Assassin Pride Volume 2 Chapter 7

LESSON: VII ~Laughing darkness and creeping shadow~


Shenfa Zwitoque who arrived to the throne space late grimaced unpleasantly at the scene awaited her. The glass floor and pillars were split and tore as traces of a fierce decisive battle. At the middle of it, heartwarmingly the blonde and silver hair fairies were hugging each other.

──No, to be precise the blonde hair was one-sidedly holding the sobbing silver hair.

What had become of the battle result……Looking at the states of those two, it was clear as daylight.


At the voice that caught up with her from behind, while still drawing the sword she turned back. Daisy June was raising the staff and Pris Auguste was aiming the musket’s pistol. Shenfa raised the sword, and all at once it hit each of their weapons.

They weren’t fighting. While pretending to fight, they exchanged private talk in sword crossing postures. After signaling with her eyes the state inside the throne space, Daisy while dripping with cold sweat complained.

「What, what should we do one-sama! Elise-sama had lost!」

「How absurd……for that Elise-sama to fall behind in the one on one……」

Pris too bit her teeth. In return for this second year group cooperation in the selection matches, they had demanded Mrs Othello who was serving as Elise’s educator some kind of compensation. The girls. who lost sight of their reward, were surely didn’t take in consideration the risk of being held reliable for their responsibilities.

Shenfa was different.

Her objective wasn’t to support Elise, but was to not let Melida stand out. If one in a thousand chances Melida were elected as Luna Lumiere, when such case happened, not only inside the academy, but also the neighboring training schools’ students would also focus on her.

Then she had to avoid it. The reason was──

Because if Shenfa’s expectation were correct, the rank Melida was holding 《shouldn’t be known to the public》. Since the time when she had observed the battles at the public tournament last semester, Shenfa had a faint hunch. As she kept accompanying her special training for one month, she had clearly ascertained that unpleasant feeling.

While she was the back bone of the main knight duke house, Melida’s rank that she was housing mayhap was Paladin n ……────

From her home tutor Kufa Vanpier too, she could catch sight of him occasionally trying to hide it. Shenfa had the same sentiment. Such a scandal, if worrying about Melida’s welfare it shouldn’t be public right now yet.

Therefore, Shenfa announced herself to be Melida’s unit member in order to hold her back. Spilling Melida’s strategy to the opposing competing opponent Keira in the second trial, cooperating with Daisy and Pris in the third trial, she set up the stage for the one on one fight of the Angel sisters.

If she did that then definitely, Melida would be defeated, as Shenfa had judged. When the vote for Luna Lumiere seat lowered to the utmost limit, in compensation for the sadness and frustration of the brave underclassman, Melida’s self safety would be secured for the time being──it should have been so.


「Melida-san……You’re truly a try hard who exceeded my expectation」

While harboring complicated thoughts, Shenfa stared fixedly at the beautiful blonde girl. Her and her home tutor Kufa had entirely pushed aside all adversities. Contrast to Shenfa’s arranged predicament, this could very well result in the support for Melida to increase.

Now that it came to this……Shenfa looked down at the medal attached on her chest. She confirmed that it worth one point, then whispered to the group of two second years who were still being flustered.

「This will be a rough method, but let’s continue this melee. I will cut down Elise-san, you two will aim at Melida-san. If you see an opportunity then snatch their medal……no, destroy it. If you do that then essentially they will fall off from this battle──」


At that moment.

An innocent voice resounded, while still keeping the posture of sword locking, Shenfa, Daisy and Pris blankly looked at each other. The one who said was, none of them.

Three of them all at once looked back at the owner of that voice.


† † †


A little earlier──

Here was the wall of the《Closed school tower》surrounded the glassmond palace, on the watch tower built at its corner.

The boy in military uniform who had stepped up the stair to the highest floor plainly announced.

「──This is checkmate」

The one whom he directed that at was the black hair little girl who was fixing her eyes downward. Cladding in St. D’Autriche girl institute’s uniform, she let the hem of her skirt flutter in the wind.

With an expression of having found something interesting, she turned back and said.

「A-ra……Am I exposed?」

「Your vile scheme ends here, lady」

「Oh my. I thought I had done it very well though」

While slightly closing their distance, Kufa realized his own uncomfortable feeling didn’t exceed absurd fear. Almost the same as he had acknowledged. She stuck out her tongue mischievously, her figure showed no sign of feeling guilty, however, indirectly her whole body was tensed. ── she was prepared for battle.

Kufa drew the black katana scabbard on his left hand, and the hilt on his right, slowly he opened the space between his feet.

「Meekly submit the result of your harvest to me. Or else……」

「Or else what?」

The reply was the howl of wind.

In the blink of an eye, the black hair girl was pinned down with her face upward. Almost at the same time, a sharp metal sound appeared. Even without catching the other’s attention Kufa closed in on her with speed, and stabbed the katana at the stone floor.

At its tip, the leather bag that was hanging from her shoulder was stitched to the floor.

「……a gentleman is still a pushy living thing huh?」

Ignoring the girl whose expression didn’t lost its calmness, Kufa knitted his eyebrows at the metal plump that peeked out from the torn bag. Its usage was still unclear. However for some reasons ── it had the smell of high class items.

In the White Night Calvary regimen (Guild Jack Raven) that completely devoted to utility, had he ever seen this kind of equipments.

「Nee somehow my heart……is beating fast. This is the first time I stuck close to another man. Aa, what kind of punishment shall I receive from you?」

The black hair girl being pinned down extended her arm toward Kufa in the posture of being covered by him. At the feeling of touch from the frightening palm that stroke the nape of his neck, Kufa’s back felt cold sweat.

「……until when do you intend to keep up this act」

「Ufufu……I have a little interest in this you know. Now then, what will you do? If you overlook this I’ll give you a discount server with the most of my ability you know?」

「You want to keep on this flirting?」

At the same time Kufa pulled out the katana, a flash appeared. He stopped the weapon coming from his blind spot. The spark that shined in the darkness for an instance lighted up the smile of the girl swinging the weapon with her right hand.

「A-ra, how regrettable」

The girl didn’t brag about her ability, looking at the weapon she was grasping, Kufa greatly stared at it.


Her slender arm held a thick claymore which wasn’t fitting her appearance. Even for the one proficient at all the low rank class specialty like Madea, Kufa had never seen her using this special weapon even once.

Bad hunch rapidly rose, immediately after that.

From the body of the girl lying upward, pitch black mana flew up.

And this time Kufa doubted his own eyes. He didn’t doubt her mana pressure. But from the contact area of the blade, the blue flame (mana) that Kufa clad on the katana was being blown away little by little.

Dispersing the opponent’s mana, and ate it, this was the《drain attack》. The transcendental unusual power like this, the lower class like Sword man (Fencer), Militant (Gladiator), Samurai, Dancing Shrine Maiden (Maiden), Clown (Joker), Musketeer (Gunnar), Magician (Wizard), Shinto Priest (Cleric) ── none of them fit the description.

Kufa immediately flew back, put the sword on the floor, and knelt one knee down.

「Par, pardon my rudeness! Your name is……!?」

「A-ra? After you know me you won’t do anything anymore?」

As the little girl looking unexpected raised her body, while still having her legs stretched out slovenly she bowed to greet.

「My name is Mule La Moore. The daughter of one of the three great knight duke house La Moore that inherits the rank of《Demon Knight (Diablos》」

「As I thought, Demon Knight (Diablos)……!!」

The agent from White Night Calvary regiment (Guild Jack Raven) whom Kufa was targeting, Black Madea, her rank was《Joker》. Its ability was degeneration mimicking (Learning) the special power of the seven lower classes, except for the higher classes.

If so, then the suspected one inside more than three hundred people consist of both Frideswide and D’Autriche student, was actually ──

Not the disguise of Black Madea!!

Immediately after that. From below the observing platform, screams of girl students as if they were being cut off resounded.

Kufa and the black hair girl Mule raised their faces, at the same time noticed. The almost transparent and colorlessness of the glassmond palace which should be maintained all of a sudden was wrapped inside an ominous blood color.

While it was a matter of fact, the state inside had already become impossible to see. Although the thought of this was one of the trial’s event crossed the mind for an instant, but the yell raised by headmaster Blamange on the guest seat pulled Kufa’s optimist thought back to the hard reality.

「Calm down! Everyone calm down! Don’t stood up from your seat!」

The lecturers serving as security too, was running around trying to restrain the panicking girl students. There was no doubt that something irregular had happened.

「They got me……! I really had made an unthinkable misunderstanding…………Please pardon me!」

After he quickly bowed to Mule, with the sword still naked Kufa turned his body.

Not even trying to stop Kufa who was dashing down the spiral stair like the wind, Mule saw him off. She looked somewhat joyful tidied up her uniform and hair which was roughly pushed to the ground and was a little disordered.

「Well, how lucky. I thought I would be killed」

Satisfyingly she curved her glossy lips up, once again she turned back.

The flame gushed up from the glass palace ominously started to lighten the lightless light.


† † †



At the kouhai little girl who called out to them at the entrance of the throne space, Shenfa looked down with an expression as if being attacked when unguarded. It was her unit member, Nerva Martillo.

As she was Melida’s close friend, it was natural that she didn’t know of Shenfa’s complicated conflict. While she pondering on how to gloss it over, she aimlessly opened her mouth.

「Nerva-san, leave this to me. You should, that’s right, about the guarding glass pets around here──」

「You’re in the way」

Immediately after.

As Nerva’s right hand moved as if a mist, Shenfa’s figure disappeared.

A moment later, from far away a thunderous sound appeared. Finding whatever happened before their own eyes hard to believe the second years group Daisy’s and Prise’s neck at the same time directed at the source of the sound.


The onee-sama that all of Frideswide student admired had half of her body buried in the glass wall, and coughed out fresh blood. Her tall body twitched violently, and powerlessly fell to the floor.

「O, nee, sama……!?」

「What have you──」

Daisy and Pris too who were continuously yelled all were all at once sent flying back.

From the girls who were spinning while flying in the air, pieces of medal burst and flew, then dropped to the ground. The two of them hit the wall at the same times, and let out repeated impact sounds. Certainly Melida and Elise also noticed the abnormality, they raised their faces and focus their eyes to the entrance of the throne space.


Over there, cladding in martial training attire (battle dress), there was the figure of her classmate waving the mace. At the tip of her palm, a mass of iron was smashed up. She looked at the hilt which was used as weapon, and snored her nose in boredom.

「How fragile……you call this learning with these toys, make me laugh」

Throwing away the useless weapon, she walked over to Melida’s group. While showily turning she put on the black color military uniform she carried under her arm. She pulled the hood down below her eyes, then inserted her palm inside her face which was hidden, and vigorously tore it off.

Seeing the skin color《Mask》tossed to the ground, Melida’s whole body jumped in surprise.

「You’re not, Nerva!?」

Immediately after, from the slender military figure ominous mana flame gushed up. The terrific pressure was equal to that of Melida’s teacher, Kufa. The strong wind that flew out fluttered the sisters’ blonde and silver hair.

The Nerva imposter raised her hand above her head, next, in one go she slammed the floor.

From her palm, dark red light instantly spread out. Covering the floor, licking the wall, and even the roof was covered in the color of blood. The mysterious world of glass in a blink of an eye transformed into a scene right out of a nightmare.

Out of nowhere from the high roof, lightly black memos fluttered down.

『With this』『No one』『Will interfere』

The three memos with those words written gazed before Melida’s eyes, and then burned away.

Bathing in the blood colored light that lighted up the floor, the enigmatic black figure slowly stood up.

『I’m tired of waiting』『for this moment』『Angel sisters』

『His secret that』『you’re keeping』『all』『will be revealed』

Just like sliding, the black one dashed out. She swung the long sword’s hilt at her left waist, unsheathed it.


Just before that Elise threw herself at Melida, as they got entangled they tumbled on the floor. The space in which Melida should have been, a sharp sword flash mowed down. At the same time, a sword slashing sound that made hair stand on end resound.

The thing that the enemy was waving was the genuine killer’s weapon. Its sharpness and mana conductivity were certainly much higher than the mock battle weapons which Melida’s group used as students. If they touched it they’d be cut, if they were stabbed at weak point they’d surely die.

From the corner of the hood her eyes were looking at them, at the same time black memos waveringly dropped down to their visual field.

『That was dangerous』『Don’t move』『Recklessly』

『If I missed』『the spot』『I might kill you』

「Wha, what are you doing!?」

She didn’t answer, the insane black figure swung the mace of the gladiator class with her left hand, together with a simple step she struck down. Immediately after she rolled back with Elise, the mace stuck to the glass floor, and pulverized it. The blood color mana that was put into the pommel vigorously made the floor explode.

『I won’t break you』『I only want』『your blood』

「Ha, haa!?」

『Even though you’re at that age』『you didn’t awaken your mana』『incompetent gifted girl』

『Right now』『suddenly you budded』『that secret』

──Must be exposed.


With that soundless and wordless sentence, Melida’s spine froze.

The lid of her memories opened, the vow with her home tutor was resurrected. The secret guilty feeling concerning her own rank was not something should be revealed before they achieved result that could off-set it.

While still falling on her backside, Melida unconsciously drew back.

Immediately after, inside the throne space two gunshot sounds roared.

The black figure skillfully repelled numerous bullet lines that flew at her. When Melida lifted her head in surprised, standing at the door while holding two pistol, Keira Espada’s figure could be seen. At her side, two figure of D’Autriche’s students who appeared to be her unit members were also present.

「Oya oya, are we having another surprise? Surely you won’t mind if I complain that right」

Bravely cutting in the fuse Keira looked around the disastrous scene of the throne space. Three Frideswide was shredding blood and fallen on the floor, amongst them was the last year Luna Lumiere’s figure……She knitted her handsome eyebrows, the D’Autriche’s《Prince》tightened her gallant mouth.

「It seems this isn’t a place for jokes──Melida Angel!」

With a twitch, she reacted to Melida, Keira fearlessly lifted the edge of her mouth.

「You two stand aside. It’s time to pay back for the second trial!」

「Please be careful, Keira-sama! That is──」

「The second prey will be that black one! Let’s go, everyone!!」

Without time for Melida to warn them, Keira dashed out like a keen and nimble beast. Her unit members let out battle cries, from both sides of their leader they followed suit.

The black figure holding killer weapons on both hand lightly raised her body.

『I only』『have business』『with Angel』

『Get off the stage』『you minor role』『prince』

Immediately after, the sound of gunshot that was several times greater than just now shook the wide room. Without time to tremble, exceeding the speed of sound the mana bullet came flying blown away the pistol on both of Keira’s hand.


Keira opened her mouth wide, then without a moment’s delay round blades passed through her side. Her unit member who was a maiden class took the hit directly, as she used the weapon as a shield she was blown backward.

The black figure with speed that couldn’t be capture with the eyes, had thrown the chakram with her left hand. Next, in the palm of her right hand which was held high, she swung the wizard class’s long staff.

At the blinking tip, magic bullets surged out. Almost at the same time, this time from her left side the scream of her classmate resounded.

Her whole body that had been shot at, the wizard unit member crestfallenly tumbled down from her knees. Fortunately they were not at the state of having blood spilt injuries, but it was not a problem at that level.

The《Prince》’s knee trembled like a fawn, and fell down on her back with unseen pressure.

「Wha……wha wha, what the heck is that guy……!?」

What she should be frightened off was not only just the overwhelming status. She skillfully used and changed the revolver from the gunner class like Keira, the charkam and long staff that her unit members used, and crushed their pride directly.

The enigmatic black figure calmly walked, from the tips of her nails something was kicked hard.

It was the medal which was the objective target of the third trial of the Luna Lumiere selection matches. They were blown off from the chest of Keira’s two unit member, and tumbled to her feet.

The black figure raised her feet irritated, and crushed it.

『I’ll』『give you』『the mark of』『despair』


Keira twitched her throat, at that moment, a noble wind rushed in before her eyes.


It was the previous year Luna, Shenfa Zwitoque. Together with a shrieking shout she swung the long sword hard, and clashed the mace the black figure was holding high. With all her strength she repelled it. Together with waving hair as if dancing, fresh blood that scattered around hit Keira’s cheeks.

She was already seriously wounded. While still supporting the sword she called out behind her.

「Melida-san, the enemy’s target is you right!?」


Looking from a distance Melida showily swallowed her breath. The cousin beside her sent her a gaze.

The former Luna Lumiere strong gaze pierced the underclassmen.

「Fall back!!」

Having said so, Shenfa blocked the way of the black figure. In the time Keira found it hard to follow their intention, Melida and Elise nodded to each other, and ran off from the throne space.

『Since you』『chose』『the hard way』『until now』

『I won’t』『let you』『escape』

While cladding on the burnt and fallen memos, the black figure dashed out. Although Shenfa immediately raised the tip of the sword, but all she could do was standing. From her arm blood was dripping, and she was trembling bit by bit.

The black figure lightly brush off her enemy’s weapon, with one turn she released a roundhouse kick. Being kicked at her temporal region, Shenfa Zwitoque was blown to the glass floor.

Giving her a glance, however not even paying any attention to Keira’s existence she averted her eyes.

『Until』『he come here』『I have to』『finish this』

The memo which meaning she couldn’t understand fell down and burnt away in front of Keira’s eyes, in that moment, the black figure focused on pursuing the Angel sisters. The black one dashed out of the big door before one could say a.

Keira who was being left alone dumbfounded looked around at the little girls fell flat down in the throne space.

「Seriously, this year selection matches……what the hell is wrong with it?」

On the chest of the girl who unconsciously let out a curse, the medal vainly lightened.


「Is she chasing us!?」

While dashing through the glass hallway with all their might, Melida yelled. At the same time catching up to her with the same speed, while holding the long sword Elise swung back to peak behind.

「I don’t see her. Maybe we lost her」

「Onee-samas are holding her back for us! Taking this opportunity we should──」

It was immediately after that. From the road turn suddenly a human figure flew out, making Melida’s heart jumped out.


Together the screams came out, just before crashing at each other right in front they both stopped their feet.

The other side was the very familiar figure of the chestnut hair tied in a drill twin tails classmate.

「Nerva!……the real one?」

「How rude, of course I’m real!! I was suddenly attacked by some stranger in the changing room!」

Looking at her, she wasn’t in her martial art training attire (battle dress), but the normal uniform. She gripped her favorite mace as if clinging to it, and unpleasantly looked around the scene of the completely changed glassmond palace.

「When I woke up it’s like this, and when I tried to ask the glass pet they attack me, I’m completely lost……just what is happening? And what about the trial?」

「Sorry, but there is no time to explain right now, or should I say this is not the place for it either」


Right after shouting, suddenly Elise pushed down Melida and Nerva.

Immediately after, the wall of the hall way exploded.

A high pitch, ear splitting sound of glass breaking echoed across. Kicking the pieces in the way, from the large hole opened on the wall, the brutal black figure appeared before Melida’s group nonchalantly.

『A-ra』『your friend』『increased』

『I’ll』『pinch and crush』『you all』

As the memos with that written entered her vision, Melida pulled up her classmate.


The three students dashed away to the opposite direction of the attacker. While violently shaking their limbs with an almost crying face, Nerva shouted.

「I so want to hit myself for participating in this!」

The black figure Madea didn’t even try to pursue franticly. As if saying there was no need for it, she let her preys run away as much as they like, then finally she kicked the floor.

『I’ll show you』『the overwhelming different』『of our statuses』

Together with the memo that no one had read burnt and fell down, lightly she stepped out.

The black figure’s silhouette became the wind, gazed the floor and flew at them. In the time to say “a” she had caught up from behind, barely turned back Nerva who had come here prepared herself for the worst.

「Alright, fine! I’ll accompany you until the end!!」

She pushed the Angel sisters’ back, and stood in the way of the black figure. From the side of her who raised the mace over head ── after she said it, with mist-like speed a black wind passed through.

『You’re slow』

Just like a parting gift the memo danced, at the same time the tip of the mace was smashed up. The hardly noticed attack slammed Nerva to the wall, powerlessly she crumbled down to the floor.


Pushing the blonde cousin who was yelling to the stair, this time Elise stood on the way. Before on could say “a” Medea had approached before her eyes, purposely not using her weapon she unleashed an attack.

The ax kick knocked down the long sword, just like a stream her palm heel successively hit hard on the shoulder. Because of the blow at her vital point on her small body, the silver hair 《Paladin》was blown to the end of the hallway.

『Your』『weak point』

『had already』『been show』『you know』

Releasing the posture of hand-to-hand combat, Madea immediately kicked the handrail of the stair. As she landed at the base of the lower floor, she made the long sword danced freely with smoke-like speed. As the stair was minced up into little pieces, Melida swallowed her words at the glittering pieces just like splashed blood that was dancing in the air.

「This is absurd……!」

With the exit route sealed, inevitable she turned back on the stair. Above it, just like a crow Madea leaped over. At the same time she landed on the entrance of the stair, she grabbed hold of the incompetent gifted girl’s thin neck.


『There’s』『no way』『to run』

Gripping the life-and-death power over her target, and having removed all obstacle, Madea chuckled under the hood. She stared at the anguish expression of her distorting prey (rabbit), sadistically she raised the tip of lips.

『Now then』『it’s time』『for judgment』『Melida Angel』

『Show me』『the proof』『of your』『innocent』

Madea could feel the small chest beating fast with excitement.

It might have been the frustration that piled up within this one month period. From the start, she had thought that this mission difficulty wasn’t very high. Although the Angel’s protector, 《his》existence was a real nuisance, inside this chained academy field, and having disguise technique she could use freely, her advantage was overwhelming.

However, because of someone’s scheme Melida Angel was nominated as Luna Lumiere candidate, Madea couldn’t carelessly approach her. There was 《his》impenetrable vigilance network. One time, she had planned to become her class mate and get in touch with her in the mess hall, but that home tutor continuously pretended to be friendly and always stretched out a sensitive circle of friend around his master. If a little wicked intent leaked out, she curtained that in an instant she would be pierce from behind. Madea felt that the peaceful mission’s execution became harder and harder by day.

As the closing of the selection matches was coming, she felt irritated as if being stabbed by a thorn.

Its manifestation might as well be this palace that was dyed completely in blood color.

However, what about this. If she executed this action, there wouldn’t be anything that could stop her. 《He》, 《First Marquis( Career Marquis)》, Frideswide’s headmaster, even the knight duke house, no one could stop this Black Madea’s crime.

Hanging up Melida’s neck who was painfully gasping for air, Madea made the black memo down pour as if dancing.

『That’s right』『no matter what kind of opponent』『is no match』『for this strongest Clown 』

『There isn’t』『one secret』『that I cannot』『disclose!!』

With soundless voice she put in her violent emotion, Madea at last swung up the long sword with her right hand.

Instantly, her ear caught a slight sound of wind.

On the verge of changing the trajectory of the sword, the blade cleared away the magic bullets coming from who knows where.

「The villain over there! Remove your hand immediately!」

The ones that were doing pincer attack from the left and right of the hallway were two D’Autriche’s students. Furthermore, from the back another presence was closing in ── Speaking of which, this third trial was the battle royal between four candidates, Madea recalled.

『There is still』『some who doesn’t know』『their places remain it seems』

Madea released the neck of her prey, and transferred her weapon to the other hand. She drew the long staff and fired at the wizard class on the left, repeatedly she swung the staff and directly smashed the cleric class at her right. At the same time the enemies tumbled backward, on their hands the weapon crumbled to pieces.

On this stair, the third enemy was approaching.

『Now then』『I’ll etch defeat』『into you』『with your own weapon』

Melida swung back in ecstasy, and captured the enemy’s figure in her vision. The last person whom they didn’t encounter up till now was the last to remain. It was the fourth candidate Salasha.

Her eyes from the corner of the hood merrily looked down at the girl’s hands. What she was gripping in both of her hands was a cylinder made of metal. Its tip was a curved blade. And the decorating belt fluttered in the wind. Madea immediately tried to unsheathe the same weapon──── Creak, her thought circus was interrupted.

──A spear!?

Granted that Madea’s movement dulled for a few moments, at that time. The tip of the spear which Salasha thrust absorbed into the center of the black figure. From the spear tip, flame that was like storm of falling cherry blossom gushed out.

「《Dry Crescendo》!!」

Yelling the name of the assault skill, three continuous attack hit Madea hard. Thounderous mana clashing sound echoed, the slender silhouette of the black figure was blown down the stair.


From under the hood a faint natural voice leaked out, Madea landed on the lower floor as if gliding.

On the upper floor, having thrust the spear Salasha was breathing with her shoulder going up and down. While unpleasantly looking up at her, Madea’s emotions were put in the black memos as they down poured from the ceiling.

『That was careless』『Who would have thought』『the 《Shicksal》 is also mixed in』


『However』『surprise attack』『won’t get me again』

Having written that sentences, Madea swayed her body up. Still adding in her whole body’s mana, Salasha who couldn’t deliver a fatal attack to the enemy ── thought something, and casually lowered the spear, released her posture.

She looked down at the enemy from above the stair, with resolute attitude she asked.

「Do you know where you’re standing?」

Madea frowned under the hood, right after that.

Chillingly, bloodlust passed through from behind.

Instinctively she swung up the long sword, and an incomparable pressure from above her head struck it. From the tip of her head to the sole of her feet thunder like shock pierced through, making the glass floor break in radical.


While unbearably she leaked out anguish natural voice, Madea turned back, and saw.

Swinging down the giant sword, it was the Walkures which height reached around five meters.

『A blunder! Without permission we have let a trespasser into the palace!』

『We sentry, cannot accept any foul existence!!』

After that, there was not even time to breath. From the left and right from behind, the giant Walkures by turns, like a coffin, endlessly struck down their swords. Toward the long sword Black Madea, the intermittent and instantaneous attack down poured.

When looking behind them, the giant door at the entrance which was closed was soaring. Possibly when chasing Melida group, they had reached the entrance it seemed.

── No, that was not coincidence. She was guided.

This was definitely Melida’s aim. Since the opponent was not a match for them no matter how they struggled, she intentionally let the strongest glass pet in this glassmond palace to repel the enemy.

「You little clever……!!」

Unconsciously it was not from the memo, but from under the hood a cursed-like voice scattered. The Walkures at the same time struck down their swords left and right. Her knees creaked, and her feet collapsed.

“Giri”, tightly she clenched her teeth, Madea used all her strength to swung up the long sword.

Right from above, two glass swords were blown up. Toward the bodies of the empty handed Walkure, Madea released a horribly dense sword attack. In an instant she drove the one on her left to unable to fight state, without a moment delay she dashed up her body.

Jumping on the shoulder tip, she smashed the mace tip on the other on the right. While having her head pulverized into smithereens, shaking violently her body ── crashed down on the glass floor and played a shrill timbre.

『『Re, regrettable……!!』』

The glass saviors left a theatrical voice and crumbled down. While walking over the glass ruins, Madea breathed roughly. Although the damage accumulated couldn’t be ignored ── however, what about it. This was only the battle result of a small bunch.

As the proof of having regain her calm, black memo fluttered down above Melida who had fallen on the upper floor.

『Too bad』『Did your』『hand』『exhausted?』

「Yeah, as if──thank you」

The respond from Melida was unexpected. Madea looked up at her in puzzlement, this time she found it hard to infer the meaning, at that moment ──

From the big door behind, Biriririri!! the creaks ran across.

As if being knocked by godly blows, together with intermittent impacts creaks were deeply carved in. Proudly Melida’s voice poured down from above the hood.

「The Walkures just now were《the key》. As they had sealed the glassmond palace, defeating them was the way to open the gate. The knight that could defeat you, is dashing toward this place!」


Just like having made a failure, or mayhap afraid of Melida, she took two, three steps back, immediately after.

The front gate was blown into small pieces, at the same time the round blades came flying assaulting Madea. They shallowly mowed her back, with mid air return mechanism they were lightly caught.

Dashing in together with the light, the red hair girl while raising the charkam shouted.

「《Flare craft……!」

Sonorously scarlet flame gushed up, and rapidly sharpened. That was the high level assault skill. As the right round blade mowed down, the linked three mana blades hit Madea hard. When the left round blade slashed back, three blades that followed it mercilessly mince the enemy’s body.

At the same time she stepped up vigorously, she threw out the chakram on both of her hand all at once.


Six mana blades were piled up in one group, repulsively the continuous attack struck in a straight line.

At the end, Rozetti put in the decision of all her might into both of her arms and swung out from the left and right.


Just like a mesh the dancing mana blade freely minced the body of the black figure. The hem of the military uniform was chopped into small pieces and fluttered to the air, leaving it Madea was blown to the back.

「Guu……, u!!」

From the corner of the hood, clear anguish natural voice leaked out. Crashing into the glass wall, the pieces of scarlet quartz scattered. Right after barely being able to landed on the floor, one of her knees crumbled down.


The black memo paper had no longer dropped down. Madea raised her bleeding arm and stabbed the long sword’s tip into the glass floor. She “gu” put strength into her hand that was gripping the hilt.

Right after that, she turned her whole body in a circle with high speed. She carved a perfect circle at her feet, and the glass which she was on dropped to lower floor. The fire sparks and glass fragments grandly fell down.

At the same time the glass floor was left with an unexpected hole, from Rozetti’s back continuous human figures dashed in. Standing on the front of the arm lecturers was headmaster Blamange.

「Complete! The third trial is complete! The winner is──」

Keeping on talking with a loud voice, the headmaster unconsciously stopped her feet when she saw the disastrous scene at the entrance.

On the upper flow, Melida looked down on her chest. Should it be said as a matter of course, as the after math of fierce fighting the medal had already crumbled. When she thought back, Shenfa’s one was also in the same state, and the third unit member Nerva who arrived late shouldn’t have it.

Melida lightly shrugged her shoulders, she looked at the eyes of the lecturers who focus on her and announced.

「We are zero point」

「……We are also, zero point」

Staggeringly coming back to the upper part of the stair, Elise said in turn. Everyone’s eyes changed to look at Salasha, but she shook her head with an apologetic expression and shook her head.

「Ac, actually my medal was, snatched away by Keira-onee-sama……」

「I’ve come to back you up! Where’s the enemy!?」

Over there, confused footstep dashed toward them.

It was the fourth candidate Keira Espada. Valiantly holding two pistols on her hands she came running, on her chest, glitteringly three points worth of medal were clearly showing themselves.

Headmaster Blamange gathered the attention of the lecturer group behind her, Keira who found it hard to understand the current situation, and three first years who were staring at her body, with peremptory tone she said.

「Then, the winner of the third trial is Keira-san!」


† † †


At around the time the third trial came to an end with the final word, Black Madea escaped to inside the wide forest at the neighboring of the castle wall. Taking opportunity attention was drawn to the glassmond palace right now, she withdrew to the safe house she used at the time of infiltration.

While blood was dripping from the hem of the military uniform, from the corner of the hood she spilled out endless curses.

「Mission failed……those sheltered upbringing, ones set up……this……Madea……」

Taking a risky strategy to that point, in spite of being able to touched  Melida Angel at close proximity, in the end she didn’t accomplish the mission’s objective. Having done infiltrating mission for one month, and barely being able to get in touch with her, she had guessed 「As expected it seems he was hiding something」.

With a mess like this, to withdraw to White Night Calvary Regimen (Guild Jack Raven) headquarter (Lodge) ──

Being driven by impatient, and because of the injury her consciousness was shaved off more than half by the damage, at that moment, her absolute vigilance of the surrounded was neglected. The moment she noticed the killing intent approaching before her eyes was when the enemy’s figure detached from the shade of tree, and just like the god of death, and the handsome good looking face appeared in her vision.

On his hand, the black sword that had mowed down numerous lives glaringly reflected the light.

「Wa, wai──!」

The moment she was trying to say something, Kufa had stepped into Madea bosom. The tip that was raised with god like speed cut and tore the front of the tightly closed military uniform.

The slashed back blade danced like smoke, and minced the black figure’s body into pieces. What dancing down from the sky was not blood, but black cloth. The black clothes that covered her hall body was blown away from the hem, and her slender arms and legs skin color became clearly exposed.

After cornering her until her figure only had important parts covered, the sharp tip was thrown up. The pointed end of the black katana turned the hood right from above. Below it, wide opened pupils reflected Kufa’s figure.

A little prone to messy hair, knife like sharp eyes, from her appearance she was in the first half of teenage……At the same time the hood fell to her back with a light thud, she fell on her back side on the earth surface.


Ignoring the groaning girl, Kufa checked that his black katana didn’t have a drop of blood stuck on it. Next he crouched down in front of the half naked girl, he flipped the barely covering cloth while sticking out his tongue.

「Well then, now there’s nothing to cover you up」

「You, you fiend!」

With a buff, her face became bright red and she pressed the pieces of clothes remained, and Kufa nonchalantly answered her.

「This is the natural measure.──I see, so this is your《true form》huh」


「Your true face, figure, mana, and everything was exposed. Your disguise technique won’t elude me anymore」

Toward the black hair girl biting her lips, Kufa proudly announced.

「Your last resort had also ended in failure. How was it, my student is formidable right?」

「…………I, I」


Madea pulled in the tore military uniform, and glared at Kufa with upturned eyes.

「I, I, haven’t, lo, lost……」


「Y, yo, your side is many. I’m alone. Th, this is not fair……you coward.」

Stutteringly she complained, and pulled Kufa’s sleeve. Where the full of confident attitude when she spoke through the black memo went, she was in a condition like a bat being completely frightened by the light.

「A, assit, me. I have to, be here still. Forging the school transfer, document……」

「Why are you entrust me with that……」

「Be, because, like this, I can’t return to the headquarter (Lodge) …………」

With a voice that seemingly blurring and disappearing she muttered, the black hair girl dejectedly hand her head.

As the extremely pitiful half naked figure was in front of his eyes, Kufa sighed 「Haa」. Suddenly he put his hand into the pocket, Kufa took out a letter and flickered it in front of her nose.

「Here, give this to father」

「Eh? This, is……?」

「It’s《the second report letter》. This is what you want to investigate. After reading this what will father-dono judge, I’ll leave it to him」

The 《Father》Kufa just said, and 《Papa》as Madea called him, was the captain of the White Night Calvary Regimen who picked them up when they were little and had lost all relative, then raised them as the dark world’s agent. Of course, the person responsible for sending Madea here should be him.

Kufa’s betrayal……it couldn’t be helped that he doubted it. If somehow he didn’t deal with it, then continuously the second and third assassin would be sent here, then certainly sooner or later Kufa’s and Melida’s life would be mowed down.

The letter with the two’s fate entrusted was, right now, passing through Madea’s hand.

As he confirmed her figure of hugging her chest tightly, Kufa announced as if shifting.

「Instead, before returning to the Holy King district I got an errand for you」


「A penalty for the defeated」

Kufa maliciously curved his lips up, Madea sullenly inflated her cheeks.

「……What, should I do?」

Hanging the black katana the young boy looking mischievously, or should be said, he smiled crueler than the demon.

「Bad child had to be spanked right? In the fashion that we who rule over《White Night》do」