Ten to chi to Hime to



Author: Mikage Kasuga
Illustrators Miyama-Zero, Ryosuke Fukai


The battle of the strongest arch enemy of Oda Nobuna – Uesugi Kenshin, starts here!

“I will make justice known to the whole world” the strategy of the God possessed young girl, Nagao Kagetora and the era of whirling battles —-has come together. Against the old enemy, Takeda Harunobu who commit immorality and aim for the whole world. The prequel of “Oda Nobuna” that compiled the record of Nobuna’s childhood!

Heaven and earth and princess 1 and Uesugi kenshin, the birth of the dragon, the ambition of oda nobuna national version



No.0: Fog on Kawanakajima

1 Response to Ten to chi to Hime to

  1. kuxllo says:

    Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your great efforts on this translation.


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