweet scents from the girl’s body.

「N, not like that…. However, it would be too much if we both die. Because you are cyberbrain shinky so the dead in game doesn’t mean disappearing. The same as Harukaze, someone who was threatened extremely badly back in ROC like her had the setting of “role after being killed in game”」

「…….. That’s right for Harukaze’s situation」


「That’s Harukaze’s situation…….Because she’s the most advance model designed by Tendou Byakuya, so in all condition, she definitely had implanted resurrection of personality or defense system. Therefore, for Harukaze to disappear is something that would never happen. But …..I am different」


I questioned her sad tone Suzuka——-though somewhere in my head just thought “so that’s it huh”. Safely stayed in my arms, Suzuka bloomed a wry smile. Wanting to smile but could not, her haggard face was as if feeling extremely frightened and despair.

「I’m different to her…….Ahaha, that’s of course」

Taking a deep breath she started confessing things which she held deep inside her for so long.

「——Because I am a fail creation! Even though I am also a cyberbrain shinky but, the failure me is completely different from Harukaze !!」

Those confided words from Suzuka was as if she wanted to lament.

Days after days she wanted to be released from her owner’s oppression, Oboro Tsukuyomi. Relying on SSR had been like a drug to help her escape reality. Even completing SSR or not to her didn’t have any meaning, she was trying her best to prolong the game as much as possible.

Hugging my body tightly, Suzuka continued speaking in trembling voice.

「In truth, after SSR started I was very happy. Even in game or in the other world..…even though it was nothing big but I was happy. Even so!

It was just a fake happiness that I could never reach!

SSR was everything to me, but after coming to your world I realized this artificial world was so small!

You really should give up……after the game ended I would be lonely again, alone in here. If so then I would better not knowing about the other world. Even though how much I could freely scream in SSR, but it would not be an empty shell if I knew about that world.

Escapism maybe is the thing I need the most right now, only for a little but it’ll make me feel a little relieved……….I’m scared, I could not talk directly to that person, therefore I just need to be quietly alone.

You showed me happiness! You allowed me to sink in that dream!

Therefore………that’s enough. Don’t make me shaken anymore than this. To me that’s more than enough. It’s too cruel if I know about the happiness that I could not reach. Therefore, just leave me alone.」


「….Tarumi ? Hey, what are u hesitating for? Although I don’t know why you wanted to save me but, I said I didn’t want your help. It’s alright, I didn’t ask you anything. From the start……., that’s right. From the start this worthless me wasn’t worth saving, so just leave me be.」

Saying those self hurting words, Suzuka started crying.

Supporting her back with my left arm——-I put my right hand to my nape and lost in thoughts.

……There were a lot I have to think about. Suzuka’s situation. Oboro Tsukuyomi’s plan. And the target of simply prolong the game, to her it was only days gated by time.

A failure——–Suzuka had self assessed herself like that. Ah no, although I didn’t know if she truly thought so, but surely because she was yelled at too much she became obsessed. Behind that pompous act was her true personality that she hid.

Because she was a failure she needed to be maintained regulary.

Because she was a failure her death in SSR also meant her disappearance.

Because she was a failure she didn’t need anyone saving her.


Anger boiling in my chest……Aa, what a rot. This damn GM wanted to brain wash people or something, if I didn’t give him a better I could not feel easy. I could not suppress this anger.

Therefore——Ah, right.

First of all, I had to help this selfish demon king to calm down.

「………..Hey, Suzuka.」

After I spoke, I felt her small body twitch once.

「I heard all your confession. I think I understand the situation. ……..But I don’t understand why I’m hated. Why I’m rejected」

「Wh…….what. That’s of course? Because you show me a dream I could not reach. It’s really no different from a lousy scammer. Therefore I hate you!」

「I asked which point….…Really now, listen?」

Slowly bend my body, I approach Suzuka’s face. Our forehead touched. The light pink soft hair and wonderful silver hair was intertwining. Beyond the closing distance, we were in the state of contact which our hearts beat matched. However, I didn’t feel embarrassed and continued saying.

「Is it from the start you thought I would be the one completing SSR and was on your guard? If it was so why did you do it?」

「………Th, that…….because, you are」

「Because I completed ROC? Or because Tsukuyomi has an eye on me? Suppose it’s as you said, but isn’t that overestimate me too much」


「Got it, Suzuka. From the start I had placed my bet on you and challenged this game. From the start other than you, I didn’t even care about anything else. Taking responsibility for showing you hope? Don’t be stupid, even though I was not forced I still joined this terrible game. And once I joined  of course I had to show my skill. I will complete it perfectly without making any mistake even if it were 1 millimeter.」


「Therefore, retract your decision. I could not feel please about it.——-Fake happiness? Unreachable fiction? Bullshit. If you thought so then from the start you wouldn’t switch with me. I’m here to “steal” you back. If you said lately you were very happy, then that’s not fake happiness, it’s simply a future loan. Just take it, don’t need to feel shy」


Her strong red eye started leaking tears, Suzuka cling to me as if losing her strength.

Maybe this was the first moment she shown her “weak side”.

Maybe this was the first moment she considered me as partner.

—–And then, after a few minutes.


Regaining her calm, Suzuka took a deep breath and separate from me, using her gothic loli sleeves to wipe away the tears. Calling it calm but her expression was still quite listless, a facial expression which was not good to show others.

Even so, she let out a smile on her lips.

Suzuka smiled strongly while the tears lingered on her cheeks.


Staring into my eyes with her red eyesight, then she puffed out her chest, hands on her hips, making a posture as if a god and said.

「If so then I will not give up. I’ll try hard for a little more.」

「That’s a good answer」

After hearing her answer, unconsciously I laughed wholeheartedly, a smile which didn’t suit this bishoujo appearance. I patted Suzuka’s head in front of me. Though she didn’t appear refusing or anything only turned away shyly with a little red face.

「………Now then.」

While gazing at Suzuk’s appearance, I self spoke these poisonous words inside my brain.

——Hey, Oboro Tsukuyomi. If you were more of a shittier GM than Tendou …

Maybe you’ll win, but unfortunately, I’m not someone who would give up tôi easily. No matter how absurd the situation, how close the winning chance is, only until the game is over, I will never give up the fight………therefore.

Just sit there and prepare yourself.

《Selector of Seventh Role: 4th day – time past: half way. 》

《Demon King: 1344 pt. Hero: 3900 pt. Revolutionary: 2831 pt. Executioner: Deserted. Judge: 1080 pt. Tracker: 9038 pt. Priest: Deserted》

《Role winning condition – progressing》

《Revolutionary: Completed the desertion of executioner – priest. One role remains——Tracker.

Tracker: 962 pt more to complete the winning condition.》

-Suzuka: Hey, you.

About that how many percentage was you serious?

-Yuunagi: What now…… not any percentage, I was just completely serious.

If I had any intentions of giving up I wouldn’t join from the start.

-Suzuka: Ah that’s not what I meant. It’s that, you said it right? Like you only care about me.

Was that a proposal?

-Yuunagi: Ha—haa!?

No way, are you stupid!? That was just me going with the flow! In that situation I only lost control of myself for a little.

-Suzuka: There you go again, keep on being shy. Kufufu, Harukaze will be sad you know?

Anyways, flirting with girls because losing self control, as expected Tarumi is the lowest!

Lowest, flirtatious——–,……. but.

-Yuuangi: ? But what?

-Suzuka: ………

Just for a little but.

I was very happy. …….Thank you.

-Yuunagi: ………..alright.

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